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Volume 109, issue C, 2017

Partial projective resampling method for dimension reduction: With applications to partially linear models pp. 1-14 Downloads
Haileab Hilafu and Wenbo Wu
Composite quantile regression for correlated data pp. 15-33 Downloads
Weihua Zhao, Heng Lian and Xinyuan Song
A mixture model-based nonparametric approach to estimating a count distribution pp. 34-44 Downloads
Chew-Seng Chee
Estimation of selected parameters pp. 45-63 Downloads
Jia-Chiun Pan, Yufen Huang and J.T. Gene Hwang
Robust and efficient estimation of multivariate scatter and location pp. 64-75 Downloads
Ricardo A. Maronna and Victor J. Yohai
Correlation between graphs with an application to brain network analysis pp. 76-92 Downloads
André Fujita, Daniel Yasumasa Takahashi, Joana Bisol Balardin, Maciel Calebe Vidal and João Ricardo Sato
Adjusting background noise in cluster analyses of longitudinal data pp. 93-104 Downloads
Shengtong Han, Hongmei Zhang, Wilfried Karmaus, Graham Roberts and Hasan Arshad
Inference for biased transformation models pp. 105-120 Downloads
Xuehu Zhu, Tao Wang, Junlong Zhao and Lixing Zhu
Bayesian quantile regression using random B-spline series prior pp. 121-143 Downloads
Priyam Das and Subhashis Ghosal
Bayesian robust principal component analysis with structured sparse component pp. 144-158 Downloads
Ningning Han, Yumeng Song and Zhanjie Song
An SVM-like approach for expectile regression pp. 159-181 Downloads
Muhammad Farooq and Ingo Steinwart
Flexible integro-difference equation modeling for spatio-temporal data pp. 182-198 Downloads
Robert Richardson, Athanasios Kottas and Bruno Sansó
Objective Bayesian analysis of JM model in software reliability pp. 199-214 Downloads
Yongqiang Lian, Yincai Tang and Yijun Wang
Uncertainty-safe large scale support vector machines pp. 215-230 Downloads
Nicolas Couellan and Wenjuan Wang
Hierarchical models: Local proposal variances for RWM-within-Gibbs and MALA-within-Gibbs pp. 231-246 Downloads
Mylène Bédard

Volume 108, issue C, 2017

A new two-stage multiple comparison procedure for comparing several exponential populations with a control under heteroscedasticity pp. 1-11 Downloads
Vishal Maurya, A.N. Gill and Aarti Goyal
Analysis of left truncated and right censored competing risks data pp. 12-26 Downloads
Debasis Kundu, Debanjan Mitra and Ayon Ganguly
The doubly smoothed maximum likelihood estimation for location-shifted semiparametric mixtures pp. 27-39 Downloads
Byungtae Seo
Sparse vector Markov switching autoregressive models. Application to multivariate time series of temperature pp. 40-51 Downloads
Valérie Monbet and Pierre Ailliot
Tracking concept drift using a constrained penalized regression combiner pp. 52-69 Downloads
Li-Yu Wang, Cheolwoo Park, Kyupil Yeon and Hosik Choi
Adaptive penalized splines for data smoothing pp. 70-83 Downloads
Lianqiang Yang and Yongmiao Hong
Approximate maximum likelihood estimation of the Bingham distribution pp. 84-96 Downloads
Marco Bee, Roberto Benedetti and Giuseppe Espa
Nonparametric estimation of dynamic discrete choice models for time series data pp. 97-120 Downloads
Byeong U. Park, Léopold Simar and Valentin Zelenyuk
Correlation rank screening for ultrahigh-dimensional survival data pp. 121-132 Downloads
Jing Zhang, Yanyan Liu and Yuanshan Wu
A multi-row deletion diagnostic for influential observations in small-sample regressions pp. 133-145 Downloads
Daniel Kaffine and Graham Davis
Robust estimation and variable selection in sufficient dimension reduction pp. 146-157 Downloads
Hossein Moradi Rekabdarkolaee, Edward Boone and Qin Wang

Volume 107, issue C, 2017

Density estimation on manifolds with boundary pp. 1-17 Downloads
Tyrus Berry and Timothy Sauer
Estimating a non-homogeneous Gompertz process with jumps as model of tumor dynamics pp. 18-31 Downloads
Virginia Giorno, Patricia Román-Román, Serena Spina and Francisco Torres-Ruiz
Poisson mixed models for studying the poverty in small areas pp. 32-47 Downloads
Miguel Boubeta, María José Lombardía and Domingo Morales
A new class of defective models based on the Marshall–Olkin family of distributions for cure rate modeling pp. 48-63 Downloads
Ricardo Rocha, Saralees Nadarajah, Vera Tomazella and Francisco Louzada
On the identifiability and estimation of generalized linear models with parametric nonignorable missing data mechanism pp. 64-80 Downloads
Xia Cui, Jianhua Guo and Guangren Yang
Deriving optimal data-analytic regimes from benchmarking studies pp. 81-91 Downloads
Lisa L. Doove, Tom F. Wilderjans, Antonio Calcagnì and Iven Van Mechelen
Robust estimators of accelerated failure time regression with generalized log-gamma errors pp. 92-106 Downloads
Claudio Agostinelli, Isabella Locatelli, Alfio Marazzi and Víctor J. Yohai
Variable selection using shrinkage priors pp. 107-119 Downloads
Hanning Li and Debdeep Pati
Semiparametric regression analysis of multivariate longitudinal data with informative observation times pp. 120-130 Downloads
Shirong Deng, Kin-yat Liu and Xingqiu Zhao
Canonical kernel dimension reduction pp. 131-148 Downloads
Chenyang Tao and Jianfeng Feng
Using contrastive divergence to seed Monte Carlo MLE for exponential-family random graph models pp. 149-161 Downloads
Pavel N. Krivitsky
Saddlepoint tests for accurate and robust inference on overdispersed count data pp. 162-175 Downloads
William H. Aeberhard, Eva Cantoni and Stephane Heritier

Volume 106, issue C, 2017

Generalized estimating equations with stabilized working correlation structure pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yongchan Kwon, Young-Geun Choi, Taesung Park, Andreas Ziegler and Myunghee Cho Paik
Parametric methods for confidence interval estimation of overlap coefficients pp. 12-26 Downloads
Dan Wang and Lili Tian
FFT-based fast bandwidth selector for multivariate kernel density estimation pp. 27-45 Downloads
Artur Gramacki and Jarosław Gramacki
Robust estimation in partially linear errors-in-variables models pp. 46-64 Downloads
Ana M. Bianco and Paula M. Spano
Simultaneous confidence intervals for comparisons of several multinomial samples pp. 65-76 Downloads
Frank Schaarschmidt, Daniel Gerhard and Charlotte Vogel
Extending approximate Bayesian computation methods to high dimensions via a Gaussian copula model pp. 77-89 Downloads
J. Li, D.J. Nott, Y. Fan and S.A. Sisson
An alternative pruning based approach to unbiased recursive partitioning pp. 90-102 Downloads
Alberto Alvarez-Iglesias, John Hinde, John Ferguson and John Newell
Sparse seasonal and periodic vector autoregressive modeling pp. 103-126 Downloads
Changryong Baek, Richard A. Davis and Vladas Pipiras
Cross-validated wavelet block thresholding for non-Gaussian errors pp. 127-137 Downloads
K. McGinnity, R. Varbanov and E. Chicken
Model selection for discrete regular vine copulas pp. 138-152 Downloads
Anastasios Panagiotelis, Claudia Czado, Harry Joe and Jakob Stöber
Estimating functional linear mixed-effects regression models pp. 153-164 Downloads
Baisen Liu, Liangliang Wang and Jiguo Cao

Volume 105, issue C, 2017

Model-based simultaneous clustering and ordination of multivariate abundance data in ecology pp. 1-10 Downloads
Francis K.C. Hui
Quasi-systematic sampling from a continuous population pp. 11-23 Downloads
Matthieu Wilhelm, Yves Tillé and Lionel Qualité
Depth-based nonparametric description of functional data, with emphasis on use of spatial depth pp. 24-45 Downloads
Robert Serfling and Uditha Wijesuriya
A note on modeling sparse exponential-family functional response curves pp. 46-52 Downloads
Jan Gertheiss, Jeff Goldsmith and Ana-Maria Staicu
A fast algorithm for two-dimensional Kolmogorov–Smirnov two sample tests pp. 53-58 Downloads
Yuanhui Xiao
Fitting large-scale structured additive regression models using Krylov subspace methods pp. 59-75 Downloads
Paul Schmidt, Mark Mühlau and Volker Schmid
A general hidden state random walk model for animal movement pp. 76-95 Downloads
Aurélien Nicosia, Thierry Duchesne, Louis-Paul Rivest and Daniel Fortin
Normal–Gamma–Bernoulli peak detection for analysis of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography mass spectrometry data pp. 96-111 Downloads
Seongho Kim, Hyejeong Jang, Imhoi Koo, Joohyoung Lee and Xiang Zhang
Confidence intervals through sequential Monte Carlo pp. 112-124 Downloads
Ivair R. Silva
Asymptotically optimal differenced estimators of error variance in nonparametric regression pp. 125-143 Downloads
WenWu Wang and Ping Yu
Nonparametric incidence estimation and bootstrap bandwidth selection in mixture cure models pp. 144-165 Downloads
Ana López-Cheda, Ricardo Cao, M. Amalia Jácome and Ingrid Van Keilegom
Approximate maximum likelihood estimation using data-cloning ABC pp. 166-183 Downloads
Umberto Picchini and Rachele Anderson
Bayesian local influence analysis of general estimating equations with nonignorable missing data pp. 184-200 Downloads
Yan-Qing Zhang and Nian-Sheng Tang
Model free feature screening for ultrahigh dimensional data with responses missing at random pp. 201-216 Downloads
Peng Lai, Yiming Liu, Zhi Liu and Yi Wan
A simple approach to sparse clustering pp. 217-228 Downloads
Ery Arias-Castro and Xiao Pu
Rank constrained distribution and moment computations pp. 229-242 Downloads
Seksan Kiatsupaibul, Anthony J. Hayter and Wei Liu
Robust estimation in stochastic frontier models pp. 243-267 Downloads
Junmo Song, Dong-hyun Oh and Jiwon Kang
Sequential rank CUSUM charts for angular data pp. 268-279 Downloads
F. Lombard, Douglas M. Hawkins and Cornelis J. Potgieter
Data-driven algorithms for dimension reduction in causal inference pp. 280-292 Downloads
Emma Persson, Jenny Häggström, Ingeborg Waernbaum and Xavier de Luna
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