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15896: Household Leverage and the Recession of 2007 to 2009 Downloads
Atif Mian and Amir Sufi
15895: The Effect of State Workers' Compensation Program Changes on the Use of Federal Social Security Disability Insurance Downloads
Melissa P. McInerney and Kosali Simon
15894: Education Policy and Crime Downloads
Lance Lochner
15893: Quantifying the Impact of Financial Development on Economic Development Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood, Juan Sanchez and Cheng Wang
15892: Increasing Time to Baccalaureate Degree in the United States Downloads
John Bound, Michael Lovenheim and Sarah Turner
15891: Understanding the mechanisms of economic development Downloads
Angus Deaton
15890: The Term Structure of Interest Rates in a DSGE Model with Recursive Preferences Downloads
Jules van Binsbergen, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Ralph Koijen and Juan F Rubio-Ramirez
15889: Recent Developments in Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
Sandra Black and Paul Devereux
15888: Pass-Through of Oil Prices to Japanese Domestic Prices Downloads
Etsuro Shioji and Taisuke Uchino
15887: Measuring and Understanding Subjective Well-Being Downloads
John Helliwell and Christopher Barrington-Leigh
15886: Jobs and Kids: Female Employment and Fertility in Rural China Downloads
Hai Fang, Karen Eggleston, John Rizzo and Richard Zeckhauser
15885: Do Americans Consume Too Little Natural Gas? An Empirical Test of Marginal Cost Pricing Downloads
Lucas Davis and Erich Muehlegger
15884: The Shanxi Banks Downloads
Randall Morck and Fan Yang
15883: Beauty Contests and Irrational Exuberance: A Neoclassical Approach Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos, Guido Lorenzoni and Alessandro Pavan
15882: Trade-in-goods and trade-in-tasks: An Integrating Framework Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
15881: Intra-firm Trade and Product Contractibility (Long Version) Downloads
Andrew Bernard, J. Jensen, Stephen Redding and Peter Schott
15880: Has medical innovation reduced cancer mortality? Downloads
Frank Lichtenberg
15879: How Has the Monetary Transmission Mechanism Evolved Over Time? Downloads
Jean Boivin, Michael Kiley and Frederic Mishkin
15878: Why Do Inventories Rise When Demand Falls in Housing and Other Markets? Downloads
Edward Lazear
15877: Public Safety through Private Action: An economic assessment of BIDs, locks, and citizen cooperation Downloads
Philip J Cook and John MacDonald
15876: Surfing the Waves of Globalization: Asia and Financial Globalization in the Context of the Trilemma Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Menzie Chinn and Hiro Ito
15875: Diet, Health and Work Intensity in England and Wales, 1700-1914 Downloads
Bernard Harris, Roderick Floud, Robert Fogel and Sok Chul Hong
15874: Improving Employment Prospects for Former Prison Inmates: Challenges and Policy Downloads
Steven Raphael
15873: The Effect of Daughters on Partisanship Downloads
Dalton Conley and Emily Rauscher
15872: One for the Road: Public Transportation, Alcohol Consumption, and Intoxicated Driving Downloads
C. Kirabo Jackson and Emily Owens
15871: Monetary Policy and Unemployment Downloads
Jordi Gali
15870: Economic Growth with Bubbles Downloads
Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura
15869: Recruiting for Ideas: How Firms Exploit the Prior Inventions of New Hires Downloads
Jasjit Singh and Ajay Agrawal
15868: The Harrod-Balassa-Samuelson Hypothesis: Real Exchange Rates and their Long-Run Equilibrium Downloads
Yanping Chong, Oscar Jorda and Alan Taylor
15867: Sample Selectivity and the Validity of International Student Achievement Tests in Economic Research Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Ludger Woessmann
15866: Investor Overconfidence and the Forward Premium Puzzle Downloads
Craig Burnside, Bing Han, David Hirshleifer and Tracy Yue Wang
15865: Interest Groups, Information Manipulation in the Media, and Public Policy: The Case of the Landless Peasants Movement in Brazil Downloads
Lee Alston, Gary Libecap and Bernardo Mueller
15864: Estimation of a Dynamic Model of Weight Downloads
Shu Wen Ng, Edward Norton, David K. Guilkey and Barry M. Popkin
15863: Agriculture, Roads, and Economic Development in Uganda Downloads
Douglas Gollin and Richard Rogerson
15862: The Trend of Mean BMI Values of US Adults, Birth Cohorts 1882-1986 Indicates that the Obesity Epidemic Began Earlier than Hitherto Thought Downloads
John Komlos and Marek Brabec
15861: How University Endowments Respond to Financial Market Shocks: Evidence and Implications Downloads
Jeffrey Brown, Stephen Dimmock, Jun-Koo Kang and Scott Weisbenner
15860: Theories of Statistical Discrimination and Affirmative Action: A Survey Downloads
Hanming Fang and Andrea Moro
15859: Twin Picks: Disentangling the Determinants of Risk-Taking in Household Portfolios Downloads
Laurent Calvet and Paolo Sodini
15858: Mental Health Treatment and Criminal Justice Outcomes Downloads
Richard Frank and Thomas G. McGuire
15857: Using Innovations Surveys for Econometric Analysis Downloads
Jacques Mairesse and Pierre Mohnen
15856: The Politics of Monetary Policy Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Andrea Stella
15855: Do Strikes Kill? Evidence from New York State Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Samuel Kleiner
15854: The Effect of Allowance Allocations on Cap-and-Trade System Performance Downloads
Robert Hahn and Robert Stavins
15853: Why Do Women Leave Science and Engineering? Downloads
Jennifer Hunt
15852: Optimal price setting with observation and menu costs Downloads
Fernando E. Alvarez, Francesco Lippi and Luigi Paciello
15851: Harmonizing and Combining Large Datasets - An Application to Firm-Level Patent and Accounting Data Downloads
Grid Thoma, Salvatore Torrisi, Alfonso Gambardella, Dominique Guellec, Bronwyn Hall and Dietmar Harhoff
15850: Modeling Financial Contagion Using Mutually Exciting Jump Processes Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Julio Cacho-Diaz and Roger Laeven
15849: Public-Place Smoking Laws and Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Downloads
Christopher Carpenter, Sabina Postolek and Casey Warman
15848: Corporate Bond Default Risk: A 150-Year Perspective Downloads
Kay Giesecke, Francis Longstaff, Stephen Schaefer and Ilya Strebulaev
15847: Tax buyouts Downloads
Marco Del Negro, Fabrizio Perri and Fabiano Schivardi
15846: Spreading the Wealth Around: Reflections Inspired by Joe the Plumber Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
15845: Civic Capital as the Missing Link Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales
15844: Valuing ecosystem services in general equilibrium Downloads
Jared Carbone and V. Smith
15843: The economic crisis and medical care usage Downloads
Annamaria Lusardi, Daniel J. Schneider and Peter Tufano
15842: Globalization, Pass-Through and Inflation Dynamic Downloads
Pierpaolo Benigno and Ester Faia
15841: The Effect of Malpractice Liability on the Specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology Downloads
Jessica Wolpaw Reyes
15840: Education, Knowledge and the Evolution of Disparities in Health Downloads
Anna Aizer and Laura Stroud
15839: Do Powerful Politicians Cause Corporate Downsizing? Downloads
Lauren Cohen, Joshua D. Coval and Christopher Malloy
15838: Late Bloomers in the Arts and Sciences: Answers and Questions Downloads
David Galenson
15837: Leverage, Moral Hazard and Liquidity Downloads
Viral Acharya and S Viswanathan
15836: The Natural Resource Curse: A Survey Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
15835: Durable consumption and asset management with transaction and observation costs Downloads
Fernando E. Alvarez, Luigi Guiso and Francesco Lippi
15834: Revisiting U. S. Productivity Growth over the Past Century with a View of the Future Downloads
Robert Gordon
15833: Information, analysts, and stock return comovement Downloads
Allaudeen Hameed, Randall Morck, Jianfeng Shen and Bernard Yeung
15832: Estimating Network Economies in Retail Chains: A Revealed Preference Approach Downloads
Paul Ellickson, Stephanie Houghton and Christopher Timmins
15831: The Consequences of Entrepreneurial Finance: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis Downloads
William Kerr, Josh Lerner and Antoinette Schoar
15830: The Predictive Content of Commodity Futures Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Olivier Coibion
15829: Insuring Consumption Using Income-Linked Assets Downloads
Andreas Fuster and Paul S. Willen
15828: Alcohol Regulation and Crime Downloads
Christopher Carpenter and Carlos Dobkin
15827: Human Capital Development Before Age Five Downloads
Douglas Almond and Janet Currie
15826: Microeconomic Evidence on Price-Setting Downloads
Pete Klenow and Benjamin Malin
15825: Regulating Abortion: Impact on Patients and Providers in Texas Downloads
Silvie Colman and Ted Joyce
15824: The Influence of the Home Owners' Loan Corporation on Housing Markets During the 1930s Downloads
Price Fishback, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, William Horrace, Shawn Kantor and Jaret Treber
15823: The Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on the Use of Medical Services Downloads
Michael Anderson, Carlos Dobkin and Tal Gross
15822: The Redistributional Impact of Non-linear Electricity Pricing Downloads
Severin Borenstein
15821: Limits of Arbitrage: The State of the Theory Downloads
Denis Gromb and Dimitri Vayanos
15820: Large Scale Institutional Changes: Land Demarcation Within the British Empire Downloads
Gary Libecap, Dean Lueck and Trevor O'Grady
15819: "Loans for Shares" Revisited Downloads
Daniel Treisman
15818: On the Taxation of Private Transfers Downloads
Louis Kaplow
15817: Leverage and Asset Bubbles: Averting Armageddon with Chapter 11? Downloads
Marcus Miller and Joseph Stiglitz
15816: Constrained Job Matching: Does Teacher Job Search Harm Disadvantaged Urban Schools? Downloads
Eric Hanushek and Steven Rivkin
15815: This Time is Different Chartbook: Country Histories on Debt, Default, and Financial Crises Downloads
Carmen Reinhart
15814: Home Computer Use and the Development of Human Capital Downloads
Ofer Malamud and Cristian Pop-Eleches
15813: The Relationship Between Health and Growth: When Lucas Meets Nelson-Phelps Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Peter Howitt and Fabrice Murtin
15812: Disruption, Achievement and the Heterogeneous Benefits of Smaller Classes Downloads
Graham J. McKee, Steven Rivkin and Katharine R.E. Sims
15811: Measuring the Impact of Health Insurance on Levels and Trends in Inequality Downloads
Richard Burkhauser and Kosali Simon
15810: Sovereign Debt Risk Premia and Fiscal Policy in Sweden Downloads
Huixin Bi and Eric Leeper
15809: Market Response to Policy Initiatives during the Global Financial Crisis Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Jochen Andritzky, Andreas Jobst, Sylwia Nowak and Natalia Tamirisa
15808: Analyzing the Spectrum of Asset Returns: Jump and Volatility Components in High Frequency Data Downloads
Yacine Ait-Sahalia and Jean Jacod
15807: Cash Flow Multipliers and Optimal Investment Decisions Downloads
Holger Kraft and Eduardo S. Schwartz
15806: Stressed not Frozen: The Fed Funds Market in the Financial Crisis Downloads
Gara Afonso, Anna Kovner and Antoinette Schoar
15805: Optimal retirement benefit guarantees Downloads
Stavros Panageas
15804: International reserves and swap lines: substitutes or complements? Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Yothin Jinjarak and Donghyun Park
15803: Identifying Effective Classroom Practices Using Student Achievement Data Downloads
Thomas J. Kane, Eric S. Taylor, John Tyler and Amy L. Wooten
15802: Reassessing FHA Risk Downloads
Diego Aragon, Andrew Caplin, Sumit Chopra, John Leahy, Yann LeCun, Marco Scoffier and Joseph Tracy
15801: Involuntary Unemployment and the Business Cycle Downloads
Lawrence Christiano, Mathias Trabandt and Karl Walentin
15800: Simple Analytics and Empirics of the Government Spending Multiplier and Other "Keynesian" Paradoxes Downloads
Casey Mulligan
15799: Decoding Microsoft: Intangible Capital as a Source of Company Growth Downloads
Charles R. Hulten
15798: Public vs. Private Provision of Charity Care? Evidence from the Expiration of Hill-Burton Requirements in Florida Downloads
Douglas Almond, Janet Currie and Emilia Simeonova
15797: Water Markets: Australia's Murray-Darling Basin and the US Southwest Downloads
R. Quentin Grafton, Clay Landry, Gary Libecap and Robert J. O'Brien
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