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1983 - 2017

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Volume 112, issue C, 2017

Variable selection for high-dimensional genomic data with censored outcomes using group lasso prior pp. 1-13 Downloads
Kyu Ha Lee, Sounak Chakraborty and Jianguo Sun
A finite mixture of multiple discrete distributions for modelling heaped count data pp. 14-23 Downloads
Lluís Bermúdez, Dimitris Karlis and Miguel Santolino
Some copula inference procedures adapted to the presence of ties pp. 24-41 Downloads
Ivan Kojadinovic
An optimal data ordering scheme for Dirichlet process mixture models pp. 42-52 Downloads
Xue Wang and Stephen G. Walker
A Bayesian method for risk window estimation with application to HPV vaccine trial pp. 53-62 Downloads
Tian Fang, William Mackillop, Wenyu Jiang, Allan Hildesheim, Sholom Wacholder and Bingshu E. Chen
Imputing missing values in unevenly spaced clinical time series data to build an effective temporal classification framework pp. 63-79 Downloads
Jane Y. Nancy, Nehemiah H. Khanna and Kannan Arputharaj
Fitting parabolas in noisy images pp. 80-87 Downloads
Luis A. García-Escudero, Agustín Mayo-Iscar and Clara I. Sánchez-Gutiérrez
LogitBoost autoregressive networks pp. 88-98 Downloads
Marc Goessling
Bivariate copula additive models for location, scale and shape pp. 99-113 Downloads
Giampiero Marra and Rosalba Radice
Estimation and hypothesis test on partial linear models with additive distortion measurement errors pp. 114-128 Downloads
Jun Zhang, Yan Zhou, Bingqing Lin and Yao Yu
A moving average Cholesky factor model in covariance modeling for composite quantile regression with longitudinal data pp. 129-144 Downloads
Jing Lv, Chaohui Guo, Hu Yang and Yalian Li
Analysis of binary longitudinal data with time-varying effects pp. 145-153 Downloads
Seonghyun Jeong, Minjae Park and Taeyoung Park
The generalized moment estimation of the additive–multiplicative hazard model with auxiliary survival information pp. 154-169 Downloads
Wenpeng Shang and Xiao Wang
Bayesian variable selection for a semi-competing risks model with three hazard functions pp. 170-185 Downloads
Andrew G. Chapple, Marina Vannucci, Peter F. Thall and Steven Lin
Analysis of a fixed center effect additive rates model for recurrent event data pp. 186-197 Downloads
Haijin He, Deng Pan, Liuquan Sun, Yimei Li, Leslie L. Robison and Xinyuan Song
A quantitative comparison of stochastic mortality models on Italian population data pp. 198-214 Downloads
M.F. Carfora, L. Cutillo and A. Orlando
Competing risk model with bivariate random effects for clustered survival data pp. 215-223 Downloads
Xin Lai, Kelvin K.W. Yau and Liu Liu
Sieve maximum likelihood estimation for the proportional hazards model under informative censoring pp. 224-234 Downloads
Xuerong Chen, Tao Hu and Jianguo Sun
Transformed contribution ratio test for the number of factors in static approximate factor models pp. 235-241 Downloads
Qiang Xia, Rubing Liang and Jianhong Wu
Simultaneous dimension reduction and variable selection in modeling high dimensional data pp. 242-256 Downloads
Joseph Ryan G. Lansangan and Erniel B. Barrios
Estimation of population proportion for judgment post-stratification pp. 257-269 Downloads
Ehsan Zamanzade and Xinlei Wang

Volume 111, issue C, 2017

RHSBoost: Improving classification performance in imbalance data pp. 1-13 Downloads
Joonho Gong and Hyunjoong Kim
The robust EM-type algorithms for log-concave mixtures of regression models pp. 14-26 Downloads
Hao Hu, Weixin Yao and Yichao Wu
Online EM for functional data pp. 27-47 Downloads
Florian Maire, Eric Moulines and Sidonie Lefebvre
Penalized principal logistic regression for sparse sufficient dimension reduction pp. 48-58 Downloads
Seung Jun Shin and Andreas Artemiou
Multivariate location and scatter matrix estimation under cellwise and casewise contamination pp. 59-76 Downloads
Andy Leung, Victor Yohai and Ruben Zamar
Subject-wise empirical likelihood inference in partial linear models for longitudinal data pp. 77-87 Downloads
Lianfen Qian and Suojin Wang
Multivariate functional response regression, with application to fluorescence spectroscopy in a cervical pre-cancer study pp. 88-101 Downloads
Hongxiao Zhu, Jeffrey S. Morris, Fengrong Wei and Dennis D. Cox
Bayesian local influence of semiparametric structural equation models pp. 102-115 Downloads
Ming Ouyang, Xiaodong Yan, Ji Chen, Niansheng Tang and Xinyuan Song
Robust and sparse estimators for linear regression models pp. 116-130 Downloads
Ezequiel Smucler and Victor J. Yohai
Sufficient dimension reduction constrained through sub-populations pp. 131-144 Downloads
Elias Al-Najjar and Kofi P. Adragni
Residual and stratified branching particle filters pp. 145-165 Downloads
Michael A. Kouritzin
Smooth conditional distribution estimators using Bernstein polynomials pp. 166-182 Downloads
Mohamed Belalia, Taoufik Bouezmarni and Alexandre Leblanc
Pharmacokinetically guided optimum adaptive dose selection in early phase clinical trials pp. 183-202 Downloads
M. Iftakhar Alam, Barbara Bogacka and D. Stephen Coad
A new method for evaluation of the Fisher information matrix for discrete mixed effect models using Monte Carlo sampling and adaptive Gaussian quadrature pp. 203-219 Downloads
Sebastian Ueckert and France Mentré

Volume 110, issue C, 2017

D-vine copula based quantile regression pp. 1-18 Downloads
Daniel Kraus and Claudia Czado
A hidden Markov model for latent temporal clustering with application to ideological alignment in the U.S. Supreme Court pp. 19-36 Downloads
Harry Crane
Parsimonious and powerful composite likelihood testing for group difference and genotype–phenotype association pp. 37-49 Downloads
Zhendong Huang, Davide Ferrari and Guoqi Qian
Estimating time-varying treatment switching effects via local linear smoothing and quasi-likelihood pp. 50-63 Downloads
Hongmei Lin, Riquan Zhang, Wenchao Xu and Yuedong Wang
Nearest neighbor estimates of regression pp. 64-74 Downloads
Kjell A. Doksum, Jiancheng Jiang, Bo Sun and Shuzhen Wang
Regression analysis of current status data in the presence of dependent censoring with applications to tumorigenicity experiments pp. 75-86 Downloads
Shuwei Li, Tao Hu, Peijie Wang and Jianguo Sun
Mixture models for mixed-type data through a composite likelihood approach pp. 87-102 Downloads
Monia Ranalli and Roberto Rocci
Variable selection for multiply-imputed data with penalized generalized estimating equations pp. 103-114 Downloads
J. Geronimi and G. Saporta
Bayesian group bridge for bi-level variable selection pp. 115-133 Downloads
Himel Mallick and Nengjun Yi
Principal components adjusted variable screening pp. 134-144 Downloads
Zhongkai Liu, Rui Song, Donglin Zeng and Jiajia Zhang
Generalized partially linear regression with misclassified data and an application to labour market transitions pp. 145-159 Downloads
Stephan Dlugosz, Enno Mammen and Ralf Wilke

Volume 109, issue C, 2017

Partial projective resampling method for dimension reduction: With applications to partially linear models pp. 1-14 Downloads
Haileab Hilafu and Wenbo Wu
Composite quantile regression for correlated data pp. 15-33 Downloads
Weihua Zhao, Heng Lian and Xinyuan Song
A mixture model-based nonparametric approach to estimating a count distribution pp. 34-44 Downloads
Chew-Seng Chee
Estimation of selected parameters pp. 45-63 Downloads
Jia-Chiun Pan, Yufen Huang and J.T. Gene Hwang
Robust and efficient estimation of multivariate scatter and location pp. 64-75 Downloads
Ricardo A. Maronna and Victor J. Yohai
Correlation between graphs with an application to brain network analysis pp. 76-92 Downloads
André Fujita, Daniel Yasumasa Takahashi, Joana Bisol Balardin, Maciel Calebe Vidal and João Ricardo Sato
Adjusting background noise in cluster analyses of longitudinal data pp. 93-104 Downloads
Shengtong Han, Hongmei Zhang, Wilfried Karmaus, Graham Roberts and Hasan Arshad
Inference for biased transformation models pp. 105-120 Downloads
Xuehu Zhu, Tao Wang, Junlong Zhao and Lixing Zhu
Bayesian quantile regression using random B-spline series prior pp. 121-143 Downloads
Priyam Das and Subhashis Ghosal
Bayesian robust principal component analysis with structured sparse component pp. 144-158 Downloads
Ningning Han, Yumeng Song and Zhanjie Song
An SVM-like approach for expectile regression pp. 159-181 Downloads
Muhammad Farooq and Ingo Steinwart
Flexible integro-difference equation modeling for spatio-temporal data pp. 182-198 Downloads
Robert Richardson, Athanasios Kottas and Bruno Sansó
Objective Bayesian analysis of JM model in software reliability pp. 199-214 Downloads
Yongqiang Lian, Yincai Tang and Yijun Wang
Uncertainty-safe large scale support vector machines pp. 215-230 Downloads
Nicolas Couellan and Wenjuan Wang
Hierarchical models: Local proposal variances for RWM-within-Gibbs and MALA-within-Gibbs pp. 231-246 Downloads
Mylène Bédard
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