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Volume 45, issue 04, 1985

The Emergence of a Capital Market in Rural Massachusetts, 1730–1838 pp. 781-808 Downloads
Winifred B. Rothenberg
Monetary Theory and Roman History pp. 809-822 Downloads
Marcello De Cecco
Medieval English Peasants and Market Involvement pp. 823-831 Downloads
Kathleen Biddick
The Preindustrial Economics of Adam Smith pp. 833-853 Downloads
Hiram Caton
The Market for Indentured Immigrants: Evidence on the Efficiency of Forward-Labor Contracting in Philadelphia, 1745–1773 pp. 855-868 Downloads
Farley Grubb
Colonial Monetary Standards Contrasted: Evidence from the Seven Years' War pp. 869-884 Downloads
Elmus Wicker
Inequality and Childhood Mortality: a Comparison of England and Wales, 1911, and the United States, 1900 pp. 885-912 Downloads
Michael Haines
Political Shocks and Investment: Some Evidence from the 1930s pp. 913-924 Downloads
Thomas Mayer and Monojit Chatterji
Exchange Rates and Economic Recovery in the 1930s pp. 925-946 Downloads
Barry Eichengreen and Jeffrey Sachs
Foreign Aid and Soviet Postwar Recovery pp. 947-954 Downloads
Susan Linz
The Profitability of Serfdom: A Comment pp. 955-959 Downloads
Peter G. Toumanoff
The Profitability of Serfdom: A Reply pp. 960-962 Downloads
Evsey D. Domar and Mark Machina
A Retrospective on the Classical Gold Standard: Two Views pp. 963-968 Downloads
Robert Triffin and Charles Calomiris
Association Notes pp. 972-973 Downloads
Stuart Bruchey
Peasants, Landlords and Merchant Capitalists: Europe and the World Economy, 1500–1800. By Peter Kriedte. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1983. Pp. 191. $29.95 cloth; $9.95 paper pp. 974-975 Downloads
David R. Ringrose
An Economic History of Ulster, 1820–1939. Edited by Liam Kennedy and Philip Ollerenshaw. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1985. Pp. 248. $26.00 pp. 976-977 Downloads
Joel Mokyr
South Wales and the Rising of 1839: Class Struggle as Armed Struggle. By Ivor Wilks. Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1984. Pp. 270. $31.50 pp. 977-978 Downloads
Brinley Thomas
Shopkeepers and Master Artisans in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Edited by Geoffrey Crossick and Heinz-Gerhard Haupt. London and New York:Methuen, 1984. Pp. xii, 283. $35.00 pp. 978-979 Downloads
Günther Schulz
Die Wirtschaftsgeschichte der Schweiz: Von den Anfangen bis zur Gegenwart. By Jean-François Bergier. Zurich and Cologne: Benziger Verlag, 1983. Pp. 394.Histoire économique de la Suisse. By Jean-François Bergier. Lausanne: Editions Payot; Paris: Armand Cohn, 1984. Pp. 376.Hermès et Clio: Essais d'histoire économique. By Jean-François Bergier. Lausanne: Editions Payot, 1984. Pp. 262 pp. 979-981 Downloads
Rondo Cameron
Madrid and the Spanish Economy, 1560–1850. By David R. Ringrose. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1983. Pp. xviii, 412. $36.50 pp. 981-983 Downloads
Paul Hiltpold
L'Agriculture et la Société rurale dans le Pas-de-Calais, du milieu du XIXe siècle à 1914. By Ronald H. Hubscher. Arras, Mémoires de la Commission des Monuments Historiques du Pas-de-Calais, tome XX, 1980. 2 vols. Pp. 964 pp. 983-985 Downloads
George Grantham
The Nazi Economic Recovery, 1932–1938. By R. J. Overy. London: Macmillan, 1982. Economic History Society, Studies in Economic and Social History. Pp. 76 pp. 986-987 Downloads
David Abraham
The Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1945–1951. By Alan S. Milward. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1984. Pp. xxi, 527. $38.50 pp. 987-988 Downloads
Gary M. Walton
The Islamic Middle East, 700–1900: Studies in Economic and Social History. Edited by A. L. Udovitch. Princeton: The Darwin Press, Inc., 1981. Pp. 838. $24.95 pp. 988-990 Downloads
Norman A. Stillman
The European Periphery and Industrialization, 1780–1914. By Iván T. Berend and György Ránki. New York: Cambridge University Press; Paris: Editions de la Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, 1982. Pp. 180. $27.50 pp. 991-992 Downloads
Joel Mokyr
The Foundations of the South African Cheap Labour System. By Norman Levy. Boston: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1982. Pp. xv, 367. $32.50 pp. 992-993 Downloads
Elena L. Berger
The Dragon and the Iron Horse: The Economics of Railroads in China, 1876–1937. By Ralph William Huenemann. Cambridge, Mass.: Council on East Asian Studies, Harvard University Press, 1984. Pp. xii, 347. $20.00 pp. 994-995 Downloads
Bradley G. Lewis
Man, Land, and Water: Mexico's Farmlands Irrigation Policies, 1885–1911. By Clifton B. Kroeber. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1983. Pp. xiv, 290. $24.50 pp. 995-996 Downloads
Richard J. Salvucci
Historical Statistics of Chile: Money, Prices, and Credit Services. Compiled by Markos J. Mamalakis. Vol. 4. Westport, Connecticut and London: Greenwood Press, 1983. Pp. lxxviii, 510. $95.00 pp. 997-998 Downloads
Bruce Herrick
Economic Growth in the Third World, 1850–1980. By Lloyd G. Reynolds. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1985. Pp. xi, 469. $35.00 pp. 998-999 Downloads
John R. Hanson
Industrial Evolution: Organization, Structure, and Growth of the Pennsylvania IUron Industry, 1750–1860. By Paul F. Palkoff. Baltimore: The Johns Hoplkins Press, 1983. Pp. xx, 182. $22.00 pp. 999-1001 Downloads
Kenneth Sokoloff
Virginia Slave-Trade Statistics 1698–1775. By Walter Michinton, Celia King, and Peter Waite. Rchmond: Virginia State Library, 1984. Pp. xvi, 218. $45.00 pp. 999-999 Downloads
Richard Steckel
Those Who Stayed Behind: Rural Society in Nineteenth-Century New England. By Hal S. Barron. New York: Cambridge Unviersity Press, 1984. Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Modern History. Pp. xiii, 184. $24.95 pp. 1001-1002 Downloads
Alice Bee Kasakoff
The Matamoros Trade: Confederate Commerce, Diplomacy, and Intrigue. By James W. Daddysman. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1984. Pp. 215. $27.50 pp. 1002-1003 Downloads
Stanley Lebergott
Cotton Fields No More: Southern Agriculture 1865–1980. By Gilbert C. Fite. Lexington, Kentucky: The University Press of Kentucky, 1984. Pp. xiii, 273. $28.00 pp. 1003-1005 Downloads
Lee Alston
The R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. By Nannie M. Tilley. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press, 1985, Pp. xxi, 706. $35.00 pp. 1005-1006 Downloads
Malcolm R. Burns
America's Business. By James Oliver Robertson. New York: Hill and Wang, 1985. Pp. x, 277. $17.95 pp. 1006-1007 Downloads
Naomi R. Lamoreaux
Railroad Development Programs in the Twentieth Century. By Roy V. Scott. Ames, Iowa: Iowa State University Press, 1985. The Henry A. Wallace Series on Agricultural History and Rural Studies. Pp. xi, 231. $22.50 pp. 1007-1008 Downloads
Lloyd J. Mercer
The Anti-Monopoly Persuasion: Popular Resistance to the Rise of Big Business in the Midwest. By Steven L. Piott. Westport, Connectict: Greenwood Press, 1985. Contributions in Economics and Economic History, Number 60. Pp. x, 194. $35.00 pp. 1008-1009 Downloads
Clair E. Morris
Chants Democratic: New York City and the Rise of the American Working Class, 1788–1850. By Sean Wilentz. New York: Oxford University Press, 1984. Pp. xi, 446. $34.99 pp. 1009-1010 Downloads
Bruce Laurie
The Practice of Solidarity: American Hat Finishers in the Nineteenth Century. By David Bensman. Champaign, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 1985. Pp. xxi, 240. $22.50 pp. 1010-1012 Downloads
Milton Cantor
Seventy Years of Life and Labor: An Autobiography. By Samuel Gompers. Edited by Nick Salvatore. Ithaca, New York: ILR Press, 1984. Pp. xli, 236. $24.00 cloth, $8.95, paper.Union Power & New York: Victor Gotbaum and District Council 37. By Jewel and Bernard Bellush. New York: Praeger, 1984. Pp. xxii, 474. $33.95 cloth, $14.95, paper pp. 1012-1013 Downloads
H. M. Gitelman
The Labor History Reader. Edited by Daniel J. Leab. Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 1985. The Working Class in American History. Pp. xx, 470. $29.95 cloth, $12.50 paper pp. 1013-1014 Downloads
Gerald Friedman
In the Company of Educated Women: A History of Women and Higher Education in America. By Barbara Miller Solomon. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1985. Pp. xxi, 298. $25.00 pp. 1014-1015 Downloads
Susan B. Carter
Pricing the Priceless Child: The Changing Social Value of Children. By Viviana A. Zelizer. New York: Basic Books, 1985. Pp. x, 277. $18.95 pp. 1015-1016 Downloads
John Sommerville
Britain, America and the Sinews of War, 1914–1918. By Kathleen Burk. Winchester, Massachusetts: George Allen and Unwin, 1984. Pp. x, 286. $29.95.Awkward Dominion: American Political, Economic, and Cultural Relations with Europe, 1919–1933. By Frank Costigliola, Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 1985. Pp. 379. $27.50 pp. 1017-1018 Downloads
Marc Trachtenberg
Herbert Hoover and the Republican Era: A Reconsideration. Edited by Carl E. Krog and William R. Tanner. Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, 1984. Pp. xii, 268. $26.50 cloth, $14.95 paper pp. 1018-1019 Downloads
Ellis W. Hawley
The Population of the United States: Historical Trends and Future Projections. By Donald J. Bogue. New York: The Free Press, 1985. Pp. viii, 728. $70.00 pp. 1019-1020 Downloads
Michael Haines
Money and Exchange in Canada to 1900. By Alan B. McCullough. Toronto: Dundurn Press Ltd., 1984. Pp. 323. $29.95 pp. 1020-1021 Downloads
Angela Redish
The Economics of John Hicks. Selected with an introduction by Dieter Helm. New York: Basil Blackwell. 1984. Pp. 304. $10.95 paper pp. 1021-1022 Downloads
Barry Eichengreen
The Making of Keynes' General Theory. By Richard F. Kahn. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1984. Pp. xxv, 305. $29.95 pp. 1023-1024 Downloads
Susan Howson
Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World. By David S. Landes. Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1983. Pp. xviii, 482. $20.00 pp. 1024-1026 Downloads
E. L. Jones
Phases of Capitalist Development. By Angus Maddison. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1982. Pp. xiv, 274. $29.95 cloth; $9.95 paper pp. 1026-1028 Downloads
W. W. Rostow
Racial Conflict and Economic Development. By W. Arthur Lewis. The W.E.B. Du Bois Lectures. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1985. Pp. 134. $12.50 pp. 1029-1030 Downloads
Robert Margo

Volume 45, issue 03, 1985

The Resolution of the Labor-Scarcity Paradox pp. 513-540 Downloads
John James and Jonathan Skinner
The Determinants of Manorial Income in Domesday England: Evidence from Essex pp. 541-556 Downloads
John McDonald and Graeme Snooks
Integration in the American Foreign-Exchange Market, 1791–1900 pp. 557-585 Downloads
Lawrence Officer
The Russian Industrial Society and Tsarist Economic Policy, 1867–1905 pp. 587-606 Downloads
Thomas C. Owen
Special Interests and the Adoption of the Income Tax in the United States pp. 607-625 Downloads
Bennett D. Baack and Edward John Ray
The Boll Weevil Versus “King Cotton” pp. 627-643 Downloads
Kent Osband
The Effects of Population Redistribution on the Level of Mortality in Nineteenth-Century England and Wales pp. 645-651 Downloads
Robert Woods
Banking Structure and the National Capital Market, 1869–1914: A Comment pp. 653-659 Downloads
Gene Smiley
Banking Structure and the National Capital Market, 1869–1914: A Reply pp. 661-665 Downloads
Marie Elizabeth Sushka and W. Brian Barrett
Climatic Fluctuations as a Cause of the Differential Economic Growth of the Orient and Occident: A Comment pp. 667-673 Downloads
Frederic L. Pryor
Disasters and Economic Differentiation Across Eurasia: A Reply pp. 675-682 Downloads
E. L. Jones
A Rejoinder pp. 683-683 Downloads
Frederic L. Pryor
Deaths of Slaves in the Middle Passage pp. 685-692 Downloads
Raymond L. Cohn
The Numbers Game and the Profitability of the British Trade in Slaves pp. 693-703 Downloads
William Darity
British Slavers: A Comment pp. 705-705 Downloads
Seymour Drescher
Market Structure and the Profits of the British African Trade in the Late Eighteenth Century: A Rejoinder Rebutted pp. 705-707 Downloads
B. L. Anderson and David Richardson
Market Structure and Profits: A Further Rejoinder pp. 708-711 Downloads
J. E. Inikori
British Coal pp. 712-715 Downloads
William Hausman
Egypt Decolonialized pp. 716-718 Downloads
Bent Hansen
Economy and Society in Ancient Greece. By M. I. Finley. Edited with an introduction by Brent D. Shaw and Richard P. Saller. New York: Viking Press, 1982. Pp. xxvi, 326. $22.50 pp. 724-725 Downloads
J. F. Gilliam
Tuscans and Their Families: A Study of the Florentine Catasto of 1427. By David Herlihy and Christiane Klapisch-Zuber. Yale Series in Economic History. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1985. Pp. xxiv, 404. $32.00 pp. 725-727 Downloads
Susan Mosher Stuard
Depression and Protectionism: Britain Between the Wars. By Forrest Capie. Boston: Allen & Unwin, 1983. Pp. viii, 167. $27.50 pp. 727-729 Downloads
Stephen Easton
A Financial History of Western Europe. By Charles P. Kindleberger. London: Allen & Unwin, 1984. Pp. xviii, 525. $40.00 pp. 727-727 Downloads
Jonathan Hughes
The Development of the British Economy, 1914–1980. By Sidney Pollard. Third edition. London: Edward Arnold, 1983. Pp. vii, 440. $19.95 paper pp. 729-731 Downloads
D. E. Moggridge
Economists and the Irish Economy from the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day. Edited by Antoin Murphy. Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1984. Pp. 174. $25.00 pp. 731-732 Downloads
Joel Mokyr
Clermont-de-Lodève, 1633–1789: Fluctuations in the Prosperity of a Languedocian Cloth-Making Town. By J. K. J. Thomson. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1982. Pp. xii, 502. $59.50 pp. 732-734 Downloads
T.J.A.Le Goff
Professions and the French State, 1700–1900. Edited by Gerald L. Geison. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1984. Pp. 319. $35.00 pp. 734-735 Downloads
Alan B. Spitzer
German Big Bussiness and the Rise of Hilter. By Henry Ashby Turner Jr New York: Oxford Unviesity Press, 1985, Pp. xxi, 504. $25.00 pp. 736-736 Downloads
Steven B. Webb
Russian National Income, 1885–1913. By Paul R. Gregory, New York: Cambridge University Press, 1982, Pp. xiv, 359. $29.95 pp. 737-738 Downloads
Martin C. Spechlet
Aspect of Indo-British Economic Relations, 1858–1898. By A.K. Banerju, New York: Oxford University Press, 1982, Pp. xiv, 255. $24.95 pp. 739-740 Downloads
John Hurd
The Amazon Rubber Boom, 1850–1920. By Barbara Weinstein. Stanford: University Press, 1983. Pp. x, 356. $29.50 pp. 740-741 Downloads
Eul-Soo Pang
Capitalists, Caciques, and Revolution: The Native Elite and Foreign Enterprise in Chihuahua, Mexico, 1854–1911. By Mark Wasserman. Chapel Hill and London: The University of North Carolina Press, 1984. Pp. xii, 232. $27.00 pp. 741-742 Downloads
Clifton B. Kroeber
United States and Canada Immigration Policy and the American Labor Force. By Vernon W. Briggs Jr Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1984. Pp. xiii, 294. $26.50 pp. 742-744 Downloads
Michael Haines
The North American Role in the Spanish Imperical Economy, 1760–1819. Edited By Jacques Barbier, and Allan J. Kuethe, Manchester, England: Manchester University Press, 1984, Pp. ix, 232. £30 pp. 744-745 Downloads
John J. TePaske
Samuel Slater and the Origins of the American Textile Industry, 1790–1860. By Barbara M. Tucker, Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 1984, Pp. 268. $29.95 pp. 745-746 Downloads
Rachael Maines
John Deer's Company: A History of Deere & Company and Its Times. By Wayne G. Broehl Jr New York: Doubleday and Co., Inc., 1984, Pp. xv, 870. $24.95 pp. 746-748 Downloads
Margaret Beattie Bogue
Oneonta: The Development of a Railroad Town. By Eugene D. Milener, Oneonta, New York: E. D. Milener, 1983, Pp. xviii, 558. $31.95 pp. 748-749 Downloads
Russell S. Kirby
Lammot duPont and the American Explosives Industry 1850–1884. By Norman B. Wilkinson. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia for the Eleutherian Mills Hagley Foundation, 1984. Pp. xii, 279. $16.95 pp. 749-750 Downloads
William H. Mulligan
DuPont and the International Chemical Industry By Graham D. Taylor and Patricai E. Sudnik. Boston: Twayne publishers, 1984. Pp. xxi, 251. $18.95 pp. 750-751 Downloads
William H. Mulligan
Shaping an American Institution: Robert E. Wood and Sears Roebuck. By James C. Worthy. Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 1984. Pp. xx, 299. $18.95 pp. 751-752 Downloads
Roger M. Olien
The Modern Corporation: Free Markets versus Regulation. By Nicholas Wolfson. New York: The Free Press, 1984. Pp. xi, 191. $25.00 pp. 752-753 Downloads
Albro Martin
The Greening of the South: The Recovery of Land and Forest. By Thomas D. Clark. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky, 1984. New Perspectives on the South. Pp. xvi, 168. $20.00 pp. 753-755 Downloads
Jerome K. Laurent
Fire in the Hole: Miners and Managers in the American Coal Industry. By Curtis Seltzer. Lexington: The University of Kentucky Press, 1985. Pp. xii, 276. $28.00 pp. 755-756 Downloads
Price Fishback
Women of the Depression: Caste and Culture in San Antonio, 1929–1939. By Julia Kirk Blackwelder. College Station, Texas: Texas A & M University Press, 1984. Pp. xviii, 279. $22.50 pp. 756-757 Downloads
Elizabeth Pleck
The New Deal Legacy and the Constitution: A Half-Century Retrospect, 1933–1983. Edited by Harry N. Scheiber. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1984. Pp. 43. $3.95 paper pp. 757-759 Downloads
John Joseph Wallis
The Limits of Symbolic Reform: The New Deal and Taxation, 1933–1939. By Mark H. Leff. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1985. Pp. ix, 308. $32.50 pp. 759-760 Downloads
John Joseph Wallis
Women at War with America: Private Lives in a Patriotic Era. By D'Ann Campbell. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1984, Pp. ix, 304. $20.00 pp. 761-762 Downloads
Susan Carter
Energy Policy in America Since 1945: A Study in Business-Government Relations. By Richard H. K. Vietor. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1984. Studies in Economic History and Policy: The United States in the Twentieth Century. Pp. xvii, 363. –29.95 pp. 762-763 Downloads
William R. Hawkins
Accumulation Crisis. By James O'Connor. New York: Basil Blackwell Inc., 1984. Pp. viii, 261. $24.95 pp. 763-764 Downloads
Rona S. Weiss
The Politics of Urban Fiscal Policy. Edited by Terrence J. McDonald and Sally K. Ward. Beverly Hills, California: SAGE Publications, Inc., 1984. New Approaches to Social Science History, volume 5. Pp. 176. $25.00 pp. 764-766 Downloads
Louis P. Cain
The Rules of The Game: Reform and Evolution in the International Monetary System. By Kenneth W. Dam. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1982. Pp. xviii, 382. $27.00 pp. 766-767 Downloads
Thomas D. Willett
Ordinary People and Everyday Life: Perspectives on the New Social History. Edited by James B. Gardner and George Rollie Adams. Nashville, Tennessee: American Association for State and Local History, 1983. Pp. viii, 215. $17.95 pp. 767-768 Downloads
Michael B. Katz
Enterprise and the Scope of the Firm: The Role of Vertical Integration. By Morris Silver. Oxford: Martin Robertson, 1984. Pp. xii, 191. $34.95 pp. 768-770 Downloads
Thomas S. Ulen
Economic Growth and Declining Social Welfare. By Xenophon Zolotas. New York: New York University Press, 1981. Distributed by Columbia University Press, New York. Pp. xiv, 199. $15.00 cloth pp. 770-772 Downloads
Howard S. Ellis
Sisterhood is Global: The International Women's Movement Anthology. Edited by Robin Morgan, Garden City, New York: Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1984. Pp. xxiii, 815. $24.95 cloth, $12.95 paper pp. 772-773 Downloads
Susan F. Feiner
The Long Wave Cycle. By Nikolai Kondratieff, Translated by Guy Daniels. New York: Richardson & Snyder, 1984. Pp. 138. $30.00. $100 limited edition pp. 773-774 Downloads
Martin C. Spechler
Marx: Economist, Philosopher, Jew: Steps in the Development of a Doctrine. By Murray Wolfson. London: Macmillan, 1982. Pp. 279. £20.00 New York: St. Martin's Press, 1982. Pp. 279. $25.00 pp. 774-776 Downloads
John E. Elliott
Henry George: Dreamer or Realist? By Steven B. Cord. New York: Robert Schalkenback Foundation, 1984. Second edition. Pp. 272. $5.00 paper pp. 776-777 Downloads
Manuel Gottlieb

Volume 45, issue 02, 1985

The Demand for Land: The United States, 1820–1860 pp. 181-212 Downloads
Stanley Lebergott
Notes on the Measurement of Values pp. 213-218 Downloads
Daniel Scott Smith
Integration of International Capital Markets: Quantitative Evidence from the Eighteenth to Twentieth Centuries pp. 219-226 Downloads
Larry Neal
Population Turnover in the English West Indies in the Late Seventeenth Century: A Comparative Perspective pp. 227-235 Downloads
David Galenson
Discussion pp. 237-239 Downloads
Peter Lindert
William Dean' Theory of Urban Growth: Chicago's Commerce and Industry, 1854–1871 pp. 241-249 Downloads
Louis P. Cain
Bitter Harvest:The South Carolina Low Country in Historical Perspective pp. 251-259 Downloads
Peter A. Coclanis
Self-Sufficiency, Cotton, and Economic Development in the South Carolina Upcountry, 1800–1860 pp. 261-267 Downloads
Lacy K. Ford
Southern Textile Mill Villages on the Eve of World War II: The Courtenay Mill of South Carolina pp. 269-275 Downloads
William H. Phillips
Clearinghouses and the Origin of Central Banking in the United States pp. 277-283 Downloads
Gary Gorton
The Merger Movement in Banking, 1919–1933 pp. 285-291 Downloads
Eugene White
Productivity Growth in Obsolescence: Charcoal Iron Revisited pp. 293-298 Downloads
Kris Inwood
Technological Change in a Society in Transition: Work in Progress on a Unified Reference Work in Early American Patent History pp. 299-303 Downloads
Robert R. MacMurray
The Timing and Pattern of Technological Development in English Agriculture, 1611–1850 pp. 305-314 Downloads
Richard Sullivan
Discussion pp. 315-317 Downloads
George Grantham
Import Substitution, Structural Change, and Regional Economic Growth in the United States: The Northeast, 1870–1910 pp. 319-325 Downloads
William K. Hutchinson
Jointly but Severally: Arab-Jewish Dualism and Economic Growth in Mandatory Palestine pp. 327-345 Downloads
Jacob Metzer and Oded Kaplan
Why Employer-based Pension Plans? The Case of Britain pp. 347-354 Downloads
Leslie Hannah
Income, Public Works, and Mortality in Early Twentieth-Century American Cities pp. 355-361 Downloads
K. Celeste Gaspari and Arthur G. Woolf
Wealth and Migration in Massachusetts and Maine: 1771–1798 pp. 363-368 Downloads
John W. Adams and Alice Bee Kasakoff
The Political Economy of the Origins of the Military-Industrial Complex in the United States pp. 369-375 Downloads
Ben Baack and Edward Ray
The Origins of the Federal Budget pp. 377-382 Downloads
Hugh Rockoff
Unemployment and Minimum Wages in Australia, 1900–1930 pp. 383-388 Downloads
Colin Forster
Discussion pp. 389-391 Downloads
R. M. Hartwell
Local Lending Practice: Borrowers in a Small Northeastern Industrial City, 1832–1915 pp. 393-403 Downloads
Andrew A. Beveridge
International Trade and the Evolution of the American Capital Market, 1888–1911 pp. 405-410 Downloads
William Clark and Charlie Turner
Capital Goods and Southern Economic Development pp. 411-417 Downloads
Louis Ferleger
Vertical Integration in the British Cotton Industry, 1825–1850: a Revision pp. 419-425 Downloads
John Lyons
Economic Decline in the English Industrial Revolution: The Gloucester Wool Trade, 1800–1840 pp. 427-433 Downloads
Albion M. Urdank
Productivity and Labor Discipline in the Montgolfier Paper Mill, 1780–1805 pp. 435-443 Downloads
Leonard N. Rosenband
Discussion pp. 445-446 Downloads
Herman Freudenberger
Medieval Workshop: Toward a Theory of Consumption and Economic Change pp. 447-451 Downloads
Susan Mosher Stuard
The Economic Role of the English Poor Law, 1780–1834 pp. 452-454 Downloads
George R. Boyer
The Origins of the English Revolution: A Demographic Approach pp. 454-458 Downloads
Jack Goldstone
Technological Change and Industrial Relations: The Diffusion of Automatic Weaving in the United States and Britain pp. 458-460 Downloads
William Mass
An Input-Output Approach to the British Economy, 1890–1914 pp. 460-463 Downloads
Mark Thomas
Contracts and Custom: Economic Policy in Colonial Pennsylvania pp. 463-465 Downloads
Mary McKinney Schweitzer
Banking in the American South, 1836–1865 pp. 465-467 Downloads
Larry Schweikart
An Experiment in Welfare Capitalism:The Health Care Services of the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company pp. 467-470 Downloads
Marlene Hunt Rikard
Discussion pp. 471-479 Downloads
Joel Mokyr
Modern Europe The Interactions of Amsterdam and Antwerp with the Baltic Region, 1400–1800/De Nederlanden en her Oostzeegebied, 1400–1800. Prepared by Nederlandsch Economisch-Historisch Archief. Papers Presented at the Third International Conference of the Association International D'Histoires des Mers Nordiques de l'Europe, 1982. Leiden: Nijhoff, 1983. Pp. viii, 199 pp. 484-485 Downloads
Walther Kirchner
The Making of a Rulling Class: The Glamorgan Gentry, 1640–1790. By Philip Jenkins. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1983. Pp. 353. £25.00. $44.50 pp. 485-486 Downloads
F. M. L. Thompson
Aspects of Holidaymaking and Resort Development within the Isle of Thanet, with Particular Reference to Margate, Circa 1736 to Circa 1840. 2 vols. By John Whyman. New York: Arno Press, 1981. Pp. 810. $75.00 pp. 486-488 Downloads
Wray Vamplew
The Modernization of Rural France: Communications Networks and Agricultural Market Structures in Nineteenth-Century France.. By Roger Price. New York: Martin's Press, 1983. Pp. 503$37.50 pp. 488-490 Downloads
George Grantham
Modern Europe Les banques, I'État et le marché immobilier en France à l'époque contemporaine, 1820–1920. By Michel Lescure. Paris: École des Hautes Études en sciences sociales, 1982. Pp. 621 pp. 490-491 Downloads
Reed Geiger
Modern Europe Guestworkers in the German Reich: A Polish Community in Wilhelmian Germany. By Richard Charles Murphy. Boulder: East European Monographs, 1983. Pp. xi, 255. $22.50 pp. 491-492 Downloads
David F. Good
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Mira Wilkins
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Don Patinkin
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