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16588: Capital Taxation During the U.S. Great Depression Downloads
Ellen McGrattan
16587: Understanding Markups in the Open Economy under Bertrand Competition Downloads
Beatriz de Blas and Katheryn Russ
16586: The Inefficiency of Refinancing: Why Prepayment Penalties Are Good for Risky Borrowers Downloads
Christopher Mayer, Tomasz Piskorski and Alexei Tchistyi
16585: CEO Compensation Downloads
Carola Frydman and Dirk Jenter
16584: Scarring and Mortality Selection Among Civil War POWs: A Long-Term Mortality, Morbidity and Socioeconomic Follow-Up Downloads
Dora Costa
16583: The European Union, the Euro, and Equity Market Integration Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Campbell Harvey, Christian Lundblad and Stephan Siegel
16582: The Mommy Track Divides: The Impact of Childbearing on Wages of Women of Differing Skill Levels Downloads
Elizabeth Wilde, Lily Batchelder and David T. Ellwood
16581: Networks and Workouts: Treatment Size and Status Specific Peer Effects in a Randomized Field Experiment Downloads
Philip Babcock and John L. Hartman
16580: Why Have Economic Reforms in Mexico Not Generated Growth? Downloads
Timothy Kehoe and Kim Ruhl
16579: Estimating the Cream Skimming Effect of School Choice Downloads
Joseph Altonji, Ching-I Huang and Christopher R. Taber
16578: Beware of Unawareness: Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Awareness of Chronic Diseases Downloads
Pinka Chatterji, Heesoo Joo and Kajal Lahiri
16577: The Increase in Income Cyclicality of High-Income Households and its Relation to the Rise in Top Income Shares Downloads
Jonathan Parker and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen
16576: The Gravity Model Downloads
James Anderson
16575: The Regional Distribution of Skill Premia in Urban China Downloads
John Whalley and Chunbing Xing
16574: The Vote is Cast: The Effect of Corporate Governance on Shareholder Value Downloads
Vicente Cuñat, Mireia Gine and Maria Guadalupe
16573: Innovation and Foreign Ownership Downloads
Maria Guadalupe, Olga Kuzmina and Catherine Thomas
16572: Classification, Detection and Consequences of Data Error: Evidence from the Human Development Index Downloads
Hendrik Wolff, Howard Chong and Maximilian Auffhammer
16571: Production Chains Downloads
David Levine
16570: Height as a Proxy for Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Ability Downloads
Andreas Schick and Richard Steckel
16569: Mauritius: African Success Story Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
16568: Valuing Identity Downloads
Roland Fryer and Glenn Loury
16567: Financial Crises, Credit Booms, and External Imbalances: 140 Years of Lessons Downloads
Oscar Jorda, Moritz Schularick and Alan Taylor
16566: ExtrapoLATE-ing: External Validity and Overidentification in the LATE Framework Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Ivan Fernandez-Val
16565: Income Uncertainty and Household Savings in China Downloads
Marcos Chamon, Kai Liu and Eswar Prasad
16564: Exclusionary Minimum Resale Price Maintenance Downloads
John Asker and Heski Bar-Isaac
16563: World Food Prices and Monetary Policy Downloads
Luis Catão and Roberto Chang
16562: Theories of Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Downloads
Stephen Redding
16561: In Search of the Multiplier for Federal Spending in the States During the Great Depression Downloads
Price Fishback and Valentina Kachanovskaya
16560: Battles Among Licensed Occupations: Analyzing Government Regulations on Labor Market Outcomes for Dentists and Hygienists Downloads
Morris M. Kleiner and Kyoung Park
16559: Crisis "Shock Factors" and the Cross-Section of Global Equity Returns Downloads
Charles Calomiris, Inessa Love and Maria Martinez Peria
16558: Shareholder Democracy in Canada Downloads
Randall Morck
16557: Firm Heterogeneity and Costly Trade: A New Estimation Strategy and Policy Experiments Downloads
Ivan Cherkashin, Svetlana Demidova, Hiau Looi Kee and Kala Krishna
16556: Marketplace Institutions Related to the Timing of Transactions Downloads
Alvin Roth
16555: A Revealed Preference Approach to Measuring Hunger and Undernutrition Downloads
Robert T. Jensen and Nolan H. Miller
16554: Policies To Promote Growth and Economic Efficiency in Mexico Downloads
Javier Arias, Oliver Azuara, Pedro Bernal, James Heckman and Cajeme Villarreal
16553: Size Anomalies in U.S. Bank Stock Returns: A Fiscal Explanation Downloads
Priyank Gandhi and Hanno Lustig
16552: Cape Verde and Mozambique as Development Successes in West and Southern Africa Downloads
Jorge Braga de Macedo and Luis Pereira
16551: Property Rights and Financial Development: The Legacy of Japanese Colonial Institutions Downloads
Dongwoo Yoo and Richard Steckel
16550: China's Foreign Trade: Perspectives From the Past 150 Years Downloads
Wolfgang Keller, Ben Li and Carol Shiue
16549: An Empirical Analysis of the Swaption Cube Downloads
Anders B. Trolle and Eduardo S. Schwartz
16548: A Note on Detecting Learning by Exporting Downloads
Jan De Loecker
16547: Toward an understanding of the relative strengths of positive and negative reciprocity Downloads
Omar Al-Ubaydli, Uri Gneezy, Min Sok Lee and John List
16546: Do Competitive Work Places Deter Female Workers? A Large-Scale Natural Field Experiment on Gender Differences in Job-Entry Decisions Downloads
Jeffrey Flory, Andreas Leibbrandt and John List
16545: Taxation and International Migration of Superstars: Evidence from the European Football Market Downloads
Henrik Kleven, Camille Landais and Emmanuel Saez
16544: Workplace Concentration of Immigrants Downloads
Fredrik Andersson, Mónica García-Pérez, John Haltiwanger, Kristin McCue and Seth Sanders
16543: Induction and Evolution in the Origin of Inventions: Evidence from Smoking Cessation Products Downloads
Seth Werfel and Adam Jaffe
16542: Embezzlement Versus Bribery Downloads
C. Simon Fan, Chen Lin and Daniel Treisman
16541: The Effect of Uncertainty on Investment: Evidence from Texas Oil Drilling Downloads
Ryan Kellogg
16540: Analyzing Compensation Methods in Manufacturing: Piece Rates, Time Rates, or Gain-Sharing? Downloads
Susan Helper, Morris M. Kleiner and Yingchun Wang
16539: De facto Fiscal Space and Fiscal Stimulus: Definition and Assessment Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Yothin Jinjarak
16538: How Do Energy Prices, and Labor and Environmental Regulations Affect Local Manufacturing Employment Dynamics? A Regression Discontinuity Approach Downloads
Matthew Kahn and Erin Mansur
16537: Information Rigidity and the Expectations Formation Process: A Simple Framework and New Facts Downloads
Olivier Coibion and Yuriy Gorodnichenko
16536: Interstate Migration Has Fallen Less Than You Think: Consequences of Hot Deck Imputation in the Current Population Survey Downloads
Greg Kaplan and Sam Schulhofer-Wohl
16535: Looking for Local Labor Market Effects of NAFTA Downloads
John McLaren and Shushanik Hakobyan
16534: What Does Equity Sector Orderflow Tell Us about the Economy? Downloads
Alessandro Beber, Michael W. Brandt and Kenneth A. Kavajecz
16533: The Contribution of the Minimum Wage to U.S. Wage Inequality over Three Decades: A Reassessment Downloads
David Autor, Alan Manning and Christopher L. Smith
16532: Estimating Turning Points Using Large Data Sets Downloads
James Stock and Mark Watson
16531: Does Home Owning Smooth the Variability of Future Housing Consumption? Downloads
Andrew Paciorek and Todd Sinai
16530: Candidates, Character, and Corruption Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Navin Kartik
16529: Accelerating Energy Innovation: Insights from Multiple Sectors Downloads
Rebecca Henderson and Richard Newell
16528: What Hinders Investment in the Aftermath of Financial Crises: Insolvent Firms or Illiquid Banks? Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Herman Kamil and Carolina Villegas-Sanchez
16527: Are Household Surveys Like Tax Forms: Evidence from Income Underreporting of the Self Employed Downloads
Erik Hurst, Geng Li and Benjamin Pugsley
16526: A Macroeconomic Theory of Optimal Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Camille Landais, Pascal Michaillat and Emmanuel Saez
16525: For Better or for Worse, But How About a Recession? Downloads
Jeremy Arkes and Yu-Chu Shen
16524: Worker Absence and Productivity: Evidence from Teaching Downloads
Mariesa A. Herrmann and Jonah E. Rockoff
16523: Does Menstruation Explain Gender Gaps in Work Absenteeism? Downloads
Jonah E. Rockoff and Mariesa A. Herrmann
16522: Animal Spirits, Persistent Unemployment and the Belief Function Downloads
Roger Farmer
16521: The Effects of Government-Sponsored Venture Capital: International Evidence Downloads
James Brander, Qianqian Du and Thomas Hellmann
16520: Do Product Market Regulations in Upstream Sectors Curb Productivity Growth? Panel Data Evidence for OECD Countries Downloads
Renaud Bourlès, Gilbert Cette, Jimmy Lopez, Jacques Mairesse and Giuseppe Nicoletti
16519: Efficiency Advantages of Grandfathering in Rights-Based Fisheries Management Downloads
Terry L. Anderson, Ragnar Arnason and Gary Libecap
16518: Is Poor Fitness Contagious? Evidence from Randomly Assigned Friends Downloads
Scott Carrell, Mark Hoekstra and James West
16517: Terms of Endearment: An Equilibrium Model of Sex and Matching Downloads
Peter Arcidiacono, Andrew Beauchamp and Marjorie B. McElroy
16516: Cascades in Networks and Aggregate Volatility Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Asuman Ozdaglar and Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi
16515: How Much Do Educational Outcomes Matter in OECD Countries? Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann
16514: Liquidity Traps: An Interest-Rate-Based Exit Strategy Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
16513: Economical Crime Control Downloads
Philip J Cook and Jens Ludwig
16512: The Economics of Cultural Transmission and Socialization Downloads
Alberto Bisin and Thierry Verdier
16511: Empirical Models of Consumer Behavior Downloads
Aviv Nevo
16510: Monetary Science, Fiscal Alchemy Downloads
Eric Leeper
16509: The Redistributive Effects of Political Reservation for Minorities: Evidence from India Downloads
Aimee Chin and Nishith Prakash
16508: Identifying Sibling Influence on Teenage Substance Use Downloads
Joseph Altonji, Sarah Cattan and Iain Ware
16507: Supply Responses to Digital Distribution: Recorded Music and Live Performances Downloads
Julie Mortimer, Chris Nosko and Alan Sorensen
16506: Effects of Product Availability: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Christopher Conlon and Julie Mortimer
16505: What the Government Purchases Multiplier Actually Multiplied in the 2009 Stimulus Package Downloads
John F. Cogan and John Taylor
16504: The State of the Safety Net in the Post-Welfare Reform Era Downloads
Marianne Bitler and Hilary Hoynes
16503: Policy Effects in Hyperbolic vs. Exponential Models of Consumption and Retirement Downloads
Alan Gustman and Thomas L. Steinmeier
16502: Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin: The Impact of Task Juggling on Workers' Speed of Job Completion Downloads
Decio Coviello, Andrea Ichino and Nicola Persico
16501: The Growth in Social Security Benefits Among the Retirement Age Population from Increases in the Cap on Covered Earnings Downloads
Alan Gustman, Thomas Steinmeier and Nahid Tabatabai
16500: Financial Knowledge and Financial Literacy at the Household Level Downloads
Alan Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier and Nahid Tabatabai
16499: Measuring the Effects of Segregation in the Presence of Social Spillovers: A Nonparametric Approach Downloads
Bryan Graham, Guido Imbens and Geert Ridder
16498: Dynamic Labor Demand in China: Public and Private Objectives Downloads
Russell Cooper, Guan Gong and Ping Yan
16497: Snow and Leverage Downloads
Xavier Giroud, Holger M. Mueller, Alex Stomper and Arne Westerkamp
16496: The Benefits of Breastfeeding Across the Early Years of Childhood Downloads
Clive R. Belfield and Inas Kelly
16495: Inflation and the Fiscal Limit Downloads
Troy Davig, Eric Leeper and Todd Walker
16494: Productivity Growth and the Regional Dynamics of Antebellum Southern Development Downloads
Alan Olmstead and Paul Rhode
16493: Counter-Suicide-Terrorism: Evidence from House Demolitions Downloads
Efraim Benmelech, Claude Berrebi and Esteban Klor
16492: Composition of Capital Flows: A Survey Downloads
Koralai Kirabaeva and Assaf Razin
16491: Currency Carry Trades Downloads
Travis Berge, Oscar Jorda and Alan Taylor
16490: Agency Problems and the Fate of Capitalism Downloads
Randall Morck and Bernard Yeung
16489: Do People Seek to Maximize Happiness? Evidence from New Surveys Downloads
Daniel Benjamin, Ori Heffetz, Miles Kimball and Alex Rees-Jones
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