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1990, volume 30, issue 12

Research on AIDS interventions in developing countries: State of the art pp. 1265-1272 Downloads
Doris Schopper
Racial and gender discrimination: Risk factors for high blood pressure? pp. 1273-1281 Downloads
Nancy Krieger
Problems in comparing findings on social class cross-culturally--Applied to infant mortality (Australia and Britain) pp. 1283-1288 Downloads
Susan Quine
Gender differences in the experience of headache pp. 1289-1295 Downloads
David D. Celentano, Martha S. Linet and Walter F. Stewart
Mothers' satisfaction with the cost of children's care: The role of practice settings and actual expenses pp. 1297-1311 Downloads
Diana Dutton, Deanna Gomby and Baudouin Meunier
Change and continuity in patient theories of illness: The case of epilepsy pp. 1313-1318 Downloads
K. U. Kirchgässler
Design, implementation, and evaluation of a community financing scheme for hospital care in developing countries: A pre-paid health plan in the Bwamanda health zone, Zaire pp. 1319-1327 Downloads
Freddy Moens
Self-certification in lay midwives' organizations: A vehicle for professional autonomy pp. 1329-1339 Downloads
Irene H. Butter and Bonnie J. Kay
Modeling the growth of long-stay populations in public mental hospitals pp. 1341-1347 Downloads
William H. Fisher and Barbara F. Phillips
Participation effect from water projects on EPI pp. 1349-1358 Downloads
Eugenia Eng, John Briscoe and Anne Cunningham
Collaborative practice and provider styles of delivering health care pp. 1359-1365 Downloads
James D. Campbell, Hans O. Mauksch, Helen J. Neikirk and Michael C. Hosokawa

1990, volume 30, issue 11

Preface pp. V-VI Downloads
Anselm Strauss
Qualitative research on chronic illness: The issue and the story pp. 1149-1159 Downloads
Uta Gerhardt
'Discovering' chronic illness: Using grounded theory pp. 1161-1172 Downloads
Kathy Charmaz
Personal narratives, social careers and medical courses: Analysing life trajectories in autobiographies of people with multiple sclerosis pp. 1173-1186 Downloads
Ian Robinson
Generating a model of epileptic stigma: The role of qualitative analysis pp. 1187-1194 Downloads
Graham Scambler and Anthony Hopkins
Strategic uses of narrative in the presentation of self and illness: A research note pp. 1195-1200 Downloads
Catherine Kohler Riessman
Quality of everyday life in long stay institutions for the elderly. An observational study of long stay hospital and nursing home care pp. 1201-1210 Downloads
Patricia Clark and Ann Bowling
Patient careers in end-stage renal failure pp. 1211-1224 Downloads
Uta Gerhardt
Use of the genealogical method in the exploration of chronic illness: A research note pp. 1225-1227 Downloads
David Armstrong
The status and validity of accounts obtained at interview: A contrast between two studies of families with a disabled child pp. 1229-1239 Downloads
Patrick West
What cancer tells us about general practice. Birth of an hypothesis pp. 1241-1246 Downloads
P. Aiach, D. Cebe and D. Broclain
Temporality and identity loss due to Alzheimer's disease pp. 1247-1256 Downloads
Celia J. Orona
Qualitative research on chronic illness: A commentary on method and conceptual development pp. 1257-1263 Downloads
Peter Conrad

1990, volume 30, issue 10

The relative influence of the community and the health system on work performance: A case study of community health workers in Colombia pp. 1041-1048 Downloads
Sheila A. Robinson and Donald E. Larsen
Sorcery and penicillin: Treating illness on a Papua New Guinea island pp. 1049-1063 Downloads
Maria Lepowsky
Managing ecological upheavals: A third world perspective pp. 1065-1072 Downloads
Bharat Desai
Anticipatory grief: A review pp. 1073-1080 Downloads
Helen N. Sweeting and Mary L. M. Gilhooly
Economic aspects of cervical cancer screening pp. 1081-1087 Downloads
Marc A. Koopmanschap, Koos Th. N. Lubbe, Gerrit J. van Oortmarssen, Heleen M. A. van Agt, Marjolein van Ballegooijen and J. Dik F. Habbema
The risk approach in diarrheal disease intervention in Grenada pp. 1089-1095 Downloads
S. Martin Taylor, Michael Hayes, John Frank and Norman White
Malaria among gold miners in Southern Pará, Brazil: Estimates of determinants and individual costs pp. 1097-1105 Downloads
Stephen A. Vosti
Participation in breast screening programs: A review pp. 1107-1118 Downloads
Sally W. Vernon, Elizabeth A. Laville and Gilchrist L. Jackson
A logit analysis of hospital choice behavior in Chollabukdo province of Korea pp. 1119-1129 Downloads
Byung-Ryang Kim
The rational use of antischistosomal drugs in schistosomiasis control pp. 1131-1138 Downloads
Stephen K. Chandiwana and Paul Taylor
Patient origins and usage of a unani clinic in Aligarh Town, India pp. 1139-1141 Downloads
Nilofar Izhar
Letter to the editor pp. 1143-1143 Downloads
Edward R. Friedlander

1990, volume 30, issue 9

Preface pp. V-V Downloads
Anne L. Wright and Thomas M. Johnson
The medicalization of anthropology: A critical perspective on the critical-clinical debate pp. 945-950 Downloads
Lynn M. Morgan
On the creation of 'problem' patients pp. 951-959 Downloads
Anne L. Wright and Wayne J. Morgan
Meeting production: The economics of contracting mental illness pp. 961-968 Downloads
Dana M. Baldwin
Contradictions in the social production of clinical knowledge: The case of schizophrenia pp. 969-985 Downloads
Athena McLean
In what systems do alcohol/chemical addictions make sense? Clinical ideologies and practices as cultural metaphors pp. 987-1000 Downloads
Howard F. Stein
Levels of explanation and cautions for a critical clinical anthropology pp. 1001-1009 Downloads
Irwin Press
The possibilities and dilemmas of building bridges between critical medical anthropology and clinical anthropology: A discussion pp. 1011-1013 Downloads
Hans A. Baer
Can they get along without us? Sustainability of donor-supported health projects in Central America and Africa pp. 1015-1023 Downloads
Thomas J. Bossert
Primary health care in a multi-level perspective: Towards a research agenda pp. 1025-1034 Downloads
Sjaak van der Geest, Johan D. Speckmann and Pieter H. Streefland
Farmers' occupational health programme in Finland, 1979-1987 pp. 1035-1040 Downloads
V. Notkola, K. Husman, K. Tupi, R. Virolainen and J. Nuutinen

1990, volume 30, issue 8

Introduction pp. V-VI Downloads
Nora Groce and Jessica Scheer
Waiting for the family legacy: The experience of being at risk for Machado-Joseph disease pp. 839-847 Downloads
Marie I. Boutté
Damaged goods: Oral narratives of the experience of disability in American culture pp. 849-857 Downloads
Marilynn J. Phillips
Double bind and disability: The case of traumatic head injury pp. 859-865 Downloads
Laura Krefting
Rehabilitation ideology and respiratory support technology pp. 867-877 Downloads
Joseph M. Kaufert and David Locker
Ambiguity and difference: Families with dwarf children pp. 879-887 Downloads
Joan Ablon
The concept of self in the context of crisis: A study of families of the severely brain-injured pp. 889-893 Downloads
Cheryl B. Mwaria
Stigma, biomedical efficacy, and institutional control pp. 895-900 Downloads
Carol S. Goldin
International perspectives on treatment choice in neonatal intensive care units pp. 901-912 Downloads
Betty Wolder Levin
Facing AIDS: Reactions among police officers, nurses and the general public in Sweden pp. 913-918 Downloads
Claes Herlitz and Bengt Brorsson
The indigenization of pharmaceuticals: Therapeutic transitions in rural Hausaland pp. 919-928 Downloads
Nina L. Etkin, Paul J. Ross and Ibrahim Muazzamu
Households, resources, and child health in a self-help settlement in Cairo, Egypt pp. 929-940 Downloads
Belgin Tekce
A comment on the meaning of numerical valuations of health states pp. 943-944 Downloads
Erik Nord

1990, volume 30, issue 7

Medicalization, public policy and the elderly: Social services in jeopardy? pp. 761-771 Downloads
Elizabeth A. Binney, Carroll L. Estes and Stanley R. Ingman
Nutritional status and the incidence and duration of diarrhoeal disease among children in Northeast Thailand pp. 773-776 Downloads
Earmporn Thongkrajai, John Stoeckel and Pramote Thongkrajai
Gender differences in medical student distress: Contributions of prior socialization and current role-related stress pp. 777-787 Downloads
Judith A. Richman and Joseph A. Flaherty
Chemotherapy: Principles in practice--A case study of the Philippines pp. 789-796 Downloads
Melba Gomes and Nelia P. Salazar
Referrals to physiotherapy: The relation between the number of referrals, the indication for referral and the inclination to refer pp. 797-804 Downloads
Jan J. Kerssens and Peter P. Groenewegen
Incongruence between self-reported symptoms and objective evidence of respiratory disease among construction workers pp. 805-810 Downloads
Raymond Y. Demers, Lawrence R. Fischetti and Anne Victoria Neale
Patient sociodemographic characteristics as predictors of satisfaction with medical care: A meta-analysis pp. 811-818 Downloads
Judith A. Hall and Michael C. Dornan
Flat on your back or back to your flat? Sources of increased hospital services utilization among the elderly in British Columbia pp. 819-828 Downloads
C. Hertzman, I. R. Pulcins, M. L. Barer, R. G. Evans, G. M. Anderson and J. Lomas
The French version of the Nottingham health profile. A comparison of items weights with those of the source version pp. 829-835 Downloads
D. Bucquet, S. Condon and K. Ritchie

1990, volume 30, issue 6

Health aspects of resettlement in Ethiopia pp. 643-656 Downloads
Helmut Kloos
Baby Doe regulations and medical judgment pp. 657-664 Downloads
Glyn Y. York, Robert M. Gallarno and Reginald O. York
Social class and health in youth: Findings from the west of Scotland twenty-07 study pp. 665-673 Downloads
Patrick West, Sally Macintyre, Ellen Annandale and Kate Hunt
Cow dung, rock salt, and medical innovation in the Hindu Kush of Pakistan: The cultural transformation of neonatal tetanus and iodine deficiency pp. 675-691 Downloads
Dorothy S. Mull, Jon W. Anderson and J.Dennis Mull
A pilot study of attendance for breast cancer screening pp. 693-699 Downloads
Anne Eardley and Andrea Elkind
Neighbourhoods for health service administration pp. 701-711 Downloads
P.T. Kivell, B.J. Turton and B.R.P. Dawson
Homosexual and bisexual men's coping with the AIDS epidemic: Qualitative interviews with 10 non-HIV-tested homosexual and bisexual men pp. 713-720 Downloads
Eva Brendstrup and Kirsten Schmidt
Health belief and compliance with screening for fecal occult blood pp. 721-726 Downloads
Peter E. Hoogewerf, T.Gregory Hislop, Brenda J. Morrison, Sheilagh D. Burns and Ronald Sizto
Anthropology and health in the arctic and subarctic: Status and prospects: Introduction pp. 727-727 Downloads
Stephen L. Zegura
Perceptions of risk, dilemmas of policy: Nuclear fallout in Swedish Lapland pp. 729-738 Downloads
Hugh Beach
Temporal constructs and inuit mental health pp. 739-749 Downloads
Laird Christie and Joel M. Halpern
Secular trends and the pattern of growth in arctic populations pp. 751-759 Downloads
Paul L. Jamison

1990, volume 30, issue 5

The structure of readjustment after heart attack pp. 523-536 Downloads
Zeev Ben-Sira and Ronit Eliezer
Towards a typology of general practitioners' attitudes to general practice pp. 537-547 Downloads
Romola S. Bucks, Angela Williams, Michael J. Whitfield and David A. Routh
Attitudes to AIDS: A comparative analysis of a new and negative stereotype pp. 549-552 Downloads
Frank H. Walkey, Antony J.W. Taylor and Dianne E. Green
Inequalities in pregnancy outcome: A review of psychosocial and behavioural mediators pp. 553-568 Downloads
D.R. Rutter and Lyn Quine
Problems and coping behaviour of facial cancer patients pp. 569-578 Downloads
M.E.T.A. Koster and J. Bergsma
Physician utilization and urban native people in Saskatoon, Canada pp. 579-589 Downloads
James B. Waldram
Self care--Who does best? pp. 591-596 Downloads
Julienne McLean and Patrick Pietroni
Psychosocial influences on new born outcomes: A controlled prospective study pp. 597-604 Downloads
Mark D. Pagel, Gabriel Smilkstein, Hari Regen and Dan Montano
Determinants of active self-care behaviour of insulin treated patients with diabetes: Implications for diabetes education pp. 605-615 Downloads
Inge de Weerdt, Adriaan Ph. Visser, Gerjo Kok and Ed A. van der Veen
Ghost illness in a North Indian village pp. 617-623 Downloads
Ruth S. Freed and Stanley A. Freed
Breast-feeding in the modern health sector in Indonesia: The mother's perspective pp. 625-633 Downloads
Valerie Hull, Shyam Thapa and Hadi Pratomo
The relationship of social support and health pp. 635-637 Downloads
Joan R. Bloom
Driving experience and the risk of traffic accident among motorcyclists pp. 639-640 Downloads
Tze-Wai Wong, James Lee, Wai-on Phoon, Po-Chu Yiu, Kam-Pui Fung and Jack A. McLean

1990, volume 30, issue 4

Clinical ethics: A role theoretic look pp. 389-399 Downloads
George J. Agich
Some links between successful implementation of primary health care interventions and the overall utilization of health services pp. 401-405 Downloads
Oscar Gish
Women and AIDS pp. 407-415 Downloads
Carole A. Campbell
Doctors and the state: Lessons from the Biko case pp. 417-429 Downloads
Derrick Silove
Behavioural factors affecting physical health of the New Zealand Maori pp. 431-440 Downloads
Perminder S. Sachdev
The biocultural context of social networks and depression among the elderly pp. 441-447 Downloads
Lawrence A. Palinkas, Deborah L. Wingard and Elizabeth Barrett-Connor
The mundane ailment and the physical self: Analysis of the social psychology of health and illness pp. 449-455 Downloads
Virginia Olesen, Leonard Schatzman, Nellie Droes, Diane Hatton and Nan Chico
The confounding of occupation and smoking and its consequences pp. 457-467 Downloads
T. Sterling and J. Weinkam
Gender differences in the effect of unemployment on psychological distress pp. 469-477 Downloads
Margaret E. Ensminger and David D. Celentano
Injury mortality in American Indian, Hispanic, and non-Hispanic white children in new Mexico, 1958-1982 pp. 479-486 Downloads
Lenora M. Olson, Thomas M. Becker, Charles L. Wiggins, Charles R. Key and Jonathan M. Samet
Barriers and motivators to prenatal care among low-income women pp. 487-494 Downloads
Betty Lia-Hoagberg, Peter Rode, Catherine J. Skovholt, Charles N. Oberg, Cynthia Berg, Sara Mullett and Thomas Choi
Low birth-weight and pre-term delivery in South-East Asia. The who international collaborative study of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy pp. 497-502 Downloads
Jean Golding and Terry Shenton
Social support, stress and functional status in patients with osteoarthritis pp. 503-508 Downloads
Morris Weinberger, William M. Tierney, Patricia Booher and Sharon L. Hiner
Long-term patterns of general practice consulting behaviour: A qualitative 9-year analysis of general practice histories of a working-aged rural Finnish population pp. 509-515 Downloads
Simo J. Kokko

1990, volume 30, issue 3

Trends in the geographic inequality of cardiovascular disease mortality in the United States, 1962-1982 pp. 261-266 Downloads
Steve Wing, Michele Casper, Wayne Davis, Carl Hayes, Wilson Riggan and H.A. Tyroler
HIV/AIDS and school boards: A policy approach pp. 267-279 Downloads
William F. Foster, Margaret A. Somerville and Margaret Duckett
Community health workers in Bolivia: Adapting to traditional roles in the Andean community pp. 281-287 Downloads
Joseph W. Bastien
Prenatal screening of pregnant mothers for parenting difficulties: Final results from the Queen Mary Child care unit pp. 289-295 Downloads
Tony G. Egan, Sheila M. Monaghan, Roy C. Muir, Ruth J. Gilmore, John E. Clarkson and Terry J. Crooks
Patient outcomes and regional planning of coronary care services: A location-allocation approach pp. 297-304 Downloads
Sara McLafferty and Daniel Broe
Gender differences in tobacco use in Kenya pp. 305-310 Downloads
Mara Kaplan, Laura Carriker and Ingrid Waldron
Spiritual and natural etiologies on a Polynesian outlier in Papua New Guinea pp. 311-323 Downloads
Richard Feinberg
A model of empathic understanding and adherence to treatment regimens in practitioner-patient relationships pp. 325-339 Downloads
Roger W. Squier
Breast feeding promotion in an urban and a rural Jamaican hospital pp. 341-348 Downloads
William E. Cunningham and Winsome Segree
Preventing alcohol related birth damage: A review pp. 349-364 Downloads
E.J. Waterson and Iain M. Murray-Lyon
The social recognition of repetition strain injuries: An Australian/American comparison pp. 365-372 Downloads
Andrew Hopkins
Male and female physicians: Family and career comparisons pp. 373-378 Downloads
Peter Uhlenberg and Teresa M. Cooney
Determinants of partial participation in the immunization programmes in Iran pp. 379-383 Downloads
Kiumarss Nasseri, Mehdi Latifi, Firooz Azordegan, Forough Shafii and Reza All-E-Agha

1990, volume 30, issue 2

Critical medical anthropology in question pp. V-VIII Downloads
Merrill Singer, Hans A. Baer and Ellen Lazarus
Reinventing medical anthropology: Toward a critical realignment pp. 179-187 Downloads
Merrill Singer
Three propositions for a critically applied medical anthropology pp. 189-197 Downloads
Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Some implications for the study of the doctor-patient interaction: Power, structure, and agency in the works of Howard Waitzkin and Arthur Kleinman pp. 199-204 Downloads
Gregory Pappas
Somatizing distress: Hospital treatment of psychiatric co-morbidity and the limitations of biomedicine pp. 205-209 Downloads
Deborah Padgett and Thomas M. Johnson
International politics and primary health care in Costa Rica pp. 211-219 Downloads
Lynn M. Morgan
A question of adequacy: Primary health care in the Dominican Republic pp. 221-226 Downloads
Linda M. Whiteford
Transnational tobacco companies and health in underdeveloped countries: Recommendations for avoiding a smoking epidemic pp. 227-235 Downloads
Kenyon Rainier Stebbins
Kerr-McGee and the NRC: From Indian country to silkwood to Gore pp. 237-248 Downloads
Hans Baer
A critical perspective on coronary artery disease and coronary bypass surgery pp. 249-260 Downloads
Maryann S. Bates

1990, volume 30, issue 1

Foreword pp. V-V Downloads
Robert Earickson
Introduction pp. VII-IX Downloads
Robert Earickson
Spatial patterns of use of health services in the Kingston Metropolitan Area, Jamaica pp. 1-12 Downloads
W. Bailey and D.R. Phillips
The ecology of health services utilization in Grenada, West Indies pp. 13-24 Downloads
Blake D. Poland, S. Martin Taylor and Michael V. Hayes
Correlates of health-care use: Inuit and cree of Northern Quebec pp. 25-34 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Thouez, Peter Foggin and Andre Rannou
Ontario's underserviced area program revisited: An indirect analysis pp. 35-44 Downloads
Malcolm Anderson and Mark W. Rosenberg
A framework for modeling the consumption of health services by the rural elderly pp. 45-52 Downloads
Alun E. Joseph and Denise S. Cloutier
Socio-spatial perspectives on the utilization of emergency hospital services in two urban territories in Quebec pp. 53-66 Downloads
François Béland, Lise Philibert, Jean-Pierre Thouez and Brigitte Maheux
Variation in Michigan hospital use rates: Do physician and hospital characteristics provide the explanation? pp. 67-82 Downloads
Jane Deane Clark
An analysis of psychiatric patient attributes in Salford using categorical data models pp. 83-94 Downloads
R.D. Nutter and R.W. Thomas
Housing satisfaction, preference and need among the chronically mentally disabled in Hamilton, Ontario pp. 95-102 Downloads
Susan J. Elliott, S.Martin Taylor and Robin A. Kearns
Congenital malformations in the fylde region of Lancashire, England 1957-1973 pp. 103-109 Downloads
A.A. Lovett, A.C. Gatrell, J.P. Bound, P.W. Harvey and A.R. Whelan
The community perinatal health care system of urban Cape Town, South Africa--I. Characteristics of mothers and birth outcomes pp. 111-118 Downloads
Michael Russell Rip and John M. Hunter
The community perinatal health care system of urban Cape Town, South Africa--II. Geographical patterns pp. 119-130 Downloads
Michael Russell Rip and John M. Hunter
Housing dampness and health amongst British Bengalis in East London pp. 131-141 Downloads
S.J. Hyndman
Health based geographical information systems: Their potential examined in the light of existing data sources pp. 143-155 Downloads
Liz Twigg
How significant are the spatial configurations of health care systems? pp. 157-164 Downloads
John Eyles
Conceptions of space and community in British health policy pp. 165-171 Downloads
Graham Moon
Activism for medical geographers: American, British and Canadian viewpoints pp. 173-177 Downloads
Michael R. Greenberg, Mark W. Rosenberg, David R. Phillips and Dona Schneider
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