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Agricultural Water Management

1976 - 2015

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Volume 158, issue C, 2015

Effects of ridge and furrow rainwater harvesting system combined with irrigation on improving water use efficiency of maize (Zea mays L.) in semi-humid area of China pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yang Wu, Zhikuan Jia, Xiaolong Ren, Yan Zhang, Xin Chen, Haoyang Bing and Peng Zhang
The impact of water-pricing policy on the demand for water resources by farmers in Ghana pp. 10-16 Downloads
Patricia Woedem Aidam
Rainwater use by irrigated cotton measured with stable isotopes of water pp. 17-25 Downloads
T.S. Goebel, R.J. Lascano, P.R. Paxton and J.R. Mahan
Socio-economic background of wastewater irrigation and bioaccumulation of heavy metals in crops and vegetables pp. 26-34 Downloads
Shameem Raja, Hafiza Masooma Naseer Cheema, Shaista Babar, Asif Ali Khan, Ghulam Murtaza and Usman Aslam
Stemflow of water on maize and its influencing factors pp. 35-41 Downloads
Haijun Liu, Ruihao Zhang, Liwei Zhang, Xuming Wang, Yan Li and Guanhua Huang
Contribution of tile drains to basin discharge and nitrogen export in a headwater agricultural watershed pp. 42-50 Downloads
M.R. Williams, K.W. King and N.R. Fausey
Response of young ‘Star Ruby’ grapefruit trees to regulated deficit irrigation with saline reclaimed water pp. 51-60 Downloads
F. Pedrero, J.F. Maestre-Valero, O. Mounzer, P.A. Nortes, R. Alcobendas, C. Romero-Trigueros, J.M. Bayona, J.J. Alarcón and E. Nicolás
Residual effects of biochar on improving growth, physiology and yield of wheat under salt stress pp. 61-68 Downloads
Saqib Saleem Akhtar, Mathias Neumann Andersen and Fulai Liu
Effect of deficit irrigation during stage II and post-harvest on tree water status, vegetative growth, yield and economic assessment in ‘Angeleno’ Japanese plum pp. 69-81 Downloads
Alberto Samperio, María José Moñino, Antonio Vivas, Fernando Blanco-Cipollone, Abelardo García Martín and María Henar Prieto
Optimization of the irrigation water resources for Shijin irrigation district in north China pp. 82-98 Downloads
Gaiqiang Yang, Ping Guo, Lijuan Huo and Chongfeng Ren
Chinese rose (Rosa chinensis) cultivation in Bohai Bay, China, using an improved drip irrigation method to reclaim heavy coastal saline soils pp. 99-111 Downloads
Xiulong Chen, Yaohu Kang, Shuqin Wan, Linlin Chu and Xiaobin Li
Solar powered micro-irrigation system for small holders of dryland agriculture in India pp. 112-119 Downloads
M. Kumar, K.S. Reddy, R.V. Adake and C.V.K.N. Rao
Are we getting accurate measurements of Ksat for sodic clay soils? pp. 120-125 Downloads
L.P. Reading, D.A. Lockington, K.L. Bristow and T. Baumgartl
Evaluation of soil water retention pedotransfer functions for Vietnamese Mekong Delta soils pp. 126-138 Downloads
Phuong Minh Nguyen, Khoa Van Le, Yves-Dady Botula and Wim M. Cornelis
Particle circulation in irrigation reservoirs: The role of filter backwash reject on filter clogging pp. 139-144 Downloads
Ana Milstein and Mordehai Feldlite
Influence of mulches on urban vegetation construction in coastal saline land under drip irrigation in North China pp. 145-155 Downloads
Xiulong Chen, Yaohu Kang, Shuqin Wan, Xiaobin Li and Liping Guo
Yield and quality of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) at different water and nitrogen levels under the climatic conditions of Kırsehir, Turkey pp. 156-165 Downloads
Sultan Kiymaz and Ahmet Ertek
Expanding sustainable land management in Ethiopia: Scenarios for improved agricultural water management in the Blue Nile pp. 166-178 Downloads
Emily Schmidt and Birhanu Zemadim
Evaluating the effectiveness of water infrastructures for increasing groundwater recharge and agricultural production – A case study of Gujarat, India pp. 179-188 Downloads
Pennan Chinnasamy, Gourav Misra, Tushaar Shah, Basant Maheshwari and Sanmugam Prathapar
Water productivity, energy and economic analysis of transplanting methods with different irrigation regimes in Basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.) under north-western India pp. 189-195 Downloads
A.S. Brar, G.S. Buttar, Daman Jhanji, Neerja Sharma, K.K. Vashist, S.S. Mahal, J.S. Deol and Gagandeep Singh
The combined use of vegetation indices and stable isotopes to predict durum wheat grain yield under contrasting water conditions pp. 196-208 Downloads
Abdelhalim Elazab, Jordi Bort, Bangwei Zhou, María Dolors Serret, María Teresa Nieto-Taladriz and José Luis Araus
Water temperature in irrigation return flow from the Upper Snake Rock watershed pp. 209-212 Downloads
David L. Bjorneberg
The changes in the physical and hydraulic properties of a loamy soil under irrigation with simpler-reclaimed wastewaters pp. 213-224 Downloads
Talip Tunc and Ustun Sahin
Water use and yield of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) under drip irrigation at different water regimes pp. 225-234 Downloads
Sultan Kiymaz and Ahmet Ertek
Adoption of voluntary water-pollution reduction technologies and water quality perception among Danish farmers pp. 235-244 Downloads
Florence Gathoni Gachango, Laura Mørch Andersen and Søren Marcus Pedersen
Agricultural infrastructure donation performance: Empirical evidence in rural Ethiopia pp. 245-254 Downloads
Elena Urquía-Grande and Antonio Rubio-Alcocer
Leaching and reclamation of a biochar and compost amended saline–sodic soil with moderate SAR reclaimed water pp. 255-265 Downloads
Vijayasatya N. Chaganti, David M. Crohn and Jirka Šimůnek
Effect of wastewater and compost on leaching nutrients of soil column under basil cultivation pp. 266-276 Downloads
Safar Marofi, Masoud Shakarami, Ghasem Rahimi and Farnaz Ershadfath
Assessment of a newly implemented irrigated area (Lerma Basin, Spain) over a 10-year period. I: Water balances and irrigation performance pp. 277-287 Downloads
D. Merchán, J. Causapé, R. Abrahão and . García-Garizábal
Assessment of a newly implemented irrigated area (Lerma Basin, Spain) over a 10-year period. II: Salts and nitrate exported pp. 288-296 Downloads
D. Merchán, J. Causapé, R. Abrahão and . García-Garizábal

Volume 157, issue C, 2015

Irrigation water amount and salinity dictate nitrogen requirement pp. 6-11 Downloads
Peter Vaughan and John Letey
Salinity management in the coastal region of the Netherlands: A historical perspective pp. 12-30 Downloads
Peter A.C. Raats
Achieving sustainable irrigation requires effective management of salts, soil salinity, and shallow groundwater pp. 31-38 Downloads
Dennis Wichelns and Manzoor Qadir
Subsurface drip irrigation in California—Here to stay? pp. 39-47 Downloads
J.E. Ayars, A. Fulton and B. Taylor
Assessing the suitability of saline wastewaters for irrigation of Citrus spp.: Emphasis on boron and specific-ion interactions pp. 48-58 Downloads
S.R. Grattan, F.J. Díaz, F. Pedrero and G.A. Vivaldi
Potassium and magnesium in irrigation water quality assessment pp. 59-64 Downloads
C.J. Smith, J.D. Oster and G. Sposito
Developing and normalizing average corn crop water production functions across years and locations using a system model pp. 65-77 Downloads
S.A. Saseendran, Lajpat R. Ahuja, Liwang Ma, Thomas J. Trout, Gregory S. McMaster, David C. Nielsen, Jay M. Ham, Allan A. Andales, Ardel D. Halvorson, José L. Chávez and Quanxiao X. Fang

Volume 156, issue C, 2015

Differences in water-use-efficiency between two Vitis vinifera cultivars (Grenache and Tempranillo) explained by the combined response of stomata to hydraulic and chemical signals during water stress pp. 1-9 Downloads
S. Martorell, A. Diaz-Espejo, M. Tomàs, A. Pou, H. El Aou-ouad, J.M. Escalona, J. Vadell, M. Ribas-Carbó, J. Flexas and H. Medrano
Consumptive water use and crop coefficients for warm-season turfgrass species in the Southeastern United States pp. 10-18 Downloads
B. Wherley, M.D. Dukes, S. Cathey, G. Miller and T. Sinclair
Desalination of saline farmland drainage water through wetland plants pp. 19-29 Downloads
Y.N. Yang, Q. Sheng, L. Zhang, H.Q. Kang and Y. Liu
Field measurements based model for surface irrigation efficiency assessment pp. 30-42 Downloads
D. Canone, M. Previati, . Bevilacqua, L. Salvai and S. Ferraris
Using field spectrometry and a plant probe accessory to determine leaf water content in commercial vineyards pp. 43-50 Downloads
Ana Belén González-Fernández, José Ramón Rodríguez-Pérez, Victoriano Marcelo and José B. Valenciano
Comparison of canopy temperature-based water stress indices for maize pp. 51-62 Downloads
Kendall C. DeJonge, Saleh Taghvaeian, Thomas J. Trout and Louise H. Comas
Crop water use and stage-specific crop coefficients for irrigated cotton in the mid-south, United States pp. 63-69 Downloads
Vipan Kumar, Theophilus K. Udeigwe, Ernest L. Clawson, Robert V. Rohli and Donnie K. Miller
Effect of drip irrigation and fertilizer regimes on fruit quality of a pomegranate (Punica granatum (L.) cv. Rabab) orchard pp. 70-78 Downloads
Hossein Parvizi and Ali Reza Sepaskhah
A modified fuzzy credibility constrained programming approach for agricultural water resources management—A case study in Urumqi, China pp. 79-89 Downloads
X.M. Li, H.W. Lu, J. Li, P. Du, M. Xu and L. He
Reducing ventilation requirements in semi-closed greenhouses increases water use efficiency pp. 90-99 Downloads
N. Katsoulas, A. Sapounas, F. De Zwart, J.A. Dieleman and C. Stanghellini
Long term impact of waste water irrigation and nutrient rates: I. Performance, sustainability and produce quality of peri urban cropping systems pp. 100-109 Downloads
P.S. Minhas, Khajanchi-Lal,, R.K. Yadav, S.K. Dubey and Rajkumar Chaturvedi
Long-term impact of wastewater irrigation and nutrient rates II. Nutrient balance, nitrate leaching and soil properties under peri-urban cropping systems pp. 110-117 Downloads
Khajanchi -Lal, P.S. Minhas and R.K. Yadav

Volume 155, issue C, 2015

Performance of improved practices in farmers’ fields under rainfed and supplemental irrigation systems in a semi-arid area of Pakistan pp. 1-10 Downloads
A. Mahmood, T. Oweis, M. Ashraf, A. Majid, M. Aftab, N.K. Aadal and . Ahmad
Soil water extraction, water use, and grain yield by drought-tolerant maize on the Texas High Plains pp. 11-21 Downloads
Baozhen Hao, Qingwu Xue, Thomas H. Marek, Kirk E. Jessup, Xiaobo Hou, Wenwei Xu, Edsel D. Bynum and Brent W. Bean
Compensatory uptake functions in empirical macroscopic root water uptake models – Experimental and numerical analysis pp. 22-39 Downloads
Rami Albasha, Jean-Claude Mailhol and Bruno Cheviron
Evapotranspiration partitioning and water use efficiency of switchgrass and biomass sorghum managed for biofuel pp. 40-47 Downloads
Yohannes Tadesse Yimam, Tyson E. Ochsner and Vijaya Gopal Kakani
Evaluating the performance of DRAINMOD using soil hydraulic parameters derived by various methods pp. 48-52 Downloads
Zhiming Qi, Ranvir Singh, Matthew J. Helmers and Xiaobo Zhou
A coupled random fuzzy two-stage programming model for crop area optimization—A case study of the middle Heihe River basin, China pp. 53-66 Downloads
Mo Li and Ping Guo
Nutrient resorption efficiency and proficiency in economic wood trees irrigated by treated wastewater in desert planted forests pp. 67-75 Downloads
Emad Farahat and Hans W. Linderholm
Inflow rate and border irrigation performance pp. 76-86 Downloads
Michael R. Morris, Amjed Hussain, Malcolm H. Gillies and O’Halloran, Nicholas J.
Short-term assessment of the dynamics of elements in wastewater irrigated Mediterranean soil and tomato fruits through sequential dissolution and lead isotopic signatures pp. 87-99 Downloads
L. Cary, N. Surdyk, G. Psarras, . Kasapakis, K. Chartzoulakis, L. Sandei, C. Guerrot, M. Pettenati and W. Kloppmann
Uncertainty analysis of an irrigation scheduling model for water management in crop production pp. 100-112 Downloads
S. Mun, G.F. Sassenrath, A.M. Schmidt, N. Lee, M.C. Wadsworth, B. Rice, J.Q. Corbitt, J.M. Schneider, M.L. Tagert, J. Pote and R. Prabhu
Adaptation strategies for agricultural water management under climate change in Europe pp. 113-124 Downloads
Ana Iglesias and Luis Garrote
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