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2702: Collapsing Exchange Rate Regimes: Shocks and Biases Downloads
Linda S. Goldberg
2701: The Founding of the Fed and the Destabilization of the Post-1914 Economy Downloads
Jeffrey A Miron
2700: Is Theory Really Ahead of Measurement? Current Real Business Cycle Theories and Aggregate Labor Market Fluctuations Downloads
Lawrence J. Christiano and Martin Eichenbaum
2699: A Strategic Altruism Model In Which Ricardian Equivalence Does Not Hold Downloads
Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Assaf Razin and Robert W. Rosenthal
2698: Unemployment: Getting the Questions Right - and some of the answers Downloads
Olivier J Blanchard
2697: Schooling and the Great Migration Downloads
Robert Andrew Margo
2696: Proprietary Public Finance, Political Competition, and Reputation Downloads
Herschel . Grossman and Suk Jae Noh
2695: Searching For a Break in GNP Downloads
Lawrence J. Christiano
2694: Time-Varying Risk Perceptions and the Pricing of Risky Assets Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman and Kenneth Neil Kuttner
2693: Modeling Structural and Temporal Variation in the Market's Valuation of Banking Firms Downloads
Edward J. Kane and Haluk Unal
2692: Voluntary Debt Reduction: Incentives and Welfare Downloads
Elhanan Helpman
2691: Understanding Real Interest Rates Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
2690: Job Training, Wage Growth, and Labor Turnover Downloads
Jacob Mincer
2689: Business Cycles and the Exchange Rate System: Some International Evidence Downloads
Marianne Baxter and Alan C. Stockman
2688: The Seasonal Cycle and the Business Cycle Downloads
Robert B Barsky and Jeffrey A Miron
2687: U.S. Tax Laws and Capital Flight From Latin America Downloads
Charles E. McLure
2686: Pensions, The Option Value of Work, and Retirement Downloads
James H. Stock and David Wise
2685: The Ricardian Approach to Budget Deficits Downloads
Robert J. Barro
2684: Investor Behavior in the October 1987 Stock Market Crash: The Case of Japan Downloads
Robert J. Shiller, Fumiko Konya and Yoshiro Tsutsui
2683: News and the Dollar/Yen Exchange Rate, 1931-1933: The End of the Gold Standard, Imperialism, and the Great Depression Downloads
Takatoshi Ito, Kunio Okina and Juro Teranishi
2682: Political and Economic Determinants of Budget Deficits in the IndustrialDemocracies Downloads
Nouriel Roubini and Jeffrey Sachs
2681: Terms of Trade and the Transmission of Output Shocks in a Rational Expectations Model Downloads
Carol Osler
2680: Precautionary Saving and the Timing of Taxes Downloads
Miles Spencer Kimball and N. Gregory Mankiw
2679: Foreign Exchange Rate Expectations: Micro Survey Data Downloads
Takatoshi Ito
2678: On Time-Series Properties of Time-Varying Risk Premium in the Yen/Dollar Exchange Market Downloads
Fabio Canova and Takatoshi Ito
2677: The Mutual Amplification Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility and Unresponsive Trade Prices Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Richard K. Lyons
2676: The Diffusion of New Technologies: Evidence From the Electric Utility Industry Downloads
Nancy Lin Rose and Paul Joskow
2675: Buybacks, Exit Bonds, and the Optimality of Debt and Liquidity Relief Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot
2674: The Estimation of Prewar GNP: Methodology and New Evidence Downloads
Nathan Balke and Robert J. Gordon
2673: Debt Neutrality, Professor Vickrey and Henry George's "Single Tax" Downloads
Willem Hendrik Buiter
2672: Econometric Analyses of the Empirical Consequences of Comparable Worth: What Have We Learned? Downloads
Ronald G. Ehrenberg
2671: The Excess Co-Movement of Commodity Prices Downloads
Robert S. Pindyck and Julio Rotemberg
2670: International Coordination of Economic Policies: Scope, Methods, and Effects Downloads
Jacob A. Frenkel, Morris Goldstein and Paul Robert Masson
2669: Can International Policy Coordination Really Be Counterproductive? Downloads
Carlo Carraro and Francesco Giavazzi
2668: Targets and Instruments of Monetary Policy Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
2667: A Note on Revenue Forecasting During the Dukakis Administration Downloads
Daniel Richard Feenberg and Harvey Rosen
2666: Dysfunctional Non-Market Institutions and the Market Downloads
Richard J. Arnott and Joseph E. Stiglitz
2665: Oligopoly in Segmented Markets Downloads
Shmuel Ben-Zvi and Elhanan Helpman
2664: Evidence From Seven Countries on Whether Inventories Smooth Aggregate Output Downloads
Kenneth D. West
2663: The Demand For Cigarettes and Restrictions on Smoking in the Workplace Downloads
Frank Joseph Chaloupka and Henry Saffer
2662: External Debt, Planning Horizon and Distorted Credit Markets Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
2661: The Effects of Japanese Social Security Retirement Benefits on Personal Savings and Elderly Labor Force Behavior Downloads
Tetsuji Yamada and Tadashi Yamada
2660: The Pension Inducement to Retire: An Option Value Analysis Downloads
James H. Stock and David Wise
2659: Tax Induced Trading: The Effect of the 1986 Tax Reform Act on Stock Market Activity Downloads
Paul J. Bolster, Lawrence B. Lindsey and Andrew W. Mitrusi
2658: Rules and Discretion in Trade Policy Downloads
Robert W. Staiger and Guido Tabellini
2657: Private Cost Information and the Multinational Enterprise Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert W. Staiger
2656: Factor Market Barriers are Trade Barriers: Gains From Trade in 1992 Downloads
Richard Baldwin
2655: The Welfare Economics of Debt Service Downloads
Dani Rodrik
2654: Closing the Technology Gap: Does Trade Liberalization Really Help? Downloads
Dani Rodrik
2653: Exchange-Rate Management Viewed as Tax Policies Downloads
Jacob A. Frenkel and Assaf Razin
2652: Structural/Frictional and Demand-Deficient Unemployment in Local Labor Markets Downloads
Harry J. Holzer
2651: Pareto Inefficiency of Market Economies: Search and Efficiency Wage Models Downloads
Bruce Greenwald and Joseph E. Stiglitz
2650: The Effects of Fiscal Policy on International Imbalances: Japan and the United States Downloads
John F. Helliwell
2649: Job Mobility and the Careers of Young Men Downloads
Robert H. Topel and Michael P. Ward
2648: The International Monetary System: Developments and Prospects Downloads
Jacob A. Frenkel and Morris Goldstein
2647: The Effects of Hours Constraints on Labor Supply Estimates Downloads
Shulamit Kahn and Kevin Lang
2646: The Impact of the Agencies on Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgage Yields Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott and James D. Shilling
2645: The Stabilization of the U.S. Economy Evidence From the Stock Market Downloads
Matthew D. Shapiro
2644: Conditionality, Debt Relief, and the Developing Country Debt Crisis Downloads
Jeffrey Sachs
2643: Tax Aversion, Optimal Tax Rates, and Indexation Downloads
Roger Waud
2642: A Test of Consumption Insurance Downloads
John H. Cochrane
2641: Liquidity and Market Structure Downloads
Sanford Jay Grossman and Merton H. Miller
2640: Performance Evaluation of Market Timers Downloads
Alex Kane and Stephen Gary Marks
2639: The Great Crash and the Onset of the Great Depression Downloads
Christina Duckworth Romer
2638: Do Tournaments Have Incentive Effects? Downloads
Ronald G. Ehrenberg and Michael L. Bognanno
2637: Sovereign Debt Restructurings: Panacea or Pangloss? Downloads
Jeremy I. Bulow and Kenneth S Rogoff
2636: Default and Renegotiation of Latin American Foreign Bonds in the Interwar Period Downloads
Erika Jorgensen and Jeffrey Sachs
2635: Savings Promotion, Investment Promotion, and International Competitiveness Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder and Barry Julian Eichengreen
2634: Hedonic Price Indexes and the Measurement of Capital and Productivity: Some Historical Reflections Downloads
Zvi Griliches
2633: Issues in the Measurement and Interpretation of Saving and Wealth Downloads
Michael J. Boskin
2632: Do Taxes Affect Corporate Financing Decisions? Downloads
Jeffrey Mackie-Mason
2631: Nonlinear Taxation of Risky Assets and Investment, With Application to Mining Downloads
Jeffrey Mackie-Mason
2630: Smuggling, Camouflaging, and Market Structure Downloads
Richard A. Jensen, Jerry Thursby and Marie Thursby
2629: Temporary Terms of Trade Disturbances, The Real Exchange Rate and the Current Account Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
2628: Testing the Rationality of State Revenue Forecasts Downloads
Daniel Richard Feenberg, William M. Gentry, David Gilroy and Harvey Rosen
2627: Consumer Discrimination and Self-Employment Downloads
George Borjas and Stephen G. Bronars
2626: What Does the Term Structure Tell Us About Future Inflation? Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
2625: Self-fulfillment Expectations, Speculation Attacks, and Capitol Controls Downloads
Harris Dellas and Alan C. Stockman
2624: R&D, Patents, and Market Value Revisited: Is There Evidence of A SecondTechnological Opportunity Related Factor? Downloads
Zvi Griliches, Bronwyn Hughes Hall and Ariel Pakes
2623: Sovereign Debt: Is To Forgive To Forget? Downloads
Jeremy I. Bulow and Kenneth S Rogoff
2622: Data Difficulties in Labor Economics Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
2621: Stock Prices Under Time-Varying Dividend Risk: An Exact Solution In An Infinite-Horizon General Equilibrium Model Downloads
Andrew Abel
2620: Bolivia's Economic Crisis Downloads
Juan Antonio Morales and Jeffrey Sachs
2619: Heterogeneity in Panel Data: Are There Stable Production Functions? Downloads
Jacques MAIRESSE and Zvi Griliches
2618: Do Developing Countries Lose From the MFA? Downloads
Irene Trela and John Whalley
2617: Flexible Staffing Arrangements and Employers' Short-Term Adjustment Strategies Downloads
Katharine Gail Abraham
2616: Deterioration of the Terms of Trade and Capital Accumulation: A Reexamination of the Laursen-Metzler Effect Downloads
Partha Sen and Stephen J Turnovsky
2615: Production and Trade in Services by U.S. Multinational Firms Downloads
Irving B. Kravis and Robert E. Lipsey
2614: Japanese Structural Adjustment and the Balance of Payments Downloads
Jeffrey Sachs and Peter Boone
2613: Fiscal Policy With Impure Intergenerational Altruism Downloads
Andrew Abel and B. Douglas Bernheim
2612: What Do Voluntary Export Restraints Do? Downloads
Kala Krishna
2611: Advance Notice Provisions in Plant Closing Legislation: Do They Matter? Downloads
Ronald G. Ehrenberg and George H. Jakubson
2610: External Debt, Capital Flight and Political Risk Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Guido Tabellini
2609: Meteor Showers or Heat Waves? Heteroskedastic Intra-Daily Volatility in the Foreign Exchange Market Downloads
Robert F. Engle, Takatoshi Ito and Wen-Ling Lin
2608: Federal Reserve Behavior Since 1980: A Financial Markets Perspective Downloads
William C. Melton and V. Vance Roley
2607: The Debt Crisis: Structural Explanations of Country Performance Downloads
Andrew Gouinlock Berg and Jeffrey Sachs
2606: An Analysis of U.S. Postwar Consumption and Saving: Part II -- Empirical Results Downloads
Michael J. Boskin and Lawrence J. Lau
2605: An Analysis of Postwar U.S. Consumption and Saving: Part I -- The Model and Aggregation Downloads
Michael J. Boskin and Lawrence J. Lau
2604: The Choice of Monetary Instrument in Two Interdependent Economies Under Uncertainty Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky and Vasco d'Orey
2603: Some Thoughts on the Role of Fiscal Policy in Stabilisation and Structural Adjustment in Developing Countries Downloads
Willem Hendrik Buiter
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