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4318: Dynamic Efficiency in the Gifts Economy Downloads
Stephen A. O'Connell and Stephen Zeldes
4317: Monetary Policy and Bank Lending Downloads
Anil Kashyap and Jeremy Stein
4316: Poison or Placebo? Evidence on the Deterrent and Wealth Effects of Modern Antitakeover Measures Downloads
Robert Comment and G. Schwert
4315: Profitable Informed Trading in a Simple General Equilibrium Model of Asset Pricing Downloads
James Dow and Gary Gorton
4314: Arbitrage Chains Downloads
James Dow and Gary Gorton
4313: Productivity and the Density of Economic Activity Downloads
Antonio Ciccone and Robert Hall
4312: Does History Matter Only When it Matters Little? The Case of City-Indu try Location Downloads
James Rauch
4311: Heterogeneity, Stratification, and Growth Downloads
Roland Benabou
4310: The Gold Standard, Bretton Woods and other Monetary Regimes: An Historical Appraisal Downloads
Michael Bordo
4309: Production, Financial Structure and Productivity Growth in U.S. Manufacturing Downloads
Jeffrey Bernstein and Ishaq Nadiri M.
4308: Are Industrial-Country Consumption Risks Globally Diversified? Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
4307: Employer Provided Health Insurance and Retirement Behavior Downloads
Alan Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
4306: What Determines the Sacrifice Ratio? Downloads
Laurence Ball
4305: The Equity of Social Services Provided to Children and Senior Citizens Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff and Jagadeesh Gokhale
4304: The Use of Monetary Aggregate to Target Nominal GDP Downloads
Martin Feldstein and James Stock
4303: Measuring Core Inflation Downloads
Michael F. Bryan and Stephen Cecchetti
4302: Policy Options for Long-Term Care Downloads
David Cutler and Louise M. Sheiner
4301: Why Doesn't the Market Fully Insure Long-Term Care? Downloads
David Cutler
4300: The Incidence of Adverse Medical Outcomes Under Prospective Payments Downloads
David Cutler
4299: Human Capital and the Income Tax Downloads
Louis Kaplow
4298: Does Foreign Exchange Intervention Signal Future Monetary Policy? Downloads
Graciela Kaminsky and Karen K. Lewis
4297: A Comparison of Changes in the Structure of Wages Downloads
Lawrence Katz, Gary W. Loveman and David Blanchflower
4296: A Unified Model of Investment Under Uncertainty Downloads
Andrew Abel and Janice Eberly
4295: The Role of Pensions in the Labor Market Downloads
Alan Gustman, Olivia Mitchell and Thomas L. Steinmeier
4294: The Constrained Asset Share Estimation (CASE) Method: Testing Mean-Variance Efficiency of the U.S. Stock Market Downloads
Charles Engel, Jeffrey Frankel, Kenneth Froot and Anthony Rodrigues
4293: Did Teachers' Race and Verbal Ability Matter in the 1960's? Coleman Revisited Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg and Dominic Brewer
4292: German and American Wage and Price Dynamics: Differences and Common Thenes Downloads
Wolfgang Franz and Robert Gordon
4291: The Determinants of Realignment Expectations Under the EMS: Some Empirical Regularities Downloads
Zhaohui Chen and Alberto Giovannini
4290: Optimal Insurance Contracts When Establishing The Amount of Losses is Costly Downloads
Louis Kaplow
4289: Policies to Encourage Inflows of Technology Through Foreign Multinationals Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom and Ari Kokko
4288: Internal Finance and Investment: Evidence from the Undistributed Profits Tax of 1936-1937 Downloads
Charles Calomiris and Robert Hubbard
4287: Accuracy in the Assessment of Damages Downloads
Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell
4286: Endogenous Growth and Cycles Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
4285: How Important is the Credit Channel in the Transmission of Monetary Policy? Downloads
Valerie Ramey
4284: Medicaid and Medical Care for Children Downloads
Janet Currie and Duncan Thomas
4283: Demographic Characteristics and the Public Bundle Downloads
David Cutler, Douglas Elmendorf and Richard Zeckhauser
4282: An Analysis of Factors Influencing ITC Decisions in Antidumoing, Countervailing Duty and Safeguard Cases Downloads
Robert Baldwin and Jeffrey Steagall
4281: The Economic Consequences of Legislative Oversight: Theory and Evidencefrom the Medical Profession Downloads
Shawn Kantor and Patrick Legros
4280: Trade Wars and Trade Talks Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
4279: Gender Differences in Departure from a Large Firm Downloads
Nachum Sicherman
4278: Youth Alcohol Use and Public Policy Downloads
Adit Laixuthai and Frank Chaloupka
4277: Criminal Deterrence: Revisiting the Issue with a Birth Cohort Downloads
Helen Tauchen, Ann Dryden Witte and Harriet Griesinger
4276: 'Outside' Intervention in Japanese Companies: Its Determinants and Implications for Mangers Downloads
Steven Kaplan and Bernadette Minton
4275: Stochastic Trends and Short-Run Relationships Between Financial Variables and Real Activity Downloads
Toru Konishi, Valerie Ramey and Clive Granger
4274: Princes and Merchants: European City Growth before the Industrial Revolution Downloads
J. Bradford De Long and Andrei Shleifer
4273: The Design of Bank Loan Contracts, Collateral, and Renegotiation Downloads
Gary Gorton and James Kahn
4272: Generics and New Goods in Pharmaceutical Price Indexes Downloads
Zvi Griliches and Iain Cockburn
4271: Some Empirical Evidence on the Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks on Exchange Rates Downloads
Martin Eichenbaum and Charles Evans
4270: The Role of Fertility and Population in Economic Growth: Empirical ResultsFrom Aggregate Cross-National Data Downloads
James Brander and Steve Dowrick
4269: A Simple Theory of Multinational Corporations and Trade with a Trade-Off Between Proximity and Concentration Downloads
Lael Brainard S.
4268: Labor Market Returns to Two- and Four-Year Colleges: Is a Credit a Credit and Do Degrees Matter? Downloads
Thomas J. Kane and Cecilia E. Rouse
4267: Inflation and the Informativeness of Prices Downloads
Laurence Ball and David Romer
4266: Labor and the Emerging World Economy Downloads
David Bloom and Adi Brender
4265: Gender Gaps in Benefits Coverage Downloads
Janet Currie
4264: Automobile Prices in Market Equilibrium: Part I and II Downloads
Steven Berry, James Levinsohn and Ariel Pakes
4263: Shifting Plaintiffs' Fees versus Increasing Damage Awards Downloads
Louis Kaplow
4262: The Analysis of Inter-Firm Worker Mobility Downloads
Henry S. Farber
4261: Intertemporal Analysis of State and Local Government Spending: Theory ad Tests Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Harvey Rosen and Schuyler Tilly
4260: Sex Discrimination and Women's Labor Market Interruptions Downloads
David Neumark
4259: Are OLS Estimates of the Return to Schooling Biased Downward? Another Look Downloads
McKinley Blackburn and David Neumark
4258: What do Firms do with Cash Windfalls? Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Florencio Lopez- de-Silane
4257: The Swedish Wage Stucture: The Rise and Fall of Solidarity Wage Policy? Downloads
Per-Anders Edin and Bertil Holmlund
4256: Substitution and Complementarity in Endogenous Innovation Downloads
Alwyn Young
4255: Changes in the Demand for Skilled Labor within U.S. Manufacturing Industries: Evidence from the Annual Survey of Manufacturing Downloads
Eli Berman, John Bound and Zvi Griliches
4254: Capital Gains Taxation and Realizations: Evidence from Interstate Comparisons Downloads
William T. Bogart and William Gentry
4253: Progressivity of Capital Gains Taxation with Optimal Portfolio Selection Downloads
Michael Haliassos and Andrew Lyon
4252: The Lifetime Incidence of State and Local Taxes: Measuring Changes During the 1980s Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
4251: What Do We Know about Enterprise Zones? Downloads
Leslie Papke
4250: Real Effects of Monetary Shocks in an Economy with Sequential Purchases Downloads
Robert Lucas and Michael Woodford
4249: Evaluating the Effects of Incomplete Markets on Risk Sharing and Asset Pricing Downloads
John Heaton and Deborah Lucas
4248: Stoking the Fires? Co2 Emissions and Economic Growth Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Thomas Selden
4247: Corporate Control, Portfolio Choice, and the Decline of Banking Downloads
Gary Gorton and Richard Rosen
4246: Exchange Rates as Nominal Anchors Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
4245: International Growth Linkages: Evidence from Asia and the OECD Downloads
John Helliwell
4244: A Tax-Based Test of the Dividend Signaling Hypothesis Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Adam Wantz
4243: Relative Price Movements in Dynamic General Equilibrium Models of International Trade Downloads
David Backus, Patrick Kehoe and Finn Kydland
4242: Dynamics of the Trade Balance and the Terms of Trade: The S-Curve Downloads
David Backus, Patrick Kehoe and Finn Kydland
4241: Aggregate Fluctuations from Independent Sectoral Shocks: Self-Organized Criticality in a Model of Production and Inventory Dynamics Downloads
Peter Bak, Kan Chen, Jose Scheinkman and Michael Woodford
4240: R&D Tax Policy During the Eighties: Success or Failure? Downloads
Bronwyn Hall
4239: State Mandated Benefits and Employer Provided Health Insurance Downloads
Jonathan Gruber
4238: Trade Policy and the Third World Metropolis Downloads
Raul Livas Elizondo and Paul Krugman
4237: License Price Paths: I. Theory II. Evidence from Hong Kong Downloads
Kala Krishna and Ling Hui Tan
4236: The Recent Failure of U.S. Monetary Policy Downloads
Martin Feldstein
4235: Capital Budgets, Borrowing Rules, and State Capital Spending Downloads
James Poterba
4234: The Effect of News on Bond Prices: Evidence from the United Kingdom 1900-1920 Downloads
Douglas Elmendorf, Mary Hirshfeld and David Weil
4233: Specification of Policy Rules and Performance Measures in Multicountry Simulation Studies Downloads
Bennett McCallum
4232: Currency Substitution Downloads
Alberto Giovannini and Bart Turtelboom
4231: Real Exchange Rates and Relative Prices: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Charles Engel
4230: International Migration and International Trade Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
4229: Income Inequality and the Incomes of Very High Income Taxpayers: Evidence from Tax Returns Downloads
Daniel Feenberg and James Poterba
4228: Entrepreneurship, Happiness and Supernormal Returns: Evidence from Britain and the US Downloads
David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald
4227: Tax Distortions to the Choice of Organizational Form Downloads
Roger Gordon and Jeffrey Mackie-Mason
4226: Trade and Technical Progress Downloads
John Helliwell
4225: The State of the North American and Japanese Motor Vehicle Industries: A Partially Calibrated Model to Examine the Impacts of Trade Policy Changes Downloads
Melvyn Fuss, Steven Murphy and Leonard Waverman
4224: The Gender Earnings Gap: Some International Evidence Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
4223: Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth Downloads
Eric M. Engen and Jonathan Skinner
4222: Wages, Profits and Rent-Sharing Downloads
David Blanchflower, Andrew Oswald and Peter Sanfey
4221: Expenditures on Health Care for Children and Pregnant Women Downloads
Eugene M. Lewit and Alan C. Monheit
4220: Permanent International Productivity Growth Differentials in an Integrated Global Economy Downloads
Willem Buiter and Kenneth Kletzer
4219: A Dynamic Spatial Model Downloads
Paul Krugman
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