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Volume 6, issue 4, 2014

Efficiency and Substitutability of Transit Subsidies and Other Urban Transport Policies pp. 1-33 Downloads
Leonardo J. Basso and Hugo E. Silva
Social Support Substitution and the Earnings Rebound: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity in Disability Insurance Reform pp. 34-70 Downloads
Lex Borghans, Anne Gielen and Erzo Luttmer
The Trade-Offs of Welfare Policies in Labor Markets with Informal Jobs: The Case of the "Seguro Popular" Program in Mexico pp. 71-99 Downloads
Mariano Bosch and Raymundo Campos-Vazquez
Are Incentives for R&D Effective? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Approach pp. 100-134 Downloads
Raffaello Bronzini and Eleonora Iachini
Long-Term Impacts of Compensatory Preschool on Health and Behavior: Evidence from Head Start pp. 135-73 Downloads
Pedro Carneiro and Rita Ginja
Does Federal Student Aid Raise Tuition? New Evidence on For-Profit Colleges pp. 174-206 Downloads
Stephanie Riegg Cellini and Claudia Goldin
Cash for Coolers: Evaluating a Large-Scale Appliance Replacement Program in Mexico pp. 207-38 Downloads
Lucas Davis, Alan Fuchs and Paul Gertler
The Trillion Dollar Conundrum: Complementarities and Health Information Technology pp. 239-70 Downloads
David Dranove, Chris Forman, Avi Goldfarb and Shane Greenstein
Estimating Taxable Income Responses Using Danish Tax Reforms pp. 271-301 Downloads
Henrik Jacobsen Kleven and Esben Anton Schultz
Gasoline Taxes and Consumer Behavior pp. 302-42 Downloads
Shanjun Li, Joshua Linn and Erich Muehlegger
The Dynamics of Firm Lobbying pp. 343-79 Downloads
William Kerr, William Lincoln and Prachi Mishra
A Test for the Rational Ignorance Hypothesis: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Brazil pp. 380-98 Downloads
Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon and Renata Rizzi

Volume 6, issue 3, 2014

The Effects of Regulation in the Presence of Multiple Unpriced Externalities: Evidence from the Transportation Sector pp. 1-29 Downloads
Antonio Bento, Daniel Kaffine, Kevin Roth and Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins
Is Gifted Education a Bright Idea? Assessing the Impact of Gifted and Talented Programs on Students pp. 30-62 Downloads
Sa A. Bui, Steven Craig and Scott Imberman
Friends in High Places pp. 63-91 Downloads
Lauren Cohen and Christopher J. Malloy
Recessions, Older Workers, and Longevity: How Long Are Recessions Good for Your Health? pp. 92-119 Downloads
Courtney Coile, Phillip Levine and Robin McKnight
Early Retirement Incentives and Student Achievement pp. 120-54 Downloads
Maria Fitzpatrick and Michael Lovenheim
Taxation of Couples under Assortative Mating pp. 155-77 Downloads
Alexander Frankel
Corporate Incentives and Nuclear Safety pp. 178-206 Downloads
Catherine Hausman
Under Pressure: Job Security, Resource Allocation, and Productivity in Schools under No Child Left Behind pp. 207-41 Downloads
Randall Reback, Jonah Rockoff and Heather L. Schwartz
The Incentive Effects of Marginal Tax Rates: Evidence from the Interwar Era pp. 242-81 Downloads
Christina D. Romer and David Romer
Does Abolishing User Fees Lead to Improved Health Status? Evidence from Post-apartheid South Africa pp. 282-312 Downloads
Shinsuke Tanaka
Inside the Refrigerator: Immigration Enforcement and Chilling Effects in Medicaid Participation pp. 313-38 Downloads
Tara Watson

Volume 6, issue 2, 2014

The Differential Effects of Bilateral Tax Treaties pp. 1-18 Downloads
Bruce Blonigen, Lindsay Oldenski and Nicholas Sly
The Elasticity of Corporate Taxable Income: New Evidence from UK Tax Records pp. 19-53 Downloads
Michael Devereux, Li Liu and Simon Loretz
Corporate Taxes and Internal Borrowing within Multinational Firms pp. 54-93 Downloads
Peter Egger, Christian Keuschnigg, Valeria Merlo and Georg Wamser
International Taxation and Cross-Border Banking pp. 94-125 Downloads
Harry Huizinga, Johannes Voget and Wolf Wagner
Entrepreneurial Taxation with Endogenous Entry pp. 126-63 Downloads
Florian Scheuer
Health and the Political Agency of Women pp. 164-97 Downloads
Sonia Bhalotra and Irma Clots-Figueras
Beaches, Sunshine, and Public Sector Pay: Theory and Evidence on Amenities and Rent Extraction by Government Workers pp. 198-230 Downloads
Jan K. Brueckner and David Neumark
Life and Death in the Fast Lane: Police Enforcement and Traffic Fatalities pp. 231-57 Downloads
Gregory DeAngelo and Benjamin Hansen
Giving Mom a Break: The Impact of Higher EITC Payments on Maternal Health pp. 258-90 Downloads
William Evans and Craig L. Garthwaite
The Effect of Disability Insurance Receipt on Labor Supply pp. 291-337 Downloads
Eric French and Jae Song
Civil Service Rules and Policy Choices: Evidence from US State Governments pp. 338-80 Downloads
Gergely Ujhelyi

Volume 6, issue 1, 2014

The Incapacitation Effect of Incarceration: Evidence from Several Italian Collective Pardons pp. 1-37 Downloads
Alessandro Barbarino and Giovanni Mastrobuoni
Consumer Inertia and Firm Pricing in the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Insurance Exchange pp. 38-64 Downloads
Keith Ericson
The End of Bank Secrecy? An Evaluation of the G20 Tax Haven Crackdown pp. 65-91 Downloads
Niels Johannesen and Gabriel Zucman
Paging Inspector Sands: The Costs of Public Information pp. 92-113 Downloads
Sacha Kapoor and Arvind Magesan
The Dividend Clientele Hypothesis: Evidence from the 2003 Tax Act pp. 114-36 Downloads
Laura Kawano
Watch Your Step: Optimal Policy in a Tipping Climate pp. 137-66 Downloads
Derek Lemoine and Christian Traeger
Stimulating Local Public Employment: Do General Grants Work? pp. 167-92 Downloads
Heléne Lundqvist, Matz Dahlberg and Eva Mörk
The Revenue Demands of Public Employee Pension Promises pp. 193-229 Downloads
Robert Novy-Marx and Joshua Rauh
Optimal Taxation of Top Labor Incomes: A Tale of Three Elasticities pp. 230-71 Downloads
Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Stefanie Stantcheva
Airline Pricing, Price Dispersion, and Ticket Characteristics on and off the Internet pp. 272-307 Downloads
Anirban Sengupta and Steven N. Wiggins
Corrigendum: The Price Effects of a Large Merger of Manufacturers: A Case Study of Maytag Whirlpool pp. 308-09 Downloads
Orley C. Ashenfelter, Daniel S. Hosken and Matthew C. Weinberg

Volume 5, issue 4, 2013

Effects of Federal Policy to Insure Young Adults: Evidence from the 2010 Affordable Care Act's Dependent-Coverage Mandate pp. 1-28 Downloads
Yaa Akosa Antwi, Asako S. Moriya and Kosali Simon
Absorptive Capacity and the Growth and Investment Effects of Regional Transfers: A Regression Discontinuity Design with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects pp. 29-77 Downloads
Sascha Becker, Peter Egger and Maximilian von Ehrlich
Profiting from Regulation: Evidence from the European Carbon Market pp. 78-106 Downloads
James B. Bushnell, Howard Chong and Erin Mansur
Measuring the Environmental Benefits of Wind-Generated Electricity pp. 107-33 Downloads
Joseph Cullen
Death by Market Power: Reform, Competition, and Patient Outcomes in the National Health Service pp. 134-66 Downloads
Martin Gaynor, Rodrigo Moreno-Serra and Carol Propper
Superstar Cities pp. 167-99 Downloads
Joseph Gyourko, Christopher Mayer and Todd Sinai
State Gun Policy and Cross-State Externalities: Evidence from Crime Gun Tracing pp. 200-229 Downloads
Brian Knight
Corruption Dynamics: The Golden Goose Effect pp. 230-69 Downloads
Paul Niehaus and Sandip Sukhtankar
Bank Bailouts, International Linkages, and Cooperation pp. 270-305 Downloads
Friederike Niepmann and Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr
The Economic and Policy Consequences of Catastrophes pp. 306-39 Downloads
Robert Pindyck and Neng Wang

Volume 5, issue 3, 2013

What Does Health Reform Mean for the Health Care Industry? Evidence from the Massachusetts Special Senate Election pp. 1-29 Downloads
Mohamad M. Al-Ississ and Nolan H. Miller
The Welfare Effects of Misperceived Product Costs: Data and Calibrations from the Automobile Market pp. 30-66 Downloads
Hunt Allcott
Beyond Work Ethic: Religion, Individual, and Political Preferences pp. 67-91 Downloads
Christoph Basten and Frank Betz
Driving under the (Cellular) Influence pp. 92-125 Downloads
Saurabh Bhargava and Vikram Pathania
Local Responses to Federal Grants: Evidence from the Introduction of Title I in the South pp. 126-59 Downloads
Elizabeth Cascio, Nora Gordon and Sarah Reber
The Effect of a Universal Child Benefit on Conceptions, Abortions, and Early Maternal Labor Supply pp. 160-88 Downloads
Libertad Gonz?lez
Persistent Antimarket Culture: A Legacy of the Pale of Settlement after the Holocaust pp. 189-226 Downloads
Irena Grosfeld, Alexander Rodnyansky and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
Substitution and Stigma: Evidence on Religious Markets from the Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal pp. 227-53 Downloads
Daniel Hungerman
Incentive Schemes for Local Government: Theory and Evidence from Comprehensive Performance Assessment in England pp. 254-86 Downloads
Ben Lockwood and Francesco Porcelli
The Sky Is Not Flat: How Discriminatory Is the Access to International Air Services? pp. 287-319 Downloads
Roberta Piermartini and Linda Rousov?
Corrigendum: Measuring the Output Responses to Fiscal Policy pp. 320-22 Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Yuriy Gorodnichenko

Volume 5, issue 2, 2013

Natural Resources and Local Communities: Evidence from a Peruvian Gold Mine pp. 1-25 Downloads
Fernando M. Arag?n and Juan Pablo Rud
Improving College Performance and Retention the Easy Way: Unpacking the ACT Exam pp. 26-52 Downloads
Eric Bettinger, Brent J. Evans and Devin G. Pope
Does Less Income Mean Less Representation? pp. 53-76 Downloads
Eric Brunner, Stephen Ross and Ebonya Washington
Multi-product Firms and Exchange Rate Fluctuations pp. 77-110 Downloads
Arpita Chatterjee, Rafael Dix-Carneiro and Jade Vichyanond
How Do Mortgage Subsidies Affect Home Ownership? Evidence from the Mid-century GI Bills pp. 111-47 Downloads
Daniel Fetter
Evaluating US Fuel Economy Standards in a Model with Producer and Household Heterogeneity pp. 148-87 Downloads
Mark R. Jacobsen
The EITC, Tax Refunds, and Unemployment Spells pp. 188-221 Downloads
Sara LaLumia
Social Capital and Political Accountability pp. 222-50 Downloads
Tommaso Nannicini, Andrea Stella, Guido Tabellini and Ugo Troiano
Feeling the Florida Heat? How Low-Performing Schools Respond to Voucher and Accountability Pressure pp. 251-81 Downloads
Cecilia Elena Rouse, Jane Hannaway, Dan Goldhaber and David Figlio
Can Owning a Home Hedge the Risk of Moving? pp. 282-312 Downloads
Todd Sinai and Nicholas Souleles
The Contagion Effect of Neighboring Foreclosures pp. 313-35 Downloads
Charles Towe and Chad Lawley

Volume 5, issue 1, 2013

The Iceberg Theory of Campaign Contributions: Political Threats and Interest Group Behavior pp. 1-31 Downloads
Marcos Chamon and Ethan Kaplan
Let Them Have Choice: Gains from Shifting Away from Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance and toward an Individual Exchange pp. 32-58 Downloads
Leemore Dafny, Kate Ho and Mauricio Varela
Effects of Terms of Trade Gains and Tariff Changes on the Measurement of US Productivity Growth pp. 59-93 Downloads
Robert Feenstra, Benjamin Mandel, Marshall B. Reinsdorf and Matthew J. Slaughter
Political Price Cycles in Regulated Industries: Theory and Evidence pp. 94-121 Downloads
Rodrigo M. S. Moita and Claudio Paiva
Long-Term Impacts of Individual Development Accounts on Homeownership among Baseline Renters: Follow-Up Evidence from a Randomized Experiment pp. 122-45 Downloads
Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Michael Sherraden, William Gale, William M. Rohe, Mark Schreiner and Clinton Key
The Demand for Food of Poor Urban Mexican Households: Understanding Policy Impacts Using Structural Models pp. 146-78 Downloads
Manuela Angelucci and Orazio Attanasio
Public Transfers and Domestic Violence: The Roles of Private Information and Spousal Control pp. 179-205 Downloads
Gustavo Bobonis, Melissa González-Brenes and Roberto Castro
Targeting with Agents pp. 206-38 Downloads
Paul Niehaus, Antonia Atanassova, Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan
The Price Effects of a Large Merger of Manufacturers: A Case Study of Maytag-Whirlpool pp. 239-61 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, Daniel S. Hosken and Matthew Weinberg
Unemployment in an Interdependent World pp. 262-301 Downloads
Gabriel Felbermayr, Mario Larch and Wolfgang Lechthaler
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Cigarette Tax Salience and Regressivity pp. 302-36 Downloads
Jacob Goldin and Tatiana Homonoff
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