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Volume 13, issue Dec., 1974

Retraining Problems of an Active Manpower Policy pp. 159-70
John Niland
Political Economy for Aesthetes pp. 178-87
D M Bensusan-Butt
Patenting and Licensing of Government Inventions-General Issues Raised by Australian Policy pp. 188-208
Clement Tisdell
Demand Conditions in International Trade Theory pp. 209-24
Alan Woodland
The Small Country in a Many-Commodity World pp. 225-36
Ronald W Jones
The Minimum Elasticity of Transformation and the Transformation Curve pp. 237-49
Frank S T Hsiao
Fixed Point Estimation of Econometric Models pp. 250-66
Bridger M Mitchell
A Generalised Approach to the Treatment of Autocorrelation pp. 267-80
Adrian Pagan
Gibrat's Law and the Growth of Firms pp. 281-86
G R Keating
Cycles, Lags, and Causality pp. 287-92
G E J Llewellyn and Roger J Tarling
The Theory of the Mining Firm and the Optimal Extraction of a Non-renewable Resource pp. 293-97
Ngo Long
Estimation of Distributed Lags in Simultaneous Equation Models: An Expository Treatment pp. 298-302
Peter Schmidt

Volume 13, issue June, 1974

The Current and Prospective State of Economics pp. 1-27
Harry G Johnson
Foreign Exchange Aspects of Australia-Japan Economic Relations pp. 28-42
H W Arndt
Samuelson's Substitution Theorem with Cobb-Douglas Production Functions pp. 43-51
James Melvin
Towards Greater Effectiveness of Research and Development under Socialist Economic Planning pp. 52-68
Jozef Wilczynski
Local Government in the Farm Sector: A Case for Reconstruction pp. 69-79
R K Hefford and N J Thomson
Earnings and Award Wages in Australia pp. 80-98
P D Jonson, K L Mahar and G J Thompson
Child Mortality and the Desired Number of Children and Births pp. 99-108
Susan Hill Cochrane and James L Cochrane
Revenue Recognition for Finance Companies: A Theoretical Valuation Approach pp. 109-18
Ronald Ma
The Models behind Friedman-Meiselman's Equations pp. 119-23
B. Rao
The Neoclassical and the Neo-Marxist-Seynesian Theories of Income Distribution: A Non-Cambridge Contribution to the Cambridge Controversy in Capital Theory pp. 124-32
Yew-Kwang Ng
Labour-Power, Subsistence Wage and the Rate of Wages pp. 133-43
Alessandro Roncaglia
The Price Policy of Firms, the Level of Employment and Distribution of Income in the Short Run pp. 144-51
Donald J Harris
Lexicographic Orderings, Multiple Criteria, and "Ad Hocery." pp. 152-57
Lawrence Boland

Volume 12, issue Dec., 1973

The Short-Run and Long-Run Trade-Offs Between Inflation and Unemployment in Australia pp. 127-44
Michael Parkin
Patterns of Educational Finance pp. 145-61
Russell Mathews
The Growth Process of the Firm: A Case Study pp. 162-74
Graeme Snooks
Import Substitution and Export Potential-The Case of Manufacturing Industry in West Malaysia pp. 175-95
B L Johns
The Demand for Very Liquid Assets in Australia pp. 196-207
T J Valentine
A Mortgage Model: Some Theoretical and Empirical Results as Applied to Australian Savings Banks pp. 208-20
Ian G Sharpe
Technological Uncertainty and the Pure Ex Ante Theory of the Allocation of Resources pp. 221-38
N F Laing
Interdependent Consumer Decisions: A Production Function Approach pp. 239-52
Charles J Cichetti and V. Smith
Heterogeneous Capital Goods and Long-Run Stolper-Samuelson Theorems pp. 253-60
Murray Kemp
Risk Aversion and Polynomial Preference pp. 261-62
Jock Anderson
More on the Game of Maximizing R2 pp. 263-66
Gary M Mullet and Tracy Murray
The Non-Substitution Theorem and International Trade Theory pp. 267-69
Ian Steedman and John Metcalfe

Volume 12, issue June, 1973

Political Economy and the Tariff: Australia in the 1920s pp. 1-20
Neville Cain
The Australian Local Government Tax Base: Revenue Potential pp. 21-35
Philip Bentley
Price Rigidity and Excess Capacity in Socialist Economies pp. 36-41
Bruce McFarlane
Interstate Fiscal Equalization in the Federal Republic of Germany and Comparisons with Australia and Canada pp. 42-56
J S H Hunter
The Loan Supply Function of Australian Trading Banks: An Empirical Analysis pp. 57-69
T J Valentine
A Spectral Analysis of Australian Share Prices pp. 70-78
P D Praetz
Product Differentiation and International Trade Flows: An Application of the "Hedonic" Regression Technique pp. 79-90
Robert Gregory and D Tearle
A Study of Convertible Notes Issued in Australia pp. 91-105
R G Bird and C G Peirson
The Construction and Estimation of a Coherent Labour-Market System pp. 106-23
P G Neild
Trade Gains in a Pure Consumption-Loan Model pp. 124-26
Murray Kemp

Volume 11, issue Dec., 1972

Market Forces and the Principle of Comparative Wage Justice: Discord or Harmony? pp. 131-44
R Manning, S Richardson and L Roy Webb
Microeconomic Motivation in the Kaldorian Distribution Model pp. 145-53
Peter Riach
Provision of Parks and the Preservation of Nature-Some Economic Factors pp. 154-62
Clement Tisdell
British Regional Policy-Some Implications for Australia pp. 163-79
A Kan and J Rhodes
Updating Input-output Table Coefficients pp. 180-86
B R Martin
Trading on the Sydney Wool Futures Market: A Test of a Theory of Speculation at the Level of the Individual pp. 187-202
B A Goss
A Generalization of the Durbin-Watson Test pp. 203-09
Peter Schmidt
On Embodiment and Disembodiment pp. 210-19
Sheng Cheng Hu
On the Game of Maximizing R2: A Comment pp. 220-21
Thomas J Valentine
On the Game of Maximising R2: A Comment pp. 222-23
R W Bacon
Predictionists, Assumptionists and the Relatives of the Assumptionists pp. 224-28
David Pope and Robin Pope
Predictionists, Assumptionists and the Relatives of the Assumptionists: Comment pp. 228-32
Kenneth Rivett
In Defense of Predictionism pp. 232-38
David Pope and Robin Pope
In Defense of Predictionism: Rejoinder pp. 238-39
Kenneth Rivett
In Defense of Predictionism: Epilogue pp. 239-40
David Pope and Robin Pope

Volume 11, issue June, 1972

Income Inflation in Australia pp. 1-7
Ronald F Henderson
The Employment Status of Aborigines pp. 8-18
H C Coombs
The Revival of Political Economy pp. 19-31
Edward J Nell
Economic Aspects of Pollution Control pp. 32-43
Ross M Parish
Switching of Techniques, Stability of Growth Equilibrium, and the Neoclassical Parable pp. 44-52
Tetsunori Koizumi
Three Notes on Ricardo's Theory of Value and Distribution pp. 53-64
P D Groenewegen
Costs of Supplying Electricity in Australia pp. 65-88
G D McColl
Foreign Assistance and Korea's Economic Growth pp. 89-102
S Kim
An Index of Melbourne Building Activity, 1896-1939 pp. 103-11
David Pope
Limited Information Using the Newton Solution pp. 112-18
R P Byron
On the Economics of Country Bulk Grain Storage pp. 119-21
N W F Fisher and John Stanley
On the Economics of Country Bulk Grain Storage: A Reply pp. 122-23
N J Thomson
Pareto Conditions, Behavioural Rules, and the Theory of Second Best pp. 124-25
Yew-Kwang Ng
Consumption and Output Lags and Adjustment for Unintended Saving and Investment pp. 126-28
David J Smyth
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