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5477: How Precise are Estimates of the Natural Rate of Unemployment? Downloads
Doug Staiger, James Stock and Mark Watson
5476: Trade and Growth: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel and David Romer
5475: Protectionist Threats and Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Bruce Blonigen and Robert Feenstra
5474: Open Access Renewable Resources: Trade and Trade Policy in a Two-CountryModel Downloads
James Brander and M. Scott Taylor
5473: Domestic Distortions and the Deindustrialization Hypothesis Downloads
Paul Krugman
5472: The Welfare Implications of Trading Blocs among Countries with Different Endowments Downloads
Antonio Spilimbergo and Ernesto Stein
5471: The "Fundamental Transformation" in Macroeconomics Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Mohamad L. Hammour
5470: Economic Growth and Social Capital in Asia Downloads
John Helliwell
5469: The Costs and Benefits of Going from Low Inflation to Price Stability Downloads
Martin Feldstein
5468: Sticky Prices, Inventories, and Market Power in Wholesale Gasoline Markets Downloads
Severin Borenstein and Andrea Shepard
5467: Sustainability of Persistent Current Account Deficits Downloads
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferrett and Assaf Razin
5466: Do Doctors Practice Defensive Medicine? Downloads
Daniel P. Kessler and Mark McClellan
5465: The Rise and Fall of Money Growth Targets as Guidelines for U.S. Monetary Policy Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
5464: The Channels of Monetary Transmission: Lessons for Monetary Policy Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
5463: A Time-Series Analysis of Crime and Drug Use in New York City Downloads
Hope Corman and Naci Mocan
5462: Financing Constraints and Corporate Investment: Response to Kaplan and Zingales Downloads
Steven Fazzari, Robert Hubbard and Bruce Petersen
5461: Threats without Binding Commitment Downloads
Steven Shavell and Kathryn Spier
5460: A Citation-Based Test for Discrimination at Economics and Finance Journals Downloads
Scott Smart and Joel Waldfogel
5459: Wage Inequality and Family Labor Supply Downloads
Chinhui Juhn and Kevin Murphy
5458: Rent-Shifting Export Subsidies with an Imported Intermediate Product Downloads
Jota Ishikawa and Barbara Spencer
5457: Japanese and U.S. Exports and Investment as Conduits of Growth Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Akiko Tamura
5456: The L.A. Riot and the Economics of Urban Unrest Downloads
Denise DiPasquale and Edward Glaeser
5455: Wage Mobility in the United States Downloads
Moshe Buchinsky and Jennifer Hunt
5454: Searching for the Effect of Immigration on the Labor Market Downloads
George Borjas, Richard Freeman and Lawrence Katz
5453: Universal Banking and the Performance of German Firms Downloads
Gary Gorton and Frank A. Schmid
5452: Inflation's Children: Tales of Crises that Beget Reforms Downloads
Michael Bruno and William Easterly
5451: Why Do So Many Young American Men Commit Crimes and What Might We Do About It? Downloads
Richard Freeman
5450: Labor Market Effects of School Quality: Theory and Evidence Downloads
David Card and Alan Krueger
5449: Budget Institutions and Fiscal Policy in the U.S. States Downloads
James Poterba
5448: What's the Use of Factor Contents? Downloads
Edward Leamer
5447: Intergenerational Redistribution with Short-Lived Governments Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
5446: Public Information and the Persistence of Bond Market Volatility Downloads
Charles M. Jones, Owen Lamont and Robin Lumsdaine
5445: Target Zones and Exchange Rates: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Geert Bekaert and Stephen F. Gray
5444: Incentives in Basic Research Downloads
Edward Lazear
5443: Why, indeed, in America? Theory, History, and the Origins of Modern Economic Growth Downloads
Paul Romer
5442: The Efficiency of Self-Regulated Payments Systems: Learning From the Suffolk System Downloads
Charles Calomiris and Charles Kahn
5441: The Social Costs of Rent Control Revisited Downloads
Edward Glaeser
5440: The Trade Effects of U.S. Antidumping Actions Downloads
Thomas Prusa
5439: Nominal Wage Stickiness and Aggregate Supply in the Great Depression Downloads
Ben Bernanke and Kevin Carey
5438: Employer Learning and the Signaling Value of Education Downloads
Joseph Altonji and Charles R. Pierret
5437: Currency Crashes in Emerging Markets: Empirical Indicators Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel and Andrew Rose
5436: Relational Investing: The Worker's Perspective Downloads
Edward Lazear and Richard Freeman
5435: Working for Nothing: The Supply of Volunteer Labor Downloads
Richard Freeman
5434: The Effect of Maternal Drug Use on Birth Weight: Measurement Error in Binary Variables Downloads
Robert Kaestner, Ted Joyce and Hassan Wehbeh
5433: Labor Mobility and Fiscal Coordination Downloads
Assaf Razin and Chi-Wa Yuen
5432: On the Costs of Inward-Looking Development: Historical Perspectives on Price Distortions, Growth, and Divergence in Latin American from 1930s - 1980s Downloads
Alan Taylor
5431: Regional Trading Arrangement: Natural or Super-Natural? Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel, Ernesto Stein and Shang-Jin Wei
5430: Why Is There More Crime in Cities? Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Bruce Sacerdote
5429: Displacing the Family: Union Army Pensions and Elderly Living Arrange- ments Downloads
Dora Costa
5428: Integrating Behavioral Choice into Epidemiological Models of the AIDS Epidemic Downloads
Michael Kremer
5427: In Search of Stolper-Samuelson Effects on U.S. Wages Downloads
Edward Leamer
5426: Education, Human Capital, and Growth: A Personal Perspective Downloads
Zvi Griliches
5425: U.S.-Mexico Integration and Regional Economies: Evidence from Border- City Pairs Downloads
Gordon Hanson
5424: Globalization, Outsourcing, and Wage Inequality Downloads
Robert Feenstra and Gordon Hanson
5423: Repeat Use of Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Bruce Meyer and Dan Rosenbaum
5422: How Well do Foreign Exchange Markets Function: Might a Tobin Tax Help? Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
5421: Tariff Phase-Outs: Theory and Evidence from GATT and NAFTA Downloads
Carsten Kowalczyk and Donald Davis
5420: A Computable General Equilibrium Model of Intergovernmental Aid Downloads
Thomas Nechyba
5419: Local Property and State Income Taxes: The Role of Interjurisdictional Competition and Collusion Downloads
Thomas Nechyba
5418: The Effect of Pharmaceutical Utilization and Innovation on Hospitalization and Mortality Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
5417: Wage Dispersion and Technical Progress Downloads
Pierre-Richard Agénor and Joshua Aizenman
5416: Testing for Trade-Induced Investment-Led Growth Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Elena Seghezza
5415: Whither Flat Panel Displays? Downloads
Kala Krishna and Marie Thursby
5414: The Poverty of Nations: A Quantitative Exploration Downloads
Varadarajan Chari, Patrick Kehoe and Ellen McGrattan
5413: The Missing Piece in Policy Analysis: Social Security Reform Downloads
Martin Feldstein
5412: Trends in Regional Inequality in China Downloads
Tianlun Jian, Jeffrey D. Sachs and Andrew Warner
5411: The Principle and Market Failure in Systems Competition Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
5410: Consumption, Stock Returns, and the Gains from International Risk-Sharing Downloads
Karen K. Lewis
5409: Cause-Specific Mortality among Medicare Enrollees Downloads
Jay Bhattacharya, Alan M. Garber and Thomas MaCurdy
5408: High Yields: The Spread on German Interest Rates Downloads
Carlo Favero, Francesco Giavazzi and Luigi Spaventa
5407: Public Sector Deficits and Macroeconomic Stability in Developing Countries Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
5406: Schooling and Labor Market Consequences of the 1970 State Abortion Reforms Downloads
Joshua Angrist and William Evans
5405: The Determinants and Impact of Property Rights: Land Titles on the Brazilian Frontier Downloads
Lee Alston, Gary Libecap and Robert Schneider
5404: Reforms in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union in Light of the East Asian Experiences Downloads
Jeffrey D. Sachs
5403: Risk Management, Capital Budgeting and Capital Structure Policy for Financial Institutions: An Integrated Approach Downloads
Kenneth Froot and Jeremy Stein
5402: Do "Shortages" Cause Inflation? Downloads
Owen Lamont
5401: International R&D Spillovers between Canadian and Japanese Industries Downloads
Jeffrey Bernstein and Xiaoyi Yan
5400: The Effects of Offshore Assembly on Industry Location: Evidence from U.S. Border Cities Downloads
Gordon Hanson
5399: Schooling, Labor Force Quality, and Economic Growth Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Dongwook Kim
5398: Natural Resource Abundance and Economic Growth Downloads
Jeffrey D. Sachs and Andrew Warner
5397: The Effect of a Consumption Tax on the Rate of Interest Downloads
Martin Feldstein
5396: The Tyranny of Inequality Downloads
Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales
5395: Regional Patterns in the Law of One Price: The Roles of Geography vs. Currencies Downloads
Charles Engel and John Rogers
5394: Accounting for U.S. Real Exchange Rate Changes Downloads
Charles Engel
5393: Employer Size and The Wage Structure in U.S. Manufacturing Downloads
Steven Davis and John Haltiwanger
5392: Around the European Periphery 1870-1913: Globalization, Schooling and Growth Downloads
Kevin O'Rourke and Jeffrey Williamson
5391: How Tax Complexity and Enforcement Affect the Equity and Efficiency of The Income Tax Downloads
Louis Kaplow
5390: Climbing Out of Poverty, Falling Back In: Measuring the Persistence of Poverty over Multiple Spells Downloads
Ann Stevens
5389: Changes in the Distribution of Wages, 1940-1950: The Public vs. the Private Sector Downloads
Robert Margo and T. Aldrich Finegan
5388: Do Children of Immigrants Make Differential Use of Public Health Insurance? Downloads
Janet Currie
5387: Sampling Errors and Confidence Intervals for Order Statistics: Implementing the Family Support Act Downloads
William Horrace, Peter Schmidt and Ann Dryden Witte
5386: Volatility, Investment and Disappointment Aversion Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Nancy Marion
5385: Internationalized Production in World Output Downloads
Robert Lipsey, Magnus Blomstrom and Eric Ramstetter
5384: Capital Structure Choice when Managers are in Control: Entrenchment versus Efficiency Downloads
Walter Novaes and Luigi Zingales
5383: Learning and Growth Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic
5382: Aggregate Productivity and the Productivity of Aggregates Downloads
Susanto Basu and John Fernald
5381: Turning Points in the Civil War: Views from the Greenback Market Downloads
Kristen L. Willard, Timothy Guinnane and Harvey Rosen
5380: Why Have Separate Environmental Taxes? Downloads
Don Fullerton
5379: Predicting U.S. Recessions: Financial Variables as Leading Indicators Downloads
Arturo Estrella and Frederic Mishkin
5378: Parental Altruism and Inter Vivos Transfers: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Joseph Altonji, Fumio Hayashi and Laurence Kotlikoff
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