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Volume 36, issue 4, 1991

Incomplete markets and the suboptimality of rational expectations pp. 343-346 Downloads
Jean-Pascal Benassy
On the rate of time preference under recursive preferences pp. 347-354 Downloads
Hiroaki Hayakawa
The existence of aggregate capital when returns to scale are non-constant pp. 355-359 Downloads
Lawrence J. Lau
Elitist matching and skewness in income distributions pp. 361-364 Downloads
Y. Joseph Lin and Francis T. Lui
The bargaining problem without convexity: Extending the egalitarian and Kalai-Smorodinsky solutions pp. 365-369 Downloads
John Conley and Simon Wilkie
Subject response to loss in an experimental tournament pp. 371-374 Downloads
Robert Drago and John Heywood
Evolutionary stability in unanimity games with cheap talk pp. 375-378 Downloads
Karl Wärneryd
Measuring persistence in the presence of trend breaks: The case of US GNP pp. 379-384 Downloads
Jorn-Steffen Pischke
Bounds for the correlations of expected inflation with real and nominal interest rates pp. 385-389 Downloads
Behzad Diba and Seonghwan Oh
A test for spatial and temporal aggregation pp. 391-396 Downloads
Gary Thompson
The gains-from-trade theorem with variable returns to scale in the presence of intermediate goods pp. 397-401 Downloads
Jota Ishikawa
Is there a long-run relation between the trade balance and the real effective exchange rate of LDCs? pp. 403-407 Downloads
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee
The hazard rate of new establishments: A first report pp. 409-412 Downloads
David Audretsch and Talat Mahmood
Heteroskedastic inefficiency in a cost frontier model: An application to nuclear power plant construction costs pp. 413-417 Downloads
Michael Robinson and Lucia A. Nixon
The decline in private pension coverage in the United States pp. 419-423 Downloads
Donald Parsons
Physician's income and the percent female of the physician's specialty pp. 425-428 Downloads
Mary B. Hampton
Sensitivity of tests of the PIH to alternative consumption proxies pp. 429-433 Downloads
Maureen J. Lage

Volume 36, issue 3, 1991

Envy-free and efficient allocations in large public good economies pp. 227-232 Downloads
Dimitrios Diamantaras
Markets with countably many periods pp. 233-238 Downloads
Monique Florenzano
Quality as a substitute for quantity: Do more reliable products ever sell for less? pp. 239-243 Downloads
Julianne Nelson
Costly diagnosis and price dispersion pp. 245-251 Downloads
Shmuel Nitzan and Joseph Tzur
A problem in discrete distributive justice pp. 253-256 Downloads
F. Masarani and S. S. Gokturk
Obtaining contingent bounds for non-contingent equivalent variations pp. 257-261 Downloads
Israel Finkelshtain and Offer Kella
A new characterization of the Groves- Clarke mechanism pp. 263-267 Downloads
Tomas Sjostrom
Infrequent permanent shocks and the finite-sample performance of unit root tests pp. 269-273 Downloads
Nathan Balke and Thomas Fomby
General linear hypotheses in a two-stage least squares estimation model pp. 275-279 Downloads
Yu-Sheng Hsu
Resampling methods for tests in regression models with autocorrelated errors pp. 281-284 Downloads
Robert K. Rayner
A modification of the Schmidt-Phillips unit root test pp. 285-289 Downloads
Peter Schmidt and Junsoo Lee
Measuring submarket specialisation by firms pp. 291-294 Downloads
Ross Williams
A differential measure of the real wage index pp. 295-298 Downloads
Michael Baye and Dan Black
Speculative efficiency and risk premium in the market for foreign exchange: In search of the true specification pp. 299-304 Downloads
Arindam Bandopadhyaya
Aggregate price indexes, cointegration, and tests of the purchasing power parity hypothesis pp. 305-309 Downloads
Paul Johnson
Return intervals, systematic risk estimates and firm size: Empirical evidence from a thin security market pp. 311-315 Downloads
Teppo Martikainen and Jukka Perttunen
Valuation effects of Canadian stock split announcements pp. 317-322 Downloads
Lawrence Kryzanowski and Hao Zhang
Empirical aspects of self-employment pp. 323-329 Downloads
Edwin T. Fujii and Clifford Hawley
Compensating wages for long-term job hazards in Canadian industry pp. 331-336 Downloads
Ronald Meng
An index of relative deprivation pp. 337-341 Downloads
Satya Paul

Volume 36, issue 2, 1991

Quantity adjustment costs and price stickiness pp. 121-125 Downloads
Victor Ginsburgh, Philippe Michel and Philippe Moës
Adaptive learning and roads to chaos: The case of the cobweb pp. 127-132 Downloads
Cars Hommes
Cournot oligopoly with bargaining pp. 133-136 Downloads
Anindya Sen
The Nash solution and relevant expansions pp. 137-140 Downloads
Nejat Anbarci
Strategy subsets closed under rational behavior pp. 141-146 Downloads
Kaushik Basu and Jörgen Weibull
The value of the option to 'wait and see' pp. 147-151 Downloads
Morgan Kelly
Stahl's bargaining model pp. 153-157 Downloads
Tomas Sjostrom
Cash-in-advance or delayed deposits implications for inflation and growth pp. 159-163 Downloads
Joseph Zeira
Cross-country tests of neoclassical growth models pp. 165-168 Downloads
Max R. van de Sande Bakhuyzen
Inventory investment in Norway pp. 169-174 Downloads
Shin-ichi Fukuda
Inappropriate use of seasonal dummies in regression pp. 175-179 Downloads
Tilak Abeysinghe
GARCH(1, 1) processes are near epoch dependent pp. 181-186 Downloads
Bruce Hansen
Share repurchases, the 'new' view, and the cost of capital pp. 187-190 Downloads
Hans-Werner Sinn
Updating estimates of male-female salary differentials in the academic labor market pp. 191-195 Downloads
Debra A. Barbezat
Plant size, tenure, and discrimination in internal labor markets: Evidence on sex differentials pp. 197-202 Downloads
Michael Robinson and Phanindra Wunnava
Union membership, collective bargaining coverage and the trade union mark-up for Britain pp. 203-208 Downloads
D. H. Blackaby, P. D. Murphy and Peter Sloane
Does advance notice facilitate better job matches? pp. 209-212 Downloads
John Addison and Pedro Portugal
Job requirements and the recruitment of new employees pp. 213-218 Downloads
Jan van Ours and Geert Ridder
Dynamic labor demand with dual labor markets pp. 219-222 Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul
City-suburb socioeconomic differences: evidence from the 1940 and 1950 census public use samples pp. 223-226 Downloads
Robert Margo

Volume 36, issue 1, 1991

Oligopolistic competition among groups pp. 1-3 Downloads
Luis Corchon
Who benefits from large rebates: Manufacturer, retailer or consumer? pp. 5-8 Downloads
Eitan Gerstner and James D. Hess
Can evolutionary dynamics explain free riding in experiments? pp. 9-15 Downloads
John H. Miller and James Andreoni
Resolving open questions on the [lambda]*-envy free criterion pp. 17-20 Downloads
Van Kolpin
On the rebustness of perfect equilibrium in fixed cost sequential bargaining under an isomorphic transformation pp. 21-24 Downloads
Eythan Weg and Rami Zwick
Stable matchings and equilibrium outcomes of the Gale-Shapley's algorithm for the marriage problem pp. 25-29 Downloads
Lin Zhou
Optimal growth under uncertainty pp. 31-35 Downloads
C. L. Russell
The power of the Durbin-Watson test when the errors are heteroscedastic pp. 37-41 Downloads
David Giles and John P. Small
Estimation of technical inefficiency in panel data models with firm- and time-specific effects pp. 43-48 Downloads
Subal Kumbhakar
A note on computing r-squared and adjusted r-squared for trending and seasonal data pp. 49-54 Downloads
Jeffrey Wooldridge
A note on the stationarity of the primary commodities relative price index pp. 55-60 Downloads
Rodolfo Helg
Why did so many savings and loans go bankrupt? pp. 61-66 Downloads
Michael Williams, Harindra de Silva, Michael F. Koehn and Stanley I. Ornstein
The irrelevance of detail in and computable general equilibrium model pp. 67-70 Downloads
Tyler Fox and Don Fullerton
Intra-industry trade and protection: Which way does the causation go? pp. 71-76 Downloads
Ravindra Ratnayake and Sisira Jayasuriya
Real exchange rates and divisia moments of world trade pp. 77-79 Downloads
Meher Manzur, Chen Dongling and Kenneth Clements
Measuring the impact of research and development on technological change: An application of Basmann-Hayes-Slottje's approach pp. 81-85 Downloads
Andreas A. Andrikopoulos and James Brox
The impact of unionism on fringe benefit coverage pp. 87-91 Downloads
William Even and David Macpherson
Statistical discrimination and competitive signalling pp. 93-97 Downloads
Rein Haagsma
Expectations on pension schemes under non-stationary conditions pp. 99-103 Downloads
Marijn J. M. Verhoeven and Harrie A. A. Verbon
The Lorenz curve and the mobility function pp. 105-111 Downloads
R. L. Basmann, K. J. Hayes and D. J. Slottje
Are unemployment and out of the labor force behaviorally distinct labor force states?: New evidence from the gross change data pp. 113-117 Downloads
Doki K. Tano
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