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3049: U.S. Tax Policy and Direct Investment Abroad Downloads
Joosung Jun
3048: Tax Policy and International Direct Investment Downloads
Joosung Jun
3047: Targets, Indicators, and Instruments of Monetary Policy Downloads
Bennett McCallum
3046: Is the Extended Family Altruistically Linked? Direct Tests Using Micro Data Downloads
Joseph G. Altonji, Fumio Hayashi and Laurence J. Kotlikoff
3045: Does Monetary Policy Matter? Narrative Versus Structural Approaches Downloads
Ray C. Fair
3044: Leadership and Cooperation in the European Monetary System: A Simulation Approach Downloads
Nouriel Roubini
3043: Labor Supply Flexibility and Portfolio Choice Downloads
Zvi Bodie and William Samuelson
3042: Tax Effects on Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Evidence from a Cross-Country Comparison Downloads
Joel Slemrod
3041: Dynamic Factor Demand Models, Productivity Measurement, and Rates of Return: Theory and an Empirical Application to the U.S. Bell System Downloads
M. Ishaq Nadiri and Ingmar R. Prucha
3040: An Explanation of the Behavior of Personal Savings in the United States in Recent Years Downloads
Eytan Sheshinski and Vito Tanzi
3039: Do Firms Care Who Provides their Financing? Downloads
Jeffrey Mackie-Mason
3038: Optimal Taxation and Optimal Tax Systems Downloads
Joel Slemrod
3037: Interest Rates in the Reagan Years Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott and Joe Peek
3036: Treasury Bill Rates in the 1970s and 1980s Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott and Joe Peek
3035: An Analysis of the Earnings of Canadian Immigrants Downloads
David Bloom and Morley Gunderson
3034: Invariance Properties of Solow's Productivity Residual Downloads
Robert Ernest Hall
3033: The Role of External Economies in U.S. Manufacturing Downloads
Ricardo J. Caballero and Richard K. Lyons
3032: Copycatting: Fiscal Policies of States and Their Neighbors Downloads
Anne Case, James R. Hines and Harvey Rosen
3031: Monopsony Power in the Market for Nurses Downloads
Daniel G. Sullivan
3030: Employment, Wages, and Unionism in a Model of the Aggregate Labor Market in Britain Downloads
John Pencavel
3029: The Employers' cost of Workers' Compensation Insurance: Magnitudes, Determinants, and Public Policy Downloads
Alan B. Krueger and John F. Burton
3028: Intertemporal Dependence, Impatience, and Dynamics Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
3027: Commodity Trade and International Risk Sharing: How Much Do Financial Markets Matter? Downloads
Harold Linh Cole and Maurice Obstfeld
3026: Formal Employee Training Programs and Their Impact on Labor Produc- tivity: Evidence from a Human Resources Survey Downloads
Ann P. Bartel
3025: How Elastic is the Government's Demand for Weapons? Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
3024: Collateral, Rationing, and Government Intervention in Credit Markets Downloads
William Glenn Gale
3023: Trade and Protection in Vertically Related Markets Downloads
Barbara Spencer and Ronald W. Jones
3022: The Effects of Leveraged Buyouts on Productivity and Related Aspects of Firm Behavior Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg and Donald S. Siegel
3021: Changes in the Structure of Wages: The U.S. versus Japan Downloads
Lawrence F. Katz and Ana L. Revenga
3020: Market Work, Wages, and Men's Health Downloads
Robert H. Haveman, Mark Richard Stone and Barbara L. Wolfe
3019: Strategic Investment in a Debt Bargaining Framework Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Eduardo R. Borensztein
3018: Issues and Results from Research on the Elderly I: Economic Status (Part I of III Parts) Downloads
Michael D. Hurd
3017: Arbitrage and the Savings Behavior of State Governments Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
3016: Strategic Use of Antidumping Law to Enforce Tacit International Collusion Downloads
Robert W. Staiger and Frank A. Wolak
3015: Risk Neutrality and the Two-Tier Foreign Exchange Market: Evidence from Belgium Downloads
Robert P. Flood and Nancy P. Marion
3014: Increasing Returns, Durables and Economic Fluctuations Downloads
Kevin M. Murphy, Andrei Shleifer and Robert W. Vishny
3013: Multinational Corporations, Transfer Prices, and Taxes: Evidence from the U.S. Petroleum Industry Downloads
Jean-Thomas Bernard and Robert J. Weiner
3012: Bonuses, Overtime, and Employment: Korea vs. Japan Downloads
Takatoshi Ito and Kyoungsik Kang
3011: The Lender of Last Resort: Some Historical Insights Downloads
Michael David Bordo
3010: Reforming Conforming Loan Limits: The Impact on Thrift Earnings and Taxpayer Outlays Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott and James D. Shilling
3009: Inflation Insurance Downloads
Zvi Bodie
3008: The Optimal Probability and Magnitude of Fines for Acts that Definitely are Undesirable Downloads
Louis Kaplow
3007: Incentives and Government Relief for Risk Downloads
Louis Kaplow
3006: Government Relief for Risk Associated with Government Action Downloads
Louis Kaplow
3005: Legal Advice about Acts Already Commited Downloads
Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell
3004: Building Blocks of Market Clearing Business Cycle Models Downloads
Kevin M. Murphy, Andrei Shleifer and Robert W. Vishny
3003: The Euromarkets after 1992 Downloads
Richard M. Levich
3002: The Impact of a Ban on Legalized Abortion on Adolescent Childbearing in New York City Downloads
Ted Joyce and Naci H. Mocan
3001: Data-Snooping Biases in Tests of Financial Asset Pricing Models Downloads
Andrew W. Lo and A. Craig MacKinlay
3000: Do Managerial Objectives Drive Bad Acquisitions? Downloads
Randall Morck, Andrei Shleifer and Robert W. Vishny
2999: Policy Uncertainty and Private Investment in Developing Countries Downloads
Dani Rodrik
2998: Stochastic Process Switching: Some Simple Solutions Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot and Maurice Obstfeld
2997: Self-Reported vs. Objective Measures of Health in Retirement Models Downloads
John Bound
2996: Optimal Taxation with Costly Enforcement and Evasion Downloads
Louis Kaplow
2995: Tying, Foreclosure, and Exclusion Downloads
Michael Whinston
2994: Corporate Savings and Shareholder Consumption Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Kevin Allen Hassett
2993: Unraveling the Productivity Growth Slowdown in the U.S., Canada and Japan: The Effects of Subequilibrium, Scale Economies and Markup Downloads
Catherine J. Morrison Paul
2992: The Sources of Fluctuations in Aggregate Inventories and GNP Downloads
Kenneth D. West
2991: Why do World War II Veterans Earn More Than Nonveterans? Downloads
Alan B. Krueger and Joshua D Angrist
2990: Did ACRS Really Cause Stock Prices to Fall? Downloads
Andrew B Lyon
2989: Municipal Construction Spending: An Empirical Examination Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Harvey Rosen
2988: Sleep and the Allocation of Time Downloads
Jeff E. Biddle and Daniel Hamermesh
2987: Why Do Multinational Firms Seek Out Joint Ventures? Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom and Mario Zejan
2986: Macroeconomic Populism in Latin America Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch and Sebastian Edwards
2985: Indexes of United States Stock Prices From 1802 to 1987 Downloads
G. William Schwert
2984: Long-term Memory in Stock Market Prices Downloads
Andrew W. Lo
2983: Changes in the Structure of Wages During the 1980's: An Evaluation of Alternative Explanations Downloads
John Bound and George E. Johnson
2982: New Classicals and Keynesians, or the Good Guys and the Bad Guys Downloads
Robert J. Barro
2981: Sovereign-Debt Renegotiations Revisted Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Robert W. Rosenthal
2980: The Scope for Collusive Behavior Among Debtor Countries Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Jacob Glazer
2979: Incentives, Information, and Organizational Design Downloads
Joseph E. Stiglitz
2978: Measuring Nontariff Trade Policies Downloads
Robert E. Baldwin
2977: When are Contrarian Profits Due to Stock Market Overreaction? Downloads
Andrew W. Lo and A. Craig MacKinlay
2976: Macroeconomic Implications of Production Bunching Downloads
Russell Cooper and John Haltiwanger
2975: Dividends, Capital Gains, and the Corporate Veil: Evidence from Britain, Canada, and the United States Downloads
James Poterba
2974: Patents, Appropriate Technology, and North-South Trade Downloads
Ishac Diwan and Dani Rodrik
2973: Research and Development As An Investment Downloads
Bronwyn Hughes Hall and Fumio Hayashi
2972: Is Bilateralism Bad? Downloads
Paul R. Krugman
2971: History Vs. Expectations Downloads
Paul R. Krugman
2970: Growth and Welfare in A Small Open Economy Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
2969: High Tech Firms in Israeli Industry Downloads
Arie Bregman, Melvyn Fuss and Haim Regev
2968: Layoffs and Lemons Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Lawrence F. Katz
2967: Labor Market Dynamics When Unemployment Is A Worker Discipline Device Downloads
Miles Spencer Kimball
2966: Does Monetary Policy Matter? A New Test in the Spirit of Friedman and Schwartz Downloads
Christina Duckworth Romer and David Romer
2965: Trade Liberalization in General Equilibrium: Intertemporal and Inter-Industry Effects Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder and Barry Julian Eichengreen
2964: Non-Neutral Taxation and the Efficiency Gains of the 1986 Tax Reform Act - - A New Look Downloads
Jane G. Gravelle
2963: Crumbling Pillar? Declining Union Density in Japan Downloads
Richard B. Freeman and Marcus Rebick
2962: The Long-Run Impact on Federal Tax Revenues and Capital Allocation of A Cut in the Capital Gains Tax Rate Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott and Yunhi Won
2961: Markets and Development Downloads
Joseph E. Stiglitz
2960: An Econometric Analysis of Nonsynchronous Trading Downloads
Andrew W. Lo and A. Craig MacKinlay
2959: Tariffs with Private Information and Reputation Downloads
Richard A. Jensen and Marie Thursby
2958: Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer: A Simple Model Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom and Jian-Ye Wang
2957: Business Cycles, Financial Crises, and Stock Volatility Downloads
G. William Schwert
2956: Heteroskedasticity in Stock Returns Downloads
G. William Schwert and Paul J. Seguin
2955: Alternative Models For Conditional Stock Volatility Downloads
Adrian Rodney Pagan and G. William Schwert
2954: Stock Volatility and the Crash of '87 Downloads
G. William Schwert
2953: Birth, Death and Taxes Downloads
Andrew Abel
2952: Experimental Assessment of the Effect of Vocational Training on Youthful Property Offenders Downloads
Pamela K. Lattimore, Ann Dryden Witte and Joanna R. Baker
2951: The Sources and Nature of Long-term Memory in the Business Cycle Downloads
Joseph Haubrich and Andrew W. Lo
2950: Real Exchange Rates in the Developing Countries: Concepts and Measure- ment Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
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