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2015 - 2017

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Volume 314, issue C, 2017

The influence of internal noise on the detection of hormonal signal with the existence of external noise in a cell system pp. 1-6 Downloads
Hongying Li and Chengli Yao
Quenching for a parabolic equation with variable coefficient modeling MEMS technology pp. 7-11 Downloads
Jun Zhou
Fractional and complex pseudo-splines and the construction of Parseval frames pp. 12-24 Downloads
Peter Massopust, Brigitte Forster and Ole Christensen
Spanning trees and recurrent configurations of a graph pp. 25-30 Downloads
Xiaoxia Wu, Lianzhu Zhang and Haiyan Chen
Privacy-preserving certificateless provable data possession scheme for big data storage on cloud pp. 31-43 Downloads
Debiao He, Neeraj Kumar, Huaqun Wang, Lina Wang and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
A nonnegativity preserved efficient chemical solver applied to the air pollution forecast pp. 44-57 Downloads
Fan Feng, Xuebin Chi, Zifa Wang, Jie Li, Jinrong Jiang and Wenyi Yang
Automorphism group of the complete alternating group graph pp. 58-64 Downloads
Xueyi Huang and Qiongxiang Huang
Asymptotics for varying discrete Sobolev orthogonal polynomials pp. 65-79 Downloads
Mañas–Mañas, Juan F., Francisco Marcellán and Moreno–Balcázar, Juan J.
Structured condition numbers and small sample condition estimation of symmetric algebraic Riccati equations pp. 80-97 Downloads
Huai-An Diao, Dongmei Liu and Sanzheng Qiao
Stabilization of stochastic delay systems via a disordered controller pp. 98-109 Downloads
Guoliang Wang, Hongyang Cai, Qingling Zhang and Chunyu Yang
A meshless symplectic algorithm for nonlinear wave equation using highly accurate RBFs quasi-interpolation pp. 110-120 Downloads
Shengliang Zhang, Yu Yang and Hongqiang Yang
Exponential synchronization of chaotic neural networks with time-varying delay via intermittent output feedback approach pp. 121-132 Downloads
Zhi-Ming Zhang, Yong He, Min Wu and Qing-Guo Wang
The two-stage iteration algorithms based on the shortest distance for low-rank matrix completion pp. 133-141 Downloads
Rui-Ping Wen and Li-Xia Liu
Robust adaptive state feedback sliding-mode control of memristor-based Chua’s systems with input nonlinearity pp. 142-153 Downloads
Yanmei Xue, Bo-Chao Zheng, Tao Li and Yuanlu Li
Analysis of unreliable BMAP/PH/N type queue with Markovian flow of breakdowns pp. 154-172 Downloads
Chesoong Kim, V.I. Klimenok and A.N. Dudin
Representation of solutions to the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation in terms of Neumann series of Bessel functions pp. 173-192 Downloads
Vladislav V. Kravchenko, Luis J. Navarro and Sergii M. Torba
Role of constant prey refuge on stage structure predator–prey model with ratio dependent functional response pp. 193-198 Downloads
Subhas Khajanchi and Sandip Banerjee
Higher order derivative-free iterative methods with and without memory for systems of nonlinear equations pp. 199-211 Downloads
F. Ahmad, F. Soleymani, F. Khaksar Haghani and S. Serra-Capizzano
Interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin method for magnetic induction equation with resistivity pp. 212-227 Downloads
Tanmay Sarkar
Lyapunov functions for Riemann–Liouville-like fractional difference equations pp. 228-236 Downloads
Guo-Cheng Wu, Dumitru Baleanu and Wei-Hua Luo
Hybrid difference scheme for singularly perturbed reaction-convection-diffusion problem with boundary and interior layers pp. 237-256 Downloads
T. Prabha, M. Chandru and V. Shanthi
An entropy stable finite volume scheme for the two dimensional Navier–Stokes equations on triangular grids pp. 257-286 Downloads
Deep Ray and Praveen Chandrashekar
Topological aspects of weighted graphs with application to fixed point theory pp. 287-292 Downloads
M.R. Alfuraidan
Nonlocal symmetries and explicit solutions for the Gardner equation pp. 293-298 Downloads
Jinxi Fei, Weiping Cao and Zhengyi Ma
Global Output-Feedback Adaptive Stabilization for Planar Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Growth Rate and Output Function pp. 299-309 Downloads
Xuehua Yan, Xinmin Song, Zhonghua Wang and Yun Zhang
Study on fractional order gradient methods pp. 310-321 Downloads
Yuquan Chen, Qing Gao, Yiheng Wei and Yong Wang
New criteria of stability analysis for generalized neural networks subject to time-varying delayed signals pp. 322-333 Downloads
Bo Wang, Juan Yan, Jun Cheng and Shouming Zhong
A Decoupled method for image inpainting with patch-based low rank regulariztion pp. 334-348 Downloads
Fang Li and Xiaoguang Lv
Least square ellipsoid fitting using iterative orthogonal transformations pp. 349-359 Downloads
Amit Reza and Anand S. Sengupta
Random neighborhood graphs as models of fracture networks on rocks: Structural and dynamical analysis pp. 360-379 Downloads
Ernesto Estrada and Matthew Sheerin
On A-stable one-leg methods for solving nonlinear Volterra functional differential equations pp. 380-390 Downloads
Wansheng Wang
Characteristic block-centered finite difference method for compressible miscible displacement in porous media pp. 391-407 Downloads
Xiaoli Li and Hongxing Rui
Algebraic construction and numerical behavior of a new s-consistent difference scheme for the 2D Navier–Stokes equations pp. 408-421 Downloads
Pierluigi Amodio, Yuri Blinkov, Vladimir Gerdt and Roberto La Scala
Hierarchy of stability criterion for time-delay systems based on multiple integral approach pp. 422-428 Downloads
Zhanshan Wang, Sanbo Ding and Huaguang Zhang
Mixed metric dimension of graphs pp. 429-438 Downloads
Aleksander Kelenc, Dorota Kuziak, Andrej Taranenko and Ismael G. Yero
Non-similarity solution for Soret effect on natural convection over the vertical frustum of a cone in a nanofluid using new bivariate pseudo-spectral local linearisation method pp. 439-455 Downloads
S.S. Motsa, Ch. RamReddy and Ch. Venkata Rao
Neighbor sum distinguishing total chromatic number of planar graphs with maximum degree 10 pp. 456-468 Downloads
Donglei Yang, Lin Sun, Xiaowei Yu, Jianliang Wu and Shan Zhou
Study of predictor corrector block method via multiple shooting to Blasius and Sakiadis flow pp. 469-483 Downloads
Zanariah Abdul Majid and Phang Pei See
Erratum to “Wavelet based quasilinearization method for semi-linear parabolic initial boundary value problems” [Appl. Math. Comput. 266 (2015) 1163–1176] pp. 484-484 Downloads
V. Antony Vijesh and K. Harish Kumar

Volume 313, issue C, 2017

A family of non-uniform subdivision schemes with variable parameters for curve design pp. 1-11 Downloads
Mei-e Fang, Byeongseon Jeong and Jungho Yoon
High order Runge–Kutta methods for impulsive delay differential equations pp. 12-23 Downloads
Gui-Lai Zhang
Conserved quantities for Hamiltonian systems on time scales pp. 24-36 Downloads
Chuan-Jing Song and Yi Zhang
Exponential and fixed-time synchronization of Cohen–Grossberg neural networks with time-varying delays and reaction-diffusion terms pp. 37-51 Downloads
Ruoxia Li, Jinde Cao, Ahmad Alsaedi and Fuad Alsaadi
An asymptotic expansion for a class of biorthogonal polynomials with respect to a measure on the unit circle pp. 52-73 Downloads
J. Borrego-Morell and F.R. Rafaeli
Selective harvesting of two competing fish species in the presence of toxicity with time delay pp. 74-93 Downloads
D. Pal, G.P. Samanta and G.S. Mahapatra
Parameter Switching Synchronization pp. 94-102 Downloads
Marius-F. Danca and Nikolay Kuznetsov
Optimal investment–consumption strategy with liability and regime switching model under Value-at-Risk constraint pp. 103-118 Downloads
Fengxia Hu and Rongming Wang
The classification of f-coloring of graphs with large maximum degree pp. 119-121 Downloads
Jiansheng Cai, Guiying Yan and Xia Zhang
Epidemic waves of a spatial SIR model in combination with random dispersal and non-local dispersal pp. 122-143 Downloads
Chufen Wu, Yong Yang, Qianyi Zhao, Yanling Tian and Zhiting Xu
A fourth-order AVF method for the numerical integration of sine-Gordon equation pp. 144-158 Downloads
Chaolong Jiang, Jianqiang Sun, Haochen Li and Yifan Wang
Dynamic analysis of fractional-order singular Holling type-II predator–prey system pp. 159-179 Downloads
Komeil Nosrati and Masoud Shafiee
Solving over-constrained systems of non-linear interval equations – And its robotic application pp. 180-195 Downloads
Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto and Milan Hladík
Buckling of moderately thick arbitrarily shaped plates with intermediate point supports using a simple hp-cloud method pp. 196-208 Downloads
Nasrin Jafari and Mojtaba Azhari
A non-stationary combined subdivision scheme generating exponential polynomials pp. 209-221 Downloads
Hongchan Zheng and Baoxing Zhang
Exponential stability of complex-valued memristor-based neural networks with time-varying delays pp. 222-234 Downloads
Yanchao Shi, Jinde Cao and Guanrong Chen
Generalizations of Szőkefalvi Nagy and Chebyshev inequalities with applications in spectral graph theory pp. 235-244 Downloads
Ivan Gutman, Kinkar Ch. Das, Boris Furtula, Emina Milovanović and Igor Milovanović
Pattern formation by super-diffusion in FitzHugh–Nagumo model pp. 245-258 Downloads
Naveed Iqbal, Ranchao Wu and Biao Liu
Finite-time fault detection filter design for discrete-time interconnected systems with average dwell time pp. 259-270 Downloads
Jian Li and Chun-Yu Wu
Comparative analysis of GMDH neural network based on genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization in stable channel design pp. 271-286 Downloads
Saba Shaghaghi, Hossein Bonakdari, Azadeh Gholami, Isa Ebtehaj and Maryam Zeinolabedini
The splitting mixed element method for parabolic equation and its application in chemotaxis model pp. 287-300 Downloads
Yuezhi Zhang and Jiansong Zhang
Ordering chemical trees by Wiener polarity index pp. 301-312 Downloads
Ali Reza Ashrafi and Ali Ghalavand
Computational ability in games: Individual difference and dynamics pp. 313-320 Downloads
Chanjuan Liu and Enqiang Zhu
Chebyshev polynomials approach for numerically solving system of two-dimensional fractional PDEs and convergence analysis pp. 321-330 Downloads
Fuqiang Zhao, Qingxue Huang, Jiaquan Xie, Yugui Li, Lifeng Ma and Jianmei Wang
Hamming method for solving uncertain differential equations pp. 331-341 Downloads
Yi Zhang, Jinwu Gao and Zhiyong Huang
The impact of Beltrami effect on dusty fluid flow through hexagonal channel in presence of porous medium pp. 342-354 Downloads
K.R. Madhura, D.S. Swetha and S.S. Iyengar
Computation of Moore–Penrose generalized inverses of matrices with meromorphic function entries pp. 355-366 Downloads
J. Rafael Sendra and Juana Sendra
Numerical computation of hypersingular integrals on the real semiaxis pp. 367-383 Downloads
Maria Carmela De Bonis and Donatella Occorsio
Proper distance in edge-colored hypercubes pp. 384-391 Downloads
Eddie Cheng, Colton Magnant and Dhruv Medarametla
Global well-posedness of two-dimensional magneto-micropolar equations with partial dissipation pp. 392-407 Downloads
Yana Guo and Haifeng Shang
An iterative algorithm for approximating solutions of Hammerstein equations with monotone maps in Banach spaces pp. 408-417 Downloads
C.E. Chidume and A.U. Bello
On structural properties of trees with minimal atom-bond connectivity index IV: Solving a conjecture about the pendent paths of length three pp. 418-430 Downloads
Darko Dimitrov
Admissibility analysis for discrete-time singular Markov jump systems with asynchronous switching pp. 431-441 Downloads
Xianwen Gao, Hangfeng He and Wenhai Qi
Numerical simulation of three-dimensional telegraphic equation using cubic B-spline differential quadrature method pp. 442-452 Downloads
R.C. Mittal and Sumita Dahiya
Alternating direction numerical scheme for singularly perturbed 2D degenerate parabolic convection-diffusion problems pp. 453-473 Downloads
Anirban Majumdar and Srinivasan Natesan
Adaptive RBF-FD method for elliptic problems with point singularities in 2D pp. 474-497 Downloads
Dang Thi Oanh, Oleg Davydov and Hoang Xuan Phu
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