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6781: Does Teacher Training Affect Pupil Learning? Evidence from Matched Comparisons in Jerusalem Public Schools Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Victor Lavy
6780: Incentive Effects of Social Security on Labor Force Participation: Evidence in Germany and Across Europe Downloads
Axel Borsch-Supan
6779: Public School Segregation in Metropolitan Areas Downloads
Charles Clotfelter
6778: Migration and Pension Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
6777: The Dynamic Effects of Health on the Labor Force Transitions of Older Workers Downloads
John Bound, Michael Schoenbaum, Todd Stinebrickner and Timothy Waidmann
6776: Environmental Regulation and Productivity: Evidence from Oil Refineries Downloads
Eli Berman and Linda Bui
6775: Displaced Capital Downloads
Valerie Ramey and Matthew Shapiro
6774: Population Age Structure and Asset Returns: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
James Poterba
6773: Estimating the Knowledge-Capital Model of the Multinational Enterprise Downloads
David L. Carr, James Markusen and Keith Maskus
6772: Coding Geographic Areas Across Census Years: Creating Consistent Definitions of Metropolitan Areas Downloads
David Jaeger, Susanna Loeb, Sarah Turner and John Bound
6771: Long-term Debt and Optimal Policy in the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level Downloads
John Cochrane
6770: Income Inequality and Poverty Downloads
Martin Feldstein
6769: The Effects of Daycare Reconsidered Downloads
Karen Norberg
6768: An Historical Analysis of Monetary Policy Rules Downloads
John Taylor
6767: Economic Recovery from the Argentine Great Depression: Institutions, Expectations, and the Change of Macroeconomic Regime Downloads
Gerardo della Paolera and Alan Taylor
6766: School Finance Reform, the Distribution of School Spending, and the Distribution of SAT Scores Downloads
David Card and A. Abigail Payne
6765: Constraints on Large-Block Shareholders Downloads
Clifford G. Holderness and Dennis P. Sheehan
6764: The Changing Skills of New Immigrants to the United States: Recent Trends and Their Determinants Downloads
Guillermina Jasso, Mark Rosenzweig and James Smith
6763: Elasticities of Substitution in Real Business Cycle Models with Home Production Downloads
John Campbell and Sydney Ludvigson
6762: Health Insurance and the Labor Market Downloads
Jonathan Gruber
6761: Tools or Toys? The Impact of High Technology on Scholarly Productivity Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh and Sharon M. Oster
6760: Policy Rules for Open Economies Downloads
Laurence Ball
6759: Tax Reform Evaluation Using Nonparametric Methods: Sweden 1980 - 1991 Downloads
Sören Blomquist, Matias Eklöf and Whitney Newey
6758: Prospective Deficits and the Asian Currency Crisis Downloads
Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum and Sergio Rebelo
6757: The Educational Attainment of Immigrants: Trends and Implications Downloads
Julian R. Betts and Magnus Lofstrom
6756: Interest Rate Volatility, Capital Controls, and Contagion Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
6755: Health Care for the Elderly: How Much? Who Will Pay for It? Downloads
Victor Fuchs
6754: Staggered Price and Wage Setting in Macroeconomics Downloads
John Taylor
6753: Empirical Patterns of Firm Growth and R&D Investment: A QuUality LadderModel Interpretation Downloads
Tor Klette and Zvi Griliches
6752: The Structure of Foreign Trade Downloads
Elhanan Helpman
6751: Horizontal Mergers in the Paper Industry Downloads
Martin Pesendorfer
6750: The Last American Shoe Manufacturers: Changing the Method of Pay to Survive Foreign Competition Downloads
Richard Freeman and Morris M. Kleiner
6749: Employment versus Wage Adjustment and the US Dollar Downloads
Jose Campa and Linda Goldberg
6748: Medical Care at the End of Life: Diseases, Treatment Patterns, and Costs Downloads
Alan M. Garber, Thomas E. MaCurdy and Mark C. McClellan
6747: "Overreaction" of Asset Prices in General Equilibrium Downloads
S. Aiyagari and Mark Gertler
6746: Redistributive Public Employment Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Reza Baqir and William Easterly
6745: Valuation and Return Dynamics of New Ventures Downloads
Jonathan B. Berk, Richard Green and Vasant Naik
6744: Physician Fees and Procedure Intensity: The Case of Cesarean Delivery Downloads
Jonathan Gruber, John Kim and Dina Mayzlin
6743: Love or Money? The Effects of Owner Motivation in the California Wine Industry Downloads
Fiona M. Scott Morton and Joel M. Podolny
6742: Currency Hedging and Goods Trade Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei
6741: Diversity and Trade Downloads
Gene Grossman and Giovanni Maggi
6740: Beyond Becker: Training in Imperfect Labor Markets Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Jorn-Steffen Pischke
6739: The Simple Analytics of the Environmental Kuznets Curve Downloads
James Andreoni and Arik Levinson
6738: Was There Really an Earlier Period of International Financial Integration Comparable to Today? Downloads
Michael Bordo, Barry Eichengreen and Jongwoo Kim
6737: Understanding the Effects of a Shock to Government Purchases Downloads
Wendy Edelberg, Martin Eichenbaum and Jonas Fisher
6736: Discrete-Time Models of Bond Pricing Downloads
David Backus, Silverio Foresi and Chris Telmer
6735: Risky Habits: On Risk Sharing, Habit Formation, and the Interpretation of International Consumption Correlations Downloads
Jeffrey Fuhrer and Michael Klein
6734: Tax Burden and Migration: A Political Economy Theory and Evidence Downloads
Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka and Phillip Swagel
6733: Multinationals and the Gains from International Diversification Downloads
Patrick F. Rowland and Linda Tesar
6732: Supply Side Hysterisis: The Case of the Canadian Unemployment InsuranceSystem Downloads
Thomas Lemieux and W. Bentley Macleod
6731: Taxes and the Quality of Capital Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
6730: Impacts of the Basle Capital Standard on Japanese Banks' Behavior Downloads
Takatoshi Ito and Yuri Nagatake Sasaki
6729: How Did the Dollar Peg Fail in Asia? Downloads
Takatoshi Ito, Eiji Ogawa and Yuri Nagataki Sasaki
6728: "Tax Sparing" and Direct Investment in Developing Countries Downloads
James Hines
6727: The Quality of Goverment Downloads
Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes, Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny
6726: Foundations of Incomplete Contracts Downloads
Oliver Hart and John Moore
6725: The Determinants of Corporate Venture Capital Successes: Organizational Structure, Incentives, and Complementarities Downloads
Paul Gompers and Josh Lerner
6724: Dating the Integration of World Equity Markets Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Campbell Harvey and Robin L. Lumsdaine
6723: Institutional Investors and Equity Prices Downloads
Paul Gompers and Andrew Metrick
6722: Social Security Money's Worth Downloads
John Geanakoplos, Olivia Mitchell and Stephen Zeldes
6721: Double Trouble: On the Value of Twins-Based Estimation of the Return to Schooling Downloads
John Bound and Gary Solon
6720: International Trade Aspects of Competition Policy Downloads
Sadao Nagaoka
6719: The Economics of Social Security Reform Downloads
Peter Diamond
6718: Education, Earnings, and the "Canadian G.I. Bill" Downloads
Thomas Lemieux and David Card
6717: Improper Churn: Social Costs and Macroeconomic Consequences Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Mohamad L. Hammour
6716: Continuing Progress? Trends in Occupational Segregation in the United States Over the 1970s and 1980s Downloads
Francine Blau, Patricia Simpson and Deborah Anderson
6715: Sect, Subsidy, and Sacrifice: An Economist's View of Ultra-Orthodox Jews Downloads
Eli Berman
6714: Extended Benefits and the Duration of UI Spells: Evidence from the New Jersey Extended Benefit Program Downloads
David Card and Phillip Levine
6713: Would a Privatized Social Security System Really Pay a Higher Rate of Return Downloads
John Genakoplos, Olivia Mitchell and Stephen Zeldes
6712: The Division and Size of Gains from Liberalization of Service Networks Downloads
Keshab Bhattarai and John Whalley
6711: Import Peneteration and the Politics of Trade Protection Downloads
Giovanni Maggi and Andres Rodriguez-Clare
6710: Health, Government, and Irving Fisher Downloads
Victor Fuchs
6709: Recent Trends in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage: Are Bad Jobs Getting Worse? Downloads
Henry S. Farber and Helen Levy
6708: Tax Arbitrage and Labor Supply Downloads
Jonas Agell and Mats Persson
6707: Is Free Trade Good for the Environment? Downloads
Werner Antweiler, Brian Copeland and M. Scott Taylor
6706: Hospital Ownership and Cost and Quality of Care: Is There a Dime's Worth of Difference? Downloads
Frank Sloan, Gabriel Picone, Donald H. Taylor, Jr. and Shin-Yi Chou
6705: Derivatives Usage in Risk Management by US and German Non-Financial Firms: A Comparative Survey Downloads
Gordon Bodnar and Gunther Gebhardt
6704: Does Exchange Rate Stability Increase Trade and Capital Flows? Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
6703: Capital Mobility in a Second Best World -- Moral Hazard With Costly Financial Intermediation Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
6702: Diffusion Indexes Downloads
James Stock and Mark Watson
6701: Change, Consolidation, and Competition in Health Care Markets Downloads
Martin Gaynor and Deborah Haas-Wilson
6700: On the Dynamics of Trade Reform Downloads
Rui Albuquerque and Sergio Rebelo
6699: Characterizing Selection Bias Using Experimental Data Downloads
James Heckman, Hidehiko Ichimura, Jeffrey Smith and Petra Todd
6698: Proofs and Prototypes for Sale: The Tale of University Licensing Downloads
Richard Jensen and Marie Thursby
6697: Oil Prices and the Terms of Trade Downloads
David Backus and Mario Crucini
6696: Research, Innovation, and Productivity: An Econometric Analysis at the Firm Level Downloads
Bruno Crépon, Emmanuel Duguet and Jacques Mairesse
6695: Incentives in Organizations Downloads
Robert Gibbons
6694: Risk and Exchange Rates Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth Rogoff
6693: Tax Reform and the Dutch Labor Market: An Applied General Equilibrium Approach Downloads
Lans Bovenberg, Johan Graafland and Ruud de Mooij
6692: The Causes of American Business Cycles: An Essay in Economic Historiography Downloads
Peter Temin
6691: Teachers, Schools, and Academic Achievement Downloads
Eric Hanushek, John Kain and Steven Rivkin
6690: Does Special Education Raise Academic Achievement for Students with Disabilities? Downloads
Eric Hanushek, John Kain and Steven Rivkin
6689: Least-Present-Value-of-Revenue Auctions and Highway Franchising Downloads
Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer and Alexander Galetovic
6688: The Impact of Transfer Pricing on Intrafirm Trade Downloads
Kimberly Clausing
6687: The Portfolio Flows of International Investors, I Downloads
Kenneth Froot, Paul G.J. O'Connell and Mark S. Seasholes
6686: Efficient Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Robert Shimer
6685: Why Do Countries Subsidize Investment and Not Employment? Downloads
Clemens Fuest and Bernd Huber
6684: The A-K Model: It's Past, Present, and Future Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff
6683: Risk Premia and Term Premia in General Equilibrium Downloads
Andrew Abel
6682: EMU: Ready, or Not? Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
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