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Volume 15, issue 6, 2013

Should Sales Taxes Be Imposed on E-Commerce? pp. 803-828 Downloads
Sami Dakhlia and Robert Philip Strauss
Schools and Location: Tiebout, Alonso, and Governmental Finance Policy pp. 829-855 Downloads
Eric A. Hanushek and Kuzey Yilmaz
The Political Economy of the (Weak) Enforcement of Indirect Taxes pp. 856-883 Downloads
Martin Besfamille, Philippe Donder and Jean-Marie Lozachmeur
Fiscal Decentralization and Political Budget Cycles pp. 884-911 Downloads
Paula González, Jean Hindriks and Nicolás Porteiro
The Optimal Tax Treatment of Housing Capital in the Neoclassical Growth Model pp. 912-938 Downloads
Essi Eerola and Niku Määttänen
Growth and Welfare Maximization in Models of Public Finance and Endogenous Growth pp. 939-967 Downloads
Florian Misch, Norman Gemmell and Richard Anthony Kneller
Hybrid Contests pp. 968-992 Downloads
Tigran Melkonyan

Volume 15, issue 5, 2013

Optimal Incentive Schemes for Altruistic Providers pp. 675-699 Downloads
Miltiadis Makris and Luigi Siciliani
Developing Country Second-Mover Advantage in Competition Over Environmental Standards and Taxes pp. 700-728 Downloads
Valeska Groenert and Benjamin C. Zissimos
To Majority through the Search for Unanimity pp. 729-735 Downloads
Antonio Quesada
Voluntary Contributions with Risky and Uncertain Marginal Returns: The Importance of the Parameter Values pp. 736-744 Downloads
Maria Vittoria Levati and Andrea Morone
Weak Moral Motivation Leads to the Decline of Voluntary Contributions pp. 745-772 Downloads
Charles Figuieres, David Masclet and Marc Willinger
Government Expenditure Financing in a Two-Sector Cash-In-Advance Model of Endogenous Growth pp. 773-801 Downloads
Wen-Ya Chang, Hsueh-Fang Tsai and Shu-Hua Chen

Volume 15, issue 4, 2013

Comparative Statics of Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxation with a Publicly Provided Input and a Nonlinear Production Technology pp. 519-546 Downloads
Craig Brett and John Allan Weymark
Unit Versus Ad Valorem Taxes: The Private Ownership of Monopoly in General Equilibrium pp. 547-579 Downloads
Charles Blackorby and Sushama M. Murty
Identical Preferences Lower Bound for Allocation of Heterogenous Tasks and NIMBY Problems pp. 580-601 Downloads
Duygu Yengin
Does Inequality Foster Corruption? pp. 602-619 Downloads
Indranil Dutta and Ajit Mishra
Hotelling–Downs Competition with Free Entry When Voters Have an Option to Contest pp. 620-653 Downloads
Marcin Dziubiński and Jaideep Roy
Data Games: Sharing Public Goods with Exclusion pp. 654-673 Downloads
Pierre Dehez and Daniela Tellone

Volume 15, issue 3, 2013

A Simple Supermodular Mechanism that Implements Lindahl Allocations pp. 363-377 Downloads
Matthew J. Essen
Public Good Provision Under Monopolistic Competition pp. 378-396 Downloads
Debasis Mondal
Market Games in Successive Oligopolies pp. 397-410 Downloads
Jean Gabszewicz, Didier Laussel, Tanguy van Ypersele and Skerdilajda Zanaj
A Coordination Game Model of Charitable Giving and Seed Money Effect pp. 411-432 Downloads
Kentaro Hatsumi
Bad Apples: Political Paralysis and the Quality of Politicians pp. 433-447 Downloads
Gabriel Leon
The Political Economy of Social Security in a Borrowing-Constrained Economy pp. 448-476 Downloads
Ryo Arawatari and Tetsuo Ono
The Role of Income Effects in Early Retirement pp. 477-505 Downloads
J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz, Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta
Led on the Wrong Track? A Note on the Direction of Technical Change under Environmental Liability Law pp. 506-518 Downloads
Alfred Endres and Tim Friehe

Volume 15, issue 2, 2013

How Profit Shifting May Increase the Tax Burden of Multinationals: A Simple Model with Discrete Investment Choices pp. 185-207 Downloads
Sven Stöwhase
Forming and Dissolving Partnerships in Cooperative Game Situations pp. 208-228 Downloads
Trine Tornøe Platz and Lars Peter Østerdal
Social Inefficiency of Free Entry with Status Effects pp. 229-248 Downloads
Wai Chiu Woo
Intergenerational Complementarities in Education, Endogenous Public Policy, and the Relation Between Growth and Volatility pp. 249-272 Downloads
Theodore Palivos and Dimitrios Varvarigos
Double Irreversibility and Environmental Policy Timing pp. 273-291 Downloads
Aude Pommeret and Fabien Prieur
Endogenous Persistent Occupations and Inequality pp. 292-318 Downloads
Falilou Fall
Comparing Environmental Policy Instruments Within an Incomplete Contract Framework pp. 319-340 Downloads
Franz Wirl
The Superiority of Environmental Federalism in the Presence of Lobbying and Prior Tax Distortions pp. 341-361 Downloads
Yu-Bong Lai

Volume 15, issue 1, 2013

Immigration Policy and Self-Selecting Migrants pp. 1-23 Downloads
Milo Bianchi
Trade Restrictiveness and Pollution pp. 25-52 Downloads
Nancy H. Chau, Rolf Färe and Shawna Grosskopf
Auctioning Monopoly Franchises: Award Criteria and Rollout Obligations pp. 53-75 Downloads
Cesare Dosi and Michele Moretto
Status-Seeking in Criminal Subcultures and the Double Dividend of Zero-Tolerance pp. 77-93 Downloads
Robert Dur and Joël van der Weele
A Measure Of The Trade-Off Between Responsiveness and Nondictatorship for Arrovian Social Welfare Functions pp. 95-102 Downloads
Donald E. Campbell and Jerry S. Kelly
Strategy Proof Scoring Rule Lotteries for Multiple Winners pp. 103-123 Downloads
Jac Heckelman and Frederick H. Chen
Informational and Monetary Lobbying: Expert Politicians, Good Decisions? pp. 125-155 Downloads
Mike Felgenhauer
Institutional Quality and Growth pp. 157-183 Downloads
Fabien Ngendakuriyo

Volume 14, issue 6, 2012

Directed Networks with Spillovers pp. 849-878 Downloads
Pascal Billand, Christophe Bravard and Sudipta Sarangi
Majority Voting in Multidimensional Policy Spaces: Kramer–Shepsle versus Stackelberg pp. 879-909 Downloads
Philippe De Donder, Michel Le Breton and Eugenio Peluso
When Does Everyone Contribute in the Private Provision of Local Public Goods? pp. 911-925 Downloads
Guang-Zhen Sun
On Welfare Criteria and Optimality in an Endogenous Growth Model pp. 927-943 Downloads
Elena Del Rey and Miguel-Angel Lopez-Garcia
Migration of the Talented: Can Europe Catch Up with the U.S.? pp. 945-969 Downloads
Lydia Mechtenberg and Roland Strausz
Inefficient Investment, Information Asymmetry, and Competition for Managers pp. 971-995 Downloads
S. Hun Seog and Yoon-Suk Baik

Volume 14, issue 5, 2012

Locational Stratification by Environment pp. 711-735 Downloads
Been-Lon Chen, Chien-Chieh Huang and Ping Wang
The Optimal Asymptotic Income Tax Rate pp. 737-755 Downloads
Momi Dahan and Michel Strawczynski
Information Advantage in a Public Good Economy with Multiplicative Structure of Utilities pp. 757-765 Downloads
Shlomit Hon-Snir, Benyamin Shitovitz and Menahem Spiegel
Behavioral Mechanism Design pp. 767-789 Downloads
Serkan Küçükşenel
Identifying the Unique Polarization Index: A Mean-Preserving Axiomatic Approach pp. 791-812 Downloads
Difei Geng
Amakudari: The Post-Retirement Employment of Elite Bureaucrats in Japan pp. 813-847 Downloads
Tetsuro Mizoguchi and Nguyen van Quyen

Volume 14, issue 4, 2012

Finitely Repeated Voluntary Provision of a Public Good pp. 547-572 Downloads
Tilman Klumpp
Social Security Systems, Human Capital, and Growth in a Small Open Economy pp. 573-600 Downloads
Michael Kaganovich and Volker Meier
Should Educational Policies Be Regressive? pp. 601-623 Downloads
Daniel Gottlieb and Humberto Moreira
Fundraising and Optimal Policy Rules pp. 625-652 Downloads
Murat C. Mungan and Barış K. Yörük
Coalitional Colonel Blotto Games with Application to the Economics of Alliances pp. 653-676 Downloads
Dan Kovenock and Brian Roberson
Reputation, Social Identity and Social Conflict pp. 677-709 Downloads
John Alan Smith

Volume 14, issue 3, 2012

Communication and Early Contributions pp. 391-421 Downloads
Stefano Barbieri
Governing Interest Groups and Rent Dissipation pp. 423-440 Downloads
Gil S. Epstein and Yosef Mealem
Privatization in a Small Open Economy with Imperfect Competition pp. 441-471 Downloads
Arghya Ghosh and Partha Sen
On the Growth and Welfare Effects of Defense R&D pp. 473-492 Downloads
Angus C. Chu and Ching-chong Lai
Pricing Knowledge and Funding Research of New Technology Sectors in a Growth Model pp. 493-520 Downloads
Étienne Chantrel, Andre Grimaud and Frederic Tournemaine
A Tax Paradox for Investment Decisions under Uncertainty pp. 521-545 Downloads
Thomas Gries, Ulrich Prior and Caren Sureth

Volume 14, issue 2, 2012

Introduction to the Special Issue on Managing Climate Change pp. 189-196 Downloads
Roger Guesnerie and Nicholas H. Stern
Economic Policy in the Face of Severe Tail Events pp. 197-219 Downloads
William D. Nordhaus
GHG Targets as Insurance Against Catastrophic Climate Damages pp. 221-244 Downloads
Martin L. Weitzman
Ecological Intuition versus Economic “Reason” pp. 245-272 Downloads
Olivier Guéant, Roger Guesnerie and Jean‐michel Lasry
Equity Between Overlapping Generations pp. 273-283 Downloads
John C. Quiggin
Climate Policy, Uncertainty, and the Role of Technological Innovation pp. 285-309 Downloads
Carolyn Fischer and Thomas Sterner
Optimal Extraction of a Polluting Nonrenewable Resource with R&D toward a Clean Backstop Technology pp. 311-347 Downloads
Fanny Henriet
Resource Use under Climate Stabilization: Can Nuclear Power Provide Clean Energy? pp. 349-389 Downloads
Ujjayant Chakravorty, Bertrand Magne and Michel Moreaux

Volume 14, issue 1, 2012

Public Sector Rationing and Private Sector Selection pp. 1-34 Downloads
Simona Grassi and Ching-to Albert Ma
Regulation of Investments in Infrastructure: The Interplay between Strategic Behaviors and Initial Endowments pp. 35-66 Downloads
Denis Claude, Charles Figuieres and Mabel Maria Tidball
Heterogeneous Academic‐Industry Knowledge Linkage, Heterogeneous IPR, and Growth pp. 67-98 Downloads
Luca Spinesi
When Transparency Goes Against Efficiency: Fiscal Equalization in a Context of Firm and Household Mobility pp. 99-130 Downloads
Pascale Duran‐vigneron
Dual Poverty Trap: Intra‐ and Intergenerational Linkages in Frictional Labor Markets pp. 131-160 Downloads
Ryo Horii and Masaru Sasaki
Corporate Debt, Hybrid Securities, and the Effective Tax Rate pp. 161-186 Downloads
Paolo M. Panteghini
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