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1958 - 2019

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Volume 61, issue 1-3, 2019

Ethnoculture and Economics: A Synergy of Possibilities pp. 1-18 Downloads
Iu.V. Popkov and E.A. Tiugashev
The National and Religious Diversity of Siberia’s Regions pp. 19-37 Downloads
Anna Bufetova, Evgeniya Kolomak and A.A. Khruzhanovskaia
Ethno-Economics in Action: The Case of Tuva and Altai pp. 38-53 Downloads
S.A. Madiukova and O.A. Persidskaia
Tuva’s Transformation into a Monoethnic Region: Risks and Possibilities pp. 54-68 Downloads
I.S. Tarbastaeva
National Population Dynamics in Asian Russia: The 1926–1989 Censuses pp. 69-85 Downloads
M.A. Semenov
The Urbanization of Western Siberia: A Historian’s View pp. 86-100 Downloads
V.A. Isupov
The Atypical Model of Urbanization in Western Siberia and Its Demographic Consequences, 1960–1980 pp. 101-116 Downloads
O.B. Dashinamzhilov
Reproduction under Conditions of Urbanization in Western Siberia in the Late Twentieth Century pp. 117-131 Downloads
A.A. Burmatov
The Development of Siberia’s Post-Soviet Urban System: Predictions and Reality pp. 132-141 Downloads
Evgeniya Kolomak
Agglomerative Processes in Siberia: Where to Start pp. 142-152 Downloads
V.S. Khimochka
Economic Consequences of Changes in Russia’s Age Distribution During Demographic Waves pp. 153-171 Downloads
A.L. Sinitsa
Various Aspects of Poverty Among Families with Children pp. 172-191 Downloads
E.E. Grishina
Non-Income Poverty Among the Elderly pp. 192-210 Downloads
Polina Kuznetsova
Poverty Among the Disabled and Households with Disabled Members pp. 211-226 Downloads
Ramilya Khasanova and A.O. Makarentseva
Housing Differentiation in Post-Soviet Russia: The Institutional and Economic Context of Housing Tenure Group Dynamics pp. 227-247 Downloads
T.Iu. Cherkashina
Poverty and Wealth: Impressions of Russian Internet Users pp. 248-265 Downloads
S.A. Barkov, O.V. Gavrilenko, A.V. Markeeva and E.A. Sverdlikova
Concerning Discordance of Teleological Mechanisms of the Market and State pp. 266-288 Downloads
A.D. Kosmin and E.A. Kosmina

Volume 60, issue 1-3, 2018

One Route, One Owner: Does the Northern Sea Route Need a Single Operator? pp. 1-12 Downloads
Valeriy Kryukov
How to Ensure Stable Shipping along the Northern Sea Route pp. 13-22 Downloads
A. Moe and L. Brigham
An Evaluation of the Prospects for the Creation of the Northern Latitudinal Transport Corridor pp. 23-38 Downloads
Iu.Sh. Blam, Valeriy Kryukov, V.Iu. Malov, A.N. Tokarev and V.N. Churashev
Failure of Railway Reforms pp. 39-49 Downloads
E.B. Kibalov
The Trans-Siberian and the Silk Road pp. 50-64 Downloads
L.A. Bezrukov
New Silk Road pp. 65-76 Downloads
Anna Bardal
Cluster Effect of International Transport Routes pp. 77-85 Downloads
V.A. Andreev and S.Iu. Ostropol’tsev
On the Periphery of the Great Silk Road pp. 86-89 Downloads
E.Sh. Veselova
Structural Reform of the Russian Railway Sector pp. 90-97 Downloads
E.B. Kibalov
Road Transport in Russia pp. 98-112 Downloads
Kh.A. Faskhiev
Trans-Siberian and BAM pp. 113-132 Downloads
E.B. Kibalov and S.A. Bykadorov
The Transport Infrastructure of the Far East pp. 133-149 Downloads
Anna Bardal
Regulation of Rail Transport Rates pp. 150-155 Downloads
E.B. Kibalov
Rate Policy Requires a Differential Approach pp. 156-163 Downloads
S.A. Bykadorov
An Analysis of the State of Roadside Service in the Irkutsk Oblast pp. 164-173 Downloads
G.B. Dugarova and V.N. Bogdanov
Rocket-and-Space Sector pp. 174-194 Downloads
P. Kokhno and A. Veiko
Northern Sea Route pp. 195-202 Downloads
A. Schneider
Planning the Overhead Costs of Enterprises Engaged in the Road Transport of Passengers pp. 203-209 Downloads
G. Eritsian and A. Amirdzhanian
Russian–Eurasian Transit in the Economic Zone of the Great Silk Road pp. 210-219 Downloads
N.I. Atanov
Ownerless Automobile Roads in Russia pp. 220-242 Downloads
O.A. Moliarenko

Volume 59, issue 11-12, 2017

Developing Targeted Social Assistance in Russia pp. 843-864 Downloads
Lilia Ovcharova and Elena Gorina
The Implications of Raising the Retirement Age for the Russian Workforce pp. 865-885 Downloads
Maria Ivanova, Alexey Balaev and Evsey Gurvich
The Migration of Labor and Migrant Incomes in Russia pp. 886-908 Downloads
Mikhail Denisenko and Evgeniia Chernina
The Modern University as a Driver of Economic Growth pp. 909-930 Downloads
Alexander Karpov
The Theory and Reality of Social Inequality pp. 931-941 Downloads
T. Luk’ianchikova and T. Iamshchikova
The Implementation of Social Security pp. 942-952 Downloads
V.N. Veselova and V.B. Sochava
Evaluation of Government Assistance Programs for Large Families pp. 953-964 Downloads
G.V. Leonidova and O.N. Kalachikova
Creating a Competitive Environment for Health Care within a Single-Source Financing Structure, Using Tomsk Oblast as an Example pp. 965-972 Downloads
S.A. Banin
Public Health and Health Care in Russia pp. 973-990 Downloads
T.O. Tagaeva and L.K. Kazantseva
On the Conflict between Consumer Prices and the Incomes of the Population pp. 991-1000 Downloads
Anatolii Kos’min, Olga Kuznetsova and Elena Kos’mina
Editorial Board EOV pp. ebi-ebi Downloads
The Editors

Volume 59, issue 10, 2017

The Free Port of Vladivostok pp. 707-726 Downloads
Iu.A. Avdeev
A New Model for Developing the Russian Far East pp. 727-735 Downloads
V.K. Zausaev, N.A. Kruchak and V.P. Bezhina
Russia’s Far East Development within the Context of the New International Economic Environment pp. 736-752 Downloads
H. Hongyul
The Positionality of Russia’s Far East Border Regions pp. 753-767 Downloads
N. Horie
China’s Role in the New Stage of Russia’s Development of Its Eastern Regions pp. 768-777 Downloads
S. Dze
The Russian Far East pp. 778-798 Downloads
P.A. Minakir and O.M. Prokapalo
The Far East pp. 799-813 Downloads
D.A. Izotov
The Far East pp. 814-827 Downloads
A.N. Demyanenko and L.A. Dyatlova
The Priority Development Area pp. 828-842 Downloads
A.G. Isaev

Volume 59, issue 7-9, 2017

Personnel Training for Aircraft Production in Novosibirsk pp. 501-507 Downloads
I.V. Doronina and M.A. Aleshkina
Domestic Science Management in the Reflection of Foreign Experience pp. 508-528 Downloads
Iu.S. Ezrokh and S.O. Karanova
Researching Corruption in Russian Universities pp. 529-539 Downloads
S.S. Donetskaia
Hydrocarbon Fuels pp. 540-548 Downloads
M.V. Lychagin and A.M. Lychagin
The Path to New Standards for Higher Education pp. 549-553 Downloads
O.N. Popova
Public–Private Partnerships in Higher Education in Uzbekistan pp. 554-559 Downloads
Kh.Kh. Rezhapov
Technology Transfer Issues at Leading Russian Universities pp. 560-567 Downloads
N.N. Ilysheva and A.V. Rozhkov
Science and Intellectual Property at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences pp. 568-575 Downloads
L.N. Perepechko and N.V. Grishina
Integration of Science, Education, and Production as the Basis for Innovation pp. 576-599 Downloads
S. Boev
A Methodological Basis for Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Corporate Training pp. 600-607 Downloads
L. Lapidus and V. Kazakov
Student Entrepreneurship in the Primorsky Krai pp. 608-613 Downloads
V.K. Kholodnyi and M.E. Vasilenko
The Berlin Principles in Russian University Rankings pp. 614-626 Downloads
S.S. Donetskaia
The Bologna Process for Russian Higher Education pp. 627-640 Downloads
Iu.S. Ezrokh
Higher Education Reform and Professionalism pp. 641-652 Downloads
I.V. Donova
Toward Reform and Results of Modernizing Higher Education pp. 653-666 Downloads
T. Luk’ianchikova and T. Iamshchikova
Learning as the Basis for Strategic Behavior pp. 667-679 Downloads
O.S. Vikhanskii
Nine Hundred Years of Higher Education and Innovation pp. 680-686 Downloads
A.Iu. Chernov
The Tasks of Science and Vocational Education in Developing the Domestic Economy pp. 687-705 Downloads
A. Todosiichuk

Volume 59, issue 6, 2017

Tourism pp. 411-424 Downloads
E.Sh. Veselova
The Critical Task Is the Expansion of Demand pp. 425-434 Downloads
D.V. Mikitchenko
The Development of the Tourism Industry Has Been Neglected pp. 435-442 Downloads
V.E. Dann
Rural Tourism in Siberia pp. 443-447 Downloads
L.B.-Zh. Maksanova
The Dynamics of the Development of the Tourist–Recreational Complex in Stavropol Krai pp. 448-466 Downloads
I. Novikova and S. Rudich
The Role of Local Residents in the Social Construction of Tourist Attractions in Small Russian Cities pp. 467-479 Downloads
A.A. Chernega
Medical Tourism pp. 480-500 Downloads
E.Sh. Veselova

Volume 59, issue 5, 2017

Opportunities for Increasing Investment Activity in the Agrarian Sector of the Russian Economy pp. 321-334 Downloads
V.I. Denisov
The Eurasian Economic Union pp. 335-360 Downloads
Alexander Knobel
Main Determinants of Russia’s Decline Curve of Economic Growth pp. 361-374 Downloads
O.P. Kuznetsova and A.D. Kos’min
Development of the Program for Reindustrialization of the Economy of the Novosibirsk Oblast pp. 375-397 Downloads
V.E. Seliverstov
A Study of the Cyclicity Indicators of the Country’s Economic Development pp. 398-409 Downloads
M.F. Tiapkina, I.D. Mongush and I.O. Akimova

Volume 59, issue 4, 2017

Social Architectonics of Market Prices pp. 239-264 Downloads
Elena Berdysheva and Regina Romanova
An Analysis of the Current System of Payment for the Electricity Used by the Residents of Multifamily Housing pp. 265-272 Downloads
M. Kondrat’eva and T. Shkoda
State Mechanisms to Counteract Bloated Prices for Goods and Services in the Eurasian Economic Union pp. 273-277 Downloads
E. Bateshov and Z. Shaukerova
Data and Statistical Problems of Pension Reform pp. 278-293 Downloads
A.K. Solov’ev and S.A. Dontsova
Political Factors behind Cuts and Surges in Government Spending pp. 294-320 Downloads
Konstantin Yanovskiy, Sergey Zhavoronkov and Kirill Rodionov

Volume 59, issue 1-3, 2017

The Dependence of Russian Manufacturing on Imports and the Strategy of Import Substitution pp. 1-15 Downloads
Olga Berezinskaya and Alexey Vedev
Import Substitution in the Energy and Defense Industries pp. 16-26 Downloads
Vladimir K. Fal’tsman
Russian Food Import Independence pp. 27-42 Downloads
Vladimir K. Fal’tsman
The Russian Metalworking Machinery Market pp. 43-57 Downloads
S.N. Grigor’ev and A.A. Gribkov
Import Substitution of Technology and Equipment in the Russian Energy Sector pp. 58-71 Downloads
Iu.V. Kryukov
Import Substitution pp. 72-83 Downloads
E.Sh. Veselova
Anti-Russian Sanctions pp. 84-99 Downloads
S.V. Kazantsev
Can Oil Company Imports Be Substituted? pp. 100-112 Downloads
A.N. Tokarev
We Cannot Keep Going Without Modernizing Our Production Structure pp. 113-122 Downloads
A.V. Latyshev and E.Sh. Veselova
This Country Lacks the Conditions for Development of Production pp. 123-129 Downloads
The Editors
Russian Microelectronics pp. 130-143 Downloads
E.Sh. Veselova
Import Substitution in the Food Complex pp. 144-155 Downloads
V. Goncharov
Necessary Conditions for New Industrialization and Import Substitution pp. 156-166 Downloads
L. Orlenko
Import Substitution Must Begin with Land pp. 167-185 Downloads
G. Pavlova
Import Substitution and Neo-Industrialization pp. 186-201 Downloads
D. Epshtein
The Food Embargo and Choice of Priorities pp. 202-217 Downloads
Natalia Shagaida and Vasiliy Uzun
Rapid Import Substitution in the Agro-Industrial Complex Requires Adequate Investment pp. 218-238 Downloads
A. Altukhov
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