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2017, issue 2

Welfare Ranking of Alternative Export Taxes Revisited pp. 619-630 Downloads
Anomita Ghosh and Rupayan Pal
Domestic Credit Growth, International Capital Inflows, and Risk Perception in Global Markets pp. 631-636 Downloads
Satoshi Tobe
Modeling nonlinear water demand: The case of Tunisia pp. 637-644 Downloads
Younes Ben Zaied, Nidhaleddine Ben Cheikh and Pascal Nguyen
A risk benefit calculation method based on consumer behavior and household risk production function pp. 645-652 Downloads
Tadahiro Okuyama
Does external debt- poverty relationship confirm the debtoverhang hypothesis for developing counties? pp. 653-665 Downloads
Taha Zaghdoudi and Abdelaziz Hakimi
Fractal analysis revisited: The case of the US industrial sector stocks pp. 666-674 Downloads
Taro Ikeda
Liquidity and Capital Structure: The Case of Pakistani Non-Financial Firms pp. 675-685 Downloads
Abdul Rashid and Hira Mehmood
To Migrate With orWithout the Children—A Theoretical Note pp. 686-696 Downloads
Yiwen Chen and Benteng Zou
Does the causal relationship between renewable energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and economic growth exist in Thailand? An ARDL approach pp. 697-711 Downloads
Sasiwimon Paweenawat and Sutida Plyngam
Is Demonetisation a Windfall for the banking sector? Evidence from the Indian stock market pp. 712-722 Downloads
Ritika Jain
Comparative Analysis of ETF and Common Stock Intraday Bid-Ask Spread Behavior pp. 723-732 Downloads
Stoyu Ivanov
Stock predictability and preceding stock price changes – evidence from central and eastern european markets pp. 733-740 Downloads
Liam Ison and Robert Hudson
Excess stock returns, oil shocks, and policy uncertainty in the U.S pp. 741-755 Downloads
Giray Gozgor and Ender Demir
Construction of a dividend index with all the distributed revenues pp. 756-764 Downloads
Wilfredo Maldonado and Jussara Ribeiro
What Drives US Inflation and Unemployment in the Long Run? pp. 765-777 Downloads
Antonio Ribba
Monetary policy credibility and inflation in an emerging economy pp. 778-789 Downloads
Cleiton de Jesus, Thiago Lopes and Silvana Guimarães
A re-examination of causal relation between economic growth and energy consumption: Evidence from 91 countries pp. 790-805 Downloads
Baris Kablamaci
What is a housing bubble? pp. 806-836 Downloads
Are Oust and Kjartan Hrafnkelsson
Conditional Punishment in England pp. 837-845 Downloads
Kenju Kamei
Board independence and a shareholder's commitment pp. 846-852 Downloads
Masanori Orihara
Do industries pollute more in poorer neighborhoods? Evidence from toxic releasing plants in Mexico pp. 853-870 Downloads
Lopamudra Chakraborti and Michael Margolis
The bigger, the better? An investigation of optimal volume of big data pp. 871-879 Downloads
Bonyoung Koo, Seung Ho Yoo and Byung Cho Kim
Investigating the link between the exchange rate regime and underlying misalignments pp. 880-888 Downloads
Ferdinand Owoundi

2017, issue 1

Intra-industry information diffusion in China's stock market pp. 1-11 Downloads
Chi Dong, Hooi Hooi Lean and Zamri Ahmad
A Reappraisal of the Resource Curse pp. 12-18 Downloads
Nicolas Clootens and Djamel Kirat
Effect of Geographical Diversification on Informational Efficiency in Malaysia pp. 19-29 Downloads
Suan Poh, Chee-Wooi Hooy and Kian-ping Lim
Variable factor shares and the index number problem: a generalization. Abstract Factor shares vary over time and across countries, so incorporating variable factor shares into growth and development accounting is both warranted and desirable. However, variable factor shares create an index number problem in analyses that rely on our most commonly used production functions. We show that in the presence of competitive factor markets, the problem exists for all workhorse production functions exhibiting constant returns to scale. Therefore, attempts to align empirical growth research with the reality of the factor share data cannot be made using standard techniques. New techniques need to be developed pp. 30-37 Downloads
Brad Sturgill and Hernando Zuleta
Oil Price Shocks and Sectoral Outputs: Empirical Evidence from Malaysia pp. 38-47 Downloads
Venus Liew and Arunnan Balasubramaniam
Characterizing SW-Efficiency in the Social Choice Domain pp. 48-51 Downloads
Haris Aziz
Sensitivity of directional technical inefficiency measures to the choice of the direction vector: a simulation study pp. 52-62 Downloads
Pedro Macedo and Elvira Silva
The Performance Ranking of Emerging Markets Islamic Indices Using Risk Adjusted Performance Measures pp. 63-78 Downloads
Selim baha Yildiz and Abdelbari El Khamlichi
Average-opinion group contest pp. 79-93 Downloads
Dongryul Lee
Determinants of Brazilian agribusiness exports to China pp. 94-106 Downloads
Gilberto Fraga and Waldemiro Silva Neto
The role of freedom in Sen's Capability approach pp. 107-117 Downloads
Joseph Siani
Financial crises management by the International Monetary Fund: Was external and public debt sustainable ? pp. 118-136 Downloads
Hela Ben hassine khalladi
The Marginal Social Value of Electric Vehicle Subsidies - Preliminary Evidence pp. 137-148 Downloads
Ian Irvine
Trade costs shocks and lumpiness of imports: Evidence from the Fukushima disaster pp. 149-155 Downloads
Joachim Wagner
Tribalism and Government Effectiveness pp. 156-167 Downloads
Simplice Asongu and Oasis Kodila-Tedika
Asymmetric exchange rate effect on money demand under open economy in case of India pp. 168-179 Downloads
Salman Haider, Aadil Ganaie and Bandi Kamaiah
Work-terms and success in postsecondary education pp. 180-189 Downloads
Elisé Miningou and Valerie Vierstraete
Sweets or Alcohol? The Gender Battle within Japanese Families pp. 190-203 Downloads
Xiangdan Piao
Animal spirits, the stock market, and the unemployment rate: Some evidence for German data pp. 204-213 Downloads
Ulrich Fritsche and Christian Pierdzioch
Environmental corporate social responsibility: A note on the first-mover advantage under price competition pp. 214-221 Downloads
Kosuke Hirose, Sang-Ho Lee and Toshihiro Matsumura
Government Effectiveness and Economic Growth pp. 222-227 Downloads
Md Rafayet Alam, Erick Kitenge and Bizuayehu Bedane
Does migration promote industrial development in Africa? pp. 228-247 Downloads
Mawussé Okey
The effects on economic growth of natural resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does the quality of institutions matters? pp. 248-263 Downloads
Itchoko Motande Mondjeli Mwa Ndjokou and Pierre Christian Tsopmo
Economic Growth and the Incom There is a fairly vast literature, which attempts to explain cross-regional (between countries or between states within countries) differences in per capita income growth. But poverty rates have a more direct relationship with household per capita consumption growth, which has generally not gone hand-in-hand with per capita income growth. Based on data from Indian states, we find that conditional on several parameters of interest; poorer states grew faster across sectors – on average – than richer states, but only when output is measured in terms of consumption. This ‘income-consumption disconnect' in the context of economic convergence may be indicative of migrant remittances from rich to poor states, welfare programs, or divergence in components of output other than consumption. Further, unlike the case of income, there is a robust negative relationship between consumption growth and the share of registered manufacturing in total output, perhaps indicative of the jobless growth that has characterized India's registered manufacturing sector. While the income-consumption disconnect is largely absent for all other variables, the share of agriculture in total output, the male-female literacy gap, population growth, road infrastructure, development expenditure and rainfall appear to have a robust association (albeit weak in some cases) with both consumption and income growth.e-Consumption Disconnect: Evidence from Indian States pp. 264-281 Downloads
Gaurav Nayyar
Implications of loan portfolio concentration in Cambodia pp. 282-296 Downloads
Florian Leon
Correlates of Multiple Switching in the Holt and Laury Procedure pp. 297-304 Downloads
Sven Grüner
Influence of Political Alignment and Federal Structure on Public Sector Employment: The case of India pp. 305-313 Downloads
Ritika Jain
Optimal consumption and portfolio rules when the asset price is driven by a time-inhomogeneous Markov modulated fractional Brownian motion with pp. 314-326 Downloads
Benjamín Vallejo Jiménez and Francisco Venegas Martínez
Testing for Malice pp. 327-335 Downloads
Brishti Guha
A nonlinear ARDL analysis on the relation between stock price and exchange rate in Malaysia pp. 336-346 Downloads
Siew-Pong Cheah, Thian-Hee Yiew and Cheong-Fatt Ng
Scrambled questions penalty in multiple choice tests: New evidence from French undergraduate students pp. 347-351 Downloads
Morgan Raux, Marc Sangnier and Tanguy van Ypersele
David Peel and David Law
Home and Host country determinants of financial investment flows to Pakistan pp. 361-376 Downloads
Irfan Khan, Mazhar Mughal, Junaid Ahmed and Hongbo Cai
Information efficiency on an emerging market: analysts' recommendations in Tunisia pp. 377-390 Downloads
Sébastien Galanti and Zahra Ben Braham
Can Education Targets be Met Without Increasing Public Spending? An Analysis for Brazilian Municipalities pp. 391-401 Downloads
Fabiana Rocha, Plinio Portela de Oliveira, Janete Duarte, Sérgio Ricardo de Brito Gadelha and Luis Felipe Vital Nunes Pereira
Local Public Investment and Regional Business Cycle Fluctuations in Japan pp. 402-410 Downloads
Tomomi Miyazaki and Haruo Kondoh
Urban Density and the Procyclicality of Divorce pp. 411-422 Downloads
Sheena Murray
Mental health, race, and deadly use of force pp. 423-428 Downloads
Olugbenga Ajilore
How do South-South and North-South FDI affect total factor productivity growth in developing countries? pp. 429-439 Downloads
Peter Kannen, Julian Donaubauer and Dierk Herzer
Severance agreements, incentives and CEO dismissal pp. 440-447 Downloads
Clara Graziano and Annalisa Luporini
Risk Disclosure and Company Unsystematic, Systematic, and Total Risks pp. 448-467 Downloads
Ousayna Zreik and Wael Louhichi
The impacts of the oil price fall on the exchange rates of ASEAN-5: Evidence from the 2014 oil price shock pp. 468-479 Downloads
Mirzosaid Sultonov
Gaussian Quadratures vs. Monte Carlo Experiments for Systematic Sensitivity Analysis of Computable General Equilibrium Model Results pp. 480-487 Downloads
Nelson Villoria and Paul Preckel
On consumer expectations in a network goods market: The monopoly case pp. 488-493 Downloads
Tsuyoshi Toshimitsu
Elicitation of the determinants of decent work in developing countries: evidence from Côte d'Ivoire pp. 494-507 Downloads
Richard Moussa
Residential Water Demand and Price Perception under Increasing Block Rates pp. 508-519 Downloads
René Cabral, Luciano Ayala and Victor Delgado
Extreme Risk Value and Dependence Structure of the China Securities Index 300 pp. 520-529 Downloads
Terence Tai Leung Chong, Yue Ding and Tianxiao Pang
The Deadweight Loss of Diwali: A Developing Country Perspective on Economics of Gift Giving pp. 530-538 Downloads
Parag Waknis and Ajit Gaikwad
On the power of the simulation-based ADF test in bounded time series pp. 539-552 Downloads
Margherita Gerolimetto and Stefano Magrini
Does tourism development lead positive or negative impact on economic growth and environment in BRICS countries? A panel data analysis pp. 553-567 Downloads
Umer Banday and Saba Ismail
The long-run effect of FDI on TFP in the United States pp. 568-578 Downloads
Dierk Herzer
Inherited social capital and residential mobility: A study using Japan panel data pp. 579-58 Downloads
Eiji Yamamura
Interest rate and credit channel for households and firms: Evidence from a large emerging economy pp. 586-604 Downloads
Helder Ferreira de Mendonça and Vitor Britto
The short-run price elasticity of demand for energy in the US pp. 606-613 Downloads
Youngsoo Kim, Younoh Kim and Vlad Radoias
Does European primary aluminum sector is exposed to carbon leakage? New insights from rolling analysis pp. 614-618 Downloads
Mohamed Boutabba and Sandrine Lardic
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