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4135: Does Executive Compensation Affect Investment? Downloads
Kevin J. Murphy and Robert Gibbons
4134: Do Expected Shifts in Inflation Policy Affect Real Rates? Downloads
Karen K. Lewis and Martin Evans
4133: The Effects of Labor Market Experience, Job Seniority, and Job Mobility on Wage Growth Downloads
Joseph G. Altonji and Nicolas Williams
4132: What Explains Developing Country Growth? Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom, Robert E. Lipsey and Mario Zejan
4131: Host Country Competition and Technology Transfer by Multinationals Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom, Ari Kokko and Mario Zejan
4130: Inter-Industry Mobility and the Cyclical Upgrading of Labor Downloads
Mark Joseph Bils and Kenneth J. McLaughlin
4129: Liquidity Effects, Monetary Policy, and the Business Cycle Downloads
Martin Eichenbaum and Lawrence J. Christiano
4128: Office Market Values During the Past Decade: How Distorted Have Appraisals Been? Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott and Edward J. Kane
4127: International Transmission Under Bretton Woods Downloads
Alan C. Stockman
4126: The Savings of Ordinary Americans: The Philidelphia Saving Fund Society in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Downloads
George Alter, Claudia Goldin and Elyce Rotella
4125: Robin-Hooding Rents: Exploiting the Pecuniary Effects of In-Kind Programs Downloads
Richard J. Zeckhauser, Stephen Coate and Stephen Johnson
4124: Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S.: Changes Over Three Decades Downloads
Robert E. Lipsey
4123: Markup Adjustment and Exchange Rate Fluctuations: Evidence From Panel Data on Automobile Exports Downloads
Joseph E. Gagnon and Michael M. Knetter
4122: Public-Sector Capital and the Productivity Puzzle Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin
4121: Rational Asset Price Movements Without News Downloads
David Romer
4120: Race and Gender Pay Differentials Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
4119: Traded Goods Consumption Smoothing and the Random Walk Behavior of the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Kenneth S Rogoff
4118: The Carnegie Conjecture: Some Empirical Evidence Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin, David Joulfaian and Harvey Rosen
4117: Towards a Reformulation of Monetary Theory: Competitive Banking Downloads
Joseph E. Stiglitz and Bruce Greenwald
4116: Trends in Expected Returns in Currency and Bond Markets Downloads
Martin Evans and Karen K. Lewis
4115: The Housing Wealth of the Aged Downloads
Louise Sheiner and David N. Weil
4114: Accounting for Growth With New Inputs Downloads
Robert C. Feenstra and James R. Markusen
4113: A Reconsideration of the Uncovered Interest Parity Relationship Downloads
Bennett McCallum
4112: Making Sense of the Soviet Trade Shock in Eastern Europe: A Framework and Some Estimates Downloads
Dani Rodrik
4111: Empirical Evidence for Collusion in the U.S. Auto Market? Downloads
Val Eugene Lambson and David Richardson J.
4110: Exact Solutions for Expected Rates of Return Under Markov Regime Switching: Implications for the Equity Premium Puzzle Downloads
Andrew Abel
4109: Race and School Quality Since Brown vs. Board of Education Downloads
Michael A. Boozer, Alan B. Krueger and Shari Wolkon
4108: Financial Market Efficiency Tests Downloads
Tim Bollerslev and Robert James Hodrick
4107: Forecasting Nursing Home Utilization of Elderly Americans Downloads
Andrew Dick, Alan M. Garber and Thomas MaCurdy
4106: Male Jobs, Female Jobs, and Gender Gaps in Benefits Coverage Downloads
Janet Currie and Richard Chaykowski
4105: Output Fluctuations at the Plant Level Downloads
Timothy Bresnahan and Valerie Ann Ramey
4104: Time Nonseparability in Aggregate Consumption: International Evidence Downloads
Phillip A. Braun, George M. Constantinides and Wayne Ferson
4103: Inflation and Social Welfare in a Model With Endogenous Financial Adaptation Downloads
Federico Sturzenegger
4102: Foreign Direct Investment as a Commitment Mechanism in the Presence of Managed Trade Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
4101: Hostile Takeovers and Expropriation of Extramarginal Wages: A Test Downloads
David Neumark and Steven A. Sharpe
4100: Autos and the National Industrial Recovery Act: Evidence on Industry Complementarities Downloads
Russell Cooper and John Haltiwanger
4099: The Meaning of College in the Lives of American Women: The Past One-Hundred Years Downloads
Claudia Goldin
4098: International Comparisons of Pricing-to-Market Behavior Downloads
Michael M. Knetter
4097: The Economics of Bankruptcy Reform Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Oliver D. Hart and John Moore
4096: Investment and Research and Development at the Firm Level: Does the Source of Financing Matter? Downloads
Bronwyn Hughes Hall
4095: Sequencing and Welfare: Labor Markets and Agriculture Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
4094: International Adjustment with Habit-Forming Consumption: A Diagrammatic Exposition Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
4093: Risk-Taking, Global Diversification, and Growth Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
4092: Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance in Japan Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg and George. M Pushner
4091: Price Rigidities, Asymmetries, and Output Fluctuations Downloads
Ricardo J. Caballero and Eduardo M.R.A. Engel
4090: Microeconomic Adjustment Hazards and Aggregate Dynamics Downloads
Ricardo J. Caballero and Eduardo M.R.A. Engel
4089: Asymmetric Price Adjustment and Economic Fluctuations Downloads
Laurence Ball and N. Gregory Mankiw
4088: Asset Pricing Explorations for Macroeconomics Downloads
John H. Cochrane and Lars Peter Hansen
4087: Labor Market Segmentation Theory: Reconsidering the Evidence Downloads
William T. Dickens and Kevin Lang
4086: The International Transmission of Tax Policies in a Dynamic World Economy Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky and Marcelo Bianconi
4085: Cross-Country Patterns of Change in Relative Wages Downloads
Steven J. Davis
4084: Risk Management: Coordinating Corporate Investment and Financing Policies Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot, David Scharfstein and Jeremy C. Stein
4083: The Present Value Model of Rational Commodity Pricing Downloads
Robert S. Pindyck
4082: Central Bank Behavior and the Strategy of Monetary Policy: Observations From Six Industrialized Countries Downloads
Ben S. Bernanke and Frederic Mishkin
4081: Innovation, Imitation, and Intellectual Property Rights Downloads
Elhanan Helpman
4080: Economic Exchange and Support Within U.S. Families Downloads
Laurence J. Kotlikoff
4079: Optimal Sanctions When Individuals are Imperfectly Informed About the Probability of Apprehension Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Louis Kaplow
4078: Optimal Sanctions When the Probability of Apprehension Varies Among Individuals Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Louis Kaplow
4077: Russia and the Soviet Union Then and Now Downloads
Stanley Fischer
4076: Government Solvency, Ponzi Finance and the Redundancy and Usefulness of Public Debt Downloads
Willem Hendrik Buiter and Kenneth Kletzer
4075: Bargaining Power, Strike Duration, and Wage Outcomes: An Analysis of Strikes in the 1880s Downloads
David E. Card and Craig A. Olson
4074: Global Financial Markets and the Risk Premium on U.S. Equity Downloads
Chan K.C., G. Andrew Karolyi and René M. Stulz
4073: Labor Market Segmentation, Wage Dispersion and Unemployment Downloads
Kevin Lang and William T. Dickens
4072: The Production and Cost Structure of Israeli Industry: Evidence From Individual Firm Data Downloads
Arie Bregman, Melvyn Fuss and Haim Regev
4071: GATT, Dispute Settlement and Cooperation Downloads
Dan Kovenock and Marie Thursby
4070: Do Doctoral Students' Financial Support Patterns Affect Their Times-to-Degree and Completion Probabilities Downloads
Ronald G. Ehrenberg and Panagiotis G. Mavros
4069: Strategic Trade Policy With Incompletely Informed Policymakers Downloads
Lael Brainard S. and David MARTIMORT
4068: The Expected Timing of EMS Realignments: 1979-83 Downloads
Susan M. Collins
4067: Estimating the Payoff to Schooling Using the Vietnam-Era Draft Lottery Downloads
Joshua D Angrist and Alan B. Krueger
4066: Empirical Linkages Between Democracy and Economic Growth Downloads
John F. Helliwell
4065: Top Executive Rewards and Firm Performance: A Comparison of Japan and the U.S Downloads
Steven Neil Kaplan
4064: Foreign Trade in Eastern Europe's Transition: Early Results Downloads
Dani Rodrik
4063: Taxation and the Structure of Labor Markets: The Case of Corporatism Downloads
Lawrence H. Summers, Jonathan Gruber and Rodrigo Vergara
4062: A Growth Model of Inflation, Tax Evasion, and Financial Repression Downloads
Nouriel Roubini and Xavier Sala--Martin
4061: Do the Costs of a Carbon Tax Vanish When Interactions With Other Taxes are Accounted For? Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder
4060: R&D, Investment and Industry Dynamics Downloads
Saul Lach and Rafael Rob
4059: Productivity and Firm Turnover in Israeli Industry: 1979-1988 Downloads
Zvi Griliches and Haim Regev
4058: Using Regional Variation in Wages to Measure the Effects of the Federal Minimum Wage Downloads
David E. Card
4057: Attitudes Towards Inflation and the Viability of Fixed Exchange Rates: Evidence From the EMS Downloads
Susan M. Collins and Francesco Giavazzi
4056: A Theory of Persistent Income Inequality Downloads
Steven N. Durlauf
4055: Spatial and Temporal Aggregation in the Dynamics of Labor Demand Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
4054: "Excess Volatility" and the German Stock Market, 1876-1990 Downloads
J. Bradford De Long and Marco Becht
4053: Interest Differentials Under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates: The Effects of Capital Controls and Exchange Risk Downloads
Richard C. Marston
4052: Does the Human-Capital/Educational-Sorting Debate Matter for Development Policy? Downloads
Kevin Lang
4051: Noncooperative Equilibria in Regional Environmental Policies When Plant Locations are Endogenous Downloads
James R. Markusen, Edward R. Morey and Nancy Olewiler
4050: Is Japan Creating a Yen Bloc in East Asia and the Pacific? Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel
4049: Sources of Output Fluctuations During the Interwar Period: Further Evidence on the Causes of the Great Depression Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti and Georgios Karras
4048: Adoption of Technologies With Network Effects: An Empirical Examination of the Adoption of Automated Teller Machines Downloads
Garth Saloner and Andrea Shepard
4047: Devaluation Controversies in the Developing Countries: Lessons From the Bretton Woods Era Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Julio A. Santaella
4046: Union Threat Effects and Nonunion Industry Wage Differentials Downloads
David Neumark and Michael L. Wachter
4045: On the Growth Effects of Import Competition Downloads
Richard Baldwin
4044: A Test of Negotiation and Incentive Compensation Models Using Longitudinal French Enterprise Data Downloads
John M. Abowd and Francis Kramarz
4043: Empirical Testing of Asset Pricing Models Downloads
Bruce N. Lehmann
4042: "New" Trade Theory and Policy a Decade Old: Assessment in a Pacific Context Downloads
David Richardson J.
4041: Incumbent Behavior: Vote Seeking, Tax Setting and Yardstick Competition Downloads
Timothy J. Besley and Anne Case
4040: Moscow Black Markets and Official Markets for Foreign Exchange: How Much Flexiblity in Flexible Rates? Downloads
Linda S. Goldberg
4039: Conceptually Based Measures of Structural Adaptability Downloads
Kala Krishna
4038: Regional Growth and Migration: A Japan-U.S. Comparison Downloads
Robert J. Barro and Xavier Sala--Martin
4037: Training at Work: A Comparison of U.S. and British Youths Downloads
David G. Blanchflower and Lisa Lynch
4036: Testing for Price Anomalies in Real Estate Auctions Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and David Genesove
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