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Agricultural Water Management

1976 - 2015

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Volume 157, issue C, 2015

Irrigation water amount and salinity dictate nitrogen requirement pp. 6-11 Downloads
Peter Vaughan and John Letey
Salinity management in the coastal region of the Netherlands: A historical perspective pp. 12-30 Downloads
Peter A.C. Raats
Achieving sustainable irrigation requires effective management of salts, soil salinity, and shallow groundwater pp. 31-38 Downloads
Dennis Wichelns and Manzoor Qadir
Subsurface drip irrigation in California—Here to stay? pp. 39-47 Downloads
J.E. Ayars, A. Fulton and B. Taylor
Assessing the suitability of saline wastewaters for irrigation of Citrus spp.: Emphasis on boron and specific-ion interactions pp. 48-58 Downloads
S.R. Grattan, F.J. Díaz, F. Pedrero and G.A. Vivaldi
Potassium and magnesium in irrigation water quality assessment pp. 59-64 Downloads
C.J. Smith, J.D. Oster and G. Sposito
Developing and normalizing average corn crop water production functions across years and locations using a system model pp. 65-77 Downloads
S.A. Saseendran, Lajpat R. Ahuja, Liwang Ma, Thomas J. Trout, Gregory S. McMaster, David C. Nielsen, Jay M. Ham, Allan A. Andales, Ardel D. Halvorson, José L. Chávez and Quanxiao X. Fang

Volume 156, issue C, 2015

Differences in water-use-efficiency between two Vitis vinifera cultivars (Grenache and Tempranillo) explained by the combined response of stomata to hydraulic and chemical signals during water stress pp. 1-9 Downloads
S. Martorell, A. Diaz-Espejo, M. Tomàs, A. Pou, H. El Aou-ouad, J.M. Escalona, J. Vadell, M. Ribas-Carbó, J. Flexas and H. Medrano
Consumptive water use and crop coefficients for warm-season turfgrass species in the Southeastern United States pp. 10-18 Downloads
B. Wherley, M.D. Dukes, S. Cathey, G. Miller and T. Sinclair
Desalination of saline farmland drainage water through wetland plants pp. 19-29 Downloads
Y.N. Yang, Q. Sheng, L. Zhang, H.Q. Kang and Y. Liu
Field measurements based model for surface irrigation efficiency assessment pp. 30-42 Downloads
D. Canone, M. Previati, . Bevilacqua, L. Salvai and S. Ferraris
Using field spectrometry and a plant probe accessory to determine leaf water content in commercial vineyards pp. 43-50 Downloads
Ana Belén González-Fernández, José Ramón Rodríguez-Pérez, Victoriano Marcelo and José B. Valenciano
Comparison of canopy temperature-based water stress indices for maize pp. 51-62 Downloads
Kendall C. DeJonge, Saleh Taghvaeian, Thomas J. Trout and Louise H. Comas
Crop water use and stage-specific crop coefficients for irrigated cotton in the mid-south, United States pp. 63-69 Downloads
Vipan Kumar, Theophilus K. Udeigwe, Ernest L. Clawson, Robert V. Rohli and Donnie K. Miller
Effect of drip irrigation and fertilizer regimes on fruit quality of a pomegranate (Punica granatum (L.) cv. Rabab) orchard pp. 70-78 Downloads
Hossein Parvizi and Ali Reza Sepaskhah
A modified fuzzy credibility constrained programming approach for agricultural water resources management—A case study in Urumqi, China pp. 79-89 Downloads
X.M. Li, H.W. Lu, J. Li, P. Du, M. Xu and L. He
Reducing ventilation requirements in semi-closed greenhouses increases water use efficiency pp. 90-99 Downloads
N. Katsoulas, A. Sapounas, F. De Zwart, J.A. Dieleman and C. Stanghellini
Long term impact of waste water irrigation and nutrient rates: I. Performance, sustainability and produce quality of peri urban cropping systems pp. 100-109 Downloads
P.S. Minhas, Khajanchi-Lal,, R.K. Yadav, S.K. Dubey and R.K. Chaturvedi
Long-term impact of wastewater irrigation and nutrient rates II. Nutrient balance, nitrate leaching and soil properties under peri-urban cropping systems pp. 110-117 Downloads
Khajanchi -Lal, P.S. Minhas and R.K. Yadav

Volume 155, issue C, 2015

Performance of improved practices in farmers’ fields under rainfed and supplemental irrigation systems in a semi-arid area of Pakistan pp. 1-10 Downloads
A. Mahmood, T. Oweis, M. Ashraf, A. Majid, M. Aftab, N.K. Aadal and . Ahmad
Soil water extraction, water use, and grain yield by drought-tolerant maize on the Texas High Plains pp. 11-21 Downloads
Baozhen Hao, Qingwu Xue, Thomas H. Marek, Kirk E. Jessup, Xiaobo Hou, Wenwei Xu, Edsel D. Bynum and Brent W. Bean
Compensatory uptake functions in empirical macroscopic root water uptake models – Experimental and numerical analysis pp. 22-39 Downloads
Rami Albasha, Jean-Claude Mailhol and Bruno Cheviron
Evapotranspiration partitioning and water use efficiency of switchgrass and biomass sorghum managed for biofuel pp. 40-47 Downloads
Yohannes Tadesse Yimam, Tyson E. Ochsner and Vijaya Gopal Kakani
Evaluating the performance of DRAINMOD using soil hydraulic parameters derived by various methods pp. 48-52 Downloads
Zhiming Qi, Ranvir Singh, Matthew J. Helmers and Xiaobo Zhou
A coupled random fuzzy two-stage programming model for crop area optimization—A case study of the middle Heihe River basin, China pp. 53-66 Downloads
Mo Li and Ping Guo
Nutrient resorption efficiency and proficiency in economic wood trees irrigated by treated wastewater in desert planted forests pp. 67-75 Downloads
Emad Farahat and Hans W. Linderholm
Inflow rate and border irrigation performance pp. 76-86 Downloads
Michael R. Morris, Amjed Hussain, Malcolm H. Gillies and O’Halloran, Nicholas J.
Short-term assessment of the dynamics of elements in wastewater irrigated Mediterranean soil and tomato fruits through sequential dissolution and lead isotopic signatures pp. 87-99 Downloads
L. Cary, N. Surdyk, G. Psarras, . Kasapakis, K. Chartzoulakis, L. Sandei, C. Guerrot, M. Pettenati and W. Kloppmann
Uncertainty analysis of an irrigation scheduling model for water management in crop production pp. 100-112 Downloads
S. Mun, G.F. Sassenrath, A.M. Schmidt, N. Lee, M.C. Wadsworth, B. Rice, J.Q. Corbitt, J.M. Schneider, M.L. Tagert, J. Pote and R. Prabhu
Adaptation strategies for agricultural water management under climate change in Europe pp. 113-124 Downloads
Ana Iglesias and Luis Garrote

Volume 154, issue C, 2015

Area determination of solar desalination system for irrigating crops in greenhouses using different quality feed water pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ahmed F. Mashaly, A.A. Alazba, A.M. Al-Awaadh and Mohamed A. Mattar
Assessing potential water savings in agriculture on the Hai Basin plain, China pp. 11-19 Downloads
Nana Yan, Bingfang Wu, Chris Perry and Hongwei Zeng
Mulching increases water-use efficiency of peach production on the rainfed semiarid Loess Plateau of China pp. 20-28 Downloads
Hong Wang, Chenbing Wang, Xiumei Zhao and Falin Wang
Prediction of winter wheat yield with the SWAP model using pedotransfer functions: An evaluation of sensitivity, parameterization and prediction accuracy pp. 29-42 Downloads
Quirijn de Jong van Lier, Ole Wendroth and Jos C. van Dam
Physiological growth and gas exchange response of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) to irrigation water salinity, manure application and planting method pp. 43-51 Downloads
Najmeh Yarami and Ali Reza Sepaskhah
High fertigation frequency improves nitrogen uptake and crop performance in processing tomato grown with high nitrogen and water supply pp. 52-58 Downloads
Michela Farneselli, Paolo Benincasa, Giacomo Tosti, Eric Simonne, Marcello Guiducci and Francesco Tei
Subsoil compaction and irrigation regimes affect the root–shoot relation and grain yield of winter wheat pp. 59-67 Downloads
Xiuwei Liu, Xiying Zhang, Suying Chen, Hongyong Sun and Liwei Shao

Volume 153, issue C, 2015

Effects of different drip irrigation regimes on saline–sodic soil nutrients and cotton yield in an arid region of Northwest China pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ruoshui Wang, Yaohu Kang and Shuqin Wan
UAVs challenge to assess water stress for sustainable agriculture pp. 9-19 Downloads
J. Gago, C. Douthe, R.E. Coopman, P.P. Gallego, M. Ribas-Carbo, J. Flexas, J. Escalona and H. Medrano
Shadow price of water for irrigation—A case of the High Plains pp. 20-31 Downloads
Jadwiga R. Ziolkowska
Incorporating root distribution factor to evaluate soil water status for winter wheat pp. 32-41 Downloads
Xiaoyu Zhang, Xiying Zhang, Xiuwei Liu, Liwei Shao, Hongyong Sun and Suying Chen
Assessment of optimal irrigation water allocation for pressurized irrigation system using water balance approach, learning machines, and remotely sensed data pp. 42-50 Downloads
Leila Hassan-Esfahani, Alfonso Torres-Rua and Mac McKee
Evaluating the Arc-SWAT2009 in predicting runoff, sediment, and nutrient yields from a vineyard and an olive orchard in Central Italy pp. 51-62 Downloads
Marco Napoli and Simone Orlandini
Relationships between thermal stratification in a secondarily treated wastewater reservoir that stores water for irrigation and filter clogging in the irrigation system pp. 63-70 Downloads
Ana Milstein and Mordehai Feldlite
Winter wheat grain yield and water use efficiency in wide-precision planting pattern under deficit irrigation in North China Plain pp. 71-76 Downloads
Quanqi Li, Chengyue Bian, Xinhui Liu, Changjian Ma and Quanru Liu
Effects of row-spacing and stubble height on soil water content and water use by canola and wheat in the dry prairie region of Canada pp. 77-85 Downloads
Wei Hu, Jeff J. Schoenau, Herb W. Cutforth and Bing C. Si

Volume 152, issue C, 2015

Stability analysis of yield component traits in 25 durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) genotypes under contrasting irrigation water salinity pp. 1-6 Downloads
Zoubeir Chamekh, Chahine Karmous, Sawsen Ayadi, Ali Sahli, Zied Hammami, Makram Belhaj Fraj, Nadhira Benaissa, Youssef Trifa and Hajer Slim-Amara
Quantifying and predicting soil water evaporation as influenced by runoff strip lengths and mulch cover pp. 7-16 Downloads
Weldemichael A. Tesfuhuney, Leon D. Van Rensburg, Sue Walker and James Allemann
Climate change impacts on irrigated agriculture in the Guadiana river basin (Portugal) pp. 17-30 Downloads
Pedro Valverde, Ricardo Serralheiro, Mário de Carvalho, Rodrigo Maia, Bruno Oliveira and Vanessa Ramos
Sediment-assisted nutrient transfer from a small, no-till, tile drained watershed in Southwestern Ontario, Canada pp. 31-40 Downloads
Bryce Molder, Jaclyn Cockburn, Aaron Berg, John Lindsay and Kathryn Woodrow
Potential gains from water rights trading in the Aral Sea Basin pp. 41-56 Downloads
Maksud Bekchanov, Anik Bhaduri and Claudia Ringler
Performance assessment of the FAO AquaCrop model for soil water, soil evaporation, biomass and yield of soybeans in North China Plain pp. 57-71 Downloads
P. Paredes, Z. Wei, Y. Liu, D. Xu, Y. Xin, B. Zhang and L.S. Pereira
An inexact simulation-based stochastic optimization method for identifying effluent trading strategies of agricultural nonpoint sources pp. 72-90 Downloads
J.L. Zhang, Y.P. Li, C.X. Wang and G.H. Huang
Optimal tensiometer placement for high-frequency subsurface drip irrigation management in heterogeneous soils pp. 91-98 Downloads
Sharon Dabach, Uri Shani and Naftali Lazarovitch
Water balance of small reservoirs in the Volta basin: A case study of Boura reservoir in Burkina Faso pp. 99-109 Downloads
T. Fowe, H. Karambiri, J.-E. Paturel, J.-C. Poussin and P. Cecchi
Soil water potential and recoverable water stress in drought tolerant and susceptible rice varieties pp. 110-118 Downloads
Pragna Dasgupta, Bhabani S. Das and Soumitra K. Sen
Modeling sorghum response to irrigation water salinity at early growth stage pp. 119-124 Downloads
Saeed Saadat and Mehdi Homaee
Can farmers use maize earliness choice and sowing dates to cope with future water scarcity? A modelling approach applied to south-western France pp. 125-134 Downloads
Kalimuthu Senthilkumar, Jacques-Eric Bergez and Delphine Leenhardt
Animal and human enteric viruses in water and sediment samples from dairy farms pp. 135-141 Downloads
Rodrigo Staggemeier, Marina Bortoluzzi, Tatiana Moraes da Silva Heck, Roger Bordin da Luz, Rafael Bandeira Fabres, Mayra Cristina Soliman, Caroline Rigotto, Nelson Antonio Baldasso, Fernando Rosado Spilki and Sabrina Esteves de Matos Almeida
Variation of inulin content, inulin yield and water use efficiency for inulin yield in Jerusalem artichoke genotypes under different water regimes pp. 142-150 Downloads
Darunee Puangbut, Sanun Jogloy, Nimitr Vorasoot, Supalax Srijaranai, Corley Carl Holbrook and Aran Patanothai
Effect of long-term irrigation with wastewater on growth, biomass production and water use by Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus tereticornis Sm.) planted at variable stocking density pp. 151-160 Downloads
P.S. Minhas, R.K. Yadav, K. Lal and R.K. Chaturvedi
Optimal design of agricultural water systems with multiperiod collection, storage, and distribution pp. 161-172 Downloads
Karla Arredondo-Ramírez, Eusiel Rubio-Castro, Fabricio Nápoles-Rivera, José María Ponce-Ortega, Medardo Serna-González and Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi
Irrigation vulnerability assessment on agricultural water supply risk for adaptive management of climate change in South Korea pp. 173-187 Downloads
Won-Ho Nam, Jin-Yong Choi and Eun-Mi Hong
Solar radiation and relative humidity based, empirical method, to estimate hourly reference evapotranspiration pp. 188-197 Downloads
C.D. Chatzithomas and S.G. Alexandris
Adaptation of water and nitrogen management to future climates for sustaining potato yield in Minnesota: Field and simulation study pp. 198-206 Downloads
B.B. Vashisht, T. Nigon, D.J. Mulla, C. Rosen, H. Xu, T. Twine and S.K. Jalota
Implementing deficit irrigation scheduling through plant water stress indicators in early nectarine trees pp. 207-216 Downloads
J.M. De la Rosa, R. Domingo, J. Gómez-Montiel and A. Pérez-Pastor
Yield response of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) to the salinity of irrigation water pp. 217-221 Downloads
M. Reis, L. Coelho, G. Santos, U. Kienle and J. Beltrão
Water use by a groundwater dependent maize in a semi-arid region of Inner Mongolia: Evapotranspiration partitioning and capillary rise pp. 222-232 Downloads
Yao Wu, Tingxi Liu, Paula Paredes, Limin Duan and Luis S. Pereira
Trade-offs between midstream agricultural production and downstream ecological sustainability in the Heihe River basin in the past half century pp. 233-242 Downloads
Zhixiang Lu, Yongping Wei, Honglang Xiao, Songbing Zou, Juan Ren and Clive Lyle
Soil salinity management on raised beds with different furrow irrigation modes in salt-affected lands pp. 243-250 Downloads
M. Devkota, R.K. Gupta, C. Martius, J.P.A. Lamers, K.P. Devkota, K.D. Sayre and P.L.G. Vlek
Role of economics in developing fertilizer best management practices pp. 251-261 Downloads
Serhat Asci, Tatiana Borisova and John J. VanSickle
Use of the SWB-Sci model for nitrogen management in sludge-amended land pp. 262-276 Downloads
Eyob H. Tesfamariam, John G. Annandale, Joachim M. Steyn, Richard J. Stirzaker and Ikenna Mbakwe
The effect of mineral-ion interactions on soil hydraulic conductivity pp. 277-285 Downloads
Maya C. Buelow, Kerri Steenwerth and Sanjai J. Parikh
Contributions of lateral flow and groundwater to the spatio-temporal variation of irrigated rice yields and water productivity in a West-African inland valley pp. 286-298 Downloads
Petra Schmitter, Sander J. Zwart, Alexandre Danvi and Félix Gbaguidi
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