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4016: The European Central Bank: A Bank or a Monetary Policy Rule Downloads
David Folkerts-Landau and Peter M. Garber
4015: Monetary Policy and Credit Conditions: Evidence From the Composition of External Finance Downloads
Anil K Kashyap, Jeremy C. Stein and David W. Wilcox
4014: A Procedure for Predicting Recessions With Leading Indicators: Econometric Issues and Recent Experience Downloads
James H. Stock and Mark W. Watson
4013: Detection of Bid Rigging in Procurement Auctions Downloads
Robert H. Porter and John Douglas Zona
4012: Suit Versus Settlement When Parties Seek Nonmonetary Judgements Downloads
Steven Shavell
4011: The Growth and Welfare Consequences of Differential Tariffs With Endogenously-Supplied Capital and Labor Downloads
Philip L. Brock and Stephen J Turnovsky
4010: High-Tech Capital Formation and Labor Composition in U.S. Manufacturing Industries: An Exploratory Analysis Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Catherine J. Morrison Paul and Larry S. Rosenblum
4009: Auditing the Producer Price Index: Micro Evidence From Prescription Pharmaceutical Preparations Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Zvi Griliches and Joshua G. Rosett
4008: Do Taxes Matter? Lessons From the 1980s Downloads
Joel Slemrod
4007: Debt Reduction, Adjustment Lending, and Burden Sharing Downloads
Ishac Diwan and Dani Rodrik
4006: Inflation and Poverty Downloads
Eliana A. Cardoso
4005: Business Cycle Durations and Postwar Stabilization of the U.S. Economy Downloads
Mark W. Watson
4004: Asset Bubbles and Endogenous Growth Downloads
Noriyuki Yanagawa and Gene Grossman
4003: Peso Problems and Heterogeneous Trading: Evidence From Excess Returns in Foreign Exchange and Euromarkets Downloads
Martin Evans and Karen K. Lewis
4002: Self-Selection and Internal Migration in the United States Downloads
George Borjas, Stephen G. Bronars and Stephen J. Trejo
4001: Bretton Woods and Its Precursors: Rules Versus Discretion in the History of International Monetary Regimes Downloads
Alberto Giovannini
4000: The Flow Approach to Labor Markets Downloads
Olivier J Blanchard and Peter A. Diamond
3999: Taxation and Inequality: A Time-Exposure Perspective Downloads
Joel Slemrod
3998: Privatization in East Germany Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
3997: The Effect of the Minimum Wage on the Fast Food Industry Downloads
Lawrence F. Katz and Alan B. Krueger
3996: Local Versus Global Convergence Across National Economies Downloads
Steven N. Durlauf and Paul Johnson
3995: Why Does the Stock Market Fluctuate? Downloads
Robert B Barsky and J. Bradford De Long
3994: Human Capital Accumulation and Income Distribution Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Richard Rogerson
3993: Geographic Localization of Knowledge Spillovers as Evidenced by Patent Citations Downloads
Adam Jaffe, Manuel Trajtenberg and Rebecca M. Henderson
3992: Dynamic Efficiency, the Riskless Rate, and Debt Ponzi Games Under Uncertainty Downloads
Olivier J Blanchard and Philippe Weil
3991: Wage Effects of A U.S. - Mexican Free Trade Agreement Downloads
Edward E. Leamer
3990: The Cowles Commission Approach, Real Business Cycle Theories, and New Keynesian Economics Downloads
Ray C. Fair
3989: Intertemporal Asset Pricing Without Consumption Data Downloads
John Y. Campbell
3988: Forward Into the Past: Productivity Retrogression in the Electric Generating Industry Downloads
Robert J. Gordon
3987: The Consequences and Costs of Maternal Substance Abuse in New York City Downloads
Ted Joyce, Andrew D. Racine and Naci H. Mocan
3986: Transitional Dynamics in Two-Sector Models of Endogenous Growth Downloads
Casey Mulligan and Xavier Sala--Martin
3985: Pensions and Wage Premia Downloads
Edward Montgomery and Kathryn Shaw
3984: Do Tougher Licensing Provisions Limit Occupational Entry? The Case of Dentistry Downloads
Morris M. Kleiner and Robert T. Kudrle
3983: Disinflation With Imperfect Credibility Downloads
Laurence Ball
3982: Price Margins and Capital Adjustment: Canadian Mill Products and Pulp and Paper Industries Downloads
Jeffrey . Bernstein
3981: State Infrastructure and Productive Performance Downloads
Catherine J. Morrison Paul and Amy Ellen Schwartz
3980: Sectoral Shifts and Unemployment in Interwar Britain Downloads
Lael Brainard S.
3979: Information Spillovers, Margins, Scale and Scope: With an Application to Canadian Life Insurance Downloads
Jeffrey . Bernstein
3978: The Impact of Collective Bargaining Legislation on Disputes in the U.S. Public Sector: No Policy May Be the Worst Policy Downloads
Janet Currie and Sheena McConnell
3977: The Dynamics of Productivity in the Telecommunications Equipment Industry Downloads
Steven Olley G. and Ariel Pakes
3976: Precautionary Saving and Consumption Smoothing Across Time and Possibilities Downloads
Miles Spencer Kimball and Philippe Weil
3975: Equilibrium Asset Prices With Undiversifiable Labor Income Risk Downloads
Philippe Weil
3974: Liquidity Effects and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism Downloads
Lawrence J. Christiano and Martin Eichenbaum
3973: The Fall in Private Pension Coverage in the U.S Downloads
David Bloom and Richard B. Freeman
3972: The Intergenerational Mobility of Immigrants Downloads
George Borjas
3971: Growth Accounting When Technical Change is Embodied in Capital Downloads
Charles R. Hulten
3970: What is Productivity: Capacity or Welfare Management? Downloads
Charles R. Hulten
3969: Measuring the Aggregate Price Level: Implications For Economic Performance and Policy Downloads
Robert J. Gordon
3968: Menus of Linear Income Tax Schedules Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Philippe Weil
3967: On the Design and Reform of Capital Gains Taxation Downloads
Alan Auerbach
3966: The Budget and Trade Deficits Aren't Really Twins Downloads
Martin S. Feldstein
3965: Twenty-two Years of the NBER-ASA Quarterly Economic Outlook Surveys: Aspects and Comparisons of Forecasting Performance Downloads
Victor Zarnowitz and Phillip A. Braun
3964: Rising Inequality? Changes in the Distribution of Income and Consumption in the 1980s Downloads
David M. Cutler and Lawrence F. Katz
3963: Taxation and Housing: Old Questions, New Answers Downloads
James Poterba
3962: Social Security Rules and Marginal Tax Rates Downloads
Martin S. Feldstein and Andrew Alan Samwick
3961: Bank Exposure, Capital and Secondary Market Discounts on the Developing Country Debt Downloads
Sule Ozler and Harry P. Huizinga
3960: External Shocks, Politics and Private Investment: Some Theory and Empirical Evidence Downloads
Sule Ozler and Dani Rodrik
3959: Have Commercial Banks Ignored History? Downloads
Sule Ozler
3958: A Model of the Optimal Complexity of Rules Downloads
Louis Kaplow
3957: Testing Trade Theory Downloads
Edward E. Leamer
3956: Exploring the Relationship Between R&D and Productivity in French Manufacturing Firms Downloads
Bronwyn Hughes Hall and Jacques MAIRESSE
3955: Estimating Expected Exchange Rates Under Target Zones Downloads
Zhaohui Chen and Alberto Giovannini
3954: Labor Supply Flexibility and Portfolio Choice in a Life-Cycle Model Downloads
Zvi Bodie, Robert C. Merton and William F. Samuelson
3953: Exchange Rate Flexibility, Volatility, and the Patterns of Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
3952: Is Arbitration Addictive? Evidence From the Laboratory and the Field Downloads
Janet Currie and Henry S. Farber
3951: The Role of International Organizations in the Bretton Woods System Downloads
Kathryn Mary Elizabeth Dominguez
3950: Is There a Conflict Between EC Enlargement and European Monetary Unification? Downloads
Tamim A Bayoumi and Barry Julian Eichengreen
3949: Shocking Aspects of European Monetary Unification Downloads
Tamim A Bayoumi and Barry Julian Eichengreen
3948: Convergence and Growth Linkages Between North and South Downloads
John F. Helliwell and Alan Chung
3947: The Rush to Free Trade in the Developing World: Why So Late? Why Now? Will it Last? Downloads
Dani Rodrik
3946: How Pervasive is the Product Cycle? The Empirical Dynamics of American and Japanese Trade Flows Downloads
Joseph E. Gagnon and Andrew Kenan Rose
3945: Tax Policy and Urban Development: Evidence From The Indiana Enterprise Zone Program Downloads
Leslie E. Papke
3944: The Debt Burden and Debt Maturity Downloads
Alessandro Missale and Olivier J Blanchard
3943: The Adjustment Mechanism Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
3942: Anatomy of Financial Distress: An Examination of Junk-Bond Issuers Downloads
Paul Asquith, Robert Gertner and David Scharfstein
3941: Fiscal Federalism in Europe: Lessons From the United States Experience Downloads
Robert P. Inman and Daniel L. Rubinfeld
3940: Why Didn't the Tax Reform Act of 1986 Raise Corporate Taxes? Downloads
James Poterba
3939: The Structure of Production, Technical Change and Efficiency in a Multiproduct Industry: An Application to U.S. Airlines Downloads
David H. Good, Ishaq Nadiri M. and Robin C. Sickles
3938: Individual Retirement Accounts: A Review of the Evidence Downloads
Jonathan Skinner
3937: Revisions and Investment Plans and the Stock Market Rate of Return Downloads
Mark Schankerman
3936: Openness and Inflation: Theory and Evidence Downloads
David Romer
3935: Errors in Output Deflators Revisited: Unit Values and the PPI Downloads
Donald S. Siegel
3934: Anatomy of a Financial Crisis Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
3933: Local House Price Indexes: 1982-1991 Downloads
Donald Richard Haurin, Patric H. Hendershott and Dongwook Kim
3932: Consumption Taxes in a Life-Cycle Framework: Are Sin Taxes Regressive? Downloads
Andrew B Lyon and Robert M. Schwab
3931: How Long do Unilateral Target Zones Last? Downloads
Bernard Dumas and Lars E. O. Svensson
3930: On the Sensitivity of R&D to Delicate Tax Changes: The Behavior of U.S. Multinationals in the 1980s Downloads
James R. Hines
3929: How Does It Matter? Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
3928: The Appointment-Book Problem and Commitment, With Applications to Refereeing and Medicine Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
3927: Changes in Relative Wages, 1963-1987: Supply and Demand Factors Downloads
Lawrence F. Katz and Kevin M. Murphy
3926: Labor Market Institutions, Liquidity Constraints, and Macroeconomic Stability Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
3925: The Effects of U.S. Tax Policy on the Income Repatriation Patterns of U.S. Multinational Corporations Downloads
Rosanne Altshuler and Scott Newlon T.
3924: Income Shifting in U.S. Multinational Corporations Downloads
David Harris, Randall Morck, Joel Slemrod and Bernard Yeung
3923: Organizational Failure and Government Transfers: Evidence From an Experiment in the Financing of Mental Health Care Downloads
Richard G. Frank and Martin Gaynor
3922: The Cleansing Effect of Recessions Downloads
Ricardo J. Caballero and Mohamad L. Hammour
3921: Bank Runs: Liquidity and Incentives Downloads
Russell Cooper and Thomas Wayne Ross
3920: Identification and the Liquidity Effect of a Monetary Policy Shock Downloads
Lawrence J. Christiano and Martin Eichenbaum
3919: Speculative Attacks and Models of Balance-of-Payments Crises Downloads
Pierre-Richard Agénor, Jagdeep S. Bhandari and Robert P. Flood
3918: Devaluation Expectations: The Swedish Krona 1982-1991 Downloads
Hans Lindberg, Lars E. O. Svensson and Paul Söderlind
3917: The Currency Reform as the Last Stage of Economic and Monetary Union: Some Policy Questions Downloads
Alberto Giovannini
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