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6971: Quality Improvement in Health Care: A Framework for Price and Output Measurement Downloads
Irving Shapiro, Matthew Shapiro and David Wilcox
6970: Reforming Social Security: A Practical and Workable System of Personal Retirement Accounts Downloads
Fred T. Goldberg, Jr. and Michael J. Graetz
6969: Measuring Product-Market Integration Downloads
Michael M. Knetter and Matthew J. Slaughter
6968: Foreign Portfolio Investors Before and During a Crisis Downloads
Woochan Kim and Shang-Jin Wei
6967: Economic, Financial, and Fundamental Global Risk In and Out of the EMU Downloads
Wayne Ferson and Campbell Harvey
6966: Has Job Security Vanished in Large Corporations? Downloads
Steven Allen, Robert L. Clark and Sylvester J. Schieber
6965: International Experiences with Different Monetary Policy Regimes Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
6964: The Aftermath of the 1992 ERM Breakup: Was There a Macroeconomic Free Lunch? Downloads
Robert Gordon
6963: The Redesign of the Matching Market for American Physicians: Some Engineering Aspects of Economic Design Downloads
Alvin Roth and Elliott Peranson
6962: Banks as Liquidity Providers: An Explanation for the Co-Existence of Lending and Deposit-Taking Downloads
Anil Kashyap, Raghuram Rajan and Jeremy Stein
6961: The Distribution of Exchange Rate Volatility Downloads
Torben Andersen, Tim Bollerslev, Francis Diebold and Paul Labys
6960: Economic Analysis of Law Downloads
Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell
6959: Poisoned Grapes, Mad Cow, and Protectionism Downloads
Eduardo Engel
6958: Tobacco Advertising: Economic Theory and International Evidence Downloads
Henry Saffer and Frank Chaloupka
6957: Personnel Economics: Past Lessons and Future Directions Downloads
Edward Lazear
6956: Rewards versus Intellectual Property Rights Downloads
Steven Shavell and Tanguy van Ypersele
6955: Emerging Market Business Groups, Foreign Investors, and Corporate Governance Downloads
Tarun Khanna and Krishna Palepu
6954: Program Evaluation as a Decision Problem Downloads
Rajeev Dehejia
6953: Quantitative Asset Pricing Implications of Endogenous Solvency Constraints Downloads
Fernando Alvarez and Urban Jermann
6952: Efficient Competition With Small Numbers -- With Applications to Privatisation and Mergers Downloads
Kala Krishna and Torben Tranaes
6951: Stock Pyramids, Cross-Ownership, and the Dual Class Equity: The Creation and Agency Costs of Seperating Control from Cash Flow Rights Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk, Reinier Kraakman and George Triantis
6950: Violence and the U.S. Prohibition of Drugs and Alcohol Downloads
Jeffrey Miron
6949: Can Market and Voting Institutions Generate Optimal Intergenerational Risk Sharing? Downloads
Antonio Rangel and Richard Zeckhauser
6948: Changes in Business Cycles: Evidence and Explanations Downloads
Christina Romer
6947: Do Subsidies to Commercial R&D Reduce Market Failures? Microeconomic Evaluation Studies Downloads
Tor Klette, Jarle Møen and Zvi Griliches
6946: Labor-Market Competition and Individual Preferences Over Immigration Policy Downloads
Kenneth F. Scheve and Matthew J. Slaughter
6945: Corruption and Optimal Law Enforcement Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
6944: Estimating the Effect of Alcohol on Driver Risk Using Only Fatal Accident Statistics Downloads
Steven Levitt and Jack Porter
6943: Early Test Scores, Socioeconomic Status and Future Outcomes Downloads
Janet Currie and Duncan Thomas
6942: Why Not Africa? Downloads
Richard Freeman and David L. Lindauer
6941: Measuring the Economic Effects of Military Base Closures Downloads
Mark A. Hooker and Michael M. Knetter
6940: The Effects of Prices and Policies on the Demand for Marijuana: Evidence from the National Household Surveys on Drug Abuse Downloads
Matthew C. Farrelly, Jeremy Bray, Gary A. Zarkin, Brett W. Wendling and Rosalie Liccardo Pacula
6939: Do Higher Cigarette Prices Encourage Youth to Use Marijuana? Downloads
Frank Chaloupka, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Matthew C. Farrelly, Lloyd D. Johnston and Patrick M. O'Malley
6938: The 'Lemons Effect' in Corporate Freeze-Outs Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Marcel Kahan
6937: Price, Clean Indoor Air, and Cigarette Smoking: Evidence from the Longitudinal Data for Young Adults Downloads
John Tauras and Frank Chaloupka
6936: A Dynamic Oligopoly with Collusion and Price Wars Downloads
Chaim Fershtman and Ariel Pakes
6935: Recent G3 Current Account Imbalances: How Important are Structural Factors? Downloads
Richard Clarida and Joe Prendergast
6934: Per-Mile Premiums for Auto Insurance Downloads
Aaron Edlin
6933: Contingent Protection as Better Insurance Downloads
Ronald Fischer and Thomas Prusa
6932: Prices and Coupons for Breakfast Cereals Downloads
Aviv Nevo and Catherine Wolfram
6931: The IT Revolution and the Stock Market Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood and Boyan Jovanovic
6930: Public Policies and Private Saving in Mexico Downloads
Martin Feldstein
6929: An Options-Based Analysis of Emerging Market Exchange Rate Expectations: Brazil's Real Plan, 1994-1997 Downloads
Jose Campa, P.H. Kevin Chang and James F. Refalo
6928: Unit Root Tests Are Useful for Selecting Forecasting Models Downloads
Francis Diebold and Lutz Kilian
6927: The Art of Labormetrics Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
6926: Are Macroeconomic Forecasts Informative? Cointegration Evidence from the ASA-NBER Surveys Downloads
Yin-Wong Cheung and Menzie Chinn
6925: Inflation Stabilization and BOP Crises in Developing Countries Downloads
Guillermo Calvo and Carlos Vegh
6924: Wage Dynamics: Reconciling Theory and Evidence Downloads
Olivier Blanchard and Lawrence Katz
6923: Foreign Ownership and Wages in the United States, 1987 - 1992 Downloads
Zadia Feliciano and Robert Lipsey
6922: Green Tax Reform and Competitiveness Downloads
Erkki Koskela, Ronnie Schob and Hans-Werner Sinn
6921: The Core-Periphery Model with Forward-Looking Expectations Downloads
Richard Baldwin
6920: Job Loss and Retirement Behavior of Older Men Downloads
Sewin Chan and Ann Stevens
6919: Managerial Value Diversion and Shareholder Wealth Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Christine Jolls
6918: The Costs of Annuitizing Retirement Payouts from Individual Accounts Downloads
James Poterba and Mark J. Warshawsky
6917: Prefunding Medicare Downloads
Martin Feldstein
6916: The Price of Alcohol, Wife Abuse, and Husband Abuse Downloads
Sara Markowitz
6915: Who Gains from Trade Reform? Some Remaining Puzzles Downloads
Ann Harrison and Gordon Hanson
6914: Controlling the Price Level Downloads
Robert Hall
6913: The Profits to Insider Trading: A Performance-Evaluation Perspective Downloads
Leslie A. Jeng, Andrew Metrick and Richard Zeckhauser
6912: Aggregate Job Destruction and Inventory Liquidation Downloads
Robert Hall
6911: The Productivity of Schools and Other Local Public Goods Providers Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
6910: The Distributional Effects of Medicare Downloads
Julie Lee, Mark McClellan and Jonathan Skinner
6909: The Cyclical Behavior of Prices and Costs Downloads
Julio Rotemberg and Michael Woodford
6908: Worker Perceptions of Job Insecurity in the Mid-1990s: Evidence from the Survey of Economic Expectations Downloads
Charles Manski and John D. Straub
6907: Self-Protection for Emerging Market Economies Downloads
Martin Feldstein
6906: What Drives Venture Capital Fundraising? Downloads
Paul Gompers and Josh Lerner
6905: Alcohol Downloads
Philip J Cook and Michael J. Moore
6904: Two Waves of Globalisation: Superficial Similarities, Fundamental Differences Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Philippe Martin
6903: Understanding Tax Evasion Dynamics Downloads
Eduardo Engel and James Hines
6902: Schooling, Intelligence, and Income in America: Cracks in the Bell Curve Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Cecilia Rouse
6901: Imperfect Labor Contracts and International Trade Downloads
Gene Grossman
6900: From the Invisible Handshake to the Invisible Hand? How Import Competition Changes the Employment Relationship Downloads
Marianne Bertrand
6899: The Core-Periphery Model and Endogenous Growth: Stabilising and De-Stabilising Integration Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Rikard Forslid
6898: Learning by Doing and Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
Russell Cooper and Alok Johri
6897: Designing Hospital Antitrust Policy to Promote Social Welfare Downloads
Daniel Kessler and Mark McClellan
6896: Does Where You Are Admitted Make a Difference? An Analysis of Medicare Data Downloads
Frank Sloan, Gabriel Picone, Donald H. Taylor, Jr. and Shin-Yi Chou
6895: Your Money and Your Life: The Value of Health and What Affects It Downloads
David Cutler and Elizabeth Richardson
6894: Managed Care and Medical Technology Growth Downloads
Laurence Baker and Joanne Spetz
6893: When Industries Become More Productive, Do Firms? Downloads
James Levinsohn and Amil Petrin
6892: What Will Technology Do to Financial Structure? Downloads
Frederic Mishkin and Philip E. Strahan
6891: Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy Downloads
Varadarajan Chari and Patrick Kehoe
6890: Patient Welfare and Patient Compliance: An Empirical Framework for Measuring the Benefits from Pharmaceutical Innovation Downloads
Paul Ellickson, Scott Stern and Manuel Trajtenberg
6889: Competitive Devaluations: A Welfare-Based Approach Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Paolo Pesenti, Nouriel Roubini and Cédric Tille
6888: The Lives of the Painters of Modern Life: The Careers of Artists in France from Impressionism to Cubism Downloads
David Galenson
6887: Does Publicly Provided Health Insurance Improve the Health of Low-Income Children in the United States Downloads
Robert Kaestner, Ted Joyce and Andrew Racine
6886: Risks to Lenders and Borrowers in International Capital Markets Downloads
Benjamin Hermalin and Andrew Rose
6885: Capitalization of Capital Gains Taxes: Evidence from Stock Price Reactions to the 1997 Rate Reduction Downloads
Mark H. Lang and Douglas Shackelford
6884: An Information-Based Model of Foreign Direct Investment: The Gains from Trade Revisited Downloads
Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka and Chi-Wa Yuen
6883: Is Europe Going Too Far? Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Romain Wacziarg
6882: Balancing Incentives: The Tension Between Basic and Applied Research Downloads
Iain Cockburn, Rebecca Henderson and Scott Stern
6881: General Equilibrium Cost Benefit Analysis of Education and Tax Policies Downloads
James Heckman, Lance Lochner and Christopher Taber
6880: Conditioning Information and Variance Bounds on Pricing Kernels Downloads
Geert Bekaert and Jun Liu
6879: Productivity Differences Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Fabrizio Zilbotti
6878: Post-Unification Wage Growth in East Germany Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
6877: Factor Adjustment, Quality Change, and Productivity Growth for U.S. Manufacturing Downloads
Jeffrey Bernstein, Theofanis Mamuneas and Panos Pashardes
6876: The Location and Characteristics of U.S. Affiliates in Asia Downloads
Robert Lipsey
6875: Managerial Incentive Problems: A Dynamic Perspective Downloads
Bengt Holmstrom
6874: Financial Markets' Assessment of EMU Downloads
David S. Bates
6873: Explaining Rising Income and wage Inequality Among the College Educated Downloads
Caroline Hoxby and Bridget Terry
6872: Did Community Rating Induce an Adverse Selection Death Spiral? Evidencefrom New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut Downloads
Thomas Buchmueller and John DiNardo
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