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1958 - 2018

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Volume 18, issue 12, 1976

The Leninist Methodology of Studying the Proportions of Reproduction pp. 3-28 Downloads
G. Sorokin
The Procedure for Working out and Ratifying Turnover Tax Rates pp. 29-44 Downloads
V. Sorokin
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Capital Investment in the Tourist Industry pp. 45-54 Downloads
L. Shvedov
The Scientific Research Institute on Prices in 1974 and 1975 pp. 55-62 Downloads
S. Abramov
Credit Relations Among Comecon Member Nations in the Joint Construction of Economic Projects pp. 63-76 Downloads
A. Lebedinska
A Meeting Of American and Soviet Economists pp. 77-81 Downloads
A. Tolkachev
Glossary pp. 82-84 Downloads
The Editors
Agriculture pp. 85-93 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 11, 1976

The Economic Aspect of the Socialist Way of Life pp. 3-19 Downloads
E. Kapustin
The Measurement of Use Value pp. 20-37 Downloads
G. Edel'gauz
The Circulation of Money in a Socialist Economy pp. 38-53 Downloads
M. Sveshnikov
Main Results of the Ex Post Interbranch Balance for 1972 pp. 54-74 Downloads
L. Volodarskii and M. Eidel'man
On Determining the Effectiveness of Utilizing Foreign Credits for the Creation of Production Capacities in the USSR pp. 75-89 Downloads
V. Grinev and A. Lebedinskas
Glossary pp. 90-92 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 10, 1976

Criteria and Indicators of the Effectiveness of Social Production pp. 3-22 Downloads
T. Khachaturov
Scientific - Technical Potential and Long-Term Economic Growth pp. 23-48 Downloads
Iu. Kanygin
Demographic Policy in the Modern World pp. 49-65 Downloads
B. Urlanis
Problems Pertaining to the Improvement of Price Formation pp. 66-84 Downloads
A. Komin
Glossary pp. 85-87 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 9, 1976

Industry in the Economic Structure of the USSR pp. 3-23 Downloads
R. Livshits
Basic Problems of the Economics of Public Education pp. 24-47 Downloads
A. Glukhov
Problems of Effectiveness in the Training of Specialists pp. 48-63 Downloads
S. Kostanian and E. Zhil'tsov
Group "B" Industry and the Increase in Consumption pp. 64-79 Downloads
A. Rybkina
The Structure and Stability of Savings Accounts pp. 80-92 Downloads
A. Gnutov and M. Naidis
Glossary pp. 93-95 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 8, 1975

Urgent Problems of Social Planning pp. 3-24 Downloads
A. Smirnov
Toward a Methodology for a Rational Consumption Budget pp. 25-41 Downloads
V. Maier, V. Rutgaizer and V. Ianvarev
Interregional Regulation of the Population's Living Standard pp. 42-55 Downloads
G. Mil'ner and E. Gilinskaia
A Comprehensive Program of Socialist Economic Integration and the International Investment Bank pp. 56-69 Downloads
V. Vorob'ev
Criteria for Evaluating the Economic Effectiveness of New Technology pp. 70-85 Downloads
M. Vilenskii
Glossary pp. 86-88 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 7, 1975

Economic Problems of Science in a Developed Socialist Society: The Effectiveness of Scientific Research Projects pp. 3-23 Downloads
L. Gliazer and A. Kokoshkina
Improvement of Distribution According to Labor in Comecon Countries pp. 24-42 Downloads
K. Mikul'skii
Differential Rent and Forms of Its Realization in Collective Farm Production pp. 43-60 Downloads
Iu. Orlikovskaia
Overcoming Socioeconomic Differences Between Town and Country pp. 61-82 Downloads
Lev Nikiforov
The Party's Agrarian Policy and Structural Changes in Agriculture pp. 83-108 Downloads
A. Emel'ianov
Glossary pp. 109-111 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 6, 1975

Putting the Achievements of Economic Science into Practice pp. 3-9 Downloads
Leonid Kantorovich
A Multifaceted Approach to Improving Planning and Management pp. 10-30 Downloads
N. Fedorenko
Scientific and Technological Progress and Socioeconomic Changes in Soviet Society pp. 31-55 Downloads
A. Smirnov and V. Rogovin
Development of Economic Relations Between Socialist and Industrially Developed Capitalist Countries pp. 56-71 Downloads
O. Bogdanov and A. Dostal'
Two Types of International Economic Integration pp. 72-80 Downloads
Oleg Bogomolov
Utilization of Land Resources in Nonagricultural Branches pp. 81-89 Downloads
V. Vashanov
Labor Activity of the Population pp. 90-101 Downloads
V. Korchagin and V. Filippov
Glossary pp. 102-104 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 5, 1975

Scientific-Technical Progress and the Struggle Against Bourgeois and Revisionist Ideology pp. 3-28 Downloads
G. Khromushin
The Essence and Main Directions of the Economic Policy of the Maoists pp. 29-48 Downloads
E. Konovalov
The Financial Levers of Management pp. 49-70 Downloads
D. Allakhverdian
The Integral Effect and the Time Factor pp. 71-90 Downloads
V. Krasovskii
Increasing the Role of the Transferable Ruble pp. 91-96 Downloads
Iu. Konstantinov
Glossary pp. 97-99 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 4, 1975

The Developing Countries: The Choice of Technology pp. 3-25 Downloads
M. Volkov
The Economic Effectiveness of Foreign Trade pp. 26-47 Downloads
O. Rybakov
Requirements of the Population in a Developed Socialist Society pp. 48-60 Downloads
E. Agabab'ian
Methods and Models in the Calculation of Labor Resources pp. 61-75 Downloads
K. Papenov
The Economics of Developing the Resources of the World's Oceans pp. 76-98 Downloads
P. Bunich
Glossary pp. 99-101 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 3, 1975

Growth of the World Population and Policies for Controlling It pp. 3-22 Downloads
A. Isupov and Z. Pavlik
City-Planning Processes and Problems of Settlement pp. 23-30 Downloads
B. Svetlichnyi
A Multilevel System of Optimizing Calculations for Long-Range National Economic Plans pp. 31-44 Downloads
Vladimir Kossov and V. Pugachev
Urgent Problems in the Elaboration of the Tenth Five-Year Plan pp. 45-64 Downloads
F. Kotov and I. Prostiakov
Problems Of Reproduction in the Period of Developed Socialism pp. 65-87 Downloads
G. Sorokin
Ciertain Problems Relating to Turnover Tax pp. 88-102 Downloads
S. Miroshchenko
Glossary pp. 103-105 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 2, 1975

Production and Demand pp. 3-15 Downloads
R. Lokshin
The Structure of the National Economy and Integration of Socialist Countries pp. 16-36 Downloads
P. Alampiev, Iu. Kormnov and V. Maksakovskii
Collaboration of Comecon Countries in the Protection of the Environment and the Utilization of Natural Resources pp. 37-59 Downloads
B. Gorizontov
The Effect of the Transport Factor on the Location of Export Production in Comecon Member Nations pp. 60-77 Downloads
V. Shanina
Is Galbraith Crossing the Rubicon? (On New Currents in Bourgeois Political Economy) pp. 78-98 Downloads
A. Mileikovskii
Glossary pp. 99-101 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 18, issue 1, 1975

The Study of the Demand of the Population and Problems of Information pp. 3-23 Downloads
A. Levin
The Principle of Dynamic Equilibrium and Its Utilization in the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Social Outlays pp. 24-38 Downloads
I. Rabinovich
Production Functions and the Analysis of Qualitative Factors in Growth pp. 39-56 Downloads
Iu. Shtern
Prospective Forms of Collaboration of Comecon Member Nations pp. 57-75 Downloads
V. Morozov
Economical Utilization of the Labor of the Employed Population pp. 76-86 Downloads
V. Kostakov
The Effectiveness of the Service Sphere pp. 87-105 Downloads
E. Gorbunov
Glossary pp. 106-108 Downloads
The Editors
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