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3516: Municipal Labor Demand in the Presence of Uncertainty: An Econometric Approach Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Harvey Rosen
3515: Equipment Investment and Economic Growth Downloads
J. Bradford De Long and Lawrence H. Summers
3514: The Draft Lottery and Voluntary Enlistment in the Vietnam Era Downloads
Joshua D Angrist
3513: A Simple Model of Useless Speculation Downloads
Murray C. Kemp and Hans-Werner Sinn
3512: Comparative Advantage, Geographic Advantage, and the Volume of Trade Downloads
James E. Rauch
3511: Riding the Yield Curve: Reprise Downloads
Robin Grieves and Alan J. Marcus
3510: Recursive and Sequential Tests of the Unit Root and Trend Break Hypothesis: Theory and International Evidence Downloads
Anindya Banerjee, Robin L. Lumsdaine and James H. Stock
3509: Immigration and the Family Downloads
George Borjas and Stephen G. Bronars
3508: Public Sector Dynamics Downloads
Alan Auerbach
3507: Inputs to Tax Policymaking: The Supply Side, the Deficit, and the Level Playing Field Downloads
Don Fullerton
3506: Distortionary Taxes and the Provision of Public Goods Downloads
Charles Lincoln Ballard and Don Fullerton
3505: A General Equilibrium Model of Housing, Taxes, and Portfolio Choice Downloads
James Berkovec and Don Fullerton
3504: Where Does the Meteor Shower Come From? The Role of Stochastic Policy Coordination Downloads
Takatoshi Ito, Robert F. Engle and Wen-Ling Lin
3503: Procyclical Labor Productivity and Competing Theories of the Business Cycle: Some Evidence from Interwar U.S. Manufacturing Industries Downloads
Ben S. Bernanke and Martin L. Parkinson
3502: Efficient Contracting and Market Power: Evidence from the U.S. Natural Gas Industry Downloads
Robert Glenn Hubbard and Robert J. Weiner
3501: Taxation and the Cost of Capital: The "Old" View, the "New" View and Another View Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
3500: Taxes, Tariffs, and The Global Corporation Downloads
James Levinsohn and Joel Slemrod
3499: International Impacts on Domestic Political Economy: A Case of Japanese General Elections Downloads
Takatoshi Ito
3498: New Trading Practices and Short-run Market Efficiency Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot and Andre F. Perold
3497: Capital Flows, Foreign Direct Investment, and Debt-Equity Swaps in Developing Countries Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
3496: The Globalization of Information and Capital Mobility Downloads
William H. Branson and Dwight M. Jaffee
3495: Interest Rate Spreads, Credit Constraints, and Investment Fluctuations: An Empirical Investigation Downloads
Mark L. Gertler, Robert Glenn Hubbard and Anil K Kashyap
3494: Workers' Compensation and Injury Duration: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
Bruce D. Meyer, W Kip Viscusi and David L. Durbin
3493: Explaining Fiscal Policies and Inflation in Developing Countries Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Guido Tabellini
3492: The Effect of Veterans Benefits on Veterans' Education and Earnings Downloads
Joshua D Angrist
3491: Sectoral Shifts and Cyclical Unemployment Reconsidered Downloads
Lael Brainard S. and David M. Cutler
3490: On the Accuracy of Producer Price Indexes for Pharmaceutical Preparations: An Audit Based on Detailed Firm-Specific Data Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Zvi Griliches and Joshua G. Rosett
3489: Fiscal Policy, Capital Accumulation, and Debt in an Open Economy Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky and Partha Sen
3488: The Gold Standard, Deflation, and Financial Crisis in the Great Depression: An International Comparison Downloads
Ben S. Bernanke and Harold James
3487: The Federal Funds Rate and the Channels of Monetary Transnission Downloads
Ben S. Bernanke
3486: On the Predictive Power of Interest Rates and Interest Rate Spreads Downloads
Ben S. Bernanke
3485: Trade, Knowledge Spillovers, and Growth Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
3484: The Success of Acquisitions: Evidence From Disvestitures Downloads
Steven Neil Kaplan and Michael Steven Weisbach
3483: Auctions with Endogenous Valuations, The Snowball Effect Revisited Downloads
Kala Krishna
3482: Search for a Theory of Money Downloads
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki and Randall Wright
3481: Asset Returns with Transactions Cost and Uninsured Risk: A Stage III Exercise Downloads
S. Rao Aiyagari and Mark L. Gertler
3480: Learning and the Value of the Firm Downloads
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki
3479: Recursive Linear Models of Dynamic Economies Downloads
Lars Peter Hansen and Thomas J. Sargent
3478: Political Cycles in OECD Economies Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Nouriel Roubini
3477: Fiscal Paradise: Foreign Tax Havens and American Business Downloads
James R. Hines and Eric M. Rice
3476: Welfare and Customs Unions Downloads
Carsten Kowalczyk
3475: Monopoly and Trade Policy Downloads
Carsten Kowalczyk
3474: Labor Supply, Hours Constraints and Job Mobility Downloads
Joseph G. Altonji and Christina Paxson
3473: Marriage, Motherhood, and Wages Downloads
Sanders Korenman and David Neumark
3472: Wealth Depletion and Life Cycle Consumption by the Elderly Downloads
Michael D. Hurd
3471: Temporal Variation in the Interest-Rate Response to Money Announcements Downloads
Vance Roley V. and Simon M. Wheatley
3470: Exchange Rate Forecasting Techniques, Survey Data, and Implications for the Foreign Exchange Market Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel and Kenneth A. Froot
3469: Finite Lifetimes and Growth Downloads
Larry E. Jones and Rodolfo E. Manuelli
3468: The Predictability of Real Exchange Rate Changes in the Short and Long Run Downloads
Robert E. Cumby and John Huizinga
3467: Rational Speculative Bubbles in an Exchange Rate Target Zone Downloads
Willem Hendrik Buiter and Paolo A. Pesenti
3466: The Foreign Exchange Risk Premium in a Target Zone with Devaluation Risk Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
3465: Investor Sentiment and the Closed-End Fund Puzzle Downloads
Charles M. C. Lee, Andrei Shleifer and Richard H. Thaler
3464: Stock Prices and Bond Yields: Can Their Comovements Be Explained in Terms of Present Value Models? Downloads
Robert J. Shiller and Andrea E. Beltratti
3463: Scale and Scope Effects on Advertising Agency Costs Downloads
Alvin J. Silk and Ernst R. Berndt
3462: Down and Out in North America: Recent Trends in Poverty Rates in the U.S. and Canada Downloads
Maria J. Hanratty and Rebecca M. Blank
3461: The Special Education Costs of Low Birthweight Downloads
Stephen Chaikind and Hope Corman
3460: The Politics of 1992: Fiscal Policy and European Integration Downloads
Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
3459: A Cross Country Comparison of Seasonal Cycles and Business Cycles Downloads
Joseph Beaulieu J. and Jeffrey A Miron
3458: Pensions and Wages: An Hedonic Price Theory Approach Downloads
Edward B. Montgomery, Kathryn Shaw and Mary Ellen Benedict
3457: International Trade and Investment under Different Rates of Time Preference Downloads
Kyoji Fukao and Koichi Hamada
3456: Monetary Overhang and Reforms in the 1940s Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch and Holger Wolf
3455: Taxes, Fringe Benefits and Faculty Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh and Stephen A. Woodbury
3454: The Dynamic Efficiency Cost of Not taxing Housing Downloads
Jonathan Skinner
3453: Popular Attitudes Towards Free Markets: The Soviet Union and the United States Compared Downloads
Robert J. Shiller, Maxim Boycko and Vladimir Korobov
3452: Fundamental Value and Market Value Downloads
William C. Brainard, Matthew D. Shapiro and John B. Shoven
3451: Do Stationary Risk Premia Explain It All? Evidence from the Term Struct Downloads
Martin Evans and Karen K. Lewis
3450: The Seasonal Cycle in U.S. Manufacturing Downloads
Joseph Beaulieu J. and Jeffrey A Miron
3449: Human Resource Management Systems and the Performance of U.S. Manufacturing Businesses Downloads
Casey Ichniowski
3448: A Sorting Model of Labor Contracts: Implications for Layoffs and Wage-Tenure Profiles Downloads
Andrew Murray Weiss and Ruqu Wang
3447: Women's Work, Women's Lives: A Comparative Economic Perspective Downloads
Francine Blau and Marianne A. Ferber
3446: Assuming The Can Opener: Hedonic Wage Estimates and the Value of Life Downloads
William T. Dickens
3445: Career Plans and Expectations of Young Women and Men: The Earnings Gap and Labor Force Participation Downloads
Francine Blau
3444: Employment and Earnings of Disadvantaged Young Men in a Labor Shortage Economy Downloads
Richard B. Freeman
3443: Capital Controls, Collection Costs, and Domestic Public Debt Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Pablo Emilio Guidotti
3442: Measures of Prices and Price Competitiveness in International Trade in Manufactured Goods Downloads
Robert E. Lipsey, Linda Molinari and Irving B. Kravis
3441: Does Competition Between Currencies Lead to Price Level and Exchange Rate Stability? Downloads
Michael Woodford
3440: Monetary Contracting Between Central Banks and the Design of SustainableExchange-Rate Zones Downloads
Francisco Delgado and Bernard Dumas
3439: On The Behavior of Commodity Prices Downloads
Angus S. Deaton and Guy Laroque
3438: Participation Dynamics: Sunspots and Cycles Downloads
Satyajit Chatterjee, Russell Cooper and B Ravikumar
3437: Disability Transfers and the Labor Force Attachment of Older Men: Evidence from the Historical Record Downloads
John Bound
3436: Patterns of Aging in Thailand and Cote D'Ivoire Downloads
Angus S. Deaton and Christina Paxson
3435: The Role of Banks in Reducing the Costs of Financial Distress in Japan Downloads
Takeo Hoshi, Anil K Kashyap and David Scharfstein
3434: Tax Policy and the Dividend Puzzle Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim
3433: Technological Change and the Careers of Older Workers Downloads
Ann P. Bartel and Nachum Sicherman
3432: Real Business Cycle Theory: Wisdom or Whimsy? Downloads
Martin Eichenbaum
3431: A Theory of Corporate Financial Structure Based on the Seniority of Claims Downloads
Oliver D. Hart and John Moore
3430: Measuring Ignorance in the Market: A New Method with an Application to Physician Services Downloads
Martin Gaynor and Solomon William Polachek
3429: Enforcement Costs and the Optimal Magnitude and Probability of Fines Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
3428: Medical Malpractice: An Empirical Examination of the Litigation Process Downloads
Henry S. Farber and Michelle J. White
3427: Univariate vs. Multivariate Forecasts of GNP Growth and Stock Returns: Evidence and Implications for the Persistence of Shocks, Detrending Methods Downloads
John H. Cochrane
3426: Did J.P. Morgan's Men Add Value? A Historical Perspective on Financial Capitalism Downloads
J. Bradford De Long
3425: Modeling American Marriage Patterns Downloads
David Bloom and Neil G. Bennett
3424: Sovereign Debt, Reputation, and Credit Terms Downloads
Jonathan Eaton
3423: Immigrant Participation in the Welfare System Downloads
George Borjas and Stephen J. Trejo
3422: Fertility Timing, Wages, and Human Capital Downloads
McKinley L. Blackburn and David Bloom
3421: Ex-Day Behavior of Japanese Stock Prices: New Insights from New Methodology Downloads
Fumio Hayashi and Ravi Jagannathan
3420: Aging and Labor Force Participation: A Review of Trends and Explanations Downloads
David Wise and Robin L. Lumsdaine
3419: Economic Growth and Convergence across The United States Downloads
Robert J. Barro and Xavier Sala--Martin
3418: Target Zones with Limited Reserves Downloads
Paul R. Krugman and Julio Rotemberg
3417: An Experimental Comparison of Dispute Rates in Alternative Arbitration Systems Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, Janet Currie, Henry S. Farber and Matthew Spiegel
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