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Volume 10, issue 4, 1994

A world-wide information system for forecasters pp. 491-494 Downloads
Fred Collopy
Judgmental decomposition: when does it work? pp. 495-506 Downloads
Donald G. MacGregor and J. Armstrong
Forecasting costs incurred from unit differencing fractionally integrated processes pp. 507-514 Downloads
Jeremy Smith and Sanjay Yadav
Restricted forecasts using exponential smoothing techniques pp. 515-527 Downloads
A. Lorena Rosas and Victor M. Guerrero
Forecasting intermittent demand in manufacturing: a comparative evaluation of Croston's method pp. 529-538 Downloads
Thomas R. Willemain, Charles N. Smart, Joseph H. Shockor and Philip A. DeSautels
Forecasting in least absolute value regression with autocorrelated errors: a small-sample study pp. 539-547 Downloads
Terry E. Dielman and Elizabeth L. Rose
Prediction with a linear regression model and errors in a regressor pp. 549-555 Downloads
Bo Jonsson
Forecasts for the Australian economy using the MONASH model pp. 557-571 Downloads
Philip Adams, Peter Dixon, Daina McDonald, Gerald Meagher and Brian R. Parmenter
Adventures with ARIMA software pp. 573-581 Downloads
Paul Newbold, Christos Agiakloglou and John Miller
Electronics industry model: a report on two decades of implementation pp. 583-596 Downloads
G. Kent Webb
Economic forecasting in agriculture: Comment pp. 597-599 Downloads
Dean T. Chen
Economic forecasting in agriculture: Reply pp. 601-602 Downloads
P. Geoffrey Alien
Introduction pp. 609-609 Downloads
Robert Fildes and Herman Stekler
Marketing: J. Eliashberg and G.L. Lilien, eds., 1993, (North-Holland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), 920 pp., hardback $165.00/Dfl.310.00, ISBN 0-444-88957-4 pp. 643-645 Downloads
Alan Mercer
The rise and fall of strategic planning: Henry Mintzberg, 1994, (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, USA), 458 pp., [UK pound]19.95 ISBN 0137818246 pp. 645-646 Downloads
Michael Lawrence
Omega 21: G.L. Riddington, (1993), Time varying coefficient models and their forecasting performance, 573-583 pp. 647-649 Downloads
J. Armstrong
Marketing letters: Barry L., Bayus, (1992), Have diffusion rates been accelerating over time? 3 215-226 pp. 647-647 Downloads
J. Armstrong
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics: Rick L. Andrews, 1994, Forecasting performance of structural time series models, 12, 129-133 pp. 649-649 Downloads
Robert Fildes
Applied Statistics: L.S.-Y. Wu, J.R.M. Hosking and N. Ravishankar, 1993, Reallocation outliers in time series, 42, 301-313 pp. 650-650 Downloads
Robert Fildes

Volume 10, issue 3, 1994

What forecasts (seem to) mean pp. 387-403 Downloads
Baruch Fischhoff
Using economic indicators to reduce risk in stock market investments pp. 405-417 Downloads
Geoffrey H. Moore, Ernst A. Boehm and Anirvan Banerji
The performance of alternative VAR models in forecasting exchange rates pp. 419-433 Downloads
Te-Ru Liu, Mary E. Gerlow and Scott Irwin
The rationality of the OECD foreign-balance forecasts for the USA pp. 435-443 Downloads
Angelos Antzoulatos
Recursive estimation as an aid to exploratory data analysis: an application to market share models pp. 445-453 Downloads
Colin F. Jex
Late forecasts and early revisions of United States GNP pp. 455-460 Downloads
Noel Brodsky and Paul Newbold
Elements of multivariate time series: Gregory C. Reinsel, 1993, Springer Series in Statistics, (Springer-Verlag, New York), 263 pp. US 49.00. ISBN 0-387-94063-4 pp. 463-463 Downloads
Keith Ord
Time series prediction: Forecasting the future and understanding the past: Andreas S. Weigend and Neil A. Gershenfeld, eds., 1993, (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading, MA, USA), 643 pp., paperback $49.50, ISBN 0-201-62 pp. 463-466 Downloads
Spyros Makridakis
Modelling reality and personal modelling: Richard Flavell, (ed.), 1993, Contributions to Management Science, (Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg), 407 pp., paperback, DM120, ISBN 3-7908-0682-X pp. 466-469 Downloads
Chris Adcock
Forecasting practices in US corporations: Survey results: Nada Sanders and Karl B. Manrodt, 1994, interfaces, 24, 92-100 pp. 471-472 Downloads
J. Armstrong
An analysis of the accuracy ot "trial heat" polls during the 1992 presidential election: Richard R. Lau, 1994, Public opinion quarterly, 58, 2-20 pp. 473-474 Downloads
J. Armstrong
Forecasting final cost and budget of construction projects: Paul Teicholz, Journal of computing in civil engineering, 7 (1993), 511-529 pp. 474-475 Downloads
Fred Collopy
Dating turning points in the business cycle: Michael D. Boldin, Journal of business, 67, 97-131 pp. 475-475 Downloads
Herman Stekler

Volume 10, issue 2, 1994

Forecasting market response pp. 181-189 Downloads
Leonard J. Parsons and Randall L. Schultz
A nearest neighbor model for forecasting market response pp. 191-207 Downloads
Francis J. Mulhern and Robert J. Caprara
Bayesian forecasts in markets with overlapping structures pp. 209-233 Downloads
Catriona M. Queen, Jim Q. Smith and David M. James
Comparing the predictive performance of a neural network model with some traditional market response models pp. 235-244 Downloads
Chanda Ghose Dasgupta, Gary S. Dispensa and Sanjoy Ghose
A comparison and an exploration of the forecasting accuracy of a loglinear model at different levels of aggregation pp. 245-261 Downloads
Eijte W. Foekens, Peter S. H. Leeflang and Dick R. Wittink
Forecasting market shares with disaggregate or pooled data: a comparison of attraction models pp. 263-276 Downloads
Youhua Chen, Vinay Kanetkar and Doyle L. Weiss
Conditions when market share models are useful for forecasting: further empirical results pp. 277-285 Downloads
Roderick J. Brodie and Andre Bonfrer
Comparing naive with econometric market share models when competitors' actions are forecast pp. 287-294 Downloads
Peter Danaher
Forecasting performance of market share models: an assessment, additional insights, and guidelines pp. 295-312 Downloads
V. Kumar
Market expansion, cannibalization, and international airline pricing strategy pp. 313-326 Downloads
Gregory S. Carpenter and Dominique M. Hanssens
Predicting advertising expenditures using intention surveys pp. 327-337 Downloads
Karel Jan Alsem and Peter S. H. Leeflang
Strategic marketing forecasting, market segment selection and firm performance pp. 339-352 Downloads
Noel Capon and Peter Palij
Aggregate diffusion forecasting models in marketing: A critical review pp. 353-380 Downloads
Philip M. Parker
Elements of multivariate time series analysis: Gregory C. Reinsel, 1993, (Springer-Verlag, New York), xiv + 263 pp., DM 88 hardback, ISBN 0-387-94063-4 pp. 381-382 Downloads
Chris Chatfield
Leading economic indicators: New approaches and forecasting record: Review of Lahiri K. and G. Moore (eds.), 1991, (Cambridge University press, Cambridge) pp. 382-385 Downloads
Nader Nazmi
Business cycles, indicators, and forecasting: James H. Stock and Mark W. Watson, (eds.), 1994, National Bureau of Economic Research, studies in business cycles, vol. 28, (University of Chicago pres pp. 385-386 Downloads
Herman Stekler

Volume 10, issue 1, 1994

Editorial: Research prospective on neural network forecasting pp. 1-4 Downloads
Wilpen L. Gorr
Artificial neural network models for forecasting and decision making pp. 5-15 Downloads
Tim Hill, Leorey Marquez, O'Connor, Marcus and William Remus
Comparative study of artificial neural network and statistical models for predicting student grade point averages pp. 17-34 Downloads
Wilpen L. Gorr, Daniel Nagin and Janusz Szczypula
Review of '4thought' pp. 35-41 Downloads
Andrew Harvey and Sabine Toulson
Comments on 'neural networks: Forecasting breakthrough or passing fad' by C. Chatfield pp. 43-46 Downloads
A. N. Refenes
The combination of forecasts using changing weights pp. 47-57 Downloads
Melinda Deutsch, Clive Granger and Timo Teräsvirta
The approximation of the one-step ahead forecast error covariance for vector ARMA models pp. 59-64 Downloads
Ken Hung and Frank B. Alt
Evaluating forecasting models of farmland prices pp. 65-80 Downloads
Abebayehu Tegene and Fred Kuchler
Economic forecasting in agriculture pp. 81-135 Downloads
P Allen
Economic forecasting in agriculture: Discussion pp. 137-138 Downloads
David Bessler
The agricultural commodity market forecasting game pp. 139-142 Downloads
John Freebairn
Economic forecasting in agriculture: Comment pp. 143-145 Downloads
William G. Tomek
The fertile field of meta-analysis: Cumulative progress in agricultural forecasting pp. 147-149 Downloads
J. Armstrong
The past and the future of forecasting research pp. 151-159 Downloads
Robyn Dawes, Robert Fildes, Michael Lawrence and Keith Ord
Time series prediction: Forecasting the future and understanding the past: Neil A. Gershenfeld and Andreas S. Weigend, 1994, 'The future of time series', in: A.S. Weigend and N.A. Gershenfeld, eds., (Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA), 1-70 pp. 161-163 Downloads
Chris Chatfield and Andreas S. Weigend
Journal of econometrics: Chung-ki Min and Arnold Zellner, 1993, "Bayesian and non-Bayesian methods for combining models and forecasts with applications to forecasting international growth rates" pp. 163-164 Downloads
Robert Fildes
The econometric modelling of financial time series: Terence C. Mills, 1993, (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK), 247 pp., hardback. [UK pound]35.00, ISBN 0-521-41048-7 pp. 165-166 Downloads
Nigel Meade
ARMA model identification: Byoung Choi, 1992, (Springer-Verlag Berlin), 200 pp., DM 81.00, ISBN 3-540-97795-3 pp. 166-166 Downloads
W. D. Ray
Inflation and disinflation: The Israeli experiment: Leonardo Leiderman, 1993, (Chicago University Press, Chicago, IL). 348 pp., [UK pound]39.25, US $56.25 pp. 166-167 Downloads
Kent Matthews
Forecasting the health of elderly populations: Kenneth G. Manton, Burton H. Singer, Richard M. Suzman (editors), 1993, (Springer-Verlag, New York), 371 pp., $59.00, ISBN 0-387-97953-0 pp. 168-169 Downloads
R. Clifton Bailey
Modelling nonlinear economic relationships: C.W.J. Granger and T. Terasvirta, 1993, (Oxford University Press, New York,) 187 pp., hardback $30, ISBN 0-19-877319-6; paperback $14.95, ISBN 0-19-877320-X pp. 169-171 Downloads
Lars-Erik Oller
Developments in time series analysis: T. Subba Rao, ed., 1993, (Chapman & Hall, London, UK), 433 pp., hardback [UK pound]49.95, ISBN 0-412-49260-1 pp. 171-172 Downloads
Chris Chatfield
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