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3657: Testing the Imports-as-Market-Discipline Hypothesis Downloads
James Levinsohn
3656: International VAT Harmonization: Economic Effects Downloads
Jacob A. Frenkel, Assaf Razin and Steve Symansky
3655: The Effect of the New Minimum Wage Law in a Low-Wage Labor Market Downloads
Lawrence Katz and Alan Krueger
3654: Debt Concentration and Secondary Markets Prices: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Sule Ozler
3653: The Staying Power of Leveraged Buyouts Downloads
Steven Kaplan
3652: Information, Finance, and Markets: The Architecture of Allocative Mechanisms Downloads
Bruce C. Greenwald and Joseph Stiglitz
3651: Stochastic Equilibrium and Exchange Rate Determination in a Small Open Economy with Risk Averse Optimizing Agents Downloads
Earl L. Grinols and Stephen J Turnovsky
3650: Externalities, Incentives and Failure to Achieve National Objectives in Decentralized Economies Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Peter Isard
3649: Tax Policy to Combat Global Warming: On Designing a Carbon Tax Downloads
James Poterba
3648: Efficient and Inefficient Employment Outcomes: A Study Based on Canadian Data Downloads
Louis Christofides and Andrew Oswald
3647: Work Incentives and the Demand for Primary and Contingent Labor Downloads
James Rebitzer and Lowell J. Taylor
3646: Why are Prices Sticky? Preliminary Results from an Interview Study Downloads
Alan Blinder
3645: The Enforceability of Private Money Contracts, Market Efficiency, and Technological Change Downloads
Gary Gorton
3644: Exchange Rate Volatility and International Prices Downloads
Robert Feenstra and Jon D. Kendall
3643: Measuring Risk Aversion From Excess Returns on a Stock Index Downloads
Ray Chou, Robert Engle and Alex Kane
3642: Price Equilibrium, Efficiency, and Decentralizability in Insurance Markets Downloads
Richard Arnott and Joseph Stiglitz
3641: The Invisible Hand and Modern Welfare Economics Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
3640: Actual and Warranted Relations Between Asset Prices Downloads
Andrea E. Beltratti and Robert Shiller
3639: Nursing Home Discharges and Exhaustion of Medicare Benefits Downloads
Alan M. Garber and Thomas E. MaCurdy
3638: Shareholder Trading Practices and Corporate Investment Horizons Downloads
Kenneth Froot, Andre F. Perold and Jeremy Stein
3637: Persistent Differences in National Productivity Growth Rates with A Com-mon Technology and Free Capital Mobility: The Roles of Private Thrift Downloads
Willem Buiter and Kenneth Kletzer
3636: Currency Substitution and the Fluctuations of Foreign-Exchange Reserves with Credibly Fixed Exchange Rates Downloads
Alberto Giovannini
3635: Why Do Countries and Industries with Large Seasonal Cycles Also Have Large Business Cycles? Downloads
Joseph Beaulieu J., Jeffrey Mackie-Mason and Jeffrey Miron
3634: Decoupling Liability: Optimal Incentives for Care and Litigation Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Yeon-Koo Che
3633: Asset Returns and Intertemporal Preferences Downloads
Shmuel Kandel and Robert Stambaugh
3632: Is the Fisher Effect for Real? A Reexamination of the Relationship Between Inflation and Interest Rates Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
3631: Habit Persistence and Durability in Aggregate Consumption: Empirical Tests Downloads
Wayne Ferson and George Constantinides
3630: Lump-Sums, Profit Sharing, and the Labor Costs in the Union Sector Downloads
Linda A. Bell and David Neumark
3629: Multiple Equilibria and Persistence in Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
Steven Durlauf
3628: Decomposing the Welfare Costs of Capital Tax Distortions: The Importance of Risk Assumptions Downloads
Bob Hamilton, Jack Mintz and John Whalley
3627: Internal Quota Allocation Schemes and the Costs of the MFA Downloads
Irene Trela and John Whalley
3626: Recent U.S. Investment Behavior and the Tax Reform Act of 1986: A Disaggregate View Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Kevin Hassett
3625: Product Demand, Cost of Production, Spillovers, and the Social Rate of Return to R&D Downloads
Jeffrey Bernstein and Ishaq Nadiri M.
3624: Updated Estimates of the Impact of Prenatal Care on Birthweight Outcomes by Race Downloads
Richard G. Frank, Donna Strobino, David Salkever and Catherine A. Jackson
3623: Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. and U.S. Trade Downloads
Robert Lipsey
3622: Quality and Trade Downloads
Kevin Murphy and Andrei Shleifer
3621: The Genesis of Inflation and the Costs of Disinflation Downloads
Laurence Ball
3620: Reducing the Risk of Economic Crisis Downloads
Martin Feldstein
3619: Tax Policy and Business Fixed Investment in the United States Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Kevin Hassett
3618: Asset Sales and Debt Capacity Downloads
Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny
3617: Window Dressing by Pension Fund Managers Downloads
Josef Lakonishok, Andrei Shleifer, Richard Thaler and Robert Vishny
3616: Capital Formation in Latin America Downloads
Eliana Cardoso
3615: Host Country Benefits of Foreign Investment Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom
3614: Internal Currency Markets and Production in the Soviet Union Downloads
Linda Goldberg and Il'dar Karimov
3613: Speculative Behavior in the Stock Markets: Evidence from the United States and Japan Downloads
Robert Shiller, Fumiko Kon-Ya and Yoshiro Tsutsui
3612: Was there a bubble in the 1929 Stock Market? Downloads
Peter Rappoport and Eugene White
3611: A Model of the Political Economy of the United States Downloads
Alberto Alesina, John Londregan and Howard Rosenthal
3610: New Goods and Index Numbers: U.S. Import Prices Downloads
Robert Feenstra
3609: Investor Diversification and International Equity Markets Downloads
Kenneth French and James Poterba
3608: The Fertility of Immigrant Women: Evidence from High Fertility Source Countries Downloads
Francine Blau
3607: Cities in Space: Three Simple Models Downloads
Paul Krugman
3606: Agricultural Productivity, Comparative Advantage and Economic Growth Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
3605: Reconciling the Pattern of Trade with the Pattern of Migration Downloads
James Rauch
3604: Government Revenue from Financial Repression Downloads
Alberto Giovannini and Martha de Melo
3603: Destabilizing Effects of Exchange-Rate Escape Clauses Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
3602: Intertemporal Labor Supply: An Assessment Downloads
David Card
3601: Target Zones Big and Small Downloads
Francisco Delgado and Bernard Dumas
3600: Trade Reforms, Credibility, and Development Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
3599: Is Inequality Harmful for Growth? Theory and Evidence Downloads
Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
3598: How Regional Differences in Taxes and Public Goods Distort Life Cycle Location Choices Downloads
Laurence Kotlikoff and Bernd Raffelhueschen
3597: Alexander Hamilton's Market Based Debt Reduction Plan Downloads
Peter Garber
3596: Macroeconomic Aspects of German Unification Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
3595: Money, Interest and Prices Downloads
Stanley Fischer
3594: International Trade with Endogenous Technological Change Downloads
Luis Rivera-Batiz and Paul Romer
3593: The Effects of Pensions and Retirement Policies on Retirement in Higher Education Downloads
Alan Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
3592: The Changing Fortunes of FHA's Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund and the Legislative Response Downloads
Patric Hendershott and James A. Waddell
3591: Volatility Tests and Efficient Markets: A Review Essay Downloads
John Cochrane
3590: International Accounting Diversity: Does it Impact Market Participants? Downloads
Frederick D.S. Choi and Richard M. Levich
3589: Generational Accounts - A Meaningful Alternative to Deficit Accounting Downloads
Alan Auerbach, Jagadeesh Gokhale and Laurence Kotlikoff
3588: Equilibrium in Competitive Insurance Markets with Moral Hazard Downloads
Richard Arnott and Joseph Stiglitz
3587: Employer Size and Dual Labor Markets Downloads
James Rebitzer and Michael Robinson
3586: Precautionary Motives for Holding Assets Downloads
Miles Kimball
3585: From Inertia to Megainflation: Brazil in the 1980s Downloads
Eliana Cardoso
3584: Price-Cost Margins, Exports and Productivity Growth: With an Application to Canadian Industries Downloads
Jeffrey Bernstein and Pierre Mohnen
3583: Should the Holding Period Matter for the Intertemporal Consumption-BasedCAPM? Downloads
Karen K. Lewis
3582: Assessing the Productivity of Information Technology Equipment in U.S. Manufacturing Industries Downloads
Catherine Morrison Paul and Ernst R. Berndt
3581: Human Capital, Technology, and the Wage Structure: What Do Time Series Show? Downloads
Jacob Mincer
3580: Methodological Issues and the New Keynesian Economics Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
3579: Is Europe an Optimum Currency Area? Downloads
Barry Eichengreen
3578: Is the Gasoline Tax Regressive? Downloads
James Poterba
3577: Learning by Doing and the Dynamic Effects of International Trade Downloads
Alwyn Young
3576: Stochastic Devaluation Risk and the Empirical Fit of Target Zone Models Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Lars Svensson
3575: National Origin and the Skills of Immigrants in the Postwar Period Downloads
George Borjas
3574: A Multi-Country Comparison of Term Structure Forecasts at Long Horizons Downloads
Philippe Jorion and Frederic Mishkin
3573: The Assimilation of Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Markets Downloads
Robert LaLonde and Robert Topel
3572: Does Compulsory School Attendance Affect Schooling and Earnings? Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Alan Krueger
3571: The Effect of Age at School Entry on Educational Attainment: An Application of Instrumental Variables with Moments from Two Samples Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Alan Krueger
3570: Exchange Rate Volatility in Integrating Capital Markets Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Vittorio Grilli and Nouriel Roubini
3569: Theory and Practice of Commercial Policy: 1945-1990 Downloads
Anne O. Krueger
3568: A Micro Econometric Model of Capital Utilization and Retirement Downloads
Sanghamitra Das
3567: Quality Adjusted Cost Functions Downloads
Paul Gertler and Donald Waldman
3566: Tastes and Technology in a Two-Country Model of the Business Cycle: Explaining International Comovements Downloads
Alan Stockman and Linda Tesar
3565: A Signaling Theory of Unemployment Downloads
Ching-to Ma and Andrew Weiss
3564: Lecture Notes on Economic Growth(II): Five Prototype Models of Endogenous Growth Downloads
Xavier Sala-i-Martin
3563: Lecture Notes on Economic Growth(I): Introduction to the Literature and Neoclassical Models Downloads
Xavier Sala-i-Martin
3562: What has Foreign Market Intervention Since the Plaza Agreement Accomplished? Downloads
Michael Bordo and Anna Schwartz
3561: Soft Budget Constraints, Taxes, and the Incentive to Cooperate Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
3560: Individual Precautions to Prevent Theft: Private Versus Socially OptimalBehavior Downloads
Steven Shavell
3559: Approaches to Efficient Capital Taxation: Leveling the Playing Field vs.Living by the Golden Rule Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder and Philippe Thalmann
3558: Three Models of Retirement: Computational Complexity Versus Predictive Validity Downloads
Robin L. Lumsdaine, James Stock and David Wise
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