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Volume 75, issue 12, 2013

Testing the Political Replacement Effect: A Panel Data Analysis pp. 785-805 Downloads
Leone Leonida, Dario Maimone Ansaldo Patti and Pietro Navarra
Productivity and Growth in UK Industries: An Intangible Investment Approach pp. 806-834 Downloads
Mariela Dal Borgo, Peter Goodridge, Jonathan E. Haskel and Annarosa Pesole
State-Dependent Threshold Smooth Transition Autoregressive Models pp. 835-854 Downloads
Michael J. Dueker, Zacharias Psaradakis, Martin Sola and Fabio Spagnolo
Exports and International Logistics pp. 855-886 Downloads
Alberto Behar, Philip Manners and Benjamin D. Nelson
Network Effects and Infrastructure Productivity in Developing Countries pp. 887-913 Downloads
Bertrand Candelon, Gilbert Colletaz and Christophe Hurlin
No Mangoes in the Tundra: Spatial Heterogeneity in Agricultural Productivity Analysis pp. 914-939 Downloads
Markus Eberhardt and Francis Teal
Profit Sharing and Training pp. 940-961 Downloads
Kornelius Kraft and Julia Lang
Efficiency Wages and the Economic Effects of the Minimum Wage: Evidence from a Low-Wage Labour Market pp. 962-979 Downloads
Andreas Georgiadis
The Reservation Wage Unemployment Duration Nexus pp. 980-987 Downloads
John Addison, José António Ferreira Machado and Pedro Portugal

Volume 75, issue 10, 2013

New Methods for Forecasting Inflation, Applied to the US pp. 637-661 Downloads
Janine Aron and John Muellbauer
Time Horizons and Smoothing in the Bank of England's Reaction Function: The Contrast Between the Standard GMM and Ex Ante Forecast Approaches pp. 662-679 Downloads
David Cobham and Yue Kang
A No-Arbitrage Structural Vector Autoregressive Model of the UK Yield Curve pp. 680-704 Downloads
Iryna Kaminska
Causal Inference by Independent Component Analysis: Theory and Applications pp. 705-730 Downloads
Alessio Moneta, Doris Entner, Patrik O. Hoyer and Alex Coad
Exchange Rate Pass-through to Trade Prices: The Role of Nonlinearities and Asymmetries pp. 731-758 Downloads
Matthieu Bussiere
What does a Monetary Policy Shock Do? An International Analysis with Multiple Filters pp. 759-784 Downloads
Efrem Castelnuovo

Volume 75, issue 08, 2013

The Causal Effect of Education on Wages Revisited pp. 477-498 Downloads
Matt Dickson
Retirement Choices in Italy: What an Option Value Model Tells Us pp. 499-527 Downloads
Michele Belloni and Rob Alessie
Precautionary and Entrepreneurial Savings: New Evidence from German Households pp. 528-555 Downloads
Frank M. Fossen and Davud Rostam-Afschar
Hierarchical Modelling of Disparities in Preferences for Redistribution pp. 556-584 Downloads
Maria Grazia Pittau, Riccardo Massari and Roberto Zelli
The Impact of a Large Parental Leave Benefit Reform on the Timing of Birth around the Day of Implementation-super- pp. 585-601 Downloads
Marcus Tamm
Measuring Inflation Expectations Using Interval-Coded Data pp. 602-623 Downloads
Yasutomo Murasawa
Truncated Product Methods for Panel Unit Root Tests pp. 624-636 Downloads
Xuguang Sheng and Jingyun Yang

Volume 75, issue 06, 2013

UK Macroeconomic Volatility and the Term Structure of Interest Rates pp. 323-339 Downloads
Peter Damian Spencer
The Impact of Risk Management Standards on Patient Safety: The Determinants of MRSA Infections in Acute NHS Hospitals, 2001–08 pp. 340-361 Downloads
Paul Fenn, Alastair McIntosh Gray, Neil Rickman, Oliver Rivero-Arias and Dev Vencappa
How Does Childbirth Alter Intrahousehold Resource Allocation? Evidence from Japan pp. 362-387 Downloads
Tomoki Fujii and Ryuichiro Ishikawa
Determinants of the Choice of Migration Destination pp. 388-409 Downloads
Marcel Fafchamps and Forhad Shilpi
Earnings Distribution and Labour Supply after a Retirement Earnings Test Reform pp. 410-434 Downloads
Erik HernæS and Zhiyang Jia
How Does Education Affect the Earnings Distribution in Urban China? pp. 435-454 Downloads
Le Wang
The Identification of a Mixture of First-Order Binary Markov Chains pp. 455-459 Downloads
Martin James Browning and Jesus M. Carro
Fixed and Random Effects in Classical and Bayesian Regression pp. 460-476 Downloads
Silvio Rendon

Volume 75, issue 04, 2013

Assessing the Transmission of Monetary Policy Using Time-varying Parameter Dynamic Factor Models-super- pp. 157-179 Downloads
Dimitris Korobilis
Does the Order and Timing of Active Labour Market Programmes Matter? pp. 180-212 Downloads
Michael Lechner and Stephan Wiehler
Gender Differences in Entrepreneurial Propensity pp. 213-234 Downloads
Philipp Koellinger, Maria Minniti and Christian Schade
Pension Funding Constraints and Corporate Expenditures pp. 235-258 Downloads
Weixi Liu and Ian Tonks
Merger Cycles: A Frequency Domain Approach pp. 259-275 Downloads
Zafeira Kastrinaki and Paul Leonard Stoneman
A Simple Panel-CADF Test for Unit Roots pp. 276-296 Downloads
Mauro Costantini and Claudio Lupi
Spurious Fixed Effects Regression pp. 297-306 Downloads
In Choi
Quantile Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model with an Application to House Price Returns pp. 307-321 Downloads
Antonio F. Galvao, Gabriel Montes-Rojas and Sung Y. Park

Volume 75, issue 02, 2013

Editorial Introduction to Special Issue on Large Data Sets pp. 1-5 Downloads
Anindya Banerjee
Model Selection in Equations with Many ‘Small’ Effects pp. 6-22 Downloads
Jennifer L. Castle, Jurgen A. Doornik and David F. Hendry
A Canonical Correlation Approach for Selecting the Number of Dynamic Factors pp. 23-36 Downloads
Jörg Breitung and Uta Pigorsch
Model Selection Criteria for Factor-Augmented Regressions-super- pp. 37-63 Downloads
Jan J. J. Groen and George Kapetanios
Testing the Number of Factors: An Empirical Assessment for a Forecasting Purpose pp. 64-79 Downloads
Karim Barhoumi, Olivier Darné and Laurent Ferrara
Dynamic Factor Models with Jagged Edge Panel Data: Taking on Board the Dynamics of the Idiosyncratic Components pp. 80-102 Downloads
Maximiano Pinheiro, António Rua and Francisco Dias
The Global Dimension of Inflation – Evidence from Factor-Augmented Phillips Curves pp. 103-122 Downloads
Sandra Eickmeier and Katharina Pijnenburg
PANIC in the Presence of Uncertainty about the Deterministic Trend pp. 123-135 Downloads
Joakim Westerlund and Johan Blomquist
Punishing the Foreigner: Implicit Discrimination in the Premier League Based on Oppositional Identity pp. 136-156 Downloads
Edoardo Gallo, Thomas Grund and J James Reade

Volume 74, issue 12, 2012

The World Technology Frontier: What Can We Learn from the US States?-super- pp. 777-807 Downloads
Jakub Growiec
Trade, Technology and the Labour Market: The Case of South Africa-super- pp. 808-830 Downloads
Johannes Wolfgang Fedderke, Yongcheol Shin and Prabhat Vaze
Differences in Opportunities? Wage, Employment and House-Price Effects on Migration pp. 831-855 Downloads
Birgitta Rabe and Mark Philip Taylor
The Distributional Effects of Tax-benefit Policies under New Labour: A Decomposition Approach-super- pp. 856-874 Downloads
Olivier Bargain
Money Growth and Inflation in the Euro Area: A Time-Frequency View pp. 875-885 Downloads
António Rua
Does Productivity Decline After Promotion? The Case of French Academia pp. 886-902 Downloads
Mareva Sabatier
Bootstrap HAC Tests for Ordinary Least Squares Regression pp. 903-922 Downloads
Francesco Bravo and Leslie G. Godfrey

Volume 74, issue 10, 2012

Do Teachers Matter? Measuring the Variation in Teacher Effectiveness in England pp. 629-645 Downloads
Helen Slater, Neil M. Davies and Simon Burgess
Are Short-lived Jobs Stepping Stones to Long-Lasting Jobs? pp. 646-675 Downloads
Bart Leo Wim Cockx and Matteo Picchio
Does Increasing Parents’ Schooling Raise the Schooling of the Next Generation? Evidence Based on Conditional Second Moments pp. 676-690 Downloads
Lídia Farré, Roger Klein and Francis Vella
Is there Complete, Partial, or No Recovery from Childhood Malnutrition? – Empirical Evidence from Indonesia pp. 691-715 Downloads
Subha Mani
Automated Model Selection in Finance: General-to-Specific Modelling of the Mean and Volatility Specifications pp. 716-735 Downloads
Genaro Sucarrat and Alvaro Escribano
The Flexible Fourier Form and Local Generalised Least Squares De-trended Unit Root Tests-super- pp. 736-759 Downloads
Paulo M. M. Rodrigues and Robert Taylor
Estimating Nonlinear Models with Multiple Fixed Effects: A Computational Note pp. 760-775 Downloads
Laura Hospido

Volume 74, issue 08, 2012

The Global Extent of the Great Moderation pp. 493-509 Downloads
Bruno Ćorić
Chief Executive Pay and Remuneration Committee Independence pp. 510-531 Downloads
Ian Gregory-Smith
Government Size, the Role of Commitments pp. 532-546 Downloads
Giuseppe Albanese and Salvatore Modica
Does Ethnic Discrimination Vary Across Minority Groups? Evidence from a Field Experiment pp. 547-573 Downloads
Alison Lee Booth, Andrew Keith Leigh and Elena Varganova
A Unit Root Test Using a Fourier Series to Approximate Smooth Breaks pp. 574-599 Downloads
Walter Enders and Junsoo Lee
Forecasting Heavy-Tailed Densities with Positive Edgeworth and Gram-Charlier Expansions pp. 600-627 Downloads
Trino-Manuel Ñíguez and Javier Perote

Volume 74, issue 06, 2012

Performance Pay, Union Bargaining and Within-Firm Wage Inequality pp. 327-362 Downloads
Erling Barth, Bernt Bratsberg, Torbjørn Hægeland and Oddbjørn Raaum
Simulation Estimation of the Convergence of the Black–White Earnings Gap and Income Dynamics pp. 363-379 Downloads
Sheng-Kai Chang
The Effect of Employment while in High School on Educational Attainment: A Conditional Difference-in-Differences Approach pp. 380-396 Downloads
Franz Buscha, Arnaud Maurel, Lionel Page and Stefan Speckesser
Environmental Compliance and Firm Performance: Evidence from China pp. 397-424 Downloads
Xi Yang and Yang Yao
Testing the Structural Interpretation of the Price Puzzle with a Cost-Channel Model pp. 425-452 Downloads
Efrem Castelnuovo
Spatial Price Adjustment with and without Trade pp. 453-469 Downloads
Emma C. Stephens, Edward Mabaya, Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel and Christopher B. Barrett
Local Linear Impulse Responses for a Small Open Economy pp. 470-492 Downloads
Alfred A. Haug and Christie Smith

Volume 74, issue 04, 2012

Does Forecast Combination Improve Norges Bank Inflation Forecasts? pp. 163-179 Downloads
Hilde C. Bjørnland, Karsten Gerdrup, Anne Sofie Jore, Christie Smith and Leif Anders Thorsrud
Testing Uncovered Interest Rate Parity and Term Structure Using a Three‐regime Threshold Unit Root VECM: An Application to the Swiss ‘Isle’ of Interest Rates pp. 180-202 Downloads
Jaya Krishnakumar and David Neto
New Evidence on Class Size Effects: A Pupil Fixed Effects Approach pp. 203-234 Downloads
Nadir Altinok and Geeta Gandhi Kingdon
Rosca Participation in Benin: A Commitment Issue pp. 235-252 Downloads
Olivier Dagnelie and Philippe Lemay‐Boucher
Diagnostic Tests of Cross‐section Independence for Limited Dependent Variable Panel Data Models pp. 253-277 Downloads
Cheng Hsiao, M Hashem Pesaran and Andreas Pick
Testing for Fractional Integration Versus Short Memory with Structural Breaks pp. 278-305 Downloads
Laura Mayoral
Comparing Alternative Predictors Based on Large‐Panel Factor Models pp. 306-326 Downloads
D'Agostino, Antonello and Domenico Giannone

Volume 74, issue 02, 2012

Do Natural Barriers Affect the Relationship Between Trade Openness and Growth? pp. 1-19 Downloads
Michael Henry, Richard Anthony Kneller, Chris Robert Milner and Sourafel Girma
Service Offshoring and the Skill Composition of Labour Demand pp. 20-57 Downloads
Rosario Crino
On the Price Elasticity of Demand for Patents pp. 58-77 Downloads
Gaetan de Rassenfosse and Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie
Employment, Inequality and the UK National Minimum Wage over the Medium‐Term pp. 78-106 Downloads
Peter John Dolton, Chiara Rosazza Bondibene and Jonathan Wadsworth
Alternative Versions of the RESET Test for Binary Response Index Models: A Comparative Study pp. 107-130 Downloads
Esmeralda A. Ramalho and Joaquim Ramalho
Money‐output Causality Revisited – A Bayesian Logistic Smooth Transition VECM Perspective pp. 131-151 Downloads
Deborah Gefang
A Welfare‐Based Approach to Aggregating Growth Rates across Countries pp. 152-161 Downloads
Hyun Hwa Son
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