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4798: Education, Income Distribution and Growth: The Local Connection Downloads
Roland Benabou
4797: Do Unions Make Enterprises Insolvent? Downloads
Richard Freeman and Morris M. Kleiner
4796: Why is Capital so Immobile Internationally?: Possible Explanations and Implications for Capital Income Taxation Downloads
Roger Gordon and Lans Bovenberg
4795: Is Consumption Growth Consistent with Intertemporal Optimization? Evidence from the Consumer Expenditure Survey Downloads
Orazio Attanasio and Guglielmo Weber
4794: Work and Crime: An Exploration Using Panel Data Downloads
Ann Dryden Witte and Helen Tauchen
4793: Capital Flight, External Debt and Domestic Policies Downloads
Michael Dooley and Kenneth Kletzer
4792: Recent Private Capital Inflows to Developing Countries: Is the Debt Crisis History? Downloads
Michael Dooley, Eduardo Fernandez-Arias and Kenneth Kletzer
4791: The Ethnic and Racial Character of Self-Employment Downloads
Robert Fairlie and Bruce Meyer
4790: Agricultural Interest Groups and the North American Free Trade Agreement Downloads
David Orden
4789: The Financial Accelerator and the Flight to Quality Downloads
Ben Bernanke, Mark Gertler and Simon Gilchrist
4788: Efficient and Inefficient Sales of Corporate Control Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk
4787: Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Takeup Rates Downloads
Patricia Anderson and Bruce Meyer
4786: Effectiveness of Government Policy: An Experience from a National HealthCare System Downloads
Tetsuji Yamada, Tadashi Yamada, Chang Gun Kim and Haruko Noguchi
4785: Can State Taxes Redistribute Income? Downloads
Martin Feldstein and Marian Vaillant
4784: Mathematical Achievement in Eighth Grade: Interstate and Racial Differences Downloads
Victor Fuchs and Diane M. Reklis
4783: The Alternative Minimum Tax and the Behavior of Multinational Corporations Downloads
Andrew Lyon and Gerald Silverstein
4782: Waves of Creative Destruction: Customer Bases and the Dynamics of Innovation Downloads
Jeremy Stein
4781: Agglomeration and the Price of Land: Evidence from the Prefectures Downloads
Robert Dekle and Jonathan Eaton
4780: Investment with Uncertain Tax Policy: Does Random Tax Policy Discourage Investment? Downloads
Kevin Hassett and Gilbert Metcalf
4779: Technological Linkages, Market Structure, and Optimum Production Policies Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Mary Lovely
4778: Price Reactions to Dividend Initiations and Omissions: Overreaction or Drift? Downloads
Roni Michaely, Richard Thaler and Kent Womack
4777: Financial Decision-Making in Markets and Firms: A Behavioral Perspective Downloads
Werner F. M. De Bondt and Richard Thaler
4776: Internal versus External Capital Markets Downloads
Robert H. Gertner, David Scharfstein and Jeremy Stein
4775: Rental Adjustment & Valuation of Real Estate in Overbuilt Markets: Fundamental vs. Reported Office Market Values in Sydney Australia Downloads
Patric Hendershott
4774: Bubbles in Metropolitan Housing Markets Downloads
Jesse M. Abraham and Patric Hendershott
4773: Policy Transferability and Hysteresis: Daily and Weekly Hours in the BRD and the US Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
4772: Trade and Industrial Policy Reform in Latin America Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
4771: Relative Wage Movements and the Distribution of Consumption Downloads
Orazio Attanasio and Steven Davis
4770: Estimating a Wage Curve for Britain 1973-1990 Downloads
David Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald
4769: Macroeconomic Adjustment with Segmented Labor Markets Downloads
Pierre-Richard Agénor and Joshua Aizenman
4768: On the Timing and Efficiency of Creative Destruction Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Mohamad L. Hammour
4767: Agglomeration Benefits and Location Choice: Evidence from Japanese Manufacturing Investment in the United States Downloads
Keith Head, John Ries and Deborah Swenson
4766: Mass Layoffs and Unemployment Downloads
Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
4765: What Ends Recessions? Downloads
Christina Romer and David Romer
4764: Taxes and Fringe Benefits Offered by Employers Downloads
William Gentry and Eric Peress
4763: Interstate Cigarette Bootlegging: Extent, Revenue Losses, and Effects of Government Intervention Downloads
Marie Thursby and Jerry Thursby
4762: How America Graduated from High School: 1910 to 1960 Downloads
Claudia Goldin
4761: Toward a Modern Macroeconomic Model Usable for Policy Analysis Downloads
Eric Leeper and Christopher Sims
4760: Steel Protection in the 1980s: The Waning Influence of Big Steel? Downloads
Michael Moore
4759: Staggering and Synchronization in Price-Setting: Evidence from Multipro-duct Firms Downloads
Saul Lach and Daniel Tsiddon
4758: Bilateralism and Regionalism in Japanese and U.S. Trade and Direct Foreign Investment Patterns Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Akiko Tamura
4757: The Effect of the Minimum Wage When It Really Bites: A Reexamination of the Evidence from Puerto Rico Downloads
Alan Krueger
4756: Multifactor Models Do Not Explain Deviations from the CAPM Downloads
A. Craig MacKinlay
4755: Changing Wage Structure and Black-White Differentials Among Men and Women: A Longitudinal Analysis Downloads
David Card and Thomas Lemieux
4754: Changes in the Structure of Family Income Inequality in the United States and Other Industrial Nationa During the 1980s Downloads
McKinley Blackburn and David Bloom
4753: American Regionalism and Global Free Trade Downloads
Edward Leamer
4752: The Great Wars, The Great Crash, and the Unit Root Hypothesis: Some New Evidence About an Old Stylized Fact Downloads
Dan Ben-David and David Papell
4751: The MFA Paradox: More Protection and More Trade? Downloads
Joseph Finger and Ann Harrison
4750: The Consumption Smoothing Benefits of Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Jonathan Gruber
4749: Precedent and Legal Argument in U.S. Trade Policy: Do They Matter To The Political Economy of the Lumber Dispute? Downloads
Joseph P. Kalt
4748: The Impact of Wage Structure on Trends in U.S. Gender Wage Differentials 1975-1987 Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
4747: The Political Economy of U.S. Export Subsidies for Wheat Downloads
Bruce Gardner
4746: The Political-Economy of U.S. Automobile Protection Downloads
Douglas Nelson
4745: Trade Politics and the Semiconductor Industry Downloads
Douglas Irwin
4744: Localization Economies, Vertical Organization and Trade Downloads
Gordon Hanson
4743: Information, Trading and Stock Returns: Lessons from Dually-Listed Securities Downloads
K.C. Chan, Wai-Ming Fong and René Stulz
4742: The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment: Theory and Evidence from the US Downloads
Richard Dickens, Stephen Machin and Alan Manning
4741: Downsizing and Productivity Growth: Myth or Reality? Downloads
Martin Neil Baily, Eric Bartelsman and John Haltiwanger
4740: The Legacy of Communist Labor Relations Downloads
David Blanchflower and Richard Freeman
4739: Learning By Doing and the Choice of Technology Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic and Yaw Nyarko
4738: Insignificant and Inconsequential Hysteresis: The Case of the U.S. Bilateral Trade Downloads
David Parsley and Shang-Jin Wei
4737: Anticipations of Foreign Exchange Volatility and Bid-Ask Spreads Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei
4736: On the Speed of Transition Central Europe Downloads
Philippe Aghion and Olivier Blanchard
4735: The Soviet Economic Decline: Historical and Republican Data Downloads
William Easterly and Stanley Fischer
4734: The Distribution of Public Sector Wage Premia: New Evidence Using Quantile Regression Methods Downloads
James Poterba and Kim Rueben
4733: British Unions in Decline: An Examination of the 1980s Fall in Trade Union Recognition Downloads
Richard Disney, Amanda Gosling and Stephen Machin
4732: Trade Unions and the Dispersion of Earnings in British Establishments, 1980-90 Downloads
Amanda Gosling and Stephen Machin
4731: An Analysis of Fee-Shifting Based on the Margin of Victory: On FrivolousSuits, Meritorious Suits and the Role of Rule 11 Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Howard F. Chang
4730: Externalities and Industrial Development Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson
4729: Training and the Growth of Wage Inequality Downloads
Jill Constantine and David Neumark
4728: Cities and Skills Downloads
Edward Glaeser and David Maré
4727: Transaction Costs in Dealer Markets: Evidence From The London Stock Exchange Downloads
Peter C. Reiss and Ingrid M. Werner
4726: A Comparison of Job Creation and Job Destruction in Canada and the United States Downloads
John Baldwin, Timothy Dunne and John Haltiwanger
4725: Capital Goods Imports and Long-Run Growth Downloads
Jong-Wha Lee
4724: The Valuation of Cash Flow Forecasts: An Empirical Analysis Downloads
Steven Kaplan and Richard S. Ruback
4723: Firm Diversification and CEO Compensation: Managerial Ability or Executive Entrenchment? Downloads
Nancy Rose and Andrea Shepard
4722: Testing Static Trade-off Against Pecking Order Models of Capital Structure Downloads
Lakshmi Shyam-Sunder and Stewart C. Myers
4721: Congressional Distributive Politics and State Economic Performance Downloads
Steven Levitt and James Poterba
4720: Implementing Option Pricing Models When Asset Returns Are Predictable Downloads
Andrew Lo and Jiang Wang
4719: Reconsidering the Costs of Business Cycles with Incomplete Markets Downloads
Andrew Atkeson and Christopher Phelan
4718: A Nonparametric Approach to Pricing and Hedging Derivative Securities Via Learning Networks Downloads
James M. Hutchinson, Andrew Lo and Tomaso Poggio
4717: A Stock Index Mutual Fund Without Net Capital Gains Realizations Downloads
Joel M. Dickson and John B. Shoven
4716: Trade, Wages and Revolving Door Ideas Downloads
Edward Leamer
4715: Trade and Circuses: Explaining Urban Giants Downloads
Alberto F. Ades and Edward Glaeser
4714: Evidence on Growth, Increasing Returns and the Extent of the Market Downloads
Alberto F. Ades and Edward Glaeser
4713: Regional Adjustment to Trade Liberalization Downloads
Gordon Hanson
4712: U.S. Interest Allocation Rules: Effects and Policy Downloads
Rosanne Altshuler and Jack Mintz
4711: Convergence in the Age of Mass Migration Downloads
Alan Taylor and Jeffrey Williamson
4710: U.S. Foreign Trade and the Balance of Payments, 1800-1913 Downloads
Robert Lipsey
4709: The U.S. Fiscal Problem: Where We Are, How We Got Here and Where We're Going Downloads
Alan Auerbach
4708: Alcohol Advertising and Motor Vehicle Fatalities Downloads
Henry Saffer
4707: The U-Shaped Female Labor Force Function in Economic Development and Economic History Downloads
Claudia Goldin
4706: A Semi-Classical Model of Price Level Adjustment Downloads
Bennett McCallum
4705: Recent Developments in the Marriage Tax Downloads
Daniel Feenberg and Harvey Rosen
4704: Executive Pay and Performance: Evidence from the U.S. Banking Industry Downloads
Robert Hubbard and Darius Palia
4703: The Tax Sensitivity of Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Firm-Level Panel Data Downloads
Jason Cummins and Robert Hubbard
4702: Portfolio Inefficiency and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns Downloads
Shmuel Kandel and Robert Stambaugh
4701: How Much Did Capital Forbearance Add to the Cost of the S&L Insurance Mess Downloads
Edward Kane and Min-Teh Yu
4700: Information and the Demand for Supplemental Medicare Insurance Downloads
Paul Gertler, Roland Sturm and Bruce Davidson
4699: The Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks: Some Evidence from the Flow of Funds Downloads
Lawrence Christiano, Martin Eichenbaum and Charles Evans
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