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15836: The Natural Resource Curse: A Survey Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
15835: Durable consumption and asset management with transaction and observation costs Downloads
Fernando E. Alvarez, Luigi Guiso and Francesco Lippi
15834: Revisiting U. S. Productivity Growth over the Past Century with a View of the Future Downloads
Robert Gordon
15833: Information, analysts, and stock return comovement Downloads
Allaudeen Hameed, Randall Morck, Jianfeng Shen and Bernard Yeung
15832: Estimating Network Economies in Retail Chains: A Revealed Preference Approach Downloads
Paul Ellickson, Stephanie Houghton and Christopher Timmins
15831: The Consequences of Entrepreneurial Finance: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis Downloads
William Kerr, Josh Lerner and Antoinette Schoar
15830: The Predictive Content of Commodity Futures Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Olivier Coibion
15829: Insuring Consumption Using Income-Linked Assets Downloads
Andreas Fuster and Paul S. Willen
15828: Alcohol Regulation and Crime Downloads
Christopher Carpenter and Carlos Dobkin
15827: Human Capital Development Before Age Five Downloads
Douglas Almond and Janet Currie
15826: Microeconomic Evidence on Price-Setting Downloads
Pete Klenow and Benjamin Malin
15825: Regulating Abortion: Impact on Patients and Providers in Texas Downloads
Silvie Colman and Ted Joyce
15824: The Influence of the Home Owners' Loan Corporation on Housing Markets During the 1930s Downloads
Price Fishback, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, William Horrace, Shawn Kantor and Jaret Treber
15823: The Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on the Use of Medical Services Downloads
Michael Anderson, Carlos Dobkin and Tal Gross
15822: The Redistributional Impact of Non-linear Electricity Pricing Downloads
Severin Borenstein
15821: Limits of Arbitrage: The State of the Theory Downloads
Denis Gromb and Dimitri Vayanos
15820: Large Scale Institutional Changes: Land Demarcation Within the British Empire Downloads
Gary Libecap, Dean Lueck and Trevor O'Grady
15819: "Loans for Shares" Revisited Downloads
Daniel Treisman
15818: On the Taxation of Private Transfers Downloads
Louis Kaplow
15817: Leverage and Asset Bubbles: Averting Armageddon with Chapter 11? Downloads
Marcus Miller and Joseph Stiglitz
15816: Constrained Job Matching: Does Teacher Job Search Harm Disadvantaged Urban Schools? Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Steven Rivkin
15815: This Time is Different Chartbook: Country Histories on Debt, Default, and Financial Crises Downloads
Carmen Reinhart
15814: Home Computer Use and the Development of Human Capital Downloads
Ofer Malamud and Cristian Pop-Eleches
15813: The Relationship Between Health and Growth: When Lucas Meets Nelson-Phelps Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Peter Howitt and Fabrice Murtin
15812: Disruption, Achievement and the Heterogeneous Benefits of Smaller Classes Downloads
Graham J. McKee, Steven Rivkin and Katharine R.E. Sims
15811: Measuring the Impact of Health Insurance on Levels and Trends in Inequality Downloads
Richard Burkhauser and Kosali Simon
15810: Sovereign Debt Risk Premia and Fiscal Policy in Sweden Downloads
Huixin Bi and Eric Leeper
15809: Market Response to Policy Initiatives during the Global Financial Crisis Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Jochen Andritzky, Andreas Jobst, Sylwia Nowak and Natalia Tamirisa
15808: Analyzing the Spectrum of Asset Returns: Jump and Volatility Components in High Frequency Data Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia and Jean Jacod
15807: Cash Flow Multipliers and Optimal Investment Decisions Downloads
Holger Kraft and Eduardo S. Schwartz
15806: Stressed not Frozen: The Fed Funds Market in the Financial Crisis Downloads
Gara Afonso, Anna Kovner and Antoinette Schoar
15805: Optimal retirement benefit guarantees Downloads
Stavros Panageas
15804: International reserves and swap lines: substitutes or complements? Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak and Donghyun Park
15803: Identifying Effective Classroom Practices Using Student Achievement Data Downloads
Thomas J. Kane, Eric S. Taylor, John Tyler and Amy L. Wooten
15802: Reassessing FHA Risk Downloads
Diego Aragon, Andrew Caplin, Sumit Chopra, John Leahy, Yann LeCun, Marco Scoffier and Joseph Tracy
15801: Involuntary Unemployment and the Business Cycle Downloads
Lawrence Christiano, Mathias Trabandt and Karl Walentin
15800: Simple Analytics and Empirics of the Government Spending Multiplier and Other "Keynesian" Paradoxes Downloads
Casey Mulligan
15799: Decoding Microsoft: Intangible Capital as a Source of Company Growth Downloads
Charles R. Hulten
15798: Public vs. Private Provision of Charity Care? Evidence from the Expiration of Hill-Burton Requirements in Florida Downloads
Douglas Almond, Janet Currie and Emilia Simeonova
15797: Water Markets: Australia's Murray-Darling Basin and the US Southwest Downloads
R. Quentin Grafton, Clay Landry, Gary Libecap and Robert J. O'Brien
15796: Are Pink Slips Better Than Flu Shots? The Effects of Employment on Influenza Rates Downloads
Sara Markowitz, Erik Nesson and Joshua Robinson
15795: From Financial Crash to Debt Crisis Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff
15794: The Credibility Revolution in Empirical Economics: How Better Research Design is Taking the Con out of Econometrics Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Jorn-Steffen Pischke
15793: Agricultural Innovation Downloads
Brian Wright and Tiffany M. Shih
15792: Financial constraints and innovation: Why poor countries don't catch up Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Monika Schnitzer
15791: The Effects of Oil Price Changes on the Industry-Level Production and Prices in the U.S. and Japan Downloads
Ichiro Fukunaga, Naohisa Hirakata and Nao Sudo
15790: How Much Is Employment Increased by Cutting Labor Costs? Estimating the Elasticity of Job Creation Downloads
Paul Beaudry, David Green and Benjamin Sand
15789: Family Status Transitions, Latent Health, and the Post-Retirement Evolution of Assets Downloads
James Poterba, Steven Venti and David Wise
15788: Analytical General Equilibrium Effects of Energy Policy on Output and Factor Prices Downloads
Don Fullerton and Garth Heutel
15787: Questions and Answers about the Financial Crisis Downloads
Gary Gorton
15786: Empirical Industrial Organization: A Progress Report Downloads
Liran Einav and Jonathan Levin
15785: Optimal Interventions in Markets with Adverse Selection Downloads
Thomas Philippon and Vasiliki Skreta
15784: On the ease of overstating the fiscal stimulus in the US, 2008-9 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Gurnain Pasricha
15783: Rational-Expectations Equilibrium in Intermediate Good Markets Downloads
Robert Gibbons, Richard Holden and Michael Powell
15782: "Unfunded Liabilities" and Uncertain Fiscal Financing Downloads
Troy Davig, Eric Leeper and Todd Walker
15781: Prices and Cigarette Demand: Evidence from Youth Tobacco Use in Developing Countries Downloads
Deliana Kostova, Hana Ross, Evan Blecher and Sara Markowitz
15780: Terms of Trade Shocks and Fiscal Cycles Downloads
Graciela Kaminsky
15779: Integration and Information: Markets and Hierarchies Revisited Downloads
Robert Gibbons, Richard Holden and Michael Powell
15778: Health, Income, and the Timing of Education Among Military Retirees Downloads
Ryan Edwards
15777: Foreclosures, Enforcement, and Collections under the Federal Mortgage Modification Guidelines Downloads
Casey Mulligan
15776: Equilibrium Fictions: A Cognitive Approach to Societal Rigidity Downloads
Karla Hoff and Joseph Stiglitz
15775: African Poverty is Falling...Much Faster than You Think! Downloads
Xavier Sala-i-Martin and Maxim Pinkovskiy
15774: Correlated Disturbances and U.S. Business Cycles Downloads
Vasco Cúrdia and Ricardo Reis
15773: Imperfect Information and Aggregate Supply Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw and Ricardo Reis
15772: Students Choosing Colleges: Understanding the Matriculation Decision at a Highly Selective Private Institution Downloads
Peter Nurnberg, Morton Schapiro and David Zimmerman
15771: Property Rights, Land Conflict and Tenancy in Brazil Downloads
Lee Alston and Bernardo Mueller
15770: The Market for Bank Stocks and the Rise of Deposit Banking in New York City, 1866-1897 Downloads
Peter Rousseau
15769: Unwilling or Unable to Cheat? Evidence from a Randomized Tax Audit Experiment in Denmark Downloads
Henrik J. Kleven, Martin B. Knudsen, Claus Kreiner, Søren Pedersen and Emmanuel Saez
15768: The Supply Side of Innovation: H-1B Visa Reforms and US Ethnic Invention Downloads
William Kerr and William Lincoln
15767: Measuring What Employers Really Do about Entry Wages over the Business Cycle Downloads
Pedro Martins, Gary Solon and Jonathan Thomas
15766: The Tax Exclusion for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Downloads
Jonathan Gruber
15765: Self-Selection and International Migration: New Evidence from Mexico Downloads
Robert Kaestner and Ofer Malamud
15764: Labor Market Frictions as a Source of Comparative Advantage, with Implications for Unemployment and Inequality Downloads
Elhanan Helpman
15763: Central Bank Dollar Swap Lines and Overseas Dollar Funding Costs Downloads
Linda Goldberg, Craig Kennedy and Jason Miu
15762: The Inflation-Output Trade-off with Downward Wage Rigidities Downloads
Pierpaolo Benigno and Luca Ricci
15761: How Does Life Settlement Affect the Primary Life Insurance Market? Downloads
Hanming Fang and Edward Kung
15760: Clustering, Spatial Correlations and Randomization Inference Downloads
Thomas Barrios, Rebecca Diamond, Guido Imbens and Michal Kolesar
15759: Capital Flows, Consumption Booms and Asset Bubbles: A Behavioural Alternative to the Savings Glut Hypothesis Downloads
David Laibson and Johanna Mollerstrom
15758: The Return of the Wage Phillips Curve Downloads
Jordi Gali
15757: Optimal Target Criteria for Stabilization Policy Downloads
Marc Giannoni and Michael Woodford
15756: Consumption and Saving: Models of Intertemporal Allocation and Their Implications for Public Policy Downloads
Orazio Attanasio and Guglielmo Weber
15755: Which Parts of Globalization Matter for Catch-up Growth? Downloads
Paul Romer
15754: Industry Evidence on the Effects of Government Spending Downloads
Christopher Nekarda and Valerie Ramey
15753: What Determines European Real Exchange Rates? Downloads
Martin Berka and Michael Devereux
15752: Public Avoidance and the Epidemiology of novel H1N1 Influenza A Downloads
Byung-Kwang Yoo, Megumi Kasajima and Jay Bhattacharya
15751: Intermediation and Economic Integration Downloads
Pol Antras and Arnaud Costinot
15750: Intermediated Trade Downloads
Pol Antras and Arnaud Costinot
15749: Globalization, Markups and U.S. Welfare Downloads
Robert Feenstra and David Weinstein
15748: The Political Economy of Indirect Control Downloads
Gerard Padró i Miquel and Pierre Yared
15747: Family Values and the Regulation of Labor Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc and Paola Giuliano
15746: A Shred of Credible Evidence on the Long Run Elasticity of Labor Supply Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, Kirk Doran and Bruce Schaller
15745: Earnings Determination and Taxes: Evidence from a Cohort Based Payroll Tax Reform in Greece Downloads
Emmanuel Saez, Manos Matsaganis and Panos Tsakloglou
15744: Old Europe ages: Reforms and Reform Backlashes Downloads
Axel H. Boersch-Supan and Alexander Ludwig
15743: Commodity prices, commodity currencies, and global economic developments Downloads
Jan Groen and Paolo Pesenti
15742: Policies to Create and Destroy Human Capital in Europe Downloads
James Heckman and Bas Jacobs
15741: Economics of estate taxation: a brief review of theory and evidence Downloads
Wojciech Kopczuk
15740: Who Benefits from KIPP? Downloads
Joshua Angrist, Susan Dynarski, Thomas J. Kane, Parag Pathak and Christopher R. Walters
15739: The Consumption Response to Income Changes Downloads
Tullio Jappelli and Luigi Pistaferri
15738: Government Distortion in Independently Owned Media: Evidence from U.S. Cold War News Coverage of Human Rights Downloads
Nancy Qian and David Yanagizawa-Drott
15737: The Business Cycle and Health Behaviors Downloads
Xin Xu and Robert Kaestner
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