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14571: Forecasting Stock Market Returns: The Sum of the Parts is More than the Whole Downloads
Miguel Ferreira and Pedro Santa-Clara
14570: The Effects of Housing Assistance on Labor Supply: Evidence from a Voucher Lottery Downloads
Brian A. Jacob and Jens Ludwig
14569: An Historical Perspective on the Crisis of 2007-2008 Downloads
Michael Bordo
14568: The Cost of Primary Care Doctors Downloads
Sherry A. Glied, Ashwin Prabhu and Norman H. Edelman
14567: Pharmaceutical Industry, Drug Quality and Regulation: Evidence from US and Italy Downloads
Vincenzo Atella, Jay Bhattacharya and Lorenzo Carbonari
14566: The Timing of Labor Demand Downloads
Ana Rute Cardoso, Daniel Hamermesh and Jose Varejao
14565: International Trade in Used Durable Goods: The Environmental Consequences of NAFTA Downloads
Lucas Davis and Matthew Kahn
14564: Short Run Impacts of Accountability on School Quality Downloads
Jonah E. Rockoff and Lesley Turner
14563: The Supply-Shock Explanation of the Great Stagflation Revisited Downloads
Alan Blinder and Jeremy B. Rudd
14562: Sovereign Wealth Funds: Stylized Facts about their Determinants and Governance Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Reuven Glick
14561: Inflation Targeting and Real Exchange Rates in Emerging Markets Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Michael Hutchison and Ilan Noy
14560: Did Economics Cause World War II? Downloads
Robert Gordon
14559: Rebate Rules in Threshold Public Good Provision Downloads
Michael Spencer, Stephen Swallow, Jason Shogren and John List
14558: Does Openness to International Financial Flows Raise Productivity Growth? Downloads
Ayhan Kose, Eswar Prasad and Marco Terrones
14557: The Evolution of Corporate Ownership After IPO: The Impact of Investor Protection Downloads
C. Fritz Foley and Robin Greenwood
14556: A Resource Belief-Curse? Oil and Individualism Downloads
Rafael Di Tella, Juan Dubra and Robert MacCulloch
14555: Great Fortunes of the Gilded Age Downloads
Hugh Rockoff
14554: Task Trade between Similar Countries Downloads
Gene Grossman and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
14553: The Slow Decline of East Germany Downloads
Harald Uhlig
14552: An Exploration of Local R&D Spillovers in France Downloads
Jacques Mairesse and Benoît Mulkay
14551: What are the Effects of Fiscal Policy Shocks? Downloads
Andrew Mountford and Harald Uhlig
14550: Improving Educational Outcomes for Poor Children Downloads
Brian Jacob and Jens Ludwig
14549: Bankruptcy: Past Puzzles, Recent Reforms, and the Mortgage Crisis Downloads
Michelle J. White
14548: What is a Company Really Worth? Intangible Capital and the "Market to Book Value" Puzzle Downloads
Charles R. Hulten and Xiaohui Hao
14547: Can Structural Small Open Economy Models Account for the Influence of Foreign Disturbances? Downloads
Alejandro Justiniano and Bruce Preston
14546: Why are Saving Rates of Urban Households in China Rising? Downloads
Marcos Chamon and Eswar Prasad
14545: Mandates and the Affordability of Health Care Downloads
Sherry A. Glied
14544: Mispricing of S&P 500 Index Options Downloads
George Constantinides, Jens Jackwerth and Stylianos Perrakis
14543: Asset Pricing Tests with Long Run Risks in Consumption Growth Downloads
George Constantinides and Anisha Ghosh
14542: The Estimated Effects of the Euro on Trade: Why Are They Below Historical Effects of Monetary Unions Among Smaller Countries? Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
14541: More Women Missing, Fewer Girls Dying: The Impact of Abortion on Sex Ratios at Birth and Excess Female Mortality in Taiwan Downloads
Ming-Jen Lin, Nancy Qian and Jin-Tan Liu
14540: Labor Supply Responses to Marginal Social Security Benefits: Evidence from Discontinuities Downloads
Jeffrey Liebman, Erzo Luttmer and David G. Seif
14539: Happiness Adaptation to Income beyond "Basic Needs" Downloads
Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch
14538: Financial Literacy, Information, and Demand Elasticity: Survey and Experimental Evidence from Mexico Downloads
Justine Hastings and Lydia Tejeda-Ashton
14537: Top Wage Incomes in Japan, 1951-2005 Downloads
Chiaki Moriguchi
14536: Heights and Human Welfare: Recent Developments and New Directions Downloads
Richard Steckel
14535: Estimating the Effect of Student Aid on College Enrollment: Evidence from a Government Grant Policy Reform Downloads
Helena Nielsen, Torben Sørensen and Christopher R. Taber
14534: Inflation Determination with Taylor Rules: Is New Keynesian Analysis Critically Flawed? Downloads
Bennett McCallum
14533: Assessing the Emerging Global Financial Architecture: Measuring the Trilemma's Configurations over Time Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Menzie Chinn and Hiro Ito
14532: Bretton Woods and the Great Inflation Downloads
Michael Bordo and Barry Eichengreen
14531: Credit Constraints, Heterogeneous Firms, and International Trade Downloads
Kalina Manova
14530: Do Enterprise Zones Create Jobs? Evidence from California's Enterprise Zone Program Downloads
David Neumark and Jed Kolko
14529: Business Cycles in the Euro Area Downloads
Domenico Giannone, Michele Lenza and Lucrezia Reichlin
14528: Emerging Market Currency Excess Returns Downloads
Stephen Gilmore and Fumio Hayashi
14527: Dynamic Globalization and Its Potentially Alarming Prospects for Low-Wage Workers Downloads
Hans Fehr, Sabine Jokisch and Laurence Kotlikoff
14526: Dynamic Merger Review Downloads
Volker Nocke and Michael Whinston
14525: Impossible Frontiers Downloads
Thomas J. Brennan and Andrew Lo
14524: High Birth Weight and Cognitive Outcomes Downloads
Resul Cesur and Inas Rashad
14523: An Institutional Theory of Momentum and Reversal Downloads
Dimitri Vayanos and Paul Woolley
14522: Estimating Marginal Returns to Medical Care: Evidence from At-Risk Newborns Downloads
Douglas Almond, Joseph J. Doyle, Jr., Amanda Kowalski and Heidi Williams
14521: Financial Crash, Commodity Prices and Global Imbalances Downloads
Ricardo Caballero, Emmanuel Farhi and Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
14520: The Unofficial Economy and Economic Development Downloads
Rafael La Porta and Andrei Shleifer
14519: Re-Evaluating Swedish Membership in EMU: Evidence from an Estimated Model Downloads
Ulf Söderström
14518: Did Mergers Help Japanese Mega-Banks Avoid Failure? Analysis of the Distance to Default of Banks Downloads
Kimie Harada and Takatoshi Ito
14517: Intermediary Asset Pricing Downloads
Zhiguo He and Arvind Krishnamurthy
14516: The Value of School Facilities: Evidence from a Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Design Downloads
Stephanie Riegg Cellini, Fernando Ferreira and Jesse Rothstein
14515: Physical Capital, Knowledge Capital and the Choice Between FDI and Outsourcing Downloads
Yongmin Chen, Ignatius Horstmann and James Markusen
14514: A Depressing Scenario: Mortgage Debt Becomes Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Casey Mulligan
14513: No Time to Lose? Time Constraints and Physical Activity Downloads
John Mullahy and Stephanie A. Robert
14512: Tobit at Fifty: A Brief History of Tobin's Remarkable Estimator, of Related Empirical Methods, and of Limited Dependent Variable Econometrics in Health Economics Downloads
Kohei Enami and John Mullahy
14511: Term Length and Political Performance Downloads
Ernesto Dal Bó and Martín Rossi
14510: Monetary Policy Trade-Offs in an Estimated Open-Economy DSGE Model Downloads
Malin Adolfson, Stefan Laséen, Jesper Lindé and Lars Svensson
14509: An Exploration of the Japanese Slowdown during the 1990s Downloads
Diego Comin
14508: Self-Esteem, Moral Capital, and Wrongdoing Downloads
Ernesto Dal Bó and Marko Terviö
14507: Life Satisfaction and Quality of Development Downloads
John Helliwell
14506: The Strategic Timing Incentives of Commercial Radio Stations: An Empirical Analysis Using Multiple Equilibria Downloads
Andrew Sweeting
14505: Equilibrium Price Dynamics in Perishable Goods Markets: The Case of Secondary Markets for Major League Baseball Tickets Downloads
Andrew Sweeting
14504: Sacred Cars? Optimal Regulation of Stationary and Non-stationary Pollution Sources Downloads
Meredith Fowlie, Christopher Knittel and Catherine Wolfram
14503: Tracing the Woes: An Empirical Analysis of the Airline Industry Downloads
Steven Berry and Panle Jia
14502: On the Sorting of Physicians across Medical Occupations Downloads
Pascal Courty and Gerald Marschke
14501: Contracts as Reference Points - Experimental Evidence Downloads
Ernst Fehr, Oliver Hart and Christian Zehnder
14500: Price Momentum In Stocks: Insights From Victorian Age Data Downloads
Benjamin Chabot, Eric Ghysels and Ravi Jagannathan
14499: Understanding PPPs and PPP-based national accounts Downloads
Angus Deaton and Alan Heston
14498: The Future of American Fertility Downloads
Samuel H. Preston and Caroline Sten Hartnett
14497: China and the Manufacturing Exports of Other Developing Countries Downloads
Gordon Hanson and Raymond Robertson
14496: Taxes on Tax-Exempt Bonds Downloads
Andrew Ang, Vineer Bhansali and Yuhang Xing
14495: Adjusting to Trade Policy: Evidence from U.S. Antidumping Duties on Vietnamese Catfish Downloads
Irene Brambilla, Guido Porto and Alessandro Tarozzi
14494: Taxing Corporate Income Downloads
Alan Auerbach, Michael Devereux and Helen Simpson
14493: The Structure of Protection and Growth in the Late 19th Century Downloads
Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer and Kevin O'Rourke
14492: Understanding Crude Oil Prices Downloads
James Hamilton
14491: The Flattening Firm and Product Market Competition: The Effect of Trade Liberalization Downloads
Maria Guadalupe and Julie Wulf
14490: The Economic Consequences of the International Migration of Labor Downloads
Gordon Hanson
14489: How Central Bankers See It: The First Decade of ECB Policy and Beyond Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti and Kermit Schoenholtz
14488: Capital Structure and Debt Structure Downloads
Joshua D. Rauh and Amir Sufi
14487: Storable Votes and Agenda Order Control. Theory and Experiments Downloads
Alessandra Casella
14486: The Role of Boards of Directors in Corporate Governance: A Conceptual Framework and Survey Downloads
Renee Adams, Benjamin Hermalin and Michael Weisbach
14485: Can You Recognize an Effective Teacher When You Recruit One? Downloads
Jonah E. Rockoff, Brian A. Jacob, Thomas J. Kane and Doug Staiger
14484: Luddites and the Demographic Transition Downloads
Kevin O'Rourke, Ahmed Rahman and Alan Taylor
14483: Reality versus Propaganda in the Formation of Beliefs about Privatization Downloads
Rafael Di Tella, Sebastian Galiani and Ernesto Schargrodsky
14482: Child Health and Young Adult Outcomes Downloads
Janet Currie, Mark Stabile, Phongsack Manivong and Leslie L. Roos
14481: Globalization and innovation in emerging markets Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Jan Svejnar and Katherine Terrell
14480: Self-Enforcing Stochastic Monitoring and the Separation of Debt and Equity Claims Downloads
Harold Cole
14479: The Euro and Structural Reforms Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Silvia Ardagna and Vincenzo Galasso
14478: Inequality and Unemployment in a Global Economy Downloads
Elhanan Helpman, Oleg Itskhoki and Stephen Redding
14477: Outsourcing when Investments are Specific and Complementary Downloads
Alla Lileeva and Johannes Van Biesebroeck
14476: Why the European Securities Market is Not Fully Integrated Downloads
Alberto Giovannini
14475: Peer Effects, Teacher Incentives, and the Impact of Tracking: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Kenya Downloads
Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas and Michael Kremer
14474: Child Care Subsidies and Child Development Downloads
Chris M. Herbst and Erdal Tekin
14473: Carry Trades and Currency Crashes Downloads
Markus Brunnermeier, Stefan Nagel and Lasse Pedersen
14472: Are Big Cities Bad Places to Live? Estimating Quality of Life across Metropolitan Areas Downloads
David Albouy
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