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1989 - 2015

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Volume 23, issue 4, 2011

Morgan Stanley Roundtable on The State of Global Private Equity pp. 8-33 Downloads
Steve Kaplan, Carl Ferenbach, Mike Bingle, Marc Lipschultz, Phil Canfield and Alan Jones
An Empirical Model of Optimal Capital Structure pp. 34-59 Downloads
Jules van Binsbergen, John R. Graham and Jie Yang
The Evolution of Private Equity in Emerging Markets: The Case of Poland pp. 60-69 Downloads
Darek Klonowski
Financing Shipping Companies and Shipping Operations: A Risk‐Management Perspective pp. 70-82 Downloads
Stefan Albertijn, Wolfgang Bessler and Wolfgang Drobetz
Creating Value at the Intersection of Sourcing, Hedging and Trading pp. 83-89 Downloads
Blaine Finley and Justin Pettit
Spin‐offs: Tackling the Conglomerate Discount pp. 90-101 Downloads
Ajay Khorana, Anil Shivdasani, Carsten Stendevad and Sergey Sanzhar
Pre‐Issuance Hedging of Fixed‐Rate Debt pp. 102-112 Downloads
James Adams and Donald J. Smith
Market Interest in Nonfinancial Information pp. 113-127 Downloads
Robert G. Eccles, George Serafeim and Michael P. Krzus

Volume 23, issue 3, 2011

Canada's Budget Triumph pp. 8-17 Downloads
David R. Henderson
Re‐imagining Infrastructure pp. 18-29 Downloads
Mark Gerencser
Privatizing Waterworks: Learning from the French Experience pp. 30-35 Downloads
Steve H. Hanke and Stephen J.K. Walters
Reflections on Private Water Supply: Agency and Equity Issues pp. 36-40 Downloads
Steve H. Hanke and Stephen J.K. Walters
A Fresh Look at U.S. Water and Wastewater Infrastructure: The Commercial and Environmentally Sustainable Path Forward pp. 41-52 Downloads
David Haarmeyer
The Upside to Fiscal Challenges: Innovative Partnerships Between Public and Private Sector pp. 53-59 Downloads
Martha Amram and Tabitha Crawford
Infrastructure Public‐Private Partnerships: “Partnerships” Come to Fruition pp. 60-63 Downloads
J. Perry Offutt, James Runde and Stacie D. Selinger
The Role of Finance and Private Investment in Developing Sustainable Cities pp. 64-74 Downloads
John Macomber
Energy Infrastructure Investment and the Rise of the Uncorporation1 pp. 75-83 Downloads
Larry E. Ribstein
Why Financial Institutions Matter: The Case of Energy Infrastructure MLPs pp. 84-91 Downloads
Conrad S. Ciccotello
The Future of U.S. Infrastructure: Proposals for Progress pp. 92-98 Downloads
Sadek Wahba
Environmental Finance: Innovating to Save the Planet pp. 99-111 Downloads
Franklin Allen and Glenn Yago

Volume 23, issue 2, 2011

Downsides and DCF: Valuing Biased Cash Flow Forecasts pp. 8-17
Richard S. Ruback
CARE/CEASA Roundtable on Managing Uncertainty and Risk pp. 18-33
Trevor Harris, Neal Shear and Steve Galbraith
How the U.S. Army Analyzes and Copes with Uncertainty and Risk pp. 34-40
Hugh Jones
Accounting for Sovereign Risk When Investing in Emerging Markets pp. 41-49
V. Ravi Anshuman, John Martin and Sheridan Titman
Accounting for Risk and Return in Equity Valuation pp. 50-58
Stephen Penman
Morgan Stanley's Risk‐Reward Views: Unlocking the Full Potential of Fundamental Analysis pp. 59-68
Guy Weyns, Juan‐Luis Perez, Barry Hurewitz and Vlad Jenkins
How Corporate Diversity and Size Influence Spinoffs and Other Breakups pp. 69-76
Gregory V. Milano, Steven C. Treadwell and Frank Hopson
The Three‐Factor Model: A Practitioner's Guide pp. 77-84
Javier Estrada
Valuing Companies with Cash‐Flow@Risk pp. 85-93
Franck Bancel and Jacques Tierny
Valuing an Early‐Stage Biotechnology Investment as a Rainbow Option pp. 94-103
Peter A. Brous
Terminal Value, Accounting Numbers, and Inflation pp. 104-112
Gunther Friedl and Bernhard Schwetzler
Comment on “Terminal Value, Accounting Numbers, and Inflation” by Gunther Friedl and Bernhard Schwetzler pp. 113-115
Michael H. Bradley and Gregg A. Jarrell

Volume 23, issue 1, 2011

Growth and Renewal in the United States: Retooling America's Economic Engine pp. 8-19
James Manyika, David Hunt, Scott Nyquist, Jaana Remes, Vikram Malhotra, Lenny Medonca, Byron Auguste and Samantha Test
Toward a Bottom‐Up Approach to Assessing Sovereign Default Risk pp. 20-31
Edward I. Altman and Herbert A. Rijken
Current Accounts and Global Adjustment: The Long and Short of It pp. 32-42
Manoj Pradhan and Alan Taylor
The Dodd‐Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Accomplishments and Limitations pp. 43-56
Viral Acharya, Thomas Cooley, Matthew Richardson, Richard Sylla and Ingo Walter
China Adopts EVA: An Essential Step in the Great Leap Forward pp. 57-62
Erik Stern
Corporate Portfolio Management: Theory and Practice pp. 63-76
Ulrich Pidun, Harald Rubner, Matthias Krühler, Robert Untiedt and Michael Nippa
Deleveraging Corporate America: Job and Business Recovery Through Debt Restructuring pp. 77-83
Glenn Yago and Tong Li
Law and Executive Compensation: A Cross‐Country Study pp. 84-91
Stephen Bryan, Robert Nash and Ajay Patel
What Drives CEOs to Take on More Risk? Some Evidence from the Laboratory of REITs pp. 92-105
Roland Füss, Nico Rottke and Joachim Zietz
Comply or Explain: Investor Protection Through the Italian Corporate Governance Code pp. 107-121
Marcello Bianchi, Angela Ciavarella, Valerio Novembre and Rossella Signoretti

Volume 22, issue 4, 2010

Financial Planning and Investor Communications at GE (With a Look at Why We Ended Earnings Guidance) pp. 8-17
Keith Sherin
The Value of Reputation in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking (and the Related Roles of Regulation and Market Efficiency) pp. 18-29
Jonathan Macey
Maintaining a Flexible Payout Policy in a Mature Industry: The Case of Crown Cork and Seal in the Connelly Era pp. 30-44
James Ang, Tom Arnold, C. Mitchell Conover and Carol Lancaster
Is Carl Icahn Good for Long‐Term Shareholders? A Case Study in Shareholder Activism pp. 45-57
Vinod Venkiteshwaran, Subramanian R. Iyer and Ramesh Rao
Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and the Search for Long‐Term Investors pp. 58-74
Scott Bauguess, Jim Dunigan, Damien Park, Patrick McGurn, Don Chew and Ralph Walkling
Blockholders Are More Common in the United States Than You Might Think pp. 75-85
Clifford G. Holderness
Private Equity in the U.S.: Building a New Future pp. 86-95
Mike Wright, Andrew Jackson and Steve Frobisher
Should Asset Managers Hedge Their “Fees at Risk”? pp. 96-102
Bernd Scherer
Measuring Corpotate Liquidity Risk pp. 103-109
Håkan Jankensgård
The Beta Dilemma in Emerging Markets pp. 110-122
Luis Pereiro

Volume 22, issue 3, 2010

The Squam Lake Report: Fixing the Financial System pp. 8-21 Downloads
Kenneth French, Martin Baily, John Campbell, John Cochrane, Douglas Diamond, Darrell Duffie, Anil Kashyap, Frederic Mishkin, Raghuram Rajan, David Scharfstein, Robert Shiller, Hyun Song Shin, Matthew Slaughter, Jeremy Stein and René Stulz
The Financial Crisis: Causes and Lessons pp. 22-29 Downloads
Kenneth E. Scott
Convertible Securities and Bankruptcy Reforms: Addressing Too Big to Fail and Reducing the Fragility of the Financial System pp. 30-33 Downloads
Charles Plosser
Thoughts on "The Squam Lake Report": Reengineering the Financial System to Better Withstand Extreme Volatility pp. 34-39 Downloads
Kenneth A. Posner
Derivatives Clearing Mandates: Cure or Curse? pp. 48-55 Downloads
Craig Pirrong
Bond Rating Agencies: Conflicts and Competence pp. 56-64 Downloads
Martin Fridson
Rethinking "Strength of Incentives" for Executives of Financial Institutions pp. 65-72 Downloads
John McCormack and Judy Weiker
Speed Bankruptcy: A Firewall to Future Crises pp. 73-84 Downloads
Garett Jones
Banking System Bailout-Scandinavian Style pp. 85-93 Downloads
B. Eckbo
Replenishing the Banking Sector: Managing Bank Capital in the Post-Crisis World pp. 94-111 Downloads
Ajay Khorana and Matt Perlman
Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis (Or Why Capital Structure Is Too Important to Be Left to Regulation) pp. 112-122 Downloads
Brian Kantor and Christopher Holdsworth

Volume 22, issue 2, 2010

The Role of Private Equity in Life Sciences pp. 8-35 Downloads
Jeff Greene, Dennis Purcell, Brian Edelman, Doug Giordano, Richard Ruback, Dean Mihas, Tim Opler, Tom Cahill and Glen Giovannetti
It Ain't Broke: The Past, Present, and Future of Venture Capital pp. 36-47 Downloads
Steven Kaplan and Josh Lerner
Postmodern Corporate Finance pp. 48-59 Downloads
Gregory V. Milano
Implementing Fischer Black's Simple Discounting Rule pp. 60-68 Downloads
Claudio Loderer, John B. Long and Lukas Roth
Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships Re-Defined: An Increased Emphasis on "Partnerships" pp. 69-73 Downloads
James Runde, J. Perry Offutt, Stacie D. Selinger and Jennifer Sarah Bolton
Smart Growth-Creating Real Long-term Value pp. 74-82 Downloads
Edward D. Hess
Surge in the Urge to Merge: M&A Trends and Analysis pp. 83-93 Downloads
Michael J. Mauboussin
How an IPO Helps in M&A pp. 94-99 Downloads
Ugur Celikyurt, Merih Sevilir and Anil Shivdasani
Valuation in Emerging Markets: A Simulation Approach pp. 100-108 Downloads
Javier García-Sánchez, Lorenzo Preve and Virginia Sarria-Allende
Six Factors That Explain Executive Pay (and its Problems) pp. 109-117 Downloads
Stephen F. O'Byrne and S. David Young
The RPF Model for Calculating the Equity Market Risk Premium and Explaining the Value of the S&P with Two Variables pp. 118-130 Downloads
Stephen D. Hassett

Volume 22, issue 1, 2010

Baylor University Roundtable on The Corporate Mission, CEO Pay, and Improving the Dialogue with Investors pp. 8-31 Downloads
John Martin, Michael Jensen, Ron Naples, Trevor Harris and Don Chew
Value Maximization, Stakeholder Theory, and the Corporate Objective Function pp. 32-42 Downloads
Michael Jensen
The Modern Industrial Revolution, Exit, and the Failure of Internal Control Systems pp. 43-58 Downloads
Michael Jensen
Just Say No to Wall Street: Putting a Stop to the Earnings Game pp. 59-63 Downloads
Joseph Fuller and Michael Jensen
CEO Incentives-It's Not How Much You Pay, But How pp. 64-76 Downloads
Michael Jensen and Kevin J. Murphy
Active Investors, LBOs, and the Privatization of Bankruptcy pp. 77-85 Downloads
Michael Jensen
Venture Capital in Canada: Lessons for Building (or Restoring) National Wealth pp. 86-98 Downloads
Reuven Brenner and Gabrielle A. Brenner
How to Tie Equity Compensation to Long-Term Results pp. 99-106 Downloads
Lucian Bebchuk and Jesse M. Fried
Executive Compensation: An Overview of Research on Corporate Practices and Proposed Reforms pp. 107-118 Downloads
Michael Faulkender, Dalida Kadyrzhanova, N. Prabhala and Lemma Senbet
Promotion Incentives and Corporate Performance: Is There a Bright Side to "Overpaying" the CEO? pp. 119-128 Downloads
Jayant R. Kale, Ebru Reis and Anand Venkateswaran
Are Incentives the Bricks or the Building? pp. 129-136 Downloads
Ron Schmidt
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