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Comparative Environmental Regulation and Foreign Investment Inflows: Is China a Pollution Haven? , pp 1-20 Downloads
Maoliang Bu, ChinTe Lin and Shuwen Zhai
Food Security: Starvation in the Midst of Plenty , pp 1-13 Downloads
Andrew Schmitz and P. Lynn Kennedy
The Information Value of Excessive Speculative Trades on Price Volatility in Oil Futures Markets , pp 1-24 Downloads
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Assessing the Impact of Agricultural R&D Investments on Long-Term Projections of Food Security , pp 1-17 Downloads
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Food Security and the Role of Food Storage , pp 1-17 Downloads
Andrew Schmitz and P. Lynn Kennedy
Trade and Food Security: Links, Processes, and Prospects , pp 15-30 Downloads
Ekaterina Krivonos, Jamie Morrison and Eleonora Canigiani
The Nexus of Dietary Guidelines and Food Security , pp 19-34 Downloads
Brandon McFadden and Troy G. Schmitz
Food Security, Subsistence Agriculture, and Working’s Model , pp 19-32 Downloads
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Environmental Impact of Foreign Direct Investment toward Host Countries , pp 21-43 Downloads
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The Leading Role of the Chinese Futures in the World Commodity Futures Markets , pp 25-49 Downloads
Hung-Gay Fung, Yiuman Tse, Jot Yau and Lin Zhao
Macroeconomic Policies and Food Security , pp 31-47 Downloads
Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla
A Probabilistic Approach to Food Security , pp 33-53 Downloads
David Zilberman and Yanhong Jin
Food Security through Biotechnology: The Case of Genetically Modified Sugar Beets in the United States , pp 35-52 Downloads
P. Lynn Kennedy, Karen E. Lewis and Andrew Schmitz
Environmental Impact of Foreign vs. Domestic Capital Investment in China: Reprinted from: Yang, Brosig, and Chen (2013):. John Wiley & Sons, with kind permission from the publisher , pp 45-72 Downloads
Boqiong Yang, Stephan Brosig and Jianguo Chen
Food Security Measurement: An Empirical Approach , pp 49-62 Downloads
David Magaña-Lemus and Jorge Lara-Álvarez
What Would Happen If We Don’t Have GMO Traits? , pp 53-67 Downloads
Farzad Taheripour and Wallace Tyner
The High Value to Society of Modern Agriculture: Global Food Security, Climate Protection, and Preservation of the Environment – Evidence from the European Union , pp 55-65 Downloads
Harald von Witzke and Steffen Noleppa
Food Security Issues: Concepts and the Role of Emerging Markets , pp 63-79 Downloads
Shida Rastegari Henneberry and Claudia Diaz Carrasco
Off-farm Labor Allocation, Income, and Food Consumption among Rural Farm Households in Transitional Albania , pp 67-83 Downloads
Ayuba Seidu and Gulcan Onel
Climate Change and Food Security: Threats and Adaptation , pp 69-84 Downloads
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Foreign Direct Investment and Pollution Havens Hypothesis: Firm-Level Panel Data Evidence from China , pp 73-96 Downloads
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An Income-based Food Security Indicator for Agricultural Technology Impact Assessment , pp 81-96 Downloads
John Antle, Roshan Adhikari and Stephanie Price
Climate Change and Food Security: Florida’s Agriculture in the Coming Decades , pp 85-102 Downloads
David Letson
The Status and Challenges of Food Security in Europe and Central Asia , pp 85-103 Downloads
Kateryna G. Schroeder and William H. Meyers
Sovereign Credit Default Swap , pp 91-107 Downloads
Gaiyan Zhang
Dual Nature and the Human Face of Food (In)security , pp 97-109 Downloads
Dragan Miljkovic
Are Multinational Enterprises in China Cleaner or Dirtier than Their Local Counterparts? , pp 97-107 Downloads
Boqiong Yang and Jianguo Chen
Vegetable Production, Diseases, and Climate Change , pp 103-124 Downloads
Andreas W. Ebert
Factors Affecting Adolescent Obesity in Urban China , pp 105-114 Downloads
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Maoliang Bu, Zhibiao Liu, Marcus Wagner and Xiaohua Yu
Managing Risk in Sovereign Bond Portfolios: The Impact of Sovereign and Call Risks on Duration , pp 109-124 Downloads
Yan Alice Xie, Jot Yau and Hei Wai Lee
Innovations in International Food Assistance Strategies and Therapeutic Food Supply Chains , pp 111-128 Downloads
Lisa F. Clark and Jill Hobbs
Sugar, Fat, or Protein: Are All Food Insecure Households Eating the Same? The Case of Small Rice Producers in Peru , pp 115-132 Downloads
Pilar Useche and Jennifer Twyman
U.S. Agricultural Policy: Impacts on Domestic and International Food Security , pp 125-141 Downloads
Vincent H. Smith and Joseph W. Glauber
Heavy-Tailed Distribution of Commodity Prices and the Effectiveness of VaR Models , pp 125-137 Downloads
Jullavut Kittiakarasakun
Environmental Regulation and Firm Productivity in China , pp 129-152 Downloads
Sanfeng Zhang, Maoliang Bu and Huafan Yang
Managing High and Volatile Food Prices in Developing Countries Since 2000 , pp 129-143 Downloads
Maros Ivanic and Will Martin
Food Safety and Food Security in the CANAMEX Trade Corridor , pp 133-144 Downloads
Eric P. Thor and Octavio Valdez Lafarga
The Impact of Quantitative Easing on Asset Price Comovement , pp 139-163 Downloads
Michael Williams
Sugarcane Yields and Production: Florida and Louisiana , pp 143-157 Downloads
Andrew Schmitz, P. Lynn Kennedy and Michael Salassi
Impact of Remittance on Food Security in Bangladesh , pp 145-158 Downloads
Madhav Regmi and Krishna Paudel
Food Security and Anti-Piracy Strategies: The Economics of Protecting World Food Program Shipments , pp 145-159 Downloads
William Kerr
Environmental Regulation and the Heterogeneity of Industrial Selection of Foreign Investment , pp 153-164 Downloads
Boqiong Yang, Xiaobing Wang and Jun Yang
Aquaculture: Its Role in the Future of Food , pp 159-173 Downloads
James Anderson, Frank Asche, Taryn Garlock and Jingjie Chu
Informal “Ganyu” Labor Supply, and Food Security: The Case of Malawi , pp 159-175 Downloads
Isaac Sitienei, Ashok Mishra and Aditya Khanal
World Population, Food Growth, and Food Security Challenges , pp 161-177 Downloads
William H. Meyers and Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
The Distribution of Foreign Direct Investment in China’s Pollution-Intense Industries , pp 165-179 Downloads
Boqiong Yang
Carbon Emissions Trading: What it Means for Individual Investors , pp 165-178 Downloads
Valeria Martinez
Food Security and the Food Safety Modernization Act , pp 175-189 Downloads
Lisha Zhang and James Seale
The Political Economy of Export Restrictions: The Case of Vietnam and India , pp 177-197 Downloads
Kathy Baylis, Murray E. Fulton and Travis Reynolds
Genetic Engineering and Food Security: A Welfare Economics Perspective , pp 179-193 Downloads
Prithviraj Lakkakula, Dwayne J. Haynes and Troy G. Schmitz
Does Lax Environmental Regulations Attract Chinese Outward Foreign Investment? Evidence from Micro-Data , pp 181-198 Downloads
Maoliang Bu and Ruifeng Huo
Agricultural Biotechnology and Food Security: Can CETA, TPP, and TTIP Become Venues to Facilitate Trade in GM Products? , pp 191-206 Downloads
Crina Viju, Stuart J. Smyth and William Kerr
Who Will Feed the Growing Population in the Developing Nations? Implications of Bioenergy Production , pp 195-210 Downloads
Won W. Koo and Richard Taylor
Food Security Policy at the Extreme of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , pp 199-214 Downloads
Hannah Pieters and Johan Swinnen
Assessing Food Security in Ethiopia , pp 207-219 Downloads
Karen Thome, Birgit Meade, Stacey Rosen and John Beghin
Food Security and Conflict , pp 211-225 Downloads
Donna Mitchell, Darren Hudson, Riley Post, Patrick Bell and Ryan B. Williams
The Role of Nudges in Reducing Food Waste , pp 215-224 Downloads
David Just and Jeffrey M. Swigert
The Coffee-Food Security Interface for Subsistence Households in Jimma Zone Ethiopia , pp 221-240 Downloads
John Beghin and Yalem Teshome
Wastage in Food Value Chains in Developing Countries: Evidence from the Potato Sector in Asia , pp 225-238 Downloads
Bart Minten, Thomas Reardon, Sunipa Das Gupta, Dinghuan Hu and K. A. S. Murshid
Major Trends in Diets and Nutrition: A Global Perspective to 2050 , pp 227-241 Downloads
Siwa Msangi and Miroslav Batka
Assessing Food Security in Rural Bangladesh: The Role of a Nonfarm Economy , pp 241-257 Downloads
Ashok Mishra and Aditya Khanal
Dietary Change and Global Drivers of Change: How Can We Improve the Nutritional Status of the Bottom Billion? , pp 243-254 Downloads
Siwa Msangi and Miroslav Batka
Regional and National Rice Development Strategies for Food Security in West Africa , pp 255-268 Downloads
Eric J. Wailes, Alvaro Durand-Morat and Mandiaye Diagne
Food Costs during the Food Crisis: The Case of Tanzania , pp 259-274 Downloads
Donald Mitchell, Aneth Kayombo and Nancy Cochrane
Food Loss and Waste as an Economic and Policy Problem: * , pp 275-288 Downloads
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