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2017 - 2017

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Volume 312, issue C, 2017

A fourth-order extrapolated compact difference method for time-fractional convection-reaction-diffusion equations with spatially variable coefficients pp. 1-22 Downloads
Lei Ren and Yuan-Ming Wang
Distributed adaptive fixed-time consensus tracking for second-order multi-agent systems using modified terminal sliding mode pp. 23-35 Downloads
Lin Zhao, Jinpeng Yu, Chong Lin and Haisheng Yu
Fault-tolerant synchronization control for complex dynamical networks with semi-Markov jump topology pp. 36-48 Downloads
Dan Ye, Xiang Yang and Lei Su
The windowed scalogram difference: A novel wavelet tool for comparing time series pp. 49-65 Downloads
V.J. Bolós, R. Benítez, R. Ferrer and R. Jammazi
Two algorithms for computing the matrix cosine function pp. 66-77 Downloads
Jorge Sastre, Javier Ibáñez, Pedro Alonso, Jesús Peinado and Emilio Defez
Synchronization of delayed neural networks with hybrid coupling via partial mixed pinning impulsive control pp. 78-90 Downloads
Chengbo Yi, Jianwen Feng, Jingyi Wang, Chen Xu and Yi Zhao
Numerical simulation of droplet evaporation on a hot surface near Leidenfrost regime using multiphase lattice Boltzmann method pp. 91-108 Downloads
Naser Karami, Mohammad Hassan Rahimian and Mohsen Farhadzadeh
Non-fragile asynchronous H∞ control for uncertain stochastic memory systems with Bernoulli distribution pp. 109-128 Downloads
Jinnan Luo, Wenhong Tian, Shouming Zhong, Kaibo Shi, Hao Chen, Xian-Ming Gu and Wenqin Wang
Limit cycles that do not comprise steady states of chemical reactors pp. 129-133 Downloads
Marek Berezowski
Complementarity eigenvalue problems for nonlinear matrix pencils pp. 134-148 Downloads
A. Pinto da Costa, A. Seeger and F.M.F. Simões
Energy of matrices pp. 149-157 Downloads
Diego Bravo, Florencia Cubría and Juan Rada
Successive iterations and positive extremal solutions for a Hadamard type fractional integro-differential equations on infinite domain pp. 158-168 Downloads
Ke Pei, Guotao Wang and Yanyan Sun
The impact of cost uncertainty on Cournot oligopoly games pp. 169-176 Downloads
S.S. Askar and M.F. Elettreby
Spatiotemporal dynamics and spatial pattern in a diffusive intraguild predation model with delay effect pp. 177-201 Downloads
Renji Han and Binxiang Dai
On the difference between the Szeged and the Wiener index pp. 202-213 Downloads
Marthe Bonamy, Martin Knor, Borut Lužar, Alexandre Pinlou and Riste Škrekovski

Volume 311, issue C, 2017

Hopf bifurcation for a delayed predator–prey diffusion system with Dirichlet boundary condition pp. 1-18 Downloads
Zhan-Ping Ma, Hai-Feng Huo and Hong Xiang
A note on eventually SDD matrices and eigenvalue localization pp. 19-21 Downloads
Qiong Liu, Zhengbo Li and Chaoqian Li
Performance of small-world feedforward neural networks for the diagnosis of diabetes pp. 22-28 Downloads
Okan Erkaymaz, Mahmut Ozer and Matjaž Perc
New elliptic projections and a priori error estimates of H1-Galerkin mixed finite element methods for optimal control problems governed by parabolic integro-differential equations pp. 29-46 Downloads
Tianliang Hou, Jiaqi Zhang, Yanzhong Li and Yueting Yang
Coevolving allocation of resources and cooperation in spatial evolutionary games pp. 47-57 Downloads
Chao Luo and Zhipeng Jiang
A phenomenological model for the aerodynamics of the knuckleball pp. 58-65 Downloads
Mario A. Aguirre-López, O. Díaz-Hernández, F-Javier Almaguer, Javier Morales-Castillo and Gerardo J. Escalera Santos
Stationary distribution and extinction of the DS-I-A model disease with periodic parameter function and Markovian switching pp. 66-84 Downloads
Songnan Liu, Xiaojie Xu, Daqing Jiang, Tasawar Hayat and Bashir Ahmad
An implicit three-dimensional fractional step method for the simulation of the corona phenomenon pp. 85-99 Downloads
Andrea Villa, Luca Barbieri, Marco Gondola, Andres R. Leon-Garzon and Roberto Malgesini
Existence, uniqueness, and exponential stability analysis for complex-valued memristor-based BAM neural networks with time delays pp. 100-117 Downloads
Runan Guo, Ziye Zhang, Xiaoping Liu and Chong Lin
Adaptive synchronization of memristive neural networks with time-varying delays and reaction–diffusion term pp. 118-128 Downloads
Zhengwen Tu, Nan Ding, Liangliang Li, Yuming Feng, Limin Zou and Wei Zhang
Reliable state estimation of switched neutral system with nonlinear actuator faults via sampled-data control pp. 129-147 Downloads
R. Sakthivel, S.A. Karthick, B. Kaviarasan and Yongdo Lim
Decentralized adaptive delay-dependent neural network control for a class of large-scale interconnected nonlinear systems pp. 148-163 Downloads
Changjiang Xi, Ding Zhai, Xiaojian Li and Qingling Zhang
Stability analysis of linear systems with interval time-varying delays utilizing multiple integral inequalities pp. 164-177 Downloads
É. Gyurkovics, G. Szabó-Varga and K. Kiss
Rainbow connection numbers of Cayley digraphs on abelian groups pp. 178-183 Downloads
Yingbin Ma and Zaiping Lu
Inverse engineering preferences in simple games pp. 184-194 Downloads
A. Garcia and K.W. Hipel
SOR-like iteration method for solving absolute value equations pp. 195-202 Downloads
Yi-Fen Ke and Chang-Feng Ma
Global dynamics of an HIV model incorporating senior male clients pp. 203-216 Downloads
Wei Yang, Zhan Shu, James Lam and Chengjun Sun
Efficient algorithm for the vertex cover Pk problem on cacti pp. 217-222 Downloads
Jianhua Tu
On total rainbow k-connected graphs pp. 223-227 Downloads
Yuefang Sun, Zemin Jin and Fengwei Li
Analytic solutions of a microstructure PDE and the KdV and Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equations by invariant Painlevé analysis and generalized Hirota techniques pp. 228-239 Downloads
Matthew Russo and S. Roy Choudhury
Linearized difference schemes for a BBM equation with a fractional nonlocal viscous term pp. 240-250 Downloads
Can Li
Achieving higher order of convergence for solving systems of nonlinear equations pp. 251-261 Downloads
Xiaoyong Xiao and Hongwei Yin
Two-walks degree assortativity in graphs and networks pp. 262-271 Downloads
Alfonso Allen-Perkins, Juan Manuel Pastor and Ernesto Estrada
A new collocation approach for solving systems of high-order linear Volterra integro-differential equations with variable coefficients pp. 272-282 Downloads
Farshid Mirzaee and Seyede Fatemeh Hoseini
Synchronization of nonlinear singularly perturbed complex networks with uncertain inner coupling via event triggered control pp. 283-299 Downloads
K. Sivaranjani, R. Rakkiyappan, Jinde Cao and Ahmed Alsaedi
A monotone finite volume scheme for diffusion equations on general non-conforming meshes pp. 300-313 Downloads
Qi Zhang, Zhiqiang Sheng and Guangwei Yuan
Generalized convolution-type singular integral equations pp. 314-323 Downloads
Pingrun Li
New stability results for delayed neural networks pp. 324-334 Downloads
Hanyong Shao, Huanhuan Li and Chuanjie Zhu
Error estimates on a finite volume method for diffusion problems with interface on rectangular grids pp. 335-352 Downloads
Jie Peng, Shi Shu, HaiYuan Yu, Chunsheng Feng, Mingxian Kan and Ganghua Wang
Parameterized outer estimation of AE-solution sets to parametric interval linear systems pp. 353-360 Downloads
Evgenija D. Popova
A second order Crank–Nicolson scheme for fractional Cattaneo equation based on new fractional derivative pp. 361-374 Downloads
Zhengguang Liu, Aijie Cheng and Xiaoli Li
Multivector and multivector matrix inverses in real Clifford algebras pp. 375-389 Downloads
Eckhard Hitzer and Stephen Sangwine
A Michaelis–Menten type food chain model with strong Allee effect on the prey pp. 390-409 Downloads
Debasis Manna, Alakes Maiti and G.P. Samanta

Volume 310, issue C, 2017

Enhanced ensemble-based classifier with boosting for pattern recognition pp. 1-14 Downloads
Eva Volna and Martin Kotyrba
Numerical investigation of electrohydrodynamic instability in a vertical porous layer pp. 15-39 Downloads
B.M. Shankar, Jai Kumar and I.S. Shivakumara
Unconditional optimal error estimates of a two-grid method for semilinear parabolic equation pp. 40-47 Downloads
Dongyang Shi and Huaijun Yang
Publishing the donation list incompletely promotes the emergence of cooperation in public goods game pp. 48-56 Downloads
Qiao Chen, Tong Chen and Yongjie Wang
Event-triggered sampling control for stability and stabilization of memristive neural networks with communication delays pp. 57-74 Downloads
Ruimei Zhang, Deqiang Zeng, Shouming Zhong and Yongbin Yu
A tenth order A-stable two-step hybrid block method for solving initial value problems of ODEs pp. 75-88 Downloads
Higinio Ramos and Gurjinder Singh
Geometric conditions of non-self-intersecting NURBS surfaces pp. 89-96 Downloads
Xuan-Yi Zhao, Chun-Gang Zhu and Han Wang
The stochastic Korteweg–de Vries equation on a bounded domain pp. 97-111 Downloads
Peng Gao
Low Mach number preconditioning techniques for Roe-type and HLLC-type methods for a two-phase compressible flow model pp. 112-133 Downloads
Marica Pelanti
Logit selection promotes cooperation in voluntary public goods game pp. 134-138 Downloads
Jinna Lu, Lu Wang, Yi-Ling Wang and Xiaoguang Zhang
Numerical solution of time fractional nonlinear Klein–Gordon equation using Sinc–Chebyshev collocation method pp. 139-148 Downloads
A.M. Nagy
An element-free Galerkin approach for rigid–flexible coupling dynamics in 2D state pp. 149-168 Downloads
Dan Xie, Kailin Jian and Weibin Wen
Finite-time dissipative control for stochastic interval systems with time-delay and Markovian switching pp. 169-181 Downloads
Guici Chen, Yu Gao and Shasha Zhu
Reasoning human emotional responses from large-scale social and public media pp. 182-193 Downloads
Xianghua Li, Zhen Wang, Chao Gao and Lei Shi
A conservative spectral collocation method for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation in two dimensions pp. 194-203 Downloads
Rongpei Zhang, Jiang Zhu, Xijun Yu, Mingjun Li and Abimael F.D. Loula
The extrapolation methods based on Simpson’s rule for computing supersingular integral on interval pp. 204-214 Downloads
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