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10799: Healthcare Markets, the Safety Net and Access to Care Among the Uninsured Downloads
Jose Escarce, Carole Roan Gresenz and Jeanette A. Rogowski
10798: Migration, Social Standards and Replacement Incomes: How to Protect Low-income Workers in the Industrialized Countries Against the Forces of Globalization and Market Integration Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
10797: The Performance of the Pivotal-Voter Model in Small-Scale Elections: Evidence from Texas Liquor Referenda Downloads
Stephen Coate, Michael Edward Conlin and Andrea Moro
10796: The Changing Association Between Prenatal Participation in WIC and Birth Outcomes in New York City Downloads
Ted Joyce, Diane Gibson and Silvie Colman
10795: Anatomy of the Rise and Fall of a Price-Fixing Conspiracy: Auctions at Sotheby's and Christie's Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Kathryn Graddy
10794: Investor Sentiment Measures Downloads
Lily Qiu and Ivo Welch
10793: New Goods and the Transition to a New Economy Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood and Gokce Uysal
10792: Designing Optimal Disability Insurance: A Case for Asset Testing Downloads
Mikhail Golosov and Aleh Tsyvinski
10791: The Rise of the Fourth Estate: How Newspapers Became Informative and Why It Mattered Downloads
Matthew Aaron Gentzkow, Edward Ludwig Glaeser and Claudia Goldin
10790: Putting the Brakes on Sudden Stops: The Financial Frictions-Moral Hazard Tradeoff of Asset Price Guarantees Downloads
Enrique G. Mendoza and C. Bora Durdu
10789: Subjective Mortality Risk and Bequests Downloads
Li Gan, Guan Gong, Michael D. Hurd and Daniel L. McFadden
10788: Fiscal Discipline and the Cost of Public Debt Service: Some Estimates for OECD Countries Downloads
Silvia Ardagna, Francesco Caselli and Timothy Lane
10787: What Does the Public Know about Economic Policy, and How Does It Know It? Downloads
Alan S. Blinder and Alan B. Krueger
10786: Contingent Reserves Management: An Applied Framework Downloads
Ricardo J. Caballero and Stavros Panageas
10785: The Comovement of Returns and Investment Within the Multinational Firm Downloads
Mihir A. Desai and C. Fritz Foley
10784: Household Expenditure and the Income Tax Rebates of 2001 Downloads
David S. Johnson, Jonathan A. Parker and Nicholas S Souleles
10783: Working the System: Firm Learning and the Antidumping Process Downloads
Bruce A. Blonigen
10782: Supply or Demand: Why is the Market for Long-Term Care Insurance So Small? Downloads
Jeffrey Robert Brown and Amy Finkelstein
10781: Financing Consumption in an Aging Japan: The Role of Foreign Capital Inflows in Immigration Downloads
Robert Dekle
10780: When it Rains, it Pours: Procyclical Capital Flows and Macroeconomic Policies Downloads
Graciela Laura Kaminsky, Carmen M. Reinhart and Carlos A. Vegh
10779: Bulls, Bears, and Retirement Behavior Downloads
Courtney Coile and Phillip B. Levine
10778: Markets in China and Europe on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution Downloads
Carol Hua Shiue and Wolfgang Keller
10777: Neighborhood Effects on Crime for Female and Male Youth: Evidence from a Randomized Housing Voucher Experiment Downloads
Jeffrey Richard Kling, Jens Ludwig and Lawrence F. Katz
10776: When Can Changes in Expectations Cause Business Cycle Fluctuations in Neo-Classical Settings? Downloads
Paul Beaudry and Franck Portier
10775: Corruption and Reform: An Introduction Downloads
Edward Ludwig Glaeser and Claudia Goldin
10774: Compatibility and Pricing with Indirect Network Effects: Evidence from ATMs Downloads
Christopher R. Knittel and Victor Stango
10773: Do Acquirers With More Uncertain Growth Prospects Gain Less From Acquisitions? Downloads
Sara B. Moeller, Frederik P. Schlingemann and René M. Stulz
10772: Marriage and Divorce since World War II: Analyzing the Role of Technological Progress on the Formation of Households Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood and Nezih Guner
10771: The Pre-Producers Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic
10770: On the Industry Concentration of Actively Managed Equity Mutual Funds Downloads
Marcin Kacperczyk, Clemens Sialm and Lu Zheng
10769: Social Networks and Trade Liberalization Downloads
Manish Pandey and John Whalley
10768: The Impact of China on the Exports of Other Asian Countries Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen, Yeongseop Rhee and Hui Tong
10767: Growth and Ideas Downloads
Charles . Jones
10766: Finance and Growth: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Ross Levine
10765: Technological Progress and Economic Transformation Downloads
Jeremy Greenwood and Ananth Seshadri
10764: Shocks and Government Beliefs: The Rise and Fall of American Inflation Downloads
Thomas J. Sargent, Noah Williams and Tao Zha
10763: Will Job Testing Harm Minority Workers? Downloads
David Autor and David Scarborough
10762: Effects of Child Health on Sources of Public Support Downloads
Nancy E. Reichman, Hope Corman and Kelly Noonan
10761: The Optimal Use of Fines and Imprisonment When Wealth is Unobservable Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky
10760: Optimal Fines and Auditing When Wealth is Costly to Observe Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky
10759: Explaining Diversities in Age-Specific Life Expectancies and Values of Life Saving: A Numerical Analysis Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich and Yong Yin
10758: Patent Licensing and the Research University Downloads
Richard A. Jensen and Marie C. Thursby
10757: Socioeconomic Status and Medical Care Expenditures in Medicare Managed Care Downloads
Kanika Kapur, Jeannette A. Rogowski, Vicki A. Freedman, Steven L. wickstrom, John L. Adams and Jose J. Escarce
10756: Can Interest Rate Volatility be Extracted from the Cross Section of Bond Yields? An Investigation of Unspanned Stochastic Volatility Downloads
Pierre Collin-Dufresne, Christopher S. Jones and Robert S. Goldstein
10755: Predatory Trading Downloads
Markus K. Brunnermeier and Lasse Heje Pedersen
10754: The Appeals Process and Adjudicator Incentives Downloads
Steven Shavell
10753: Sovereign Debt and Repudiation: The Emerging-Market Debt Crisis in the U.S. States, 1839-1843 Downloads
John Joseph Wallis, Richard E. Sylla and Arthur Grinath
10752: High Performing Asian Economies Downloads
Robert William Fogel
10751: The Long-Run Volatility Puzzle of the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Ricardo Hausmann, Ugo Panizza and Roberto Rigobon
10750: Rule of Law, Democracy, Openness, and Income: Estimating the Interrelationships Downloads
Roberto Rigobon and Dani Rodrik
10749: Once Again, is Openness Good for Growth? Downloads
Ha Yan Lee, Luca Antonio Ricci and Roberto Rigobon
10748: Why Do Incumbent Senators Win? Evidence from a Dynamic Selection Model Downloads
Gautam Gowrisankaran, Matthew F. Mitchell and Andrea Moro
10747: Targeting Rules vs. Instrument Rules for Monetary Policy: What is Wrong with McCallum and Nelson? Downloads
Lars E. O. Svensson
10746: Faster, Smaller, Cheaper: An Hedonic Price Analysis of PDAs Downloads
Paul D. Chwelos, Ernst R. Berndt and Iain M. Cockburn
10745: Does the Impact of Managed Care on Substance Abuse Treatment Services Vary By Profit Status? Downloads
Jody Sindelar and Todd Olmstead
10744: Effective Labor Regulation and Microeconomic Flexibility Downloads
Ricardo J. Caballero, Kevin N. Cowan, Eduardo M.R.A. Engel and Alejandro Micco
10743: Multi-Period Corporate Failure Prediction with Stochastic Covariates Downloads
Darrell Duffie and Ke Wang
10742: Stealth Compensation Via Retirement Benefits Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Jesse M. Fried
10741: On the Timing of Innovation in Stochastic Schumpeterian Growth Models Downloads
Gadi Barlevy
10740: Disaggregating Employment Protection: The Case of Disability Discrimination Downloads
Christine Jolls and J.J. Prescott
10739: The Dynamics of Criminal Behavior: Evidence from Weather Shocks Downloads
Brian Jacob, Lars Lefgren and Enrico Moretti
10738: How Does Cost-Sharing Affect Drug Purchases? Insurance Regimes in the Private Market for Prescription Drugs Downloads
Avi Dor and William Encinosa
10737: The Value of Life and the Rise in Health Spending Downloads
Robert Ernest Hall and Charles . Jones
10736: The Social Costs of Gun Ownership Downloads
Phillip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig
10735: Labor Market Institutions, Wages, and Investment Downloads
Jorn-Steffen Pischke
10734: Emerging Market Business Cycles: The Cycle is the Trend Downloads
Mark Aguiar and Gita Gopinath
10733: Neoclassical Growth and the Adoption of Technologies Downloads
Diego Comin and Bart Hobijn
10732: Transition Dynamics in Vintage Capital Models: Explaining the Postwar Catch-Up of Germany and Japan Downloads
Simon Gilchrist and John C. Williams
10731: Defaultable Debt, Interest Rates and the Current Account Downloads
Mark Aguiar and Gita Gopinath
10730: Welfare vs. Market Access: The Implications of Tariff Structure for Tariff Reform Downloads
James E. Anderson and J. Peter Neary
10729: Empire, Public Goods, and the Roosevelt Corollary Downloads
Kris James Mitchener and Marc Weidenmier
10728: Technical Change and the Wage Structure During the Second Industrial Revolution: Evidence from the Merchant Marine, 1865-1912 Downloads
Aimee Chin, Chinhui Juhn and Peter Thompson
10727: The US Current Account Deficit and Economic Development: Collateral for a Total Return Swap Downloads
Michael Dooley, David Folkerts-Landau and Peter M. Garber
10726: Why Do Countries Matter So Much for Corporate Governance? Downloads
René M. Stulz, Craig Doidge and G. Andrew Karolyi
10725: Determinants of Business Cycle Comovement: A Robust Analysis Downloads
Marianne Baxter and Michael Kouparitsas
10724: Optimal Operational Monetary Policy in the Christiano-Eichenbaum-Evans Model of the U.S. Business Cycle Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe
10723: Exchange Rates and Fundamentals Downloads
Charles Engel and Kenneth D. West
10722: Robin Hood and His Not-So-Merry Plan: Capitalization and the Self-Destruction of Texas' School Finance Equalization Plan Downloads
Caroline Hoxby and Ilyana Kuziemko
10721: Negotiating Free Trade Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Pol Antras and Elhanan Helpman
10720: The More the Merrier? The Effect of Family Composition on Children's Education Downloads
Sandra E. Black, Paul J. Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
10719: Stock Market Trading and Market Conditions Downloads
John M. Griffin, Federico Nardari and René M. Stulz
10718: The Impact of Trade on Intraindustry Reallocation and Aggregate Industry Productivity: A Comment Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
10717: Transboundary Spillovers and Decentralization of Environmental Policies Downloads
Hilary A. Sigman
10716: Corporate Ownership in France: The Importance of History Downloads
Antoin E. Murphy
10715: How Much Might Universal Health Insurance Reduce Socioeconomic Disparities in Health? A Comparison of the US and Canada Downloads
Sandra L. Decker and Dahlia K. Remler
10714: Explaining the Evolution of Pension Structure and Job Tenure Downloads
Leora Friedberg and Michael T. Owyang
10713: Long-Term Consequences of Secondary School Vouchers: Evidence from Administrative Records in Colombia Downloads
Joshua D Angrist, Eric P. Bettinger and Michael Kremer
10712: CPI Bias from Supercenters: Does the BLS Know that Wal-Mart Exists? Downloads
Jerry A. Hausman and Ephraim Leibtag
10711: Borrowing Constraints, College Aid, and Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
Eric A. Hanushek, Charles Ka Yui Leung and Kuzey Yilmaz
10710: Merger Policy and Innovation: Must Enforcement Change to Account for Technological Change? Downloads
Michael L. Katz and Howard A. Shelanski
10709: The Effect of Malpractice Liability on the Delivery of Health Care Downloads
Katherine Baicker and Amitabh Chandra
10708: The Role and Functioning of Public-Interest Legal Organizations in the Enforcement of the Employment Laws Downloads
Christine Jolls
10707: Optimal Expectations Downloads
Markus K. Brunnermeier and Jonathan A. Parker
10706: Interdependent Security: A General Model Downloads
Geoffrey Heal and Howard Kunreuther
10705: Abortion Legalization and Lifecycle Fertility Downloads
Elizabeth Oltmans Ananat, Jonathan Gruber and Phillip B. Levine
10704: Monetary Policy and Asset Prices: A Look Back at Past U.S. Stock Market Booms Downloads
Michael David Bordo and David C Wheelock
10703: Why Do Real and Nominal Inventory-Sales Ratios Have Different Trends Downloads
Valerie Ann Ramey and Daniel J. Vine
10702: A Common Currency: Early U.S. Monetary Policy and the Transition to the Dollar Downloads
Peter Rousseau
10701: The Effect of Mandated State Education Spending on Total Local Resources Downloads
Katherine Baicker and Nora E. Gordon
10700: How Far to the Hospital? The Effect of Hospital Closures on Access to Care Downloads
Thomas Buchmueller, Mireille Jacobson and Cheryl Wold
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