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Agricultural Water Management

1976 - 2015

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Volume 150, issue C, 2015

A dynamic surface conductance to predict crop water use from partial to full canopy cover pp. 1-8 Downloads
Risheng Ding, Shaozhong Kang, Yanqun Zhang, Xinmei Hao, Ling Tong and Sien Li
Soil water use, grain yield and water use efficiency of winter wheat in a long-term study of tillage practices and supplemental irrigation on the North China Plain pp. 9-17 Downloads
Shangyu Ma, Zhenwen Yu, Yu Shi, Zhiqiang Gao, Lanping Luo, Pengfei Chu and Zengjiang Guo
Modification of maize simulation model for predicting growth and yield of winter wheat under different applied water and nitrogen pp. 18-34 Downloads
Mehdi Mahbod, Shahrokh Zand-Parsa and Ali Reza Sepaskhah
Climate change impacts on rainfed agriculture in the Guadiana river basin (Portugal) pp. 35-45 Downloads
Pedro Valverde, Mário de Carvalho, Ricardo Serralheiro, Rodrigo Maia, Vanessa Ramos and Bruno Oliveira
How much do sod-based rotations reduce nitrate leaching in a cereal cropping system? pp. 46-56 Downloads
Taise Robinson Kunrath, Christophe de Berranger, Xavier Charrier, François Gastal, Paulo César de Faccio Carvalho, Gilles Lemaire, Jean-Claude Emile and Jean-Louis Durand
Saffron response to irrigation water salinity, cow manure and planting method pp. 57-66 Downloads
Najmeh Yarami and Ali Reza Sepaskhah
Field analysis of water and nitrogen fate in lowland paddy fields under different water managements using HYDRUS-1D pp. 67-80 Downloads
Xuezhi Tan, Dongguo Shao, Wenquan Gu and Huanhuan Liu
Sowing and irrigation strategies for improving rainfed tef (Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter) production in the water scarce Tigray region, Ethiopia pp. 81-91 Downloads
Alemtsehay Tsegay, Eline Vanuytrecht, Berhanu Abrha, Jozef Deckers, Kindeya Gebrehiwot and Dirk Raes
Effects of post-harvest deficit irrigation in ‘Red Beaut’ Japanese plum: Tree water status, vegetative growth, fruit yield, quality and economic return pp. 92-102 Downloads
Alberto Samperio, María Henar Prieto, Fernando Blanco-Cipollone, Antonio Vivas and María José Moñino
The treatment performance and nutrient removal of a garden land infiltration system receiving dairy farm wastewater pp. 103-110 Downloads
Jingjing Duan, Chenguang Geng, Xun Li, Zengqiang Duan and Linzhang Yang
A systems analysis of irrigation water quality in an environmental assessment of an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak in the United States linked to iceberg lettuce pp. 111-118 Downloads
Richard J. Gelting, Mansoor A. Baloch, Max Zarate-Bermudez, Maha N. Hajmeer, J. Christopher Yee, Teresa Brown and Benson J. Yee
Modeling the impacts of irrigation treatments on potato growth and development pp. 119-128 Downloads
D.C. Camargo, F. Montoya, J.. Córcoles and J.F. Ortega
Has climate change already affected the spatial distribution and temporal trends of reference evapotranspiration in South Korea? pp. 129-138 Downloads
Won-Ho Nam, Eun-Mi Hong and Jin-Yong Choi
Effects of terrain slope on long-term and seasonal water balances in clayey, subsurface drained agricultural fields in high latitude conditions pp. 139-151 Downloads
M. Turunen, L. Warsta, M. Paasonen-Kivekäs, J. Nurminen, L. Alakukku, M. Myllys and H. Koivusalo

Volume 149, issue C, 2015

Recycling of domestic wastewater treated by vertical-flow wetlands for irrigating Chillies and Sweet Peppers pp. 1-22 Downloads
S.A.A.A.N. Almuktar, M. Scholz, R.H.K. Al-Isawi and A. Sani
Identifying irrigation and nitrogen best management practices for aerobic rice–maize cropping system for semi-arid tropics using CERES-rice and maize models pp. 23-32 Downloads
M.D.M. Kadiyala, J.W. Jones, R.S. Mylavarapu, Y.C. Li and M.D. Reddy
Treated agro-industrial wastewater irrigation of tomato crop: Effects on qualitative/quantitative characteristics of production and microbiological properties of the soil pp. 33-43 Downloads
Giuseppe Gatta, Angela Libutti, Anna Gagliardi, Luciano Beneduce, Lorenzo Brusetti, Luigimaria Borruso, Grazia Disciglio and Emanuele Tarantino
Impact of irrigation volume and water salinity on winter wheat productivity and soil salinity distribution pp. 44-54 Downloads
Xiangping Wang, Jingsong Yang, Guangming Liu, Rongjiang Yao and Shipeng Yu
Improvement of yield and grape and wine composition in field-grown Monastrell grapevines by partial root zone irrigation, in comparison with regulated deficit irrigation pp. 55-73 Downloads
Pascual Romero, Rocío Gil Muñoz, J.. Fernández-Fernández, Francisco M. del Amor, Adrián Martínez-Cutillas and José García-García
Nutrient removal effectiveness by riparian buffer zones in rural temperate watersheds: The impact of no-till crops practices pp. 74-80 Downloads
T.R. Aguiar , K. Rasera, L.M. Parron, A.G. Brito and M.T. Ferreira
Modeling reference evapotranspiration with calculated targets. Assessment and implications pp. 81-90 Downloads
Pau Martí, Pablo González-Altozano, Ramón López-Urrea, Luis A. Mancha and Jalal Shiri
Methodology to improve water and energy use by proper irrigation scheduling in pressurised networks pp. 91-101 Downloads
M.A. Jiménez-Bello, A. Royuela, J. Manzano, A. García Prats and F. Martínez-Alzamora
Optimization of culturing conditions and selection of species for the use of halophytes as biofilter for nutrient-rich saline water pp. 102-114 Downloads
Anne K. Buhmann, Uwe Waller, Bert Wecker and Jutta Papenbrock
Prolonged irrigation with municipal wastewater promotes a persistent and active soil microbial community in a semiarid agroecosystem pp. 115-122 Downloads
F. García-Orenes, F. Caravaca, A. Morugán-Coronado and A. Roldán
Saline irrigation scheduling for potted geranium based on soil electrical conductivity and moisture sensors pp. 123-130 Downloads
R. Valdés, J. Ochoa, J.A. Franco, M.J. Sánchez-Blanco and S. Bañón
Subsurface drainage volume reduction with drainage water management: Case studies in Ohio, USA pp. 131-142 Downloads
Kpoti M. Gunn, Norman R. Fausey, Yuhui Shang, Vinayak S. Shedekar, Ehsan Ghane, Mark D. Wahl and Larry C. Brown
Validating FAO AquaCrop using Landsat images and regional crop information pp. 143-155 Downloads
Daeha Kim and Jagath Kaluarachchi
Impacts of controlled irrigation and drainage on the yield and physiological attributes of rice pp. 156-165 Downloads
Guangcheng Shao, Jintao Cui, Yu, Shuang’en, Bin Lu, Boman J. Brian, Jihui Ding and Dongli She
Modeling shallow water table dynamics under subsurface irrigation and drainage pp. 166-174 Downloads
Subodh Acharya and Rao S. Mylavarapu
Re-visiting what we know about Irrigation Management Transfer: A review of the evidence pp. 175-186 Downloads
Nari Senanayake, Aditi Mukherji and Mark Giordano

Volume 148, issue C, 2015

The effect of adapting cultivars on the water use efficiency of dryland maize (Zea mays L.) in northwestern China pp. 1-9 Downloads
Lingduo Bu, Xinping Chen, Shiqing Li, Jianliang Liu, Lin Zhu, Shasha Luo, Robert Lee Hill and Ying Zhao
Effects of different irrigation regimes on yield and water use efficiency of cucumber crop pp. 10-15 Downloads
M.H. Rahil and A. Qanadillo
Coffee productivity and root systems in cultivation schemes with different population arrangements and with and without drip irrigation pp. 16-23 Downloads
Emilio Sakai, Eduardo Augusto Agnellos Barbosa, Jane Maria de Carvalho Silveira and Regina Célia de Matos Pires
Ecosystem water use efficiency for a sparse vineyard in arid northwest China pp. 24-33 Downloads
Sien Li, Shaozhong Kang, Lu Zhang, Taisheng Du, Ling Tong, Risheng Ding, Weihua Guo, Peng Zhao, Xia Chen and Huan Xiao
Predicting the mobile water content of vineyard soils in New South Wales, Australia pp. 34-42 Downloads
Jonathan E. Holland and Asim Biswas
Drainage water management effects on tile discharge and water quality pp. 43-51 Downloads
M.R. Williams, K.W. King and N.R. Fausey
Climate-smart tank irrigation: A multi-year analysis of improved conjunctive water use under high rainfall variability pp. 52-62 Downloads
C. Siderius, H. Boonstra, V. Munaswamy, C. Ramana, P. Kabat, E. van Ierland and P. Hellegers
Forecasting furrow irrigation infiltration using artificial neural networks pp. 63-71 Downloads
M.A. Mattar, A.A. Alazba and T.K. Zin El-Abedin
Simulation of salt dynamics in the root zone and yield of wheat crop under irrigated saline regimes using SWAP model pp. 72-83 Downloads
P. Kumar, A. Sarangi, D.K. Singh, S.S. Parihar and R.N. Sahoo
Comparison of hourly and daily reference crop evapotranspiration equations across seasons and climate zones in Australia pp. 84-96 Downloads
Kushan C. Perera, Andrew W. Western, Bandara Nawarathna and Biju George
Storm flow dynamics and loads of fecal bacteria associated with ponds in southern piedmont and coastal plain watersheds with animal agriculture pp. 97-105 Downloads
Michael B. Jenkins, M. Paige Adams, Dinku M. Endale, Dwight S. Fisher, Richard Lowrance, G. Larry Newton and George Vellidis
Critical irrigation threshold and cranberry yield components pp. 106-112 Downloads
Vincent Pelletier, Jacques Gallichand, Jean Caron, Sylvain Jutras and Sébastien Marchand
Numerical calculation of soil water potential in an irrigated ‘conference’ pear orchard pp. 113-122 Downloads
Pieter Janssens, Jan Diels, Jan Vanderborght, Frank Elsen, Annemie Elsen, Tom Deckers and Hilde Vandendriessche
Root-sourced signal and photosynthetic traits, dry matter accumulation and remobilization, and yield stability in winter wheat as affected by regulated deficit irrigation pp. 123-129 Downloads
Shou-Chen Ma, Ai-Wang Duan, Rui Wang, Zhong-Mei Guan, Shen-Jiao Yang, Shou-Tian Ma and Yun Shao
Deep drainage modeling for a fertigated coffee plantation in the Brazilian savanna pp. 130-140 Downloads
Victor Meriguetti Pinto, Klaus Reichardt, Jos van Dam, Quirijn de Jong van Lier, Isabeli Pereira Bruno, Angelica Durigon, Durval Dourado-Neto and Rafael Pivotto Bortolotto
Nutrient leaching in an Ultisol cultivated with sugarcane pp. 141-149 Downloads
P.J. Ghiberto, P.L. Libardi and P.C.O. Trivelin
SWAMP: A soil layer water supply model for simulating macroscopic crop water uptake under osmotic stress pp. 150-163 Downloads
J.H. Barnard, A.T.P. Bennie, L.D. van Rensburg and C.C. du Preez
Distribution of limited irrigation water based on optimized regulated deficit irrigation and typical metheorological year concepts pp. 164-176 Downloads
K.N. Leite, A. Martínez-Romero, J.M. Tarjuelo and A. Domínguez
Effect of different saline groundwater depths and irrigation water salinities on yield and water use of quinoa in lysimeter pp. 177-188 Downloads
R. Talebnejad and A.R. Sepaskhah
Performance evaluation study and hydrologic and productive analysis of irrigation systems at the Qazvin irrigation network (Iran) pp. 189-195 Downloads
E. Mokari Ghahroodi, H. Noory and A.M. Liaghat
Farmers’ adaptation to water scarcity in drought-prone environments: A case study of Rajshahi District, Bangladesh pp. 196-206 Downloads
Khorshed Alam
Number of drip laterals and irrigation frequency on yield and exportable fruit size of highbush blueberry grown in a sandy soil pp. 207-212 Downloads
E. Holzapfel, J. Jara and A.M. Coronata
Evaluation of nitrogen balance in a direct-seeded-rice field experiment using Hydrus-1D pp. 213-222 Downloads
Yong Li, Jirka Šimůnek, Zhentin Zhang, Longfei Jing and Lixiao Ni
Irrigation-induced nitrate losses assessed in a Mediterranean irrigation district pp. 223-231 Downloads
Hayriye Ibrikci, Mahmut Cetin, Ebru Karnez, Wolfgang Albert Flügel, Burak Tilkici, Yunus Bulbul and John Ryan
A GIS-based quality assessment model for olive tree irrigation water in southern Spain pp. 232-240 Downloads
Juan Manuel Peragón, Antonio Delgado and Francisco J. Pérez-Latorre
Short-term effects of tillage practices on soil properties under Tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc. Trotter)] crop in northern Ethiopia pp. 241-249 Downloads
Gebreyesus Brhane Tesfahunegn
Optimal pumping scheduling model considering reservoir evaporation pp. 250-257 Downloads
Juan Reca, Alfonso García-Manzano and Juan Martínez
Investigating the effects of soil moisture sensors positioning and accuracy on soil moisture based drip irrigation scheduling systems pp. 258-268 Downloads
Konstantinos X. Soulis, Stamatios Elmaloglou and Nicholas Dercas
Response of grapevine cv. Syrah to irrigation frequency and water distribution pattern in a clay soil pp. 269-279 Downloads
Bárbara Sebastian, Pilar Baeza, Luis G. Santesteban, Patricia Sanchez de Miguel, Mario De La Fuente and José R. Lissarrague
Changes in the physiological response between leaves and fruits during a moderate water stress in table olive trees pp. 280-286 Downloads
.F. Girón, M. Corell, A. Galindo, E. Torrecillas, D. Morales, Dell’Amico, J., A. Torrecillas, F. Moreno and A. Moriana
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