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12-347896: Pensioenfonds: Een zero-sum game of een positive-sum game Downloads
Eduard Ponds
12-347882: Pension plan design for the future: Heeft het pensioenstelsel de toekomst? Downloads
Alwin G. Oerlemans and Eduard Ponds
12-347879: Individuele keuze in een collectief pensioen Downloads
Eduard Ponds
12-347756: Technology Adoption Subsidies: An Experiment with Managers Downloads
Rob Aalbers, E.C.M. van der Heijden, Jan Potters, Daan van Soest and Herman R.J. Vollebergh
12-347750: Ranking Dutch economists Downloads
J.C. van Ours and Frederic Vermeulen
12-347715: Note on integer-valued bilinear time series models Downloads
Feike C. Drost, R. van den Akker and B.J.M. Werker
12-347655: Afzien van ontzien - Werkgevers willen af van voorkeursbeleid vitale vijftigers Downloads
K. Henkens, J.J. Schippers and Hendrik P. van Dalen
12-347649: Gezondheidszorg "Made in China": Lessen in ontspoorde marktwerking Downloads
Hendrik P. van Dalen
12-347648: De kracht en inspiratie van de oudere werknemer Downloads
Hendrik P. van Dalen and K. Henkens
12-347630: Leve het prestatieloon Downloads
Jan Bouwens
12-347629: Prive beinvloedt zaak Downloads
Jan Bouwens
12-347628: Actieve journalisten Downloads
Jan Bouwens
12-347627: Meer Cito-toetsen Downloads
Jan Bouwens
12-347626: Daarom zijn er weinig vrouwen aan de top: Dat is evolutionair bepaald Downloads
Jan Bouwens
12-347616: Pluralism in economics: A public good or a public bad? Downloads
Hendrik P. van Dalen
12-347601: Magnetic resonance tissue density estimation using optimal SSFP pulse-sequence design Downloads
C. Anand, Renata Sotirov, T. Terlaky and Z. Zheng
12-347373: The digital divide across all citizens of the world: A new concept Downloads
M.J. James
12-347372: Closing the digital divide under different initial conditions Downloads
M.J. James
12-347371: Cumulative bias in the new digital opportunity index: Sources and consequences Downloads
M.J. James
12-347370: Response to: The digital opportunity index, by T. Kelly and P. Biggs Downloads
M.J. James
12-347369: From origins to implications: Key aspects in the debate over the digital divide Downloads
M.J. James
12-347368: Mobile phones in Africa: How much do we really know? Downloads
M.J. James and M. Versteeg
12-347367: Productivity indicators for the rural poor in developing countries Downloads
M.J. James
12-347328: Job-market signalling and screening: An experimental study Downloads
Dorothea Kübler, Wieland Müller and Hans-Theo Normann
12-347327: Take-and-guess games Downloads
M.R.M. Dreef and S.H. Tijs
12-347321: Treaty reform: Consequences for monetary policy Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger
12-347320: Choice determinants of the mobility in the Dutch health insurance market Downloads
. Mosca and A. Schut-Welkzijn
12-343438: A Dutch test with the NewProd model Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg and J.M.L. van Engelen
12-343437: Limited choice sets, local price tesponse and implied measures of price competition Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg and W.R. Vanhonacker
12-339978: Asymmetric Promotion Effects and Brand Positioning Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg and L. Wathieu
12-339976: Exploring the implications of the internet for consumer marketing Downloads
R.A. Peterson, S. Balasubramanian and B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg
12-339975: The impact of marketing policy on promotional price elasticities and baseline sales Downloads
M.J. Zenor, B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg and L. McAlister
12-339955: Advertising frequency decisions in a discrete Markov process under a budget constraint Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg
12-339935: Risk perception in the short run and in the long run Downloads
J. Baz, E. Briys, B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg, Michèle D Cohen, R. Kast, P. Viala, L. Wathieu, M. Weber and K. Wertenbroch
12-339920: Sustainable use of resources and economic dynamics Downloads
Lucas Bretschger and Sjak Smulders
12-332643: The emergence of market structure in new repeat-purchase categories: The interplay of market share and retailer distribution Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg, V. Mahajan and W.R. Vanhonacker
12-332642: Unobserved retailer behavior in multimarket data: Joint spatial dependence in market shares and promotion variables Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg and V. Mahajan
12-332637: Using multimarket data to predict brand performance in markets for which no or poor data exist Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg and C. Sismeiro
12-332636: Structural applications of the discrete choice model Downloads
J.-P. Dube, Pradeep K. Chintagunta, A. Petrin, B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg, R. Goettler, P.B. Seetharaman, K. Sudhir, R. Thomadsen and Y. Zhao
12-332615: Comprehensiveness versus pragmatism; Consensus at the Japanese-Dutch interface Downloads
Niels Noorderhaven, J.G.J.M. Benders and A.B. Keizer
12-332538: Advertising versus pay-per-view in electronic media Downloads
A. Prasad, V. Mahajan and B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg
12-332523: Performance information dissemination in the mutual fund industry Downloads
Alexei Goriaev, Theo Nijman and B.J.M. Werker
12-332520: Algorithms for computing Nash equilibria in deterministic LQ games Downloads
Jacob Engwerda
12-332477: Product entry timing in dual distribution channels: The case of the movie industry Downloads
A. Prasad, B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg and V. Mahajan
12-332476: The asymmetric effect of discount retraction on subsequent choice Downloads
L. Wathieu, A.V. Muthukrishnan and B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg
12-332473: Market roll-out and retailer adoption for new brands Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg and C.F. Mela
12-332471: Structural modeling and policy simulation Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg, Peter E. Rossi and N.J. Vilcassim
12-332452: Comment on spatial models in marketing research and practice Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg
12-332176: Spatial models in marketing research and practice Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg
12-332173: Spatial models in marketing Downloads
E. Bradlow, B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg, G.J. Russell, N. Arora, D. Bell, S.D. Deepak, F. ter Hofstede, C. Sismeiro, R. Thomadsen and S. Yang
12-332172: The periodicity of pricing Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg, C.F. Mela and W.F. Boulding
12-332151: National brands, local branding: Conclusions and future research opportunities Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg, S. Dhar and J.-P. Dube
12-332116: Consumer packaged goods in the United States: National brands, local branding Downloads
B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg, S. Dhar and J.-P. Dube
12-332074: Extra-role behavior in buyer-supply relationships Downloads
S.H.K. Wuyts
12-332073: On 3-chromatic distance-regular graphs Downloads
A. Blokhuis, A.E. Brouwer and W.H. Haemers
12-332031: A spatiotemporal analysis of the global diffusion of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certification Downloads
Paulo Albuquerque, B.J.J.A.M. Bronnenberg and Ch.J. Corbett
12-327299: The challenge of self-adaptive systems for E-commerce Downloads
H. Weigand and W.J.A.M. van den Heuvel
12-327261: Private equity en aandeelhoudersactivisme: Inleiding Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger and C.G. Koedijk
12-327259: Private equity en aandeelhoudersactivisme: Herstel van evenwicht gevraagd Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger and C.G. Koedijk
12-327134: Tweede reactie op het artikel van E.J. Davelaar en P. Nijkamp, De incubatie-hypothese: Stedelijk reveil door middel van innovatie? Downloads
F.W.M. Boekema and L.A.G. Oerlemans
12-327117: Computing integral solutions of complementarity problems Downloads
Gerard van der Laan, Dolf Talman and Z.F. Yang
12-321895: Consumption Tax Competition Among Governments: Evidence from the United States Downloads
Jan Jacobs, Jenny E. Ligthart and Hendrik Vrijburg
12-321668: On the role of visuals in multimodal answers to medical questions Downloads
C.M.J. van Hooijdonk, J.C. de Vos, E.J. Krahmer, A. Maes, M. Theune and W. Bosma
12-321510: Corporate Governance and the Agency Costs of Debt and Outside Equity Downloads
Peter Gabor Szilagyi
12-321509: Essays on the Use of Convertible Bonds and the Security Issuance Decision Downloads
Igor Loncarski
12-321508: A New Perspective on Punishments and Rewards in Marketing Channel Relationships Downloads
M.W. Chow
12-321507: Multi-Outlet/Multi-Format Grocery Retailing: Some Issues and Insights Downloads
A.J. Haans
12-321393: Weathering product-harm crises Downloads
Kathleen H.H. Cleeren, M.G. Dekimpe and K. Helsen
12-321211: Infeasible-start semidefinite programming algorithms via self-dual embeddings Downloads
E. de Klerk, C. Roos and T. Terlaky
12-320972: Discrete-time discrete-state latent Markov modelling for assessing and predicting household acquisitions of financial products Downloads
L.J. Paas, J.K. Vermunt and T.H.A. Bijmolt
12-320947: Multicriteria games and potentials Downloads
F. Patrone, L. Pusillo and S.H. Tijs
12-320858: The Effects of Thinking in Silence on Creativity and Innovation Downloads
A.J. de Vet
12-320857: Essays on International Finance and Asset Pricing Downloads
E. Eiling
12-306633: Service oriented architectures: Approaches, technologies and research issues Downloads
M. Papazoglou and W.J.A.M. van den Heuvel
12-306632: Integer-Valued Time Series Downloads
R. van den Akker
12-306591: Interest rate stepping: Theory and evidence Downloads
Sylvester Eijffinger, Eric Schaling and W.H. Verhagen
12-306552: Variable dimension fixed point algorithms and triangulations Downloads
Dolf Talman
12-306551: Instituties en economisch handelen: Een onderzoek naar de wetenschappelijke betekenis van de institutioneel-economische benadering Downloads
A.G. Nagelkerke
12-306411: Dancing with a giant: The effect of Wal-Mart's entry into the U.K. on the performance of European retailers Downloads
K.J.P. Gielens, L. Van de Gucht, J.E.B.M. Steenkamp and M.G. Dekimpe
12-306276: Top krijgt niet te veel Downloads
Jan Bouwens
12-306275: Ambitieloze ouders Downloads
Jan Bouwens
12-305977: Who are the active investors? Evidence from venture capital Downloads
Laura Bottazzi, Marco Da Rin and Thomas Hellmann
12-305751: Pressure and politics in financial accounting regulation: The case of the financial conglomerates in the Netherlands Downloads
L.A.G.M. van Lent
12-305110: Operations research games: A survey Downloads
Peter Borm, H.J.M. Hamers and Ruud Hendrickx
12-304740: Business rule driven service competition Downloads
B. Orriëns, J. Yang and M. Papazoglou
12-304727: A framework for business rule driven service composition Downloads
B. Orriëns, J. Yang and M. Papazoglou
12-304725: Service component - A mechanism for web service composition reuse and specialization Downloads
B. Orriëns, J. Yang and M. Papazoglou
12-304446: Beyond valence in customer dissatisfaction: A review and new findings on behavioral responses to regret and disappointment in failed services Downloads
M. Zeelenberg and R. Pieters
12-303572: Incentive Effects of Performance-Vested Stock Options Downloads
Y. Kuang
12-303571: The Merits and Economic Consequences of Reputation: Three Essays Downloads
S. Hollander
12-303499: A taxonomy of best-reply multifunctions in 2x2x2 trimatix games Downloads
C. Gonzalez-Alcon, Peter Borm, Ruud Hendrickx and K. van Kuijk
12-303498: Externalities and compensation: Primeval games and solutions Downloads
Yuan Ju and Peter Borm
12-303497: Characterizations of the beta- and the degree network power measure Downloads
J.R. van den Brink, Peter Borm, Ruud Hendrickx and G. Owen
12-303496: Characterizing cautious choice Downloads
M.A. Mosquera, Peter Borm, G. Fiestras-Janeiro, . Garcia-Jurado and Mark Voorneveld
12-303494: Economic lot-sizing games Downloads
Wilco van den Heuvel, Peter Borm and H.J.M. Hamers
12-303194: A constructive proof of Ky Fan's coincidence theorem Downloads
Dolf Talman and Z.F. Yang
12-303193: Technology driven organizational structure of the firm Downloads
J.R. van den Brink and Pieter H.M. Ruys
12-302954: Leading-by-example and signaling in voluntary contribution games: An experimental study Downloads
Jan Potters, Martin Sefton and Lise Vesterlund
12-302953: Bertrand colludes more than Cournot Downloads
Sigrid Suetens and Jan Potters
12-302871: Weg van slechte werkverhoudingen Downloads
A.G. Nagelkerke
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