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2459: Trigger Strategies and Price Dynamics in Equity and Foreign Exchange Markets Downloads
Paul R. Krugman
2458: Information and Multi-Period Optimal Income Taxation with Government Commitment Downloads
Dagobert L. Brito, Jonathan H. Hamilton, Steven M. Slutsky and Joseph E. Stiglitz
2457: Patents, Citations and Innovations: Tracing the Links Downloads
Manuel Trajtenberg
2456: Means of Payment in Takeovers: Results for the U.K. and U.S Downloads
Robert S. Harris, Julian Franks and Colin Mayer
2455: U.S. Commercial Banks and the Developing Country Debt Crisis Downloads
Jeffrey Sachs and Harry P. Huizinga
2454: Wage Gaps vs. Output Gaps: Is There a Common Story for All of Europe? Downloads
Robert J. Gordon
2453: Symmetric Pass-Through of Tariffs and Exchange Rates Under Imperfect Competition: An Empirical Test Downloads
Robert C. Feenstra
2452: Quality Upgrading and its Welfare Cost in U.S. Steel Imports, 1969-74 Downloads
Randi Boorstein and Robert C. Feenstra
2451: Welfare Dominance: An Application to Commodity Taxation Downloads
Shlomo Yitzhaki and Joel Slemrod
2450: What Do We Learn from Unit Roots in Macroeconomic Time Series? Downloads
Danny Quah
2449: Trade Policy under Endogenous Credibility Downloads
Charles Engel and Kenneth Kletzer
2448: Economic Development and the Timing and Components of Population Growth Downloads
David Bloom and Richard B. Freeman
2447: Factor Prices and Welfare Under Integrated Capital Markets Downloads
Carol Osler
2446: Investor Behavior in the October 1987 Stock Market Crash: Survey Evidence Downloads
Robert J. Shiller
2445: Predicting Criminal Recidivism Using "Split Population" Survival Time Models Downloads
Peter Schmidt and Ann Dryden Witte
2444: Nutrition and Infant Health in Japan Downloads
Tadashi Yamada, Tetsuji Yamada and Frank Joseph Chaloupka
2443: Lending to an Insecure Sovereign Downloads
Herschel . Grossman
2442: Social Security and Earlier Retirement in Japan: Cross-Sectional Evidence Downloads
Tetsuji Yamada and Tadashi Yamada
2441: Portfolio Diversification, Real Interest Rates, and the Balance of Payments Downloads
Carol Osler
2440: Changes in the Cyclical Behavior of Individual Production Series Downloads
Christina Duckworth Romer
2439: Pension Wealth, Age-Wealth Profiles and the Distribution of Net Worth Downloads
Ann A. McDermed, Robert L. Clark and Steven Allen
2438: The Farm Labor Force by Region, 1820-1860: Revised Estimates and Implications for Growth Downloads
Thomas Weiss
2437: Trade Deficits in the Long Run Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen
2436: Permanent Income, Current Income, and Consumption Downloads
John Y. Campbell and N. Gregory Mankiw
2435: The Real Exchange Rate and Employment in U.S. Manufacturing: State and Regional Results Downloads
William H. Branson and James P. Love
2434: Macroeconomic Effects of Price Controls: The Role of Market Structure Downloads
Elhanan Helpman
2433: The Effect of Mental Distress on Income: Results from a Community Survey Downloads
Richard G. Frank and Paul Gertler
2432: The Equilibrium and Optimal Timing of Price Changes
Laurence Ball and David Romer
2431: Credible Commitment and Exchange Rate Stability: Canada's Interwar Experience Downloads
Michael David Bordo and Angela Redish
2430: Tax Neutrality and Intangible Capital Downloads
Don Fullerton and Andrew B Lyon
2429: Risk, Uncertainty and Exchange Rates Downloads
Robert James Hodrick
2428: Equilibrium Political Budget Cycles Downloads
Kenneth S Rogoff
2427: Federal Deductibility and Local Property Tax Rates Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Harvey Rosen
2426: Pensions, Efficiency Wages, and Job Mobility Downloads
Alan L. Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
2425: Inventories and the Propagation of Sectoral Shocks Downloads
Russell Cooper and John Haltiwanger
2424: Adjustment in the World Economy Downloads
Paul R. Krugman
2423: The Learning Curve and Optimal Production Under Uncertainty Downloads
Saman Majd and Robert S. Pindyck
2422: Bank Financing and Investment Decisions with Asymmetric Information Downloads
Deborah J. Lucas and Robert L. McDonald
2421: Bank Portfolio Choice with Private Information About Loan Quality: Theory and Implications for Regulation Downloads
Deborah J. Lucas and Robert L. McDonald
2420: Import Competition and the Stock Market Return to Capital Downloads
Gene Grossman and James Levinsohn
2419: Have Productivity Levels Converged? Productivity Growth, Convergence, and Welfare in the Very Long Run Downloads
J. Bradford De Long
2418: The Costs of Conflict Resolution and Financial Distress: Evidence from the Texaco-Pennzoil Litigation Downloads
David M. Cutler and Lawrence H. Summers
2417: Trade in Nominal Assets: Monetary Policy, and Price Level and Exchange Rate Risk Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
2416: Commitment and the Modern Union: Assessing the Link Between Premarital Cohabitation and Subsequent Marital Stability Downloads
Neil G. Bennett, Ann Klimas Blanc and David E. Bloom
2415: The Importance of Gifts and Inheritances Among the Affluent Downloads
Michael D. Hurd and Gabriela Mundaca
2414: Worker Knowledge of Pension Provisions Downloads
Olivia S. Mitchell
2413: Seigniorage, Operating Rules and the High Inflation Trap Downloads
Michael Bruno and Stanley Fischer
2412: The Equilibrium and Optimal Timing of Price Changes Downloads
Laurence Ball and David Romer
2411: The Marginal Value of Social Security Downloads
Michael D. Hurd
2410: Investment, Openness, and Country Risk Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
2409: Prospects for Liberalizing the International Trading System Downloads
Anne O. Krueger
2408: United States-Japan Economic Relations Downloads
Rachel McCulloch
2407: Transactions Costs and Internal Labor Markets Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
2406: Economic Incentives and Political Institutions: Spending and Voting in School Budget Agenda Downloads
Thomas Romer, Howard Rosenthal and Vincent Munley
2405: The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy Downloads
Daniel E. Ingberman and Robert P. Inman
2404: Energy, Obsolescence, and the Productivity Slowdown Downloads
Charles R. Hulten, James W. Robertson and Frank C. Wykoff
2403: Trade in Risky Assets Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
2402: What Do We Know About Worker Displacement in the U.S.? Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
2401: Heteroskedasticity-Consistent Estimation of the Variance-Covariance Matrix for the Almost Ideal Demand System Downloads
Melvyn A. Fuss
2400: Can Futures Market Data Be Used to Understand the Behavior of Real Interest Rates? Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
2399: Contraction and Expansion: The Divergence of Private Sector and Public Sector Unionism in tht U.S Downloads
Richard B. Freeman
2398: Israel's Stabilization: A Two-Year Review Downloads
Michael Bruno and Sylvia Piterman
2397: Disaggregating the Effect of the Business Cycle on the Distribution of Income Downloads
Rebecca M. Blank
2396: Why are Wages Cyclical in the 1970's? Downloads
Rebecca M. Blank
2395: The Economic Consequences of Noise Traders Downloads
J. Bradford De Long, Andrei Shleifer, Lawrence H. Summers and Robert Waldmann
2394: Til Debt Do Us Part: The U.S. Capital Market and Foreign Lending, 1920-1955 Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen
2393: Prices of Single Family Homes Since 1970: New Indexes for Four Cities Downloads
Karl E. Case and Robert J. Shiller
2392: Asset Accumulation, Information, and the Life Cycle Downloads
Mervyn A. King and Jonathan I. Leape
2391: How Much Care Do the Aged Receive from Their Children? A Bimodal Picture of Contact and Assistance Downloads
Laurence J. Kotlikoff and John N. Morris
2390: U.S. and Swedish Direct Investment and Exports Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom, Robert E. Lipsey and Ksenia Kulchycky
2389: Fiscal Policies and the Stock Market: International Dimensions Downloads
Assaf Razin
2388: Dynamic Behavior of Imperfectly Competitive Economies with Multiple Equilibria Downloads
Russell Cooper
2387: Financing Constraints and Corporate Investment Downloads
Steven Mark Fazzari, Robert Glenn Hubbard and Bruce Clayton Petersen
2386: Imperfect Competition and the Keynesian Cross Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
2385: Order Backlogs and Production Smoothing Downloads
Kenneth D. West
2384: The Impact of Monetary Targeting in the United States: 1976-1984 Downloads
Carl Walsh
2383: Consumption Risk and International Asset Returns: Some Empirical Evidence Downloads
Robert E. Cumby
2382: Social Security Reforms and Poverty Among Older Dual-Earner Couples Downloads
Olivia S. Mitchell
2381: The Regularity of Business Cycles Downloads
Victor Zarnowitz
2380: Is it Risk? Explaining Deviations from Uncovered Interest Parity Downloads
Robert E. Cumby
2379: Debt Problems and the World Macro Economy Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
2378: Argentina: Debt and Macroeconomic Instability Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch and Juan Carlos de Pablo
2377: The Interaction Between Capital Investment and R&D in Science-Based Firms Downloads
Saul Lach and Mark Schankerman
2376: Finanial Policy and Speculative Runs with a Crawling Peg: Argentina 1979-1981 Downloads
Robert E. Cumby and Sweder van Wijnbergen
2375: Household Formation and Home Ownership: The Impacts of Demographics andTaxes Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott
2374: Negotiated Trade Restrictions with Private Political Pressure Downloads
Robert C. Feenstra and Tracy R. Lewis
2373: Resolving the International Debt Crisis Downloads
Stanley Fischer
2372: Open Economy Macroeconomics: New Directions Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
2371: Exchange Rates and U.S. Auto Competitiveness Downloads
J. David Richardson
2370: Market Power and Exchange Rate Adjustment in the Presence of Quotas Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
2369: Asset Pricing and Optimal Portfolio Choice in the Presence of Illiquid Durable Consumption Goods Downloads
Sanford Jay Grossman and Guy Laroque
2368: Returns to Seniority in Union and Nonunion Jobs: A New Look at the Evidence Downloads
Katharine Gail Abraham and Henry S. Farber
2367: Recent Estimates of Time-Variation in the Conditional Variance and in the Exchange Risk Premium Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel
2366: Firm Characteristics, Unanticipated Inflation, and Stock Returns Downloads
Douglas Kenneth Pearce and V. Vance Roley
2365: Tariffs, the Real Exchange Rate and the Terms of Trade: On Two Popular Propositions in International Economics Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Sweder van Wijnbergen
2364: On the Interpretation of Near Random-Walk Behavior in GNP Downloads
Kenneth D. West
2363: New Hope for the Expectations Hypothesis of the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot
2362: Tests of Excess Forecast Volatility in the Foreign Exchange and Stock Markets Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot
2361: The Evolution of Public Sector Bargaining Laws Downloads
Henry S. Farber
2360: Seasonality, Cost Shocks, and the Production Smoothing Model of Inventories Downloads
Jeffrey A Miron and Stephen P. Zeldes
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