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2003 - 2014

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Volume 19, issue 5, 2014

Introduction to the Special Issue of Pacific Economic Review on Market Quality Economics pp. 531-536 Downloads
Krishnendu Dastidar and Fumio Dei
Participation of Ordinary Investors and Stock Market Quality: A Comparison between Japanese and US Markets pp. 537-558 Downloads
Makoto Yano and Takashi Komatsubara
Corruption, Efficiency Wage and Union Leadership pp. 559-576 Downloads
Sarbajit Chaudhuri and Krishnendu Dastidar
Corruption in Public Procurement Market pp. 577-591 Downloads
Tetsuro Mizoguchi and Nguyen Van Quyen
Credit Market Imperfections and Macroeconomic Instability pp. 592-611 Downloads
Takuma Kunieda and Akihisa Shibata
Globalization, Financial Development and Income Inequality pp. 612-633 Downloads
Hiroshi Daisaka, Taiji Furusawa and Noriyuki Yanagawa
Capital Accumulation and Structural Change in a Small Open Economy pp. 634-656 Downloads
Yunfang Hu and Kazuo Mino
How Does Market Size Affect Vertical Structure When Considering Vertical Coordination? Application to the Railway Industry pp. 657-676 Downloads
Noriaki Matsushima and Fumitoshi Mizutani

Volume 19, issue 4, 2014

Part-Peasants: Incomplete Rural–Urban Labour Migration in China pp. 401-422 Downloads
Yinyin Cai and Yew-Kwang Ng
Cooperation, Trust and Economic Development: An Experimental Study in China pp. 423-438 Downloads
Junyi Shen and Xiangdong Qin
Assimilation of Hong Kong Immigrants in Canada pp. 439-465 Downloads
Jackie M. L. Chan
Repeated Protection for Sale pp. 466-482 Downloads
Chris Y. Tung and C. Yang C.
Impact of Low Birth Weight Child on Maternal Labour Force Participation: Evidence from Taiwan pp. 483-501 Downloads
Meng-Wen Tsou, Jin-Tan Liu and Kuang-Hsien Wang
Estimation of Binary Response Models With Endogenous Regressors pp. 502-530 Downloads
Changhui Kang and Myoung-jae Lee

Volume 19, issue 3, 2014

Special Section: Experiments on Learning, Methods, and Voting pp. 255-259 Downloads
Charles N. Noussair and Jason Shachat
Special Section: Experiments on Learning, Methods, and Voting pp. 260-277 Downloads
Nick Feltovich and Sobei H. Oda
Special Section: Experiments on Learning, Methods, and Voting pp. 278-295 Downloads
Ralph-C Bayer, Hang Wu and Mickey Chan
Special Section: Experiments on Learning, Methods, and Voting pp. 296-312 Downloads
Yen Nguyen and Charles Noussair
Special Section: Experiments on Learning, Methods, and Voting pp. 313-331 Downloads
Lijia Tan and Lijia Wei
Special Section: Experiments on Learning, Methods, and Voting pp. 332-354 Downloads
Adriana Breaban, Juan Carlos Matallín-Sáez, Iván Barreda-Tarrazona and Rosario Balaguer-Franch Mª
Special Section: Experiments on Learning, Methods, and Voting pp. 355-386 Downloads
Giuseppe Attanasi, Luca Corazzini, Nikolaos Georgantzís and Francesco Passarelli
Special Section: Experiments on Learning, Methods, and Voting pp. 387-400 Downloads
Yen Kuo and Joseph Wang

Volume 19, issue 2, 2014

Stochastic Regional Convergence in China: The Role of Regional Clusters in a Nonlinear Perspective (1952–2007) pp. 153-169 Downloads
Maria Jesus Herrerias and Javier Ordóñez
China's Profits and Losses from Currency Intervention, 1994–2011 pp. 170-183 Downloads
Hailong Jin and Kwan Choi E.
Saving–investment Association and Regional Capital Mobility in China: A Nonparametric Panel Approach pp. 184-200 Downloads
Mingming Jiang
Terms of Trade Shocks and Endogenous Search Unemployment: A Two-Sector Model with Non-Traded Goods pp. 201-215 Downloads
Xinpeng Xu and Yu Sheng
Exchange Rate Exposure of Sectoral Returns and Volatilities: Further Evidence From Japanese Industrial Sectors pp. 216-236 Downloads
Prabhath Jayasinghe, Albert Tsui and Zhaoyong Zhang
Real Estate Market Policy and Household Demand for Housing pp. 237-253 Downloads
Yuan Cheng, John K. Dagsvik and Xuehui Han

Volume 19, issue 1, 2014

Environmental Kuznets Curve: Conclusive Econometric Evidence for CO 2 pp. 1-7 Downloads
Gregory C. Chow and Jie Li
Citations of Most Often Cited Economists: Do Scholarly Books Matter More than Quality Journals? pp. 8-24 Downloads
Jang C. Jin and Kwan Choi E.
Currency Issues in Hong Kong and in China: The Dollar Peg and the Renminbi pp. 25-26 Downloads
Kenneth Chan and David E. Cook
Monetary Policy in a Very Open Economy: Some Major Analytical Issues pp. 27-60 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
The Rise of China and Its Implications for the Global Economy: Evidence from a Global Vector Autoregressive Model pp. 61-89 Downloads
Martin Feldkircher and Iikka Korhonen
An Optimal Currency Basket to Minimize Output and Inflation Volatility: Theory and an Application to Hong Kong pp. 90-111 Downloads
Zihui Ma and Leonard K. Cheng
China's Capital Controls: Through the Prism of Covered Interest Differentials pp. 112-134 Downloads
Yin-Wong Cheung and Risto Herrala
Currency Boards when Interest Rates are Zero pp. 135-151 Downloads
David Cook and James Yetman

Volume 18, issue 5, 2013

Introduction to the Special Issue of Pacific Economic Review on Capital Movements, Fragmentation, and Market Quality pp. 559-560 Downloads
Makoto Yano and Fumio Dei
Bubble Diagrams in Trade Theory pp. 561-573 Downloads
Ronald W. Jones
International Capital Flow, Vanishing Industries and Two-sided Wage Inequality pp. 574-583 Downloads
Sugata Marjit and Saibal Kar
Factor Growth and Foreign Investment under Product Market Imperfection in the Harris–Todaro Economy pp. 584-602 Downloads
Eden S. H. Yu and Jai-Young Choi
Learning by Doing and Fragmentation pp. 603-627 Downloads
Eric Bond and Yan Ma
Offshoring Prompts High Quality Labour Markets pp. 628-643 Downloads
Wanida Ngienthi
Emission Taxes and Border Tax Adjustments for Oligopolistic Industries pp. 644-673 Downloads
Morihiro Yomogida and Nori Tarui

Volume 18, issue 4, 2013

Credit Constraint and the Asymmetric Monetary Policy Effect on House Prices pp. 431-455 Downloads
Nan-Kuang Chen, Yu-Hsi Chou and Jyh-Lin Wu
Nonparametric Generalized Least Squares in Applied Regression Analysis pp. 456-474 Downloads
Michael O'Hara and Christopher Parmeter
Tax Auditing as a Public Good Game: An Experimental Study on Punishment and Compliance pp. 475-501 Downloads
Li-Chen Hsu
Traded Bond Denominations, Shock Persistence and Current Account Dynamics: Another Look at the Harberger–Laursen–Metzler Effect pp. 502-529 Downloads
Chen Fang and Po-Sheng Lin
The Behaviour of Real Exchange Rates: The Case of Japan pp. 530-545 Downloads
Ming-Jen Chang, Chang-Ching Lin and Shou-Yung Yin
Nesting Horizontal and Vertical Differentiation with Location Choices pp. 546-556 Downloads
Wen-Chung Guo and Fu-Chuan Lai

Volume 18, issue 3, 2013

Political Connections and Firm Performance in Chinese Companies pp. 283-317 Downloads
Zhong-qin Su and Hung-Gay Fung
Introduction: Asian Business Cycle Synchronization with the Global Economy pp. 318-320 Downloads
Mark Spiegel
Asia's Decoupling: Fact, Fairytale or Forecast? pp. 321-344 Downloads
Lillie Lam and James Yetman
Is Asia Decoupling from the United States (Again)? pp. 345-369 Downloads
Sylvain Leduc and Mark Spiegel
From the Global to the National Cycle: An Intricate Liaison pp. 370-402 Downloads
Ayhan Kose, Prakash Loungani and Marco Terrones
Capital Market Openness and Output Volatility pp. 403-430 Downloads
Kwang-Myoung Hwang, Donghyun Park and Kwanho Shin

Volume 18, issue 2, 2013

Financial Trilemma in China and a Comparative Analysis with India pp. 123-146 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Rajeswari Sengupta
Inflation Targeting and Regional Inflation Persistence: Evidence from Korea pp. 147-161 Downloads
Peter Tillmann
Contests, Managerial Incentives, Stock Price Manipulation, and Advance Selling Strategies: Introduction pp. 162-163 Downloads
Cheng-Zhong Qin
On Elimination in Contests: A Perspective on Output Maximization pp. 164-176 Downloads
Qian Jiao
Exit and Voice: A Game-theoretic Analysis of Customer Complaint Management pp. 177-207 Downloads
Pinghan Liang
Effect of Short-sale Constraints on Stock Price Manipulation pp. 208-232 Downloads
Junfeng Qiu and Yongli Zhang
Optimal Advance Selling Strategy under Price Commitment pp. 233-258 Downloads
Chenhang Zeng
Dynamic Moral Hazard and Executive Stock Options pp. 259-279 Downloads
Baomin Dong, Guixia Guo and Frank Yong Wang

Volume 18, issue 1, 2013

In the Shadow of the U nited S tates: The International Transmission Effect of Asset Returns pp. 1-40 Downloads
Kuang-Liang Chang, Nan-Kuang Chen and Charles Leung
Can Anchoring and Loss Aversion Explain the Predictability of Housing Prices? pp. 41-59 Downloads
Tin Cheuk Leung and Kwok Ping Tsang
Price Scissors and Economic Growth: The Role of Openness pp. 60-78 Downloads
Qichun He
Did Oral Interventions by the I ndonesian Central Bank Support the Rupiah? pp. 79-91 Downloads
Sahminan Sahminan and Jakob Haan
Changing Economic Structures and Impacts of Shocks: Evidence from a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model for C hina pp. 92-107 Downloads
Aaron Mehrotra, Riikka Nuutilainen and Jenni Pääkkönen
Evidence on the Convergence of Per Capita Income: A Comparison of Founder Members of the A ssociation of S outh E ast A sian N ations and the S outh A sian A ssociation of R egional C ooperation pp. 108-121 Downloads
Kankesu Jayanthakumaran and Shao-Wei Lee
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