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3251: Unemployment and the Demand for Unions Downloads
David G. Blanchflower, Robert Crouchley, Saul Estrin and Andrew J. Oswald
3250: Herd on the Street: Informational Inefficiencies in a Market with Short-Term Speculation Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot, David Scharfstein and Jeremy C. Stein
3249: Nominal Exchange Rate Patterns: Correlationswith Entry, Exit, and Invesment in U.S. Industry Downloads
Linda S. Goldberg
3248: Tax Harmonization and Tax Competition in Europe Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
3247: Short Rates and Expected Asset Returns Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot
3246: A Variance Decomposition for Stock Returns Downloads
John Y. Campbell
3245: A Modern Look At Asset Pricing and Short-Term Interest Rates Downloads
Martin Evans and Paul Wachtel
3244: Export Restraints With Imperfect Competition: A Selective Survey Downloads
Kala Krishna
3243: Speculative Dynamics and the Role of Feedback Traders Downloads
David M. Cutler, James Poterba and Lawrence H. Summers
3242: Speculative Dynamics Downloads
David M. Cutler, James Poterba and Lawrence H. Summers
3241: A Convex Model of Equilibrium Growth Downloads
Larry E. Jones and Rodolfo E. Manuelli
3240: Reviving the Federal Statistical System: International Aspects Downloads
Robert E. Lipsey
3239: Faculty Turnover at American Colleges and Universities: Analysis of AAUP Data Downloads
Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Hirschel Kasper and Daniel . Rees
3238: A North-South Model of Taxation and Capital Flow Downloads
Joel Slemrod
3237: The Tax Elasticity of Capital Gains Realizations: Evidence from a Panel of Taxpayers Downloads
Joel Slemrod and William Shobe
3236: The Sensitivity of Strategic and Corrective R&D Policy in Oligopolistic Industries Downloads
Robert W. Staiger and Kyle Bagwell
3235: The Sensitivity of Strategic and Corrective R&D Policy in Battles for Monopoly Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger
3234: The Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on Foreign Direct Investment to and from the United States Downloads
Joel Slemrod
3233: Are OSHA Health Inspections Effective? A Longitudinal Study in the Manufacturing Sector Downloads
Wayne B. Gray and Carol Adaire Jones
3232: A Note on Optimal Fines When Wealth Varies Among Individuals Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
3231: Industrial De-Diversification and its Consequences for Productivity Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
3230: Making Altruism Pay in Auction Quotas Downloads
Kala Krishna
3229: Aggregate Employment Dynamcis and Lumpy Adjustment Costs Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
3228: Competition and Human Capital Accumulation: A Theory of Interregional Specialization and Trade Downloads
Julio Rotemberg and Garth Saloner
3227: An Estimate of a Sectoral Model of Labor Mobility Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic and Robert Moffitt
3226: Joint Crowdout: An Empirical Study of the Impact of Federal Grants on State Government Expenditures and Charitable Donations Downloads
Lawrence B. Lindsey and Richard Steven Steinberg
3225: The Vanishing Harberger Triangle Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
3224: Why Does High Inflation Raise Inflation Uncertainty? Downloads
Laurence Ball
3223: A Model of Growth Through Creative Destruction Downloads
Philippe Aghion and Peter Howitt
3222: Effects of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on Corporate Financial Policy and Organizational Form Downloads
Roger H. Gordon and Jeffrey Mackie-Mason
3221: Money and Business Cycles: A Real Business Cycle Interpretation Downloads
Charles . Plosser
3220: Participation in a Currency Union Downloads
Alessandra Casella
3219: The Non-Neutrality of Inflation for International Capital Movements Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
3218: Target Zones and Interest Rate Variability Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
3217: The Demand For Money in the U.S. During the Great Depression: Estimates and Comparison with the Post War Experience Downloads
Dennis Hoffman and Robert H. Rasche
3216: The Impact of Corporate Restructuring on Industrial Research and Development Downloads
Bronwyn Hughes Hall
3215: Poverty Programs, Initiation Of Prenatal Care And The Rate Of Low Birthweight Births Downloads
Richard G. Frank, Donna Strobino, David S. Salkever and Catherine Jackson
3214: Policy Distortions, Size of Government, and Growth Downloads
William Easterly
3213: Longitudinal Patterns of Compliance with OSHA Health and Safety Regulations in the Manufacturing Sector Downloads
Wayne B. Gray and Carol Adaire Jones
3212: Using Production Based Asset Pricing to Explain the Behavior of Stock Returns Over the Business Cycle Downloads
John H. Cochrane
3211: The Dynamic Relationship between Low Birthweight and Induced Abortion in New York City: An Aggregate Time-Series Analysis Downloads
Ted Joyce and Michael Grossman
3210: Endogenous Technological Change Downloads
Paul Michael Romer
3209: A Simple Proof That Futures Markets are Almost Always Informationally Inefficient Downloads
Ian Gale and Joseph E. Stiglitz
3208: Job Training: Costs, Returns, and Wage Profiles Downloads
Jacob Mincer
3207: Human Capital Responses to Technological Change in the Labor Market Downloads
Jacob Mincer
3206: Oligopolistic Pricing and the Effects of Aggregate Demand on Economic Activity Downloads
Julio Rotemberg and Michael Woodford
3205: Japan's Saving Rate: New Data and Reflections Downloads
Fumio Hayashi
3204: The Long-Run Behavior of Velocity: The Institutional Approach Revisited Downloads
Michael David Bordo and Lars Birger Jonung
3203: The Role of World War II in the Rise of Women's Work Downloads
Claudia Goldin
3202: Taxation, Corporate Capital Structure, and Financial Distress Downloads
Mark L. Gertler and Robert Glenn Hubbard
3201: Quality Ladders and Product Cycles Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
3200: Alcohol consumption and Tax Differentials Between Beer, Wine and Spirits Downloads
Henry Saffer
3199: Seigniorage and Political Instability Downloads
Alex Cukierman, Sebastian Edwards and Guido Tabellini
3198: Wages, Prices, and Labor Markets Before the Civil War Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Robert Andrew Margo
3197: The Effects of Mergers on Prices, Costs, and Capacity Utilization in the U.S. Air Transportation Industry, 1970-84 Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg and Moshe Kim
3196: Saving and Liquidity Constraints Downloads
Angus S. Deaton
3195: Time-Series Tests of a Non-Expected-Utility Model of Asset Pricing Downloads
Alberto Giovannini and Philippe Jorion
3194: Explaining Japan's Innovation and Trade: A model of Quality Competition and Dynamic Comparive Advantage Downloads
Gene Grossman
3193: Signaling and Accounting Information Downloads
Stewart C. Myers
3192: Market Responses To Coordinated Central Bank Intervention Downloads
Kathryn Mary Elizabeth Dominguez
3191: Predictable Stock Returns in the United States and Japan: A Study of Long-Term Capital Market Integration Downloads
John Y. Campbell and Yasushi Hamao
3190: Externalities and Growth Accounting Downloads
Jess Benhabib and Boyan Jovanovic
3189: Financial Development, Growth, and the Distribution of Income Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood and Boyan Jovanovic
3188: Real Wage Determinatioan in Collective BArgaining Agreements Downloads
Louis N. Christofides and Andrew J. Oswald
3187: Do Union Wealth Concessions Explain Takeover Premiums? The Evidence on Contract Wages Downloads
Joshua Rosett
3186: The Declining Economic Position of Less-Skilled American Males
McKinley L. Blackburn, David Bloom and Richard B. Freeman
3185: Transitional Dynamics and Economic Growth in the Neoclassical Model Downloads
Robert G. King and Sergio T Rebelo
3184: Interstate Business Tax Differentials and New Firm Location: Evidence from Panel Data Downloads
Leslie E. Papke
3183: Economic Analysis and the Political Economy of Policy Formation Downloads
Michael Bruno
3182: Does Unmeasured Ability Explain Inter-Industry Wage Differentials? Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Lawrence F. Katz
3181: The Wage Curve Downloads
David G. Blanchflower and Andrew J. Oswald
3180: Unionization and Employment Behavior Downloads
David G. Blanchflower, Neil Millward and Andrew J. Oswald
3179: Insider Power in Wage Determination Downloads
David G. Blanchflower, Andrew J. Oswald and Mario D. Garrett
3178: The "Gold Standard Paradox" and its Resolution Downloads
Willem Hendrik Buiter and Vittorio U. Grilli
3177: Business Cycles and Fertility Dynamics in the U.S.: A Vector-Autoregressive Model Downloads
Naci H. Mocan
3176: Pro-Competitive Effects of Trade Reform: Results from a CGE Model of Cameroon Downloads
Shantayanan Devarajan and Dani Rodrik
3175: The Aggregate Matching Function Downloads
Olivier J Blanchard and Peter A. Diamond
3174: Prices during the Great Depression: Was the Deflation of 1930-32 really unanticipated? Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti
3173: Human Capital And Growth: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Paul Michael Romer
3172: A New Monthly Index of Industrial Production, 1884-1940 Downloads
Christina Duckworth Romer and Jeffrey A Miron
3171: Bull and Bear Markets in the Twentieth Century Downloads
Robert B Barsky and J. Bradford De Long
3170: Understanding Stock Price Behavior around the Time of Equity Issues Downloads
Robert Korajczyk, Deborah J. Lucas and Robert L. McDonald
3169: Equity Issues and Stock Price Dynamics Downloads
Deborah J. Lucas and Robert L. McDonald
3168: Two Tools for Analyzing Unemployment Downloads
Olivier J Blanchard
3167: The Impact of Industrial Relations Legislation on British Union Density Downloads
Richard B. Freeman and Jeffrey Pelletier
3166: Measuring 1992's Medium-Term Dynamic Effects Downloads
Richard Baldwin
3165: Long Swings in the Exchange Rate: Are they in the Data and Do Markets Know It? Downloads
Charles Engel and James Hamilton
3164: National Saving and International Investment Downloads
Martin S. Feldstein and Philippe Bacchetta
3163: International Trade Effects of Value Added Taxation Downloads
Paul R. Krugman and Martin S. Feldstein
3162: Could A Monetary Base Rule Have Prevented the Great Depression? Downloads
Bennett McCallum
3161: Latin American Economic Development: 1950-1980 Downloads
Eliana A. Cardoso and Albert Fishlow
3160: Real Business Cycles and the Test of the Adelmans Downloads
Robert G. King and Charles . Plosser
3159: A Quasi-Experimental Approach to the Effects of Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Bruce D. Meyer
3158: Commodity Prices and Inflation: Evidence From Seven Large Industrial Countries Downloads
James M. Boughton, William H. Branson and Alphecca Muttardy
3157: Explaining the Variance of Price Dividend Ratios Downloads
John H. Cochrane
3156: Japanese Finance: A Survey Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel
3155: Job Security and Work Force Adjustment: How Different are U.S. and Japanese Practices? Downloads
Katharine Gail Abraham and Susan N. Houseman
3154: Stock Market Forecastability and Volatility: A Statistical Appraisal Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw, David Romer and Matthew D. Shapiro
3153: Yield Spreads and Interest Rate Movements: A Bird's Eye View Downloads
John Y. Campbell and Robert J. Shiller
3152: International Tax Competition and Gains from Tax Harmonization Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
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