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Volume 8, issue 4, 1992

Editorial policies for the publication of controversial findings pp. 543-544 Downloads
J. Armstrong
Business planning under uncertainty: Will we attain our goal? pp. 545-557 Downloads
Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu, J. R. M. Hosking and Jeanne M. Doll
The effects of feedback and training on the performance of probability forecasters pp. 559-573 Downloads
P. George Benson and Dilek Onkal
Expert opinions about extrapolation and the mystery of the overlooked discontinuities pp. 575-582 Downloads
Fred Collopy and J. Armstrong
An estimation model for country risk rating pp. 583-593 Downloads
Muhittin Oral, Ossama Kettani, Jean-Claude Cosset and Mohamed Daouas
Combining vector forecasts to predict thoroughbred horse race outcomes pp. 595-611 Downloads
Edna M. White, Ronald Dattero and Benito Flores
Predictive accuracy of simple versus complex econometric market share models: Theoretical and empirical results pp. 613-626 Downloads
Peter Danaher and Roderick J. Brodie
An extended review of the X11ARIMA seasonal adjustment package pp. 627-633 Downloads
Stuart Scott
Forecasting structural time series models and the kalman filter: Andrew Harvey, 1989, (Cambridge University Press), 554 pp., ISBN 0-521-32196-4 pp. 635-635 Downloads
Robert Fildes
Bayesian forecasting and dynamic models: Mike West and Jeff Harrison, 1989,(Springer), 704 pp., ISBN 0-387-97025-8 pp. 635-637 Downloads
Robert Fildes
The next three futures: Paradigms of things to come: W. Warren Wagar, 1992,(Adamantine Press, London), pp.xxi + 165, [UK pound]13.95 pp. 637-639 Downloads
Ian Miles
Into the 21st century: A handbook for a sustainable future: Brian Burroughs, Alan Mayne and Paul Newbury, 1992, (Adamantine Press, London), pp. 442, softback [UK pound]15.95, hardback[UK pound]32.50 pp. 637-637 Downloads
Ian Miles
Encyclopedia of world problems and human potential: Union of international associations, 1991, (K.G. Saur, Munich), Vol. 1, 950 pp; Vol. 2, 1188 pp., hardcover, ISBN 3-598-10842-7, US$400.00 pp. 639-641 Downloads
William E. Halal
Taming the future: Kenneth E.F. Watt, 1991, (Contextured Web Press, Davis, CA), pp. 163, ISBN 1-880014-01-7, US$40.00 pp. 641-643 Downloads
Alan L. Porter
Modeling and forecasting demand in tourism: Stephen F. Witt and Christine A. Witt, 1992, (Academic Press, London), pp. 195, ISBN 0-127-60740-4, [UK pound]35.00 pp. 643-644 Downloads
Essam Mahmoud
Forecasting systems for operations management: Stephen A. Delurgio and Carl D. Bhame, 1991, (Business One Irwin, Homewood, IL), pp. 648, hardback, US$49.95 pp. 644-646 Downloads
Paul J. Fields
The art of modeling dynamic systems: Forecasting for chaos, randomness, and determinism: F. Morrison, 1991, (Wiley-Interscience, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York), pp. 387, ISBN 0-471-52004-7, $54.95 pp. 646-646 Downloads
H. Richard Priesmeyer
Forecasting with dynamic regression models: Alan Pankratz, 1991, (John Wiley and Sons, New York), ISBN 0-471-61528-5, [UK pound]47.50 pp. 647-648 Downloads
Peter Kennedy
Leading economic indicators: "A leading indicator of inflation based on interest rates" pp. 649-650 Downloads
Kajal Lahiri
Journal of business research: "Analysis and comparison of financial analysts', time series, and combined forecast of annual earnings", 24 (1992) 269-280 pp. 649-649 Downloads
Gerald J. Lobo
Journal of the American statistics association: "Likelihood and bayesian prediction of chaotic systems", 86 (1991) 938-952 pp. 650-651 Downloads
L. Mark Berliner
Journal of behavioral decision making: "The need for contextual and technical knowledge in judgmental forecasting", 5 (1992) 39-52 pp. 651-652 Downloads
Nada R. Sanders and Larry P. Ritzman

Volume 8, issue 3, 1992

Population forecasting: Guest editors' introduction pp. 289-299 Downloads
Dennis A. Ahlburg and Kenneth C. Land
The magnitude of error due to different vital processes in population forecasts pp. 301-314 Downloads
Juha M. Alho
Stochastic demographic forecasting pp. 315-327 Downloads
Ronald Lee
Forecasting US population totals with the Box-Jenkins approach pp. 329-338 Downloads
Peter Pflaumer
Projecting the number of new AIDS cases in the United States pp. 339-365 Downloads
David Bloom and Sherry Glied
The demographic impact of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa: Short- and long-term projections pp. 367-384 Downloads
Eduard Bos and Rodolfo A. Bulatao
Stochastic population forecasts and their uses pp. 385-391 Downloads
Shripad Tuljapurkar
Modeling and forecasting US sex differentials in mortality pp. 393-411 Downloads
Lawrence R. Carter and Ronald Lee
Forecasting cause-specific mortality using time series methods pp. 413-432 Downloads
Robert McNown and Andrei Rogers
Projecting the future size and health status of the US elderly population pp. 433-458 Downloads
Kenneth G. Manton, Eric Stallard and Burt Singer
Immigration and immigrant generations in population projections pp. 459-476 Downloads
Barry Edmonston and Jeffrey S. Passel
Predicting childlessness for recent cohorts of American women pp. 477-493 Downloads
S. Philip Morgan and Renbao Chen
Evaluating the forecast accuracy and bias of alternative population projections for states pp. 495-508 Downloads
Stanley K. Smith and Terry Sincich
A comparison of four methods for projecting households pp. 509-527 Downloads
Andrew Mason and Rachel Racelis
Into the twenty-first century with British households pp. 529-539 Downloads
Keith Spicer, Ian Diamond and Marie Ni Bhrolchain

Volume 8, issue 2, 1992

Some recent developments in non-linear time series modelling, testing, and forecasting pp. 135-156 Downloads
Jan G. Gooijer and Kuldeep Kumar
On continuous-time threshold autoregression pp. 157-173 Downloads
P. J. Brockwell and Rob Hyndman
An object oriented approach to forecasting pp. 175-185 Downloads
Vassilis Assimakopoulos and Alexandra Konida
Non-cointegration and causality: Implications for VAR modeling pp. 187-199 Downloads
Gary Shoesmith
Forecasting economic activity rates pp. 201-217 Downloads
G. Briscoe and R. Wilson
Using stochastic simulation to test the effect of seasonal adjustment on forecast standard errors of motor gasoline demand pp. 219-231 Downloads
Fred Joutz and Robert Trost
Top-down or bottom-up: Aggregate versus disaggregate extrapolations pp. 233-241 Downloads
Byron J. Dangerfield and John S. Morris
Identification of key attributes, gap analysis and simulation techniques in forecasting market potential of ethical pharmaceutical products pp. 243-249 Downloads
Panos Kontzalis
Bridging the gap between theory and practice in forecasting pp. 251-267 Downloads
Essam Mahmoud, Richard DeRoeck, Robert Brown and Gillian Rice
The practice of econometrics: Classical and contemporary: Ernst R. Berndt, (Addison-Wesley Publishing company, Reading, Mass., 1991), pp. 702, $18.95 pp. 269-270 Downloads
Robert Fildes
Japanese financial market research: W.T. Ziemba, W. Bailey and Y. Hamao, eds., (Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1991), pp. 616, $69.50, Dfl 175.00 pp. 270-271 Downloads
Richard Flavell
Seasonal adjustment as a practical problem: F.A.G. den Butter and M.M.G. Fase, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1991), pp. iv + 226, US$94.50, Dfl 165.00 pp. 271-274 Downloads
Brian Henry
The evolution of the future: Frank W. Elwell, (Praeger publishers, New York, NY, 1991), pp. 144. $37.95 pp. 274-275 Downloads
Ian Wilson
Management science: D. Bunn and G. Wright, "Interaction of Judgmental and Statistical Forecasting Methods: Issues and Analysis", 37 (1991) 501-518 pp. 277-279 Downloads
Fred Collopy and J. Armstrong
Public opinion quarterly: Tom W. Smith and Frederick D. Weil, "Finding public opinion data: A guide to sources" 54 (1990) 609-626 pp. 279-279 Downloads
J. Armstrong
American economic review: Gordon Leitch and J. Ernest Tanner, "Economic forecast evaluation: Profit versus the conventional error measures", 81 (1991) 580-590 pp. 279-282 Downloads
Robert Filders

Volume 8, issue 1, 1992

Influencing forecasting practice pp. 1-2 Downloads
Robert Filde
Forecasting stock market prices: Lessons for forecasters pp. 3-13 Downloads
Clive Granger
Exploring judgemental forecasting pp. 15-26 Downloads
Michael Lawrence and O'Connor, Marcus
An empirical analysis of the accuracy of SA, OLS, ERLS and NRLS combination forecasts pp. 27-43 Downloads
Celal Aksu and Sevket . Gunter
Nonnegativity restricted least squares combinations pp. 45-59 Downloads
Sevket . Gunter
Trading days, seasonal unit root, and variance change pp. 61-67 Downloads
Carlos Henrique Motta Coelho and Moyses Tenenblat
Error measures for generalizing about forecasting methods: Empirical comparisons pp. 69-80 Downloads
J. Armstrong and Fred Collopy
The evaluation of extrapolative forecasting methods pp. 81-98 Downloads
Robert Fildes
Error measures and the choice of a forecast method pp. 99-100 Downloads
Dennis A. Ahlburg
A commentary on error measures pp. 100-102 Downloads
Chris Chatfield
Comparing forecasts in finance pp. 102-103 Downloads
Stephen J. Taylor
A statistician in search of a population pp. 103-104 Downloads
Patrick A. Thompson
On seeking a best performance measure or a best forecasting method pp. 104-107 Downloads
Robert L. Winkler and Allan H. Murphy
Generalization and communication issues in the use of error measures: A reply pp. 107-109 Downloads
Fred Collopy and J. Armstrong
On error measures: A response to the commentators -- the best error measure? pp. 109-111 Downloads
Robert Fildes
Successful business forecasting: J.C. Compton and S.B. Compton, 1990, (Liberty Hall Press), pp. 202, ISBN 0-8306-0207-0, $21.95 pp. 113-114 Downloads
Thomas Yokum
Exchange rate forecasting: Christian Dunis and Michael Feeny, eds., (Probus Publishing Company, Chicago, IL.), pp. 356 pp. 116-117 Downloads
David Stallings
Prediction, projection and forecasting: Thomas L. Saaty and Luis G. Vargas, (Kluwer, Norwell, MA, 1991), pp. 251, $57.50 pp. 118-119 Downloads
Paul Goodwin
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