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4946: Intellectual Capital and the Firm: The Technology of Geographically Localized Knowledge Spillovers Downloads
Lynne Zucker, Michael Darby and Jeff Armstrong
4945: Generating Equality and Eliminating Poverty, The Swedish Way Downloads
Anders Bjorklund and Richard Freeman
4944: The GATT's Contribution to Economic Recovery in Post-War Western Europe Downloads
Douglas Irwin
4943: Insurance Rationing and the Origins of Workers' Compensation Downloads
Price Fishback and Shawn Kantor
4942: Can Having Fewer Partners Increase Prevalence of Aids? Downloads
Michael Kremer
4941: Disability Insurance Rejection Rates and the Labor Supply of Older Workers Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Jeffrey D. Kubik
4940: International Trade Theory: The Evidence Downloads
Edward Leamer and James Levinsohn
4939: The Dynamics of Domestic Violence: Does Arrest Matter? Downloads
Helen V. Tauchen and Ann Dryden Witte
4938: Monetary Policy and the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Bennett McCallum
4937: Using Expectations Data to Study Subjective Income Expectations Downloads
Jeff Dominitz and Charles Manski
4936: Eliciting Student Expectations of the Returns to Schooling Downloads
Jeff Dominitz and Charles Manski
4935: Historical Macroeconomics and American Macroeconomic History Downloads
Charles Calomiris and Christopher Hanes
4934: Contagion and Bank Failures During the Great Depression: The June 1932 Chicago Banking Panic Downloads
Charles Calomiris and Joseph R. Mason
4933: Physician Financial Incentives and Cesarean Section Delivery Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Maria Owings
4932: Taxes, Technology Transfer, and the R&D Activities of Multinational Firms Downloads
James Hines
4931: International Patenting and Technology Diffusion Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Samuel Kortum
4930: Physician Payments and Infant Mortality: Evidence from Medicaid Fee Policy Downloads
Janet Currie, Jonathan Gruber and Michael Fischer
4929: Health and Labor Force Participation of Older Men, 1900-1991 Downloads
Dora Costa
4928: Fixes: Of The Forward Discount Puzzle Downloads
Robert Flood and Andrew Rose
4927: Foreign-Owned Firms and U.S. Wages Downloads
Robert Lipsey
4926: Technology and Trade Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
4925: Do Pensions Increase the Labor Supply of Older Men? Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
4924: Interest Allocation Rules, Financing Patterns, and the Operations of U.S. Multinationals Downloads
Kenneth Froot and James Hines
4923: Tests of Three Parity Conditions: Distinguishing Risk Premia and Systematic Forecast Errors Downloads
Richard C. Marston
4922: Wage Differentials in Italy: Market Forces, Institutions, and Inflation Downloads
Christopher L. Erikson and Andrea Ichino
4921: The Effect of Credit Market Competition on Lending Relationships Downloads
Mitchell Petersen and Raghuram Rajan
4920: Does Competition from HMOs Affect Fee-For-Service Physicians? Downloads
Laurence C. Baker
4919: A Model of Fiat Money and Barter Downloads
Fumio Hayashi and Akihiko Matsui
4918: An Economic Analysis of Works Councils Downloads
Richard Freeman and Edward Lazear
4917: High Wage Workers and High Wage Firms Downloads
John Abowd, Francis Kramarz and David Margolis
4916: Government Intervention in the Markets for Education and Health Care: How and Why? Downloads
James Poterba
4915: Cadillac Contracts and Up-Front Payments: Efficient Investment Under Expectation Damages Downloads
Aaron Edlin
4914: Economic Conditions and Alcohol Problems Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
4913: Who Leaves? The Outmigration of the Foreign-Born Downloads
George Borjas and Bernt Bratsberg
4912: Ethnicity, Neighborhoods, and Human Capital Externalities Downloads
George Borjas
4911: The Dynamics of Part-Time Work Downloads
Rebecca Blank
4910: Crime and the Job Market Downloads
Richard Freeman
4909: Democracy & Growth Downloads
Robert Barro
4908: How Different is Japanese Corporate Finance? An Investigation of the Information Content of New Security Issues Downloads
Jun-Koo Kang and René Stulz
4907: Investment Opportunities, Managerial Decisions, and the Security Issue Decision Downloads
Kooyul Jung, Yong-Cheol Kim and René Stulz
4906: Aging and Productivity, Rationality and Matching: Evidence from Economists Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
4905: How a Fee Per-Unit Garbage Affects Aggregate Recycling in a Model with Heterogeneous Households Downloads
Thomas C. Kinnaman and Don Fullerton
4904: The Roles of Marketing, Product Quality and Price Competition in the Growth and Composition of the U.S. Anti-Ulcer Drug Industry Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Linda Bui, David Reiley and Glen Urban
4903: Resisting Migration: The Problems of Wage Rigidity and the Social Burden Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
4902: Free-Trade Taxation and Protectionist Taxation Downloads
Joel Slemrod
4901: The Competitive Crash in Large-Scale Commercial Computing Downloads
Timothy Bresnahan and Shane Greenstein
4900: IRAs and Household Saving Revisited: Some New Evidence Downloads
Orazio Attanasio and Thomas DeLeire
4899: From Superminis to Supercomputers: Estimating Surplus in the Computing Market Downloads
Shane Greenstein
4898: Speculative Attacks on Pegged Exchange Rates: An Empirical Exploration with Special Reference to the European Monetary System Downloads
Barry Eichengreen, Andrew Rose and Charles Wyplosz
4897: Optimal Environmental Taxation in the Presence of Other Taxes: General Equilibrium Analyses Downloads
Lans Bovenberg and Lawrence H. Goulder
4896: Environmental Taxation and the "Double Dividend:" A Reader's Guide Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder
4895: Insulation of Pensions from Political Risk Downloads
Peter Diamond
4894: Why are Retail Prices in Japan so High?: Evidence from German Export Prices Downloads
Michael M. Knetter
4893: The Intertemporal Approach to the Current Account Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth Rogoff
4892: Domestic Saving and International Capital Flows Reconsidered Downloads
Alan Taylor
4891: Cigarette Taxation and the Social Consequences of Smoking Downloads
W Viscusi
4890: Market Timing Ability and Volatility Implied in Investment Newletters' Asset Allocation Recommendations Downloads
John R. Graham and Campbell Harvey
4889: Unemployment Effects of Military Spending: Evidence from a Panel of States Downloads
Mark Hooker and Michael Knetter
4888: Measuring Money Growth When Financial Markets Are Changing Downloads
James Stock and Martin Feldstein
4887: Explaining Investment Dynamics in U.S. Manufacturing: A Generalized (S,s) Approach Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Eduardo Engel
4886: Debt and Seniority: An Analysis of the Role of Hard Claims in Constraining Management Downloads
Oliver Hart and John Moore
4885: Fiscal Policies, Capital Formation, and Capitalism Downloads
Martin Feldstein
4884: Precautionary Saving and Social Insurance Downloads
Robert Hubbard, Jonathan Skinner and Stephen Zeldes
4883: Income Distribution and Public Education: A Dynamic Quantitative Evaluation of School Finance Reform Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Richard Rogerson
4882: Optimal Taxation of Human and Physical Capital in Endogenous Capital Models Downloads
Nouriel Roubini and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferrett
4881: Taxation and Endogenous Growth in Open Economies Downloads
Nouriel Roubini and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferrett
4880: Health Insurance and the Supply of Entrepreneurs Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin, John R. Penrod and Harvey Rosen
4879: Market Failure in Small Group Health Insurance Downloads
David Cutler
4878: The Attraction of Foreign Manufacturing Investments: Investment Promotion and Agglomeration Economies Downloads
Keith Head, John Ries and Deborah Swenson
4877: Electoral Competition and Special Interest Politics Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
4876: Foreign Investment with Endogenous Protection Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
4875: What Do We Know About Capital Structure? Some Evidence from International Data Downloads
Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales
4874: Following in Her Footsteps? Women's Choices of College Majors and Faculty Gender Composition Downloads
Brandice J. Canes and Harvey Rosen
4873: Credit Markets and the Welfare Costs of Inflation Downloads
Jose De Gregorio and Federico Sturzenegger
4872: Immigration and Welfare, 1970-1990 Downloads
George Borjas
4871: Estimating and Interpreting Forward Interest Rates: Sweden 1992 - 1994 Downloads
Lars Svensson
4870: What Does the Political Economy Literature on Trade Policy (Not) Tell UsThat We Ought To Know? Downloads
Dani Rodrik
4869: The Effect of Taxes on Investment and Income Shifting to Puerto Rico Downloads
Harry Grubert and Joel Slemrod
4868: A Note on Subsidizing Gifts Downloads
Louis Kaplow
4867: The Seesaw Principle in International Tax Policy Downloads
Joel Slemrod, Carl Hansen and Roger Procter
4866: Assimilation and Changes in Cohort Quality Revisited: What Happened to Immigrant Earnings in the 1980s? Downloads
George Borjas
4865: A Survey of Empirical Research on Nominal Exchange Rates Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel and Andrew Rose
4864: Effective Tax Rates in Macroeconomics: Cross-Country Estimates of Tax Rates on Factor Incomes and Consumption Downloads
Enrique Mendoza, Assaf Razin and Linda Tesar
4863: Mark-Up Pricing in Mergers and Acquisitions Downloads
G. Schwert
4862: Distributional Effects on a Lifetime Basis Downloads
Don Fullerton and Diane Lim Rogers
4861: Equity and Time to Sale in the Real Estate Market Downloads
David Genesove and Christopher Mayer
4860: The Specie Standard as a Contingent Rule: Some Evidence for Core and Peripheral Countries, 1880-1990 Downloads
Michael Bordo and Anna Schwartz
4859: Job Stability in the United States Downloads
Francis Diebold, David Neumark and Daniel Polsky
4858: Noise Trading, Delegated Portfolio Management, and Economic Welfare Downloads
James Dow and Gary Gorton
4857: An Asset Allocation Puzzle Downloads
Niko Canner, N. Gregory Mankiw and David Weil
4856: A Theory of the Welfare State Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
4855: Sticky Prices: New Evidence from Retail Catalogs Downloads
Anil Kashyap
4854: A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap: Growth Based on General Purpose Technologies Downloads
Elhanan Helpman and Manuel Trajtenberg
4853: State Abortion Rates: The Impact of Policies, Providers, Politics, Demographics, and Economic Environment Downloads
Rebecca Blank, Christine C. George and Rebecca A. London
4852: A Major Risk Approach to Health Insurance Reform Downloads
Martin Feldstein and Jonathan Gruber
4851: Tax Policy and International Capital Flows Downloads
Martin Feldstein
4850: Issues Concerning Nominal Anchors for Monetary Policy Downloads
Robert Flood and Michael Mussa
4849: Threats and Promises Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Maxim Engers
4848: Commercial Paper, Corporate Finance, and the Business Cycle: A Microeconomic Perspective Downloads
Charles Calomiris, Charles P. Himmelberg and Paul Wachtel
4847: Trade Liberalization and Trade Adjustment Assistance Downloads
K.C. Fung and Robert Staiger
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