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12-381301: Set partitioning: Veelbelovende aanpak voor voertuigplanning (I) Downloads
Hein Fleuren
12-381300: Set partitioning: Aanpak voor voertuigplanning (II) Downloads
Hein Fleuren, J. Haan and M.E.A. Striekwold
12-381275: Bounds on the regression coefficients when a covariate is categorized Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-381125: Voting on growth control measures: Preferences and strategies Downloads
Charles Noussair, Y. Dubin and D.R. Kiewiet
12-381124: Allocating priority with auctions: An experimental analysis Downloads
Charles Noussair and David Porter
12-381122: Equilibria in a multi-object uniform price sealed bid auction with multi-unit demands Downloads
Charles Noussair
12-381120: The allocation of a shared resource within an organization Downloads
Charles Noussair, John O. Ledyard and David Porter
12-381119: Environment, imperfect markets, and public finance Downloads
Jenny E. Ligthart
12-381116: The principles of exchange rate determination in an international finance experiment Downloads
Charles Noussair, C. Plot and Raymond G. Riezman
12-381115: Optimal bidding in a uniform price auction with multi-unit demand Downloads
Charles Noussair and T. Draaisma
12-381105: Non-speculative bubbles in experimental asset markets: Lack of common knowledge of rationality vs. actual irrationality Downloads
Charles Noussair, V. Lei and Charles Raymond Plott
12-378702: Do consumers not care about biotech foods or do they just not read the labels? Downloads
Charles Noussair, S. Robin and Bernard Jean Michel Ruffieux
12-378701: An experimental test of an optimal growth model Downloads
Charles Noussair and V. Lei
12-378636: Bounds for maximin Latin hypercube designs Downloads
Edwin Robert van Dam, G. Rennen and B.G.M. Husslage
12-378594: Perceived costs and benefits of buying and using a subsidized compost container Downloads
R. Pieters
12-378593: Individual differences in reverse hindsight bias: I never thought something like Chernobyl would happen. Did I? Downloads
B. Verplanken and R. Pieters
12-378592: Functions and management of affect: Applications to economic behavior Downloads
R. Pieters and F. van Raaij
12-378591: A note on cost in economic psychology Downloads
R. Pieters
12-378590: Changing garbage disposal patterns of consumers: Motivation, ability, and performance Downloads
R. Pieters
12-378589: A control view on the behaviour of consumers: Turning the triangle Downloads
R. Pieters
12-378586: The consumer-environment interaction Downloads
P. Everett, R. Pieters and Ph. Titus
12-378585: On the practical significance of hindsight bias: The case of the expectancy-disconfirmation model of consumer satisfaction Downloads
R. Pieters and H. Baumgartner
12-378584: Intention-Behaviour consistency: Effects of consideration set size, involvement and need for cognition Downloads
R. Pieters and B. Verplanken
12-378582: Assimilation processes in service satisfaction formation Downloads
R. Pieters, K. Koelemeyer and H. Roest
12-378581: A means-end chain approach to consumers' goal structures Downloads
R. Pieters, H. Baumgartner and D. Allen
12-378484: Approximizations of Nash equilibria Downloads
G. Gürkan and J.S. Pang
12-378483: Optimal threshold levels in stochastic fluid models via simulation-based optimization Downloads
G. Gürkan, F. Karaesmen and Ozlem Ozdemir
12-378255: Feedback Nash equilibria for non-linear differential games in pollution control Downloads
G. Kossioris, M. Plexousakis, Anastasios Xepapadeas, A.J. de Zeeuw and K-G. Mäler
12-378199: Networks and Learning in Game Theory Downloads
Willemien Kets
12-378198: Naar meer Jong en Oud in Collectieve Pensioenen Downloads
Eduard Ponds
12-377979: Density of the quotient of non-negative quadratic forms in normal variables with application to the F-statistic Downloads
B.B. van der Genugten
12-377978: Efficiency of iterated WLS in the linear model with completely unknown heteroskedasticity Downloads
B.B. van der Genugten
12-377976: Density of the LS-estimator in the multivariate linear model with arbitrarily normal variables Downloads
B.B. van der Genugten
12-377975: Gokken op een kansspelkwalificatie: Een behendigheidsspel? Downloads
Peter Borm and B.B. van der Genugten
12-377951: Monetary and non-monetary punishment in the voluntary contributions mechanism Downloads
Charles Noussair, David Masclet, Steven James Tucker and Marie Claire Villeval
12-377947: Rate of return dominance and efficiency in an experimental economy Downloads
Charles Noussair, Gabriele Camera and Steven James Tucker
12-377942: Do european consumers really refuse to buy GM food? Downloads
Charles Noussair, Bernard Jean Michel Ruffieux and S. Robin
12-377940: A comparison of hedonic rating and demand revealing auctions Downloads
Charles Noussair, S. Robin and Bernard Jean Michel Ruffieux
12-377939: Bidding behavior in the 'price is right' game: An experimental study Downloads
Charles Noussair and Paul J. Healy
12-377937: Revealing consumers' willingness to pay: A comparison of the BDM mechanism and the vickrey auction Downloads
Charles Noussair, Bernard Jean Michel Ruffieux and S. Robin
12-377935: Combining monetary and social sanctions to promote cooperation Downloads
Charles Noussair and Steven James Tucker
12-377919: The effects of age and unemployment percentage on the duration of unemployment: Evidence from aggregate data Downloads
G. Ridder and P. Kooreman
12-377918: Substitution in consumption: An application to the allocation of time: A comment Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377917: Nederlanders met vakantie: Een micro-economische analyse Downloads
Arthur van Soest and P. Kooreman
12-377915: Alternative specification tests for Tobit and related models Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377901: Ontgoochelende elasticiteiten Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377899: Vakantiebestemming en -bestedingen Downloads
Arthur van Soest and P. Kooreman
12-377898: Doelmatigheid in de institutionele huishouding: Hoe te meten, hoe te beïnvloeden? Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377897: A comment on calculating wealth from income flows Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377896: De prijsgevoeligheid van huishoudelijk waterverbruik Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377895: Fare evasion as a result of expected utility maximization: Some empirical support Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377875: Interior point approach to linear, quadratic and convex programming: Algorithms and complexity Downloads
D. den Hertog
12-377776: A polynomial method of weighted centers for convex quadratic programming Downloads
D. den Hertog, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
12-377775: A survey of search directions in interior point methods for linear programming Downloads
D. den Hertog and C. Roos
12-377774: A complexity reduction for the long-step path-following algorithm for linear programming Downloads
D. den Hertog, C. Roos and J.-Ph. Vial
12-377772: On the classical logarithmic barrier method for a class of smooth convex programming problems Downloads
D. den Hertog, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
12-377771: A build-up variant of the path-following method for LP Downloads
D. den Hertog, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
12-377769: A large-step analytic center method for a class of smooth convex programming problems Downloads
D. den Hertog, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
12-377767: The linear complementarity problem, sufficient matrices, and the criss-cross method Downloads
D. den Hertog, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
12-377766: A long-step barrier method for convex quadratic programming Downloads
K.M. Anstreicher, D. den Hertog, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
12-377765: Degeneracy in interior point methods for linear programming: A survey Downloads
O. Güler, D. den Hertog, C. Roos, T. Terlaky and T. Tsuchiya
12-377763: A logarithmic barrier cutting plane method for convex programming Downloads
D. den Hertog, J.A. Kaliski, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
12-377762: A sufficient condition for self-concordance with application to some classes of structured convex programming problems Downloads
D. den Hertog, F. Jarre, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
12-377760: Optimalisatie van het produkt- en procesontwerp: Efficiënte zoektechniek geïmplementeerd in DOT-software Downloads
Hein Fleuren, D. den Hertog and H.L. Tuyt
12-377604: The average tree solution for cycle-free graph games Downloads
P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Gerard van der Laan and Dolf Talman
12-377599: Key issues for attention from ecological economists: A comment Downloads
A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377598: Social Cost Benefit Analysis for Environmental Policy Making Downloads
A.J. de Zeeuw, Daan van Soest and J. de Jong
12-377597: Dynamic effects on the stability of international environmental agreements Downloads
A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377584: Estimation of econometric models of some discrete games Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377583: Nursing home care in the netherlands: A nonparametric efficiency analysis Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377582: Modelling software processes in a knowledge base - the case of information systems Downloads
M. Jarke, Manfred A. Jeusfeld and T. Rose
12-377581: Data envelopment analysis and parametric frontier estimation: Complementary tools Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377580: Doelmatigheid meten in de gezondheidszorg Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377579: A software process data model for knowledge engineering in information systems Downloads
M. Jarke, Manfred A. Jeusfeld and T. Rose
12-377577: Individual discounting and the purchase of durables with random lifetimes Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377573: Individual discounting, energy conservation and household demand for lighting Downloads
P. Kooreman
12-377569: Financial management, bargaining and efficiency within the household: An empirical analysis Downloads
S. Dobbelsteen and P. Kooreman
12-377567: Reasoning about structured object: Knowledge representation meets databases Downloads
F. Baader, M. Buchheit, Manfred A. Jeusfeld and W. Nutt
12-377565: Introduction Downloads
P. Kooreman and Jan Rouwendal
12-377560: The specification of the probability functions in Tullock's rentseeking contest Downloads
Lambert Schoonbeek and P. Kooreman
12-377557: Tullock's rent-seeking contest with a minimum expenditure requirement Downloads
Lambert Schoonbeek and P. Kooreman
12-377539: Rule representation and management in ConceptBase Downloads
M. Jarke and Manfred A. Jeusfeld
12-377522: Perfect equilibrium in a model of competitive arms accumulation Downloads
(Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick and A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377521: Hierarchical optimal control policy approach in econometric models for European Community: Integration or decentralization Downloads
Y. Ito and A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377520: Control,coordination and conflict on international commodity markets Downloads
Willem van Groenendaal and A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377519: Difference games and policy evaluation: A conceptual framework Downloads
(Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick and A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377518: A differential game of international pollution control Downloads
(Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick and A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377517: Note on Nash and Stackelberg solutions in a differential game model of capitalism Downloads
A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377516: International aspects of pollution control Downloads
(Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick and A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377515: An employment game between governments and firms Downloads
Raymond Gradus and A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377500: Note on the open-loop von Stackelberg equilibrium in the cartel versus fringe model Downloads
F. Groot, Cees Withagen and A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377499: Strategic bargaining for the control of a dynamic system in state-space form Downloads
A.J. de Zeeuw
12-377016: Statistical methods in financial econometrics Downloads
B.J.M. Werker
12-377010: HIV/AIDS, Risk and Intertemporal Choice Downloads
Judith Lammers
12-376716: Measuring inequity aversion in a heterogeneous population using experimental decisions and subjective probabilities Downloads
Charles Bellemare, Sabine Kröger and Arthur van Soest
12-376258: Pollution, the cost of public funds and endogenous growth Downloads
Jenny E. Ligthart and (Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick
12-376257: Keynesian multipliers, direct crowding out, and the optimal provision of public goods Downloads
Jenny E. Ligthart and Ben Heijdra
12-376256: Fiscal policy, distortionary taxation, and direct crowding out under monopolistic competition Downloads
Ben Heijdra, Jenny E. Ligthart and (Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick
12-376255: Environmental policy, tax incidence, and the cost of public funds Downloads
Jenny E. Ligthart and (Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick
12-376236: Het belang van de prijs Downloads
Bart Nooteboom
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