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Volume 154, issue C, 2014

Collective rationality and monotone path division rules pp. 1-24 Downloads
John Stovall
Symmetric play in repeated allocation games pp. 25-67 Downloads
Christoph Kuzmics, Thomas Palfrey and Brian W. Rogers
Endogenous growth and wave-like business fluctuations pp. 68-111 Downloads
Mauro Bambi, Fausto Gozzi and Omar Licandro
Free entry versus socially optimal entry pp. 112-125 Downloads
Rabah Amir, Luciano De Castro and Leonidas Koutsougeras
Markup cycles, dynamic misallocation, and amplification pp. 126-161 Downloads
Marcus Opp, Christine A. Parlour and Johan Walden
Weakly monotonic solutions for cooperative games pp. 162-172 Downloads
André Casajus and Frank Huettner
Community enforcement with observation costs pp. 173-186 Downloads
Yu Awaya
On cooperative solutions of a generalized assignment game: Limit theorems to the set of competitive equilibria pp. 187-215 Downloads
Jordi Masso and Alejandro Neme
Securely implementable social choice rules with partially honest agents pp. 216-228 Downloads
Alejandro Saporiti
Convergence in models with bounded expected relative hazard rates pp. 229-244 Downloads
Carlos Oyarzun and Johannes Ruf
Optimal city hierarchy: A dynamic programming approach to central place theory pp. 245-273 Downloads
Wen-Tai Hsu, Thomas J. Holmes and Frank Morgan
The dynamics of continuous cultural traits in social networks pp. 274-309 Downloads
Berno Buechel, Tim Hellmann and Michael M. Pichler
Incomplete market dynamics and cross-sectional distributions pp. 310-348 Downloads
Alexis Akira Toda
A game-theoretic analysis of rank-order mechanisms for user-generated content pp. 349-374 Downloads
Arpita Ghosh and Patrick Hummel
Observational learning with position uncertainty pp. 375-402 Downloads
Ignacio Monzon and Michael Rapp
When can expected utility handle first-order risk aversion? pp. 403-422 Downloads
Georges Dionne and Jingyuan Li
Does one Bayesian make a difference? pp. 423-452 Downloads
Manuel Mueller-Frank
Aggregation of preferences for skewed asset returns pp. 453-489 Downloads
Fousseni Chabi-Yo, Dietmar P.J. Leisen and Eric Renault
A dynamic equilibrium model of imperfectly integrated financial markets pp. 490-542 Downloads
Harjoat S. Bhamra, Nicolas Coeurdacier and Stéphane Guibaud
A new perspective on Kesten's school choice with consent idea pp. 543-561 Downloads
Qianfeng Tang and Jingsheng Yu
Evolutionary imitative dynamics with population-varying aspiration levels pp. 562-577 Downloads
Ryoji Sawa and Dai Zusai
The role of commitment in bilateral trade pp. 578-603 Downloads
Dino Gerardi, Johannes Hörner and Lucas Maestri
Information and the dispersion of posterior expectations pp. 604-611 Downloads
Nikolai Brandt, Burkhard Drees, Bernhard Eckwert and Felix Várdy
Ordients: Optimization and comparative statics without utility functions pp. 612-632 Downloads
Ludovic Renou and Karl H. Schlag
Costly information, entry, and credit access pp. 633-667 Downloads
Todd A. Gormley

Volume 153, issue C, 2014

Information percolation in segmented markets pp. 1-32 Downloads
Darrell Duffie, Semyon Malamud and Gustavo Manso
Auctioning and selling positions: A non-cooperative approach to queueing conflicts pp. 33-45 Downloads
Yuan Ju, Youngsub Chun and René van den Brink
Strategic stability in Poisson games pp. 46-63 Downloads
Francesco De Sinopoli, Claudia Meroni and Carlos Pimienta
Reputation in the presence of noisy exogenous learning pp. 64-73 Downloads
Ju Hu
Moral-hazard credit cycles with risk-averse agents pp. 74-102 Downloads
Roger B. Myerson
Multidimensional mechanism design in single peaked type spaces pp. 103-116 Downloads
Debasis Mishra, Anup Pramanik and Souvik Roy
Intergenerational egalitarianism pp. 117-127 Downloads
Paolo Giovanni Piacquadio
Rental harmony with roommates pp. 128-137 Downloads
Yaron Azrieli and Eran Shmaya
A game with no Bayesian approximate equilibria pp. 138-151 Downloads
Ziv Hellman
Communication in Cournot oligopoly pp. 152-176 Downloads
Maria Goltsman and Gregory Pavlov
On the space of players in idealized limit games pp. 177-190 Downloads
Lei Qiao and Haomiao Yu
Robustness of public equilibria in repeated games with private monitoring pp. 191-212 Downloads
Richard McLean, Ichiro Obara and Andrew Postlewaite
A note on absolutely expedient learning rules pp. 213-223 Downloads
Carlos Oyarzun
A theory of political and economic cycles pp. 224-251 Downloads
Laurence Ales, Pricila Maziero and Pierre Yared
Competitive equilibrium with search frictions: A general equilibrium approach pp. 252-286 Downloads
Belén Jerez
A theory of subjective learning pp. 287-312 Downloads
David Dillenberger, Juan Sebastián Lleras, Philipp Sadowski and Norio Takeoka
Social learning by chit-chat pp. 313-343 Downloads
Edoardo Gallo
Pairwise comparison dynamics for games with continuous strategy space pp. 344-375 Downloads
Man-Wah Cheung
Non-existence of continuous choice functions pp. 376-391 Downloads
Hiroki Nishimura and Efe A. Ok
The analytics of technology news shocks pp. 392-427 Downloads
Bill Dupor and M. Saif Mehkari
Identifying combinatorial valuations from aggregate demand pp. 428-458 Downloads
Itai Sher and Kyoo il Kim
A leverage-based model of speculative bubbles pp. 459-505 Downloads
Gadi Barlevy
An equilibrium analysis of the simultaneous ascending auction pp. 506-533 Downloads
Jacob K. Goeree and Yuanchuan Lien
Trading dynamics in decentralized markets with adverse selection pp. 534-568 Downloads
Braz Camargo and Benjamin Lester
Nonparametric comparative revealed risk aversion pp. 569-616 Downloads
Jan Heufer
The macroeconomics of Model T pp. 617-647 Downloads
Reto Foellmi, Tobias Wuergler and Josef Zweimüller
School choice with controlled choice constraints: Hard bounds versus soft bounds pp. 648-683 Downloads
Lars Ehlers, Isa E. Hafalir, M. Bumin Yenmez and Muhammed A. Yildirim
Asymmetric all-pay auctions with interdependent valuations pp. 684-702 Downloads
Ron Siegel
Comment on “Modeling non-monotone risk aversion using SAHARA utility functions” [J. Econ. Theory 146 (2011) 2075–2092] pp. 703-705 Downloads
Zhenyu Cui
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