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2893: Empirical Implications of Alternative Models of Firm Dynamics Downloads
Ariel Pakes and Richard Ericson
2892: The American Way of Aging: An Event History Analysis Downloads
David T. Ellwood and Thomas J. Kane
2891: The Variability of Velocity in Cash-In-Advance Models Downloads
Robert James Hodrick, Narayana Kocherlakota and Deborah J. Lucas
2890: Conditional Mean-Variance Efficiency of the U.S. Stock Market Downloads
Charles Engel, Jeffrey Alexander Frankel, Kenneth A. Froot and Anthony P. Rodrigues
2889: Financial Factors in Economic Development Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch and Alejandro Reynoso
2888: Real Wages Over The Business Cycle Downloads
Robert B Barsky and Gary Solon
2887: Developing Country Borrowing and Domestic Wealth Downloads
Mark L. Gertler and Kenneth S Rogoff
2886: Recent Trends in Housing Conditions Among the Urban Poor Downloads
Rebecca M. Blank and Harvey Rosen
2885: The Extent of Measurement Error In Longitudinal Earnings Data: Do Two Wrongs Make A Right? Downloads
John Bound and Alan B. Krueger
2884: Measurement Error In Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Labor Market Surveys: Results From Two Validation Studies Downloads
John Bound, Charles Brown, Greg J. Duncan and Willard L Rodgers
2883: Empirical Research on Trade Liberalization With Imperfect Competition: A Survey Downloads
J. David Richardson
2882: Real Business Cycles: A New Keynesian Perspective Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
2881: Policy Analysis With a Multicountry Model Downloads
John B. Taylor
2880: Positive Feedback Investment Strategies and Destabilizing Rational Speculation Downloads
J. Bradford De Long, Andrei Shleifer, Lawrence H. Summers and Robert Waldmann
2879: Is the Bank of Japan a Closet Monetarist? Monetary Targeting in Japan, 1978-1988 Downloads
Takatoshi Ito
2878: Price and Output Adjustment in Japanese Manufacturing Downloads
William H. Branson and Richard C. Marston
2877: The Production Smoothing Model is Alive and Well Downloads
Ray C. Fair
2876: Cost-Reducing and Demand-Creating R&D With Spillovers Downloads
Richard C. Levin and Peter C. Reiss
2875: The Size and Incidence of the Losses from Noise Trading Downloads
J. Bradford De Long, Andrei Shleifer, Lawrence H. Summers and Robert Waldmann
2874: School District Leave Policies, Teacher Absenteeism, and Student Achievement Downloads
Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Randy A. Ehrenberg, Daniel . Rees and Eric L. Ehrenberg
2873: International Effects of Tax Reforms Downloads
Jacob A. Frenkel and Assaf Razin
2872: Private Sector Training and its Impact on the Earnings of Young Workers Downloads
Lisa Lynch
2871: Recent Trends in Insured and Uninsured Unemployment: Is There an Explanation? Downloads
Rebecca M. Blank and David E. Card
2870: The Employer Size-Wage Effect Downloads
Charles Brown and James L. Medoff
2869: Dynamic Seigniorage Theory: An Exploration Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
2868: Inward Versus Outward Growth Orientation in the Presence of Country Risk Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
2867: Dealing With Debt: The 1930s and the 1980s Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen and Richard Portes
2866: Devaluation Crises and the Macroeconomic Consequences of Postponed Adjustment in Developing Countries Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Peter J. Montiel
2865: Facts and Factors in the Recent Evolution of Business Cycles in the United States Downloads
Victor Zarnowitz
2864: Adverse Selection in Credit Markets and Infant Industry Protection Downloads
Harry Flam and Robert W. Staiger
2863: Integration of the International Capital Markets: The Size of Government and Tax Coordination Downloads
Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka
2862: Unemployment, Inflation, and Wages in the American Depression: Are There Lessons for Europe? Downloads
Ben S. Bernanke and Martin Parkinson
2861: Choosing Among Alternative Nonexperimental Methods for Estimating the Impact of Social Programs: The Case of Manpower Training Downloads
James J. Heckman
2860: The Impact of Government on the Economic Status of Black Americans Downloads
James J. Heckman
2859: But They Don't Want to Reduce Housing Equity Downloads
Steven Venti and David Wise
2858: Employment, Unemployment and Demand Shifts in Local Labor Markets Downloads
Harry J. Holzer
2857: Trends in Worker Demand for Union Representation Downloads
Henry S. Farber
2856: Quantifying International Capital Mobility in the 1980s Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel
2855: A Cross-Country Study of Growth, Saving, and Government Downloads
Robert J. Barro
2854: Determining the Impact of Federal Antidiscrimination Policy on the Economic Status of Blacks: A Study of South Carolina Downloads
James J. Heckman and Brook S. Payner
2853: Second Mortgages and Household Saving Downloads
Joyce M. Manchester and James Poterba
2852: Money, Income and Prices After the 1980s Downloads
Benjamin M. Friedman and Kenneth Neil Kuttner
2851: Medicaid and the Cost of Improving Access to Nursing Home Care Downloads
Paul Gertler
2850: Sovereign Debt Repurchases: No Cure for Overhang Downloads
Jeremy Bulow and Kenneth S Rogoff
2849: Obstacles to Coordination, and a Consideration of Two Proposals to Overcome Them Downloads
Jeffrey Alexander Frankel
2848: Precautionary Saving in the Small and in the Large Downloads
Miles Spencer Kimball
2847: Integration of Mortgage and Capital Markets and the Accumulation of Residential Capital Downloads
Patric H. Hendershott and Robert Albert Van Order
2846: Comovements in Stock Prices and Comovements in Dividends Downloads
Robert J. Shiller
2845: Sources of IRA Saving Downloads
Daniel Richard Feenberg and Jonathan Skinner
2844: Adequacy of International Transactions and Position Data for Policy Coordination Downloads
Lois Stekler
2843: Predicting Nursing Home Utilization Among the High-Risk Elderly Downloads
Alan M. Garber and Thomas E. MaCurdy
2842: Housing Wealth and Aggregate Saving Downloads
Jonathan Skinner
2841: From Deficit Delusion to the Fiscal Balance Rule: Looking For an Economically Meaningful Way to Assess Fiscal Policy Downloads
Laurence J. Kotlikoff
2840: The Case of the Vanishing Revenues: Auction Quotas with Monopoly Downloads
Kala Krishna
2839: Auctioning U.S. Import Quotas, Foreign Response, and Alternative Policies Downloads
Robert C. Feenstra
2838: The Case Against Trying to Stabilize the Dollar Downloads
Martin S. Feldstein
2837: Tax Policies For the 1990's: Personal Saving, Business Investment, and Corporate Debt Downloads
Martin S. Feldstein
2836: How Incentive-Incompatible Deposit-Insurance Funds Fail Downloads
Edward J. Kane
2835: Exchange Rate Dynamics Under Stochastic Regime Shifts: A Unified Approach Downloads
Kenneth A. Froot and Maurice Obstfeld
2834: A Time-Series Analysis of Unemployment and Health: The Case of Birth Outcomes in New York City Downloads
Ted Joyce
2833: Lifetime Incidence and the Distributional Burden of Excise Taxes Downloads
James Poterba
2832: Venture Capital and Capital Gains Taxation Downloads
James Poterba
2831: Disability Status as an Unobservable: Estimates From a Structural Model Downloads
Robert H. Haveman, Barbara L. Wolfe and Fung Mey Huang
2830: Wages, Employer Costs, and Employee Performance in the Firm Downloads
Harry J. Holzer
2829: The Equity Premium Puzzle and the Riskfree Rate Puzzle Downloads
Philippe Weil
2828: Exchange Rate Hysteresis: The Real Effects of Large vs Small Policy Misalignments Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Richard K. Lyons
2827: Pregnancy Resolution as an Indicator of Wantedness and its Impact on the Initiation of Early Prenatal Care Downloads
Ted Joyce and Michael Grossman
2826: The General Equilibrium Effects of Inflation on Housing Consumption and Investment Downloads
James Berkovec and Don Fullerton
2825: Money Stock Targeting, Base Drift and Price-Level Predictability: Lessons From the U.K. Experience Downloads
Michael David Bordo, Ehsan U. Choudhri and Anna Jacobson Schwartz
2824: Risk Aversion and Intertemporal Substitution in the Capital Asset Pricing Model Downloads
Alberto Giovannini and Philippe Weil
2823: Money, Credit, and Business Fluctuations Downloads
Joseph E. Stiglitz
2822: Money, Time Preference and External Balance Downloads
Philippe Weil
2821: On The Possibility of Price Decreasing Bubbles Downloads
Philippe Weil
2820: Imperfect Annuity Markets, Unintended Bequests, and the Optimal Age Structure of Social Security Benefits Downloads
Martin S. Feldstein
2819: Budget Deficits, Tax Incentives and Inflation: A Surprising Lesson From The 1983-84 Recovery Downloads
Martin S. Feldstein and Douglas W. Elmendorf
2818: A Markov Model of Heteroskedasticity, Risk, and Learning in the Stock Market Downloads
Christopher M. Turner, Richard Startz and Charles R. Nelson
2817: On the Divergence in Unionism among Developed Countries Downloads
Richard B. Freeman
2816: The Health and Earnings of Rejected Disability Insurance Applicants Downloads
John Bound
2815: Should Nations Learn to Live With Inflation? Downloads
Stanley Fischer and Lawrence H. Summers
2814: Tax Policy, Housing Prices, and Housing Investment Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder
2813: A Behavioral Approach to Compliance: OSHA Enforcement's Impact on Workplace Accidents Downloads
Wayne B. Gray and John T. Scholz
2812: Major Macroeconomic Variables and Leading Indexes: Some Estimates of Their Interrelations, 1886-1982 Downloads
Victor Zarnowitz and Phillip A. Braun
2811: Exchange Rate Variability And Asset Trade Downloads
Torsten Persson and Lars E. O. Svensson
2810: If Labor is Inelastic, Are Taxes Still Distorting? Downloads
Don Fullerton
2809: Comparative Advantage and Long-Run Growth Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
2808: A Dynamic Analysis of Household Dissolution and Living Arrangement Transitions by Elderly Americans Downloads
Axel Borsch-Supan
2807: The Excess Smoothness of Consumption: Identification and Interpretation Downloads
Marjorie A. Flavin
2806: Initial Public Offerings: Investor Behavior and Underpricing Downloads
Robert J. Shiller
2805: Employer Behavior in the Face of Union Organizing Drives Downloads
Richard B. Freeman and Morris M. Kleiner
2804: Demographic Analysis of Birthweight-Specific Neonatal Mortality Downloads
Hope Corman, Michael Grossman and Ted Joyce
2803: The Joint Retirement Decision of Husbands and Wives Downloads
Michael D. Hurd
2802: Adjusting to an Aging Labor Force Downloads
Edward Lazear
2801: Fear of Nuclear War and Intercountry Differences in the Rate of Saving Downloads
Joel Slemrod
2800: Shirking or Productive Schmoozing: Wages and the Allocation of Time at Work Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh
2799: Markups in U.S. and Japanese Manufacturing: A Short Run Econometric Analysis Downloads
Catherine J. Morrison Paul
2798: Why Does Stock Market Volatility Change Over Time? Downloads
G. William Schwert
2797: The Dynamics of an Aging Population: The Case of Four OECD Countries Downloads
Alan Auerbach, Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Robert Hagemann and Giuseppe Nicoletti
2796: The Effectiveness of Foreign-Exchange Intervention: Recent Experience Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
2795: Mean Reversion in Stock Prices? A Reappraisal of the Empirical Evidence Downloads
Myung Jig Kim, Charles R. Nelson and Richard Startz
2794: The Baby Boom, The Baby Bust, and the Housing Market Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw and David N. Weil
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