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Agricultural Water Management

1976 - 2016

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Volume 171, issue C, 2016

Soil water storage and winter wheat productivity affected by soil surface management and precipitation in dryland of the Loess Plateau, China pp. 1-9 Downloads
Gang He, Zhaohui Wang, Fucui Li, Jian Dai, Qiang Li, Cheng Xue, Hanbing Cao, Sen Wang and Sukhdev S. Malhi
Responses of several soil and plant indicators to post-harvest regulated deficit irrigation in olive trees and their potential for irrigation scheduling pp. 10-20 Downloads
L. Martín Agüero Alcaras, M. Cecilia Rousseaux and Peter S. Searles
Crop coefficient for cotton under plastic mulch and drip irrigation based on eddy covariance observation in an arid area of northwestern China pp. 21-30 Downloads
Pengju Yang, Hongchang Hu, Fuqiang Tian, Zhi Zhang and Chao Dai
Reference values of maximum daily trunk shrinkage for irrigation scheduling in mid-late maturing peach trees pp. 31-39 Downloads
José Manuel Mirás-Avalos, Francisco Pérez-Sarmiento, Rosalía Alcobendas, Juan José Alarcón, Oussama Mounzer and Emilio Nicolás
Modeling the effects of plant density on maize productivity and water balance in the Loess Plateau of China pp. 40-48 Downloads
Xinmao Ren, Dongbao Sun and Qingsuo Wang
Effect of micro-irrigation type, N-source and mulching on nitrous oxide emissions in a semi-arid climate: An assessment across two years in a Merlot grape vineyard pp. 49-62 Downloads
Mesfin M. Fentabil, Craig F. Nichol, Gerry H. Neilsen, Kirsten D. Hannam, Denise Neilsen, Tom A. Forge and Melanie D. Jones
A comparative review of water management sustainability challenges in smallholder irrigation schemes in Africa and Asia pp. 63-72 Downloads
Solomon Mutambara, Michael B.K. Darkoh and Julius R. Atlhopheng
Growth, fruit yield and quality of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) as affected by deficit irrigation regulated on phenological basis pp. 73-79 Downloads
D.D. Nangare, Yogeshwar Singh, P. Suresh Kumar and P.S. Minhas
Physiological responses to drought and experimental water deficit and waterlogging of four clones of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) selected for cultivation in Venezuela pp. 80-88 Downloads
Jenny De Almeida, Wilmer Tezara and Ana Herrera
A system dynamics based socio-hydrological model for agricultural wastewater reuse at the watershed scale pp. 89-107 Downloads
Hanseok Jeong and Jan Adamowski
Water balance implications of switching from continuous submergence to flush irrigation in a rice-growing district pp. 108-119 Downloads
Sandra Cesari de Maria, Michele Rienzner, Arianna Facchi, Enrico Antonio Chiaradia, Marco Romani and Claudio Gandolfi
Simulation of potato yield, nitrate leaching, and profit margins as influenced by irrigation and nitrogen management in different soils and production regions pp. 120-130 Downloads
Prem Woli, Gerrit Hoogenboom and Ashok Alva
Analysis of the contribution of groundwater to evapotranspiration in an arid irrigation district with shallow water table pp. 131-141 Downloads
Zhongyi Liu, Hang Chen, Zailin Huo, Fengxin Wang and Clinton C. Shock
Using marginal quality water for an energy crop in arid regions: Effect of salinity and boron distribution patterns pp. 142-152 Downloads
María Dorta-Santos, Marisa Tejedor, Concepción Jiménez, Jose M. Hernández-Moreno and Francisco J. Díaz
Heavy metals in soil and plants after long-term sewage irrigation at Tianjin China: A case study assessment pp. 153-161 Downloads
Weiqing Meng, Zuwei Wang, Beibei Hu, Zhongliang Wang, Hongyuan Li and Robbin Cole Goodman
Effect of the interaction of water and nitrogen on sunflower under drip irrigation in an arid region pp. 162-172 Downloads
Mina Kiani, Mahdi Gheysari, Behrouz Mostafazadeh-Fard, Mohammad Mahdi Majidi, Kazem Karchani and Gerrit Hoogenboom
Development of a direct-solution algorithm for determining the optimal crop planning of farms using deficit irrigation pp. 173-187 Downloads
E. López-Mata, J.J. Orengo-Valverde, J.M. Tarjuelo, A. Martínez-Romero and A. Domínguez

Volume 170, issue C, 2016

Integrated agriculture water management optimization model for water saving potential analysis pp. 5-19 Downloads
Dongmei Zhang and Ping Guo
National-scale paddy-upland rotation in Northern China promotes sustainable development of cultivated land pp. 20-25 Downloads
Huabin Zheng, Huang Huang, Canming Zhang and Jingyi Li
Evaluating and enhancing irrigation water management in the upper Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia: The case of Koga large scale irrigation scheme pp. 26-35 Downloads
Sisay B. Asres
Peak groundwater depletion in the High Plains Aquifer, projections from 1930 to 2110 pp. 36-48 Downloads
David R. Steward and Andrew J. Allen
Using scintillometry to assess reference evapotranspiration methods and their impact on the water balance of olive groves pp. 49-60 Downloads
M. Minacapilli, C. Cammalleri, G. Ciraolo, G. Rallo and G. Provenzano
Soil water balance correction due to light rainfall, dew and fog in Ebro river basin (Spain) pp. 61-67 Downloads
R. Moratiel, A. Martínez-Cob, A.M. Tarquis and R.L. Snyder
Testing the water balance model criteria using TDR measurements, micrometeorological data and satellite-based information pp. 68-80 Downloads
S. Consoli, F. Licciardello, D. Vanella, L. Pasotti, G. Villani and F. Tomei
Agronomic concepts in water footprint assessment: A case of study in a fertirrigated melon crop under semiarid conditions pp. 81-90 Downloads
M.T. Castellanos, M.C. Cartagena, M.I. Requejo, A. Arce, M.J. Cabello, F. Ribas and A.M. Tarquis
Water storage in the soil profile under subsurface drip irrigation: Evaluating two installation depths of emitters and two water qualities pp. 91-98 Downloads
Leonardo N.S. dos Santos, Edson E. Matsura, Ivo Z. Gonçalves, Eduardo A.A. Barbosa, Aline A. Nazário, Natalia F. Tuta, Marcelo C.L. Elaiuy, Daniel R.C. Feitosa and Allan C.M. de Sousa
Effects of climate variability on irrigation scheduling in white varieties of Vitis vinifera (L.) of NW Spain pp. 99-109 Downloads
Javier José Cancela, Emiliano Trigo-Córdoba, Emma María Martínez, Benjamín Jesús Rey, Yolanda Bouzas-Cid, María Fandiño and José Manuel Mirás-Avalos
Effects of post-veraison irrigation regime on Cabernet Sauvignon grapevines in Valencia, Spain: Yield and grape composition pp. 110-119 Downloads
D.S. Intrigliolo, V. Lizama, M.J. García-Esparza, I. Abrisqueta and I. Álvarez
Combined effects of deficit irrigation and crop level on early nectarine trees pp. 120-132 Downloads
Jm. De la Rosa, Mr. Conesa, R. Domingo, E. Aguayo, N. Falagán and A. Pérez-Pastor
Yield and water use efficiency of furrow irrigated potato under regulated deficit irrigation, Atsibi-Wemberta, North Ethiopia pp. 133-139 Downloads
Mulubrehan Kifle and T.G. Gebretsadikan
Response of drip-irrigated chufa (Cyperus esculentus L. var. sativus Boeck.) to different planting configurations: Yield and irrigation water-use efficiency pp. 140-147 Downloads
N. Pascual-Seva, A. San Bautista, S. López-Galarza, J.V. Maroto and B. Pascual
Irrigation and nitrogen effects on tuber yield and water use efficiency of heritage and modern potato cultivars pp. 148-157 Downloads
Isaac R. Fandika, Peter D. Kemp, James P. Millner, David Horne and Nick Roskruge
No-till and direct seeding agriculture in irrigated bean: Effect of incorporating crop residues on soil water availability and retention, and yield pp. 158-166 Downloads
João V.R.S. Souza, João C.C. Saad, Rodrigo M. Sánchez-Román and Leonor Rodríguez-Sinobas
Effects of pot-in-pot production system on water consumption, stem diameter variations and photochemical efficiency of spindle tree irrigated with saline water pp. 167-175 Downloads
J. Miralles, J.A. Franco, M.J. Sánchez-Blanco and S. Bañón
Irrigation with water containing salts: Evidence from a macro-data national case study in Israel pp. 176-179 Downloads
Eran Raveh and Alon Ben-Gal
Performance of pre-hispanic irrigation systems in the Andean region of Bolivia pp. 180-188 Downloads
René Chipana Rivera, María Fátima Moreno-Pérez, Ronald Choque Velasco and José Roldán-Cañas

Volume 169, issue C, 2016

Preformed and sprayable polymeric mulch film to improve agricultural water use efficiency pp. 1-13 Downloads
Raju Adhikari, Keith L. Bristow, Philip S. Casey, George Freischmidt, John W. Hornbuckle and Benu Adhikari
Effect of deficit irrigation, phosphorous inoculation and cycocel spray on root growth, seed cotton yield and water productivity of drip irrigated cotton in arid environment pp. 14-25 Downloads
Sajjan Singh Rao, Suresh Pal Singh Tanwar and Panna Lal Regar
Effects of CO2 elevation and irrigation regimes on leaf gas exchange, plant water relations, and water use efficiency of two tomato cultivars pp. 26-33 Downloads
Pietro T. Pazzagli, Jacob Weiner and Fulai Liu
Grain yield and water use efficiency of maize as influenced by different irrigation regimes through sprinkler irrigation under temperate climate pp. 34-43 Downloads
Branka Kresović, Angelina Tapanarova, Zorica Tomić, Ljubomir Životić, Dragan Vujović, Zorica Sredojević and Boško Gajić
Consumptive water use and irrigation performance of strawberries pp. 44-51 Downloads
David Lozano, Natividad Ruiz and Pedro Gavilán
Adaptation of pressurized irrigation networks to new strategies of irrigation management: Energy implications of low discharge and pulsed irrigation pp. 52-60 Downloads
Alberto García-Prats and Santiago Guillem-Picó
An alternative approach to whole-farm deficit irrigation analysis: Evaluating the risk-efficiency of wheat irrigation strategies in sub-tropical Australia pp. 61-76 Downloads
A.S. Peake, P.S. Carberry, S.R. Raine, V. Gett and R.J. Smith
Evaluation of reference evapotranspiration models and determination of crop coefficient for Momordica charantia and Capsicum annuum pp. 77-89 Downloads
Josilva M. Muniandy, Zulkifli Yusop and Muhamad Askari
Tomato yield, nitrogen uptake and water use efficiency as affected by planting geometry and level of nitrogen in an arid region pp. 90-97 Downloads
M.A. Badr, S.D. Abou-Hussein and W.A. El-Tohamy
Crop development based assessment framework for guiding the conjunctive use of fresh water and sewage water for cropping practice—A case study pp. 98-105 Downloads
Hong-you Hu, Linus Zhang and YuanPeng Wang
Water stress improves whole-canopy water use efficiency and berry composition of cv. Sangiovese (Vitis vinifera L.) grapevines grafted on the new drought-tolerant rootstock M4 pp. 106-114 Downloads
M.C. Merli, E. Magnanini, M. Gatti, F.J. Pirez, I. Buesa Pueyo, D.S. Intrigliolo and S. Poni
Estimating preseason irrigation losses by characterizing evaporation of effective precipitation under bare soil conditions using large weighing lysimeters pp. 115-128 Downloads
Gary Marek, Prasanna Gowda, Thomas Marek, Brent Auvermann, Steven Evett, Paul Colaizzi and David Brauer
Runoff and subsurface drain response from mole and gravel mole drainage across episodic rainfall events pp. 129-139 Downloads
P. Tuohy, J. Humphreys, N.M. Holden and O. Fenton
Effects of long-term summer deficit irrigation on ‘Navelina’ citrus trees pp. 140-147 Downloads
María Gasque, Pau Martí, Beatriz Granero and Pablo González-Altozano
WALRUS-paddy model for simulating the hydrological processes of lowland polders with paddy fields and pumping stations pp. 148-161 Downloads
Renhua Yan, Junfeng Gao and Jiacong Huang
Modeling reference evapotranspiration using three different heuristic regression approaches pp. 162-172 Downloads
Ozgur Kisi
Overhead-irrigation with saline and alkaline water: Deleterious effects on foliage of Rhodes grass and leucaena pp. 173-182 Downloads
Federico D.F. Cicchelli, J. Bernhard Wehr, Scott A. Dalzell, Cui Li, Neal W. Menzies and Peter M. Kopittke
Soil moisture distribution under drip irrigation and seepage for potato production pp. 183-192 Downloads
Joel Reyes-Cabrera, Lincoln Zotarelli, Michael D. Dukes, Diane L. Rowland and Steven A. Sargent
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