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Volume 17, issue 4, 1993

In Memoriam: Ed A. Hewett (1942-1993) pp. 711-714 Downloads
Josef Brada
Privatization: Choosing the Optimal Time Path pp. 715-736 Downloads
Barbara Katz and Owen Joel
Speed of Convergence and Stopping Rules in an Iterative Planning Procedure for Nonconvex Economies pp. 737-767 Downloads
John Conley
The Effects of the Defense Sector on the Productivity of Civilian Industry in the United States and the USSR pp. 768-785 Downloads
Nourzad Farrokh and Toumanoff Peter G.

Volume 17, issue 3, 1993

Planning, Plan-Influencing, and Market Fine-Tuning: Implications for Economies in Transition pp. 561-580 Downloads
Zhou Huizhong
Incentive Contracts for Public Firms pp. 581-599 Downloads
Gianni De Fraja
Decomposition of China's Regional Inequalities pp. 600-627 Downloads
Tsui Kai-yuen
Collective Bargaining Versus Workers' Ownership pp. 628-645 Downloads
Karl Ove Moene and Wallerstein Michael
Priorities in Central Planning pp. 646-662 Downloads
Krueger Gary
Incentives and Monitoring in Cooperatives with Labor-Proportionate Sharing Schemes pp. 663-686 Downloads
Bonin John P. and Louis Putterman
Wage Determination in Labor-Managed Firms under Market-Oriented Reforms: Estimates of Static and Dynamic Models pp. 687-700 Downloads
Estrin Saul and Jan Svejnar
Further Evidence on Money, Output, and Prices in China pp. 701-709 Downloads
Rik Hafer and Ali Kutan

Volume 17, issue 2, 1993

The Structure and Behavior of Economic Organizations: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives pp. 201-206 Downloads
Avner Ben-Ner, Josef Brada and Neuberger Egon
Basic Issues in Organizations: A Comparative Perspective pp. 207-242 Downloads
Avner Ben-Ner, Montias John Michael and Neuberger Egon
Ownership and the Nature of the Firm pp. 243-263 Downloads
Louis Putterman
Privatization and Management Incentives in the Transition Period in Eastern Europe pp. 264-287 Downloads
Klaus Schmidt and Monika Schnitzer
The Objectives of Worker Cooperatives pp. 288-308 Downloads
Ben Craig and John Pencavel
Organizational Capabilities and Industrial Restructuring: A Historical Analysis pp. 309-337 Downloads
Alfred Chandler
The Emergence of an Industrial Infrastructure for Technological Innovation pp. 338-365 Downloads
H. Van De Ven Andrew
Trends and Motives of Organizational Change in Hungarian Industry - A Synchronic View pp. 366-384 Downloads
Torok Adam
When Privatization Should Be Delayed: The Effect of Communist Legacies on Organizational and Institutional Reforms pp. 385-406 Downloads
Peter Murrell and Yijiang Wang
Privatization, the Entrepreneurial Sector, and Growth in Post-Comecon Economies pp. 407-417 Downloads
Edward Green
Cultural Determinants of Economic Performance pp. 418-442 Downloads
Casson Mark
Employeeism, Corporate Governance, and the J-Firm pp. 443-469 Downloads
Miyazaki Hajime
Editor's Introduction to the Symposium on Theoretical and Historical Perspectives on Chinese Agricultural Cooperatives pp. 471-471 Downloads
Josef Brada
Does Free Exit Reduce Shirking in Production Teams? pp. 472-484 Downloads
Xiao-yuan Dong and Gregory Dow
Transaction Costs and Peasants' Choice of Institutions: Did the Right to Exit Really Solve the Free Rider Problem in Chinese Collective Agriculture? pp. 485-503 Downloads
Kung James Kaising
Exit Rights, Exit Costs, and Shirking in Agricultural Cooperatives: A Reply pp. 504-520 Downloads
Justin Lin
The Role of Exit Costs in the Theory of Cooperative Teams: A Theoretical Perspective pp. 521-529 Downloads
W. Bentley Macleod
Collectivization and China's Agricultural Crisis pp. 530-539 Downloads
Louis Putterman and Gilbert Skillman
Exit Right, Retaliatory Shirking, and the Agricultural Crisis in China pp. 540-559 Downloads
Liu Minquan

Volume 17, issue 1, 1993

Privatization and Accumulation in Mixed Economies pp. 1-22 Downloads
Gibson Bill and Amitava Dutt
Impact of Central Planning on Production Efficiency: The Case of the Cotton Yarn Industry in China pp. 23-42 Downloads
Cheung Kamman, Archibald Sandra and Miquel Faig
Instability of General Equilibrium in a Labor-Managed Economy pp. 43-69 Downloads
Weinrich Gerd
The Inconsistencies among Disequilibrium Aggregates pp. 70-91 Downloads
Chang Gene Hsin
A Simple Model of an Oligopolistic Parallel Market pp. 92-112 Downloads
Daniel Berkowitz
Job Rights and Labor Productivity in a Soviet-Type Economy pp. 113-128 Downloads
Giacomo Corneo
The Roman Catholic Church and the Economic System: A Review Essay pp. 129-150 Downloads
Pryor Frederic L.
The Economy of the USSR: Summary and Recommendations, The IMF, The World Bank, OECD, and EBRD, The World Bank, Washington, DC, Dec. 1990. 51 pp., $15.95; A Study of the Soviet Economy, IMF et al., Paris, Vol. I, 456 pp.; Vol. II, 305 pp.; Vol. III, 407 pp., $100.00 pp. 177-180 Downloads
Bergson Abram

Volume 16, issue 4, 1992

Theoretical and applied aspects of labor-managed firms: Editors' introduction pp. 567-572 Downloads
Yehuda Don, Nava Kahana and Avi Weiss
Absenteeism: A comparison of incentives in alternative organizations pp. 573-595 Downloads
Nava Kahana and Avi Weiss
The role of exit costs in the theory of cooperative teams pp. 596-618 Downloads
Louis Putterman and Gilbert Skillman
The credibility game: Reputation and rational cooperation in a changing population pp. 619-632 Downloads
Joel M. Guttman
Some general equilibrium aspects of a labor-managed economy with monopoly elements pp. 633-654 Downloads
Hugh M. Neary
Some capital market failures in the socialist labor-managed economy pp. 655-669 Downloads
Michael Keren and David Levhari
Market syndicalism and market imbalances pp. 670-687 Downloads
Zeljko Bogetic and Dennis Heffley
On the dynamic effects of using hired labor in the Kibbutz--theory and case studies pp. 688-700 Downloads
Ehud Satt and Haim Ginzburg
Cooperatives and the business cycle: The Israeli case pp. 701-715 Downloads
Raymond Russell and Robert Hanneman
Privatization and efficient contracts: The workers' stake in the transition pp. 716-732 Downloads
John P. Bonin
Progress with privatization pp. 733-749 Downloads
Arye Hillman
The bermuda triangle: Why self-governed firms work for their own destruction pp. 750-762 Downloads
Wojciech Bienkowski
Looking forward participatory economics for the Twenty First Century:, Boston: South End Press, 1991. 153 pp., no index, $10.00 pp. 765-773 Downloads
Stephen Smith
The hungarian economic reforms 1953-1988:, Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1990, x + 343 pp., index, no price pp. 774-777 Downloads
Jan Adam
The market mechanism and economic reforms in China: Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, 1991. 264 pp., index, $45.00 pp. 778-780 Downloads
Yingyi Qian
The logic of the planned economy: The seeds of the collapse:. Translated by Kevin Cook. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1991. x + 234 pp., bibliography, and index, $69.00 pp. 781-784 Downloads
John Hall
Ko-ops: the rebirth of entrepreneurship in the Soviet Union:, Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana Univ. Press, 1991. xvii + 150 pp., index, $12.95 pp. 785-788 Downloads
Michael A. Murphy
OECD economic surveys: Hungary, 1991: Paris: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 1991. 204 pp., Annexes, FF 90, no price pp. 789-790 Downloads
Ben Slay
Chronic inflation in an industrialising economy: the brazilian experience: New York and London: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1991. ix + 310 pp., index, $59.50 pp. 791-793 Downloads
Joseph Kneer

Volume 16, issue 3, 1992

Ownership structure and efficiency: An incentive mechanism approach pp. 399-431 Downloads
Liang Zou
How soft is the budget constraint for Yugoslav firms? pp. 432-455 Downloads
Evan Kraft and Milan Vodopivec
An explanation of coexistence of taut planning and hidden reserves in centrally planned economies pp. 456-478 Downloads
Huizhong Zhou
Optimal internal investment in a labor-managed firm with heterogeneous membership: an overlapping generations approach pp. 479-493 Downloads
Meng-Hua Ye, Stephen Smith and Michael A. Conte
Productivity of western and domestic capital in polish industry pp. 494-514 Downloads
Katherine Terrell
Error in interpretation of soviet capital retirement statistics pp. 515-518 Downloads
Richard C. Harmstone
Competition and innovation in postal services:, Eds. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, 1991. xviii + 285 pp., no index. $59.95 pp. 519-522 Downloads
Estelle James
Share systems and unemployment: A theoretical analysis:, New York: St. Martin's Press, 1991. vii + 139 pp., index. $59.95 pp. 523-526 Downloads
Seung Ahn
Public debt management: Theory and history:, Eds., New York: Cambridge University Press, 1991. xix + 349 pp., index. $54.50 pp. 527-531 Downloads
Rowena Pecchenino
The theory of technological change and economic growth:. London: Routledge, 1990. 262 pp., index, $23.50 pp. 532-535 Downloads
Michael Spagat
Polish paradoxes:, Eds., London: Routledge, 1990 (ISBN-0-415-04375-1). vii + 265 pp., index, $64.00 pp. 536-538 Downloads
Kazimierz Z. Poznanski
Parallel politics, economic policymaking in Japan and the US:, Ed. Washington, DC, and Tokyo: Brookings Institution and Japan Center for International Exchange, 1991. xiii + 379 pp., index, $36.95 pp. 539-542 Downloads
Thomas Cargill
Foreign trade liberalization: Transformations in socialist and market economies:, Eds. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1991. xii + 281 pp., index, no price pp. 543-546 Downloads
Christopher Clague
The economics of property rights: Towards a theory of comparative systems:, Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1990. xiv + 200 pp., index. $88.00 pp. 547-552 Downloads
Anton Lowenberg
The economics of Cuban sugar:. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1991. xviii + 305 pp., index. $49.95 pp. 553-554 Downloads
Nicolas Sanchez
Turning it around: Closure and revitalization in New Zealand industry:, Eds. New York: Oxford University Press, 1991. ix + 151 pp., index, $29.95 pp. 555-558 Downloads
Stephen H. Karlson
The business cycle, growth and crisis under capitalism:. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1991. xxi + 432 pp., index, $45.00 pp. 559-563 Downloads
Stefan Norrbin
Foreign economic relations of the European community: The impact of Spain and Portugal:. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc., 1990. xii + 129 pp., index, no price pp. 564-565 Downloads
Eric N. Baklanoff

Volume 16, issue 2, 1992

Lessons from China's economic reform pp. 201-225 Downloads
Kang Chen, Gary Jefferson and Inderjit Singh
Competition policy vs horizontal merger with public, entrepreneurial, and labor-managed firms pp. 226-240 Downloads
Flavio Delbono and Gianpaolo Rossini
Duopoly with employee-controlled and profit-maximizing firms: Bertrand vs Cournot competition pp. 241-258 Downloads
Helmuth Cremer and Jacques Crémer
Soviet feedgrain consumption: A stable long-run relationship? pp. 259-271 Downloads
Mark Denbaly
Comparative dynamics in the labor-managed model of the firm pp. 272-286 Downloads
Michael Caputo
Kornai's "road to a free economy" in light of Polish experience pp. 287-293 Downloads
Stanislaw Gomulka
On the performance of worker-managed firms: Does participation only exert "technical" effects? pp. 294-301 Downloads
Ottorino Chillemi and Benedetto Gui
Shortages amid plenty under Soviet-type planning: A theory of unreliable supplies pp. 302-308 Downloads
Abhijit V. Banerjee and Michael Spagat
Nash-implementation of pareto correspondence in cooperative economies pp. 309-314 Downloads
Shuhe Li
Retrading of goods under repressed inflation: Implications for the supply multipliers pp. 315-327 Downloads
Leon Podkaminer
Retrading of goods under repressed inflation: Implications for supply multipliers: Reply pp. 328-331 Downloads
John Bennett
The political economy of participatory economics:, Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1991. 132 pp., $12.95 pp. 332-335 Downloads
Theresa Van Hoomissen
Do socialist economies work? The Soviet and East European experience:, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1988. xii + 168 pp., $49.95 pp. 336-337 Downloads
Marie Lavigne
After the waste land: A democratic economics for the year 2000:, Armonk: M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 1991. xv + 261 pp., index, $32.50 pp. 338-339 Downloads
Jeff Frank
Organization, performance, and system choice: East European Agricultural Development: Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1991. xiv + 172 pp., index, $28.95 pp. 340-343 Downloads
Michael Wyzan
Reforming the ruble: Monetary aspects of perestroika:, Eds., New York: New York University Press, 1990. x + 219 pp., index pp. 344-345 Downloads
Gertrude E. Schroeder
Economic adjustment and reform in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union: Eds. Durham: Duke University Press, 1988. 428 pp., index pp. 346-347 Downloads
Carl McMillan
Wage formation and macroeconomic policy in the nordic countries: New York: Oxford University Press, 1991. 447 pp., no index. $105.00 pp. 348-349 Downloads
Lars G. Sandberg
Foreign trade in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union:, Ed., The Vienna Institute for Comparative Economic Studies Yearbook II. Boulder, CO, San Francisco, and London: Westview Press, 1990. xiii + 241 pp., no index, no price pp. 350-351 Downloads
Marie Lavigne
Privatization of public enterprises in Latin America:, Ed., International Center for Economic Growth, Institute of the Americas, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, San Francisco; ICS Press, 1991. ix + 150 pp., index, $12.95 pp. 352-354 Downloads
Adam Torok
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the World Trading System:, New York: St. Martin's Press, in association with Center for Strategic and International Studies, 1990. x + 201 pp., $45.00 pp. 355-360 Downloads
Jan Prybyla
Fueling growth: The energy revolution and economic policy in post-war Japan:, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1990. xvi + 409 pp., index, $28.00 pp. 361-362 Downloads
Peter Navarro
China's foreign trade reform:, New York: Cambridge University Press, 1990. xii + 215 pp., index, $49.50 pp. 363-363 Downloads
Gerhard Pohl
Perestroika and East-West economic relations: Prospects for the 1990's:, Eds., New York: New York University Press, 1990. x + 346 pp., index pp. 364-366 Downloads
Jean Tesche
Economic control structures: A non-Walrasian approach:, Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers, 1990. xv + 237 pp., index, $65.00 pp. 367-369 Downloads
Fernando Saldanha
Agathotopia. The economics of partnership:, London: Pergamon and Aberdeen University Press, 1989. 150 pp., no index, $12.50 pp. 370-376 Downloads
Stephen Smith
Perestroika in the countryside: Agricultural reform in the Gorbachev era:, Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, Inc. 1990. xiii + 126 pp., index, $39.95 pp. 377-378 Downloads
Elizabeth Clayton
The myth of America's decline: Leading the world economy into the 1990s:, New York: Oxford University Press, 1990. xvi + 407 pp., index pp. 379-381 Downloads
James K. Galbraith
From labour shortage to unemployment? The Soviet labour market in the 1980s:, Stockholm, Sweden: Almqvist & Wicksell International, 1990. 311 pp., (price) 206 SEK pp. 382-384 Downloads
Michael Murphy
Perestroika in Eastern Europe: Hungary's economic transformation, 1945-1988:, Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1990. xv + 176 pp., index, $32.50 pp. 385-386 Downloads
Xavier Richet
The dynamics of North American trade and investment: Canada, Mexico, and the United States:, Eds., Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1991. xv + 281 pp., index, $39.50 pp. 387-391 Downloads
Lawrence Officer
Mountains of debt: Crisis and change in the renaissance:, New York: Oxford University Press, 1990. vii + 243 pp., index, $29.95 pp. 392-393 Downloads
Lars G. Sandberg
Communist agriculture: Farming in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe:, Ed., London: Routledge, 1990. xviii + 331 pp., no index, $112.00 pp. 394-397 Downloads
William Liefert

Volume 16, issue 1, 1992

Effects of rationing on the consumption behavior of Chinese urban households during 1981-1987 pp. 1-26 Downloads
Zhi Wang and Wen S. Chern
Equity, efficiency, and incentives in a large economy pp. 27-46 Downloads
Yingyi Qian
Threat-based incentive mechanisms under moral hazard and adverse selection pp. 47-74 Downloads
Liang Zou
The terms-of-trade effects from the elimination of state trading in Soviet-Hungarian trade pp. 75-93 Downloads
Gabor Oblath and David Tarr
The labor-managed firm under production uncertainty pp. 94-104 Downloads
L. Dean Hiebert
Modeling earnings distorting government intervention: The case of Singapore's managerial earnings pp. 105-117 Downloads
Kaliappa Kalirajan
The economics of German reunification: A review of the literature pp. 118-149 Downloads
Phillip J. Bryson
Effects of bailouts, taxes, and risk-aversion on the enterprise pp. 150-167 Downloads
Stephen M. Goldfeld and Richard E. Quandt
Comparative economic systems: Armonk: M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 1990. xix + 691 pp., index pp. 168-171 Downloads
Phillip J. Bryson
The political economy of China's special economic zones:, Armonk, New York/London, England: M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 1990. x + 204 pp., index, $39.95 pp. 172-173 Downloads
Jan S. Prybyla
Understanding the UK economy:, Ed., New York: St. Martin's Press, 1990. xvii + 345 pp., index, $49.95 pp. 174-176 Downloads
Simon Burgess
The Korean banking system and foreign influence:, London: Routledge, Chapman, and Hall, 1990. pp. xvii + 174, index, $69.00 pp. 177-179 Downloads
David C. Cole
Market forces in China:, Eds., Zed Books, 1990. vii + 177 pp., index, $49.95 pp. 180-182 Downloads
Claude Aubert
Governing the economy:, New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1986. 340 pp., index, $14.95 pp. 183-186 Downloads
Peter Holivies
The road to a free economy. Shifting from a socialist system: The example of Hungary:, New York and London: W. W. Norton and Company, 1990. 224 pp., index, $16.95 pp. 187-191 Downloads
Jan Adam
Division of Labor and Welfare: An introduction to economic systems.:, New York: Oxford University Press, 1990. xii + 248 pp., index, $30.00 pp. 192-194 Downloads
John Bennett
Government and housing. Developments in seven countries:, Eds., Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, 1990. 293 pp., index, $38.00 pp. 195-197 Downloads
Lynn Turgeon
Communist agriculture. Farming in the far East and Cuba:, Ed. New York: Routledge, Chapman and Hall, 1990. x + 131 pp., index, $59.50 pp. 198-200 Downloads
Frederic L. Pryor
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