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Volume 4, issue 12, 1962

Problems of Collective Farm Development on the Road to Communism pp. 3-12 Downloads
P. Golubkov
Investigating the Time Budget of Collective Farmers pp. 12-17 Downloads
L. Bibik
Work and Rest Schedules When Work Time is Further Reduced (According to Data from the URAL State University) pp. 17-21 Downloads
G. Chufarova
Changes in the Distribution of USSR Industrial Workers According to Wages pp. 21-26 Downloads
M. Mozhina
Sex and Age of Single Workers and Employees and their Income and Housing Conditions pp. 26-28 Downloads
I. Artem'eva
Questions Concerning the Calculation of Non-Working Time in Budget Statistics pp. 29-33 Downloads
G. Prudenskii and B. Kolpakov
Regional Differences in Consumption by the USSR population pp. 34-38 Downloads
N. Kirichenko
Consumer Demand must be Studied Better pp. 38-42 Downloads
P. Maslov
The USSR'S Technical Assistance to Foreign Countries pp. 42-53 Downloads
I. Kapranov
Economic Cooperation of the USSR with Countries of the Arab East and Africa pp. 54-62 Downloads
V. Vanin
Subject Index to Problems of Economics, Vol. IV, Nos. 1-12 May 1961-April 1962 pp. 63-67 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 4, issue 11, 1962

Methodological Problems in Comparing the Industrial Production Structures of the USSR and USA (1) pp. 3-10 Downloads
I. Nikonova
Living Standards of the Working People in the USSR and the USA pp. 10-24 Downloads
A. Aganbegian
Comparison of Crop Areas and Yields of Agricultural Crops in the USSR and the USA pp. 25-30 Downloads
V. Sobakinskikh
The Latest Bourgeois Theory of "Economic Growth" pp. 31-42 Downloads
L. Al'ter
A Critique of Bourgeois Demand Analysis pp. 43-47 Downloads
S. Nikitin
Foreign Economists on Soviet Studies of Effectiveness of Capital Investments pp. 48-54 Downloads
Iu. Sukhotin
In the Permanent Commissions of the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance pp. 55-61 Downloads
A. Aleksandrov
"Friendship" Oil Pipeline pp. 62-64 Downloads
M. Zabolotnikov

Volume 4, issue 10, 1962

Problems in Creating the Material and Technical Base of Communism in the USSR pp. 3-10 Downloads
T. Khachaturov
Rates and Proportions of Expanded Reproduction in the Period of the Comprehensive Building of Communism pp. 10-14 Downloads
Ia. Kronrod
Rates of Growth of the National Income of the USSR pp. 15-21 Downloads
M. Shchepinov
Economic Effectiveness of Capital Investments pp. 21-29 Downloads
Ia. Kvasha and V. Krasovskii
New Technology and the Planning of Capital Investments pp. 29-37 Downloads
Ia. Kvasha and V. Krasovskii
Capital Investments in Agriculture and the Calculation of their Effectiveness pp. 38-44 Downloads
G. Raskin
Results of Fulfillment of the State Plan of Development of the National Economy of the USSR in 1961 pp. 45-53 Downloads
The Editors
Development of Economic Relations Between Countries with Different Social Systems pp. 54-62 Downloads
A. Netrusov
The New Customs Tariff of the USSR pp. 62-63 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 4, issue 9, 1962

Quantitative Expression of Economic Relationships and Processes pp. 3-12 Downloads
P. Mstislavskii
On the Application of Mathematics in Economics pp. 12-24 Downloads
A. Boiarskii
Problems of the Further Development and Consolidation of the Collective Farm System pp. 24-31 Downloads
M. Terent'ev
Combining Agricultural and Industrial Production in the Countryside pp. 31-38 Downloads
A. Voronin
Economic Ties between Industry and Agriculture and the Further Growth of Agricultural Production pp. 38-46 Downloads
G. Gaponenko
The Influence of Technical Progress on Capitalist Reproduction pp. 47-53 Downloads
M. Golanskii
Marx's and Contemporary Capitalism pp. 54-63 Downloads
E. Varga

Volume 4, issue 8, 1961

Theoretical Problems of the Rational Distribution of Productive Forces pp. 3-11 Downloads
V. Nemchinov
The Law of Value and Prices in a Socialist Economy pp. 11-18 Downloads
S. Pervushin
Calculation of Outlays in a Socialist Economy pp. 18-28 Downloads
V. Novozhilov
Statistical Study of Population Demand pp. 28-37 Downloads
S. Partigul
Changes in the Wage Rate System in Connection with Technical Progress pp. 37-42 Downloads
R. Batkaev
A Questionnaire Study of the Causes of Labor Turnover in the Industry of the Economic Councils pp. 42-47 Downloads
I. Kaplan
Changes in the Trade and Skill Composition of Construction Workers pp. 47-52 Downloads
S. Sharapova
On the Redistribution of Manpower and its Enlistment for Permanent Work in the Newly Developing Areas of the USSR pp. 52-58 Downloads
I. Korzinkin, I. Matrozova and N. Shiskin
The Relationship Between the Rates of Growth of the Aggregate Social Product and National Income pp. 58-64 Downloads
B. Plyshevskii

Volume 4, issue 7, 1961

Mathematics and Electronics in the Service of Planning pp. 3-9 Downloads
V. Nemchinov
Some Questions of the Further Improvement of National Economic Planning pp. 10-15 Downloads
A. Strukov
Problems in Improving the Territorial Organization of the Economy and Economic Regionalization pp. 15-21 Downloads
S. Tokarev and P. Alampiev
An Inter-Branch Economic Balance for an Economic Area pp. 21-30 Downloads
Iu. Cherniak
Differentiation of Purchase Prices by Zones pp. 30-35 Downloads
E. Tiapkina
Urgent Problems of Wholesale Price Statistics pp. 35-41 Downloads
A. Deriabin
Differential Ground Rent in Soviet Collective farm Production pp. 42-49 Downloads
P. Bashkin
The Present Stage of Economic Competition Between the Ussr and the Chief Capitalist Countries pp. 49-62 Downloads
A. Notkin

Volume 4, issue 6, 1961

The Level of Per Capita Agricultural Production in the U.S.S.R pp. 3-13 Downloads
N. Vasil'ev
A Method of Basing Adjustments in Purchase Prices for Grain on Yields () pp. 13-18 Downloads
L. Grushetskii
On the Economic Appraisal of Agricultural Land pp. 18-21 Downloads
V. Mikheeva
On Certain Methodological Questions in Comparing Industrial Labor Productivity in the Socialist Countries pp. 22-24 Downloads
V. Gel'bras and N. Zarubov
The Working Day and Communism pp. 25-31 Downloads
A. Aganbegian
Measuring the Effectiveness of Capital Investments pp. 32-39 Downloads
B. Smekhov
Creating the Material and Technical Base of Communism and Methods of Raising the Effectiveness of Capital Investments pp. 39-48 Downloads
T. Khachaturov
The Theory of "Balanced Growth" (On R. Harrod's ) pp. 49-55 Downloads
I. Osadchaia
Forms of International Division of Labor in the Socialist Camp pp. 56-63 Downloads
I. Oleinik

Volume 4, issue 5, 1961

Pressing Tasks of Improving National Economic Planning pp. 3-10 Downloads
A. Efimov
Methodological Problems of the Balance of the National Economy pp. 11-18 Downloads
M. Bor and A. Notkin
Role of Supply and Demand in the Socialist Economy pp. 19-28 Downloads
M. Zak
Problems of Distribution and Price Formation pp. 28-39 Downloads
S. Turetskii
Some Problems of Further Improving the Organization of the Wage System pp. 40-49 Downloads
E. Kapustin
Using Mathematical Models and Electronic Computers in Economic Planning Calculations for Wages Income, and Consumption pp. 49-55 Downloads
A. Aganbegian and N. Rimashevskaia
Some Features of the Development of the World Socialist Market pp. 56-62 Downloads
I. Dudinskii

Volume 4, issue 4, 1961

Some Results of an Experimental Survey of Worker Family Budgets pp. 3-7 Downloads
Anna Aleshina and Ia. Kabachnik
Changes in the Level of Food Consumption pp. 8-11 Downloads
N. Kuznetsova
Improvement in Living Conditions pp. 12-14 Downloads
V. Vasil'eva
A Higher Cultural Level pp. 14-18 Downloads
M. Balashova
Changes in the Composition and Size of Worker Families pp. 18-22 Downloads
I. Nemchinova
Allocation and Utilization of the Soviet Labor Force During the Seven-Year Plan pp. 23-28 Downloads
E. Rusanov
A Great Social Achievement (On the Results of the Transfer of Factory Workers and Office Employees of the USSR to a Shorter Working Day) pp. 28-36 Downloads
A. Kazanskii and A. Ul'lanova
Anti-Scientific Methods Employed by Bourgeois Economists to Compare the National Incomes of the USSR and the US pp. 37-42 Downloads
V. Kudrov
Toward a Critique of the Modern Keynesian Concept of the Business Cycle pp. 43-52 Downloads
P. Oldak
The Labor Aristocracy in the United States of America pp. 53-62 Downloads
A. Katz

Volume 4, issue 3, 1961

Value and Price Under Socialism pp. 3-17 Downloads
V. Nemchinov
Price Formation, Investment Effectiveness and Profitability pp. 18-25 Downloads
T. Khachaturov
Value or Price of Production in the Socialist Economy? pp. 26-34 Downloads
A. Probst
Differential Rent and the Problem of Prices of Collective Farm Products pp. 34-42 Downloads
V. Boev
Differential Ground Rent Under Socialism pp. 43-57 Downloads
S. Strumilin
Results of Fulfillment of the State Plan of Development of the National Economy of the USSR in the First Half of 1961 pp. 58-64 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 4, issue 2, 1961

Problems of Methodology of National Income Calculations pp. 3-11 Downloads
A. Zverev
Some Problems of National Economic Planning at the Present Stage pp. 12-21 Downloads
B. Miroshnichenko
Further Improvement of Economic Planning Methods pp. 21-28 Downloads
I. Maevskii and A. Fomin
New Methodological Principles of Preparing the State Plan pp. 28-35 Downloads
F. Kotov
Development of Social Consumption Funds During the Period of Full-Scale Communist Construction pp. 36-42 Downloads
V. Komarov
Problems of Equalizing the Levels of Economic Development of the Countries Forming the World Socialist System pp. 43-49 Downloads
V. Zhamin
The "Multiplier" and "Acceleration Principle" in Bourgeois Political Economy pp. 50-62 Downloads
L. Al'ter

Volume 4, issue 1, 1961

Labor Productivity in Agriculture in the USSR and the USA pp. 3-9 Downloads
B. Braginskii and D. Dumnov
Relative Indices of Growth in Soviet Industry and Agriculture pp. 10-15 Downloads
N. Lagutin
Some Questions of Narrowing the Difference Between the Two Forms of Socialist Property pp. 16-23 Downloads
M. Kolganov
On the Introduction of Scientifically-Based Systems of Agriculture pp. 23-30 Downloads
L. Zal'tsman
The Index Method of Linear Programming and Some Problems in Organizing Farm Production pp. 31-39 Downloads
I. Syroezhin
Methodology for Determining the Economic Effectiveness of Capital Investments in Agriculture pp. 39-45 Downloads
K. Eremeev and V. Khalturin
Studying Family Budgets of Collective Farmers pp. 45-48 Downloads
I. Matiukha
Differential Rent Under Socialism pp. 49-59 Downloads
A. Bolgov
On the Reorganization of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR pp. 60-62 Downloads
The Editors
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