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1991, volume 33, issue 12

Anthropology of smoking: Introduction pp. 1315-1316 Downloads
Dennis G. Willms and Kenyon R. Stebbins
Tobacco, politics and economics: Implications for global health pp. 1317-1326 Downloads
Kenyon Rainier Stebbins
The second fatal impact: Cigarette smoking, chronic disease, and the epidemiological transition in Oceania pp. 1327-1342 Downloads
Mac Marshall
To smoke or not to smoke: A decision theory perspective pp. 1343-1347 Downloads
Michael C. Robbins and Annette Kline
Starting to smoke in the navy: When, where and why pp. 1349-1353 Downloads
Terry A. Cronan, Terry L. Conway and Suzanne L. Kaszas
Sociocultural factors associated with smoking behavior by Puerto Rican adolescents in Boston pp. 1355-1364 Downloads
Sarah A. McGraw, Kevin W. Smith, Jean J. Schensul and J. Emilio Carrillo
A new stage, a new life: Individual success in quitting smoking pp. 1365-1371 Downloads
Dennis G. Willms
A model for quality of life after laryngectomy pp. 1373-1377 Downloads
Arne Maas
Predictions of epidemiology and the evaluation of cancer control measures and the setting of policy priorities pp. 1379-1383 Downloads
Timo Hakulinen and Matti Hakama
The application of Operational Research (OR) procedures to maternal mortality from puerperal sepsis in a rural community pp. 1385-1390 Downloads
O. O. Adetoro, K. S. Adeyemi, B. Parakoyi, A. Oni, T. Akure and O. Ogunbode
Onset and duration of breast feeding among Israeli mothers: Relationships with smoking and type of delivery pp. 1391-1397 Downloads
Ivonne Kleinfeld Mansbach, Charles W. Greenbaum and Jaqueline Sulkes
Predictors of health in new mothers pp. 1399-1407 Downloads
Dwenda K. Gjerdingen and Froberg Debra

1991, volume 33, issue 11

The reaction of private physicians to price deregulation in France pp. 1221-1228 Downloads
Marie-Odile Carrere
Self-reported symptom distress in cancer patients: Reflections of disease, illness or sickness? pp. 1229-1240 Downloads
Carol Tishelman, Adam Taube and Lisbeth Sachs
Exempting the poor: The experience of Thailand pp. 1241-1252 Downloads
Anne Mills
The impact of family presence on the physician-cancer patient interaction pp. 1253-1261 Downloads
Mark S. Labrecque, Christina G. Blanchard, John C. Ruckdeschel and Edward B. Blanchard
Prescription intentions in relation to therapeutic information: A study of 117 French general practitioners pp. 1263-1274 Downloads
Ph. Cialdella, G. Figon, M. C. Haugh and J. -P. Boissel
Intellectual, social and nutritional status of children in an Ethiopian orphanage pp. 1275-1280 Downloads
Frances Aboud, Mesfin Samuel, Alem Hadera and Abdulaziz Addus
Employment and low birth weight in black women pp. 1281-1286 Downloads
Anja Poerksen and Diana B. Petitti
Knowledge and perceptions about aids among married women in Bangkok pp. 1287-1293 Downloads
Iqbal Shah, Varachai Thongthai, Boonlert Leoprapai, Axel I. Mundigo, Pramote Prasartkul and Aphichat Chamratrithirong
Parental responses to consanguinity and genetic disease in Saudi Arabia pp. 1295-1302 Downloads
Catherine Panter-Brick
Reliability of questionnaire responses as compared with interview in the elderly: Views of the outcome of transurethral resection of the prostate pp. 1303-1308 Downloads
Helen Doll, Klim McPherson, Jane Davies, Ann Flood, Joe Smith, Grant Williams, Maria Ginzler, Mark Petticrew and Nick Black
Cigarette smoking and employment status pp. 1309-1312 Downloads
Amanda J. Lee, Iain K. Crombie, William C. S. Smith and Hugh D. Tunstall-Pedoe

1991, volume 33, issue 10

The household production of nutrition: Introduction pp. 1101-1102 Downloads
Margaret E. Bentley and Gretel H. Pelto
Development of a nutritionally adequate and culturally appropriate weaning food in Kwara State, Nigeria: An interdisciplinary approach pp. 1103-1111 Downloads
Margaret E. Bentley, Katherine L. Dickin, Saba Mebrahtu, Bode Kayode, Gbolahan A. Oni, Cecilia C. Verzosa, Kenneth H. Brown and Joseph R. Idowu
Migration, cash cropping and subsistence agriculture: Relationships to household food expenditures in rural Mexico pp. 1113-1126 Downloads
Lucia L. Kaiser and Kathryn G. Dewey
Household-level strategies for protecting children from seasonal food scarcity pp. 1127-1133 Downloads
William R. Leonard
Household size, food intake and anthropometric status of school-age children in a highland Mexican area pp. 1135-1140 Downloads
Gretel H. Pelto, Jocelyn Urgello, Lindsay H. Allen, Adolfo Chavez, Homero Martinez, Luzmaria Meneses, Constance Capacchione and Jeffrey Backstrand
Opening the box: Intrahousehold food allocation in rural Nepal pp. 1141-1154 Downloads
Joel Gittelsohn
Social disintegration and the spread of AIDS: Thresholds for propagation along 'sociogeographic' networks pp. 1155-1162 Downloads
Rodrick Wallace
International standards in medical education or national standards/primary health care--which direction? pp. 1163-1170 Downloads
Peter J. Blizard
Hostility and its association with behaviorally induced and somatic coronary risk indicators in finnish adolescents and young adults pp. 1171-1178 Downloads
Katri Räikkönen and Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen
Occupational stress and job satisfaction among physicians: Sex differences pp. 1179-1187 Downloads
Astrid M. Richardsen and Ronald J. Burke
Social networks and longevity. A 14 year follow-up study among elderly in Denmark pp. 1189-1195 Downloads
Rolf Bang Olsen, Jørn Olsen, Finn Gunner-Svensson and Bodil Waldstrøm
Roles, work, health perceptions and health resources of women: A study in an Egyptian delta hamlet pp. 1197-1208 Downloads
Sandra D. Lane and Afaf I. Meleis
Sociodemographic and clinical factors affecting recognition of childhood diarrhea by mothers in Kwara State, Nigeria pp. 1209-1216 Downloads
Mary E. Cogswell, Gbolahan A. Oni, Rebecca Y. Stallings and Kenneth H. Brown

1991, volume 33, issue 9

The prevention of HIV infection from injecting drug use--A review of health promotion approaches pp. 977-983 Downloads
Don Nutbeam, Virginia Blakey and Richard Pates
From development to sustained crisis: Structural adjustment, equity and health pp. 985-993 Downloads
Najmi Kanji, Nazneen Kanji and Firoze Manji
Contradictions in the development of new hospices: A case study pp. 995-1004 Downloads
David Clark
Four years of essential drugs' list in Nigeria pp. 1005-1010 Downloads
Michael U. Adikwu and Benjamin O. Osondu
Self care: Japan and the U.S. compared pp. 1011-1022 Downloads
Marie R. Haug, Hiroko Akiyama, Georgeanna Tryban, Kyoichi Sonoda and May Wykle
Core-periphery differences in children's health and use of general practitioner services in Finland from 1964 to 1987 pp. 1023-1028 Downloads
Heikki S. Vuorinen, Matti Mäkelä, Hannu Tuomikoski and Peter Floman
Daily hassles and chronic strains: A hierarchy of stressors? pp. 1029-1036 Downloads
Stephen J. Lepore, M.N. Palsane and Gary W. Evans
A model of willingness to become a potential organ donor pp. 1037-1051 Downloads
Raymond L. Horton and Patricia J. Horton
Doctors' willingness to intervene in patients' drug and alcohol problems pp. 1053-1061 Downloads
Ann M. Roche and Glenn P. Richard
The effect of widowhood on health: A prospective analysis from the Massachusetts women's health study pp. 1063-1070 Downloads
Nancy E. Avis, Donald J. Brambilla, Kerstin Vass and John B. McKinlay
Psychological sequelae of infertility treatment: The role of gender and sex-role identification pp. 1071-1080 Downloads
Barbara J. Berg, John F. Wilson and Paul J. Weingartner
Professional home care for the elderly: An application of the Andersen-Newman model in The Netherlands pp. 1081-1089 Downloads
G.I.J.M. Kempen and Th.P.B.M. Suurmeijer
Letter to the editor pp. 1091-1091 Downloads
B. McDonald, Chooi N. Lee, V. Jayanthi, C.S.J. Probert and J.F. Mayberry

1991, volume 33, issue 8

Anthropology rediscovers sex: Introduction pp. 865-866 Downloads
Shirley Lindenbaum
Sex, culture and the anthropologist pp. 867-874 Downloads
Donald Tuzin
Anthropology rediscovers sexuality: A theoretical comment pp. 875-884 Downloads
Carole S. Vance
Sex and respectability in an age of fertility decline: A Sicilian case study pp. 885-895 Downloads
Jane Schneider and Peter Schneider
Sexual ideology and experience in a Papua New Guinea society pp. 897-907 Downloads
Stephen C. Leavitt
Social psychology of the immune system: A conceptual framework and review of the literature pp. 909-923 Downloads
Howard B. Kaplan
The European health and behaviour survey: Rationale, methods and initial results from the United Kingdom pp. 925-936 Downloads
Jane Wardle and Andrew Steptoe
Relationship between water quality and human health: A case study of the Linggi River Basin in Malaysia pp. 937-946 Downloads
Stephen Lonergan and Tracey Vansickle
Finding meaning after the fall: Injury narratives from elderly hip fracture patients pp. 947-957 Downloads
Jeffrey M. Borkan, Mark Quirk and Michael Sullivan
Jidda: The traditional midwife of Yemen? pp. 959-962 Downloads
Lidwien M. Scheepers
Do prostitutes need more health education regarding sexually transmitted diseases and the HIV infection? Experience in a Belgian city pp. 963-966 Downloads
Rudolf P. Mak and Jean R. Plum
The Amelia Stern syndrome: A diagnosis of a condition among female physicians? pp. 967-971 Downloads
Robley Elizabeth Geis, Paul Jesilow and Gilbert Geis

1991, volume 33, issue 7

Ethical, methodological and political issues of aids research in Central Africa pp. 749-763 Downloads
Brooke Grundfest Schoepf
Geographical and socio-ecological variations of traffic accidents among children pp. 765-769 Downloads
Marie-France Joly, Peter M. Foggin and I. Barry Pless
Epidemiologists, social scientists, and the structure of medical research on aids in Africa pp. 771-783 Downloads
Randall M. Packard and Paul Epstein
Comments pp. 783-785 Downloads
Douglas A. Feldman
Comments pp. 785-786 Downloads
Carl Kendall
Comments pp. 786-790 Downloads
Stephen F. Minkin
Comments pp. 790-791 Downloads
Priscilla Reining
Comments pp. 791-793 Downloads
Brooke Grundfest Schoepf
Rejoinder pp. 793-794 Downloads
Randall M. Packard and Paul Epstein
Effect of employment and its correlates on spontaneous abortion risk pp. 795-800 Downloads
Heather E. Bryant and Edgar J. Love
Factors influencing the decision to rehabilitate: An initial comparison of rehabilitation candidates pp. 801-806 Downloads
Ron L. Evans, Jodie K. Haselkorn, Duane S. Bishop and Robert D. Hendricks
Social support as a double-edged sword: The relation of positive and problematic support to depression among rheumatoid arthritis patients pp. 807-813 Downloads
Tracey A. Revenson, Kathleen M. Schiaffino, S. Deborah Majerovitz and Allan Gibofsky
Emerging issues in health planning in Saudi Arabia: The effects of organization and development on the health care system pp. 815-824 Downloads
Girmay Berhie
Birth places: A geographical perspective on planned home birth in New Zealand pp. 825-834 Downloads
Sally Abel and Robin A. Kearns
A comparison of selected health-related data from surveys of a general population and a sporting population pp. 835-839 Downloads
K. L. Lamb, D. A. Brodie, J. H. Minten and K. Roberts
Epidemology and determinants of induced abortion in the U.S.S.R pp. 841-848 Downloads
Larissa I. Remennick
Components of stably high fertility in three areas of West Africa pp. 849-857 Downloads
Babatunde A. Ahonsi
The role of day care givers in the identification and prevention of infections pp. 859-862 Downloads
Al-Qutob, Ra'eda, Na'was, Tarek and Salah Mawajdeh

1991, volume 33, issue 6

The Islamic movement, development, and health education: Recent changes in the health of rural women in Central Sudan pp. 637-645 Downloads
Ellen Gruenbaum
Ethical decision making by family doctors in Canada, Britain and the United States pp. 647-653 Downloads
C. Barry Hoffmaster, Moira A. Stewart and Ronald J. Christie
Out of sight, out of mind--1. Emergent patterns of self-harm among aborigines of remote Australia pp. 655-659 Downloads
Ernest Hunter
Out of sight, out of mind--2. Social and historical contexts of self-harmful behaviour among aborigines of remote Australia pp. 661-671 Downloads
Ernest Hunter
From post-traumatic stress disorder to cultural bereavement: Diagnosis of Southeast Asian refugees pp. 673-680 Downloads
Maurice Eisenbruch
Charging for health care: Evidence on the utilisation of NHS prescribed drugs pp. 681-687 Downloads
Mandy Ryan and Stephen Birch
Use of services in old age: Data from three surveys of elderly people pp. 689-700 Downloads
Ann Bowling, Morag Farquhar and Peter Browne
Mastitis among lactating women: Occurrence and risk factors pp. 701-705 Downloads
Rachel Kaufmann and Betsy Foxman
Convergence and divergence: Assessing criteria of consumer satisfaction across general practice, dental and hospital care settings pp. 707-716 Downloads
Simon J. Williams and Michael Calnan
Personal health practices and attitudes toward nonsmokers' legal rights in Japan pp. 717-721 Downloads
Akihito Hagihara and Kanehisa Morimoto
How should resources be reallocated between physicians and nurses in Africa and Latin America? pp. 723-727 Downloads
Veronica Vargas
Coordinating community and public-institutional mental health services: Some unintended consequences pp. 729-739 Downloads
Deena White and Céline Mercier
Beyond the anglophone world: Medical anthropology in the Netherlands pp. 741-742 Downloads
Maria De Bruyn
Censorship or bias: The conditions for critical medical sociology pp. 743-744 Downloads
Ebba Holme Hansen

1991, volume 33, issue 5

Efficiency in pathology laboratories: A survey of operations management in NHS bacteriology pp. 531-543 Downloads
A.K. Szczepura
On the measurement of inequalities in health pp. 545-557 Downloads
Adam Wagstaff, Pierella Paci and Eddy Van Doorslaer
Caveat emptor or blissful ignorance? Patients and the consumerist ethos pp. 559-568 Downloads
Deborah Lupton, Cam Donaldson and Peter Lloyd
Accrual to cancer clinical trials: Directions from the research literature pp. 569-577 Downloads
Carolyn Cook Gotay
Work disability and the experience of pain and depression in rheumatoid arthritis pp. 579-585 Downloads
Judith Fifield, Susan T. Reisine and Kathleen Grady
Adverse effects of Benzodiazepines pp. 587-596 Downloads
C. Gudex
Occupational health and the environment in an urban slum in India pp. 597-603 Downloads
Abhay Shukla, Satish Kumar and F.G. Öry
Social support, disability and depression: A longitudinal study of rheumatoid arthritis pp. 605-611 Downloads
Ray Fitzpatrick, Stanton Newman, Rosemarie Archer and Michael Shipley
Infant, neonatal, postneonatal and perinatal mortality in Spain, 1975-1984. Interregional and interannual differences pp. 613-620 Downloads
Pablo Lardelli, Josefa Masa, Angel Maderuelo, Miguel Delgado and Ramón Gálvez
Modifications of health behaviour in response to air pollution notifications in Copenhagen pp. 621-626 Downloads
Torsten Skov, Torben Cordtz, Lilli Kirkeskov Jensen, Peter Saugman, Kirsten Schmidt and Peter Theilade
Comparison of influences on breastfeeding initiation of firstborn children, 1960-69 vs 1970-79 pp. 627-634 Downloads
Ellen H. Starbird

1991, volume 33, issue 4

Foreword pp. vii-vii Downloads
Robert Earickson
Introduction pp. ix-x Downloads
Graham Bentham, Robin Haynes and Andrew Lovett
Explanation in medical geography: Evidence and epistemology pp. 339-346 Downloads
David Bennett
'Scurvy' Lind's medical geography pp. 347-353 Downloads
Frank A. Barrett
Health discrepancies in rural areas in Québec pp. 355-360 Downloads
Robert Pampalon
Inequalities in health and health service use: Evidence from the general household survey pp. 361-368 Downloads
Robin Haynes
Another day in paradise? Life on the margins in urban New Zealand pp. 369-379 Downloads
Robin A. Kearns, Christopher J. Smith and Max W. Abbott
Depopulation of the Northern Plains Natives pp. 381-393 Downloads
Jody F. Decker
Problems and potential of researching epidemiological transition: Examples from Southeast Asia pp. 395-404 Downloads
David R. Phillips
The socio-cultural context of the transmission of HIV in Thailand pp. 405-414 Downloads
Nicholas Ford and Suporn Koetsawang
Geographical variations of motor-vehicle injuries in Quebec, 1983-1988 pp. 415-421 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Thouez, Marie-France Joly, André Rannou, Yves Bussière and Robert Bourbeau
Risk factor changes and mortality changes: A regional perspective on ischaemic heart disease in Norway 1966-1985 pp. 423-428 Downloads
Øystein Krüger
Chernobyl fallout and perinatal mortality in England and Wales pp. 429-434 Downloads
Graham Bentham
Childhood leukaemia mortality and population change in England and Wales 1969-1973 pp. 435-440 Downloads
Ian Langford
Psychosocial impacts in populations exposed to solid waste facilities pp. 441-447 Downloads
S.Martin Taylor, Susan Elliott, John Eyles, John Frank, Murray Haight, David Streiner, Stephen Walter, Norman White and Dennis Willms
Sterilization versus segregation: Control of the 'Feebleminded', 1900-1938 pp. 449-458 Downloads
John P. Radford
Geographical implications of restricting foreign medical immigration: A New Zealand case study, 1976-1987 pp. 459-470 Downloads
J.Ross Barnett
Substitution of primary care and specialist care: A regional analysis in Denmark pp. 471-476 Downloads
Peter P. Groenewegen
Trends in the spatial dimensions of the long term care delivery system. The case of New York State pp. 477-487 Downloads
Marlene Evans and Charles Welge
A needs-based methodology for allocating health care resources in Ontario, Canada: Development and an application pp. 489-500 Downloads
J. Eyles, S. Birch, S. Chambers, Jeremiah Hurley and B. Hutchison
Ecological and individual effects in childhood immunisation uptake: A multi-level approach pp. 501-508 Downloads
Kelvyn Jones, Graham Moon and Andrew Clegg
"I don't believe in needles": Qualitative aspects of a study into the uptake of infant immunisation in two english health authorities pp. 509-518 Downloads
Suzanne J. New and Martyn L. Senior
The place of health in the health of place: The case of the Hokianga special medical area pp. 519-530 Downloads
Robin A. Kearns

1991, volume 33, issue 3

The production of health and the demand for health care in Finland pp. 225-237 Downloads
Unto Häkkinen
Concern about aids among hospital physicians, nurses and social workers pp. 239-248 Downloads
Joan Dworkin, Gary Albrecht and Judith Cooksey
Perceptions of problematic events and quality of care among patients and parents after successful therapy of the child's malignant disease pp. 249-256 Downloads
S.Béatrice M. Kvist, Jukka Rajantie, Mårten Kvist and Martti A. Siimes
Social network, social support and acute chest complaints among young and middle-aged patients in an emergency department--A case-control study pp. 257-267 Downloads
P.-O. Östergren, B.S. Hanson, S.-O. Isacsson and L. Tejler
Psychoactive drug use among medical doctors is higher than in the general population pp. 269-274 Downloads
Gianfranco Domenighetti, Michele Tomamichel, Felix Gutzwiller, Silvio Berthoud and Antoine Casabianca
The effects of cimetidine on the cost of ulcer disease in Sweden pp. 275-282 Downloads
Bengt Jönsson and Per Carlsson
Epidemiology of traumatic brain injury in Johannesburg--I. Methodological issues in a developing country context pp. 283-287 Downloads
Digby S.O. Brown and Victor Nell
Epidemiology of traumatic brain injury in Johannesburg--II. Morbidity, mortality and etiology pp. 289-296 Downloads
Victor Nell and Digby S.O. Brown
Lay self-care in health: The views and perspectives of Israeli laypeople pp. 297-308 Downloads
Diana Shye, Rachel Javetz and Judith T. Shuval
Using routine surveys to measure mortality: A tool for programme managers pp. 309-319 Downloads
Patricia H. David, Leila Bisharat and Sana Kawar
Qualitative methods in operations research on contraceptive distribution systems: A case study from Nigeria pp. 321-326 Downloads
Glenn Webb, O.A. Ladipo and Regina McNamara
Infant mortality among ethnic immigrant groups pp. 327-334 Downloads
John R. Weeks and Rubén G. Rumbaut

1991, volume 33, issue 2

Women's perspectives on chronic illness: Ethnicity, ideology and restructuring of life pp. 101-113 Downloads
Joan M. Anderson, Connie Blue and Annie Lau
Coping with an ileostomy pp. 115-125 Downloads
Michael P. Kelly
Employee and job attributes as predictors of absenteeism in a national sample of workers: The importance of health and dangerous working conditions pp. 127-137 Downloads
J. Paul Leigh
Discrepant legacies: Premature mortality in two industrial towns pp. 139-152 Downloads
Peter R. Phillimore and David Morris
Ayurveda, malaria and the indigenous herbal tradition in Sri Lanka pp. 153-160 Downloads
Kalinga Tudor Silva
General practitioners' subjective experience of surgery workload pp. 161-166 Downloads
Paul Norman, Mike Fitter and Toby Wall
Tswana medicine in interaction with biomedicine pp. 167-175 Downloads
Liv Haram
Effects of social relationships on survival for women with breast cancer: A prospective study pp. 177-183 Downloads
Nancy Waxler-Morrison, T. Gregory Hislop, Bronwen Mears and Lisa Kan
Maternal tetanus immunization in Aceh Province, Sumatra: The cost-effectiveness of alternative strategies pp. 185-192 Downloads
Peter Berman, John Quinley, Burhannuddin Yusuf, Syaifuddin Anwar, Udin Mustaini, A. Azof and Iskandar
Promoting traditional medicine in Ethiopia: A brief historical review of government policy pp. 193-200 Downloads
Makonnen Bishaw
Dental care of institutionalized elderly in Singapore pp. 201-205 Downloads
George Soh
Age at first experience of intercourse among Norwegian adolescents: A lifestyle perspective pp. 207-213 Downloads
P. Kraft
AD HOC Research Committee on brain death and organ transplantation pp. 215-215 Downloads
S. Yonemoto
Social medicine in China pp. 217-217 Downloads
J. Cai

1991, volume 33, issue 1

Introduction pp. iii-iii Downloads
Michele Goldzieher Shedlin
What should behavioral scientists be doing about AIDS? pp. 1-3 Downloads
Robert A. Hahn
Sex, drugs and HIV: an ethnographic approach pp. 5-9 Downloads
J. Raúl Magaña
AIDS risk and prevention among adolescents pp. 11-23 Downloads
Cherrie B. Boyer and Susan M. Kegeles
Sexual risk reduction behaviors among young heterosexual adults pp. 25-36 Downloads
Susan D. Cochran and Letitia Anne Peplau
Examining ethnicity versus race in AIDS related sex research pp. 37-45 Downloads
Gail Elizabeth Wyatt
AIDS survey methodology with black Americans pp. 47-54 Downloads
Vickie M. Mays and James S. Jackson
The risk approach: Unassailable logic? pp. 55-61 Downloads
Michael V. Hayes
Comment pp. 64-66 Downloads
A. Michael Davies, E. Maurice Backett and Angele Petros-Barvazian
Comment pp. 66-67 Downloads
Jack Dowie
Comment pp. 67-69 Downloads
Robyn M. Dawes
Rejoinder pp. 69-70 Downloads
Michael V. Hayes
Comment pp. 69-69 Downloads
Kenneth S. Warren
Change in knowledge in a coronary heart disease risk factor intervention study in three communities pp. 71-76 Downloads
Marietjie L. Langenhoven, Jacques E. Rossouw, Pieter L. Jooste, Derek O. Chalton, Anne S. P. Swanepoel, Lesley J. Rossouw, Peet C. J. Jordaan and Mariana Steyn
Adolescents' attitudes to abortion in samples from Italy and Sweden pp. 77-82 Downloads
M. Bengtsson Agostino and V. Wahlberg
Misinformation about medications in rural Ghana pp. 83-89 Downloads
Carolyn S. Wolf-Gould, Naomi Taylor, Sarah McCue Horwitz and Michele Barry
What's important for quality of life to Indians--In relation to cancer pp. 91-94 Downloads
Santosh K. Chaturvedi
The role of physical attractiveness in the assessment of elderly patients pp. 95-96 Downloads
Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Holly Tuokko and Beverly Lynn Beattie
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