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Volume 93, issue C, 2017

Consumer myopia, imperfect competition and the energy efficiency gap: Evidence from the UK refrigerator market pp. 1-23 Downloads
François Cohen, Matthieu Glachant and Magnus Söderberg
Incentives, information and malnutrition: Evidence from an experiment in India pp. 24-46 Downloads
Prakarsh Singh and Sandip Mitra
Knowledge diffusion, endogenous growth, and the costs of global climate policy pp. 47-72 Downloads
Lucas Bretschger, Filippo Lechthaler, Sebastian Rausch and Lin Zhang
Collective versus individual Decision-Making: A case study of the Bank of Israel Law pp. 73-89 Downloads
Francisco Ruge-Murcia and Alessandro Riboni
Cooperation and authoritarian values: An experimental study in China pp. 90-105 Downloads
Björn Vollan, Andreas Landmann, Yexin Zhou, Biliang Hu and Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
Costly communication and learning from failure in organizational coordination pp. 106-122 Downloads
Dietmar Fehr
A signaling-based theory of contractual commitment to relationships pp. 123-138 Downloads
Luís Vasconcelos
Ranking languages in the European Union: Before and after Brexit pp. 139-151 Downloads
Victor Ginsburgh, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero and Shlomo Weber
Why don't voters ‘put the Gini back in the bottle'? Inequality and economic preferences for redistribution pp. 152-172 Downloads
Brandon Pecoraro

Volume 92, issue C, 2017

Intergenerational altruism and house prices: Evidence from bequest tax reforms in Italy pp. 1-12 Downloads
Giorgio Bellettini, Filippo Taddei and Giulio Zanella
Intergenerational correlation and social interactions in education pp. 13-30 Downloads
Sebastian Bervoets and Yves Zenou
Do women have more shame than men? An experiment on self-assessment and the shame of overestimating oneself pp. 31-46 Downloads
Sandra Ludwig, Gerlinde Fellner-Röhling and Carmen Thoma
Addressing household indebtedness: Monetary, fiscal or macroprudential policy? pp. 47-73 Downloads
Sami Alpanda and Sarah Zubairy
The home bias of the poor: Foreign asset portfolios across the wealth distribution pp. 74-91 Downloads
Tobias Broer
Income underreporting among the self-employed: A permanent income approach pp. 92-109 Downloads
Per Engström and Johannes Hagen
Regional inequality, convergence, and its determinants – A view from outer space pp. 110-132 Downloads
Christian Lessmann and André Seidel
Intuitive help and punishment in the field pp. 133-145 Downloads
Luis Artavia-Mora, Arjun S. Bedi and Matthias Rieger
Malaria suitability, urbanization and persistence: Evidence from China over more than 2000 years pp. 146-160 Downloads
Matthias Flückiger and Markus Ludwig
On measuring uncertainty and its impact on investment: Cross-country evidence from the euro area pp. 161-179 Downloads
Philipp Meinen and Oke Roehe
Electoral competition and political selection: An analysis of the activity of French deputies, 1958–2012 pp. 180-195 Downloads
Nicolas Gavoille and Marijn Verschelde
Immigration and the gender wage gap pp. 196-214 Downloads
Anthony Edo and Farid Toubal
Financing constraints and fixed-term employment: Evidence from the 2008-9 financial crisis pp. 215-238 Downloads
Ana P. Fernandes and Priscila Ferreira
The political economy of mitigation and adaptation pp. 239-257 Downloads
Wolfgang Habla and Kerstin Roeder
Immigration, regional conditions, and crime: Evidence from an allocation policy in Germany pp. 258-282 Downloads
Marc Piopiunik and Jens Ruhose
Unauthorized immigration and fiscal competition pp. 283-305 Downloads
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay and Santiago Pinto
Anticipated international environmental agreements pp. 306-336 Downloads
Ömer T. Açıkgöz and Hassan Benchekroun
Revisiting the evidence for cardinal treatment of ordinal variables pp. 337-358 Downloads
Carsten Schröder and Shlomo Yitzhaki
Cash inflow and trading horizon in asset markets pp. 359-384 Downloads
Michael Razen, Jürgen Huber and Michael Kirchler
Trade and synchronization in a multi-country economy pp. 385-415 Downloads
Luciana Juvenal and Paulo Santos Monteiro
The output costs of hard and soft sovereign default pp. 416-432 Downloads
Christoph Trebesch and Michael Zabel

Volume 91, issue C, 2017

Why countries differ in thin capitalization rules: The role of financial development pp. 1-14 Downloads
Mohammed Mardan
Strategic fiscal policies in Europe: Why does the labour wedge matter? pp. 15-29 Downloads
Francois Langot and Matthieu Lemoine
Families and social security pp. 30-56 Downloads
Hans Fehr, Manuel Kallweit and Fabian Kindermann
Who creates jobs? Econometric modeling and evidence for Austrian firm level data pp. 57-71 Downloads
Peter Huber, Harald Oberhofer and Michael Pfaffermayr
Amortization requirements and household indebtedness: An application to Swedish-style mortgages pp. 72-88 Downloads
Isaiah Hull
Preferences, selection, and value added: A structural approach pp. 89-117 Downloads
Pelin Akyol and Kala Krishna
Static and dynamic gains from costly importing of intermediate inputs: Evidence from Colombia pp. 118-145 Downloads
Hongsong Zhang
Macroeconomic experiences and risk taking of euro area households pp. 146-156 Downloads
Miguel Ampudia Fraile and Michael Ehrmann
WTO dispute determinants pp. 157-179 Downloads
David Kuenzel
Cross-border externalities and cooperation among representative democracies pp. 180-208 Downloads
Antoine Loeper
Democracy, inequality, and institutional quality pp. 209-228 Downloads
Rainer Kotschy and Uwe Sunde
Time-intensive R&D and unbalanced trade pp. 229-244 Downloads
Philip Sauré
Excess capacity in a fixed-cost economy pp. 245-260 Downloads
Daniel Murphy
Transparency, expectations anchoring and inflation target pp. 261-273 Downloads
Guido Ascari, Anna Florio and Alessandro Gobbi
Legal uncertainty as a welfare enhancing screen pp. 274-289 Downloads
Matthias Lang
Sequential negotiations with loss-averse buyers pp. 290-304 Downloads
Antonio Rosato
The unilateral implementation of a sustainable growth path with directed technical change pp. 305-327 Downloads
Inge van den Bijgaart

Volume 90, issue C, 2016

Social identity and social free-riding pp. 4-17 Downloads
Mark Bernard, Florian Hett and Mario Mechtel
A simple model of homophily in social networks pp. 18-39 Downloads
Sergio Currarini, Jesse Matheson and Fernando Vega-Redondo
Identity, homophily and in-group bias pp. 40-55 Downloads
Sergio Currarini and Friederike Mengel
Money or friends: Social identity and deception in networks pp. 56-66 Downloads
Rong Rong, Daniel Houser and Anovia Yifan Dai
The effects of group composition in a strategic environment: Evidence from a field experiment pp. 67-85 Downloads
John List, William Neilson and Michael Price
Social connectedness improves co-ordination on individually costly, efficient outcomes pp. 86-106 Downloads
Giuseppe Attanasi, Astrid Hopfensitz, Emiliano Lorini and Frédéric Moisan
Identity and group conflict pp. 107-121 Downloads
Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Joo Young Jeon and Abhijit Ramalingam
Social motives in intergroup conflict: Group identity and perceived target of threat pp. 122-133 Downloads
Ori Weisel and Ro'i Zultan
Conflict and the ethnic structure of the marketplace: Evidence from Israel pp. 134-145 Downloads
Asaf Zussman
Bend it like Beckham: Ethnic identity and integration pp. 146-164 Downloads
Alberto Bisin, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier and Yves Zenou
Ethnic discrimination: Evidence from China pp. 165-177 Downloads
Markus Mobius, Tanya Rosenblat and Qiqi Wang
Natural groups and economic characteristics as driving forces of wage discrimination pp. 178-200 Downloads
Thorsten Chmura, Sebastian Goerg and Pia Weiss
Wish you were here? Quasi-experimental evidence on the effect of education on self-reported attitude toward immigrants pp. 201-224 Downloads
d׳Hombres, Béatrice and Luca Nunziata
On trust in honesty and volunteering among Europeans: Cross-country evidence on perceptions and behavior pp. 225-253 Downloads
Anja Dieckmann, Veronika Grimm, Matthias Unfried, Verena Utikal and Lorenzo Valmasoni
Cooperation and discrimination within and across language borders: Evidence from children in a bilingual city pp. 254-264 Downloads
Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, Philipp Lergetporer and Matthias Sutter
Religious fragmentation, social identity and cooperation: Evidence from an artefactual field experiment in India pp. 265-279 Downloads
Surajeet Chakravarty, Miguel A. Fonseca, Sudeep Ghosh and Sugata Marjit
Religion, discrimination and trust across three cultures pp. 280-301 Downloads
Swee Hoon Chuah, Simon Gächter, Robert Hoffmann and Jonathan H.W. Tan
Social identity and governance: The behavioral response to female leaders pp. 302-325 Downloads
Lata Gangadharan, Tarun Jain, Pushkar Maitra and Joseph Vecci
Author׳s gender affects rating of academic articles: Evidence from an incentivized, deception-free laboratory experiment pp. 326-335 Downloads
Michał Krawczyk and Magdalena Smyk
How competitiveness may cause a gender wage gap: Experimental evidence pp. 336-349 Downloads
Matthias Heinz, Hans-Theo Normann and Holger A. Rau
Does affirmative action reduce gender discrimination and enhance efficiency? New experimental evidence pp. 350-362 Downloads
Guillaume Beaurain and David Masclet
Exposure to female colleagues breaks the glass ceiling—Evidence from a combined vignette and field experiment pp. 363-374 Downloads
Henning Finseraas, Åshild A. Johnsen, Andreas Kotsadam and Gaute Torsvik
Discrimination in the laboratory: A meta-analysis of economics experiments pp. 375-402 Downloads
Tom Lane
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