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Volume 55, issue 12, 2013

From Medicine for Sickness—to Medicine for Health? pp. 3-5 Downloads
V. Kriukov
How to Live Long and Stay Healthy pp. 6-12 Downloads
A. Aganbegian
Health-Care Reform and Ensuring Equal Access to Free Medical Services pp. 12-31 Downloads
V. Bochkareva
We Should Anticipate Events pp. 32-41 Downloads
Yu. Zozulya
High Technologies in Modern Medicine pp. 42-49 Downloads
S. Belichenko
Ways to Improve Medical Insurance in Russia pp. 50-60 Downloads
V. Roik
Priority National Projects pp. 61-64 Downloads
V. Batievskaia
Management of Motives in Health Care pp. 65-75 Downloads
O. Chirkunov
Contradictions of Government Policy in the Field of Regulating Drug Prices pp. 76-90 Downloads
I. Kotliarov and A. Balashov
Author Index to, Volume 55 (May 2012-April 2013) pp. 91-95 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 55, issue 11, 2013

What Do Statistics Know and Not Know? pp. 3-5 Downloads
V. Kriukov
Figures Continue to Mislead pp. 6-14 Downloads
G. Khanin
Criticism Should Be Constructive pp. 15-23 Downloads
A. Kisel'nikov
Russian Statistics pp. 24-35 Downloads
E. Baranov
On the Problems of Russian Statistics pp. 36-49 Downloads
Vladimir Bessonov
Government Statistics and the Needs of Business pp. 50-67 Downloads
V. Grebennikov
"Official" Inflation and "Real" Inflation pp. 68-90 Downloads
K. Glushchenko
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The Editors

Volume 55, issue 10, 2013

Two Concepts of the Federal Education Act pp. 3-11 Downloads
The Editors
The Difficulties of Transition: An Academic Institute Between Science and a National Laboratory pp. 12-22 Downloads
A. Noskov
We Need Laws That Do Not Tie Our Hands pp. 23-28 Downloads
V. Zadorozhnyi
Scientific Personnel Potential pp. 29-40 Downloads
G. Vechkanov
The Quality and Adequacy of Curricula pp. 41-47 Downloads
L. Dyshaeva
Attempts to Reform the Unreformable pp. 48-70 Downloads
D. Fomin
Russian Society's Attitude Toward Technological Literacy pp. 71-77 Downloads
E. Stupina and I. Stupin
From Medicine to Economics: The Connection of Terms pp. 78-96 Downloads
N. Anufrieva

Volume 55, issue 9, 2013

A New Historical Stage in the Transformation of Capitalism pp. 3-13 Downloads
V. Ivanchenko and V. Ivanchenko
Modernization of the Economy and Its Modeling pp. 14-34 Downloads
E. Lipkovich
Quality of Life of the Population as an Indication of the Condition of Society pp. 35-49 Downloads
G. Vechkanov
The Public Sector and Its Role in Strategy-2020 pp. 50-64 Downloads
R. Kuchukov
Lessons of Postwar Reforms of the Domestic Economy pp. 65-79 Downloads
V. Bykov
From National to International Financial Center pp. 80-100 Downloads
Dmitry Abramov, Natalya Ivanova, Stanislav Polezhaev and Mikhail Sherstnev

Volume 55, issue 8, 2012

Guest Editor's Introduction to by Sergei V. Tsukhlo pp. 3-4 Downloads
Stephen Shenfield
Chapter 1. The Scope for Monitoring Competition by Means of Business Surveys pp. 5-27 Downloads
The Editors
Chapter 2. Assessment of the Level of Competition in the Sales Markets of Russian Industrial Firms in 2003-2010 pp. 28-50 Downloads
The Editors
Chapter 3. Formation of a Competitive Environment in Russian Industry in 2003-2010 pp. 51-87 Downloads
The Editors
Chapter 4. The Influence of Competition on Russian Industrial Firms pp. 88-112 Downloads
The Editors
Conclusion pp. 113-116 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 55, issue 7, 2012

Programs in General and Siberian Development Programs in Particular pp. 3-8 Downloads
V. Klistorin
Feat of the Century pp. 9-28 Downloads
G. Bogomyakov
Victories and Defeats on the Oil and Gas Front pp. 29-38 Downloads
A. Aganbegian
Environmental and Economic Aspects of Natural Resource Use and Problems of Cross-Border Cooperation in Regions of Siberia pp. 39-48 Downloads
I. Zabelina and E. Klevakina
Economic Management of Siberia pp. 49-79 Downloads
Iu. Voronov
Siberia's Peat Resources pp. 80-87 Downloads
N. Zapivalov
Railroad Transportation for the Territorial Development of Siberia and the Far East pp. 88-98 Downloads
A. Alklychev and K. Zoidov
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The Editors

Volume 55, issue 6, 2012

Siberia: A Problem Territory with a Great Past and an Unclear Future? pp. 3-5 Downloads
V. Kriukov
Siberia: In Search of New Administrative Solutions pp. 6-9 Downloads
V. Tolokonsky
Realities and Alternatives for the Development of Siberia pp. 10-29 Downloads
S. Suspitsyn
Kuzbass: Structural Solitaire pp. 30-42 Downloads
Iu. Fridman and G. Rechko
Cross-Border Cooperation in the Light of Investment Processes pp. 43-62 Downloads
I. Glazyrina, A. Faleichik and L. Faleichik
Indigenous Numerically Small Peoples of the North in a Global and Regional Context pp. 63-76 Downloads
Iu. Popkov
A New Model of Northern Policy pp. 77-79 Downloads
A. Tsykalov
Where Will Hypertrophied Growth of the Service Sphere in Novosibirsk City and Oblast Lead? pp. 80-91 Downloads
A. Koleda and Irina Semykina

Volume 55, issue 5, 2012

International Migration in Russia pp. 3-25 Downloads
S. Ivanov
"Informals" in the Russian Economy pp. 26-57 Downloads
V. Gimpel'son and Anna Zudina
Low-Paid Workers in the Labor Market of Regions of the Russian Federation pp. 58-75 Downloads
E. Efimova
Electronic Self-Employment in Russia pp. 76-97 Downloads
Denis Strebkov and Andrey Shevchuk
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Volume 55, issue 4, 2012

Assessment of Economic Diversification Projects in a Single-Industry City pp. 3-13 Downloads
G. Antonov, O. Ivanova and I. Antonova
North Caucasus Federal Okrug pp. 14-24 Downloads
I. Novikova
The Single-Industry City of Yurga in Kemerovo Oblast pp. 25-36 Downloads
O. Ivanova and I. Antonova
Development of the Rough and Cut Diamond Complex of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the New Realities pp. 37-44 Downloads
Iu. Danilov
General Goal of the Strategy for Socioeconomic Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region up to 2025 pp. 45-51 Downloads
V. Zausaev
Resources of the Russian Arctic pp. 52-64 Downloads
K. Pavlov and V. Selin
Siberia as a Territory for Development pp. 65-76 Downloads
V. Kuleshov
Structure of Investments in the Agroindustrial Complex of Komi Republic pp. 77-96 Downloads
A. Mustafaev, V. Spiriagin and A. Ponomareva

Volume 55, issue 3, 2012

So Far Only Intentions pp. 3-21 Downloads
Dmitry Izotov and D. Suslov
Resource Rent and Interregional Inequality in Russia pp. 22-33 Downloads
A. Mishura
Megaprojects in Socioeconomic Development and Accomplishment of Geostrategic Objectives in the Far East pp. 34-42 Downloads
V. Zausaev and Z. Khaliullina
Geographic Neodeterminism, Spatial Misallocation, and Zipf's Law pp. 43-51 Downloads
Larisa Mel'nikova
Biosphere Aspects of the Development of Siberia pp. 52-56 Downloads
G. Aleksandrov, G. Inoue and T. Matsunaga
The Role of Agriculture in the Development of Siberia pp. 57-64 Downloads
I. Kurtsev
Prospects for Industry in Irkutsk Oblast pp. 65-76 Downloads
M. Tarakanov
Priorities for the Development of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra pp. 77-82 Downloads
A. Shumeiko
Monitoring of Regional Innovation Systems pp. 83-93 Downloads
F. Glisin and V. Kaliuzhnyi
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The Editors

Volume 55, issue 2, 2012

Anticorruption Strategy of Business in Russia pp. 3-20 Downloads
V. Kleiner
Corruption Is a Systemic Characteristic of Post-Soviet Russian Capitalism pp. 21-52 Downloads
Iu. Boldyrev
The Illegality of Tacit Collusion in Russian Antitrust Law pp. 53-67 Downloads
Svetlana Avdasheva
The Boundaries of a Neglected Relationship: Corruption and Economic Freedom pp. 68-97 Downloads
Qerim Qerimi and Bruno Sergi
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The Editors

Volume 55, issue 1, 2012

Relativity of the Inevitable pp. 3-5 Downloads
V. Kriukov
Is China Russia's Chance for a New Economy? pp. 6-19 Downloads
I. Kuznetsov
The Mineral Resource Complex in the Economy of Transbaikal pp. 20-35 Downloads
I. Glazyrina
An Energy Triangle pp. 36-50 Downloads
S. Palkin
Economic Cooperation Between Russia and Germany pp. 51-62 Downloads
A. Zverev
Russia and the World Trade Organization pp. 63-77 Downloads
A. Portanskii
Russia in the International Movement of Capital pp. 78-93 Downloads
A. Bulatov
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