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1973 - 2016

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Volume 36, issue 12, 2008

Managing energy in the built environment: Rethinking the system pp. 4299-4300 Downloads
John Beddington
Making a material difference in energy pp. 4302-4309 Downloads
David Driver
Clean fossil-fuelled power generation pp. 4310-4316 Downloads
Tony Oliver
Carbon capture and storage pp. 4317-4322 Downloads
Jon Gibbins and Hannah Chalmers
Generation-IV nuclear power: A review of the state of the science pp. 4323-4330 Downloads
Tim Abram and Sue Ion
Fusion pp. 4331-4334 Downloads
Chris Llewellyn Smith and David Ward
Efficiency trends in electric machines and drives pp. 4336-4341 Downloads
B.C. Mecrow and A.G. Jack
Superconductors in the transmission of electricity and networks pp. 4342-4345 Downloads
Harry Jones
Adaptive intelligent power systems: Active distribution networks pp. 4346-4351 Downloads
Jim McDonald
Energy-storage technologies and electricity generation pp. 4352-4355 Downloads
Peter J. Hall and Euan J. Bain
Hydrogen and fuel cells: Towards a sustainable energy future pp. 4356-4362 Downloads
P.P. Edwards, V.L. Kuznetsov, W..F. David and N.P. Brandon
Energy storage: The route to liberation from the fossil fuel economy? pp. 4363-4367 Downloads
Peter J. Hall
New technology and possible advances in energy storage pp. 4368-4373 Downloads
John Baker
Enabling science and technology for marine renewable energy pp. 4376-4382 Downloads
Markus Mueller and Robin Wallace
Bioenergy for heat and electricity in the UK: A research atlas and roadmap pp. 4383-4389 Downloads
Gail Taylor
Photovoltaic technologies pp. 4390-4396 Downloads
Darren M. Bagnall and Matt Boreland
Wind power as a clean-energy contributor pp. 4397-4400 Downloads
Peter Tavner
What are the barriers and incentives for community-owned means of energy production and use? pp. 4401-4405 Downloads
Gordon Walker
Biofuels and the biorefinery concept pp. 4406-4409 Downloads
Gail Taylor
How to change attitudes and behaviours in the context of energy pp. 4412-4418 Downloads
Susan Owens and Louise Driffill
Demand side management: Benefits and challenges pp. 4419-4426 Downloads
Goran Strbac
Technologies to achieve demand reduction and microgeneration in buildings pp. 4427-4433 Downloads
Mark Hinnells
Enabling technologies for industrial energy demand management pp. 4434-4443 Downloads
Caroline H. Dyer, Geoffrey P. Hammond, Craig . Jones and Russell C. McKenna
Enabling technologies for demand management: Transport pp. 4444-4448 Downloads
Roderick A. Smith
Promoting household energy conservation pp. 4449-4453 Downloads
Linda Steg
Re-materialising energy use through transparent monitoring systems pp. 4454-4459 Downloads
Jacquelin Burgess and Michael Nye
State of the stock--What do we know about existing buildings and their future prospects? pp. 4462-4470 Downloads
Joe Ravetz
Energy, equity and the future of the fuel poor pp. 4471-4474 Downloads
Simon Roberts
Regulatory standards and barriers to improved performance for housing pp. 4475-4481 Downloads
Robert Lowe and Tadj Oreszczyn
Altering existing buildings in the UK pp. 4482-4486 Downloads
Simon Roberts
Does demolition or refurbishment of old and inefficient homes help to increase our environmental, social and economic viability? pp. 4487-4501 Downloads
Anne Power
Centralised and distributed electricity systems pp. 4504-4508 Downloads
François Bouffard and Daniel S. Kirschen
The implications of an increasingly decentralised energy system pp. 4509-4513 Downloads
Philip Wolfe
Decentralised systems and fuel poverty: Are there any links or risks? pp. 4514-4517 Downloads
Gordon Walker
What changes, if any, would increased levels of low-carbon decentralised energy have on the built environment? pp. 4518-4521 Downloads
James Keirstead
Combined heat and power in industry and buildings pp. 4522-4526 Downloads
Mark Hinnells
Regulatory frameworks for decentralised energy pp. 4527-4531 Downloads
Bridget Woodman and Philip Baker
New build: Materials, techniques, skills and innovation pp. 4534-4538 Downloads
Jacqueline Glass, Andrew R.J. Dainty and Alistair G.F. Gibb
Future proof construction--Future building and systems design for energy and fuel flexibility pp. 4539-4543 Downloads
Adrian Pitts
What is the relationship between built form and energy use in dwellings? pp. 4544-4547 Downloads
Andrew Wright
Strategies for the modification of the urban climate and the consequent impact on building energy use pp. 4548-4551 Downloads
Mike Davies, Philip Steadman and Tadj Oreszczyn
Effects of climate change on the built environment pp. 4552-4557 Downloads
Simon Roberts
Designing urban spaces and buildings to improve sustainability and quality of life in a warmer world pp. 4558-4562 Downloads
Claire Smith and Geoff Levermore
Infrastructure challenges for the built environment pp. 4563-4567 Downloads
Simon Roberts
Mapping out the regulatory environment and its interaction with land and property markets pp. 4570-4574 Downloads
David Adams
A low-carbon future: Spatial planning's role in enhancing technological innovation in the built environment pp. 4575-4579 Downloads
Jenny Crawford and Will French
The impact of EU policies on energy use in and the evolution of the UK built environment pp. 4580-4583 Downloads
Paul Ekins and Eoin Lees
Security of supply and regulation of energy networks pp. 4584-4589 Downloads
Tooraj Jamasb and Michael Pollitt
How to support growth with less energy pp. 4592-4599 Downloads
Mark Barrett, Robert Lowe, Tadj Oreszczyn and Philip Steadman
Energy and economic growth: Grounding our understanding in physical reality pp. 4600-4604 Downloads
David G. Ockwell
The role of built environment energy efficiency in a sustainable UK energy economy pp. 4605-4609 Downloads
Joseph A. Clarke, Cameron M. Johnstone, Nicolas J. Kelly, Paul A. Strachan and Paul Tuohy
The case for a new energy research, development and promotion policy for the UK pp. 4610-4614 Downloads
Tooraj Jamasb, William Nuttall and Michael Pollitt
What are the risk-related barriers to, and opportunities for, innovation from a business perspective in the UK, in the context of energy management in the built environment? pp. 4615-4617 Downloads
David Fisk
Understanding business decision making on the environment pp. 4618-4620 Downloads
Andy Gouldson
What are the energy and power consumption patterns of different types of built environment? pp. 4622-4629 Downloads
Ian C. Ward
Demographics, energy and our homes pp. 4630-4632 Downloads
Simon Roberts
Risk, resilience, and environmentally sustainable cities pp. 4633-4638 Downloads
Jon Coaffee
The energy and monetary implications of the '24/7' 'always on' society pp. 4639-4645 Downloads
Dennis L. Loveday, T. Bhamra, T. Tang, V.J.A. Haines, M.J. Holmes and Richard Green
What are the factors that could influence the future of work with regard to energy systems and the built environment? pp. 4646-4651 Downloads
Andy C. Pratt
Density and the built environment pp. 4652-4656 Downloads
Ian Gordon
Science review of internal combustion engines pp. 4657-4667 Downloads
Alex M.K.P. Taylor

Volume 36, issue 11, 2008

Transitions to sustainable energy systems--Introduction to the energy policy special issue pp. 4009-4011 Downloads
Reinhard Haas, Jim Watson and Wolfgang Eichhammer
Towards sustainability of energy systems: A primer on how to apply the concept of energy services to identify necessary trends and policies pp. 4012-4021 Downloads
Reinhard Haas, Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Amela Ajanovic, Thomas Faber, Lukas Kranzl, Andreas Müller and Gustav Resch
The household energy transition in India and China pp. 4022-4035 Downloads
Shonali Pachauri and Leiwen Jiang
Renewable and nuclear power: A common future? pp. 4036-4047 Downloads
Aviel Verbruggen
Potentials and prospects for renewable energies at global scale pp. 4048-4056 Downloads
Gustav Resch, Anne Held, Thomas Faber, Christian Panzer, Felipe Toro and Reinhard Haas
Scenarios for the evolution of the Spanish electricity sector: Is it on the right path towards sustainability? pp. 4057-4068 Downloads
Pedro Linares, F.J. Santos and .J. Pérez-Arriaga
Externalities of the transport sector and the role of hydrogen in a sustainable transport vision pp. 4069-4078 Downloads
Claus Doll and Martin Wietschel
European renewable energy policy at crossroads--Focus on electricity support mechanisms pp. 4079-4092 Downloads
Doerte Fouquet and Thomas B. Johansson
Restructuring energy systems for sustainability? Energy transition policy in the Netherlands pp. 4093-4103 Downloads
Florian Kern and Adrian Smith
Key policy considerations for facilitating low carbon technology transfer to developing countries pp. 4104-4115 Downloads
David G. Ockwell, Jim Watson, Gordon MacKerron, Prosanto Pal and Farhana Yamin
Accelerating the transition to sustainable energy systems pp. 4116-4125 Downloads
Michael Jefferson
Energy sustainable communities: Environmental psychological investigations pp. 4126-4135 Downloads
Petra Schweizer-Ries
Public acceptance of renewable energies: Results from case studies in Germany pp. 4136-4141 Downloads
Jan Zoellner, Petra Schweizer-Ries and Christin Wemheuer
Hybrid solution and pump-storage optimization in water supply system efficiency: A case study pp. 4142-4148 Downloads
F. Vieira and H.M. Ramos
China's oil reserve forecast and analysis based on peak oil models pp. 4149-4153 Downloads
Lianyong Feng, Junchen Li and Xiongqi Pang
Climate policy and the social cost of power generation: Impacts of the Swedish national emissions target pp. 4154-4158 Downloads
Patrik Söderholm and Fredrik Pettersson
How to make a European integrated market in small and isolated electricity systems? The case of the Canary Islands pp. 4159-4167 Downloads
Yannick Perez and Francisco Javier Ramos Real
Utility payments in Ukraine: Affordability, subsidies and arrears pp. 4168-4177 Downloads
Samuel Fankhauser, Yulia Rodionova and Elisabetta Falcetti
Excess heat from kraft pulp mills: Trade-offs between internal and external use in the case of Sweden--Part 1: Methodology pp. 4178-4185 Downloads
Inger-Lise Svensson, Johanna Jönsson, Thore Berntsson and Bahram Moshfegh
Excess heat from kraft pulp mills: Trade-offs between internal and external use in the case of Sweden--Part 2: Results for future energy market scenarios pp. 4186-4197 Downloads
Johanna Jönsson, Inger-Lise Svensson, Thore Berntsson and Bahram Moshfegh
Germany's solar cell promotion: Dark clouds on the horizon pp. 4198-4204 Downloads
Manuel Frondel, Nolan Ritter and Christoph Schmidt
Modelling the costs of non-conventional oil: A case study of Canadian bitumen pp. 4205-4216 Downloads
Aurélie Méjean and Chris Hope
Public perceptions of opportunities for community-based renewable energy projects pp. 4217-4226 Downloads
J.C. Rogers, E.A. Simmons, . Convery and A. Weatherall
Price formation and market power in the German wholesale electricity market in 2006 pp. 4227-4234 Downloads
Hannes Weigt and Christian Hirschhausen
Some economics of seasonal gas storage pp. 4235-4246 Downloads
Corinne Chaton, Anna Creti and Bertrand Villeneuve
Data envelopment analysis with uncertain data: An application for Iranian electricity distribution companies pp. 4247-4254 Downloads
S.J. Sadjadi and H. Omrani
The world per capita electricity consumption distribution: Signs of convergence? pp. 4255-4261 Downloads
Adolfo Maza and Jose Villaverde
A decline rate study of Norwegian oil production pp. 4262-4271 Downloads
Mikael Höök and Kjell Aleklett
The fundamentals of the future international emissions trading system pp. 4272-4286 Downloads
Loreta Stankeviciute, Alban Kitous and Patrick Criqui
Understanding energy consumption pattern of households in different urban development forms: A comparative study in Bandung City, Indonesia pp. 4287-4297 Downloads
A.S. Permana, R. Perera and S. Kumar

Volume 36, issue 10, 2008

How carbon credits could drive the emergence of renewable energies pp. 3633-3639 Downloads
John A. Mathews
What if...? Utility vision 2020 pp. 3640-3645 Downloads
Christoph W. Frei
Pros and cons of exposing renewables to electricity market risks--A comparison of the market integration approaches in Germany, Spain, and the UK pp. 3646-3661 Downloads
Corinna Klessmann, Christian Nabe and Karsten Burges
Trigeneration: A new way for landfill gas utilization and its feasibility in Hong Kong pp. 3662-3673 Downloads
Xiaoli Hao, Hongxing Yang and Guoqiang Zhang
Bioenergy in Greece: Policies, diffusion framework and stakeholder interactions pp. 3674-3685 Downloads
Calliope Panoutsou
Governmental policy and prospect in electricity production from renewables in Lithuania pp. 3686-3691 Downloads
Vladislovas Katinas, Antanas Markevicius, Regina Erlickyte and Mantas Marciukaitis
An economic welfare analysis of demand response in the PJM electricity market pp. 3692-3702 Downloads
Rahul Walawalkar, Seth Blumsack, Jay Apt and Stephen Fernands
An improved mechanism for capacity payment based on system dynamics modeling for investment planning in competitive electricity environment pp. 3703-3713 Downloads
Mohsen Assili, M. Hossein Javidi D.B. and Reza Ghazi
From long-term targets to cumulative emission pathways: Reframing UK climate policy pp. 3714-3722 Downloads
Kevin Anderson, Alice Bows and Sarah Mander
Designing an electricity tax system in presence of international regulations and multiple public goals: An empirical assessment pp. 3723-3733 Downloads
Geir H. Bjertnæs, Taran Fæhn and Jørgen Aasness
Assessing the energy vulnerability: Case of industrialised countries pp. 3734-3744 Downloads
Edgard Gnansounou
The principal-agent problem and transport energy use: Case study of company lease cars in the Netherlands pp. 3745-3753 Downloads
Wina Graus and Ernst Worrell
The Tyndall decarbonisation scenarios--Part I: Development of a backcasting methodology with stakeholder participation pp. 3754-3763 Downloads
Sarah. L. Mander, Alice Bows, Kevin. L. Anderson, Simon Shackley, Paolo Agnolucci and Paul Ekins
The Tyndall decarbonisation scenarios--Part II: Scenarios for a 60% CO2 reduction in the UK pp. 3764-3773 Downloads
Kevin L. Anderson, Sarah L. Mander, Alice Bows, Simon Shackley, Paolo Agnolucci and Paul Ekins
Differences in pollution levels among civil law countries: A possible interpretation pp. 3774-3786 Downloads
Giuseppe Di Vita
Market power mitigation by regulating contract portfolio risk pp. 3787-3796 Downloads
Bert Willems and Emmanuel De Corte
The end of cheap oil: Current status and prospects pp. 3797-3806 Downloads
Miltos Tsoskounoglou, George Ayerides and Efi Tritopoulou
Performance of commercially available solar and heat pump water heaters pp. 3807-3813 Downloads
C.R. Lloyd and A.S.D. Kerr
Stagnating energy efficiency in the Swedish building sector--Economic and organisational explanations pp. 3814-3822 Downloads
Jonas Nässén, Frances Sprei and John Holmberg
A fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making model for trigeneration system pp. 3823-3832 Downloads
Jiang-Jiang Wang, You-Yin Jing, Chun-Fa Zhang, Guo-Hua Shi and Xu-Tao Zhang
Prediction of monthly mean daily diffuse solar radiation using artificial neural networks and comparison with other empirical models pp. 3833-3837 Downloads
Yingni Jiang
The causality between energy consumption and economic growth in Turkey pp. 3838-3842 Downloads
Gülistan Erdal, Hilmi Erdal and Kemal Esengün
Heat supply systems using natural gas in the residential sector: The case of the agglomeration of Seoul pp. 3843-3853 Downloads
Hi-Chun Park and Hoseok Kim
Assessing the impact of oil prices on firms of different sizes: Its tough being in the middle pp. 3854-3861 Downloads
Perry Sadorsky
The importance of incorporating reliability of supply criteria in a regulatory system of electricity distribution: An empirical analysis for Austria pp. 3862-3871 Downloads
Johannes Reichl, Andrea Kollmann, Robert Tichler and Friedrich Schneider
Strategies and policies for improving energy efficiency programs: Closing the loop between evaluation and implementation pp. 3872-3881 Downloads
Edward Vine
Energy and eMergy evaluation of bioethanol production from wheat in Henan Province, China pp. 3882-3892 Downloads
Xiaobin Dong, Sergio Ulgiati, Maochao Yan, Xinshi Zhang and Wangsheng Gao
Regulation of microgeneration and microgrids pp. 3893-3904 Downloads
Paulo Moisés Costa, Manuel A. Matos and J.A. Peças Lopes
Asian energy and environmental policy: Promoting growth while preserving the environment pp. 3905-3924 Downloads
ZhongXiang Zhang
The role of biomass in California's hydrogen economy pp. 3925-3939 Downloads
Nathan C. Parker, Joan M. Ogden and Yueyue Fan
Wind power in the Danish liberalised power market--Policy measures, price impact and investor incentives pp. 3940-3947 Downloads
Jesper Munksgaard and Poul Erik Morthorst
Demise of the standard model for power sector reform and the emergence of hybrid power markets pp. 3948-3960 Downloads
Katharine Nawaal Gratwick and Anton Eberhard
Nuclear hydrogen: An assessment of product flexibility and market viability pp. 3961-3973 Downloads
Audun Botterud, Bilge Yildiz, Guenter Conzelmann and Mark C. Petri
Assessing the effects of CO2 price caps on electricity investments--A real options analysis pp. 3974-3981 Downloads
Jana Szolgayova, Sabine Fuss and Michael Obersteiner
Building energy efficiency labeling programme in Singapore pp. 3982-3992 Downloads
Siew Eang Lee and Priyadarsini Rajagopalan
Location optimization of solar plants by an integrated hierarchical DEA PCA approach pp. 3993-4004 Downloads
A. Azadeh, S.F. Ghaderi and A. Maghsoudi
The costs and impacts of intermittency: An ongoing debate: "East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet." pp. 4005-4007 Downloads
Robert Gross and Philip Heptonstall

Volume 36, issue 9, 2008

Three options to calculate the percentage renewable energy: An example for a EU policy debate pp. 3243-3248 Downloads
Reinoud Segers
Windfalls and other profits pp. 3249-3251 Downloads
Aviel Verbruggen
The potential of water power in the fight against global warming in the US pp. 3252-3265 Downloads
Lea-Rachel Kosnik
The impact of retail rate structures on the economics of commercial photovoltaic systems in California pp. 3266-3277 Downloads
Andrew Mills, Ryan Wiser, Galen Barbose and William Golove
Energy efficiency in New Zealand's residential sector: A systemic analysis pp. 3278-3285 Downloads
Arun Abraham Elias
The future of natural gas consumption in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai: An assessment utilizing MARKAL pp. 3286-3299 Downloads
BinBin Jiang, Chen Wenying, Yu Yuefeng, Zeng Lemin and David Victor
Managing carbon regulatory risk in utility resource planning: Current practices in the Western United States pp. 3300-3311 Downloads
Galen Barbose, Ryan Wiser, Amol Phadke and Charles Goldman
Renewable energy and the environment in South Africa: A way forward pp. 3312-3316 Downloads
A.B. Sebitosi and P. Pillay
Civilisation and energy payback pp. 3317-3322 Downloads
Luc Gagnon
The diversity of design of TSOs pp. 3323-3332 Downloads
Vincent Rious, Jean-Michel Glachant, Yannick Perez and Philippe Dessante
Reassessing the "energy ladder": Household energy use in Maun, Botswana pp. 3333-3344 Downloads
Greg Hiemstra-van der Horst and Alice J. Hovorka
Analysing the impact of renewable electricity support schemes on power prices: The case of wind electricity in Spain pp. 3345-3359 Downloads
Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera, del Ri­o González, Pablo and Ignacio Vizcaino
Role of energy policy in renewable energy accomplishment: The case of second-generation bioethanol pp. 3360-3365 Downloads
Kok Tat Tan, Keat Teong Lee and Abdul Rahman Mohamed
LNG development across Europe: Infrastructural and regulatory analysis pp. 3366-3373 Downloads
Susanna Dorigoni and Sergio Portatadino
Reevaluation of Turkey's hydropower potential and electric energy demand pp. 3374-3382 Downloads
Ömer Yüksek
Implementing energy efficiency: Challenges and opportunities for rural electric co-operatives and small municipal utilities pp. 3383-3397 Downloads
Elizabeth J. Wilson, Joseph Plummer, Miriam Fischlein and Timothy M. Smith
Productivity and efficiency of US gas transmission companies: A European regulatory perspective pp. 3398-3412 Downloads
Tooraj Jamasb, Michael Pollitt and Thomas Triebs
Green certificate markets, the risk of over-investment, and the role of long-term contracts pp. 3413-3421 Downloads
Arne Kildegaard
Olympic Games promote the reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases in Beijing pp. 3422-3426 Downloads
Jisong Wu and Yongjie Zhang
Developing pathways to low carbon land-based passenger transport in Great Britain by 2050 pp. 3427-3435 Downloads
Abigail L. Bristow, Miles Tight, Alison Pridmore and Anthony D. May
Rethinking downstream regulation: California's opportunity to engage households in reducing greenhouse gases pp. 3436-3447 Downloads
D. Niemeier, Gregory Gould, Alex Karner, Mark Hixson, Brooke Bachmann, Carrie Okma, Ziv Lang and David Heres
Electricity distribution industry restructuring in South Africa: A case study pp. 3448-3459 Downloads
C.T. Gaunt
The demand for residential electricity in South Africa pp. 3460-3466 Downloads
Emmanuel Ziramba
Potential benefits from improved energy efficiency of key electrical products: The case of India pp. 3467-3476 Downloads
Michael A. McNeil, Maithili Iyer, Stephen Meyers, Virginie E. Letschert and James E. McMahon
Impact assessment of the increase in fossil fuel prices on the global energy system, with and without CO2 concentration stabilization pp. 3477-3484 Downloads
Ullash K. Rout, Keigo Akimoto, Fuminori Sano, Junichiro Oda, Takashi Homma and Toshimasa Tomoda
The role of bio-fuels in satisfying US transportation fuel demands pp. 3485-3491 Downloads
Berk Akinci, Paul G. Kassebaum, Jonathan V. Fitch and Robert W. Thompson
Emission scenarios in the face of fossil-fuel peaking pp. 3492-3504 Downloads
Robert J. Brecha
Pathways to climate stabilisation pp. 3505-3509 Downloads
Bent Sørensen
Energy security and climate change protection: Complementarity or tradeoff? pp. 3510-3513 Downloads
Stephen Brown and Hillard Huntington
Phasing in wind-power in Norway: Network congestion and crowding-out of hydropower pp. 3514-3520 Downloads
Finn Førsund, Balbir Singh, Trond Jensen and Cato Larsen
Towards a bright future? Household use of electric light: A microlevel study pp. 3521-3530 Downloads
Mats Bladh and Helena Krantz
Land-use requirements and the per-capita solar footprint for photovoltaic generation in the United States pp. 3531-3543 Downloads
Paul Denholm and Robert M. Margolis
Relationships between oil price shocks and stock market: An empirical analysis from China pp. 3544-3553 Downloads
Rong-Gang Cong, Yi-Ming Wei, Jian-Lin Jiao and Ying Fan
Tackling CO2 reduction in India through use of CO2 capture and storage (CCS): Prospects and challenges pp. 3554-3561 Downloads
Simon Shackley and Preeti Verma
Initiating a sustained diffusion of wind power: The role of public-private partnerships in Spain pp. 3562-3571 Downloads
Valentina Dinica
The contribution of Chinese exports to climate change pp. 3572-3577 Downloads
Christopher L. Weber, Glen Peters, Dabo Guan and Klaus Hubacek
Integration of renewable energy into the transport and electricity sectors through V2G pp. 3578-3587 Downloads
Henrik Lund and Willett Kempton
What goes down must come up? Trends of industrial electricity use in the North-West of Russia pp. 3588-3597 Downloads
Anna Korppoo, Jyrki Luukkanen, Jarmo Vehmas and Miia Kinnunen
Cost of energy and environmental policy in Portuguese CO2 abatement--scenario analysis to 2020 pp. 3598-3611 Downloads
Sofia Simões, João Cleto, Fortes, Patri­cia, Júlia Seixas and Gjalt Huppes
Pollution tax heuristics: An empirical study of willingness to pay higher gasoline taxes pp. 3612-3619 Downloads
Shi-Ling Hsu, Joshua Walters and Anthony Purgas
The impact of energy efficiency programs on the growth of electricity sales pp. 3620-3625 Downloads
David Berry
The role of the power/efficiency misconception in the rebound effect's size debate: Does efficiency actually lead to a power enhancement? pp. 3626-3632 Downloads
F. Ruzzenenti and R. Basosi

Volume 36, issue 8, 2008

Introduction pp. 2771-2772 Downloads
Mark Howells, Leo Shrattenholzer and Joseph Aldy
Sustainable development benefits of clean development mechanism projects: A new methodology for sustainability assessment based on text analysis of the project design documents submitted for validation pp. 2773-2784 Downloads
Karen Holm Olsen and Jørgen Fenhann
Energy sector reform, energy transitions and the poor in Africa pp. 2785-2790 Downloads
Gisela Prasad
Important roles of Fischer-Tropsch synfuels in the global energy future pp. 2791-2802 Downloads
Takayuki Takeshita and Kenji Yamaji
A complex systems approach to planning, optimization and decision making for energy networks pp. 2803-2813 Downloads
Jessica Beck, Ruud Kempener, Brett Cohen and Jim Petrie
Determinants of electricity demand for newly electrified low-income African households pp. 2814-2820 Downloads
Kate Louw, Beatrice Conradie, Mark Howells and Marcus Dekenah
Towards a framework of clean energy technology receptivity pp. 2821-2828 Downloads
Steve Thorne
Monitoring and evaluation of energy for development: The good, the bad and the questionable in M&E practice pp. 2829-2835 Downloads
Wendy Annecke
Challenges of Iran's energy conversion agreements in future competitive market pp. 2836-2839 Downloads
M.H. Sobhiyah and Y.Kh. Kashtiban
This time it's different: An inevitable decline in world petroleum production will keep oil product prices high, causing military conflicts and shifting wealth and power from democracies to authoritarian regimes pp. 2840-2842 Downloads
Frederic Leder and Judith N. Shapiro
Solar energy scenarios in Brazil, Part one: Resource assessment pp. 2843-2854 Downloads
F.R. Martins, E.B. Pereira, S.A.B. Silva, S.L. Abreu and Sergio Colle
Solar energy scenarios in Brazil. Part two: Photovoltaics applications pp. 2855-2867 Downloads
F.R. Martins, R. Rüther, E.B. Pereira and S.L. Abreu
From a bundled energy-capacity pricing model to an energy-capacity-ancillary services pricing model pp. 2868-2876 Downloads
Ricardo Raineri, Raúl Arce, Ri­os, Sebastián and Carlos Salamanca
Assessment of energy efficiency performance measures in industry and their application for policy pp. 2877-2892 Downloads
Kanako Tanaka
Sustainability assessment of a hybrid energy system pp. 2893-2900 Downloads
Nain H. Afgan and Maria G. Carvalho
Linear programming models for measuring economy-wide energy efficiency performance pp. 2901-2906 Downloads
Peng Zhou and B.W. Ang
Ten years of renewable electricity policies in Spain: An analysis of successive feed-in tariff reforms pp. 2907-2919 Downloads
del Ri­o González, Pablo
Understanding the CDM's contribution to technology transfer pp. 2920-2928 Downloads
Malte Schneider, Andreas Holzer and Volker H. Hoffmann
Sector review of UK higher education energy consumption pp. 2929-2939 Downloads
Ian Ward, Anthony Ogbonna and Hasim Altan
Valuing the greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power: A critical survey pp. 2940-2953 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool
Lobbying friends and foes in climate policy: The case of business and environmental interest groups in the European Union pp. 2954-2962 Downloads
Anne Therese Gullberg
On policy instruments for support of micro combined heat and power pp. 2963-2972 Downloads
A.D. Hawkes and M.A. Leach
Compromises in energy policy--Using fuzzy optimization in an energy systems model pp. 2973-2984 Downloads
Dag Martinsen and Volker Krey
Energy analysis and exergy utilization in the transportation sector of Jordan pp. 2985-2990 Downloads
J.O. Jaber, A. Al-Ghandoor and S.A. Sawalha
The EU Renewables Directive--What is the fuss about trading? pp. 2991-2998 Downloads
David Toke
The governance challenge for implementing effective market-based climate policies: A case study of The New South Wales Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme pp. 2999-3008 Downloads
Robert Passey, Iain MacGill and Hugh Outhred
Building and interconnecting hydrogen networks: Insights from the electricity and gas experience in Europe pp. 3009-3018 Downloads
Nuno Bento
Energy consumption and economic growth revisited: Does the size of unrecorded economy matter? pp. 3019-3025 Downloads
Fatih Karanfil
A decision support tool for the analysis of pricing, investment and regulatory processes in a decentralized electricity market pp. 3026-3034 Downloads
Guzay Pasaoglu and Ilhan Or
Renewable energy: An efficient mechanism to improve GDP pp. 3035-3042 Downloads
Taichen Chien and Jin-Li Hu
Stuck between a ROC and a hard place? Barriers to the take up of green energy in the UK pp. 3043-3051 Downloads
Ivan Diaz-Rainey and John Ashton
The effects of policy incentives in the adoption of willow short rotation coppice for bioenergy in Sweden pp. 3052-3058 Downloads
Blas Mola-Yudego and Paavo Pelkonen
The merit of cogeneration: Measuring and rewarding performance pp. 3059-3066 Downloads
Aviel Verbruggen
A re-examination of the relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth in Malaysia pp. 3067-3075 Downloads
Chor Foon Tang
The merit-order effect: A detailed analysis of the price effect of renewable electricity generation on spot market prices in Germany pp. 3076-3084 Downloads
Frank Sensfuß, Mario Ragwitz and Massimo Genoese
Domestic micro-generation: Economic, regulatory and policy issues for the UK pp. 3085-3096 Downloads
Jim Watson, Raphael Sauter, Bakr Bahaj, Patrick James, Luke Myers and Robert Wing
Distribution of costs induced by the integration of RES-E power pp. 3097-3105 Downloads
Rüdiger Barth, Christoph Weber and Derk J. Swider
Comparing flexibility mechanisms for fuel economy standards pp. 3106-3114 Downloads
Carolyn Fischer
South Africa's rapid electrification programme: Policy, institutional, planning, financing and technical innovations pp. 3115-3127 Downloads
Bernard Bekker, Anton Eberhard, Trevor Gaunt and Andrew Marquard
Drilling contracts and incentives pp. 3128-3134 Downloads
Petter Osmundsen, Terje Sørenes and Anders Toft
Impacts of a rise in electricity tariff on prices of other products in Vietnam pp. 3135-3139 Downloads
Khanh Q. Nguyen
Policies to support renewable energies in the heat market pp. 3140-3149 Downloads
Veit Bürger, Stefan Klinski, Ulrike Lehr, Uwe Leprich, Michael Nast and Mario Ragwitz
The prospects for liquefied natural gas development in the US pp. 3150-3158 Downloads
Sophia Ruester and Anne Neumann
Residential bioenergy heating: A study of consumer perceptions of improved woodstoves pp. 3159-3166 Downloads
Anders Q. Nyrud, Anders Roos and Jon Bingen Sande
Household energy consumption in the UK: A highly geographically and socio-economically disaggregated model pp. 3167-3182 Downloads
A. Druckman and T. Jackson
Potential of practical implementation of rice straw-based power generation in Thailand pp. 3183-3187 Downloads
Tritib Suramaythangkoor and Shabbir H. Gheewala
Policy drivers and barriers for coal-to-liquids (CtL) technologies in the United States pp. 3188-3201 Downloads
Daniel Vallentin
Will British weather provide reliable electricity? pp. 3202-3215 Downloads
James Oswald, Mike Raine and Hezlin Ashraf-Ball
Effective education for energy efficiency pp. 3216-3222 Downloads
Nikolaos Zografakis, Angeliki N. Menegaki and Konstantinos Tsagarakis
Refueling availability for alternative fuel vehicle markets: Sufficient urban station coverage pp. 3223-3231 Downloads
Marc Melaina and Joel Bremson

Volume 36, issue 7, 2008

Operational research models and methods in the energy sector--Introduction to the special issue pp. 2293-2295 Downloads
Carlos Henggeler Antunes and Álvaro Gomes
The role of nuclear energy in long-term climate scenarios: An analysis with the World-TIMES model pp. 2296-2307 Downloads
Kathleen Vaillancourt, Maryse Labriet, Richard Loulou and Jean-Philippe Waaub
Simulation of micro-CHP diffusion by means of System Dynamics pp. 2308-2319 Downloads
El Mehdi Ben Maalla and Pierre L. Kunsch
A probabilistic approach to evaluate the exploitation of the geographic situation of hydroelectric plants pp. 2320-2329 Downloads
Sant'Anna, Leonardo A.F.P. and Sant'Anna, Annibal Parracho
Reduction of electricity use in Swedish industry and its impact on national power supply and European CO2 emissions pp. 2330-2350 Downloads
Dag Henning and Louise Trygg
A multi-criteria decision approach to sorting actions for promoting energy efficiency pp. 2351-2363 Downloads
Neves, Lui­s Pires, António Gomes Martins, Carlos Henggeler Antunes and Dias, Lui­s Cândido
The value of information in electricity investment games pp. 2364-2375 Downloads
Fernando Oliveira
Impact of the Kyoto Protocol on the Iberian Electricity Market: A scenario analysis pp. 2376-2384 Downloads
Javier Reneses and Efraim Centeno
A complementarity model for the European natural gas market pp. 2385-2414 Downloads
Rudolf Egging, Steven A. Gabriel, Franziska Holz and Jifang Zhuang
A mathematical programming framework for energy planning in services' sector buildings under uncertainty in load demand: The case of a hospital in Athens pp. 2415-2429 Downloads
George Mavrotas, Danae Diakoulaki, Kostas Florios and Paraskevas Georgiou
Optimal running and planning of a biomass-based energy production process pp. 2430-2438 Downloads
Maurizio Bruglieri and Leo Liberti
Restriction techniques for the unit-commitment problem with total procurement costs pp. 2439-2448 Downloads
Mariusz Kaleta and Eugeniusz Toczylowski
Impact of tightening the sulfur specifications on the automotive fuels' CO2 contribution: A French refinery case study pp. 2449-2459 Downloads
Alireza Tehrani Nejad Moghaddam and Valérie Saint-Antonin
Recognising the potential for renewable energy heating and cooling pp. 2460-2463 Downloads
Kristin Seyboth, Luuk Beurskens, Ole Langniss and Ralph E.H. Sims
WEC energy policy scenarios to 2050 pp. 2464-2470 Downloads
Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer
Comprehensive evaluation of industrial CO2 emission (1989-2004) in Taiwan by input-output structural decomposition pp. 2471-2480 Downloads
Yih F. Chang, Charles Lewis and Sue J. Lin
Take-or-pay contracts for renewables deployment pp. 2481-2503 Downloads
Angus Johnston, Amalia Kavali and Karsten Neuhoff
Farm-level constraints on the domestic supply of perennial energy crops in the UK pp. 2504-2512 Downloads
Chris Sherrington, Justin Bartley and Dominic Moran
Grappling with a half-hearted policy: The case of renewable energy and the environment in South Africa pp. 2513-2516 Downloads
A.B. Sebitosi and P. Pillay
Biomass and China's carbon emissions: A missing piece of carbon decomposition pp. 2517-2526 Downloads
Chunbo Ma and David Stern
Transport energy modeling with meta-heuristic harmony search algorithm, an application to Turkey pp. 2527-2535 Downloads
Huseyin Ceylan, Halim Ceylan, Soner Haldenbilen and Ozgur Baskan
The crisis of gasoline consumption in the Iran's transportation sector pp. 2536-2543 Downloads
H. Houri Jafari and A. Baratimalayeri
The future of electric two-wheelers and electric vehicles in China pp. 2544-2555 Downloads
Jonathan Weinert, Joan Ogden, Dan Sperling and Andrew Burke
Grey relation analysis of motor vehicular energy consumption in Taiwan pp. 2556-2561 Downloads
.J. Lu, Sue J. Lin and Charles Lewis
Application of genetic algorithm (GA) technique on demand estimation of fossil fuels in Turkey pp. 2562-2569 Downloads
Olcay Ersel Canyurt and Harun Kemal Ozturk
Why is Brazil enriching uranium? pp. 2570-2577 Downloads
Belkis Cabrera-Palmer and Geoffrey Rothwell
Socio-geographic perception in the diffusion of innovation: Solar energy technology in Sri Lanka pp. 2578-2590 Downloads
Menzie McEachern and Susan Hanson
Unit root properties of crude oil spot and futures prices pp. 2591-2600 Downloads
Svetlana Maslyuk and Russell Smyth
Modeling the return and volatility of the Greek electricity marginal system price pp. 2601-2609 Downloads
Petros Theodorou and Dimitrios Karyampas
Misreading liberalisation and privatisation: The case of the US energy utilities in Europe pp. 2610-2619 Downloads
Laura N. Haar and Trefor Jones
A theoretical analysis of procurement auctions for tertiary control in Germany pp. 2620-2627 Downloads
Gernot Müller and Margarethe Rammerstorfer
Energy demand forecast for mechanized agriculture in rural India pp. 2628-2636 Downloads
Debendra C. Baruah and Ganesh C. Bora
A simulated-based neural network algorithm for forecasting electrical energy consumption in Iran pp. 2637-2644 Downloads
A. Azadeh, S.F. Ghaderi and S. Sohrabkhani
Regulating technological change--The strategic reactions of utility companies towards subsidy policies in the German, Spanish and UK electricity markets pp. 2645-2657 Downloads
Till Stenzel and Alexander Frenzel
Global overview of industrial energy intensity pp. 2658-2664 Downloads
Fernando Castellanos Silveria and Ralph A. Luken
Indicators for assessment of rural electrification--An approach for the comparison of apples and pears pp. 2665-2673 Downloads
Elisabeth Ilskog
And then they lived sustainably ever after?--Assessment of rural electrification cases by means of indicators pp. 2674-2684 Downloads
Elisabeth Ilskog and Björn Kjellström
Planning an energy-conserving policy for Taiwan based on international examples of success pp. 2685-2693 Downloads
Shyi-Min Lu, Yih-Shiaw Huang and Jhy-Ming Lu
CO2, GDP and RET: An aggregate economic equilibrium analysis for Turkey pp. 2694-2708 Downloads
Gürkan Kumbaroglu, Nihan Karali and YIldIz ArIkan
Technical, environmental, and economic assessment of deploying advanced coal power technologies in the Chinese context pp. 2709-2718 Downloads
Lifeng Zhao, Yunhan Xiao, Kelly Sims Gallagher, Bo Wang and Xiang Xu
Towards consistent and reliable Dutch and international energy statistics for the chemical industry pp. 2719-2733 Downloads
M.L. Neelis and J.W. Pouwelse
Concurrent and legacy economic and environmental impacts from establishing a marine energy sector in Scotland pp. 2734-2753 Downloads
Grant Allan, Ian Bryden, Peter McGregor, Tim Stallard, John Swales, Karen Turner and Robin Wallace
Reducing the fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions of the US vehicle fleet pp. 2754-2760 Downloads
Anup Bandivadekar, Lynette Cheah, Christopher Evans, Tiffany Groode, John Heywood, Emmanuel Kasseris, Matthew Kromer and Malcolm Weiss
Human population and carbon dioxide pp. 2761-2764 Downloads
W.M. Schaffer
A structural VAR analysis of electricity consumption and real GDP: Evidence from the G7 countries pp. 2765-2769 Downloads
Paresh Narayan, Seema Narayan and Arti Prasad
Corrigendum to "An integrated DEA PCA numerical taxonomy approach for energy efficiency assessment and consumption optimization in energy intensive manufacturing sectors?": [Energy Policy 35 (2007) 3792-3806] pp. 2770-2770 Downloads
A. Azadeh, M.S. Amalnick, S.F. Ghaderi and S.M. Asadzadeh

Volume 36, issue 6, 2008

Views on Turkey's impending ESCO market: Is it promising? pp. 1821-1825 Downloads
Esin Okay, Nesrin Okay, Alp Er S. Konukman and Uğur Akman
Peak oil in the light of oil formation theories pp. 1826-1828 Downloads
Alexander Tsatskin and Oded Balaban
State governance evolution in resource-rich transition economies: An application to Russia and Kazakhstan pp. 1829-1842 Downloads
Yelena Kalyuzhnova and Christian Nygaard
International policy issues regarding solar water heating, with a focus on New Zealand pp. 1843-1857 Downloads
T. Roulleau and C.R. Lloyd
Effect of daylight saving time on lighting energy use: A literature review pp. 1858-1866 Downloads
Myriam B.C. Aries and Guy R. Newsham
Turkey's natural gas policy pp. 1867-1872 Downloads
Bilge Hacisalihoglu
Rent extraction with a type-by-type scheme: An instrument to incorporate sustainable development into the CDM pp. 1873-1878 Downloads
Xuemei Liu
Analysis of interactions among the barriers to energy saving in China pp. 1879-1889 Downloads
GuoHong Wang, YunXia Wang and Tao Zhao
Natural gas corridors between the EU and its main suppliers: Simulation results with the dynamic GASTALE model pp. 1890-1906 Downloads
Wietze Lise, Benjamin Hobbs and Frits van Oostvoorn
The effect of trade between China and the UK on national and global carbon dioxide emissions pp. 1907-1914 Downloads
You Li and C.N. Hewitt
Tracking the genealogy of CO2 emissions in the electricity sector: An intersectoral approach applied to the Spanish case pp. 1915-1926 Downloads
Miguel Angel Tarancon, del Ri­o, Pablo and Fernando Callejas Albiñana
Atmospheric stabilization of CO2 emissions: Near-term reductions and absolute versus intensity-based targets pp. 1927-1936 Downloads
Govinda Timilsina
Improvement of energy demand forecasts using swarm intelligence: The case of Turkey with projections to 2025 pp. 1937-1944 Downloads
Alper Ünler
What people do when they say they are conserving electricity pp. 1945-1956 Downloads
James Woods
Energy intensity and greenhouse gas emission of a purchase in the retail park service sector: An integrative approach pp. 1957-1968 Downloads
Ramon Farreny, Xavier Gabarrell and Joan Rieradevall
How efficient are African electricity companies? Evidence from the Southern African countries pp. 1969-1979 Downloads
Antonio Estache, Beatriz Tovar and Lourdes Trujillo
Post-Kyoto energy consumption strategies for the Greek interconnected electric system pp. 1980-1999 Downloads
Athanasios Dagoumas, .P. Panapakidis, G.K. Papagiannis and P.S. Dokopoulos
Small hydro power projects under clean development mechanism in India: A preliminary assessment pp. 2000-2015 Downloads
Pallav Purohit
Assessment of access to electricity and the socio-economic impacts in rural areas of developing countries pp. 2016-2029 Downloads
Makoto Kanagawa and Toshihiko Nakata
Driving forces and barriers in the development and implementation of coal-to-liquids (CtL) technologies in Germany pp. 2030-2043 Downloads
Daniel Vallentin
Project ARBRE: Lessons for bio-energy developers and policy-makers pp. 2044-2050 Downloads
Athena Piterou, Simon Shackley and Paul Upham
The political economy of international green certificate markets pp. 2051-2062 Downloads
Patrik Söderholm
Implications of carbon cap-and-trade for US voluntary renewable energy markets pp. 2063-2073 Downloads
Lori A. Bird, Edward Holt and Ghita Levenstein Carroll
Investigating attitudes to hydrogen refuelling facilities and the social cost to local residents pp. 2074-2085 Downloads
Tanya O'Garra, Susana Mourato and Peter Pearson
The sustainability of ethanol production from sugarcane pp. 2086-2097 Downloads
José Goldemberg, Suani Teixeira Coelho and Patricia Guardabassi
Savings estimates for the United States Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR voluntary product labeling program pp. 2098-2108 Downloads
Marla C. Sanchez, Richard E. Brown, Carrie Webber and Gregory K. Homan
Redefining RECs--Part 1: Untangling attributes and offsets pp. 2109-2119 Downloads
Michael Gillenwater
Redefining RECs--Part 2: Untangling certificates and emission markets pp. 2120-2129 Downloads
Michael Gillenwater
Economical, environmental and technical analysis of building integrated photovoltaic systems in Malaysia pp. 2130-2142 Downloads
Lim Yun Seng, G. Lalchand and Gladys Mak Sow Lin
Learning for supplying as a motive to be the early adopter of a new energy technology: A study on the adoption of stationary fuel cells pp. 2143-2153 Downloads
Albert Ying-Je Huang and Ruey-Hua Liu
Small-scale bioenergy projects in rural China: Lessons to be learnt pp. 2154-2162 Downloads
Jingyi Han, Arthur P.J. Mol, Yonglong Lu and Lei Zhang
Sugarcane energy use: The Cuban case pp. 2163-2181 Downloads
Walfrido Alonso-Pippo, Carlos A. Luengo, John Koehlinger, Pietro Garzone and Giacinto Cornacchia
An exposé of bioenergy and its potential and utilization in Turkey pp. 2182-2190 Downloads
Erkan Erdoğdu
Household energy consumption and consumer electronics: The case of television pp. 2191-2199 Downloads
Tracey Crosbie
Cost development of future technologies for power generation--A study based on experience curves and complementary bottom-up assessments pp. 2200-2211 Downloads
Lena Neij
Size matters: Installed maximal unit size predicts market life cycles of electricity generation technologies and systems pp. 2212-2225 Downloads
N. Li
Are renewables an alternative to nuclear power? An analysis of the Austria/Slovakia discussions pp. 2226-2233 Downloads
Ragnar Lofstedt
An indicator framework for assessing US state carbon emissions reduction efforts (with baseline trends from 1990 to 2001) pp. 2234-2252 Downloads
Scott Jiusto
US military expenditures to protect the use of Persian Gulf oil for motor vehicles pp. 2253-2264 Downloads
Mark A. Delucchi and James Murphy
Expanding electricity capacity in Thailand to meet the twin challenges of supply security and environmental protection pp. 2265-2278 Downloads
Thanawat Nakawiro, Subhes C. Bhattacharyya and Bundit Limmeechokchai
Economic and energy impacts from participation in the regional greenhouse gas initiative: A case study of the State of Maryland pp. 2279-2289 Downloads
Matthias Ruth, Steven A. Gabriel, Karen Palmer, Dallas Burtraw, Anthony Paul, Yihsu Chen, Benjamin Hobbs, Daraius Irani, Jeffrey Michael, Kim M. Ross, Russell Conklin and Julia Miller
Gwyneth Cravens, Power To Save The World (The Truth About Nuclear Energy), Alfred A. Knoph, New York (2007) ISBN 978-0-307-26656-9 439pp. (index included), US$ 27.95 pp. 2290-2291 Downloads
Ira Sohn
Corrigendum to "Impact assessment of emissions stabilization scenarios with and without induced technological change" [Energy Policy 35 (2007) 5337-5345] pp. 2292-2292 Downloads
Claudia Kemfert and Truong Truong

Volume 36, issue 5, 2008

Towards a sustainably certifiable futures contract for biofuels pp. 1577-1583 Downloads
John A. Mathews
The possible role of nuclear energy in Italy pp. 1584-1588 Downloads
Stefano Esposto
Fuel ethanol from cane molasses in Thailand: Environmental and cost performance pp. 1589-1599 Downloads
Thu Lan T. Nguyen and Shabbir H. Gheewala
Deregulating with no regulator: Is the German electricity transmission regime institutionally correct? pp. 1600-1610 Downloads
Jean-Michel Glachant, Ute Dubois and Yannick Perez
Stakeholders' perspectives on barriers to remote wind-diesel power plants in Canada pp. 1611-1621 Downloads
Timothy M. Weis, Adrian Ilinca and Jean-Paul Pinard
Future European gas supply in the resource triangle of the Former Soviet Union, the Middle East and Northern Africa pp. 1622-1641 Downloads
Uwe Remme, Markus Blesl and Ulrich Fahl
Input-output analysis of alternative policies implemented on the energy activities: An application for Catalonia pp. 1642-1648 Downloads
Maria Llop and Laia Pié
The potential role of hydrogen energy in India and Western Europe pp. 1649-1665 Downloads
Bas van Ruijven, Lakshmikanth Hari, Detlef P. van Vuuren and Bert de Vries
Multiple timescale analysis and factor analysis of energy ecological footprint growth in China 1953-2006 pp. 1666-1678 Downloads
Cheng-Zhong Chen and Zhen-Shan Lin
Decision-making in electrical appliance use in the home pp. 1679-1686 Downloads
Yoshihiro Yamamoto, Akihiko Suzuki, Yasuhiro Fuwa and Tomohiro Sato
The economic benefit of short-term forecasting for wind energy in the UK electricity market pp. 1687-1696 Downloads
R.J. Barthelmie, F. Murray and S.C. Pryor
From state monopoly to renewable portfolio: Restructuring China's electric utility pp. 1697-1711 Downloads
Chunbo Ma and Lining He
Distribution network tariffs: A closed question? pp. 1712-1725 Downloads
Rodri­guez Ortega, Mari­a Pi­a, J. Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga, Juan Rivier Abbad and Jesús Peco González
Ex-post evaluation of European energy models pp. 1726-1735 Downloads
P.A. Pilavachi, Th. Dalamaga, D. Rossetti di Valdalbero and J.-F. Guilmot
Towards a low-carbon future in China's building sector--A review of energy and climate models forecast pp. 1736-1747 Downloads
Jun Li
Impact of solar energy cost on water production cost of seawater desalination plants in Egypt pp. 1748-1756 Downloads
A. Lamei, P. van der Zaag and E. von Münch
Load research as a tool in electric power system planning, operation, and control--The case of Jordan pp. 1757-1763 Downloads
Fawwaz Elkarmi
Overseas oil-development policy of resource-poor countries: A case study from Japan pp. 1764-1775 Downloads
Masanari Koike, Gento Mogi and Waleed H. Albedaiwi
Implications of generator siting for CO2 pipeline infrastructure pp. 1776-1787 Downloads
Adam Newcomer and Jay Apt
Reference models and incentive regulation of electricity distribution networks: An evaluation of Sweden's Network Performance Assessment Model (NPAM) pp. 1788-1801 Downloads
Tooraj Jamasb and Michael Pollitt
The costs of failure: A preliminary assessment of major energy accidents, 1907-2007 pp. 1802-1820 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool

Volume 36, issue 4, 2008

Virtual biofuels--A cheaper, better, faster alternative? pp. 1247-1250 Downloads
Harry D. Saunders
Mitigating greenhouse: Limited time, limited options pp. 1251-1256 Downloads
Patrick Moriarty and Damon Honnery
Lignite industry in Greece within a world context: Mining, energy supply and environment pp. 1257-1272 Downloads
Konstantinos Kavouridis
The Clean Development Mechanism and the international diffusion of technologies: An empirical study pp. 1273-1283 Downloads
Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Matthieu Glachant and Yann Ménière
The competitiveness of Korea as a developer of hydrogen energy technology: The AHP approach pp. 1284-1291 Downloads
Seong Kon Lee, Gento Mogi and Jong Wook Kim
Competition policy and regulation in hydro-dominated electricity markets pp. 1292-1302 Downloads
Luiz Rangel
Intermediate steps towards the 2000Â W society in Switzerland: An energy-economic scenario analysis pp. 1303-1317 Downloads
Thorsten F. Schulz, Socrates Kypreos, Leonardo Barreto and Alexander Wokaun
What does Europe pay for clean energy?--Review of macroeconomic simulation studies pp. 1318-1330 Downloads
Astrid Dannenberg, Tim Mennel and Ulf Moslener
Market power in the European electricity market--The impacts of dry weather and additional transmission capacity pp. 1331-1343 Downloads
Wietze Lise, Benjamin Hobbs and Sebastiaan Hers
An international comparison of regulatory organizations and licensing procedures for new nuclear power plants pp. 1344-1354 Downloads
Alexandre Bredimas and William Nuttall
Feebates promoting energy-efficient cars: Design options to address more consumers and possible counteracting effects pp. 1355-1365 Downloads
Anja Peters, Michel G. Mueller, Peter de Haan and Roland W. Scholz
Now that California has AMI, what can the state do with it? pp. 1366-1374 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo, E. Kollman, R. Orans, S. Price and B. Horii
Is cluster policy useful for the energy sector? Assessing self-declared hydrogen clusters in the Netherlands pp. 1375-1385 Downloads
Pieter Mans, Floortje Alkemade, Tessa van der Valk and Marko P. Hekkert
Sectoral trends in global energy use and greenhouse gas emissions pp. 1386-1403 Downloads
Stephane de Ia Rue du Can and Lynn Price
The economy-wide impact of controlling energy consumption in Indonesia: An analysis using a Social Accounting Matrix framework pp. 1404-1419 Downloads
Djoni Hartono and Budy Resosudarmo
Greenhouse gas emissions trading among Pacific Rim countries: An analysis of policies to bring developing countries to the bargaining table pp. 1420-1429 Downloads
Adam Rose and Dan Wei
Understanding the role of energy consumption in human development through the use of saturation phenomena pp. 1430-1435 Downloads
Marti­nez, Daniel M. and Ben W. Ebenhack
More competition: Threat or chance for financing renewable electricity? pp. 1436-1447 Downloads
Sándor Szabó and Arnulf Jäger-Waldau
Do liberalised electricity markets help or hinder CHP and district heating? The case of the UK pp. 1448-1456 Downloads
David Toke and Aikaterini Fragaki
The capacity credit of micro-combined heat and power pp. 1457-1469 Downloads
A.D. Hawkes and M.A. Leach
An empirical analysis of the dynamic programming model of stockpile acquisition strategies for China's strategic petroleum reserve pp. 1470-1478 Downloads
Gang Wu, Ying Fan, Lancui Liu and Yi-Ming Wei
The emerging liquid biofuel market in Argentina: Implications for domestic demand and international trade pp. 1479-1490 Downloads
Patrick Lamers, Kes McCormick and Jorge Antonio Hilbert
The emergence and troubled growth of a 'biopower' innovation system in Sweden pp. 1491-1508 Downloads
Staffan Jacobsson
Can the future EU ETS support wind energy investments? pp. 1509-1520 Downloads
Blanco, Mari­a Isabel and Glória Rodrigues
Merging electricity and environment politics of Hong Kong: Identifying the barriers from the ways that sustainability is defined pp. 1521-1537 Downloads
Alex Lo
Promoting biofuels: Implications for developing countries pp. 1538-1544 Downloads
Jörg Peters and Sascha Thielmann
Green vs. green: Measuring the compensation required to site electrical generation windmills in a viewshed pp. 1545-1550 Downloads
Peter Groothuis, Jana D. Groothuis and John Whitehead
Breaking the cycle: Producer and consumer perspectives on the non-adoption of passive solar housing in the US pp. 1551-1566 Downloads
Vicki Garrett and Tomas M. Koontz
On the global warming problem due to carbon dioxide pp. 1567-1568 Downloads
Karl E. Lonngren and Er-Wei Bai
Disagreement over carbon footprints: A comparison of electric and LPG forklifts pp. 1569-1573 Downloads
Eric Johnson
The effect of flex fuel vehicles in the Brazilian light road transportation pp. 1574-1576 Downloads
Arlindo Kamimura and Ildo L. Sauer

Volume 36, issue 3, 2008

Replacing tedium with transformation: Why the US Department of Energy needs to change the way it conducts long-term R&D pp. 923-928 Downloads
Benjamin K. Sovacool
Trojan horse or horn of plenty? Reflections on allowing CCS in the CDM pp. 929-936 Downloads
Heleen de Coninck
How to reach a compromise on drilling in AWNR pp. 937-939 Downloads
Brian Snyder
Carbon-negative biofuels pp. 940-945 Downloads
John A. Mathews
Harmonization of renewable electricity feed-in laws: A comment pp. 946-953 Downloads
Patrik Söderholm
Taking out 1 billion tons of CO2: The magic of China's 11th Five-Year Plan? pp. 954-970 Downloads
Jiang Lin, Nan Zhou, Mark Levine and David Fridley
Using strong sustainability to optimize electricity generation fuel mixes pp. 971-980 Downloads
Justin D.K. Bishop, Gehan A.J. Amaratunga and Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez
Design of an economically efficient feed-in tariff structure for renewable energy development pp. 981-990 Downloads
Jonathan A. Lesser and Xuejuan Su
Functionality of the approach of hierarchical analysis in the full cost accounting in the IRP of a metropolitan airport pp. 991-998 Downloads
Décio Cicone , Miguel Edgar Morales Udaeta, José Aquiles Baesso Grimoni and Luiz Cláudio Ribeiro Galvão
Natural-gas-powered thermoelectricity as a reliability factor in the Brazilian electric sector pp. 999-1018 Downloads
E. Fernandes, J.C.S. de Oliveira, P.R. de Oliveira and P.S.R. Alonso
Progress, influence and perspectives of emergy theories in China, in support of environmentally sound economic development and equitable trade pp. 1019-1028 Downloads
Xiaobin Dong, Sergio Ulgiati, Maochao Yan and Wangsheng Gao
Why do oil prices jump (or fall)? pp. 1029-1043 Downloads
Franz Wirl
Rural electrification in Zambia: A policy and institutional analysis pp. 1044-1058 Downloads
Charles M. Haanyika
The dimensions of the policy debate over transportation energy: The case of hydrogen in the United States pp. 1059-1073 Downloads
Gustavo Collantes
Multicriteria evaluation of power plants impact on the living standard using the analytic hierarchy process pp. 1074-1089 Downloads
Athanasios . Chatzimouratidis and Petros A. Pilavachi
Stay cool with less work: China's new energy-efficiency standards for air conditioners pp. 1090-1095 Downloads
Jiang Lin and Gregory Rosenquist
A critical review of IEA's oil demand forecast for China pp. 1096-1106 Downloads
Willem P. Nel and Christopher J. Cooper
The Triptych approach revisited: A staged sectoral approach for climate mitigation pp. 1107-1124 Downloads
Michel den Elzen, Niklas Höhne and Sara Moltmann
Everybody merges with somebody--The wave of M&As in the energy industry and the EU merger policy pp. 1125-1133 Downloads
Stefano Verde
Modelling the impacts of CDM incentives for the Thai electricity sector pp. 1134-1147 Downloads
Philipp Weiss, Thierry Lefèvre and Dominik Möst
Applying physical input-output tables of energy to estimate the energy ecological footprint (EEF) of Galicia (NW Spain) pp. 1148-1163 Downloads
Adolfo Carballo Penela and Sebastian Villasante
The asymmetric relationship between oil revenues and economic activities: The case of oil-exporting countries pp. 1164-1168 Downloads
Mohsen Mehrara
An integrated assessment of a large-scale biodiesel production in Italy: Killing several birds with one stone? pp. 1169-1180 Downloads
Daniela Russi
Comparison of CO2 emission scenarios and mitigation opportunities in China's five sectors in 2020 pp. 1181-1194 Downloads
Wenjia Cai, Can Wang, Jining Chen, Ke Wang, Ying Zhang and Xuedu Lu
Oil vulnerability index of oil-importing countries pp. 1195-1211 Downloads
Eshita Gupta
Economics of producing hydrogen as transportation fuel using offshore wind energy systems pp. 1212-1222 Downloads
Jyotirmay Mathur, Nalin Agarwal, Rakesh Swaroop and Nikhar Shah
A pre-feasibility case study on integrated resource planning including renewables pp. 1223-1232 Downloads
Pelin Yilmaz, M. Hakan Hocaoglu and Alp Er S. Konukman
E85 and fuel efficiency: An empirical analysis of 2007 EPA test data pp. 1233-1235 Downloads
Matthew C. Roberts
Evaluating the scope for energy-efficiency improvements in the public sector: Benchmarking NHSScotland's smaller health buildings pp. 1236-1242 Downloads
Joe Murray, O. Pahl and S. Burek
Review of Fueling Our Future--An Introduction to Sustainable Energy, Robert L. Evans, 1st ed., Cambridge University Press (2007). 192pp., US$87.80, ISBN-13: 978-0521865630 pp. 1243-1244 Downloads
Lars Rose

Volume 36, issue 2, 2008

Community renewable energy: What should it mean pp. 497-500 Downloads
Gordon Walker and Patrick Devine-Wright
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Volume 36, issue 1, 2008

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Firm performance and employment in the EU emissions trading scheme: An empirical assessment for Germany pp. 12-22 Downloads
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Energy in Brazil: Toward sustainable development? pp. 73-83 Downloads
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Michael B. Charles, Rachel Ryan, Neal Ryan and Richard Oloruntoba
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