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15957: An Alternative Theory of the Plant Size Distribution with an Application to Trade Downloads
Thomas Holmes and John Stevens
15956: An Autopsy of the U.S. Financial System Downloads
Ross Levine
15955: A Dynamic Model of Housing Demand: Estimation and Policy Implications Downloads
Patrick Bajari, Phoebe Chan, Dirk Krueger and Daniel Miller
15954: The Falling Time Cost of College: Evidence from Half a Century of Time Use Data Downloads
Philip Babcock and Mindy Marks
15953: Binge Drinking and Risky Sex among College Students Downloads
Jeffrey DeSimone
15952: Borrow Cheap, Buy High? The Determinants of Leverage and Pricing in Buyouts Downloads
Ulf Axelson, Tim Jenkinson, Per Stromberg and Michael Weisbach
15951: Measurement Errors in Investment Equations Downloads
Heitor Almeida, Murillo Campello and Antonio F. Galvao
15950: Does Risk Explain Anomalies? Evidence from Expected Return Estimates Downloads
Jin Ginger Wu and Lu Zhang
15949: The Economics of International Differences in Educational Achievement Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann
15948: Characteristic Timing Downloads
Robin Greenwood and Samuel Hanson
15947: Local Labor Markets Downloads
Enrico Moretti
15946: The Political Economy of Intergenerational Income Mobility Downloads
Andrea Ichino, Loukas Karabarbounis and Enrico Moretti
15945: Short Criminals: Stature and Crime in Early America Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn, Carolyn Moehling and Gregory Price
15944: Theory, General Equilibrium and Political Economy in Development Economics Downloads
Daron Acemoglu
15943: Breadth vs. Depth: The Timing of Specialization in Higher Education Downloads
Ofer Malamud
15942: Who Pays Cigarette Taxes? The Impact of Consumer Price Search Downloads
Philip DeCicca, Donald Kenkel and Feng Liu
15941: Excise Tax Avoidance: The Case of State Cigarette Taxes Downloads
Philip DeCicca, Donald Kenkel and Feng Liu
15940: The Other Side of Value: Good Growth and the Gross Profitability Premium Downloads
Robert Novy-Marx
15939: Energy Conservation "Nudges" and Environmentalist Ideology: Evidence from a Randomized Residential Electricity Field Experiment Downloads
Dora Costa and Matthew Kahn
15938: On the Sources of Aggregate Fluctuations in Emerging Economies Downloads
Roberto Chang and Andrés Fernández Martin
15937: Locked Up by a Lockup: Valuing Liquidity as a Real Option Downloads
Andrew Ang and Nicolas P.B. Bollen
15936: Foreign Ownership and Employment Growth in Indonesian Manufacturing Downloads
Robert Lipsey, Fredrik Sjöholm and Jing Sun
15935: Can Pollution Tax Rebates Protect Low-Income Families? The Effects of Relative Wage Rates Downloads
Don Fullerton and Holly Monti
15934: Fiscal Rules in India: Are They Effective? Downloads
Willem Buiter and Urjit R. Patel
15933: Client-Based Entrepreneurship Downloads
James Rauch and Joel Watson
15932: Does Reducing College Costs Improve Educational Outcomes for Undocumented Immigrants? Evidence from State Laws Permitting Undocumented Immigrants to Pay In-state Tuition at State Colleges and Universities Downloads
Aimee Chin and Chinhui Juhn
15931: Unemployment Fiscal Multipliers Downloads
Tommaso Monacelli, Roberto Perotti and Antonella Trigari
15930: Innovators: Filmmakers Downloads
David Galenson
15929: Reading the Recent Monetary History of the U.S., 1959-2007 Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerron and Juan F Rubio-Ramirez
15928: Fortune or Virtue: Time-Variant Volatilities Versus Parameter Drifting in U.S. Data Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Pablo Guerron and Juan F Rubio-Ramirez
15927: Excessive Volatility in Capital Flows: A Pigouvian Taxation Approach Downloads
Olivier Jeanne and Anton Korinek
15926: Expansion of Trade at the Extensive Margin: A General Gains-from-Trade Result and Illustrative Examples Downloads
James Markusen
15925: Religious Identity and Economic Behavior Downloads
Daniel Benjamin, James Choi and Geoffrey W. Fisher
15924: Credit within the firm Downloads
Luigi Pistaferri, Luigi Guiso and Fabiano Schivardi
15923: Explaining the Favorite-Longshot Bias: Is it Risk-Love or Misperceptions? Downloads
Erik Snowberg and Justin Wolfers
15922: Do Call Centers Promote School Enrollment? Evidence from India Downloads
Emily Oster and M. Bryce Millett
15921: Identifying Supply and Demand Elasticities of Agricultural Commodities: Implications for the US Ethanol Mandate Downloads
Michael Roberts and Wolfram Schlenker
15920: Crises and Recoveries in an Empirical Model of Consumption Disasters Downloads
Emi Nakamura, Jon Steinsson, Robert Barro and José Ursúa
15919: Balance Sheet Adjustments in the 2008 Crisis Downloads
Zhiguo He, In Gu Khang and Arvind Krishnamurthy
15918: Leadership: A Personnel Economics Approach Downloads
Edward Lazear
15917: The dark side of outside directors: Do they quit when they are most needed? Downloads
Ruediger Fahlenbrach, Angie Low and René Stulz
15916: Ideological Segregation Online and Offline Downloads
Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro
15915: Household Location and Schools in Metropolitan Areas with Heterogeneous Suburbs; Tiebout, Alonso, and Government Policy Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Kuzey Yilmaz
15914: Earnings, Consumption and Lifecycle Choices Downloads
Costas Meghir and Luigi Pistaferri
15913: Lab Labor: What Can Labor Economists Learn from the Lab? Downloads
Gary Charness and Peter Kuhn
15912: Learning and the Disappearing Association Between Governance and Returns Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk, Alma Cohen and Charles C.Y. Wang
15911: Trust and Well-being Downloads
John Helliwell and Shun Wang
15910: Agency Costs, Mispricing, and Ownership Structure Downloads
Sergey Chernenko, C. Fritz Foley and Robin Greenwood
15909: Tapping the Supercomputer Under Your Desk: Solving Dynamic Equilibrium Models with Graphics Processors Downloads
Eric Aldrich, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, A. Gallant and Juan F Rubio-Ramirez
15908: Simple and Robust Rules for Monetary Policy Downloads
John Taylor and John Williams
15907: Decoupling and Recoupling Downloads
Anton Korinek, Agustín Roitman and Carlos Vegh
15906: A Corporate Beauty Contest Downloads
John R. Graham, Campbell Harvey and Manju Puri
15905: Nurturing the Accumulation of Innovations: Lessons from the Internet Downloads
Shane Greenstein
15904: Getting Cars Off the Road: The Cost-Effectiveness of an Episodic Pollution Control Program Downloads
Maureen Cropper, Yi Jiang, Anna Alberini and Patrick Baur
15903: Putting Per-Capita Income Back into Trade Theory Downloads
James Markusen
15902: A New Data Set of Educational Attainment in the World, 1950-2010 Downloads
Robert Barro and Jong-Wha Lee
15901: Search in Macroeconomic Models of the Labor Market Downloads
Richard Rogerson and Robert Shimer
15900: Deep Financial Integration and Volatility Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Bent Sorensen and Vadym Volosovych
15899: Optimal Emission Pricing in the Presence of International Spillovers: Decomposing Leakage and Terms-of-Trade Motives Downloads
Christoph Böhringer, Andreas Lange and Thomas Rutherford
15898: Financial Incentives and Student Achievement: Evidence from Randomized Trials Downloads
Roland Fryer
15897: The Marginal Products of Residential and Non-Residential Capital Through 2009 Downloads
Casey Mulligan and Luke Threinen
15896: Household Leverage and the Recession of 2007 to 2009 Downloads
Atif Mian and Amir Sufi
15895: The Effect of State Workers' Compensation Program Changes on the Use of Federal Social Security Disability Insurance Downloads
Melissa P. McInerney and Kosali Simon
15894: Education Policy and Crime Downloads
Lance Lochner
15893: Quantifying the Impact of Financial Development on Economic Development Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood, Juan Sanchez and Cheng Wang
15892: Increasing Time to Baccalaureate Degree in the United States Downloads
John Bound, Michael Lovenheim and Sarah Turner
15891: Understanding the mechanisms of economic development Downloads
Angus Deaton
15890: The Term Structure of Interest Rates in a DSGE Model with Recursive Preferences Downloads
Jules van Binsbergen, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Ralph Koijen and Juan F Rubio-Ramirez
15889: Recent Developments in Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
Sandra Black and Paul Devereux
15888: Pass-Through of Oil Prices to Japanese Domestic Prices Downloads
Etsuro Shioji and Taisuke Uchino
15887: Measuring and Understanding Subjective Well-Being Downloads
John Helliwell and Christopher Barrington-Leigh
15886: Jobs and Kids: Female Employment and Fertility in Rural China Downloads
Hai Fang, Karen Eggleston, John Rizzo and Richard Zeckhauser
15885: Do Americans Consume Too Little Natural Gas? An Empirical Test of Marginal Cost Pricing Downloads
Lucas Davis and Erich Muehlegger
15884: The Shanxi Banks Downloads
Randall Morck and Fan Yang
15883: Beauty Contests and Irrational Exuberance: A Neoclassical Approach Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos, Guido Lorenzoni and Alessandro Pavan
15882: Trade-in-goods and trade-in-tasks: An Integrating Framework Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
15881: Intra-firm Trade and Product Contractibility (Long Version) Downloads
Andrew Bernard, J. Jensen, Stephen Redding and Peter Schott
15880: Has medical innovation reduced cancer mortality? Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
15879: How Has the Monetary Transmission Mechanism Evolved Over Time? Downloads
Jean Boivin, Michael Kiley and Frederic Mishkin
15878: Why Do Inventories Rise When Demand Falls in Housing and Other Markets? Downloads
Edward Lazear
15877: Public Safety through Private Action: An economic assessment of BIDs, locks, and citizen cooperation Downloads
Philip J Cook and John MacDonald
15876: Surfing the Waves of Globalization: Asia and Financial Globalization in the Context of the Trilemma Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Menzie Chinn and Hiro Ito
15875: Diet, Health and Work Intensity in England and Wales, 1700-1914 Downloads
Bernard Harris, Roderick Floud, Robert Fogel and Sok Chul Hong
15874: Improving Employment Prospects for Former Prison Inmates: Challenges and Policy Downloads
Steven Raphael
15873: The Effect of Daughters on Partisanship Downloads
Dalton Conley and Emily Rauscher
15872: One for the Road: Public Transportation, Alcohol Consumption, and Intoxicated Driving Downloads
C. Kirabo Jackson and Emily Owens
15871: Monetary Policy and Unemployment Downloads
Jordi Gali
15870: Economic Growth with Bubbles Downloads
Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura
15869: Recruiting for Ideas: How Firms Exploit the Prior Inventions of New Hires Downloads
Jasjit Singh and Ajay Agrawal
15868: The Harrod-Balassa-Samuelson Hypothesis: Real Exchange Rates and their Long-Run Equilibrium Downloads
Yanping Chong, Oscar Jorda and Alan Taylor
15867: Sample Selectivity and the Validity of International Student Achievement Tests in Economic Research Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann
15866: Investor Overconfidence and the Forward Premium Puzzle Downloads
Craig Burnside, Bing Han, David Hirshleifer and Tracy Yue Wang
15865: Interest Groups, Information Manipulation in the Media, and Public Policy: The Case of the Landless Peasants Movement in Brazil Downloads
Lee Alston, Gary Libecap and Bernardo Mueller
15864: Estimation of a Dynamic Model of Weight Downloads
Shu Wen Ng, Edward Norton, David K. Guilkey and Barry M. Popkin
15863: Agriculture, Roads, and Economic Development in Uganda Downloads
Douglas Gollin and Richard Rogerson
15862: The Trend of Mean BMI Values of US Adults, Birth Cohorts 1882-1986 Indicates that the Obesity Epidemic Began Earlier than Hitherto Thought Downloads
John Komlos and Marek Brabec
15861: How University Endowments Respond to Financial Market Shocks: Evidence and Implications Downloads
Jeffrey Brown, Stephen Dimmock, Jun-Koo Kang and Scott Weisbenner
15860: Theories of Statistical Discrimination and Affirmative Action: A Survey Downloads
Hanming Fang and Andrea Moro
15859: Twin Picks: Disentangling the Determinants of Risk-Taking in Household Portfolios Downloads
Laurent Calvet and Paolo Sodini
15858: Mental Health Treatment and Criminal Justice Outcomes Downloads
Richard Frank and Thomas G. McGuire
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