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1992 - 2023

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Volume 32, issue 6, 2023

Individual Responsibility to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Kantian Deontological Perspective pp. 683–699 Downloads
Marc D. Davidson

Volume 32, issue 5, 2023

Organising Stakeholder Participation in Global Climate Governance: The Effects of Resource Dependency and Institutional Logics in the Green Climate Fund pp. 555–577 Downloads
Jonas Bertilsson
Social Values in Economic Environmental Valuation: A Conceptual Framework pp. 611–643 Downloads
Julian R. Massenberg, Bernd Hansjürgens and Nele Lienhoop
Revisiting the Thoughts of José Manuel Naredo, a Pioneer of Ecological Economics in Spain. A Contribution to the Debates on the Need for a Radical Societal Change pp. 645–664 Downloads
Cati Torres

Volume 32, issue 4, 2023

Environmentally Responsible Values, Attitudes and Behaviours of Indian Consumers pp. 433–468 Downloads
Rajarshi Majumder, Daria Plotkina and Landisoa Rabeson

Volume 32, issue 3, 2023

A Scale Problem with the Ecosystem Services Argument for Protecting Biodiversity pp. 271–290 Downloads
Katie H. Morrow

Volume 31, issue 6, 2022

Growing Trees for a Degrowth Society: An Approach to Switzerland’s Forest Sector pp. 721–750 Downloads
Leonard Creutzburg

Volume 31, issue 3, 2022

Why Economic Valuation Does Not Value the Environment: Climate Policy as Collective Endeavour pp. 277–293 Downloads
Nicholas Bardsley, Graziano Ceddia, Rachel McCloy and Simone Pfuderer
Evidence of Degrowth Values in Food Justice in a Northern Canadian Municipality pp. 323–343 Downloads
Amanda Rooney and Helen Vallianatos

Volume 31, issue 1, 2022

Three Decades of Environmental Values: Some Personal Reflections pp. 1–14 Downloads
Clive Spash

Volume 30, issue 5, 2021

Nature, Crisis and Transformation pp. 533-538 Downloads
Nicholas Bardsley
Values Underlying Preferences for Adaptive Governance in a Chilean Small-Scale Fishing Community pp. 565-591 Downloads
Sarah A. Ebel, Christine M. Beitl and Michael P. Torre
Karl Polanyi, the New Deal and the Green New Deal pp. 593–612 Downloads
Gareth Dale

Volume 30, issue 3, 2021

Conceptualising Nature: From Dasgupta to Degrowth pp. 265-275 Downloads
Clive Spash
The Logic of Modernity and Ecological Crisis pp. 277-296 Downloads
Simon Lumsden
Towards Degrowth? Making Peace with Mortality to Reconnect with (One’s) Nature: An Ecopsychological Proposition for a Paradigm Shift pp. 345-366 Downloads
Sarah Koller
The Nature of Degrowth: Theorising the Core of Nature for the Degrowth Movement pp. 367-385 Downloads
Pasi Heikkurinen

Volume 30, issue 2, 2021

The Norwegian Petroleum Fund: Savings for Future Generations? pp. 147-167 Downloads
Marianne Takle
Towards a Philosophy of a Bio-Based Economy: A Levinassian Perspective on the Relations Between Economic and Ecological Systems pp. 169-192 Downloads
Roel Veraart and Vincent Blok

Volume 30, issue 1, 2021

Transforming Fair Decision-Making About Sea-Level Rise in Cities: The Values and Beliefs of Residents in Botany Bay, Australia pp. 7-42 Downloads
Ann Maree Kreller
Institutional Context, Political-Value Orientation and Public Attitudes Towards Climate Policies: A Qualitative Follow-Up Study of an Experiment pp. 43-63 Downloads
Marianne Aasen and Arild Vatn

Volume 29, issue 6, 2020

'Valuing Life Itself': On Radical Environmental Activists' Post-Anthropocentric Worldviews pp. 669-689 Downloads
Heather Alberro

Volume 29, issue 4, 2020

Days of Decision pp. 387-396 Downloads
Clive Spash
The Spiralling Economy: Connecting Marxian Theory with Ecological Economics pp. 417-442 Downloads
Crelis Rammelt
A Fresh Look at 'Relational' Values in Nature: Distinctions Derived from the Debate on Meaningfulness in Life pp. 461-479 Downloads
Stijn Neuteleers

Volume 29, issue 3, 2020

Global Convergence and National Disparities in the Structure of Environmental Attitudes and Their Linkage to Pro-Environmental Behaviours pp. 261-291 Downloads
Hui-Ju Kuo and Yang-chih Fu
Mapping Moral Pluralism in Behavioural Spillovers: A Cross-Disciplinary Account of the Multiple Ways in Which We Engage in Moral Valuing pp. 293-315 Downloads
Michael Vincent and Ann-Kathrin Koessler
What Counts as Success? Wider Implications of Achieving Planning Permission in a Low-Impact Ecovillage pp. 339-359 Downloads
Fiona Shirani, Christopher Groves, Karen Henwood, Nick Pidgeon and Erin Roberts
Virtual Consumption, Sustainability and Human Well-Being pp. 361-378 Downloads
Kenneth R. Pike and C. Tyler DesRoches

Volume 29, issue 2, 2020

The Revolution will not be Corporatised! pp. 121-130 Downloads
Clive Spash
How Far is Degrowth a Really Revolutionary Counter Movement to Neoliberalism? pp. 131-151 Downloads
Dorothea Elena Schoppek
A Moral Analysis of Carbon Majors' Role in Climate Change pp. 175-195 Downloads
Marco Grasso and Katia Vladimirova
Incumbency, Trust and the Monsanto Effect: Stakeholder Discourses on Greenhouse Gas Removal pp. 197-220 Downloads
Emily Cox, Elspeth Spence and Nick Pidgeon

Volume 28, issue 6, 2019

Materialism, Awareness of Environmental Consequences and Environmental Philanthropic Behaviour Among Potential Donors pp. 741-762 Downloads
Piia Lundberg, Annukka Vainio, Ann Ojala and Anni Arponen

Volume 28, issue 3, 2019

Social Ecological Transformation, Whether You Like It or Not! pp. 263-273 Downloads
Clive Spash

Volume 28, issue 2, 2019

The Paradox of Sustainable Degrowth and a Convivial Alternative pp. 233-251 Downloads
Oscar Krüger

Volume 27, issue 6, 2018

How Demanding is Our Climate Duty? An Application of the No-Harm Principle to Individual Emissions pp. 645-663 Downloads
Augustin Fragnière

Volume 27, issue 5, 2018

Non-Epistemic Values in Adaptive Management: Framing Possibilities in the Legal Context of Endangered Columbia River Salmon pp. 467-488 Downloads
Shana Lee Hirsch and Jerrold Long
In the Name of Science and Technology: The Post-Political Environmental Debate and the Taranto Steel Plant (Italy) pp. 489-512 Downloads
Lidia Greco and Francesco Bagnardi
Who Should Pay for Climate Adaptation? Public Attitudes and the Financing of Flood Protection in Florida pp. 535-557 Downloads
Samuel Merrill, Jack Kartez, Karen Langbehn, Frank Muller-Karger and Catherine J. Reynolds
Spatial Framing, Existing Associations and Climate Change Beliefs pp. 559-584 Downloads
Adrian Brügger and Nicholas F. Pidgeon

Volume 27, issue 3, 2018

Facing the Truth or Living a Lie: Conformity, Radicalism and Activism pp. 215-222 Downloads
Clive Spash

Volume 27, issue 1, 2018

Assimilation, Blind Spots and Coproduced Crises pp. 1-7 Downloads
Claudia Carter
The Naturalisation of Growth: Marx, the Regulation Approach and Bourdieu pp. 9-27 Downloads
Max Koch
Widening the Evaluative Space for Ecosystem Services: A Taxonomy of Plural Values and Valuation Methods pp. 29-53 Downloads
Paola Arias-Arévalo, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Berta Martín-López and Mario Pérez-Rincón
Where is Goal 18? The Need for Biocultural Heritage in the Sustainable Development Goals pp. 55-80 Downloads
Alexandria K. Poole
Self-Identity and Sense of Place: Some Thoughts Regarding Climate Change Adaptation Policy Formulation pp. 81-102 Downloads
Charles N. Herrick

Volume 26, issue 6, 2017

Fairness in Allocating the Global Emissions Budget pp. 669-691 Downloads
David R. Morrow
Sharing Responsibility for Divesting from Fossil Fuels pp. 693-710 Downloads
Eric S. Godoy
What is Wrong with Nimbys? Renewable Energy, Landscape Impacts and Incommensurable Values pp. 711-732 Downloads
Anne Schwenkenbecher
Texturing Waste: Attachment and Identity in Every-Day Consumption and Waste Practices pp. 733-755 Downloads
Gareth Thomas, Christopher Groves, Karen Henwood and Nick Pidgeon
Skewed Vulnerabilities and Moral Corruption in Global Perspectives on Climate Engineering pp. 757-777 Downloads
Wylie Carr and Christopher J. Preston

Volume 26, issue 5, 2017

Governance, Participation and Local Perceptions of Protected Areas: Unwinding Traumatic Nature in the Blouberg Mountain Range pp. 539-559 Downloads
Natasha Louise Constant and Sandra Bell
A Teleological Approach to the Wicked Problem of Managing Utría National Park pp. 583-605 Downloads
Nicolás Acosta García, Katharine Farrell, Hannu I. Heikkinen and Simo Sarkki
Nonhuman Animals as Property Holders: An Exploration of the Lockean Labour-Mixing Account pp. 629-648 Downloads
Josh Milburn

Volume 26, issue 4, 2017

Environmentalism and Democracy in the Age of Nationalism and Corporate Capitalism pp. 403-412 Downloads
Clive Spash
The Green Economy: Pragmatism or Revolution? Perceptions of Young Researchers on Social Ecological Transformation pp. 413-435 Downloads
Dalia D'Amato, Nils Droste, Sander Chan and Anton Hofer
The Politics of Justification: Newspaper Representations of Environmental Conflict between Fishers and the Oil Industry in Mexico pp. 457-479 Downloads
Liina-Maija Quist and Pia Rinne
Framing a 'Climate Change Frontier': International News Media Coverage Surrounding Natural Resource Development in Greenland pp. 481-502 Downloads
William Davies, Samuel Wright and James Van Alstine
Ableism and Disablism in the UK Environmental Movement pp. 503-522 Downloads
Deborah Fenney

Volume 26, issue 3, 2017

Value Pluralism and Consistency Maximisation in the Writings of Aldo Leopold: Moving Beyond Callicott's Interpretations of the Land Ethic pp. 269-295 Downloads
Ben Dixon
Human-Nature Relationships and Linkages to Environmental Behaviour pp. 365-389 Downloads
Michael Thomas Braito, Kerstin Böck, Courtney Flint, Andreas Muhar, Susanne Muhar and Marianne Penker

Volume 26, issue 2, 2017

People and Planet: Values, Motivations and Formative Influences of Individuals Acting to Mitigate Climate Change pp. 131-155 Downloads
Rachel Howell and Simon Allen
The Problem of Inclusion in Deliberative Environmental Valuation pp. 157-176 Downloads
Andrés Vargas Pérez, Alex Lo, Michael Howes and Nicholas Rohde
Acceptance of a Payment for Ecosystem Services Scheme: The Decisive Influence of Collective Action pp. 177-202 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Del Corso, Thi Dieu Phuong Geneviève Nguyen and Charilaos Kephaliacos
Game Theory and the Self-Fulfilling Climate Tragedy pp. 203-221 Downloads
Matthew Kopec
The Relationship between Value Types and Environmental Behaviour in Four Countries: Universalism, Benevolence, Conformity and Biospheric Values Revisited pp. 223-249 Downloads
Tally Katz-Gerro, Itay Greenspan, Femida Handy and Hoon-Young Lee

Volume 26, issue 1, 2017

Are There Infinite Welfare Differences among Living Things? pp. 73-89 Downloads
John Nolt
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