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4629: Retirement in a Family Context: A Structural Model for Husbands and Wives Downloads
Alan L. Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
4628: Evaluating Labour Adjustment Costs from Trade Shocks: Illustrations for the U.S. Economy Using an Applied General Equilibrium Model With Transactions Downloads
Ramon L. Clarete, Irene Trela and John Whalley
4627: The New York Stock Market in the 1920s and 1930s: Did Stock Prices Move Together Too Much? Downloads
Eugene Nelson White and Peter Rappoport
4626: The New Regionalism: Trade Liberalization or Insurance? Downloads
Carlo Perroni and John Whalley
4625: New Facts About Factor-Demand Dynamics: Employment, Jobs, and Workers Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh, Wolter H. J. Hassink and Jan van Ours
4624: The Implications of First-Order Risk Aversion for Asset Market Risk Premiums Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Robert James Hodrick and David A. Marshall
4623: Conditional Asset Allocation in Emerging Markets Downloads
Campbell R. Harvey
4622: Sources of Risk and Expected Returns in Global Equity Markets Downloads
Wayne Ferson and Campbell R. Harvey
4621: Predictable Risk and Returns in Emerging Markets Downloads
Campbell R. Harvey
4620: A Theory of Gradual Trade Liberalization Downloads
Robert W. Staiger
4619: Lifecycle vs. Annual Perspectives on the Incidence of A Value Added Tax Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
4618: The Role of Exclusive Territories in Producers' Competition Downloads
Patrick Rey and Joseph E. Stiglitz
4617: Minimum Wage Effects and Low-Wage Labor Markets: A Disequilibrium Approach Downloads
David Neumark and William Wascher
4616: Fluctuations, Instability, and Agglomeration Downloads
Paul R. Krugman
4615: Structural Flexibility: A Partial Ordering Downloads
Kala Krishna and Marie Thursby
4614: Capital Market Imperfections and Countercyclical Markups: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Judith Ann Chevalier and David Scharfstein
4613: Retirement Incentives: The Interaction between Employer-Provided Pensions, Social Security, and Retiree Health Benefits Downloads
Robin L. Lumsdaine, James H. Stock and David Wise
4612: Cities and Growth: Theory and Evidence from France and Japan Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Zvi Eckstein
4611: International Equity Transactions and U.S. Portfolio Choice Downloads
Linda L. Tesar and Ingrid M. Werner
4610: Quality Improvements in Models of Growth Downloads
Robert J. Barro and Xavier Sala--Martin
4609: The Best Business Schools: A Market Based Approach Downloads
Joseph Tracy and Joel Waldfogel
4608: Auctions vs. Negotiations Downloads
Jeremy Bulow and Paul Klemperer
4607: Transfer Behavior: Measurement and the Redistribution of Resources within the Family Downloads
Kathleen McGarry and Robert F. Schoeni
4606: The Political Economy of Declining Industries: Senescent Industry Collapse Revisited Downloads
S. Lael Brainard and Thierry A. Verdier
4605: Determinants of the Timing and Incidence of Exploratory Drilling on Offshort Wildcat Tracts Downloads
Kenneth Hendricks and Robert H. Porter
4604: The Simplest Test of Inflation Target Credibility Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
4603: Uncovering Some Causal Relationships between Productivity Growth and the Structure of Economic Fluctuations: A Tentative Survey Downloads
Philippe Aghion and Gilles Saint-Paul
4602: Open Door Policy and China's Rapid Growth: Evidence from City-level Data Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei
4601: The Effects of Demographic Trends on Consumption, Saving and Government Expenditures in the U.S Downloads
Michael D. Hurd
4600: The Wealth of Cohorts: Retirement Saving and the Changing Assets of Older Americans Downloads
David Wise and Steven Venti
4599: The Role of Judgment and Discretion in the Conduct of Monetary Policy: Consequences of Changing Financial Markets Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
4598: Tests of CAPM on an International Portfolio of Bonds and Stocks Downloads
Charles Engel
4597: The Politics of Free Trade Agreements Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
4596: Jumps and Stochastic Volatility: Exchange Rate Processes Implicit in thePHLX Deutschemark Options Downloads
David S. Bates
4595: An Exploratory Investigation of the Fundamental Determinants of National Equity Market Returns Downloads
Wayne Ferson and Campbell R. Harvey
4594: Health Insurance and Early Retirement: Evidence from the Availability of Continuation Coverage Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Brigitte C. Madrian
4593: The Military Pension, Compensation, and Retirement of U.S. Air Force Pilots Downloads
John A. Ausink and David Wise
4592: Price Volatility and Volume Spillovers between the Tokyo and New York Stock Markets Downloads
Takatoshi Ito and Wen-Ling Lin
4591: Estimation of the Depreciation Rate of Physical and R&D Capital in the U.S. Total Manufacturing Sector Downloads
M. Ishaq Nadiri and Ingmar R. Prucha
4590: The Internationalization of Equity Markets Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel
4589: The Labor Market Effects of Introducing National Health Insurance: Evidence from Canada Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Maria Hanratty
4588: Continental Trading Blocs: Are They Natural, or Super-Natural? Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel, Ernesto Stein and Shang-Jin Wei
4587: International Experiences with Securities Transaction Taxes Downloads
John Y. Campbell and Kenneth A. Froot
4586: Should Liability be Based on the Harm to the Victim or the Gain to the Injurer? Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
4585: Re-Employment Probabilities over the Business Cycle Downloads
Guido Imbens and Lisa Lynch
4584: Language, Employment and Earnings in the United States: Spanish-English Differentials from 1970 to 1990 Downloads
David Bloom and Gilles Grenier
4583: An Empirical Assessment of the Factor Proportions Explanation of Multi-National Sales Downloads
S. Lael Brainard
4582: Energy Taxes: Traditional Efficiency Effects and Environmental Implications Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder
4581: Tax Evasion and the Allocation of Capital Downloads
Don Fullerton and Marios Karayannis
4580: An Empirical Assessment of the Proximity-Concentration Tradeoff between Multinational Sales and Trade Downloads
S. Lael Brainard
4579: The Effect of Equity Barriers on Foreign Investment in Developing Countries Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Moon-Whoan Rhee
4578: The Dynamics of High Inflation Downloads
Laurence Ball
4577: Evidence on Macroeconomic Complementarities Downloads
Russell Cooper and John Haltiwanger
4576: Energy Taxes and Aggregate Economic Activity Downloads
Julio Rotemberg and Michael Woodford
4575: Does Electoral Accountability Affect Economic Policy Choices? Evidence from Gubernatorial Term Limits Downloads
Timothy J. Besley and Anne Case
4574: No Place Like Home: Tax Incentives and the Location of R&D by American Multinationals Downloads
James R. Hines
4573: Is the Discount Window Necessary? A Penn-Central Perspective Downloads
Charles W. Calomiris
4572: Elderly Health, Housing, and Mobility Downloads
Jonathan Feinstein
4571: What Moves the Discount on Country Equity Funds? Downloads
Gikas A. Hardouvelis, Rafael La Porta and Thierry A. Wizman
4570: Employment Effects of Minimum and Subminimum Wages: Reply to Card, Katz and Krueger Downloads
David Neumark and William Wascher
4569: Dissaving by the Elderly, Transfer Motives and Liquidity Constraints Downloads
Albert K. Ando, Luigi Guiso and Daniele Terlizzese
4568: Prices, Wages, and Employment in the U.S. Economy: A Traditional Model and Tests of Some Alternatives Downloads
Albert K. Ando and Flint Brayton
4567: Taking Trade Policy Seriously: Export Subsidization as a Case Study in Policy Effectiveness Downloads
Dani Rodrik
4566: Should the Government's Allocation Branch be Concerned about the Distortionary Cost of Taxation and Distributive Effects? Downloads
Louis Kaplow
4565: The Role of Macroeconomic Factors in Growth Downloads
Stanley Fischer
4564: The Influence of Nonmarital Childbearing on the Formation of First Marriages Downloads
Neil G. Bennett, David Bloom and Cynthia K. Miller
4563: Immigration, Investment and Real Wages Downloads
Elise S. Brezis and Paul R. Krugman
4562: Entry and Exit, Product Variety and the Business Cycle Downloads
Satyajit Chatterjee and Russell Cooper
4561: Technology and the Life Cycle of Cities Downloads
Elise S. Brezis and Paul R. Krugman
4560: Evaluation of Subjective Probability Distributions in the HRS Downloads
Michael D. Hurd and Kathleen McGarry
4559: Integration, Specialization, and the Adjustment Downloads
Paul R. Krugman and Anthony J. Venables
4558: The Relationship Between Job Characteristics and Retirement Downloads
Michael D. Hurd and Kathleen McGarry
4557: Financing Apprenticeship Training: Evidence from Germany Downloads
Dietmar Harhoff and Thomas J. Kane
4556: Foreign Competition, Market Power and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence Downloads
George Borjas and Valerie Ann Ramey
4555: The High Cost of Eating: Agricultural Protection and International Differences in Consumer Food Prices Downloads
Robert E. Lipsey and Birgitta Swedenborg
4554: Understanding Risk and Return Downloads
John Y. Campbell
4553: The Japanese Trade Balance: Recent History and Future Prospects Downloads
David Backus
4552: Is Housing Wealth a Sideshow? Downloads
Jonathan Skinner
4551: The Effect of Convicton on Income Through the Life Cycle Downloads
Daniel Nagin and Joel Waldfogel
4550: The Gender Gap, Fertility, and Growth Downloads
Oded Galor and David N. Weil
4549: Econometric Estimates of Prices Indexes for Personal Computers in the 1990s Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Zvi Griliches and Neal Rappaport
4548: Labor Adjustment Under Different Institutional Structures: A Case Study of Germany and The United States Downloads
Susan N. Houseman and Katharine Gail Abraham
4547: Rules, Discretion, and Central Bank Independence: The German Experience 1880-1989 Downloads
Bernhard Eschweiler and Michael David Bordo
4546: A Comparison of the United States and Canadian Banking Systems in the Twentieth Century: Stability vs. Efficiency? Downloads
Michael David Bordo, Hugh Rockoff and Angela Redish
4545: Short-run and Long-run Expectations of the Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate Downloads
Takatoshi Ito
4544: Term, Inflation, and Foreign Exchange Risk Premia: A Unified Treatment Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
4543: Multilateral Tariff Cooperation during the Formation of Customs Unions Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger
4542: Does Profit Sharing Affect Productivity? Downloads
Douglas L. Kruse
4541: Earnings Inequality in Germany Downloads
Katharine Gail Abraham and Susan N. Houseman
4540: The Output Contributions of Computer Equipment and Personnel: A Firm- Level Analysis Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
4539: Welfare and the Well-Being of Children: The Relative Effectiveness of Cash and In-Kind Transfers Downloads
Janet Currie
4538: Endogenous Growth, Public Capital, and the Convergence of Regional Manufacturing Industries Downloads
Charles R. Hulten and Robert M. Schwab
4537: Health, Income, and Retirement: Evidence from Nineteenth Century America Downloads
Dora L. Costa
4536: Market Structure and International Trade: Business Groups in East Asia Downloads
Robert C. Feenstra, Tzu-Han Yang and Gary G. Hamilton
4535: The Efficiency Cost of Increased Progressivity Downloads
Robert K. Triest
4534: International Capital Mobility in the 1990s Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
4533: Information and Economic Efficiency Downloads
Richard J. Arnott, Bruce Greenwald and Joseph E. Stiglitz
4532: Does Central Bank Intervention Increase the Volatility of Foreign Exchange Rates? Downloads
Kathryn Mary Elizabeth Dominguez
4531: Collateral Damage: How Refinancing Constraints Exacerbate Regional Recessions Downloads
Andrew Caplin, Charles Freeman and Joseph Tracy
4530: Aging in Germany and the United States: International Comparisons Downloads
Axel Borsch-Supan
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