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13284: The Basic Public Finance of Public-Private Partnerships Downloads
Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer and Alexander Galetovic
13283: Institutional Tax Clienteles and Payout Policy Downloads
Mihir A. Desai and Li Jin
13282: Neoclassical Factors Downloads
Long Chen and Lu Zhang
13281: Taxes and Portfolio Choice: Evidence from JGTRRA's Treatment of International Dividends Downloads
Mihir A. Desai and Dhammika Dharmapala
13280: Flattened Inflation-Output Tradeoff and Enhanced Anti-Inflation Policy: Outcome of Globalization? Downloads
Assaf Razin and Alon Binyamini
13279: From Brown to Busing Downloads
Elizabeth Cascio, Nora Gordon, Ethan Lewis and Sarah Reber
13278: Understanding the Forward Premium Puzzle: A Microstructure Approach Downloads
Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum and Sergio Rebelo
13277: Large Hoarding of International Reserves and the Emerging Global Economic Architecture Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
13276: The Effect of Internal Migration on Local Labor Markets: American Cities During the Great Depression Downloads
Leah Boustan, Price Fishback and Shawn Kantor
13275: Pension Plan Characteristics and Framing Effects in Employee Savings Behavior Downloads
David Card and Michael Ransom
13274: Conflicts of Interests Among Shareholders: The Case of Corporate Acquisitions Downloads
Jarrad Harford, Dirk Jenter and Kai Li
13273: Aging, Saving, and Public Pensions in Japan Downloads
Charles Horioka, Wataru Suzuki and Tatsuo Hatta
13272: Is Peer Review in Decline? Downloads
Glenn Ellison
13271: Multinationals and the Creation of Chinese Trade Linkages Downloads
Deborah Swenson
13270: Wall Street and Main Street: What Contributes to the Rise in the Highest Incomes? Downloads
Steven Kaplan and Joshua Rauh
13269: Irreversible Investment, Capital Costs and Productivity Growth: Implications for Telecommunications Downloads
Jeffrey Bernstein and Theofanis Mamuneas
13268: When are Auctions Best? Downloads
Jeremy I. Bulow and Paul Klemperer
13267: Consent and Exchange Downloads
Oren Bar-Gill and Lucian Bebchuk
13266: Greenhouse Gas Reductions under Low Carbon Fuel Standards? Downloads
Stephen Holland, Christopher Knittel and Jonathan Hughes
13265: Bankruptcy Reform and Credit Cards Downloads
Michelle J. White
13264: The Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Changes: Estimates Based on a New Measure of Fiscal Shocks Downloads
Christina Romer and David Romer
13263: Fertility and the Real Exchange Rate Downloads
Andrew Rose and Saktiandi Supaat
13262: Fraternity Membership and Drinking Behavior Downloads
Jeffrey DeSimone
13261: How Did SCHIP Affect the Insurance Coverage of Immigrant Children? Downloads
Thomas Buchmueller, Anthony Lo Sasso and Kathleen Wong
13260: Incomplete Markets, Heterogeneity and Macroeconomic Dynamics Downloads
Bruce Preston and Mauro Roca
13259: Central Bank Communication and Expectations Stabilization Downloads
Stefano Eusepi and Bruce Preston
13258: French Wine and the U.S. Boycott of 2003: Does Politics Really Affect Commerce? Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, Stephen Ciccarella and Howard Shatz
13257: Does the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Save Lives? Downloads
Jeffrey Miron and Elina Tetelbaum
13256: US Faculty Patenting: Inside and Outside the University Downloads
Jerry Thursby, Anne Fuller and Marie Thursby
13255: Defining Price Stability in Japan: A View from America Downloads
Christian Broda and David Weinstein
13254: Optimal Monetary Policy in a 'Sudden Stop' Downloads
Fabio Braggion, Lawrence Christiano and Jorge Roldos
13253: The Organizational Implications of Creativity: The US Film Industry in Mid-XXth Century Downloads
Ricard Gil and Pablo Spiller
13252: Does Pollution Increase School Absences? Downloads
Janet Currie, Eric Hanushek, E. Megan Kahn, Matthew Neidell and Steven Rivkin
13251: Agency Conflicts, Investment, and Asset Pricing Downloads
Rui Albuquerque and Neng Wang
13250: Investment, Consumption, and Hedging under Incomplete Markets Downloads
Jianjun Miao and Neng Wang
13249: The Fundamentals of Commodity Futures Returns Downloads
Gary Gorton, Fumio Hayashi and K. Rouwenhorst
13248: The Effect of Taxes on Royalties and the Migration of Intangible Assets Abroad Downloads
John H. Mutti and Harry Grubert
13247: Can Higher Prices Stimulate Product Use? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Zambia Downloads
Nava Ashraf, James Berry and Jesse Shapiro
13246: What Do Nonprofits Maximize? Nonprofit Hospital Service Provision and Market Ownership Mix Downloads
Jill R. Horwitz and Austin Nichols
13245: Arbitrage-Free Bond Pricing with Dynamic Macroeconomic Models Downloads
Michael Gallmeyer, Burton Hollifield, Francisco Palomino and Stanley Zin
13244: Net Worth, Exchange Rates, and Monetary Policy: The Effects of a Devaluation in a Financially Fragile Environment Downloads
Domenico Delli Gatti, Mauro Gallegati, Bruce C. Greenwald and Joseph Stiglitz
13243: Giffen Behavior: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Robert T. Jensen and Nolan H. Miller
13242: Labor Market Institutions Around the World Downloads
Richard Freeman
13241: Trade and Capital Flows: A Financial Frictions Perspective Downloads
Pol Antras and Ricardo Caballero
13240: Risk Shifting versus Risk Management: Investment Policy in Corporate Pension Plans Downloads
Joshua Rauh
13239: Explaining Product Price Differences Across Countries Downloads
Robert Lipsey and Birgitta Swedenborg
13238: Endogenous Decentralization in Federal Environmental Policies Downloads
Howard Chang, Hilary Sigman and Leah G. Traub
13237: Older and Wiser? Birth Order and IQ of Young Men Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux and Kjell G Salvanes
13236: A Unified Framework for Measuring Preferences for Schools and Neighborhoods Downloads
Patrick Bayer, Fernando Ferreira and Robert McMillan
13235: How Does Outsourcing Affect Performance Dynamics? Evidence from the Automobile Industry Downloads
Sharon Novak and Scott Stern
13234: The Impact of Uncertain Intellectual Property Rights on the Market For Ideas: Evidence From Patent Grant Delays Downloads
Joshua Gans, David H. Hsu and Scott Stern
13233: The Same Yet Different: Worker Reports on Labour Practices and Outcomes in a Single Firm Across Countries Downloads
Richard Freeman, Douglas Kruse and Joseph Blasi
13232: Complementarity Among Vertical Integration Decisions: Evidence from Automobile Product Development Downloads
Sharon Novak and Scott Stern
13231: Comparative Advantage in Cyclical Unemployment Downloads
Mark Bils, Yongsung Chang and Sun-Bin Kim
13230: Employment Law and the Labor Market Downloads
Christine Jolls
13229: Why are Immigrants' Incarceration Rates so Low? Evidence on Selective Immigration, Deterrence, and Deportation Downloads
Kristin Butcher and Anne Piehl
13228: The Welfare Cost of Asymmetric Information: Evidence from the U.K. Annuity Market Downloads
Liran Einav, Amy Finkelstein and Paul Schrimpf
13227: Extreme Weather Events, Mortality and Migration Downloads
Olivier Deschenes and Enrico Moretti
13226: Measuring the Dynamics of Young and Small Businesses: Integrating the Employer and Nonemployer Universes Downloads
Steven Davis, John Haltiwanger, Ron Jarmin, C.J. Krizan, Javier Miranda, Alfred Nucci and Kristin Sandusky
13225: Deferred Acceptance Algorithms: History, Theory, Practice, and Open Questions Downloads
Alvin Roth
13224: Sources of Lifetime Inequality Downloads
Mark Huggett, Gustavo Ventura and Amir Yaron
13223: After Johnny Came Marching Home: The Political Economy of Veterans' Benefits in the Nineteenth Century Downloads
Sung Won Kang and Hugh Rockoff
13222: Trade Growth under the African Growth and Opportunity Act Downloads
Garth Frazer and Johannes Van Biesebroeck
13221: Does Age Structure Forecast Economic Growth? Downloads
David Bloom, David Canning, Günther Fink and Jocelyn Finlay
13220: Risk Based Explanations of the Equity Premium Downloads
John Donaldson and Rajnish Mehra
13219: What Determines Giving to Hurricane Katrina Victims? Experimental Evidence on Income, Race, and Fairness Downloads
Christina M. Fong and Erzo Luttmer
13218: Governance, Issuance Restrictions, And Competition In Payment Card Networks Downloads
Robert Pindyck
13217: Mental Health in Childhood and Human Capital Downloads
Janet Currie and Mark Stabile
13216: Optimal Reserve Management and Sovereign Debt Downloads
Laura Alfaro and Fabio Kanczuk
13215: The Guy at the Controls: Labor Quality and Power Plant Efficiency Downloads
James Bushnell and Catherine Wolfram
13214: Zeros, Quality and Space: Trade Theory and Trade Evidence Downloads
Richard Baldwin and James Harrigan
13213: The New Market for Federal Judicial Law Clerks Downloads
Christopher Avery, Christine Jolls, Richard Posner and Alvin Roth
13212: Dynamics of Union Organizations: A Look at Gross Flows in the LORS Files Downloads
Thomas Holmes and Michael Walrath
13211: Should We Drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? An Economic Perspective Downloads
Matthew Kotchen and Nicholas Burger
13210: Wage Structure and Labor Mobility in the Netherlands 1999-2003 Downloads
Lex Borghans and Ben Kriechel
13209: Aggregate Implications of Credit Market Imperfections Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
13208: Economic and Political Inequality in Development: The Case of Cundinamarca, Colombia Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, María Angélica Bautista, Pablo Querubin and James Robinson
13207: Banking and Interest Rates in Monetary Policy Analysis: A Quantitative Exploration Downloads
Marvin Goodfriend and Bennett McCallum
13206: Racial Discrimination Among NBA Referees Downloads
Joseph Price and Justin Wolfers
13205: Random Walk Expectations and the Forward Discount Puzzle Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
13204: Liquidity and Trading Dynamics Downloads
Veronica Guerrieri and Guido Lorenzoni
13203: Offshoring in a Ricardian World Downloads
Andres Rodriguez-Clare
13202: Managerial Ownership Dynamics and Firm Value Downloads
Ruediger Fahlenbrach and René Stulz
13201: Information Diffusion Effects in Individual Investors' Common Stock Purchases Covet Thy Neighbors' Investment Choices Downloads
Zoran Ivkovich and Scott Weisbenner
13200: Government Investment and the European Stability and Growth Pact Downloads
Marco Bassetto and Vadym Lepetyuk
13199: Monetary Policy and Business Cycles with Endogenous Entry and Product Variety Downloads
Florin Bilbiie, Fabio Ghironi and Marc Melitz
13198: Spin-offs and the Market for Ideas Downloads
Satyajit Chatterjee and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
13197: The Two Crises of International Economics Downloads
Michael Dooley, Peter Garber and David Folkerts-Landau
13196: Long-Run Risks and Financial Markets Downloads
Ravi Bansal
13195: The Economics, Technology and Neuroscience of Human Capability Formation Downloads
James Heckman
13194: Latin America's Access to International Capital Markets: Good Behavior or Global Liquidity? Downloads
Ana Fostel and Graciela Kaminsky
13193: School Desegregation and Educational Attainment for Blacks Downloads
Sarah J. Reber
13192: From Separate and Unequal to Integrated and Equal? School Desegregation and School Finance in Louisiana Downloads
Sarah J. Reber
13191: The Age of Reason: Financial Decisions Over the Lifecycle Downloads
Sumit Agarwal, John Driscoll, Xavier Gabaix and David Laibson
13190: Wisdom and Creativity in Old Age: Lessons from the Impressionists Downloads
David Galenson
13189: Investor Sentiment in the Stock Market Downloads
Malcolm Baker and Jeffrey Wurgler
13188: Maternal employment, breastfeeding, and health: Evidence from maternity leave mandates Downloads
Michael Baker and Kevin Milligan
13187: An Analysis of the Performance of Federal Indigent Defense Counsel Downloads
Radha Iyengar
13186: Does the Certainty of Arrest Reduce Domestic Violence? Evidence from Mandatory and Recommended Arrest laws Downloads
Radha Iyengar
13185: Demographic Change, Relative Factor Prices, International Capital Flows, and Their Differential Effects on the Welfare of Generations Downloads
Alexander Ludwig, Dirk Krueger and Axel H. Boersch-Supan
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