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6232: Liberalization and Incentives for Labor Migration: Theory with Applications to NAFTA Downloads
James Markusen and Steven Zahniser
6231: Trade versus Investment Liberalization Downloads
James Markusen
6230: Business Cycles Observed and Assessed: Why and How They Matter Downloads
Victor Zarnowitz
6229: The Value of Children and Immigrants in a Pay-As-You-Go Pension System: A Proposal for a Partial Transition to a Funded System Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
6228: Evaluating Density Forecasts of Inflation: The Survey of Professional Forecasters Downloads
Francis Diebold, Anthony S Tay and Kenneth Wallis
6227: What Accounts for the Variation in Retirement Wealth Among U.S. Households? Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim, Jonathan Skinner and Steven Weinberg
6226: The Surprising Symmetry of Gross Job Flows Downloads
Christopher Foote
6225: Consumption vs. Production of Insurance Downloads
Tomas Philipson and George Zanjani
6224: Both Sides of Corporate Diversification: The Value Impacts of Geographic and Industrial Diversification Downloads
Gordon Bodnar, Charles Tang and Joseph Weintrop
6223: Trade and Security,I: Anarchy Downloads
James Anderson and Douglas Marcouiller
6222: Option Hedging Using Empirical Pricing Kernels Downloads
Joshua Rosenberg and Robert Engle
6221: Jobless Growth: Appropriability, Factor Substitution, and Unemployment Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Mohamad L. Hammour
6220: The Misallocation of Housing Under Rent Control Downloads
Edward Glaeser and Erzo Luttmer
6219: Discount Rate Heterogeneity and Social Security Reform Downloads
Andrew Samwick
6218: Gradual Incorporation of Information into Stock Prices: Empirical Strategies Downloads
Sara Fisher Ellison and Wallace P. Mullin
6217: A House of Her Own: Old Age Assistance and the Living Arrangements of Older Nonmarried Women Downloads
Dora Costa
6216: Trade and Environment: Bargaining Outcomes from Linked Negotiations Downloads
Lisandro Abrego, Carlo Perroni, John Whalley and Randall Wigle
6215: The Benefits of Privatization: Evidence from Mexico Downloads
Rafael La Porta and Florencio Lopez- de-Silane
6214: Social Security and Retirement in France Downloads
Didier Blanchet and Louis-Paul Pele
6213: Are CEOs Really Paid Like Bureaucrats? Downloads
Brian J. Hall and Jeffrey Liebman
6212: Young and Out in Germany: On the Youths' Chances of Labor Market Entrance in Germany Downloads
Wolfgang Franz, Joachim Inkmann, Winfried Pohlmeier and Volker Zimmermann
6211: Free Trade vs. Strategic Trade: A Peek into Pandora's Box Downloads
Gene Grossman and Giovanni Maggi
6210: Financial Constraints and Stock Returns Downloads
Owen Lamont, Christopher Polk and Jesus Saa-Requejo
6209: Immigrants and Natives in General Equilibrium Trade Models Downloads
Daniel Trefler
6208: Trends in Male Labor Force Participation And Retirement: Some Evidence On The Role Of Pensions And Social Security In The 1970's And 1980's Downloads
Patricia Anderson, Alan Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
6207: Where is the Market Going? Uncertain Facts and Novel Theories Downloads
John Cochrane
6206: Trends in the Well-Being of American Women, 1970-1995 Downloads
Francine Blau
6205: Foreign Direct Investment and Employment: Home Country Experience in the United States and Sweden Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom, Gunnar Fors and Robert Lipsey
6204: Stronger Protection or Technological Revolution: What is Behind the Recent Surge in Patenting? Downloads
Samuel Kortum and Josh Lerner
6203: Vertical Multinationals and Host-Country Characteristics Downloads
Kevin H. Zhang and James Markusen
6202: Chinese Rural Industrial Productivity and Urban Spillovers Downloads
Yusheng Peng, Lynne Zucker and Michael Darby
6201: Monetary Policy Regimes and Economic Performance: The Historical Record Downloads
Michael Bordo and Anna Schwartz
6200: Capital Income Taxes and the Benefit of Price Stability Downloads
Martin Feldstein
6199: Environmental Taxes and the Double-Dividend Hypothesis: Did You Really Expect Something for Nothing? Downloads
Don Fullerton and Gilbert Metcalf
6198: Schooling Quality in a Cross Section of Countries Downloads
Jong-Wha Lee and Robert Barro
6197: Optimal Management of Indexed and Nominal Debt Downloads
Robert Barro
6196: Restraining the Leviathan: Property Tax Limitation in Massachusetts Downloads
David Cutler, Douglas Elmendorf and Richard Zeckhauser
6195: Immigration and the Quality of Jobs Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
6194: Adverse Selection in Durable Goods Markets Downloads
Igal Hendel and Alessandro Lizzeri
6193: The Predictive Validity of Subjective Probabilities of Survival Downloads
Michael Hurd and Kathleen McGarry
6192: Investment Tax Incentives, Prices, and the Supply of Capital Goods Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
6191: Juvenile Crime and Punishment Downloads
Steven Levitt
6190: Entry Decisions in the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Downloads
Fiona M. Scott Morton
6189: Capital Income Taxation and Risk-Taking in a Small Open Economy Downloads
Patrick K. Asea and Stephen J Turnovsky
6188: Doing Without Money: Controlling Inflation in a Post-Monetary World Downloads
Michael Woodford
6187: Managed Care and Health Care Expenditures: Evidence From Medicare Downloads
Laurence C. Baker and Sharmila Shankarkumar
6186: Anonymous Market and Group Ties in International Trade Downloads
Alessandra Casella and James Rauch
6185: Household Portfolio Allocation Over the Life Cycle Downloads
James Poterba and Andrew Samwick
6184: Procompetitive Market Access Downloads
Kala Krishna, Suddhasatwa Roy and Marie Thursby
6183: Efficient Inflation Estimation Downloads
Michael F. Bryan, Stephen Cecchetti and Rodney L. Wiggins
6182: Is Price Inflation Different for the Elderly? An Empirical Analysis of Prescription Drugs Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Iain Cockburn, Douglas L. Cocks, Arnold Epstein and Zvi Griliches
6181: Revenue Neutral Trade Reform with Many Households, Quotas and Tariffs Downloads
James Anderson
6180: Geographical and Sectoral Shocks in the U.S. Business Cycle Downloads
Atish Ghosh and Holger C. Wolf
6179: Implied Exchange Rate Distributions: Evidence from OTC Option Markets Downloads
Jose Campa, P.H. Kevin Chang and Robert L. Reider
6178: Retirement Wealth Accumulation and Decumulation: New Developments and Outstanding Opportunities Downloads
Olivia Mitchell and James F. Moore
6177: Implicit Contracts and the Theory of the Firm Downloads
George Baker, Robert Gibbons and Kevin Murphy
6176: To Ghetto or Not to Ghetto: Ethnicity and Residential Segregation Downloads
George Borjas
6175: Ethnicity and the Intergenerational Transmission of Welfare Dependency Downloads
George Borjas and Glenn T. Sueyoshi
6174: Real Exchange Rate Misalignments and Growth Downloads
Ofair Razin and Susan M. Collins
6173: Taxes, Organizational Form, and the Deadweight Loss of the Corporate Income Tax Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
6172: The Main Bank System and Corporate Investment: An Empirical Reassessment Downloads
Fumio Hayashi
6171: Pensions and the Distribution of Wealth Downloads
Kathleen McGarry and Andrew Davenport
6170: Price Stability vs. Low Inflation in Germany: An Analysis of Costs and Benefits Downloads
Karl-Heinz Todter and Gerhard Ziebarth
6169: Social Security and Retirement in Belgium Downloads
Pierre Pestieau and Jean-Philippe Stijns
6168: What Happens When Countries Peg Their Exchange Rates? (The Real Side of Monetary Reforms) Downloads
Sergio Rebelo
6167: The Transition in East Germany: When is a Ten Point Fall in the Gender Wage Gap Bad News? Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
6166: Implications of Skill-Biased Technological Change: International Evidence Downloads
Eli Berman, John Bound and Stephen Machin
6165: Mexico's 1994 Exchange Rate Crisis Interpreted in Light of the Non-Traded Model Downloads
Andrew Warner
6164: Selection, Marketing, and Medicaid Managed Care Downloads
Sherry Glied, Jane Sisk, Sheila Gorman and Michael Ganz
6163: Economic Integration and Political Disintegration Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Enrico Spolaore and Romain Wacziarg
6162: Is Real Exchange Rate Mean Reversion Caused By Arbitrage? Downloads
Jose Campa and Holger C. Wolf
6161: Does Favorable Tax-Treatment of Housing Reduce Equipment Investment? Downloads
Ben Broadbent and Michael Kremer
6160: Effects of Air Quality Regulation on in Polluting Industries Downloads
Randy Becker and J. Vernon Henderson
6159: Beyond Balanced Growth Downloads
Piyabha Kongsamut, Sergio Rebelo and Danyang Xie
6158: Optimal Risk Management Using Options Downloads
Dong-Hyun Ahn, Jacob Boudoukh, Matthew Richardson and Robert F. Whitelaw
6157: Inflation Forecasts and Monetary Policy Downloads
Ben Bernanke and Michael Woodford
6156: Social Security and Retirement in Japan Downloads
Takashi Oshio and Naohiro Yashiro
6155: Social Security and Retirement in Italy Downloads
Agar Brugiavini
6154: Pensions and Retirement in the UK Downloads
Richard Blundell and Paul Johnson
6153: Social Security and Retirement in Germany Downloads
Axel Borsch-Supan and Reinhold Schnabel
6152: Evaluating Trade Reform Using Ex-Post Criteria Downloads
Jiandong Ju and Kala Krishna
6151: Why do Economists Disagree About Policy? Downloads
Victor Fuchs, Alan Krueger and James Poterba
6150: The Political Economy of the European Economic and Monetary Union: Political Sources of an Economic Liability Downloads
Martin Feldstein
6149: Transition to a Fully Funded Pension System: Five Economic Issues Downloads
Martin Feldstein
6148: The Mix and Scale of Factors with Irreversibility and Fixed Costs of Investment Downloads
Andrew Abel and Janice Eberly
6147: "Peso Problem" Explanations for Term Structure Anomalies Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Robert Hodrick and David Marshall
6146: Observations and Conjectures on the U.S. Employment Miracle Downloads
Alan Krueger and Jorn-Steffen Pischke
6145: How Costly is Financial (not Economic) Distress? Evidence from Highly Leveraged Transactions that Became Distressed Downloads
Gregor Andrade and Steven Kaplan
6144: Why the United States Led in Education: Lessons from Secondary School Expansion, 1910 to 1940 Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz
6143: The Objectives of the FDA's Office of Generic Drugs Downloads
Fiona Scott Morton
6142: Adapting to Circumstances: The Evolution of Work, School, and Living Arrangements Among North American Youth Downloads
David Card and Thomas Lemieux
6141: What Drives Public Employment? Downloads
Dani Rodrik
6140: Managed Care and the Growth of Medical Expenditures Downloads
David Cutler and Louise Sheiner
6139: Why Did the SSI-Disabled Program Grow So Much? Disentangling the Effect of Medicaid Downloads
Aaron Yelowitz
6138: Comparison Utility in a Growth Model Downloads
Christopher Carroll, Jody Overland and David Weil
6137: Social Security, Occupational Pensions, and Retirement in Sweden Downloads
Mårten Palme and Ingemar Svensson
6136: Social Security and Retirement in Spain Downloads
Michele Boldrin, Sergi Jimenez-Martni and Franco Peracchi
6135: Social Security and Retirement in The Netherlands Downloads
Arie Kapteyn and Klaas de Vos
6134: Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: Introduction and Summary of Papers by Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and David Wise
6133: Human Capital, Unemployment, and Relative Wages in a Global Economy Downloads
Donald Davis and Trevor A. Reeve
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