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Volume 83, issue 2, 2016

The Changing Benefits of Early Work Experience pp. 343-363 Downloads
Charles L. Baum and Christopher Ruhm
Does Manufacturer Advertising Crowd-in or Crowd-out Retailer Advertising? An Application of an Endogenous Prize Contest with Asymmetric Players pp. 364-379 Downloads
Robert Ridlon
A Portion of Profits to Charity: Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Profitability pp. 380-398 Downloads
Paul Pecorino
Government Spending and the Distribution of Economic Growth pp. 399-415 Downloads
Susan Mayer, Leonard M. Lopoo and Lincoln H. Groves
Deterring Rearrests for Drinking and Driving pp. 416-436 Downloads
Frank Sloan, Lindsey Eldred, Sabrina McCutchan and Alyssa Platt
Evaluating the Economic Effects of Flat Tax Reforms Using Synthetic Control Methods pp. 437-463 Downloads
Bibek Adhikari and James Alm
The Impact of SNAP on Material Hardships: Evidence From Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility Expansions pp. 464-486 Downloads
Jeehoon Han
A Few Bad Apples: Communication in the Presence of Strategic Ideologues pp. 487-500 Downloads
Daniel Stone
Evaluating Workplace Mandates with Flows Versus Stocks: An Application to California Paid Family Leave pp. 501-526 Downloads
E Curtis, Barry Hirsch and Mary C. Schroede
The Effects of State Merit Aid Programs on Attendance at Elite Colleges pp. 527-549 Downloads
David Sjoquist and John Winters
Bond Markets Initiation and Tax Revenue Mobilization in Developing Countries pp. 550-572 Downloads
Hippolyte Balima, Jean-Louis Combes and Alexandru Minea
A New Approach to the Study of Jobless Recoveries pp. 573-589 Downloads
Fabio Mendez, Jared D. Reber and Jeremy Schwartz
Effects of Patent Protection on Optimal Corporate Income and Consumption Taxes in an R&D-Based Growth Model pp. 590-608 Downloads
Tatsuro Iwaisako
Dynamic Spillovers in the United States: Stock Market, Housing, Uncertainty, and the Macroeconomy pp. 609-624 Downloads
Nikolaos Antonakakis, Christophe André and Rangan Gupta

Volume 83, issue 1, 2016

Sex, Race, and Job Satisfaction Among Highly Educated Workers pp. 1-24 Downloads
Joni Hersch and Jean Xiao
JDistinguished Guest Lecture: Ideal Money (The Impact of the ACA's Extension of Coverage to Dependents on Young Adults' Access to Care and Prescription Drugs) pp. 25-44 Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Mehmet Yaya
State Firearm Sales and Criminal Activity: Evidence from Firearm Background Checks pp. 45-68 Downloads
Matthew Lang
Impact of Rebates and Refunds on Contributions to Threshold Public Goods: Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 69-86 Downloads
Mathew Donazzan, Nisvan Erkal and Boon Han Kow
Experiments on Electronic Double Auctions and Abnormal Trades pp. 87-104 Downloads
Lucy Ackert, Lei Jiang and Li Qi
The Max-Min Group Contest: Weakest-link (Group) All-Pay Auction pp. 105-125 Downloads
Subhasish Chowdhury, Dongryul Lee and Iryna Topolyan
Information Effects in Uniform Price Multi-Unit Dutch Auctions pp. 126-145 Downloads
Joy Buchanan, Steven Gjerstad and David Porter
The Impact of SNAP Vehicle Asset Limitson Household Asset Allocation pp. 146-175 Downloads
Deokrye Baek and Christian Raschke
Free Trade Agreements and Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Endogeneity and Dynamics pp. 176-201 Downloads
Robert Reed, Cristina Lira, Byung-Ki Lee and Junsoo Lee
Endogenous Efficiency Gains from Mergers pp. 202-235 Downloads
Gamal Atallah
CSR in an Asymmetric Duopoly with Environmental Externality pp. 236-252 Downloads
Luca Lambertini, Arsen Palestini and Alessandro Tampieri
Golden Rules of Wages pp. 253-270 Downloads
Andrew Young and Hernando Zuleta
Accounting for Skill Premium Patterns: Evidence from the EU Accession pp. 271-299 Downloads
Sang-Wook Cho and Julian Diaz
Fixed Export Costs and Export Behavior pp. 300-320 Downloads
Luis Castro Peñarrieta, Ben Li, Keith Maskus and Yiqing Xie
Targeting Teaching: Flipping the Undergraduate Economics Classroom: Using Online Videos to Enhance Teaching and Learning pp. 321-331 Downloads
Jill Caviglia-Harris
Targeting the Profession: Teaching Preparation and Placement in “Non-top-tier” Ph.D. Programs pp. 332-336 Downloads
Bhavneet Walia and Shane Sanders

Volume 82, issue 4, 2016

Experimental Methods for the General Economist: Five Lessons from the Lab pp. 1046-1058 Downloads
Douglas Davis
Food Insecurity Among Children in the United States pp. 1059-1061 Downloads
Craig Gundersen and James Ziliak
Identifying the Link Between Food Security and Incarceration pp. 1062-1077 Downloads
Robynn Cox and Sally Wallace
Beyond Income: What Else Predicts Very Low Food Security Among Children? pp. 1078-1105 Downloads
Patricia Anderson, Kristin Butcher, Hilary Hoynes and Diane Schanzenbach
Identifying the Effects of WIC on Food Insecurity Among Infants and Children pp. 1106-1122 Downloads
Brent Kreider, John Pepper and Manan Roy
Rasch Analyses of Very Low Food Security among Households and Children in the Three City Study pp. 1123-1146 Downloads
Robert Moffitt and David Ribar
Multigenerational Families and Food Insecurity pp. 1147-1166 Downloads
James Ziliak and Craig Gundersen
Communication and Cooperation: A Methodological Study pp. 1167-1185 Downloads
David Cooper and Kai-Uwe Kühn
Price-Match Announcements in a Consumer Search Duopoly pp. 1186-1211 Downloads
Aleksandr Yankelevich and Brady Vaughan
Tattoos, Employment, and Labor Market Earnings: Is There a Link in the Ink? pp. 1212-1246 Downloads
Michael T. French, Johanna Maclean, Philip Robins, Bisma Sayed and Leah Shiferaw
Violent Video Games and Violent Crime pp. 1247-1265 Downloads
Scott Cunningham, Benjamin Engelstätter and Michael Ward
Can Changing Economic Factors Explain the Rise in Obesity? pp. 1266-1310 Downloads
Charles Courtemanche, Joshua Pinkston, Christopher Ruhm and George L. Wehby
Impact of the Information Asymmetry Between Managers and Owners Under Oligopoly pp. 1311-1326 Downloads
Duarte Brito, Pedro Pereira and João Vareda
Corruption Via Media Capture: The Effect of Competition pp. 1327-1348 Downloads
Samarth Vaidya and Rupayan Gupta
Bubbles and experience: An experiment with a steady inflow of new traders pp. 1349-1373 Downloads
Huan Xie and Jipeng Zhang
Trade Agreements and Economic Growth pp. 1374-1401 Downloads
Xuepeng Liu
The bubble game: A classroom experiment pp. 1402-1412 Downloads
Sophie Moinas and Sébastien Pouget

Volume 82, issue 3, 2016

Sabotage versus Discouragement: Which Dominates Post Promotion Tournament Behavior? pp. 673-696 Downloads
David Johnson and Tim Salmon
Identifying the causal effect of alcohol abuse on the perpetration of intimate partner violence by men using a natural experiment pp. 697-724 Downloads
Susan Averett and Yang Wang
Enforcement, Socioeconomic Diversity, and Tax Filing Compliance in the United States pp. 725-747 Downloads
James Alm, Jeremy Clark and Kara Leibel
Openness of the economy, terms of trade, and arms pp. 748-759 Downloads
Carlos Seiglie
Seller Beware: Supply and Demand Reduction and Price Manipulation in Multiple-Unit Uniform Price Auctions pp. 760-780 Downloads
Abel Winn, Michael L. Parente and David Porter
State bloc versus individual delegate voting at the constitutional convention: Did it make a difference? pp. 781-800 Downloads
Paul D. Carlsen and Jac Heckelman
When Identifying Contributors is Costly: An Experiment on Public Goods pp. 801-808 Downloads
Anya Samek and Roman Sheremeta
Patents, R&D subsidies, and endogenous market structure in a schumpeterian economy pp. 809-825 Downloads
Angus Chu, Yuichi Furukawa and Lei Ji
What Blows in with the Wind? pp. 826-858 Downloads
Dakshina De Silva, Robert P. McComb and Anita Schiller
Endogenous Price Leadership and the Strategic Acquisition of Information pp. 859-873 Downloads
Scott M. Gilpatric and Youping Li
Incumbent Response to Entry by Low-Cost Carriers in the U.S. Airline Industry pp. 874-892 Downloads
Kerry M. Tan
Hot Spot Policing: A Study of Place-Based Strategies for Crime Prevention pp. 893-913 Downloads
Natalia Lazzati and Amilcar A. Menichini
The Impact of Research and Development on Economic Growth and Productivity in the U.S. States pp. 914-934 Downloads
Luisa R. Blanco, Ji Gu and James Prieger
Unionization, market structure, and economic growth pp. 935-951 Downloads
Lei Ji, Juin-jen Chang and Chien-Yu Huang
All entrepreneurial productivity increases are not created equal pp. 952-974 Downloads
Arup Bose, Debashis Pal and David Sappington
The role of new media on teen sexual behaviors and fertility outcomes—the case of 16 and Pregnant pp. 975-1003 Downloads
Jennifer Trudeau
Optimal wages for politicians pp. 1004-1020 Downloads
Mohammad Reza Mirhosseini
Targeting Teaching Lecture Capture Learning: Do Students Perform Better Compared to Face-to-Face Classes? pp. 1021-1038 Downloads
William Bosshardt and Eric Chiang

Volume 82, issue 2, 2015

Regional effects of federal tax shocks pp. 343-360 Downloads
Bernd Hayo and Matthias Uhl
Does health insurance decrease health expenditure risk in developing countries? The case of China pp. 361-384 Downloads
Juergen Jung and Jialu Liu Streeter
Optimal government spending in an economy with imperfectly competitive goods and labor markets pp. 385-407 Downloads
Shu-hua Chang and Juin-jen Chang
The increasing returns to scale CES production function and the law of diminishing marginal returns pp. 408-415 Downloads
Stephen K. Layson
Mixed duopoly, location choice, and shadow cost of public funds pp. 416-429 Downloads
Toshihiro Matsumura and Yoshihiro Tomaru
Fame and the fortune of academic economists: How the market rewards influential research in economics pp. 430-452 Downloads
Michael J. Hilmer, Michael Ransom and Christiana E. Hilmer
Trade and growth: A gravity approach pp. 453-470 Downloads
Antoine Gervais
Public investment and reelection prospects in developed countries pp. 471-500 Downloads
Margarita Katsimi and Vassilis Sarantides
Selecting public goods institutions: Who likes to punish and reward? pp. 501-534 Downloads
Michalis Drouvelis and Julian C. Jamison
Health insurance generosity and conditional coverage: Evidence from medicaid managed care in Kentucky pp. 535-555 Downloads
James Marton and Aaron Yelowitz
Knowledge retention, student learning, and blended course work: Evidence from principles of economics courses pp. 556-579 Downloads
Sarah Cosgrove and Neal H. Olitsky
School district consolidation: Market concentration and the scale-efficiency tradeoff pp. 580-597 Downloads
Timothy Gronberg, Dennis Jansen, Mustafa Karakaplan and Lori Taylor
Separation of powers and the tax level in the U.S. states pp. 598-619 Downloads
Leandro De Magalhães and Lucas Ferrero
Heterogeneous private sector information, central bank disclosure, and stabilization policy pp. 620-634 Downloads
Jonathan G. James and Phillip Lawler
Nuclear bombs and economic sanctions pp. 635-646 Downloads
Kaz Miyagiwa and Yuka Ohno
Factor shares, inequality, and capital flows pp. 647-667 Downloads
Hernando Zuleta
A framework for undergraduate research in economics pp. 668-672 Downloads
Jeffrey Wagner

Volume 82, issue 1, 2015

John Nash Tribute - John Nash: Flashes of Brilliance in Different Directions pp. 1-4 Downloads
Charles Holt
JDistinguished Guest Lecture: Ideal Money pp. 4-12 Downloads
John Forbes Nash
Institutional authority and collusion pp. 13-37 Downloads
Axel Sonntag and Daniel Zizzo
The National Football League season wins total betting market: The impact of heuristics on behavior pp. 38-54 Downloads
Linda M. Woodland and Bill Woodland
The effect of bank account ownership on credit and consumption: Evidence from the UK pp. 55-80 Downloads
Katie Fitzpatrick
Explaining price level differences: New evidence on the Balassa–Samuelson effect pp. 81-99 Downloads
Lein-Lein Chen, Seungmook Choi and John Devereux
Pregnancy outcomes for medicaid patients in mandatory managed care: The Pennsylvania HealthChoices program pp. 100-121 Downloads
Tianyan Hu, Shin-Yi Chou and Mary E. Deily
Intergenerational analysis of the donating behavior of parents and their offspring pp. 122-151 Downloads
Sarah Brownt, Preety Pratima Srivastava and Karl Taylor
Money in the production function: A new Keynesian DSGE perspective pp. 152-184 Downloads
Jonathan Benchimol
Gender Differences in Job Search Among Young Workers: A Study Using Displaced Workers in the United States pp. 185-207 Downloads
Astrid Kunze and Kenneth Troske
Welfare receipt and the intergenerational transmission of work-welfare norm pp. 208-234 Downloads
Juan D. Barón, Deborah Cobb-Clark and Nisvan Erkal
Do Risk and Time Preferences Have Biological Roots? pp. 235-256 Downloads
Andreas Drichoutis and Rodolfo Nayga
Pollution havens, endogenous environmental policy, and foreign direct investment pp. 257-284 Downloads
Ida Ferrara, Paul Missios and Halis Yildiz
Does decentralization reduce income inequality? Only in rich states pp. 285-306 Downloads
Tarkan Çavuşoğlu and Oguzhan Dincer
An empirical assessment of the effects of trade in innovative tasks on innovation output pp. 307-334 Downloads
Saleh S. Tabrizy
Book Review: The Mystery of the Invisible Hand By Jevons Marshall. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2014. Pp. 352. $24.95. ISBN 9780691163130 pp. 335-337 Downloads
Fred S. McChesney
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