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13915: A Theory of Military Dictatorships Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni
13914: Innocents Abroad: The Hazards of International Joint Ventures with Pyramidal Group Firms Downloads
Susan Perkins, Randall Morck and Bernard Yeung
13913: Institutions, Technology, and Trade Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Carol Hua Shiue
13912: The Nature of Credit Constraints and Human Capital Downloads
Lance Lochner and Alexander Monge-Naranjo
13911: Policy Uncertainty and Precautionary Savings Downloads
Francesco Giavazzi and Michael Francis McMahon
13910: The Dynamic Behavior of the Real Exchange Rate in Sticky Price Models Downloads
Jon Steinsson
13909: The Euro May Over the Next 15 Years Surpass the Dollar as Leading International Currency Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Jeffrey Alexander Frankel
13908: Why do Foreigners Invest in the United States? Downloads
Kristin Forbes
13907: Ideology Downloads
Roland J. Benabou
13906: Current Account Dynamics and Monetary Policy Downloads
Andrea Ferrero, Mark L. Gertler and Lars E. O. Svensson
13905: Is There Dowry Inflation in South Asia? Downloads
Raj Arunachalam and Trevon D. Logan
13904: Information Acquisition and Under-Diversification Downloads
Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh and Laura Veldkamp
13903: Can Weak Substitution be Rehabilitated? Downloads
V. Kerry Smith, Mary F. Evans, Spencer Banzhaf and Christine Poulos
13902: Sterilization, Monetary Policy, and Global Financial Integration Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Reuven Glick
13901: Can Exchange Rates Forecast Commodity Prices? Downloads
Yu-chin Chen, Kenneth S Rogoff and Barbara Rossi
13900: A Quantile-based Test of Protection for Sale Model Downloads
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama and Kala Krishna
13899: Is Protection Really for Sale? A Survey and Directions for Future Research Downloads
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama and Kala Krishna
13898: The Transition to Post-industrial BMI Values Among US Children Downloads
John H. Komlos, Ariane Breitfelder and Marco Sunder
13897: Labor Markets and Monetary Policy: A New-Keynesian Model with Unemployment Downloads
Olivier J Blanchard and Jordi Gali
13896: The Wealth-Consumption Ratio Downloads
Hanno Lustig, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh and Adrien Verdelhan
13895: Regulation and Supervision: An Ethical Perspective Downloads
Edward J. Kane
13894: Persistent Private Information Downloads
Noah Williams
13893: Deconstructing Lifecycle Expenditure Downloads
Mark Aguiar and Erik Hurst
13891: The Life Cycle of Scholars and Papers in Economics -- the "Citation Death Tax" Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Kenneth Kletzer
13890: Conditional Cash Transfers in Education Design Features, Peer and Sibling Effects Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Colombia Downloads
Felipe Barrera-Osorio, Marianne Bertrand, Leigh L. Linden and Francisco Perez-Calle
13889: Exchange Rate Pass-Through And Monetary Policy Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
13888: Do Markets Respond to Quality Information? The Case of Fertility Clinics Downloads
M. Kate Bundorf, Natalie Chun, Gopi Shah Goda and Daniel P. Kessler
13887: Imperfect Substitution between Immigrants and Natives: A Reappraisal Downloads
George Borjas, Jeffrey T. Grogger and Gordon Hanson
13886: The Internet and Job Search Downloads
Betsey Stevenson
13885: Universal Public Health Insurance and Private Coverage: Externalities in Health Care Consumption Downloads
Sherry A. Glied
13884: Taxes and Mutual Fund Inflows Around Distribution Dates Downloads
Woodrow Johnson and James Poterba
13883: Changes in the Characteristics of American Youth: Implications for Adult Outcomes Downloads
Joseph G. Altonji, Prashant Bharadwaj and Fabian Lange
13882: This Time is Different: A Panoramic View of Eight Centuries of Financial Crises Downloads
Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S Rogoff
13881: Health Care Financing, Efficiency, and Equity Downloads
Sherry A. Glied
13880: Capital Account Liberalization, Real Wages, and Productivity Downloads
Peter Blair Henry and Diego Sasson
13879: The Economic Value of Teeth Downloads
Sherry Glied and Matthew Neidell
13878: Press Coverage and Political Accountability Downloads
James M. Snyder and David Strömberg
13877: After Midnight: A Regression Discontinuity Design in Length of Postpartum Hospital Stays Downloads
Douglas Almond and Joseph J. Doyle
13876: International Evidence on Sticky Consumption Growth Downloads
Christopher Carroll, Jiri Slacalek and Martin Sommer
13875: Differences in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment:Experiences of Insured and Uninsured Patients in a Safety Net Setting Downloads
Cathy J. Bradley, David Neumark, Lisa M. Shickle and Nicholas Farrell
13874: Collateral Pricing Downloads
Efraim Benmelech and Nittai K. Bergman
13873: An Empirical Study of the Credit Market with Unobserved Consumer Typers Downloads
Li Gan and Roberto Mosquera
13872: Labor Market Fluctuations in the Small and in the Large Downloads
Richard Rogerson, Ludo Visschers and Randall Wright
13871: Aggregate Implications of Indivisible Labor, Incomplete Markets, and Labor Market Frictions Downloads
Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Richard Rogerson and Aysegul Sahin
13870: Are Engel Curve Estimates of CPI Bias Biased? Downloads
Trevon D. Logan
13869: Economies of Scale in the Household: Puzzles and Patterns from the American Past Downloads
Trevon D. Logan
13868: Does Mentoring Reduce Turnover and Improve Skills of New Employees? Evidence from Teachers in New York City Downloads
Jonah E. Rockoff
13867: Employer-to-Employer Flows in the United States: Estimates Using Linked Employer-Employee Data Downloads
Melissa Bjelland, Bruce Fallick, John Haltiwanger and Erika L. McEntarfer
13866: Investment and Value: A Neoclassical Benchmark Downloads
Janice Eberly, Sergio T Rebelo and Nicolas Vincent
13865: On Inferring Demand for Health Care in the Presence of Anchoring, Acquiescence, and Selection Biases Downloads
Jay Bhattacharya and Adam Isen
13864: Monopoly and the Incentive to Innovate When Adoption Involves Switchover Disruptions Downloads
Thomas J. Holmes, David Knudsen Levine and James Schmitz
13863: The Other Ex-Ante Moral Hazard in Health Downloads
Jay Bhattacharya and Mikko Packalen
13862: Is Medicine an Ivory Tower? Induced Innovation, Technological Opportunity, and For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Innovation Downloads
Jay Bhattacharya and Mikko Packalen
13861: A Solution to the Disconnect between Country Risk and Business Cycle Theories Downloads
Enrique G. Mendoza and Vivian Zhanwei Yue
13860: Trade Growth, Production Fragmentation, and China's Environment Downloads
Judith M. Dean and Mary E. Lovely
13859: The Effect of Mergers on Consumer Prices: Evidence from Five Selected Case Studies Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Daniel Hosken
13858: Dividend Taxation and Intertemporal Tax Arbitrage Downloads
Anton Korinek and Joseph E. Stiglitz
13857: The Impact of Medicare Part D on Pharmaceutical R&D Downloads
Margaret Blume-Kohout and Neeraj Sood
13856: The Evolution of a Legal Rule Downloads
Anthony Niblett, Richard A. Posner and Andrei Shleifer
13855: Labor Market Effects of Payroll Taxes in Developing Countries: Evidence from Colombia Downloads
Adriana Kugler and Maurice Kugler
13854: Consumption and Portfolio Choice with Option-Implied State Prices Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia and Michael W. Brandt
13853: The Real Exchange Rate, Mercantilism and the Learning by Doing Externality Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Jaewoo Lee
13852: Coercion, Culture and Debt Contracts: The Henequen Industry in Yucatan, Mexico, 1870-1915 Downloads
Lee J. Alston, Shannan Mattiace and Tomas Nonnenmacher
13851: The Labor Market Impact of Immigration in Western Germany in the 1990's Downloads
Francesco D'Amuri, Gianmarco .P. Ottaviano and Giovanni Peri
13850: Helping Workers Online and Offline: Innovations in Union and Worker Organization Using the Internet Downloads
Richard B. Freeman and M. Marit Rehavi
13849: The Higher Educational Transformation of China and Its Global Implications Downloads
Yao Amber Li, John Whalley, Shunming Zhang and Xiliang Zhao
13848: Arbitrage-free Limit Order Books and the Pricing of Order Flow Risk Downloads
Bruce Lehmann
13847: Education and Labor Market Consequences of Teenage Childbearing: Evidence Using the Timing of Pregnancy Outcomes and Community Fixed Effects Downloads
Jason Fletcher and Barbara L. Wolfe
13846: Global Rebalancing with Gravity: Measuring the Burden of Adjustment Downloads
Robert Dekle, Jonathan Eaton and Samuel Kortum
13845: Language in Visual Art: The Twentieth Century Downloads
David Walter Galenson
13844: Is the Taxable Income Elasticity Sufficient to Calculate Deadweight Loss? The Implications of Evasion and Avoidance Downloads
Raj Chetty
13843: Does Temporary Help Work Provide a Stepping Stone to Regular Employment? Downloads
Michael Kvasnicka
13842: Capital Inflows and Reserve Accumulation: The Recent Evidence Downloads
Carmen M. Reinhart and Vincent Raymond Reinhart
13841: Globalization and the Great Divergence: Terms of Trade Booms and Volatility in the Poor Periphery 1782-1913 Downloads
Jeffrey Gale Williamson
13840: The Role of Labor Market Changes in the Slowdown of European Productivity Growth Downloads
Ian Louis Dew-Becker and Robert J. Gordon
13839: Is There an "Emboldenment" Effect? Evidence from the Insurgency in Iraq Downloads
Radha Iyengar and Jonathan Monten
13838: The Cognitive Link Between Geography and Development: Iodine Deficiency and Schooling Attainment in Tanzania Downloads
Erica M. Field, Omar Robles and Maximo Torero
13837: The Increase in Leisure Inequality Downloads
Mark Aguiar and Erik Hurst
13836: Testing for the Economic Impact of the U.S. Constitution: Purchasing Power Parity across the Colonies versus across the States, 1748-1811 Downloads
Farley Grubb
13835: Evaluating the Impact of Technology Development Funds in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Latin America Downloads
Bronwyn Hughes Hall and Alessandro Maffioli
13834: Intermediate Goods, Weak Links, and Superstars: A Theory of Economic Development Downloads
Charles . Jones
13833: Identifying Agglomeration Spillovers: Evidence from Million Dollar Plants Downloads
Michael Greenstone, Richard Hornbeck and Enrico Moretti
13832: Social Learning and Peer Effects in Consumption: Evidence from Movie Sales Downloads
Enrico Moretti
13831: International Economic Policy: Was There a Bush Doctrine? Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen and Douglas A. Irwin
13830: Political Entry, Public Policies, and the Economy Downloads
Casey Mulligan and Kevin K. Tsui
13829: Reference Prices and Nominal Rigidities Downloads
Martin Eichenbaum, Nir Jaimovich and Sergio T Rebelo
13828: Caste, Kinship and Sex Ratios in India Downloads
Tanika Chakraborty and Sukkoo Kim
13827: Toward an Efficiency Rationale for the Public Provision of Private Goods Downloads
Hanming Fang and Peter Norman
13826: Evidence From Maternity Leave Expansions of the Impact of Maternal Care on Early Child Development Downloads
Michael Baker and Kevin Milligan
13825: High Frequency Market Microstructure Noise Estimates and Liquidity Measures Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia and Jialin Yu
13824: Household Saving Behavior: The Role of Financial Literacy, Information, and Financial Education Programs Downloads
Annamaria Lusardi
13823: The Origins of Industrial Scientific Discoveries Downloads
James D. Adams and J. Roger Clemmons
13822: Learning in the Credit Card Market Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, John C. Driscoll, Xavier Gabaix and David Isaac Laibson
13821: Income Maximization and the Selection and Sorting of International Migrants Downloads
Jeffrey T. Grogger and Gordon Hanson
13820: Macroeconomic Interdependence and the International Role of the Dollar Downloads
Linda S. Goldberg and Cédric Tille
13819: Occupational Mobility and the Business Cycle Downloads
Giuseppe Moscarini and Francis Vella
13818: Do Small Businesses Create More Jobs? New Evidence from the National Establishment Time Series Downloads
David Neumark, Brandon Wall and Junfu Zhang
13817: Choice, Price Competition and Complexity in Markets for Health Insurance Downloads
Richard Frank and Karine Lamiraud
13816: Is the GED an Effective Route to Postsecondary Education for School Dropouts? Downloads
John H. Tyler and Magnus Lofstrom
13815: A Long Term Perspective on the Euro Downloads
Michael David Bordo and Harold James
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