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Volume 28, issue 3, 2014

The Role of Entrepreneurship in US Job Creation and Economic Dynamism pp. 3-24 Downloads
Ryan Decker, John Haltiwanger, Ron S. Jarmin and Javier Miranda
Entrepreneurship as Experimentation pp. 25-48 Downloads
William Kerr, Ramana Nanda and Matthew Rhodes-Kropf
Seeking the Roots of Entrepreneurship: Insights from Behavioral Economics pp. 49-70 Downloads
Thomas Astebro, Holger Herz, Ramana Nanda and Roberto A. Weber
The Lewis Model: A 60-Year Retrospective pp. 71-88 Downloads
Douglas Gollin
The Missing "Missing Middle" pp. 89-108 Downloads
Chang-Tai Hsieh and Benjamin Olken
Informality and Development pp. 109-26 Downloads
Rafael La Porta and Andrei Shleifer
Do Poverty Traps Exist? Assessing the Evidence pp. 127-48 Downloads
Aart Kraay and David McKenzie
Page Limits on Economics Articles: Evidence from Two Journals pp. 149-68 Downloads
David Card and Stefano DellaVigna
What Policies Increase Prosocial Behavior? An Experiment with Referees at the Journal of Public Economics pp. 169-88 Downloads
Raj Chetty, Emmanuel Saez and László Sándor
The Effects of an Anti-grade-Inflation Policy at Wellesley College pp. 189-204 Downloads
Kristin F. Butcher, Patrick J. McEwan and Akila Weerapana
The Research Productivity of New PhDs in Economics: The Surprisingly High Non-success of the Successful pp. 205-16 Downloads
John P. Conley and Ali Sina Onder
The Economics of Fair Trade pp. 217-36 Downloads
Raluca Dragusanu, Daniele Giovannucci and Nathan Nunn
Evaluating Counterterrorism Spending pp. 237-48 Downloads
John Mueller and Mark G. Stewart
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 249-56 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 28, issue 2, 2014

Big Data: New Tricks for Econometrics pp. 3-28 Downloads
Hal R. Varian
High-Dimensional Methods and Inference on Structural and Treatment Effects pp. 29-50 Downloads
Alexandre Belloni, Victor Chernozhukov and Christian Hansen
Political Campaigns and Big Data pp. 51-74 Downloads
David W. Nickerson and Todd Rogers
Privacy and Data-Based Research pp. 75-98 Downloads
Ori Heffetz and Katrina Ligett
Slicing Up Global Value Chains pp. 99-118 Downloads
Marcel Peter Timmer, Abdul Azeez Erumban, Bart Los, Robert Stehrer and Gaaitzen J. de Vries
Five Facts about Value-Added Exports and Implications for Macroeconomics and Trade Research pp. 119-42 Downloads
Robert Christopher Johnson
Raj Chetty: 2013 Clark Medal Recipient pp. 143-52 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Fluctuations in Uncertainty pp. 153-76 Downloads
Nicholas Bloom
The Market for Blood pp. 177-96 Downloads
Robert L Slonim, Carmen Wang and Ellen Garbarino
Retrospectives: The Cyclical Behavior of Labor Productivity and the Emergence of the Labor Hoarding Concept pp. 197-212 Downloads
Jeff E. Biddle
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 213-20 Downloads
Timothy Taylor
Correction and Update: The Economic Effects of Climate Change pp. 221-26 Downloads
Richard S.J. Tol
Farewell to Notes pp. 227-30 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 28, issue 1, 2014

US Manufacturing: Understanding Its Past and Its Potential Future pp. 3-26 Downloads
Martin Neil Baily and Barry P. Bosworth
Competing in Advanced Manufacturing: The Need for Improved Growth Models and Policies pp. 27-48 Downloads
Gregory Tassey
Management Practices, Relational Contracts, and the Decline of General Motors pp. 49-72 Downloads
Susan R. Helper and Rebecca Henderson
Global Biofuels: Key to the Puzzle of Grain Market Behavior pp. 73-98 Downloads
Brian Wright
Agricultural Biotechnology: The Promise and Prospects of Genetically Modified Crops pp. 99-120 Downloads
Geoffrey Barrows, Steven Sexton and David Zilberman
Agriculture in the Global Economy pp. 121-46 Downloads
Julian M. Alston and Philip G. Pardey
American Farms Keep Growing: Size, Productivity, and Policy pp. 147-66 Downloads
Daniel A. Sumner
From Sick Man of Europe to Economic Superstar: Germany's Resurgent Economy pp. 167-88 Downloads
Christian Dustmann, Bernd Fitzenberger, Uta Sch?nberg and Alexandra Spitz-Oener
When Ideas Trump Interests: Preferences, Worldviews, and Policy Innovations pp. 189-208 Downloads
Dani Rodrik
An Economist's Guide to Visualizing Data pp. 209-34 Downloads
Jonathan A. Schwabish
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 235-42 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 27, issue 4, 2013

A Century of US Central Banking: Goals, Frameworks, Accountability pp. 3-16 Downloads
Ben S. Bernanke
Central Bank Design pp. 17-44 Downloads
Ricardo Reis
The Federal Reserve and Panic Prevention: The Roles of Financial Regulation and Lender of Last Resort pp. 45-64 Downloads
Gary Gorton and Andrew Metrick
Shifts in US Federal Reserve Goals and Tactics for Monetary Policy: A Role for Penitence? pp. 65-86 Downloads
Julio J. Rotemberg
Does the Federal Reserve Care about the Rest of the World? pp. 87-104 Downloads
Barry Julian Eichengreen
An Interview with Paul Volcker pp. 105-20 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Market Reasoning as Moral Reasoning: Why Economists Should Re-engage with Political Philosophy pp. 121-40 Downloads
Michael J. Sandel
Reclaiming Virtue Ethics for Economics pp. 141-64 Downloads
Luigino Bruni and Robert Sugden
Gifts of Mars: Warfare and Europe's Early Rise to Riches pp. 165-86 Downloads
Nico Voigtl?nder and Hans-Joachim Voth
The Economics of Slums in the Developing World pp. 187-210 Downloads
Benjamin Marx, Thomas Stoker and Tavneet Suri
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 211-18 Downloads
Timothy Taylor
Correction: The Composition and Drawdown of Wealth in Retirement pp. 219-22 Downloads
James Poterba, Steven Venti and David Wise

Volume 27, issue 3, 2013

The Top 1 Percent in International and Historical Perspective pp. 3-20 Downloads
Facundo Alvaredo, Anthony Barnes Atkinson, Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez
Defending the One Percent pp. 21-34 Downloads
N. Gregory Mankiw
It's the Market: The Broad-Based Rise in the Return to Top Talent pp. 35-56 Downloads
Steven N. Kaplan and Joshua Rauh
The Pay of Corporate Executives and Financial Professionals as Evidence of Rents in Top 1 Percent Incomes pp. 57-78 Downloads
Josh Bivens and Lawrence Mishel
Income Inequality, Equality of Opportunity, and Intergenerational Mobility pp. 79-102 Downloads
Miles Corak
Why Hasn't Democracy Slowed Rising Inequality? pp. 103-24 Downloads
Adam Bonica, Nolan McCarty, Keith T. Poole and Howard Rosenthal
What Is European Integration Really About? A Political Guide for Economists pp. 125-44 Downloads
Enrico Spolaore
Political Credit Cycles: The Case of the Eurozone pp. 145-66 Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Luis Garicano and Tano Santos
Cross of Euros pp. 167-92 Downloads
O'Rourke, Kevin Hjortshøj and Alan M. Taylor
Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity and the Case for Temporary Inflation in the Eurozone pp. 193-212 Downloads
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martin Uribe
Retrospectives: John Maynard Keynes, Investment Innovator pp. 213-28 Downloads
David Chambers and Elroy Dimson
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 229-36 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 27, issue 2, 2013

The Growth of Finance pp. 3-28 Downloads
Robin Greenwood and David Scharfstein
Finance: Function Matters, Not Size pp. 29-50 Downloads
John H. Cochrane
Moore's Law versus Murphy's Law: Algorithmic Trading and Its Discontents pp. 51-72 Downloads
Andrei A. Kirilenko and Andrew W. Lo
An International Look at the Growth of Modern Finance pp. 73-96 Downloads
Thomas PHILIPPON and Ariell Reshef
Asset Management Fees and the Growth of Finance pp. 97-108 Downloads
Burton G. Malkiel
Investing in Preschool Programs pp. 109-32 Downloads
Greg J. Duncan and Katherine Magnuson
What Can Be Done to Improve Struggling High Schools? pp. 133-52 Downloads
Julie Berry Cullen, Steven D. Levitt, Erin Robertson and Sally Sadoff
Beyond BA Blinders: Lessons from Occupational Colleges and Certificate Programs for Nontraditional Students pp. 153-72 Downloads
James E. Rosenbaum and Janet Rosenbaum
Economics versus Politics: Pitfalls of Policy Advice pp. 173-92 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson
Latin America's Social Policy Challenge: Education, Social Insurance, Redistribution pp. 193-218 Downloads
Santiago Levy and Norbert Schady
The Investment Strategies of Sovereign Wealth Funds pp. 219-38 Downloads
Shai Bernstein, Josh Lerner and Antoinette Schoar
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 239-46 Downloads
Timothy Taylor

Volume 27, issue 1, 2013

The Case against Patents pp. 3-22 Downloads
Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine
Patents and Innovation: Evidence from Economic History pp. 23-44 Downloads
Petra Moser
The New Patent Intermediaries: Platforms, Defensive Aggregators, and Super-Aggregators pp. 45-66 Downloads
Andrei Hagiu and David B. Yoffie
Of Smart Phone Wars and Software Patents pp. 67-86 Downloads
Stuart J.H. Graham and Saurabh Vishnubhakat
Markets for Pollution Allowances: What Are the (New) Lessons? pp. 87-102 Downloads
Lawrence H. Goulder
The SO2 Allowance Trading System: The Ironic History of a Grand Policy Experiment pp. 103-22 Downloads
Richard Schmalensee and Robert Norman Stavins
Carbon Markets 15 Years after Kyoto: Lessons Learned, New Challenges pp. 123-46 Downloads
Richard G. Newell, William A. Pizer and Daniel Raimi
Moving Pollution Trading from Air to Water: Potential, Problems, and Prognosis pp. 147-72 Downloads
Karen Fisher-Vanden and Sheila Olmstead
Thirty Years of Prospect Theory in Economics: A Review and Assessment pp. 173-96 Downloads
Nicholas C. Barberis
The RAND Health Insurance Experiment, Three Decades Later pp. 197-222 Downloads
Aviva Aron-Dine, Liran Einav and Amy Finkelstein
Recommendations for Further Reading pp. 223-30 Downloads
Timothy Taylor
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