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Assessing the Design of Three Pilot Programs for Carbon Trading in China Downloads
Clayton Munnings, Richard Morgenstern, Zhongmin Wang and Xu Liu
Pricing Flood Insurance: How and Why the NFIP Differs from a Private Insurance Company Downloads
Carolyn Kousky and Leonard Shabman
Canada–Renewable Energy: Implications for WTO Law on Green and Not-So-Green Subsidies Downloads
Steve Charnovitz and Carolyn Fischer
A Microsimulation Model of the Distributional Impacts of Climate Policies Downloads
Hal Gordon, Dallas Burtraw and Roberton Williams
Understanding Flood Risk Decisionmaking: Implications for Flood Risk Communication Program Design Downloads
Carolyn Kousky and Leonard Shabman
Environmental and Economic Impacts of Growing Certified Organic Coffee in Colombia Downloads
Marcela Ibanez and Allen Blackman
EPA’s New Source Review Program: Evidence on Processing Time, 2002–2014 Downloads
Art Fraas, Mike Neuner and Peter Vail
Refunding Emissions Payments Downloads
Cathrine Hagem, Michael Hoel, Bjart Holtsmark and Thomas Sterner
Egregiousness and Boycott Intensity: Evidence from the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Downloads
Zhongmin Wang, Alvin Lee and Michael Polonsky
Can Benchmarking and Disclosure Laws Provide Incentives for Energy Efficiency Improvements in Buildings? Downloads
Karen Palmer and Margaret Walls
Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure: Summary of a Workshop on City Experiences, Market Impacts, and Program Evaluation Downloads
O'Keeffe, Lucy, Karen Palmer, Margaret Walls and Kristin Hayes
Does Information Provision Shrink the Energy Efficiency Gap? A Cross-City Comparison of Commercial Building Benchmarking and Disclosure Laws Downloads
Karen Palmer and Margaret Walls
Putting a Carbon Charge on Federal Coal: Legal and Economic Issues Downloads
Alan Krupnick, Joel Darmstadter, Nathan Richardson and Katrina McLaughlin
The Bioeconomics of Spatial-Dynamic Systems in Natural Resource Management Downloads
Kailin Kroetz and James N. Sanchirico
A Primer on Comprehensive Policy Options for States to Comply with the Clean Power Plan Downloads
Karen Palmer and Anthony Paul
New Markets for Pollution and Energy Efficiency: Credit Trading under Automobile Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy StandardsAbstract: Recent changes to the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards have created new opportunities for lowering the cost of meeting strict new standards through provisions for credit banking and trading. In this paper, we explore these new markets for reductions in both fuel consumption (fuel economy) and greenhouse gases (GHGs). We examine the two separate credits markets for fuel economy as regulated by NHTSA and for GHG gases under EPA and find that there are some important differences between them. For example, the market for NHTSA fuel economy credits has an effective credit price ceiling while the market for EPA GHG credits does not. We then evaluate the functionality of these markets using publicly available data on credit holdings and trades through 2013. Finally, we assess the potential for the following to interfere with well-functioning markets: overlapping regulations, lack of additionality, thin markets, and use of monopoly power. We find that features of robust trading markets are missing in these early years, and suggest reasons why. We also explore the implications of the fact that the two regulations are almost fully overlapping Downloads
Benjamin Leard and Virginia McConnell
Benefits of Invasion Prevention are Constrained by Lags and Timing of Invasion Impacts Downloads
Rebecca S. Epanchin-Niell and Andrew M. Liebhold
Weather, Traffic Accidents, and Climate Change Downloads
Benjamin Leard and Kevin Roth
The Dynamics of Pollution Permits Downloads
Makoto Hasegawa and Stephen Salant
A Contingent Valuation Approach to Estimating Regulatory Costs: Mexico’s Day Without Driving Program Downloads
Allen Blackman, Francisco Alpizar Rodriguez, Fredrik Carlsson and Marisol Rivera Planter
Cost Savings sans Allowance Trades? Evaluating the SO2 Emission Trading Program to Date Downloads
Dallas Burtraw
Temporal Reliability of Estimates from Contingent Valuation Downloads
Raymond Kopp, V. Smith, Robert Mitchell, Stanley Presser, Paul Ruud, W. Michael Hanemann, Jon Krosnick and Richard Carson
Green Giving: An Analysis of Contributions to Major U.S. Environmental Groups Downloads
Jerrell Richer
Should 'State of the Art' Safety Be a Defense Against Liability?
James Boyd and Daniel Ingberman
Retroactive Liability and Future Risk: The Optimal Regulation of Underground Storage Tanks Downloads
James Boyd and Howard Kunreuther
Environmental Taxes: Dead or Alive? Downloads
Richard Morgenstern
"Second-Best" Adjustments to Externality Estimates in Electricity Planning with Competition Downloads
Dallas Burtraw, Karen Palmer and Alan Krupnick
Referendum Design and Contingent Valuation: The NOAA Panel's No-Vote Recommendation Downloads
Raymond Kopp, V. Smith, Robert Mitchell, Stanley Presser, Paul Ruud, W. Michael Hanemann, Jon Krosnick and Richard Carson
Analyzing the Economic Impact of Climate Change on Global Timber Markets Downloads
Roger Sedjo, Brent Sohngen, Robert Mendelsohn and Kenneth Lyon
Pluralism and Regulatory Failure: When Should Takings Trigger Compensation? Downloads
Timothy Brennan and James Boyd
Distributional Impacts of an Environmental Tax Shift: The Case of Motor Vehicle Emissions Taxes Downloads
Margaret Walls and Jean Hanson
A Comparison of Timber Models for Use in Public Policy Analysis Downloads
Roger Sedjo and Brent Sohngen
Six Steps to a Healthier Ambient Ozone Policy Downloads
Alan Krupnick and Deirdre Farrell
Investments in Biodiversity Prospecting and Incentives for Conservation Downloads
Roger Sedjo and R. David Simpson
Timber Supply Model 96: A Global Timber Supply Model with a Pulpwood Component Downloads
Roger Sedjo and Kenneth Lyon
Does the Provision of Free Technical Information Really Influence Firm Behavior? Downloads
Richard Morgenstern
Electricity Restructuring and Regional Air Pollution Downloads
Dallas Burtraw and Karen Palmer
Environmental and Trade Policies: Some Methodological Lessons Downloads
V. Smith and Andres Espinosa
Was the NOAA Panel Correct About Contingent Valuation? Downloads
Raymond Kopp, V. Smith, Robert Mitchell, Stanley Presser, Paul Ruud, W. Michael Hanemann, Jon Krosnick, Michael Conaway, Kerry Martin and Richard Carson
Thresholds for Carcinogens: A Review of the Relevant Science and It's Implications for Regulatory Policy Downloads
James Wilson
Cross-Border Environmental Management and the Informal Sector: The Ciudad Juarez Brickmakers' Project Downloads
Allen Blackman and Geoffrey Bannister
Cleaning Up the Nuclear Weapons Complex: Exploring New Approaches Downloads
Katherine Probst, Carolyn Pilling and Karen Turner Dunn
Banking on "Green Money:" Are Environmental Financial Responsibility Rules Fulfilling Their Promise? Downloads
James Boyd
Valuation of Biodiversity for Use in New Product Research in a Model of Sequential Search Downloads
Roger Sedjo and R. David Simpson
The Second-Best Use of Social Cost Estimates Downloads
Dallas Burtraw and Alan Krupnick
The Social Cost of Electricity: Do the Numbers Add Up? Downloads
Dallas Burtraw and Alan Krupnick
The Social Value of Using Biodiversity in New Pharmaceutical Product Research Downloads
R. David Simpson and Amy Craft
Who's in the Driver's Seat? Mobile Source Policy in the U.S. Federal System Downloads
Winston Harrington, Margaret Walls and Virginia McConnell
The Cost of Reducing Municipal Solid Waste Downloads
Karen Palmer, Margaret Walls and Hilary Sigman
The Role of Health Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Decision Making in Selected Countries: An Initial Survey Downloads
Janice Mazurek
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