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3329: The Welfare Economics of Cooperative and Noncooperative Fiscal Policy Downloads
Willem Buiter and Kenneth Kletzer
3328: Fiscal Policy Interdependence and Efficiency Downloads
Willem Buiter and Kenneth Kletzer
3327: Canada - U.S. Free Trade and Pressures for Tax Harmonization Downloads
Roger Gordon
3326: The Relation Between Firm Growth and Q with Multiple Capital Goods: Theory and Evidence from Panel Data on Japanese Firms Downloads
Fumio Hayashi and Tohru Inoue
3325: Long Run Policy Analysis and Long Run Growth Downloads
Sergio Rebelo
3324: Do Stock Prices Move Together Too Much? Downloads
Robert Pindyck and Julio Rotemberg
3323: Financial Innovation and Current Trends in U.S. Financial Markets Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
3322: An Empirical Analysis of Cigarette Addiction Downloads
Gary Becker, Michael Grossman and Kevin Murphy
3321: The Internationalization of the U.S. Labor Market Downloads
John Abowd and Richard Freeman
3320: Predicting Exchange Rate Crises: Mexico Revisited Downloads
Linda Goldberg
3319: Re-Interpreting the Failure of Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency Tests:Small Transaction Costs, Big Hysteresis Bands Downloads
Richard Baldwin
3318: Entry, Contestability, and Deregulated Airline Markets: An Event Study Analysis of People Express Downloads
Michael Whinston and Scott C. Collins
3317: World Real Interest Rates Downloads
Robert Barro and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
3316: The Welfare Economics of Moral Hazard Downloads
Richard Arnott and Joseph Stiglitz
3315: Tariffs and Sectoral Adjustments in an Open Economy Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
3314: Risk Adjusted Deposit Insurance for Japanese Banks Downloads
Ryuzo Sato, Rama V. Ramachandran and Bohyong Kang
3313: Fiscal Policy and the External Deficit: Siblings, but not Twins Downloads
John Helliwell
3312: Does Labor Supply Explain Fluctuations in Average Hours Worked? Downloads
Joshua Angrist
3311: Risk and Return on Real Estate: Evidence from Equity REITs Downloads
Chan K.C., Patric Hendershott and Anthony Sanders
3310: Tenure Choice of American Youth Downloads
Donald Haurin, Patric Hendershott and Dongwook Kim
3309: Real Rents and Household Formation: The Effect of the 1986 Tax Reform Act Downloads
Donald Haurin, Patric Hendershott and Dongwook Kim
3308: Incentive Conflict in the International Regulatory Agreement on Risk-Based Analysis Downloads
Edward Kane
3307: Irreversibility, Uncertainty, and Investment Downloads
Robert Pindyck
3306: Is the Japanese Distribution System Really Inefficient? Downloads
Takatoshi Ito and Masayoshi Maruyama
3305: Measuring the Persistence of Expected Returns Downloads
John Campbell
3304: The International Comparison Program: Current Status and Problems Downloads
Irving B. Kravis and Robert Lipsey
3303: Do Publicly Traded Corporations Act in the Public Interest? Downloads
Roger Gordon
3302: From Stabilization to Growth Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
3301: Patent Statistics as Economic Indicators: A Survey Downloads
Zvi Griliches
3300: Premature Liberalization, Incomplete Stabilization: the Ozal Decade in Turkey Downloads
Dani Rodrik
3299: Does Foreign Exchange Intervention Matter? Disentangling the Portfolio and Expectations Effects for the Mark Downloads
Kathryn Dominguez and Jeffrey Frankel
3298: Investment Tax Credit in an Open Economy Downloads
Partha Sen and Stephen J Turnovsky
3297: Predictable Stock Returns: Reality or Statistical Illusion? Downloads
Charles Nelson and Myung J. Kim
3296: Stock Returns and Real Activity: A Century of Evidence Downloads
G. Schwert
3295: Inventories and the Short-Run Dynamics of Commodity Prices Downloads
Robert Pindyck
3294: Specific Capital, Mobility, and Wages: Wages Rise with Job Seniority Downloads
Robert Topel
3293: American Firms Face Europe: 1992 Downloads
Robert Lipsey
3292: Determinants of Saving and Labor Force Participation of the Elderly in Japan Downloads
Tetsuji Yamada, Tadashi Yamada and Guorn Liu
3291: Non-Cointegration and Econometric Evaluation of Models of Regional Shift and Share Downloads
Scott Brown, N. Edward Coulson and Robert Engle
3290: Were Japanese Stock Prices Too High? Downloads
Kenneth French and James Poterba
3289: Randomization in Optimal Income Tax Schedules Downloads
Dagobert L. Brito, Jonathan Hamilton, Steven M. Slutsky and Joseph Stiglitz
3288: Pareto Efficient Tax Structures Downloads
Dagobert L. Brito, Jonathan Hamilton, Steven M. Slutsky and Joseph Stiglitz
3287: Debt, Deficits and Inflation: An Application to the Public Finances of India Downloads
Willem Buiter and Urjit R. Patel
3286: The Effect of the Medicaid Program on Welfare Participation and Labor Supply Downloads
Robert Moffitt and Barbara Wolfe
3285: Does It Matter What We Trade? Trade and Industrial Policies When Labor Markets Don't Clear Downloads
William T. Dickens
3284: First Mover Advantages, Blockaded Entry, And the Economics of Uneven Development Downloads
James Markusen
3283: Endogenous Market Structures in International Trade Downloads
Ignatius Horstmann and James Markusen
3282: Was There a "Peso Problem" in the U.S. Term Structure of Interest Rates:1979-1982? Downloads
Karen K. Lewis
3281: Capital Market Integration: Issues of International Taxation Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
3280: The Effects of Colleges and Universities on Local Labor Markets Downloads
Patricia Beeson and Edward B. Montgomery
3279: Asset Prices under Habit Formation and Catching up with the Joneses Downloads
Andrew Abel
3278: Changing Effects of Monetary Policy on Real Economic Activity Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
3277: Distributing the Gains from Trade With Incomplete Information Downloads
Robert Feenstra and Tracy Lewis
3276: Trade and Uneven Growth Downloads
Robert Feenstra
3275: Increasing Returns and Economic Geography Downloads
Paul Krugman
3274: Asymmetries and Rigidities in Wage Adjustments by Firms Downloads
Harry Holzer and Edward B. Montgomery
3273: The Impact of Tax Reform on Charitable Giving: A 1989 Perspective Downloads
Charles Clotfelter
3272: A Positive Theory of Social Security Downloads
Guido Tabellini
3271: Are Nonconvexities Important For Understanding Growth? Downloads
Paul Romer
3270: Taxation and Housing Markets: Preliminary Evidence on the Effects of Recent Tax Reforms Downloads
James Poterba
3269: Why is Trade Reform so Unpopular? On Status Quo Bias in Policy Reforms Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Dani Rodrik
3268: Rational Addictive Behavior and Cigarette Smoking Downloads
Frank Chaloupka
3267: Men, Women, and Addiction: The Case of Cigarette Smoking Downloads
Frank Chaloupka
3266: Implications of Corporate Indebtedness for Monetary Policy Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman
3265: Dynamic Optimal Income Taxation with Government Commitment Downloads
Dagobert L. Brito, Jonathan Hamilton, Steven M. Slutsky and Joseph Stiglitz
3264: Macroeconomic Convergence: International Transmission of Growth and Technical Progress Downloads
John Helliwell and Alan Chung
3263: Can Direct and Indirect Taxes Be Added for International Comparisons of Competitiveness? Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
3262: Pay, Performance, and Turnover of Bank CEOs Downloads
Jason R. Barro and Robert Barro
3261: Product Innovations, Price Indices and the (Mis)Measurement of Economic Performance Downloads
Manuel Trajtenberg
3260: The Effects of Mandating Benefits Packages Downloads
Olivia Mitchell
3259: The Informational Content of Initial Public Offerings Downloads
Ian Gale and Joseph Stiglitz
3258: Designing Policies to Open Trade Downloads
Robert Feenstra, Tracy Lewis and John McMillan
3257: The Impact of the 1986 Tax Reform Act on Personal Saving Downloads
Jonathan Skinner and Daniel Feenberg
3256: A Quick Refresher Course in Macroeconomics Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
3255: Federal Taxation and the Supply of State Debt Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
3254: The Effect of Domestic Antidumping Law in the Presence of Foreign Monopoly Downloads
Robert Staiger and Frank A. Wolak
3253: Workers' Compensation Insurance and the Duration of Workplace Injuries Downloads
Alan Krueger
3252: What Makes an Entrepreneur? Evidence on Inheritance and Capital Constraints Downloads
David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald
3251: Unemployment and the Demand for Unions Downloads
David Blanchflower, Robert Crouchley, Saul Estrin and Andrew Oswald
3250: Herd on the Street: Informational Inefficiencies in a Market with Short-Term Speculation Downloads
Kenneth Froot, David Scharfstein and Jeremy Stein
3249: Nominal Exchange Rate Patterns: Correlationswith Entry, Exit, and Invesment in U.S. Industry Downloads
Linda Goldberg
3248: Tax Harmonization and Tax Competition in Europe Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
3247: Short Rates and Expected Asset Returns Downloads
Kenneth Froot
3246: A Variance Decomposition for Stock Returns Downloads
John Campbell
3245: A Modern Look At Asset Pricing and Short-Term Interest Rates Downloads
Martin Evans and Paul Wachtel
3244: Export Restraints With Imperfect Competition: A Selective Survey Downloads
Kala Krishna
3243: Speculative Dynamics and the Role of Feedback Traders Downloads
David Cutler, James Poterba and Lawrence Summers
3242: Speculative Dynamics Downloads
David Cutler, James Poterba and Lawrence Summers
3241: A Convex Model of Equilibrium Growth Downloads
Larry Jones and Rodolfo Manuelli
3240: Reviving the Federal Statistical System: International Aspects Downloads
Robert Lipsey
3239: Faculty Turnover at American Colleges and Universities: Analysis of AAUP Data Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg, Hirschel Kasper and Daniel Rees
3238: A North-South Model of Taxation and Capital Flow Downloads
Joel Slemrod
3237: The Tax Elasticity of Capital Gains Realizations: Evidence from a Panel of Taxpayers Downloads
Joel Slemrod and William Shobe
3236: The Sensitivity of Strategic and Corrective R&D Policy in Oligopolistic Industries Downloads
Robert Staiger and Kyle Bagwell
3235: The Sensitivity of Strategic and Corrective R&D Policy in Battles for Monopoly Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert Staiger
3234: The Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on Foreign Direct Investment to and from the United States Downloads
Joel Slemrod
3233: Are OSHA Health Inspections Effective? A Longitudinal Study in the Manufacturing Sector Downloads
Wayne Gray and Carol Adaire Jones
3232: A Note on Optimal Fines When Wealth Varies Among Individuals Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
3231: Industrial De-Diversification and its Consequences for Productivity Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
3230: Making Altruism Pay in Auction Quotas Downloads
Kala Krishna
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