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3846: Do Institutional Investors Destabilize Stock Prices? Evidence on Herding and Feedback Trading Downloads
Josef Lakonishok, Andrei Shleifer and Robert W. Vishny
3845: Trade Adjustment Assistance and Pareto Gains From Trade Downloads
Robert C. Feenstra and Tracy R. Lewis
3844: Trigger Points and Budget Cuts: Explaining the Effects of Fiscal Austerity Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Allan Drazen
3843: Changing Social Security Survivorship Benefits and the Poverty of Widows Downloads
Michael D. Hurd and David Wise
3842: Measuring the Contribution of Public Infrastructure Capital in Sweden Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt and Bengt Hansson
3841: Rail Costs and Capital Adjustments in a Quasi-Regulated Environment Downloads
Ann F. Friedlaender, Ernst R. Berndt, Judy Shaw-Er Wang Chiang, Mark H. Showalter and Christopher A. Vellturo
3840: Designing a Central Bank for Europe: A Cautionary Tale From the Early Years of the Federal Reserve System Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen
3839: Tax Exporting, Federal Deductibility, and State Tax Structure Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
3838: Education and Unemployment Downloads
Jacob Mincer
3837: Education and Unemployment of Women Downloads
Jacob Mincer
3836: Measuring Depreciation For Japan: Rejoinder to Dekle and Summers Downloads
Fumio Hayashi
3835: Do Tax-Exempt Bonds Really Subsidize Municipal Capital? Downloads
Roger H. Gordon and Gilbert Metcalf
3834: Risk-Sharing, Altruism, and the Factor Structure of Consumption Downloads
Fumio Hayashi, Joseph G. Altonji and Laurence J. Kotlikoff
3833: The Informativeness of Prices: Search With Learning and Cost Uncertainty Downloads
Roland J. Benabou and Robert Gertner
3832: Does Participation in Transfer Programs During Pregnancy Improve Birth Weight? Downloads
Janet Currie and Nancy Cole
3831: Alcohol Control Policies and Motor Vehicle Fatalities Downloads
Frank Joseph Chaloupka, Henry Saffer and Michael Grossman
3830: Macroeconomic Policy and Elections in OECD Democracies Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Gerald D. Cohen and Nouriel Roubini
3829: What Ended the Great Depression? Downloads
Christina Duckworth Romer
3828: Investment in Capital Assets and Economic Performance: The U.S. Chemicals and Primary Metals Industries in Transition Downloads
Catherine J. Morrison Paul
3827: Skill Differentials in Canada in an Era of Rising Labor Market Inequality Downloads
Richard B. Freeman and Karen Needels
3826: How Much Has De-Unionisation Contributed to the Rise in Male Earnings Inequality? Downloads
Richard B. Freeman
3825: Multinational Firms, Technology Diffusion and Trade Downloads
Wilfred John Ethier and James R. Markusen
3824: Money, Output and Prices: Evidence from A New Monetary Aggregate Downloads
Julio Rotemberg, John C. Driscoll and James Poterba
3823: An Aggregate Demand - Aggregate Supply Analysis of Japanese Monetary Policy, 1973-1990 Downloads
Kenneth D. West
3822: Optimal Law Enforcement with Self-Reporting of Behavior Downloads
Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell
3821: Rules, Coordination and Manipulability Among Arbitrators Downloads
Janet Currie
3820: Optimal Investment Strategies for University Endowment Funds Downloads
Robert C. Merton
3819: The European Monetary System: Credible at Last? Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel and Steven Phillips
3818: The Significance of Technical Trading-Rule Profits in the Foreign Exchange Market: A Bootstrap Approach Downloads
Richard M. Levich and Lee R. Thomas
3817: The Great Compression: The Wage Structure in the United States at Mid- Century Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Robert Andrew Margo
3816: Stabilization and Liberalization Policies in Central and Eastern Europe: Lessons From Latin America Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
3815: Productivity in the Transportation Sector Downloads
Robert J. Gordon
3814: Entry, Dumping, and Shakeout Downloads
Richard H. Clarida
3813: Endogenous Comparative Advantage, Government, and the Pattern of Trade Downloads
Richard H. Clarida and Ronald Findlay
3812: Co-Integration, Aggregate Consumption, and the Demand For Imports: A Structural Econometric Investigation Downloads
Richard H. Clarida
3811: The Real Exchange Rate, Exports, and Manufacturing Profits: A Theoreti- cal Framework With Some Empirical Support Downloads
Richard H. Clarida
3810: Short and Long Run Externalities Downloads
Eric J. Bartelsman, Ricardo J. Caballero and Richard K. Lyons
3809: Empirical Evidence on European Dual Exchange Rates and Its Relevance For Latin America Downloads
Nancy P. Marion
3808: The Effects of Product Market Competition on Collective Bargaining Agreements: The Case of Foreign Competition in Canada Downloads
John M. Abowd and Thomas Lemieux
3807: Patterns in Exchange Rate Forecasts for 25 Currencies Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Jeffrey Alexander Frankel
3806: Exchange Rate Expectations and the Risk Premium: Tests For a Cross- Section of 17 Currencies Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel and Menzie Chinn
3805: International Economic Transactions: Issues in Measurement and Empirical Research Downloads
Peter Hooper and J. David Richardson
3804: The Nonequivalence of High School Equivalents Downloads
Stephen V. Cameron and James J. Heckman
3803: Pricing, Patent Loss and the Market For Pharmaceuticals Downloads
Richard G. Frank and David Salkever
3802: The Joint Consumption/Asset Demand Decision: A Case Study in Robust Estimation Downloads
Marjorie A. Flavin
3801: Crime Rates Versus Labor Market Conditions; Theory and Time-Series Evidence Downloads
Tadashi Yamada, Tetsuji Yamada and Johan M. Kang
3800: Labor Productivity and Market Competition in Japan Downloads
Tetsuji Yamada, Tadashi Yamada and Guorn Liu
3799: A Theory of War Finance Downloads
Herschel . Grossman and Taejoon Han
3798: Information Handling and Firm Performance: Evidence from Reverse LBOs Downloads
Francois Degeorge and Richard J. Zeckhauser
3797: Incomplete Appropriability of R&D and the Role of Strategies and Cultural Factors in International Trade: A Japanese Case Downloads
Ryuzo Sato, Rama Ramachandran and Shunichi Tsutsui
3796: Vanishing Tax on Capital Income in the Open Economy Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
3795: Assessing Target Zone Credibility: Mean Reversion and Devaluation Expectations in the ERM 1979-1992 Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
3794: Corporate Restructuring and Investment Horizons Downloads
Bronwyn Hughes Hall
3793: Are Economists' Traditional Trade Policy Views Still Valid? Downloads
Robert E. Baldwin
3792: Optimal Incentive Contracts in the Presence of Career Concerns: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Kevin J. Murphy
3791: Pervasive Shortages Under Socialism Downloads
Andrei Shleifer and Robert W. Vishny
3790: Characterizing Predictable Components in Excess Returns on Equity and Foreign Exchange Markets Downloads
Geert Bekaert and Robert James Hodrick
3789: Sex Discrimination by Sex: Voting in a Professional Society Downloads
Alan E. Dillingham, Marianne A. Ferber and Daniel Hamermesh
3788: Ethnic Capital and Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
George Borjas
3787: Growth in Cities Downloads
Edward Ludwig Glaeser, Hedi D. Kallal, Jose Alexandre Scheinkman and Andrei Shleifer
3786: The Theory of Allocation and Its Implications for Marketing and Industrial Structure Downloads
Dennis W. Carlton
3785: Competition and Price Dispersion in the U.S. Airline Industry Downloads
Severin Borenstein and Nancy Lin Rose
3784: Fear of Flying? Economic Analysis of Airline Safety Downloads
Nancy Lin Rose
3783: The Australian Pharmaceutical Subsidy Gambit: Transmuting Deadweight Loss and Oligopoly Rents to Consumer Surplus Downloads
Mark Johnston and Richard J. Zeckhauser
3782: Long-Term Contracting and Multiple-Price Systems Downloads
Robert Glenn Hubbard and Robert J. Weiner
3781: How Much Do Taxes Discourage Incorporation Downloads
Jeffrey Mackie-Mason and Roger H. Gordon
3780: How Valuable is Patent Protection? Estimates By Technology Field Using Patent Renewal Data Downloads
Mark Schankerman
3779: International Fiscal Policy Coordination and Competition: An Exposition Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
3778: What Went Wrong? The Erosion of Relative Earnings and Employment Among Young Black Men in the 1980s Downloads
John Bound and Richard B. Freeman
3777: An Analysis of the Nature of Unemployment in Sri Lanka Downloads
William T. Dickens and Kevin Lang
3776: Obstacles to Transforming Centrally-Planned Economies: The Role of Capital Markets Downloads
Guillermo A. Calvo and Jacob A. Frenkel
3775: Floating Exchange Rates in Peru, 1950-54 Downloads
Richard K. Lyons
3774: Do OSHA Inspections Reduce Injuries? A Panel Analysis Downloads
Wayne B. Gray and John T. Scholz
3773: Protecting Losers: Optimal Diversification, Insurance, and Trade Policy Downloads
S. Lael Brainard
3772: External Debt and Political Instability Downloads
Sule Ozler and Guido Tabellini
3771: Measurement of Output and Quality Adjustment When Hedonics Cannot Be Used: An Illustration for the Day Care Industry Downloads
Swati Mukerjee and Ann Dryden Witte
3770: An Altered U.S. Housing Finance System: Implications for Housing Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott
3769: The "Gambler's Fallacy" in Lottery Play Downloads
Charles T. Clotfelter and Philip J Cook
3768: The Search for R&D Spillovers Downloads
Zvi Griliches
3767: Foreign Direct Investment, Productive Capacity and Exchange Rate Regimes Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
3766: The Peculiar Scale Economies of Lotto Downloads
Philip J Cook and Charles T. Clotfelter
3765: Life Insurance Inadequacy - Evidence From a Sample of Older Widows Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Laurence J. Kotlikoff
3764: Learning and Wage Dynamics Downloads
Henry S. Farber and Robert Gibbons
3763: Sources of Cycles in Japan, 1975-1987 Downloads
Kenneth D. West
3762: A Comparison of the Behavior of Japanese and U.S. Inventories Downloads
Kenneth D. West
3761: On the Labor Market Effects of Immigration and Trade Downloads
George Borjas, Richard B. Freeman and Lawrence F. Katz
3760: What Moves the Stock and Bond Markets? A Variance Decomposition for Long-Term Asset Returns Downloads
John Y. Campbell and John Ammer
3759: Minimum Wages in Puerto Rico: Textbook Case of a Wage Floor? Downloads
Alida Castillo Freeman and Richard B. Freeman
3758: Economic Development, Urban Underemployment, and Income Inequality Downloads
James E. Rauch
3757: How Fast Do Old Men Slow Down? Downloads
Ray C. Fair
3756: The Source of Fluctuations in Money: Evidence From Trade Credit Downloads
Valerie Ann Ramey
3755: Technology Commitment and the Cost of Economic Fluctuations Downloads
Garey Ramey and Valerie Ann Ramey
3754: Real Interest Rates and the Savings and Loan Crisis: The Moral Hazard Premium Downloads
John B. Shoven, Scott B. Smart and Joel Waldfogel
3753: The Timing of Intergenerational Transfers, Tax Policy, and Aggregate Savings Downloads
David Altig and Steven J. Davis
3752: The Equity Premium and the Risk Free Rate: Matching the Moments Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti, Pok-sang Lam and Nelson C. Clark
3751: An Indicator of Future Inflation Extracted From the Steepness of the Interest Rate Yield Curve Along Its Entire Length Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel and Cara S. Lown
3750: Lifetime vs. Annual Perspectives on Tax Incidence Downloads
Don Fullerton and Diane Lim Rogers
3749: Mergers, Deregulation and Cost Savings in the U.S. Rail Industry Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Ann F. Friedlaender, Judy Shaw-Er Wang Chiang and Christopher A. Vellturo
3748: Durable Goods: An Explanation for Their Slow Adjustment Downloads
Ricardo J. Caballero
3747: A Note on Internationally Coordinated Policy Packages Intended to be Robust Under Model Uncertainty Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel, Scott Erwin and Katharine Eleanor Rockett
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