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11568: The Impact of Child SSI Enrollment on Household Outcomes: Evidence from the Survey of Income and Program Participation Downloads
Mark Duggan and Melissa Kearney
11567: Biology as Destiny? Short and Long-Run Determinants of Intergenerational Transmission of Birth Weight Downloads
Janet Currie and Enrico Moretti
11566: The Economics of Workaholism: We Should Not Have Worked on This Paper Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh and Joel Slemrod
11565: Collateral Damage: Trade Disruption and the Economic Impact of War Downloads
Reuven Glick and Alan Taylor
11564: The Returns on Human Capital: Good News on Wall Street is Bad News on Main Street Downloads
Hanno Lustig and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
11563: From World Banker to World Venture Capitalist: US External Adjustment and the Exorbitant Privilege Downloads
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Helene Rey
11562: The Incredible Volcker Disinflation Downloads
Marvin Goodfriend and Robert King
11561: Is Academic Science Driving a Surge in Industrial Innovation? Evidence from Patent Citations Downloads
Lee Branstetter and Yoshiaki Ogura
11560: Borrowing Constraints and Consumption Behavior in Japan Downloads
Midori Wakabayashi and Charles Horioka
11559: Solving Models with External Habit Downloads
Jessica Wachter
11557: Real Output in Mental Health Care During the 1990s Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Alisa B. Busch, Richard G. Frank and Sharon-Lise Normand
11556: The Highest Price Ever: The Great NYSE Seat Sale of 1928-1929 and Capacity Constraints Downloads
Lance E. Davis, Larry Neal and Eugene White
11555: Reallocation, Firm Turnover, and Efficiency: Selection on Productivity or Profitability? Downloads
Lucia Foster, John Haltiwanger and Chad Syverson
11554: $100 Bills on the Sidewalk: Suboptimal Investment in 401(k) Plans Downloads
James Choi, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
11553: Vehicle Choices, Miles Driven, and Pollution Policies Downloads
Ye Feng, Don Fullerton and Li Gan
11552: The Diffusion of Mexican Immigrants During the 1990s: Explanations and Impacts Downloads
David Card and Ethan Lewis
11551: The Marginal Product of Capital Downloads
Francesco Caselli and James Feyrer
11550: Globalization and Emerging Markets: With or Without Crash? Downloads
Philippe Martin and Helene Rey
11549: The Formation and Evolution of Physician Treatment Styles: An Application to Cesarean Sections Downloads
Andrew Epstein and Sean Nicholson
11548: Apparel Prices 1914-93 and the Hulten/Brueghel Paradox Downloads
Robert Gordon
11547: Is the New Immigration Really So Bad? Downloads
David Card
11546: An Empirical Model of Growth Through Product Innovation Downloads
Rasmus Lentz and Dale Mortensen
11545: The Methods and Careers of Leading American Painters in the late Nineteenth Century Downloads
David Galenson
11544: Earnings Functions, Rates of Return and Treatment Effects: The Mincer Equation and Beyond Downloads
James Heckman, Lance Lochner and Petra Todd
11543: The Dot-Com Bubble the Bush Deficits, and the U.S. Current Account Downloads
Aart Kraay and Jaume Ventura
11542: Academic Freedom, Private-Sector Focus, and the Process of Innovation Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Mathias Dewatripont and Jeremy Stein
11541: Is the U.S. Current Account Deficit Sustainable? And If Not, How Costly is Adjustment Likely To Be? Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
11540: Competition and Productivity in Japanese Manufacturing Industries Downloads
Yosuke Okada
11539: The Collection Efficiency of the Value Added Tax: Theory and International Evidence Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Yothin Jinjarak
11538: Do Macro Variables, Asset Markets or Surveys Forecast Inflation Better? Downloads
Andrew Ang, Geert Bekaert and Min Wei
11537: Social Value of Public Information: Morris and Shin (2002) Is Actually Pro Transparency, Not Con Downloads
Lars Svensson
11536: Economic Analysis of Corporate and Personal Bankruptcy Law Downloads
Michelle J. White
11535: Incentives and Prosocial Behavior Downloads
Roland Benabou and Jean Tirole
11534: How Do House Prices Affect Consumption? Evidence From Micro Data Downloads
John Campbell and João F. Cocco
11533: Notes for a Contingent Claims Theory of Limit Order Markets Downloads
Bruce N. Lehmann
11532: Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products Downloads
Yooki Park and Suzanne Scotchmer
11531: Why Do Politicians Delegate? Downloads
Alberto Alesina and Guido Tabellini
11530: How Do Friendships Form? Downloads
Bruce Sacerdote and David Marmaros
11529: Health Insurance and the Obesity Externality Downloads
Jay Bhattacharya and Neeraj Sood
11528: The Anatomy of Start-Stop Growth Downloads
Benjamin F. Jones and Benjamin Olken
11527: Mexican Entrepreneurship: A Comparison of Self-Employment in Mexico and the United States Downloads
Robert Fairlie and Christopher Woodruff
11526: Dumb Money: Mutual Fund Flows and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns Downloads
Andrea Frazzini and Owen Lamont
11525: Antitrust in Innovative Industries Downloads
Ilya Segal and Michael Whinston
11524: The International Dynamics of R&D and Innovation in the Short and in the Long Run Downloads
Laura Bottazzi and Giovanni Peri
11523: Monetary Policy Under Uncertainty in Micro-Founded Macroeconometric Models Downloads
Andrew Levin, Alexei Onatski, John Williams and Noah Williams
11522: The Impact of Child Support Enforcement on Fertility, Parental Investment and Child Well-Being Downloads
Anna Aizer and Sara McLanahan
11521: A Primer on Real Effective Exchange Rates: Determinants, Overvaluation, Trade Flows and Competitive Devaluation Downloads
Menzie Chinn
11520: Savings Gluts and Interest Rates: The Missing Link to Europe Downloads
Michael Dooley, David Folkerts-Landau and Peter Garber
11519: Evaluating Labor Market Reforms: A General Equilibrium Approach Downloads
César Alonso-Borrego, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde and Jose Galdon-Sanchez
11518: Behavioral Public Economics: Welfare and Policy Analysis with Non-Standard Decision-Makers Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim and Antonio Rangel
11517: Regime-Switching Behavior of the Term Structure of Forward Markets Downloads
Elena Tchernykh and William H. Branson
11516: Do Stronger Intellectual Property Rights Increase International Technology Transfer? Empirical Evidence from U.S. Firm-Level Data Downloads
Lee Branstetter, Raymond Fisman and Fritz Foley C.
11515: How the Internet Lowers Prices: Evidence from Matched Survey and Auto Transaction Data Downloads
Florian Zettelmeyer, Fiona Scott Morton and Jorge Silva-Risso
11514: Information and Consumer Choice: The Value of Publicized Health Plan Ratings Downloads
Ginger Zhe Jin and Alan T. Sorensen
11513: Aid and Growth: What Does the Cross-Country Evidence Really Show? Downloads
Raghuram Rajan and Arvind Subramanian
11512: Gender and Assimilation Among Mexican Americans Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
11511: Inequality Downloads
Edward Glaeser
11510: Will the Euro Eventually Surpass the Dollar as Leading International Reserve Currency? Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Jeffrey Frankel
11509: Futures Prices in a Production Economy with Investment Constraints Downloads
Leonid Kogan, Dmitry Livdan and Amir Yaron
11508: Contractionary Currency Crashes in Developing Countries Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
11507: Separate When Equal? Racial Inequality and Residential Segregation Downloads
Patrick Bayer, Hanming Fang and Robert McMillan
11506: Matching and Price Competition Downloads
Jeremy Bulow and Jonathan Levin
11505: Why Do Firms Become Widely Held? An Analysis of the ynamics of Corporate Ownership Downloads
Jean Helwege, Christo Pirinsky and René Stulz
11504: The Changing Role of Auditors in Corporate Tax Planning Downloads
Edward L. Maydew and Douglas Shackelford
11503: A Theory of Growth and Volatility at the Aggregate and Firm Level Downloads
Diego Comin and Sunil Mulani
11502: Law, Endowments, and Property Rights Downloads
Ross Levine
11501: Toward Abstraction: Ranking European Painters of the Early Twentieth Century Downloads
David Galenson
11500: Bank Concentration and Fragility: Impact and Mechanics Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Ross Levine
11499: Is There a Diversification Discount in Financial Conglomerates? Downloads
Luc Laeven and Ross Levine
11498: Bank Supervision and Corruption in Lending Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Ross Levine
11497: Are There Real Effects of Licensing on Academic Research? A Life Cycle View Downloads
Marie Thursby, Jerry Thursby and Swasti Gupta-Mukherjee
11496: The "News" View of Economic Fluctuations: Evidence from Aggregate Japanese Data and Sectoral U.S. Data Downloads
Paul Beaudry and Franck Portier
11495: Inefficiency in Legislative Policy-Making: A Dynamic Analysis Downloads
Marco Battaglini and Stephen Coate
11494: What Do Parents Value in Education? An Empirical Investigation of Parents' Revealed Preferences for Teachers Downloads
Brian A. Jacob and Lars Lefgren
11493: Global Business Cycles and Credit Risk Downloads
M Pesaran, Til Schuermann and Björn-Jakob Treutler
11492: Relative Price Volatility Under Sudden Stops: The Relevance of Balance Sheet Effects Downloads
Guillermo Calvo, Alejandro Izquierdo and Rudy Loo-Kung
11491: Crime, Punishment, and Myopia Downloads
David S. Lee and Justin McCrary
11490: Efficient Fiscal Policy and Amplification Downloads
Mark Aguiar, Manuel Amador and Gita Gopinath
11489: The Sensitivity of Homeowner Leverage to the Deductibility of Home Mortgage Interest Downloads
Patric Hendershott and Gwilym Pryce
11488: The Only Game in Town: Stock-Price Consequences of Local Bias Downloads
Harrison Hong, Jeffrey D. Kubik and Jeremy Stein
11487: Nonrenewable Resource Prices: Deterministic or Stochastic Trends? Downloads
Junsoo Lee, John List and Mark Strazicich
11486: Filming Images or Filming Reality: The Life Cycles of Movie Directors from D.W. Griffith to Federico Fellini Downloads
David Galenson and Joshua Kotin
11485: Denial of Death and Economic Behavior Downloads
Wojciech Kopczuk and Joel Slemrod
11484: Political Competition and Economic Performance: Theory and Evidence from the United States Downloads
Timothy Besley, Torsten Persson and Daniel Sturm
11483: Does Falling Smoking Lead to Rising Obesity? Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and Michael Frakes
11482: Reexamining the Distribution of Wealth in 1870 Downloads
Joshua Rosenbloom and Gregory W. Stutes
11481: Layoffs, Lemons, Race, and Gender Downloads
Luojia Hu and Christopher Taber
11480: Momentum Profits and Macroeconomic Risk Downloads
Laura X.L. Liu, Jerold B. Warner and Lu Zhang
11479: Global Engagement and the Innovation Activities of Firms Downloads
Chiara Criscuolo, Jonathan Haskel and Matthew J. Slaughter
11478: Mandated Disclosure, Stock Returns, and the 1964 Securities Acts Amendments Downloads
Michael Greenstone, Paul Oyer and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen
11477: The Empirical Risk-Return Relation: A Factor Analysis Approach Downloads
Sydney Ludvigson and Serena Ng
11476: Consumption Strikes Back?: Measuring Long-Run Risk Downloads
Lars Hansen, John Heaton and Nan Li
11475: University Invention, Entrepreneurship, and Start-Ups Downloads
Celestine Chukumba and Richard Jensen
11474: Do Women Shy Away From Competition? Do Men Compete Too Much? Downloads
Muriel Niederle and Lise Vesterlund
11473: Long-Run Determinants of Inflation Differentials in a Monetary Union Downloads
Filippo Altissimo, Pierpaolo Benigno and Diego Rodriguez Palenzuela
11472: Supersanctions and Sovereign Debt Repayment Downloads
Kris James Mitchener and Marc Weidenmier
11471: Heterogeneous Firms and Trade: Testable and Untestable Properties of the Melitz Model Downloads
Richard Baldwin
11470: Early Academis Science and the Birth of Industrial Research Laboratories in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry Downloads
Megan MacGarvie and Jeffrey L. Furman
11469: Taxation and the Evolution of Aggregate Corporate Ownership Concentration Downloads
Mihir A. Desai, Dhammika Dharmapala and Winnie Fung
11468: Predicting the Equity Premium Out of Sample: Can Anything Beat the Historical Average? Downloads
John Campbell and Samuel B. Thompson
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