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1986, volume 22, issue 12

The impact of the family and lay others on care-seeking during life-threatening episodes of suspected coronary artery disease pp. 1297-1311 Downloads
Angelo A. Alonzo
For better and worse: The technological imperative in health care pp. 1313-1320 Downloads
M. Janet Burger-Lux and Robert P. Heaney
The geography of health in South-East Mexico: A research study and agenda pp. 1321-1327 Downloads
R. Mansell Prothero and Jeffrey M. P. Davenport
Socioeconomic determinants of continuing functional disablement from chronic disease episodes pp. 1329-1335 Downloads
Thomas N. Chirikos and Jennie T. Nickel
Children's return to school after treatment for solid tumours pp. 1337-1346 Downloads
A. Charlton, D. Pearson and P. H. Morris-Jones
Psychosocial support and change in the health status of physically disabled people pp. 1347-1354 Downloads
Donald L. Patrick, Myfanwy Morgan and John R. H. Charlton
Race, heart disease worry and health protective behavior pp. 1355-1362 Downloads
H. Edward Ransford
Duties, fears and physicians pp. 1363-1366 Downloads
Erich H. Loewy

1986, volume 22, issue 11

Opening address: The art of the possible pp. 1097-1102 Downloads
V. Ramalingaswami
Comments pp. 1102-1103 Downloads
Alfred Gellhorn
Comments pp. 1102-1102 Downloads
E. H. O. Parry
Comments pp. 1103-1103 Downloads
T. A. Lambo
Unemployment-related lifestyle changes and health disturbances in adolescents and children in the western countries pp. 1105-1113 Downloads
Olafur Olafsson and Per-Gunnar Svensson
The spatial distribution of health resources within countries and communities: Examples from India and Zambia pp. 1115-1129 Downloads
Rais Akhtar and Nilofar Izhar
The economics and evaluation of dental care and treatment pp. 1131-1139 Downloads
Brian F. Yule, Barbara M. van Amerongen and Michael C. M. van Schaik
The pharmaceutical industry and health in the third world pp. 1141-1149 Downloads
David Taylor
The proper contributions of social workers in health practice pp. 1151-1160 Downloads
June Huntington
Public and private sector interactions: An economic perspective pp. 1161-1166 Downloads
Alan Maynard
Ethics and resource allocation: An economist's view pp. 1167-1174 Downloads
A. McGuire
Codes of medical ethics: Traditional foundations and contemporary practice pp. 1175-1179 Downloads
P. Sohl and H. A. Bassford
The child as a focus for health promotion in the developing world pp. 1181-1186 Downloads
Prabha Ramalingaswami
The social sciences in health policy and practice pp. 1187-1194 Downloads
Geert van Etten and Frans Rutten
From sneezes to adieux: Stages of health for American men and women pp. 1195-1212 Downloads
Lois M. Verbrugge
Labour relations in health services management pp. 1213-1228 Downloads
Keith Barnard and Stephen Harrison
The place of primary health care in a comprehensive health system pp. 1229-1234 Downloads
Mikio Yamamoto
Cultural components of behavioural epidemiology: Implications for primary health care pp. 1235-1245 Downloads
H. K. Heggenhougen and L. Shore
Rural development and primary health care in less developed countries pp. 1247-1256 Downloads
E. P. Y. Muhondwa
Socio-economic status differences in health pp. 1257-1262 Downloads
Louis Lemkow
Symptoms, social stratification and self-responsibility for health in the United States and West Germany pp. 1263-1271 Downloads
William C. Cockerham, Gerhard Kunz, Guenther Leuschen and Joe L. Spaeth
Traditional and modern medicine in South Africa: A research study pp. 1273-1276 Downloads
S. D. Edwards
Ethnicity and illness experience: Ideological structures and the health care delivery system pp. 1277-1283 Downloads
Joan M. Anderson
Menopause research: The Korpilampi workshop pp. 1285-1289 Downloads
Patricia Kaufert, Margaret Lock, Sonja McKinlay, Yewoubdar Beyenne, Jean Coope, Donna Davis, Mona Eliasson, Maryvonne Gognalons-Nicolet, Madeleine Goodman and Arne Holte

1986, volume 22, issue 10

Health status and medical expenditures: Is there a link? pp. 993-999 Downloads
Barbara Wolfe
Selective primary health care: A critical review of methods and results pp. 1001-1013 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Unger and James R. Killingsworth
Triggers or aggravators of symptoms? pp. 1015-1018 Downloads
Arthur A. Stone, Lina Jandorf and John M. Neale
International comparison of drug consumption: Impact of prices pp. 1019-1025 Downloads
Tadeusz J. Szuba
Frames and heuristics in doctor-patient discourse pp. 1027-1034 Downloads
David Andreoff Evans, Marian R. Block, Erwin R. Steinberg and Ann M. Penrose
Limits to medical dominance: The case of chiropractic pp. 1035-1046 Downloads
David Coburn and C.Lesley Biggs
Marketing 'mind mechanics': Decoding antidepressant drug advertisements pp. 1047-1058 Downloads
Robert Goldman and Michael Montage
Rural tranquillity?: Urban-rural differences in tranquilliser prescribing pp. 1059-1066 Downloads
Jonathan Gabe and Paul Williams
Family life and cardiovascular risk: Implications for the prevention of chronic disease pp. 1067-1074 Downloads
Maurine H Venters
Increasing kidney transplantation in Britain: The importance of donor cards, public opinion and medical practice pp. 1075-1080 Downloads
Alan Lewis and Martin Snell
Determinants of perceived mental health status and help-seeking behavior: Preliminary testing of a conceptual model pp. 1081-1086 Downloads
Laurel Lockwood Hourani and Myriam Khlat
Poverty, disability and use of services by the elderly: Analysis of the 1980 general household survey pp. 1087-1091 Downloads
Christina R. Victor and Norman J. Vetter

1986, volume 22, issue 9

Health and human rights in a South African bantustan pp. 887-892 Downloads
Meredeth Turshen
The health status of the 'old-old': A reconsideration pp. 893-899 Downloads
Burton P. Halpert and Mary K. Zimmerman
Ischemic heart disease and regional variations of socio-cultural characteristics in Belgium pp. 901-913 Downloads
Raphaël Lagasse, France Kittel, Michèle Dramaix, Hubert Gheyssens, Guy de Backer and Marcel Kornitzer
The relative influence of health beliefs, parental and peer behaviors and exercise program participation on smoking, alcohol use and physical activity pp. 915-927 Downloads
Nell H. Gottlieb and Judith A. Baker
Sex ratio at birth in a Cape Coloured population pp. 929-930 Downloads
. MacGillivray, D.A. Davey and C. Lawley
The anthropological study of the American medical system: Center and periphery pp. 931-932 Downloads
Margaret Lock
Media images of physicians and nurses in the United States pp. 933-952 Downloads
Nora J. Krantzler
Models of clinical expertise in American nursing practice pp. 953-961 Downloads
Deborah R. Gordon
Medical education and practice on the periphery: Consultation psychiatry and the psychosocial tradition in American medicine pp. 963-971 Downloads
Thomas M. Johnson
Out of the clinic into the home: Control and patient-physician communication pp. 973-982 Downloads
Andrea Sankar
Stroke: Health care on the periphery pp. 983-989 Downloads
Sharon Kaufman and Gay Becker

1986, volume 22, issue 8

Resurgent malaria and the social sciences pp. III-IV Downloads
Albert F. Wessen
Marital context and post-infarction quality of life: Is it social support or something more? pp. 791-805 Downloads
Millard Waltz
Sex differences in depression and satisfaction with self: Findings from a United States national survey pp. 807-812 Downloads
Jay R. Meddin
Validation of a decision model for triaging hypertensive patients to alternate health education interventions pp. 813-819 Downloads
Myron E. Hatcher, Lawrence W. Green, David M. Levine and Charles E. Flagle
Migration and biocultural adaptation: Samoans in California pp. 821-834 Downloads
Craig R. Janes and Ivan G. Pawson
Malaria resurgence in India: A critical study pp. 835-845 Downloads
V.P. Sharma and K.N. Mehrotra
Socioeconomic and demographic effects of malaria eradication: A comparison of Sri Lanka and Sardinia pp. 847-859 Downloads
Peter J. Brown
Agricultural development, migrant labor and the resurgence of malaria in Swaziland pp. 861-867 Downloads
Randall M. Packard
Health education and community participation in mass drug administration for malaria in Nicaragua pp. 869-877 Downloads
Richard M. Garfield and Sten H. Vermund
Population movement and malaria persistence in Rameswaram Island: Foreword pp. 879-886 Downloads
P.K. Rajagopalan, P. Jambulingam, S. Sabesan, K. Krishnamoorthy, S. Rajendran, K. Gunasekaran, N.Pradeep Kumar and R.Mansell Prothero

1986, volume 22, issue 7

The plight of primary medical care: The problematics of 'committedness' to the practice pp. 699-712 Downloads
Zeev Ben-Sira
Effects of rapid urbanization on child behaviour and health in a part of Khartoum, Sudan--I. Socio-economic changes 1965-1980 pp. 713-721 Downloads
Marianne Cederblad and Sheikh Idris A. Rahim
Effects of rapid urbanization on child behaviour and health in a part of Khartoum, Sudan--II. Psycho-social influences on behaviour pp. 723-730 Downloads
Sheikh Idris A. Rahim and Marianne Cederblad
The effects of Quebec home aid services on the utilization profile of sociosanitory resources: A substitution study pp. 731-736 Downloads
André-Pierre Contandriopoulos, Geneviève Tessier and Danielle Larouche
Health revolution in Africa? pp. 737-740 Downloads
F. J. Bennett
Image--Reality cleavage in development goals pp. 741-744 Downloads
F. M. Mburu
Ideological framework and health development in Tanzania 1961-2000 pp. 745-753 Downloads
Urban Jonsson
Uganda--rehabilitation, or redefinition of health services? pp. 755-761 Downloads
Cole P. Dodge
Health care financing in Kenya: A simulation of welfare effects of user fees pp. 763-767 Downloads
Germano M. Mwabu and Wilfred M. Mwangi
Politics and policies of food self-sufficiency in Tanzania pp. 769-774 Downloads
C. K. Omari
Economics of health and nutrition in Kenya pp. 775-780 Downloads
Wilfred M. Mwangi and Germano M. Mwabu
Cluster sampling for immunization coverage pp. 781-783 Downloads
Peter W. Kok
The African social periphery pp. 785-790 Downloads
F. M. Mburu

1986, volume 22, issue 6

Cost structures in a large hospital for the mentally handicapped pp. 605-610 Downloads
Geraint Johnes and Alan Haycox
Relations geographiques entre la mortalite par cancer de l'oesophage, la cirrhose du foie, l'alcool et le tabac: Le cas de la province de Quebec pp. 611-618 Downloads
J.p Thouez and O Ghadirian
The Italian health services: Slow revolution or permanent crisis? pp. 619-627 Downloads
J.H. Robb
Consumer attitudes about advertisements for medicinal drugs pp. 629-638 Downloads
Louis A. Morris, David Brinberg, Ronald Klimberg, Lloyd Millstein and Carole Rivera
Performance of supply-oriented family planning policy in Bangladesh: An examination pp. 639-644 Downloads
Bimal Kanti Paul
Depressive symptoms and their correlates among immigrant Mexican women in the United States pp. 645-652 Downloads
William A. Vega, Bohdan Kolody, Ramon Valle and Richard Hough
Utilization of pharmacies and pharmaceutical drugs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia pp. 653-672 Downloads
Helmut Kloos, Tsegaye Chama, Dawit Abemo, Kefalo Gebre Tsadik and Solomon Belay
Do health beliefs predict health behaviour? An analysis of breast self-examination pp. 673-678 Downloads
Michael Calnan and D.R. Rutter
Health and illness of Moroccan immigrants in the city of Antwerp, Belgium pp. 679-685 Downloads
Rudolf F. Peeters
Social class and survival on the S.S. Titanic pp. 687-690 Downloads
Wayne Hall
Rivalry and diversity among Thai curer-magicians pp. 691-697 Downloads
Louis Golomb

1986, volume 22, issue 5

Professionals and professions: A philosophical examination of an ideal pp. 501-508 Downloads
Jon N. Moline
Unemployment stress: Loss of control, reactance and learned helplessness pp. 509-516 Downloads
Andrew Baum, Raymond Fleming and Diane M. Reddy
The effect of workplace health services on sex-specific morbidity rates: A note of warning about a possible artefact in apparent female excess morbidity pp. 517-520 Downloads
Stephen J. Watkins
Cues of disability and treatment continuation of chronic schizophrenics pp. 521-526 Downloads
Rosalind J. Dworkin, George L. Adams and Ruth L. Telschow
Why medical students will not practice in rural areas: Evidence from a survey pp. 527-533 Downloads
S. Akbar Zaidi
Health professionals' factual knowledge and changing attitudes toward transsexuals pp. 535-539 Downloads
Louis R. Franzini and Denise L. Casinelli
Doors and thresholds: Jeddi's approach to psychiatric disorders pp. 541-551 Downloads
Renaat Devisch and Bart Vervaeck
Parental knowledge and misconceptions about asthma: A controlled study pp. 553-558 Downloads
J. E. Spykerboer, W. J. Donnelly and Y. H. Thong
Cardiovascular mortality as it relates to the geographic distribution of employment in non-metropolitan Quebec pp. 559-569 Downloads
Peter Foggin and Daniel Godon
Assessing surgical risks in a population: Patient histories before and after cholecystectomy pp. 571-578 Downloads
Noralou P. Roos and Rudy Danzinger
Psychosocial wellness among spiritual healing participants pp. 579-586 Downloads
Deborah Carrow Glik
An interview study of pregnant women's attitudes to ultrasound scanning pp. 587-592 Downloads
Beverley Hyde
Health protective behaviors in first year medical students pp. 593-598 Downloads
Jeffery Sobal
Letter to the editor pp. 599-599 Downloads
Edward R. Friedlander

1986, volume 22, issue 4

Guidelines for the clinical and economic evaluation of health care technologies pp. 393-408 Downloads
Gordon Guyatt, Michael Drummond, David Feeny, Peter Tugwell, Greg Stoddart, R. Brian Haynes, Kathryn Bennett and Roberta Labelle
Unemployment, health and health services in German-speaking countries pp. 409-430 Downloads
Detlef Schwefel
Work in pregnancy: Its evolving relationship with perinatal outcome (a review) pp. 431-442 Downloads
M. J. Saurel-Cubizolles and M. Kaminski
Economic aspects of health education pp. 443-458 Downloads
Stephen R. Engleman and John F. Forbes
Social integration of the physically disabled in Barbados pp. 459-466 Downloads
Ann Goerdt
The political economy of doctors' strikes in Nigeria: A Marxist interpretation pp. 467-477 Downloads
S. Ogoh Alubo
A framework for evaluating community-based heart disease prevention programs pp. 479-487 Downloads
David G. Altman
Consensual norms regarding patient involvement pp. 489-496 Downloads
Sandra J. Weiss

1986, volume 22, issue 3

Sex differences in factors associated with use of medical care and alternative illness behaviors pp. 285-292 Downloads
Janet C. Meininger
Primary health care for whom? Village perspectives from Nepal pp. 293-302 Downloads
Linda Stone
Organizational growth, survival and death in the U.S. hospital industry: A population ecology perspective pp. 303-308 Downloads
Jeffrey A. Alexander, Arnold D. Kaluzny and Suann C. Middleton
Agreement among judges on the severity of different morbidity states pp. 309-312 Downloads
Gerrit K. Janssens
Financing health services in developing countries pp. 313-314 Downloads
Dayl S. Donaldson and David W. Dunlop
Health care decisions at the household level: Results of a rural health survey in Kenya pp. 315-319 Downloads
Germano M. Mwabu
The demand for adult outpatient services in the Bicol region of the Philippines pp. 321-328 Downloads
John Akin, Charles C. Griffin, David K. Guilkey and Barry M. Popkin
What should consumers in poor countries pay for publicly-provided health services? pp. 329-333 Downloads
Philip Musgrove
Revolving drug funds: Conducting business in the public sector pp. 335-343 Downloads
Peter N. Cross, Maggie A. Huff, Jonathan D. Quick and James A. Bates
Financing health development projects: Some macro-economic considerations pp. 345-349 Downloads
Alan L. Sorkin
The effect of scale on cost projections for a primary health care program in a developing country pp. 351-360 Downloads
A. Over
State-sponsored primary health care in Africa: The recurrent cost of performing miracles pp. 361-368 Downloads
Clive S. Gray
Cost-effectiveness of the expanded programme of immunization in the Ivory Coast: A preliminary assessment pp. 369-377 Downloads
Donald S. Shepard, Layes Sanoh and Emmou Coffi
Changes in health financing: The Chilean experience pp. 379-385 Downloads
Anamaria Viveros-Long

1986, volume 22, issue 2

Foreword pp. 113-113 Downloads
Jo E. Asvali
Introduction pp. 115-116 Downloads
Peter J. M. McEwan
Life-styles and health pp. 117-124 Downloads
Health Education Unit
Qui veut, en France, d'un mode de vie plus sain? pp. 125-133 Downloads
Alain Letourmy
Inequalities in access to health care in Hungary pp. 135-140 Downloads
Julia Szalai
Inequalities in health and gender pp. 141-149 Downloads
Elina Haavio-Mannila
Inequalities in health: Strategies pp. 151-160 Downloads
Peter C. Hexel and Helmut Wintersberger
Nouveaux concepts en sante mentale pp. 161-171 Downloads
Robert Castel
Psychiatric cases in community studies: How important an issue? pp. 173-183 Downloads
George W. Brown and T. K. J. Craig
Mental health care and the opposition movement in the Netherlands pp. 185-192 Downloads
J. Haafkens, G. Nijhof and E. Van der Poel
A new-modelled medicine? Comments on the WHO's regional strategy for Europe pp. 193-199 Downloads
P. M. Strong
Health professions: The origin of species pp. 201-209 Downloads
Dag Hofoss
The state and health in France pp. 211-221 Downloads
François Steudler
Health sector structures: The case of Belgium pp. 223-232 Downloads
Yvo Nuyens
Health sector structures: The case of Spain pp. 233-246 Downloads
Jesús M. de Miguel
Sociological concepts in the etiology of chronic disease: The case of ischemic heart disease pp. 247-253 Downloads
Johannes Siegrist, Karin Siegrist and Ingbert Weber
Health indicators pp. 255-263 Downloads
Marijke Mootz
Concepts in alternative medicine pp. 265-273 Downloads
C. W. Aakster
Lay care in illness pp. 275-284 Downloads
Kathryn Dean

1986, volume 22, issue 1

Detecting and preventing adverse drug interactions: The potential contribution of computers in pharmacies pp. 1-8 Downloads
Duane M. Kirking, J. William Thomas, Frank J. Ascione and Eddie L. Boyd
Managing medical supply logistics among health workers in Ecuador pp. 9-14 Downloads
Richard A. Reid, Karen L. Ruffing and Howard L. Smith
Sex differences in childhood mortality in rural Bangladesh pp. 15-22 Downloads
Michael A. Koenig and D'Souza, Stan
Health care expenditures in a rural Indian community pp. 23-27 Downloads
Robert L. Parker
Informed consent to elective surgery: The 'therapeutic' value? pp. 29-33 Downloads
Louise M. Wallace
Pathways to patienthood: Sick role and labeling perspectives pp. 35-40 Downloads
Richard L. Meile
Correlates of mothers' use of medications for their children pp. 41-51 Downloads
Lois A. Maiman, Marshall H. Becker and Anne W. Katlic
First diagnosis of severe mental handicap: Characteristics of unsatisfactory encounters between doctors and parents pp. 53-62 Downloads
Lyn Quine and Jan Pahl
Why has hospital length of stay declined? An evaluation of alternative theories pp. 63-73 Downloads
Frank Sloan and Joseph Valvona
Biomedical resistance to ethnomedicine in Botswana pp. 75-80 Downloads
Evelyn L. Barbee
Roles, careers and femininity in biomedicine: Women physicians and nurses in Japan pp. 81-90 Downloads
Susan Orpett Long
Agreement between laboratory tests and self-reports of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, marijuana and other drug use in post-partum women pp. 91-98 Downloads
Ruth E. Little, Charles N. Uhl, Robert F. Labbe, Janis L. Abkowitz and Louise R. Phillips
The inter-relationship of folk, traditional and western medicine within an Asian community in Britain pp. 99-105 Downloads
Rajinder Singh Bhopal
Alcohol consumption among laid-off workers before and after closure of a Danish ship-yard: A 2-year follow-up study pp. 107-109 Downloads
Lars Iversen and Hans Klausen
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