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3946: How Pervasive is the Product Cycle? The Empirical Dynamics of American and Japanese Trade Flows Downloads
Joseph Gagnon and Andrew Rose
3945: Tax Policy and Urban Development: Evidence From The Indiana Enterprise Zone Program Downloads
Leslie Papke
3944: The Debt Burden and Debt Maturity Downloads
Alessandro Missale and Olivier Blanchard
3943: The Adjustment Mechanism Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
3942: Anatomy of Financial Distress: An Examination of Junk-Bond Issuers Downloads
Paul Asquith, Robert Gertner and David Scharfstein
3941: Fiscal Federalism in Europe: Lessons From the United States Experience Downloads
Robert P. Inman and Daniel L. Rubinfeld
3940: Why Didn't the Tax Reform Act of 1986 Raise Corporate Taxes? Downloads
James Poterba
3939: The Structure of Production, Technical Change and Efficiency in a Multiproduct Industry: An Application to U.S. Airlines Downloads
David H. Good, Ishaq Nadiri M. and Robin Sickles
3938: Individual Retirement Accounts: A Review of the Evidence Downloads
Jonathan Skinner
3937: Revisions and Investment Plans and the Stock Market Rate of Return Downloads
Mark Schankerman
3936: Openness and Inflation: Theory and Evidence Downloads
David Romer
3935: Errors in Output Deflators Revisited: Unit Values and the PPI Downloads
Donald Siegel
3934: Anatomy of a Financial Crisis Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
3933: Local House Price Indexes: 1982-1991 Downloads
Donald Haurin, Patric Hendershott and Dongwook Kim
3932: Consumption Taxes in a Life-Cycle Framework: Are Sin Taxes Regressive? Downloads
Andrew Lyon and Robert M. Schwab
3931: How Long do Unilateral Target Zones Last? Downloads
Bernard Dumas and Lars Svensson
3930: On the Sensitivity of R&D to Delicate Tax Changes: The Behavior of U.S. Multinationals in the 1980s Downloads
James Hines
3929: How Does It Matter? Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
3928: The Appointment-Book Problem and Commitment, With Applications to Refereeing and Medicine Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
3927: Changes in Relative Wages, 1963-1987: Supply and Demand Factors Downloads
Lawrence Katz and Kevin Murphy
3926: Labor Market Institutions, Liquidity Constraints, and Macroeconomic Stability Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
3925: The Effects of U.S. Tax Policy on the Income Repatriation Patterns of U.S. Multinational Corporations Downloads
Rosanne Altshuler and Scott Newlon T.
3924: Income Shifting in U.S. Multinational Corporations Downloads
David Harris, Randall Morck, Joel Slemrod and Bernard Yeung
3923: Organizational Failure and Government Transfers: Evidence From an Experiment in the Financing of Mental Health Care Downloads
Richard G. Frank and Martin Gaynor
3922: The Cleansing Effect of Recessions Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Mohamad L. Hammour
3921: Bank Runs: Liquidity and Incentives Downloads
Russell Cooper and Thomas Ross
3920: Identification and the Liquidity Effect of a Monetary Policy Shock Downloads
Lawrence Christiano and Martin Eichenbaum
3919: Speculative Attacks and Models of Balance-of-Payments Crises Downloads
Pierre-Richard Agénor, Jagdeep S. Bhandari and Robert Flood
3918: Devaluation Expectations: The Swedish Krona 1982-1991 Downloads
Hans Lindberg, Lars Svensson and Paul Söderlind
3917: The Currency Reform as the Last Stage of Economic and Monetary Union: Some Policy Questions Downloads
Alberto Giovannini
3916: The Impact of Terms of Trade Shocks on a Small Open Economy: A Stochastic Analysis Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
3915: Social Security and Medicare Policy From the Perspective of Generational Accounting Downloads
Alan Auerbach, Jagadeesh Gokhale and Laurence Kotlikoff
3914: Environmental Impacts of a North American Free Trade Agreement Downloads
Gene Grossman and Alan Krueger
3913: Borrowing Constraints and Two-Sided Altruism With an Application to Social Security Downloads
David Altig and Steven Davis
3912: Estimating the Effect of Training on Employment and Unemployment Durations: Evidence From Experimental Data Downloads
John Ham and Robert LaLonde
3911: Do Bulls and Bears Move Across Borders? International Transmission of Stock Returns and Volatility as the World Turns Downloads
Wen-Ling Lin, Robert Engle and Takatoshi Ito
3910: Are Option-Implied Forecasts of Exchange Rate Volatility Excessively Variable? Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei and Jeffrey Frankel
3909: Alcoholism, Work, and Income Over the Life Cycle Downloads
John Mullahy and Jody L. Sindelar
3908: Pension COLAs Downloads
Alan Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
3907: Liquidity Constraints and Intertemporal Consumer Optimization: Theory and Evidence From Durable Goods Downloads
Eun Young Chah, Valerie Ramey and Ross M. Starr
3906: A Theory of Debt Based on the Inalienability of Human Capital Downloads
Oliver Hart and John Moore
3905: Productivity Gains From Geographic Concentration of human Capital: Evidence From the Cities Downloads
James Rauch
3904: Taxation of Labor Income and the Demand For Risky Assets Downloads
Douglas Elmendorf and Miles Kimball
3903: Productivity and Machinery Investment: A Long Run Look 1870-1980 Downloads
J. Bradford De Long
3902: Corporate Financial Policy, Taxation, and Macroeconomic Risk Downloads
Mark Gertler and Robert Hubbard
3901: Changes in Earnings Differentials in the 1980s: Concordance, Convergence, Causes, and Consequences Downloads
McKinley Blackburn, David Bloom and Richard Freeman
3900: Which Households Own Municipal Bonds? Evidence From Tax Returns Downloads
Daniel Feenberg and James Poterba
3899: The Marshall Plan: History's Most Successful Structural Adjustment Program Downloads
J. Bradford De Long and Barry Eichengreen
3898: Pension Funding in the Public Sector Downloads
Olivia Mitchell and Robert S. Smith
3897: Does Employer Monopsony Power Increase Occupational Accidents? The Case of Kentucky Coal Mines Downloads
Shulamit Kahn
3896: Moderate Inflation Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch and Stanley Fischer
3895: Taxation and Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: A Reconsideration of the Evidence Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Kevin Hassett
3894: Continuous Versus Episodic Change: The Impact of Civil Rights Policy on the Economic Status of Blacks Downloads
John Donohue and James Heckman
3893: Productivity Gains From the Implementation of Employee Training Programs Downloads
Ann P. Bartel
3892: Monetary Policy, Business Cycles and the Behavior of Small Manufacturing Firms Downloads
Mark Gertler and Simon Gilchrist
3891: The Role of Federal Taxation in the Supply of Municipal Bonds: Evidence From Municipal Governments Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
3890: Labor Demand: What Do We Know? What Don't We Know? Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
3889: Private Beliefs and Information Externalities in the Foreign Exchange Market Downloads
Richard Lyons
3888: An Ordered Probit Analysis of Transaction Stock Prices Downloads
Jerry Hausman, Andrew Lo and Craig MacKinlay A.
3887: The Effects of Public Infrastructure and R&D Capital on the Cost Structure and Performance of U.S. Manufacturing Industries Downloads
Ishaq Nadiri M. and Theofanis Mamuneas
3886: Leapfrogging: A Theory of Cycles in National Technological Leadership Downloads
Elise Brezis, Paul Krugman and Daniel Tsiddon
3885: The Reincarnation of Keynesian Economics Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
3884: National Health Insurance Revisited Downloads
Victor Fuchs
3883: Do Labor Markets Provide Enough Short Hour Jobs? An Analysis of Work Hours and Work Incentives Downloads
James Rebitzer and Lowell J. Taylor
3882: Pension Substitution in the 1980s: Why the Shift Toward Defined Contribution Pension Plans? Downloads
Douglas L. Kruse
3881: From Sharp Stabilization to Growth: On the Political Economy of Israel's Transition Downloads
Michael Bruno
3880: Are Real House Prices Likely to Decline by 47 Percent? Downloads
Patric Hendershott
3879: Why Does the Paper-Bill Spread Predict Real Economic Activity? Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman and Kenneth Kuttner
3878: Why Were Poverty Rates So High in the 1980s? Downloads
Rebecca Blank
3877: The Consequences of Minimum Wage Laws: Some New Theoretical Ideas Downloads
James Rebitzer and Lowell J. Taylor
3876: Financial Repression and Economic Growth Downloads
Nouriel Roubini and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
3875: Crime and the Employment of Disadvantaged Youths Downloads
Richard Freeman
3874: Housing and Saving in the United States Downloads
Jonathan Skinner
3873: Asset Pricing and Intrinsic Values: A Review Essay Downloads
Bruce N. Lehmann
3872: Hospital Costs and the Cost of Empty Hospital Beds Downloads
Martin Gaynor and Gerard F. Anderson
3871: Younger Households Saving: Evidence From Japan and Italy Downloads
Albert Ando, Luigi Guiso, Daniele Terlizzese and Daniel Dorsainvil
3870: Patent Races, Product Standards, and International Competition Downloads
Richard Jensen and Marie Thursby
3869: Endogenous Macroeconomic Growth Theory Downloads
Elhanan Helpman
3868: Private Versus Socially Optimal Provision of Ex Ante Legal Advice Downloads
Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell
3867: Has Macro-Forecasting Failed? Downloads
Victor Zarnowitz
3866: Labor Turnover Costs and Average Labor Demand Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
3865: Irreversibility and Aggregate Investment Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola and Ricardo Caballero
3864: Flexibility, Investment, and Growth Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
3863: What is a Business Cycle? Downloads
Victor Zarnowitz
3862: Stock Price Manipulation, Market Microstructure and Asymmetric Information Downloads
Franklin Allen and Gary Gorton
3861: On Biases in the Measurement of Foreign Exchange Risk Premiums Downloads
Geert Bekaert and Robert Hodrick
3860: The European Central Bank: Reshaping Monetary Politics in Europe Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Vittorio Grilli
3859: Evidence on Employment Effects of Minimum Wages and Subminimum Wage Provisions From Panel Data on State Minimum Wage Laws Downloads
David Neumark and William Wascher
3858: How Computers Have Changed the Wage Structure: Evidence From Microdata, 1984-1989 Downloads
Alan Krueger
3857: Unobserved Ability, Efficiency Wages, and Interindustry Wage Differentials Downloads
McKinley Blackburn and David Neumark
3856: Another Look at the Evidence on Money-Income Causality Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman and Kenneth Kuttner
3855: Fiscal Federalism and Optimum Currency Areas: Evidence for Europe From the United States Downloads
Xavier Sala-i-Martin and Jeffrey Sachs
3854: Changes in the Cyclical Sensitivity of Wages in the United States, 1891-1987 Downloads
Steven Allen
3853: The University in the Marketplace: Some Insights and Some Puzzles Downloads
Michael Rothschild and Lawrence White
3852: Halting Inflation in Italy and France After World War II Downloads
Alessandra Casella and Barry Eichengreen
3851: Factor Shares and Savings in Endogenous Growth Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
3850: The Effects of Child Health on Marital Status Downloads
Hope Corman and Robert Kaestner
3849: World Interest Rates and Investment Downloads
Robert Barro
3848: Policy Uncertainty, Persistence and Growth Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Nancy Marion
3847: The Optimal Two-Bracket Linear Income Tax Downloads
Joel Slemrod, Shlomo Yitzhaki and Joram Mayshar
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