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14701: Inflation Bets or Deflation Hedges? The Changing Risks of Nominal Bonds Downloads
John Campbell, Adi Sunderam and Luis Viceira
14700: New Estimation of China's Exchange Rate Regime Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
14699: Measuring the Financial Sophistication of Households Downloads
Laurent Calvet, John Campbell and Paolo Sodini
14698: The Term Structures of Equity and Interest Rates Downloads
Martin Lettau and Jessica Wachter
14697: The Demand for Youth: Implications for the Hours Volatility Puzzle Downloads
Nir Jaimovich, Seth Pruitt and Henry Siu
14696: Reflections on Americans' Views of the Euro Ex Ante Downloads
Martin Feldstein
14695: The Economics and Psychology of Inequality and Human Development Downloads
Flavio Cunha and James Heckman
14694: Commodity Price Shocks and the Australian Economy since Federation Downloads
Sambit Bhattacharyya and Jeffrey Williamson
14693: Savings Constraints and Microenterprise Development: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Kenya Downloads
Pascaline Dupas and Jonathan Robinson
14692: Take-Up of Medicare Part D: Results from the Health and Retirement Study Downloads
Helen Levy and David Weir
14691: International Finance and Growth in Developing Countries: What Have We Learned? Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
14690: Instruments of development: Randomization in the tropics, and the search for the elusive keys to economic development Downloads
Angus Deaton
14689: Median Stable Matching Downloads
Michael Schwarz and M. Bumin Yenmez
14688: Global Imbalances and Financial Fragility Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Arvind Krishnamurthy
14687: Municipal Debt and Marginal Tax Rates: Is there a Tax Premium in Asset Prices? Downloads
Francis Longstaff
14686: Harvests and Business Cycles in Nineteenth-Century America Downloads
Joseph H. Davis, Christopher Hanes and Paul Rhode
14685: Estimating the Effect of a Gasoline Tax on Carbon Emissions Downloads
Lucas Davis and Lutz Kilian
14684: Rethinking the Role of Fiscal Policy Downloads
Martin Feldstein
14683: Immigration and Inequality Downloads
David Card
14682: Welfare and Generational Equity in Sustainable Unfunded Pension Systems Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Ronald Lee
14681: Dynamics of the Gender Gap for Young Professionals in the Corporate and Financial Sectors Downloads
Marianne Bertrand, Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz
14680: Temperature and Income: Reconciling New Cross-Sectional and Panel Estimates Downloads
Melissa Dell, Benjamin F. Jones and Benjamin Olken
14679: Price Variation in Markets with Homogeneous Goods: The Case of Medigap Downloads
Nicole Maestas, Mathis Schroeder and Dana Goldman
14678: Is Monetary Policy Effective During Financial Crises? Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
14677: The Econometrics of DSGE Models Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde
14676: Unemployment, Market Work and Household Production Downloads
Michael Burda and Daniel Hamermesh
14675: "Momma's Got the Pill": How Anthony Comstock and Griswold v. Connecticut Shaped U.S. Childbearing Downloads
Martha Bailey
14674: Last-In First-Out Oligopoly Dynamics Downloads
Jaap Abbring and Jeffrey Campbell
14673: China's Current Account and Exchange Rate Downloads
Yin-Wong Cheung, Menzie Chinn and Eiji Fujii
14672: Matching and Inequality in the World Economy Downloads
Arnaud Costinot and Jonathan Vogel
14671: The Impact of Children's Public Health Insurance Expansions on Educational Outcomes Downloads
Phillip Levine and Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach
14670: R&D Investment, Exporting, and Productivity Dynamics Downloads
Bee Yan Aw, Mark Roberts and Yi Xu
14669: Momentum traders in the housing market: survey evidence and a search model Downloads
Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider
14668: Adaptation and the Boundary of Multinational Firms Downloads
Arnaud Costinot, Lindsay Oldenski and James Rauch
14667: Retirement Income Security and Well-Being in Canada Downloads
Michael Baker, Jonathan Gruber and Kevin Milligan
14666: Student sorting and bias in value added estimation: Selection on observables and unobservables Downloads
Jesse Rothstein
14665: Who Bears Aggregate Fluctuations and How? Downloads
Jonathan Parker and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen
14664: How Globalization Affects Tax Design Downloads
James Hines and Lawrence Summers
14663: The Integrated Financial and Real System of National Accounts for the United States: Does It Presage the Financial Crisis? Downloads
Michael G. Palumbo and Jonathan Parker
14662: The Margins of U.S. Trade (Long Version) Downloads
Andrew Bernard, J. Jensen, Stephen Redding and Peter Schott
14661: Technological Change and the Growing Inequality in Managerial Compensation Downloads
Hanno Lustig, Chad Syverson and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
14660: Public Policies and Women's Employment after Childbearing Downloads
Wen-Jui Han, Christopher Ruhm, Jane Waldfogel and Elizabeth Washbrook
14659: Payday Loans and Credit Cards: New Liquidity and Credit Scoring Puzzles? Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, Paige M. Skiba and Jeremy Tobacman
14658: Some New Perspectives on India's Approach to Capital Account Liberalization Downloads
Eswar Prasad
14657: Sterling in crisis: 1964-1967 Downloads
Michael Bordo, Ronald MacDonald and Michael J. Oliver
14656: The Aftermath of Financial Crises Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff
14655: Policy Choice: Theory and Evidence from Commitment via International Trade Agreements Downloads
Nuno Limão and Patricia Tovar
14654: Satisficing Contracts Downloads
Patrick Bolton and Antoine Faure-Grimaud
14653: Life Expectancy and Old Age Savings Downloads
Mariacristina De Nardi, Eric French and John Jones
14652: This Job is 'Getting Old:' Measuring Changes in Job Opportunities Using Occupational Age Structure Downloads
David Autor and David Dorn
14651: Inventories, Markups, and Real Rigidities in Menu Cost Models Downloads
Oleksiy Kryvtsov and Virgiliu Midrigan
14650: Vertical Integration, Institutional Determinants and Impact: Evidence from China Downloads
Joseph P.H. Fan, Jun Huang, Randall Morck and Bernard Yeung
14649: Information, Liquidity, and the (Ongoing) Panic of 2007 Downloads
Gary Gorton
14648: Regulation and Distrust Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Yann Algan, Pierre Cahuc and Andrei Shleifer
14647: Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: The Relationship to Youth Employment, Introduction and Summary Downloads
Jonathan Gruber, Kevin Milligan and David Wise
14646: Learning in Financial Markets Downloads
Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi
14645: An Elementary Theory of Comparative Advantage Downloads
Arnaud Costinot
14644: Wages and Human Capital in the U.S. Financial Industry: 1909-2006 Downloads
Thomas Philippon and Ariell Reshef
14643: Globalization and Income Distribution: A Specific Factors Continuum Approach Downloads
James Anderson
14642: Gravity, Productivity and the Pattern of Production and Trade Downloads
James Anderson
14641: Did Improvements in Household Technology Cause the Baby Boom? Evidence from Electrification, Appliance Diffusion, and the Amish Downloads
Martha Bailey and William Collins
14640: Did Railroads Induce or Follow Economic Growth? Urbanization and Population Growth in the American Midwest, 1850-60 Downloads
Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman, Michael Haines and Robert Margo
14639: Do Bequests Increase or Decrease Wealth Inequalities? Downloads
Charles Horioka
14638: The Perils of the Learning Model For Modeling Endogenous Technological Change Downloads
William Nordhaus
14637: Life (evaluation), HIV/AIDS, and Death in Africa Downloads
Angus Deaton, Jane Fortson and Robert Tortora
14636: How Big are the Gains from International Financial Integration? Downloads
Indrit Hoxha, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan and Dietrich Vollrath
14635: Recent Trends in Height by Gender and Ethnicity in the US in Relation to Levels of Income Downloads
John Komlos
14634: The Effects of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Promotion on Adverse Drug Events and Regulation Downloads
Guy David, Sara Markowitz and Seth Richards-Shubik
14633: Do Better Schools Lead to More Growth? Cognitive Skills, Economic Outcomes, and Causation Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann
14632: Exporting and Firm Performance: Chinese Exporters and the Asian Financial Crisis Downloads
Albert Park, Dean Yang, Xinzheng Shi and Yuan Jiang
14631: The Financial Crisis and the Policy Responses: An Empirical Analysis of What Went Wrong Downloads
John Taylor
14630: Fiscal Foresight and Information Flows Downloads
Eric Leeper, Todd Walker and Shu-Chun Yang
14629: Incomplete-Market Equilibria Solved Recursively on an Event Tree Downloads
Bernard Dumas and Andrew Lyasoff
14628: A Political Economy Theory of Partial Decentralization Downloads
John William Hatfield and Gerard Padró i Miquel
14627: New Evidence on the Formation of Trade Policy Preferences Downloads
Bruce Blonigen
14626: Global Production and Trade in the Knowledge Economy Downloads
Wolfgang Keller and Stephen Yeaple
14625: An Empirical Model of Subprime Mortgage Default From 2000 to 2007 Downloads
Patrick Bajari, Chenghuan Sean Chu and Minjung Park
14624: Do Child Tax Benefits Affect the Wellbeing of Children? Evidence from Canadian Child Benefit Expansions Downloads
Kevin Milligan and Mark Stabile
14623: Private Equity and Long-Run Investment: The Case of Innovation Downloads
Josh Lerner, Morten Sørensen and Per Stromberg
14622: Behavioral Welfare Economics Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim
14621: Monetary Policy, Trend Inflation and the Great Moderation: An Alternative Interpretation Downloads
Olivier Coibion and Yuriy Gorodnichenko
14620: Information-Constrained State-Dependent Pricing Downloads
Michael Woodford
14619: Hospitals As Hotels: The Role of Patient Amenities in Hospital Demand Downloads
Dana Goldman and John A. Romley
14618: Ex Ante Efficiency in School Choice Mechanisms: An Experimental Investigation Downloads
Clayton Featherstone and Muriel Niederle
14617: Unemployment Dynamics in the OECD Downloads
Michael Elsby, Bart Hobijn and Aysegul Sahin
14616: A General-Equilibrium Asset-Pricing Approach to the Measurement of Nominal and Real Bank Output Downloads
J. Christina Wang, Susanto Basu and John Fernald
14615: The Value of Risk: Measuring the Service Output of U.S. Commercial Banks Downloads
Susanto Basu, Robert Inklaar and J. Christina Wang
14614: Risk Bearing, Implicit Financial Services and Specialization in the Financial Industry Downloads
J. Christina Wang and Susanto Basu
14613: A Theory of Firm Scope Downloads
Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom
14612: Deciphering the Liquidity and Credit Crunch 2007-08 Downloads
Markus Brunnermeier
14611: The Effects of Capacity on Sales Under Alternative Vertical Contracts Downloads
Ioannis Ioannou, Julie Mortimer and Richard Mortimer
14610: An Anatomy of International Trade: Evidence from French Firms Downloads
Jonathan Eaton, Samuel Kortum and Francis Kramarz
14609: Informed Trading, Liquidity Provision, and Stock Selection by Mutual Funds Downloads
Zhi Da, Pengjie Gao and Ravi Jagannathan
14608: National Board Certification and Teacher Effectiveness: Evidence from a Random Assignment Experiment Downloads
Steven Cantrell, Jon Fullerton, Thomas J. Kane and Doug Staiger
14607: Estimating Teacher Impacts on Student Achievement: An Experimental Evaluation Downloads
Thomas J. Kane and Doug Staiger
14606: Can Hearts and Minds Be Bought? The Economics of Counterinsurgency in Iraq Downloads
Eli Berman, Jacob N. Shapiro and Joseph H. Felter
14605: Trading Frictions and House Price Dynamics Downloads
Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
14604: Institutions vs. Policies: A Tale of Two Islands Downloads
Peter Henry and Conrad Miller
14603: Endogenous Presidentialism Downloads
James Robinson and Ragnar Torvik
14602: Conveying Quality and Value in Emerging Industries: Star Scientists and the Role of Learning in Biotechnology Downloads
Matthew Higgins, Paula Stephan and Jerry Thursby
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