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1958 - 2018

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Volume 7, issue 12, 1965

The Basic Contours of the Model of Planned Price-Formation pp. 3-20 Downloads
V. Nemchinov
Development Rates and the Optimum of Production Accumulation and Consumption in Socialist Countries pp. 21-34 Downloads
A. Notkin
Planning Indices and Economic Incentives for Effective Utilization of Fixed Assets pp. 35-48 Downloads
P. Bunich
Subject Index to Problems of Economics, Volume VII (May 1964-April 1965) pp. 49-53 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 7, issue 11, 1965

Urgent Measures for the Further Development of Soviet Agriculture pp. 3-22 Downloads
L. Brezhnev
Task No. 1 (Raising the Economic Efficiency of Social Production) pp. 23-32 Downloads
K. Plotnikov
Economics and Politics pp. 33-39 Downloads
The Editors
Planning the Development of Science and Technology pp. 40-45 Downloads
B. Sarkisov
Economic Efficiency of Scientific-Research Institutions pp. 45-49 Downloads
S. Volniagina

Volume 7, issue 10, 1965

Methods of Analyzing Elements of Population Growth pp. 3-13 Downloads
V. Starovskii
Laws of Development of the Nonproductive Sphere During the Transition to Communism pp. 14-20 Downloads
I. Stoliarov
Development of the Sphere of Services and the Building of Communism pp. 21-30 Downloads
B. Sukharevskii
Certain Problems of the Development of Finance and Credit in the Process of Building Communism pp. 31-40 Downloads
K. Plotnikov
The Economic Competition of the Two Systems and Modern Bourgeois Political Economy pp. 41-53 Downloads
I. Dvorkin

Volume 7, issue 9, 1965

For Flexible Economic Management of Enterprises pp. 3-7 Downloads
V. Trapeznikov
What is Useful for the Country is Profitable for Everyone pp. 8-10 Downloads
V. Shkatov
The Plan and Methods of Economic Management pp. 11-14 Downloads
L. Leont'ev
Once Again on the Plan, Profits and Bonuses pp. 14-17 Downloads
E. Liberman
Higher Economic Effectiveness and the Basic Proportions of Development of Social Production under the New Five-Year Plan pp. 18-26 Downloads
A. Notkin
The Nature and Basic Organizational Principles of Soviet Industrial Firms pp. 27-38 Downloads
M. Radomysel'skii and I. Shifrin
Economic Cooperation among the Comecon Countries pp. 39-46 Downloads
Oleg Bogomolov
Problems in Coordinating the Scientific and Technical Research of Comecon Countries pp. 47-52 Downloads
T. Azarov

Volume 7, issue 8, 1964

Problems in the Development of Economic Science and Economics Education pp. 3-17 Downloads
A. Arzumanian
Problems of Structural Changes and Greater Effectiveness of Social Production pp. 18-27 Downloads
A. Efimov
Role of the State Budget in the Distribution of the Social Product and National Income pp. 28-35 Downloads
A. Zverev
Skilled Labor - A Factor in Wage Differentiation pp. 36-44 Downloads
Ia. Gomberg
Soviet Aid in the Industrialization of Socialist Countries pp. 45-52 Downloads
I. Kapranov

Volume 7, issue 7, 1964

Political Economy and the Natural Sciences (Qualitative Characteristics of the Subject Matter of Political Economy) pp. 3-16 Downloads
M. Kolganov
Toward a Method Of Substantiating the Optimum Proportions of Social Reproduction pp. 17-29 Downloads
P. Mstislavskii
The Economic Competition Between the USSR and the USA in the Field of Machine-Tool Manufacture pp. 30-36 Downloads
M. Perel'man
International Socialist Division of Labor (Criteria of Effectiveness) pp. 37-44 Downloads
V. Terekhov and V. Shastitko

Volume 7, issue 6, 1964

Problems of Optimum Planning pp. 3-11 Downloads
V. Cherniavskii
Improve the Balance Method of Labor Planning pp. 12-19 Downloads
P. Litviakov
Some Problems in Investigating Labor Resources by the Balance Method pp. 20-28 Downloads
E. Ruzavina
Eliminating Labor Turnover - An Important National Economic Problem pp. 29-37 Downloads
V. Gotlober and L. Pysin
The System of Material Incentives for Collective Farmers pp. 38-49 Downloads
V. Morozov

Volume 7, issue 5, 1964

Successful Budget Fulfillment - An Important Contribution to Implementation of the Decisions of the December Plenary Meeting of the CPSU Central Committee pp. 3-18 Downloads
V. Garbuzov
Budgetary Revenues of the Union Republics and Their Allocation pp. 18-28 Downloads
P. Vasil'ev and N. Shirkevich
Ways of Increasing the Economic Effectiveness of Capital Investments pp. 29-39 Downloads
T. Khachaturov
Causes of the Decline in the Effectiveness of Capital Investments in Ore-Mining in the Ukraine pp. 40-46 Downloads
M. Kandyba and V. Panasenko
For a Profound Elaboration of Problems of Management pp. 47-56 Downloads
A. Birman

Volume 7, issue 4, 1964

Problems of Price Formation and Material Incentives pp. 3-15 Downloads
V. Batyrev
Concerning Profit Under Socialism pp. 16-26 Downloads
A. Bachurin and A. Pervukhin
Prices are an Important Tool for Creating a Communist Economy pp. 27-35 Downloads
D. Kondrashev
Summary of Discussion on Problems of Price Formation pp. 36-50 Downloads
V. Chernysheva

Volume 7, issue 3, 1964

On the Relationship Between Demand and Supply of Consumer Goods in the Period of Communist Construction pp. 3-13 Downloads
V. Bel'chuk
The Effect of Public Consumption Funds on Demand and Supply of Consumer Goods pp. 13-17 Downloads
F. Gaichevskaia
The Role of Prices in Regulating Demand and Supply of Consumer Goods pp. 17-20 Downloads
N. Kotelevskii
On Determining the Structure of Demand for Food and Manufactured Goods pp. 21-25 Downloads
V. Siniutin
Concerning Methods of Determining Qualitative Changes in the Consumption of the Working People pp. 25-31 Downloads
N. Kirichenko
Changes in the Pattern of Food Sales pp. 31-37 Downloads
I. Beliaevskii
Problems of Increasing the Stimulating Role of Profits in Industry pp. 38-48 Downloads
R. Karagedov

Volume 7, issue 2, 1964

Opening Address pp. 3-5 Downloads
V. Starovskii
A Scientific Conference on Problems of Methodology in Comparing the Basic Economic Indices of the Ussr and the USA pp. 3-3 Downloads
The Editors
Basic Problems in Comparing Economic Indices of the USSR and Capitalist Countries pp. 5-8 Downloads
A. Ezhov
The Methodology for Comparing the Aggregate Social Products and National Incomes of the USSR and the USA pp. 9-10 Downloads
V. Sobol
Growth Rates of the Social Product and Social Labor Productivity pp. 10-12 Downloads
A. Kats
Some Methodological Problems of Statistical Comparison of National Incomes and Price Levels pp. 12-13 Downloads
V. Kudrov
Comparison of Industrial and Agricultural Indices of the USSR and the USA pp. 13-15 Downloads
L. Tsyrlin
Comparison of the Volumes of the Industrial Output of the USSR and the USA pp. 15-16 Downloads
Ia. Ioffe
Gross Agricultural Output of the USSR and the USA pp. 16-18 Downloads
Ia. Kotkovskii and Leonid Zlomanov
On Comparing the Volumes of Agricultural Output in the USSR and the USA pp. 18-19 Downloads
V. Sobakinskikh
Comparison of Labor Productivity in USSR and U. S. Industry pp. 19-20 Downloads
K. Il'ina
Comparison of Capital Investments and Fixed Assets of the USSR and the U. S pp. 20-22 Downloads
Ia. Kvasha
Problems of International Comparison of National Wealth pp. 20-20 Downloads
A. Vainshtein
On the Technique for Comparing Indices of Capital Investments in the USSR and U. S pp. 22-23 Downloads
S. Vishnev
Comparison of the Structure and Dynamics of the Populations of the USSR and the USA pp. 23-25 Downloads
B. Urlanis
Indices of Length of Working Time in the Industry of the USSR and the Capitalist Countries pp. 25-25 Downloads
A. Revenko
Methods of Comparing the Key Indices of Living Standards of the USSR and Foreign Countries pp. 26-26 Downloads
F. Starozum
Comparison of the Living Standard Indices of the USSR and the USA pp. 27-29 Downloads
M. Eidel'man
Discussion of the Reports pp. 29-38 Downloads
The Editors
Resolution of the Scientific Conference on Problems of Methodology in Comparing the Basic Economic Indices of the USSR and the USA pp. 38-40 Downloads
The Editors
The Theory of "the Stages of Economic Growth" (An Essay on W. W. Rostow's Sociological Critique) pp. 41-53 Downloads
Iu. Semenov

Volume 7, issue 1, 1964

Labor Productivity in the Collective and State Farms pp. 3-11 Downloads
V. Khlebnikov
The Budget and Changes in Profits and the Turnover Tax pp. 12-20 Downloads
S. Sitarian
Improving the Profits Deduction System pp. 21-26 Downloads
T. Guida
Payment for Production Assets and Enterprise Profits pp. 27-38 Downloads
L. Vaag and S. Zakharov
Greater Use of Economic Cybernetics pp. 39-43 Downloads
G. Pirogov
Social Production in the Ussr and the USA (Some Aspects of Development) pp. 44-53 Downloads
V. Kudrov
Toward a Method for International Comparisons pp. 53-59 Downloads
S. Strumilin
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