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2969: High Tech Firms in Israeli Industry Downloads
Arie Bregman, Melvyn Fuss and Haim Regev
2968: Layoffs and Lemons Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Lawrence F. Katz
2967: Labor Market Dynamics When Unemployment Is A Worker Discipline Device Downloads
Miles Spencer Kimball
2966: Does Monetary Policy Matter? A New Test in the Spirit of Friedman and Schwartz Downloads
Christina Duckworth Romer and David Romer
2965: Trade Liberalization in General Equilibrium: Intertemporal and Inter-Industry Effects Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder and Barry Julian Eichengreen
2964: Non-Neutral Taxation and the Efficiency Gains of the 1986 Tax Reform Act - - A New Look Downloads
Jane G. Gravelle
2963: Crumbling Pillar? Declining Union Density in Japan Downloads
Richard B. Freeman and Marcus Rebick
2962: The Long-Run Impact on Federal Tax Revenues and Capital Allocation of A Cut in the Capital Gains Tax Rate Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott and Yunhi Won
2961: Markets and Development Downloads
Joseph E. Stiglitz
2960: An Econometric Analysis of Nonsynchronous Trading Downloads
Andrew W. Lo and A. Craig MacKinlay
2959: Tariffs with Private Information and Reputation Downloads
Richard A. Jensen and Marie Thursby
2958: Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer: A Simple Model Downloads
Magnus Blomstrom and Jian-Ye Wang
2957: Business Cycles, Financial Crises, and Stock Volatility Downloads
G. William Schwert
2956: Heteroskedasticity in Stock Returns Downloads
G. William Schwert and Paul J. Seguin
2955: Alternative Models For Conditional Stock Volatility Downloads
Adrian Rodney Pagan and G. William Schwert
2954: Stock Volatility and the Crash of '87 Downloads
G. William Schwert
2953: Birth, Death and Taxes Downloads
Andrew Abel
2952: Experimental Assessment of the Effect of Vocational Training on Youthful Property Offenders Downloads
Pamela K. Lattimore, Ann Dryden Witte and Joanna R. Baker
2951: The Sources and Nature of Long-term Memory in the Business Cycle Downloads
Joseph Haubrich and Andrew W. Lo
2950: Real Exchange Rates in the Developing Countries: Concepts and Measure- ment Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
2949: Long-run Income and Interest Elasticities of Money Demand in the United States Downloads
Dennis Hoffman and Robert H. Rasche
2948: Wage Indexation and Time-Consistent Monetary Policy Downloads
Laurence Ball and Stephen Cecchetti
2947: Equilibrium Exchange Rate Hedging Downloads
Fischer Black
2946: Mean Reversion and Consumption Smoothing Downloads
Fischer Black
2945: Financial Market Imperfections and Productivity Growth Downloads
Bruce C. Greenwald and Joseph E. Stiglitz
2944: Relative Performance Evaluation for Chief Executive Officers Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Kevin J. Murphy
2943: Adjustment and Income Distribution: A Counterfactual Analysis Downloads
François J. Bourguignon, William H. Branson and Jaime A.P. de Melo
2942: How Strong are Bequest Motives? Evidence Based on Estimates of the Demand for Life Insurance and Annuities Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim
2941: Markup Behavior in Durable and Nondurable Manufacturing: A production Theory Approach Downloads
Catherine J. Morrison Paul
2940: Capital Controls and the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Sweder van Wijnbergen
2939: Signalling, Wage Controls and Monetary Disinflation Policy Downloads
Torsten Persson and Sweder van Wijnbergen
2938: Toward a Theory of Rigidities Downloads
Bruce C. Greenwald and Joseph E. Stiglitz
2937: The Competitive Externalities and the Optimal Seignorage Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
2936: Bounds on the Variances of Specification Errors in Models with Expectations Downloads
Steven N. Durlauf and Robert Ernest Hall
2935: The Pension Cost of Changing Jobs Downloads
Steven Allen, Robert L. Clark and Ann A. McDermed
2934: Simple Rules, Discretion and Monetary Policy Downloads
Robert P. Flood and Peter Isard
2933: Technological Characteristics of Industries and the Competitiveness of the U.S. and its Multinational Firms Downloads
Irving B. Kravis and Robert E. Lipsey
2932: Economic Capacity Utilization and Productivity Measurement for Multi-product firms with multiple quasi-fixed inputs Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt and Melvyn A. Fuss
2931: Coming Home to America: Dividend Repatriations by U.S. Multinationals Downloads
James R. Hines and Robert Glenn Hubbard
2930: Perishable Investment and Hysteresis in Capital Formation Downloads
Bernard Dumas
2929: Simulating the Effects of Some Simple Coordinated versus Uncoordinated Policy Downloads
Jacob A. Frenkel, Morris Goldstein and Paul Robert Masson
2928: The Demand for Lottery Products Downloads
Charles T. Clotfelter and Philip J Cook
2927: International Spillovers of Taxation Downloads
Jacob A. Frenkel, Assaf Razin and Steve Symansky
2926: Confidence Crises and Public Debt Management Downloads
Francesco Giavazzi and Marco Pagano
2925: The Stock Market and Investment Downloads
Robert J. Barro
2924: Consumption, Income, and Interest Rates: Reinterpreting the Time Series Evidence Downloads
John Y. Campbell and N. Gregory Mankiw
2923: The Internationalization of Production Downloads
Robert E. Lipsey
2922: Patents: Recent Trends and Puzzles Downloads
Zvi Griliches
2921: The Local Decision to Tax: Evidence from Large U.S. Cities Downloads
Robert P. Inman
2920: Vertical Foreclosure and International Trade Policy Downloads
Barbara Spencer and Ronald W. Jones
2919: Government Spending and Budget Deficits in the Industrial Economies Downloads
Nouriel Roubini and Jeffrey Sachs
2918: The Linkage Between Speculative Attack and Target Zone Models of Exchange Rates Downloads
Robert P. Flood and Peter M. Garber
2917: Pensions as Retirement Income Insurance Downloads
Zvi Bodie
2916: Strategic Trade Policy When Domestic Firms Compete Against Vertically Integrated Rivals Downloads
Dani Rodrik and Chang-Ho Yoon
2915: Public Sector Bargaining and the Local Budgetary Process Downloads
Joseph Gyourko and Joseph Tracy
2914: Exchange Rates and Foreign Direct Investment: An Imperfect Capital Markets Approach Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot and Jeremy C. Stein
2913: Endogenous Product Cycles Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
2912: Understanding Investment Incentives Under Parallel Tax Systems: An Application to the Alternative Minimum Tax Downloads
Andrew B Lyon
2911: Sunk-Cost Hysteresis Downloads
Richard Baldwin
2910: Transmission of Volatility Between Stock Markets Downloads
Mervyn A. King and Sushil Wadhwani
2909: The International Monetary Fund and the Developing Countries: A Critical Evaluation Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
2908: Openness, Outward Orientation, Trade Liberalization and Economic Performance in Developing Countries Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
2907: Terms of Trade Disturbances, Real Exchange Rates and Welfare: The Role of Capital Controls and Labor Market Distortions Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Jonathan David Ostry
2906: Market Value Vs. Financial Accounting Measures of National Saving Downloads
David F. Bradford
2905: Pricing to Market in Japanese Manufacturing Downloads
Richard C. Marston
2904: Asymmetries in Policy Between Exportables and Import-Competing Goods Downloads
Anne O. Krueger
2903: Testable Implications of Indeterminacies in Models with Rational Expectations Downloads
Robert P. Flood and Robert James Hodrick
2902: The Term Structure of Interest Rates and the Effects of Macroeconomic Policy Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky
2901: The Impact of R&D Investment On Productivity - New Evidence Using Linked R&D-LRD Data Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg and Donald S. Siegel
2900: Tax Reform and the Market For Tax-Exempt Debt Downloads
James Poterba
2899: Taxes and Capital Formation: How Important is Human Capital? Downloads
James Byron Davies and John Whalley
2898: Black-White Differences in Wealth and Asset Composition Downloads
Francine Blau and John W. Graham
2897: Social Conflict and Populist Policies in Latin America Downloads
Jeffrey D. Sachs
2896: Effects of Family and Community Background on Men's Economic Status Downloads
Mary Corcoran, Roger H. Gordon, Deborah Laren and Gary Solon
2895: The Effect of Takeovers on the Employment and Wages of Central-Office and Other Personnel Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg and Donald S. Siegel
2894: Exchange Rate Volatility and Misalignment: Evaluating Some Proposals for Reform Downloads
Jacob A. Frenkel and Morris Goldstein
2893: Empirical Implications of Alternative Models of Firm Dynamics Downloads
Ariel Pakes and Richard Ericson
2892: The American Way of Aging: An Event History Analysis Downloads
David T. Ellwood and Thomas J. Kane
2891: The Variability of Velocity in Cash-In-Advance Models Downloads
Robert James Hodrick, Narayana Kocherlakota and Deborah J. Lucas
2890: Conditional Mean-Variance Efficiency of the U.S. Stock Market Downloads
Charles Engel, Jeffrey Alexander Frankel, Kenneth A. Froot and Anthony P. Rodrigues
2889: Financial Factors in Economic Development Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch and Alejandro Reynoso
2888: Real Wages Over The Business Cycle Downloads
Robert B Barsky and Gary Solon
2887: Developing Country Borrowing and Domestic Wealth Downloads
Mark L. Gertler and Kenneth S Rogoff
2886: Recent Trends in Housing Conditions Among the Urban Poor Downloads
Rebecca M. Blank and Harvey Rosen
2885: The Extent of Measurement Error In Longitudinal Earnings Data: Do Two Wrongs Make A Right? Downloads
John Bound and Alan B. Krueger
2884: Measurement Error In Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Labor Market Surveys: Results From Two Validation Studies Downloads
John Bound, Charles Brown, Greg J. Duncan and Willard L Rodgers
2883: Empirical Research on Trade Liberalization With Imperfect Competition: A Survey Downloads
J. David Richardson
2882: Real Business Cycles: A New Keynesian Perspective Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
2881: Policy Analysis With a Multicountry Model Downloads
John B. Taylor
2880: Positive Feedback Investment Strategies and Destabilizing Rational Speculation Downloads
J. Bradford De Long, Andrei Shleifer, Lawrence H. Summers and Robert Waldmann
2879: Is the Bank of Japan a Closet Monetarist? Monetary Targeting in Japan, 1978-1988 Downloads
Takatoshi Ito
2878: Price and Output Adjustment in Japanese Manufacturing Downloads
William H. Branson and Richard C. Marston
2877: The Production Smoothing Model is Alive and Well Downloads
Ray C. Fair
2876: Cost-Reducing and Demand-Creating R&D With Spillovers Downloads
Richard C. Levin and Peter C. Reiss
2875: The Size and Incidence of the Losses from Noise Trading Downloads
J. Bradford De Long, Andrei Shleifer, Lawrence H. Summers and Robert Waldmann
2874: School District Leave Policies, Teacher Absenteeism, and Student Achievement Downloads
Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Randy A. Ehrenberg, Daniel . Rees and Eric L. Ehrenberg
2873: International Effects of Tax Reforms Downloads
Jacob A. Frenkel and Assaf Razin
2872: Private Sector Training and its Impact on the Earnings of Young Workers Downloads
Lisa Lynch
2871: Recent Trends in Insured and Uninsured Unemployment: Is There an Explanation? Downloads
Rebecca M. Blank and David E. Card
2870: The Employer Size-Wage Effect Downloads
Charles Brown and James L. Medoff
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