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12289: Sources of Advantageous Selection: Evidence from the Medigap Insurance Market Downloads
Hanming Fang, Michael Keane and Dan Silverman
12288: The Effect of Dividends on Consumption Downloads
Malcolm Baker, Stefan Nagel and Jeffrey Wurgler
12287: Home Production and the Macro Economy-Some Lessons from Pollak and Wachter and from Transition Russia Downloads
Reuben Gronau
12286: Tinkering Toward Accolades: School Gaming Under a Performance Accountability System Downloads
Julie Cullen and Randall Reback
12285: Would Higher Salaries Keep Teachers in High-Poverty Schools? Evidence from a Policy Intervention in North Carolina Downloads
Charles Clotfelter, Elizabeth Glennie, Helen Ladd and Jacob Vigdor
12284: Optimal Income Transfers Downloads
Louis Kaplow
12283: Ineffective Controls on Capital Inflows Under Sophisticated Financial Markets: Brazil in the Nineties Downloads
Bernardo S. de M. Carvalho and Marcio Garcia
12282: Educational Debt Burden and Career Choice: Evidence from a Financial Aid Experiment at NYU Law School Downloads
Erica Field
12281: Supermodularity and Tipping Downloads
Geoffrey Heal and Howard Kunreuther
12280: Innovativity: A Comparison Across Seven European Countries Downloads
Pierre Mohnen, Jacques Mairesse and Marcel Dagenais
12279: Balancing the Goals of Health Care Provision Downloads
Martin Feldstein
12278: Willpower and the Optimal Control of Visceral Urges Downloads
Emre Ozdenoren, Stephen Salant and Dan Silverman
12277: Stability First: Reflections Inspired by Otmar Issing's Success as the ECB's Chief Economist Downloads
Vitor Gaspar and Anil Kashyap
12276: Capital Structure with Risky Foreign Investment Downloads
Mihir A. Desai, C. Fritz Foley and James Hines
12275: When Does Domestic Saving Matter for Economic Growth? Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Diego Comin and Peter Howitt
12274: Does Corruption Produce Unsafe Drivers? Downloads
Marianne Bertrand, Simeon Djankov, Rema Hanna and Sendhil Mullainathan
12273: Love or Money? Health Insurance and Retirement Among Married Couples Downloads
Kanika Kapur and Jeannette Rogowski
12272: Energy Conservation in the United States: Understanding its Role in Climate Policy Downloads
Gilbert Metcalf
12271: Measuring International Trade in Services Downloads
Robert Lipsey
12270: Resolving Macroeconomic Uncertainty in Stock and Bond Markets Downloads
Alessandro Beber and Michael W. Brandt
12269: Disease and Development: The Effect of Life Expectancy on Economic Growth Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Simon Johnson
12268: Monetary Policy When Potential Output is Uncertain: Understanding the Growth Gamble of the 1990s Downloads
Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Matthew Shapiro
12267: Socioeconomic Status and Health in Childhood: A Comment on Chen, Martin and Matthews (2006) Downloads
Anne Case, Christina Paxson and Tom Vogl
12266: $2.00 Gas! Studying the Effects of a Gas Tax Moratorium Downloads
Joseph J. Doyle, Jr. and Krislert Samphantharak
12265: Population Aging, Fiscal Policies, and National Saving: Predictions for Korean Economy Downloads
Young Jun Chun
12264: A Century of Work and Leisure Downloads
Valerie Ramey and Neville Francis
12263: Information Spillovers in the Market for Recorded Music Downloads
Ken Hendricks and Alan Sorensen
12262: New Evidence on Real Wage Cyclicality within Employer-Employee Matches Downloads
Donggyun Shin and Gary Solon
12261: Why Does the Law of One Price Fail? An Experiment on Index Mutual Funds Downloads
James Choi, David Laibson and Brigitte Madrian
12260: Individual Versus Aggregate Collateral Constraints and the Overborrowing Syndrome Downloads
Martín Uribe
12259: Capital Levies and Transition to a Consumption Tax Downloads
Louis Kaplow
12258: Protection for Sale or Surge Protection? Downloads
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama and Kala Krishna
12257: Education and Labor-Market Discrimination Downloads
Kevin Lang and Michael Manove
12256: Noise Traders Downloads
James Dow and Gary Gorton
12255: Private Investment and Government Protection Downloads
Carolyn Kousky, Erzo Luttmer and Richard Zeckhauser
12254: Input and Technology Choices in Regulated Industries: Evidence From the Health Care Sector Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Amy Finkelstein
12253: There Goes the Neighborhood? Estimates of the Impact of Crime Risk on Property Values From Megan's Laws Downloads
Leigh Linden and Jonah E. Rockoff
12252: Judicial Risk and Credit Market Performance: Micro Evidence from Brazilian Payroll Loans Downloads
Ana Carla A. Costa and Joao De Mello
12251: The Impact of Group Diversity on Performance and Knowledge Spillover -- An Experiment in a College Classroom Downloads
Zeynep Hansen, Hideo Owan and Jie Pan
12250: Democracy and Protectionism Downloads
Kevin O'Rourke and Alan Taylor
12249: China's FDI and Non-FDI Economies and the Sustainability of Future High Chinese Growth Downloads
John Whalley and Xian Xin
12248: Risk, Uncertainty and Asset Prices Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Eric Engstrom and Yuhang Xing
12247: Stock and Bond Returns with Moody Investors Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Eric Engstrom and Steven R. Grenadier
12246: Division of Labor and the Rise of Cities: Evidence from U.S. Industrialization, 1850-1880 Downloads
Sukkoo Kim
12245: Are Elite Universities Losing Their Competitive Edge? Downloads
E. Han Kim, Adair Morse and Luigi Zingales
12244: The Welfare Consequences of Hospital Mergers Downloads
Robert Town, Douglas Wholey, Roger Feldman and Lawton R. Burns
12243: Intertemporal Disturbances Downloads
Giorgio Primiceri, Ernst Schaumburg and Andrea Tambalotti
12242: Internet Retail Demand: Taxes, Geography, and Online-Offline Competition Downloads
Glenn Ellison and Sara Fisher Ellison
12241: Hospital Ownership and Quality of Care: What Explains the Different Results? Downloads
Karen Eggleston, Yu-Chu Shen, Joseph Lau, Christopher H. Schmid and Jia Chan
12240: Tax Law Changes, Income Shifting and Measured Wage Inequality: Evidence from India Downloads
Jagadeesh Sivadasan and Joel Slemrod
12239: Discounting Dollars, Discounting Lives: Intergenerational Distributive Justice and Efficiency Downloads
Louis Kaplow
12238: U.S.-Based Private Voluntary Organizations: Religious and Secular PVOs Engaged in International Relief & Development Downloads
Rachel M. McCleary and Robert Barro
12237: Early Retirement and Public Disability Insurance Applications: Exploring the Impact of Depression Downloads
Rena M. Conti, Ernst R. Berndt and Richard G. Frank
12236: Econometric Risk Adjustment, Endogeneity, and Extrapolation Bias Downloads
John Mullahy
12235: Sudden Stops and IMF-Supported Programs Downloads
Barry Eichengreen, Poonam Gupta and Ashoka Mody
12234: Managing Bank Liquidity Risk: How Deposit-Loan Synergies Vary with Market Conditions Downloads
Evan Gatev, Til Schuermann and Philip E. Strahan
12233: The International CAPM and a Wavelet-Based Decomposition of Value at Risk Downloads
Viviana Fernandez
12232: Medicaid Policy Changes in Mental Health Care and Their Effect on Mental Health Outcomes Downloads
Alison Cuellar and Sara Markowitz
12231: Prices, Spatial Competition, and Heterogenous Producers: An Empirical Test Downloads
Chad Syverson
12230: On the Optimal Timing of Benefits with Heterogeneous Workers and Human Capital Depreciation Downloads
Robert Shimer and Iván Werning
12229: Monetary Unions, External Shocks and Economic Performance: A Latin American Perspective Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
12228: An Elephant in the Garden: The Allies, Spain, and Oil in World War II Downloads
Leonardo Caruana and Hugh Rockoff
12227: The Cost of Complexity in Federal Student Aid: Lessons from Optimal Tax Theory and Behavioral Economics Downloads
Susan Dynarski and Judith E. Scott-Clayton
12226: Prizes for Basic Research -- Human Capital, Economic Might and the Shadow of History Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Ilan Noy
12225: Tax Competition With Parasitic Tax Havens Downloads
Joel Slemrod and John Wilson
12224: Markets Versus Governments: Political Economy of Mechanisms Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Mikhail Golosov and Aleh Tsyvinski
12223: Sensation Seeking, Overconfidence, and Trading Activity Downloads
Mark Grinblatt and Matti Keloharju
12222: Do Foreigners Invest Less in Poorly Governed Firms? Downloads
Christian Leuz, Karl V. Lins and Francis E. Warnock
12221: Crime and Young Men: The Role of Arrest, Criminal Experience, and Heterogeneity Downloads
Susumu Imai, Hajime Katayama and Kala Krishna
12220: International Diversification at Home and Abroad Downloads
Fang Cai and Francis E. Warnock
12219: Are Valuation Effects Desirable from a Global Perspective? Downloads
Pierpaolo Benigno
12218: Baumol's Diseases: A Macroeconomic Perspective Downloads
William Nordhaus
12217: Multinationals, Technology, and the Introduction of Varieties of Goods Downloads
Irene Brambilla
12216: Measuring and Explaining Management Practices Across Firms and Countries Downloads
Nicholas Bloom and John van Reenen
12215: Expenditure Switching vs. Real Exchange Rate Stabilization: Competing Objectives for Exchange Rate Policy Downloads
Michael Devereux and Charles Engel
12214: Portfolio Choice in a Monetary Open-Economy DSGE Model Downloads
Charles Engel and Akito Matsumoto
12213: Expectations and Exchange Rate Policy Downloads
Michael Devereux and Charles Engel
12212: Home Production, Market Production and the Gender Wage Gap: Incentives and Expectations Downloads
Stefania Albanesi and Claudia Olivetti
12211: Identifying Individual and Group Effects in the Presence of Sorting: A Neighborhood Effects Application Downloads
Patrick Bayer and Stephen Ross
12210: An Empirical Analysis of the Pricing of Collateralized Debt Obligations Downloads
Francis Longstaff and Arvind Rajan
12209: Buy, Lobby or Sue: Interest Groups' Participation in Policy Making - A Selective Survey Downloads
Pablo Spiller and Sanny Liao
12208: The Effects of State Medicaid Policies on the Dynamic Savings Patterns of the Elderly Downloads
Lara Gardner and Donna Gilleskie
12207: The Academic Achievement Gap in Grades 3 to 8 Downloads
Charles Clotfelter, Helen Ladd and Jacob Vigdor
12206: Technology, Information and the Decentralization of the Firm Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Philippe Aghion, Claire Lelarge, John van Reenen and Fabrizio Zilibotti
12205: Redistribution by Insurance Market Regulation: Analyzing a Ban on Gender-Based Retirement Annuities Downloads
Amy Finkelstein, James Poterba and Casey Rothschild
12204: Intergenerational Risksharing and Equilibrium Asset Prices Downloads
John Campbell and Yves Nosbusch
12203: Is IPO Underperformance a Peso Problem? Downloads
Andrew Ang, Li Gu and Yael V. Hochberg
12202: Pay, Reference Points, and Police Performance Downloads
Alexandre Mas
12201: The Effect of Taxes on Efficiency and Growth Downloads
Martin Feldstein
12200: Interpreting Prediction Market Prices as Probabilities Downloads
Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz
12199: Do High School Exit Exams Influence Educational Attainment or Labor Market Performance? Downloads
Thomas Dee and Brian A. Jacob
12198: Stabilization of Effective Exchange Rates Under Common Currency Basket Systems Downloads
Eiji Ogawa and Junko Shimizu
12197: The Effects of Health on Health Insurance Status in Fragile Families Downloads
Hope Corman, Anne Carroll, Kelly Noonan and Nancy E. Reichman
12196: Organizing Offshoring: Middle Managers and Communication Costs Downloads
Pol Antras, Luis Garicano and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
12195: The Private Value of Software Patents Downloads
Bronwyn Hall and Megan MacGarvie
12194: G7 Current Account Imbalances: Sustainability and Adjustment Downloads
Richard Clarida
12193: Are There Thresholds of Current Account Adjustment in the G7? Downloads
Richard Clarida, Manuela Goretti and Mark Taylor
12192: Trade Liberalization with Heterogenous Firms Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Rikard Forslid
12191: Size Really Doesn't Matter: In Search of a National Scale Effect Downloads
Andrew K. Rose
12190: Pork Barrel Cycles Downloads
Allan Drazen and Marcela Eslava
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