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5077: Product Quality and Worker Quality Downloads
John Abowd, Francis Kramarz and Antoine Moreau
5076: The Growing Importance of Cognitive Skills in Wage Determination Downloads
Richard Murnane, John B. Willett and Frank Levy
5075: Two Fallacies Concerning Central Bank Independence Downloads
Bennett McCallum
5074: Endogenous Mortgage Choice, Borrowing Constraints and the Tenure Decision Downloads
William C. LaFayette, Donald Haurin and Patric Hendershott
5073: Are Apparent Productive Spillovers a Figment of Specification Error? Downloads
Susanto Basu and John Fernald
5072: The Effects of School and Family Characteristics on the Return to Education Downloads
Joseph Altonji and Thomas A. Dunn
5071: Selling Price and Selling Time: The Impact of Seller Motivation Downloads
Michel Glower, Donald Haurin and Patric Hendershott
5070: Wealth Accumulation and Housing Choices of Young Households: An Exploratory Investigation Downloads
Donald Haurin, Susan Wachter and Patric Hendershott
5069: Debt Usage and Mortgage Choice: Sensitivity to Default Insurance Costs Downloads
Patric Hendershott and William C. LaFayette
5068: Universities as a Source of Commercial Technology: A Detailed Analysis of University Patenting 1965-1988 Downloads
Rebecca Henderson, Adam Jaffe and Manuel Trajtenberg
5067: Production Functions: The Search for Identification Downloads
Zvi Griliches and Jacques Mairesse
5066: The Effect of Medicaid Abortion Funding Restrictions on Abortions, Pregnancies, and Births Downloads
Phillip Levine, Amy B. Trainor and David Zimmerman
5065: Parental Leave Policies in Europe and North America Downloads
Christopher Ruhm and Jackqueline L. Teague
5064: Modern Approaches to Central Banking Downloads
Stanley Fischer
5063: Product Development and the Timing of Information Disclosure under U.S.and Japanese Patent Systems Downloads
Reiko Aoki and Thomas Prusa
5062: Cumulation and ITC Decision-Making: The Sum of the Parts is Greater thanthe Whole Downloads
Wendy L. Hansen and Thomas Prusa
5061: Exact Hedonic Price Indexes Downloads
Robert Feenstra
5060: Government Interventions and Productivity Growth in Korean ManufacturingIndustries Downloads
Jong-Wha Lee
5059: Public R&D Policies and Cost Behavior of the US Manufacturing Industries Downloads
Theofanis Mamuneas and M. Ishaq Nadiri
5058: Is Workers' Compensation Covering Uninsured Medical Costs? Evidence fromthe `Monday Effect' Downloads
David Card and Brian McCall
5057: How Does Foreign Direct Investment Affect Economic Growth? Downloads
Eduardo Borensztein, Jose De Gregorio and Jong-Wha Lee
5056: Collusion over the Business Cycle Downloads
Kyle Bagwell and Robert Staiger
5055: Tax Avoidance and the Deadweight Loss of the Income Tax Downloads
Martin Feldstein
5054: Social Security and Saving: New Time Series Evidence Downloads
Martin Feldstein
5053: The Incidence of Payroll Taxation: Evidence from Chile Downloads
Jonathan Gruber
5052: Health Insurance Eligibility, Utilization of Medical care, and Child Health Downloads
Janet Currie and Jonathan Gruber
5051: Estimating the Effects of Trade Policy Downloads
Robert Feenstra
5050: On the Number and Size of Nations Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Enrico Spolaore
5049: Trade in Ideas: Patenting and Productivity in the OECD Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Samuel Kortum
5048: North-South R&D Spillovers Downloads
David Coe, Elhanan Helpman and Alexander Hoffmaister
5047: Do Airlines in Chapter 11 Harm Their Rivals? Bankruptcy and Pricing Behavior in U.S. Airline Markets Downloads
Severin Borenstein and Nancy Rose
5046: The Quantitative Analytics of the Basic Neomonetarist Model Downloads
Miles Kimball
5045: Are Banks Dead? Or Are the Reports Greatly Exaggerated? Downloads
John H. Boyd and Mark Gertler
5044: Relative Income Concerns and the Rise in Married Women's Employment Downloads
David Neumark and Andrew Postlewaite
5043: The Rational Expectations Revolution: A Review Article of: Preston J. Miller, ed.:The Rational Expectations Revolution, Readings from the Front Line Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
5042: Aggregate Employment Dynamics: Building From Microeconomic Evidence Downloads
Ricardo Caballero, Eduardo Engel and John Haltiwanger
5041: Investment in New Activities and the Welfare Cost of Uncertainty Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
5040: Quality Adjusted Cost Functions for Child Care Centers Downloads
Naci Mocan
5039: Economic Convergence and Economic Policies Downloads
Jeffrey D. Sachs and Andrew Warner
5038: The Effects of Cocaine and Marijuana Use on Marriage and Marital Stability Downloads
Robert Kaestner
5037: The Effects of Trade and Foreign Direct Investment on Employment and Relative Wages Downloads
Robert Baldwin
5036: Multinational Firms and The New Trade Theory Downloads
James Markusen and Anthony Venables
5035: Quality-Adjusted Prices for the American Automobile Industry: 1906-1940 Downloads
Daniel M.G. Raff and Manuel Trajtenberg
5034: To Comfort Always: The Prospects of Expanded Social Responsibility for Long-Term Care Downloads
Alan M. Garber
5033: Is the Japanese Extended Family Altruistically Linked? A Test based on Engel Curves Downloads
Fumio Hayashi
5032: Purchasing Power Disparity During the Floating Rate Period: Exchange Rate Volatility, Trade Barriers and Other Culprits Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei and David Parsley
5031: Some Lessons from the Yield Curve Downloads
John Campbell
5030: Is High School Employment Consumption or Investment? Downloads
Christopher Ruhm
5029: Exploring New Markets: Direct Investment, Contractual Relations and the Multinational Enterprise Downloads
Ignatius Horstmann and James Markusen
5028: Capital Income Taxation and Long Run Growth: New Perspectives Downloads
Assaf Razin and Chi-Wa Yuen
5027: Maximizing Predictability in the Stock and Bond Markets Downloads
Andrew Lo and A. Craig MacKinlay
5026: Crime and Social Interactions Downloads
Edward Glaeser, Bruce Sacerdote and Jose Scheinkman
5025: International Trade and Business Cycles Downloads
Marianne Baxter
5024: Sex Discrimination in Restaurant Hiring: An Audit Study Downloads
David Neumark, Roy J. Bank and Kyle D. Van Nort
5023: Taxation and Labor Supply of Married Women: The Tax Reform Act of 1986 as a Natural Experiment Downloads
Nada Eissa
5022: Measuring Business Cycles Approximate Band-Pass Filters for Economic Time Series Downloads
Marianne Baxter and Robert King
5021: International Trade and Open Access Renewable Resources: The Small Open Economy Case Downloads
James Brander and M. Scott Taylor
5020: Strategic Trade Policy Downloads
James Brander
5019: The International Diversification Puzzle is Worse Than You Think Downloads
Marianne Baxter and Urban Jermann
5018: A Labor-Income-Based Measure of the Value of Human Capital: An Application to the States of the United States Downloads
Casey Mulligan and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
5017: The Illusion of Failure: Trends in the Self-Reported Health of the U.S. Elderly Downloads
Timothy Waidmann, John Bound and Michael Schoenbaum
5016: Measuring Aggregate Human Capital Downloads
Casey Mulligan and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
5015: The Deficit Gamble Downloads
Laurence Ball, Douglas Elmendorf and N. Gregory Mankiw
5014: Are Lifetime Jobs Disappearing? Job Duration in the United States: 1973-1993 Downloads
Henry S. Farber
5013: Economic Growth in a Cross-Section of Cities Downloads
Edward Glaeser, Jose Scheinkman and Andrei Shleifer
5012: Price, Tobacco Control Policies and Smoking Among Young Adults Downloads
Frank Chaloupka and Henry Wechsler
5011: Do Firms Smooth the Seasonal in Production in a Boom? Theory and Evidence Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti, Anil Kashyap and David Wilcox
5010: Differential Information and Dynamic Behavior of Stock Trading Volume Downloads
Hua He and Jiang Wang
5009: Tax Projections and the Budget: Lessons from the 1980s Downloads
Alan Auerbach
5008: Regional Cost-of-Living Adjustments in Tax-Transfer Schemes Downloads
Louis Kaplow
5007: Holdups, Standard Breach Remedies, and Optimal Investment Downloads
Aaron Edlin and Stefan Reichelstein
5006: A Panel Project on Purchasing Power Parity: Mean Reversion Within and Between Countries Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel and Andrew Rose
5005: Common Interests or Common Polities? Reinterpreting the Democratic Peace Downloads
Henry S. Farber and Joanne Gowa
5004: Spatial Productivity Spillovers from Public Infrastructure: Evidence from State Highways Downloads
Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Amy Schwartz
5003: Public Employment, Taxes and the Welfare State in Sweden Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
5002: The Impact of Federal Spending on House Election Outcomes Downloads
Steven Levitt and James Snyder
5001: Empirical Matching Functions: Estimation and Interpretation Using Disaggregate Data Downloads
Patricia Anderson and Simon Burgess
5000: Behavioral Responses to Tax Rates: Evidence from TRA86 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
4999: The Adding Up Problem: A Targeting Approach Downloads
Kala Krishna
4998: Antitrust and Higher Education: Was There a Conspiracy to Restrict Financial Aid? Downloads
Dennis Carlton, Gustavo E. Bamberger and Roy Epstein
4997: On the Predictability of Stock Returns: An Asset-Allocation Perspective Downloads
Shmuel Kandel and Robert Stambaugh
4996: Income and Wealth of Older American Households: Modeling Issues for Public Policy Analysis Downloads
Alan Gustman and F. Juster
4995: By Force of Habit: A Consumption-Based Explanation of Aggregate Stock Market Behavior Downloads
John Campbell and John Cochrane
4994: Pollution Abatement Costs, Regulation, and Plant-Level Productivity Downloads
Wayne Gray and Ronald J. Shadbegian
4993: The Decline of Traditional Banking: Implications for Financial Stabilityand Regulatory Policy Downloads
Franklin R. Edwards and Frederic Mishkin
4992: Economic Risk and Political Risk in Fiscal Unions Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Roberto Perotti
4991: Using Electoral Cycles in Police Hiring to Estimate the Effect of Policeon Crime Downloads
Steven Levitt
4990: Diversification, Integration and Emerging Market Closed-End Funds Downloads
Geert Bekaert and Michael S. Urias
4989: The Causes and Effects of Liability Reform: Some Empirical Evidence Downloads
Thomas J. Campbell, Daniel P. Kessler and George B. Shepherd
4988: A Dynamic Structural Model for Stock Return Volatility and Trading Volume Downloads
William Brock and Blake Lebaron
4987: The Incentive Effects of Property Taxes on Local Governments Downloads
Edward Glaeser
4986: The Effect of Uncertainty on Investment: Some Stylized Facts Downloads
John Leahy and Toni Whited
4985: The Swedish Experience of an Inflation Target Downloads
Lars Svensson
4984: Foreign Exchange Volume: Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing? Downloads
Richard Lyons
4983: Implementing Free Trade Areas: Rules of Origin and Hidden Protection Downloads
Kala Krishna and Anne Krueger
4982: Explaining Forward Exchange Bias..Intraday Downloads
Richard Lyons and Andrew Rose
4981: The Demand for Post-Patent Prescription Pharmaceuticals Downloads
Judith Hellerstein
4980: Political Constraints on Executive Compensation: Evidence from the Electric Utility Industry Downloads
Paul Joskow, Nancy Rose and Catherin D. Wolfram
4979: Does Competition Among Public Schools Benefit Students and Taxpayers? Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
4978: Do Private Schools Provide Competition for Public Schools? Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
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