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1989, volume 29, issue 12

The documentation of Nazi medicine by German medical sociologists: A review article pp. 1319-1330 Downloads
Thomas W. Maretzki
Comments pp. 1330-1331 Downloads
Paul U. Unschuld and Mathias Weber
Child health and child care in Okelele: An indigenous area of the city of Ilorin, Nigeria pp. 1333-1341 Downloads
Michael A. Adedoyin and Susan J. Watts
Community health services and health care utilization in rural Bangladesh pp. 1343-1349 Downloads
Ruhul Amin, Shifiq A. Chowdhury, G. M. Kamal and J. Chowdhury
Epidemiological appraisal of the active role of women in the decline of infant mortality in Spain during the twentieth century pp. 1351-1362 Downloads
Carmen Garcia-Gil, Margarita Cortés-Majó, Adoración Garcia Nieto, Mercedes Rosado Martín and Enrique Nájera
Studies on drug utilization: Bilateral case study in Poland and Sweden pp. 1363-1366 Downloads
T. J. Szuba and B. Westerholm
Occupational position and type a behavior: Results from the first Monica survey, Augsburg, F.R.G pp. 1367-1372 Downloads
U. Härtel and L. Chambless
Lead based remedies for empacho: Patterns and consequences pp. 1373-1379 Downloads
Roberta D. Baer, Javier Garcia de Alba, Luz Maria Cueto, Alan Ackerman and Sharon Davison
Privacy between physicians and patients: More than a matter of confidentiality pp. 1381-1385 Downloads
Roxanne Parrott, Judee K. Burgoon, Michael Burgoon and Beth A. LePoire
Development of a social support instrument for use in population surveys pp. 1387-1392 Downloads
Anna-Lena Undén and Kristina Orth-Gomér
Indian nutritionists and international nutritional standards: Concepts and controversies pp. 1393-1399 Downloads
Ellen Messer

1989, volume 29, issue 11

The construction of a social phenomenon: AIDS in the French press pp. 1235-1242 Downloads
Claudine Herzlich and Janine Pierret
Comparisons between the self-assessed and observer-assessed presence and severity of colds pp. 1243-1248 Downloads
Sally Macintyre and Colin Pritchard
National suicide and homicide rates: Correlates versus predictors pp. 1249-1252 Downloads
David Lester
Work disability among cancer patients pp. 1253-1259 Downloads
Howard P. Greenwald, Susan J. Dirks, Edgar F. Borgatta, Ruth McCorkle, Michael C. Nevitt and Edward H. Yelin
The family's functioning with chronic illness in the mother: The spouse's perspective pp. 1261-1269 Downloads
Frances Marcus Lewis, Nancy Fugate Woods, Edythe Ellison Hough and Lillian Southwick Bensley
Medical and social predictors of longevity in the elderly: Total predictive value and interdependence pp. 1271-1280 Downloads
Dorly J. H. Deeg, Robert J. van Zonneveld, Paul J. van der Maas and J. Dik F. Habbema
Concepts in health promotion: The notion of relativism pp. 1281-1288 Downloads
Evelyne De Leeuw
Is it any good? The evaluation of therapy by participants in a clinical trial pp. 1289-1297 Downloads
Anna Wynne
Women's education and its influence on attitudes to aspects of child-care in a village community in Kerala pp. 1299-1303 Downloads
V. Raman Kutty
AIDS and its metaphors pp. 1305-1306 Downloads
Charles Guest

1989, volume 29, issue 10

Hidden consequences of state violence: Spinal cord injuries in Soweto, South Africa pp. 1147-1155 Downloads
Jacklyn Cock
Issues of definitions and their implications: AIDS and leprosy pp. 1157-1162 Downloads
Ilse J. Volinn
Low utilization of community health workers: Results from a household interview survey in Burkina Faso pp. 1163-1174 Downloads
R. Sauerborn, A. Nougtara and H. J. Diesfeld
Are psychological disorders most prevalent among older adults? examining the evidence pp. 1175-1181 Downloads
Marjorie Chary Feinson
Power and pain: The location of pain and fear in dentistry and the creation of a dental subject pp. 1183-1190 Downloads
Sarah Nettleton
Private troubles and public issues: Providing abortion amid competing definitions pp. 1191-1198 Downloads
Kathleen M. Roe
User fees for health care in developing countries: A case study of Bangladesh pp. 1199-1205 Downloads
Bonita Stanton and John Clemens
Swedish physicians' perspectives on work and the medical care system--v. comparisons across specialties pp. 1207-1216 Downloads
Andrew C. Twaddle
A skin test survey of valley fever in Tijuana, Mexico pp. 1217-1227 Downloads
Barbara E. Fredrich
The economics of health care: by, and. Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1988. 286 pp pp. 1229-1230 Downloads
Michael L. Barer

1989, volume 29, issue 9

Guinea worm: An in-depth study of what happens to mothers, families and communities pp. 1043-1049 Downloads
Susan J. Watts, William R. Brieger and May Yacoob
Social support, life events and psychosomatic symptoms among 14-16-year-old adolescents pp. 1051-1056 Downloads
Hillevi Aro, Vilma Hänninen and Olavi Paronen
Reflexions methodologiques et epistemologiques en acupuncture pp. 1057-1063 Downloads
Pierre Pascual
Predictors of simple diarrhoea in children under 5 years--A study of a sudanese rural community pp. 1065-1070 Downloads
Fatih Z. El Samani, Walter C. Willett and James H. Ware
Human immunodeficiency virus seroprevalence in female intravenous drug users: The puzzle of black women's risk pp. 1071-1076 Downloads
Diane K. Lewis and John K. Watters
Psychotoxicology: The return of the mad hatter pp. 1077-1082 Downloads
Matthew P. Dumont
Twins, smoking and mortality: A 12-year prospective study of smoking-discordant twin pairs pp. 1083-1089 Downloads
Jaakko Kaprio and Markku Koskenvuo
The continuity of vaccination programmes: Reflections and a case from Gujarat, India pp. 1091-1098 Downloads
Pieter H. Streefland
Changing traditional medicine in rural Swaziland: The effects of the global system pp. 1099-1104 Downloads
Enid Gort
The finnish family competence study: Characteristics of pregnant women with low childbirth knowledge pp. 1105-1109 Downloads
Päivi Rautava
Traditional practitioners' behavioural adaptations to changing patients' demands in Sri Lanka pp. 1111-1119 Downloads
Ivan Wolffers
Deaths from injuries and induced abortion among rural Bangladeshi women pp. 1121-1127 Downloads
V. Fauveau and T. Blanchet
Psychological aspects of albinism: An exploratory study with Nigerian (IGBO) albino subjects pp. 1129-1131 Downloads
Bernice N. Ezeilo
Dissemination of health information among rural dwellers in Africa: A Ghanaian experience pp. 1133-1140 Downloads
Kwadwo Bosompra
Suicide rates and handgun ownership in the United States 1959-1984: The relationship between changes in the variables pp. 1143-1143 Downloads
Bijou Yang and David Lester

1989, volume 29, issue 8

Preface pp. 905-905 Downloads
Neil D. McGlashan and Neil K. Chick
Regionalizing mortality data: Ischaemic heart disease in Norway pp. 907-911 Downloads
Asbjørn Aase
The epidemiological transition in an overseas territory: Disease mapping in French Polynesia pp. 913-922 Downloads
Emmanuel Vigneron
Geology, trace elements and health pp. 923-926 Downloads
Harry V. Warren
Health problems in rural communities, Zimbabwe pp. 927-932 Downloads
Jane Mutambirwa
An assessment of a rural health programme on child and maternal care: The Ogbomoso Community Health Care Programme (CHCP), Oyo State, Nigeria pp. 933-938 Downloads
Folasade Iyun
Geriatric assessment--An Australian idea pp. 939-942 Downloads
J. Munro-Ashman
Relations between health levels, services and demand in French Polynesia pp. 943-951 Downloads
Emmanuel Vigneron
The Hobart typhoid epidemic of 1887-88 pp. 953-958 Downloads
R.G. Kellaway
Air pollution and respiratory diseases in children in São Paulo, Brazil pp. 959-964 Downloads
Helena Ribeiro Sobral
The other face of development: Native population, health status and indicators of malnutrition--The case of the Cree and Inuit of Northern Quebec pp. 965-974 Downloads
J.P. Thouez, A. Rannou and P. Foggin
Management of pneumonia in India and Indonesia pp. 975-982 Downloads
Wade C. Edmundson and Shelley A. Harris
Lymphatic filariasis in Madras, India pp. 983-990 Downloads
B. Hyma, A. Ramesh and K. Gunesekaran
Acute diarrhoeal disease in India and Indonesia pp. 991-997 Downloads
S.A. Edmundson and Wade C. Edmundson
Brucellosis in Saudi Arabia pp. 999-1001 Downloads
Frank W. Kiel and M. Yousuf Khan
The geographical distribution of motorcycle accidents in Tasmania, 1983-1986 pp. 1003-1008 Downloads
K. Anutha and M.A. Chladil
Asbestos hazards in the city of Rome, Italy pp. 1009-1013 Downloads
M. Del Piano, C. Palagiano and V. Rimatori
Sudden infant deaths in Tasmania, 1980-1986: A seven year prospective study pp. 1015-1026 Downloads
Neil D. McGlashan
The diffusion of cardiovascular disease in the Norwegian farming community: A comnination of morbidity and mortality data pp. 1027-1033 Downloads
Asbjørn Aase and Reidar Almås
Stroke mortality in Miyagi, Japan pp. 1035-1042 Downloads
Tokiko Sato

1989, volume 29, issue 7

The concept of disease: Its evolution in medical students pp. 791-792 Downloads
M. D. Stefan and I. C. McManus
Love, self-esteem, and multiple sclerosis pp. 793-798 Downloads
Anthony Walsh and Patricia Ann Walsh
Culture and 'compliance' among leprosy patients in Pakistan pp. 799-811 Downloads
J. Dennis Mull, Corinne Shear Wood, Lydia P. Gans and Dorothy S. Mull
Predicting the onset of smoking in boys and girls pp. 813-818 Downloads
Anne Charlton and Valerie Blair
Pesticides et cancers en milieu rural agricole au Quebec: Interpretation geographique pp. 819-833 Downloads
Daniel Godon, Pierre Lajoie, Jean-Pierre Thouez and Daniel Nadeau
Exploring the determinants of periodontal treatment costs: A special focus on cigarette smoking pp. 835-844 Downloads
Harri Sintonen and Risto Tuominen
Changing health beliefs and behaviors of resettled Laotian refugees: Ethnic variation in adaptation pp. 845-852 Downloads
Jean Brainard and Amy Zaharlick
Prescription drug advertising trends: A study of oral hypoglycemics pp. 853-857 Downloads
Kumar K. Mehta, Bernard A. Sorofman and Clayton R. Rowland
Breast feeding and bottle feeding controversies in the developing world: Evidence from a study in four countries pp. 859-868 Downloads
Beverly Winikoff and Virginia H. Laukaran
Sex differentials in cardiovascular mortality: An ecological analysis pp. 869-876 Downloads
Kyung Ae Park and William B. Clifford
Assessing Arab-American health care needs pp. 877-883 Downloads
Shirley C. Laffrey, Afaf I. Meleis, Juliene G. Lipson, Margot Solomon and Patricia A. Omidian
Differential mortality by ethnicity: Foreign-born Irish, Italians and Jews in New York city, 1979-81 pp. 885-889 Downloads
Ira Rosenwaike and Katherine Hempstead
Cigarette smoking among medical students in Belgrade related to parental smoking habits pp. 891-894 Downloads
Hristina Vlajinac, Benko Adanja and Mirjana Jarebinski
Quest for health (a fable) pp. 895-896 Downloads
Nancy Rodd
Turkish migrants and somatic fixation in the Netherlands: Research in Amsterdam pp. 897-898 Downloads
Maria De Bruyn
Letter to the editor pp. 901-901 Downloads
Sjaak van der Geest

1989, volume 29, issue 6

The making of a sociomedical scientist pp. 691-693 Downloads
Don Cahalan
The long-run cost characteristics of dental practices in the U.S.A pp. 695-703 Downloads
L.Jackson Brown
Sentinel health events as indicators of unmet needs pp. 705-714 Downloads
Willine Carr, Natan Szapiro, Toni Heisler and Melvin I. Krasner
Issues and problems in measuring children's health status in community health research pp. 715-719 Downloads
Raymond Fink
The sociological image of medicine and the patient pp. 721-728 Downloads
Uta Gerhardt
Premature mortality and chronic alcoholism: Medical examiner cases, New Jersey pp. 729-732 Downloads
Paul W. Haberman and Geetha Natarajan
The impact of the physical environment on the psychological well-being of office workers pp. 733-742 Downloads
Susan Klitzman and Jeanne M. Stellman
Life events, meaning and narrative: The case of infidelity and divorce pp. 743-751 Downloads
Catherine Kohler Riessman
Professional life cycle changes and their effect on knowledge level of dental practitioners pp. 753-760 Downloads
Donald Sadowsky and Carol Kunzel
An empirical analysis of the dimensions of health status measures pp. 761-768 Downloads
Jorge Segovia, Roy F. Bartlett and Alison C. Edwards
What diagnosis does not tell: The case for a noncategorical approach to chronic illness in childhood pp. 769-778 Downloads
Ruth E.K. Stein and Dorothy Jones Jessop
Drug use among Puerto Rican youth: An exploration of generational status differences pp. 779-789 Downloads
Carmen Noemi Velez and Jane A. Ungemack

1989, volume 29, issue 5

Non-government organizations in the health field: Collaboration, integration and contrasting aims in Africa pp. 591-597 Downloads
F.M. Mburu
Are large-scale volunteer community health worker programmes feasible? The case of Sri Lanka pp. 599-608 Downloads
Gill Walt, Myrtle Perera and Kris Heggenhougen
Impairment, disability and handicap in chronic respiratory illness pp. 609-616 Downloads
Simon J. Williams and Michael R. Bury
Respiratory health indicators and acculturation among the Inuit and Cree of Northern Quebec: A regional approach using geographic seriation analysis pp. 617-626 Downloads
P.M. Foggin and N. Aurillon
From anomie to anomia and anomic depression: A sociological critique on the use of anomie in psychiatric research pp. 627-634 Downloads
Mathieu Deflem
The social experiences of cancer patients under treatment: A comparative study pp. 635-642 Downloads
R. Tempelaar, J.C.J.M. de Haes, J.H. de Ruiter, D. Bakker, W.J.A. van den Heuvel and M.G. van Nieuwenhuijzen
Born female: The development of nursing in Thailand pp. 643-652 Downloads
Marjorie A. Muecke and Wichit Srisuphan
The demand for abortion in England and Wales pp. 653-658 Downloads
John A. Cairns
The relation of widow's needs and resources to perceived health and depression pp. 659-667 Downloads
Ariela Lowenstein and Aaron Rosen
'Source force' and the Nepal medical profession pp. 669-675 Downloads
Saul J. Weiner
Infant mortality and health care in Mexican communities pp. 677-679 Downloads
John Holian
The impact of environmental factors upon patient attitudes and behaviour. A sociological study from Poland pp. 681-681 Downloads
Iza Lignowska
A disavowal and criticisms of 'breastfeeding trends in Singapore' pp. 685-687 Downloads
J.J. Counsilman

1989, volume 29, issue 4

Availability of pharmaceuticals in sub-Saharan Africa: Roles of the public, private and church mission sectors pp. 479-486 Downloads
Ronald J. Vogel and Betsy Stephens
Healers, deities, saints and doctors: elements for the analysis of medical systems pp. 487-496 Downloads
Duncan Pedersen and Veronica Baruffati
The psychosocial adjustment of patients and spouses to dialysis treatment pp. 497-502 Downloads
Varda Soskolne and Atara Kaplan De-Nour
Making health policy management intersectoral: Issues of information analysis and use in less developed countries pp. 503-514 Downloads
Emanuel de Kadt
On the specificity of healing functions: A study of diagnosis in three faith healing institutions in Feira (Bahia, Brazil) pp. 515-526 Downloads
Ndolamb Ngokwey
The effects of nursing and physician services: Some preliminary results pp. 527-536 Downloads
Andrew J. Hogan and James E. Rohrer
The logic of a controversy: The case of agent orange in Australia pp. 537-544 Downloads
Wayne Hall
The public controversies of aids in Puerto Rico pp. 545-553 Downloads
Ineke Cunningham
Family response in head injury: Denial... or hope for the future? pp. 555-561 Downloads
Barbara Ridley
Sinking heart: A Punjabi communication of distress pp. 563-575 Downloads
Inga-Britt Krause
Community and individual considerations in legislation and test policy regarding HIV-infection in the Nordic countries--a cross national comparative study pp. 577-584 Downloads
Allan Krasnik, Jakob Bjoerner and Birgit Westphal Christensen
Do low levels of labour pain reflect low sensitivity to noxious stimulation? pp. 585-588 Downloads
Catherine A. Niven and Karel J. Gijsbers

1989, volume 29, issue 3

AIDS: Methodological problems in studying its prevention and spread pp. 265-276 Downloads
E. Maxine Ankrah
Methodological problems in the study of psychosocial influences on the AIDS process pp. 277-292 Downloads
Howard B. Kaplan
Assumptions governing approaches to diagnosis and treatment pp. 293-300 Downloads
Cor W. Aakster
Traditional or transitional medical systems? Pharmacotherapy as a case for analysis pp. 301-307 Downloads
Michael Lim Tan
The health of adolescents: Beliefs and behaviour pp. 309-315 Downloads
Herbert L. Friedman
Understanding childrens' health behaviour: The implications for health promotion for young people pp. 317-325 Downloads
Don Nutbeam, Leif Aar and John Catford
Cultural variations in the response to psychiatric disorders and emotional distress pp. 327-339 Downloads
Laurence J. Kirmayer
Differences in the approaches of the doctor, manager, politician and social scientist in health care controversies--Hospital case-mix management methods: An illustration of the manager's approach in health care controversies pp. 341-349 Downloads
Gérard de Pouvourville
Technological disaster--Survival and bereavement pp. 351-356 Downloads
Peter E. Hodgkinson
Ecological upheavals with special reference to desertification and predicting health impact pp. 357-367 Downloads
Miriam K. Were
The contribution of medical care to inequalities in health: Differences between socio-economic groups in decline of mortality from conditions amenable to medical intervention pp. 369-376 Downloads
Johan P. Mackenbach, Karien Stronks and Anton E. Kunst
Generational equity in America: A cultural historian's perspective pp. 377-383 Downloads
Thomas R. Cole
Justice across the generations pp. 385-394 Downloads
Margaret A. Somerville
Non-governmental organizations in the health field: Collaboration, integration and contrasting aims pp. 395-402 Downloads
Karl Smith
Man and his parasites: Integration of biomedical and social approaches to transmission and control pp. 403-411 Downloads
Celia V. Holland
Nutrition and health: Patterns and policy perspectives in food-rich countries pp. 413-423 Downloads
Nancy Milio
Pain: Its experience and treatments pp. 425-434 Downloads
Isabelle Baszanger
Schools of thought on pain pp. 435-444 Downloads
Mariet A. E. Vrancken
A new age for older people? policy shifts in health and social care pp. 445-454 Downloads
Anne Jamieson
Professional reimbursement and professional behavior: Emerging issues and research challenges pp. 455-462 Downloads
Bruce Rosen
Conceptual and methodological problems in research on the quality of life in clinical medicine pp. 463-468 Downloads
Johannes Siegrist and Astrid Junge
Assumptions of the QALY procedure pp. 469-477 Downloads
Roy A. Carr-Hill

1989, volume 29, issue 2

Conceptual, theoretical and methodological issues in self-care research pp. 117-123 Downloads
Kathryn Dean
Self-care in health promotion pp. 125-130 Downloads
Ilona Kickbusch
Control over health and patterns of health-related behaviour pp. 131-136 Downloads
Michael Calnan
Self-care components of lifestyles: The importance of gender, attitudes and the social situation pp. 137-152 Downloads
Kathryn Dean
Exploring the correlates of self-provided health care behaviour pp. 153-161 Downloads
Alexander Segall and Jay Goldstein
Menstrual pain, health and behaviour in girls pp. 163-169 Downloads
Juha Teperi and Matti Rimpelä
Self-care among older adults pp. 171-183 Downloads
Marie R. Haug, May L. Wykle and Kevan H. Namazi
Self-care within a model for demand for medical care pp. 185-193 Downloads
Niels Bentzen, Terkel Christiansen and Kjeld Møller Pedersen
From activated patient to pacified activist: A study of the self-care movement in the United States pp. 195-204 Downloads
Gordon H. DeFriese, Alison Woomert, Priscilla A. Guild, Allan B. Steckler and Thomas R. Konrad
Mothers' benefit of a self-care booklet and a self-care educational session at child health centres pp. 205-212 Downloads
Finn Rasmussen
A clinical trial of a self-care approach to the management of chronic headache in general practice pp. 213-219 Downloads
Robin Winkler, Peter Underwood, Barry Fatovich, Ray James and Dennis Gray
Long-term outcomes of an arthritis self-management study: Effects of reinforcement efforts pp. 221-224 Downloads
Kate Lorig and Halsted R. Holman
Benefits of self-help groups: A survey of 232 members from 65 disease-related groups pp. 225-232 Downloads
Alf Trojan
Self-care in Israel: Physicians' views and perspectives pp. 233-244 Downloads
Judith T. Shuval, Rachel Javetz and Diana Shye
The interpretation of self-care: A difference in outlook between clients and home-nurses pp. 245-252 Downloads
W. M. Van Agthoven and H. N. Plomp
Statistical analysis of complex health and social data pp. 253-258 Downloads
Svend Kreiner
Letter to the editor pp. 259-260 Downloads
Daniel A. Bloch, Kate Lorig, Byron Wm. Brown and Lincoln E. Moses
Letter to the editor pp. 261-262 Downloads
R. J. Lavers and R. A. Carr-Hill

1989, volume 29, issue 1

The social control of human biomedical research: An overview and review of the literature pp. 1-12 Downloads
Paul R. Benson
Concepts about infant health, growth, and weaning: A comparison between nutritional scientists and madurese mothers pp. 13-22 Downloads
Lenore J. Launer and Jean-Pierre Habicht
Social factors and trachoma: A review of the literature pp. 23-24 Downloads
Rani Marx
Are people willing and able to pay for health services? pp. 35-42 Downloads
Richard A. Yoder
Active patients: The integration of modern and traditional obstetric practices in Nepal pp. 43-52 Downloads
Nadja Reissland and Richard Burghart
Migration, acculturation and utilization of primary health care pp. 53-60 Downloads
Patrick Van der Stuyft, Aimé De Muynck, Leo Schillemans and Chris Timmerman
Overcoming 'psychosomatic' illness: Lay attributions of cure for five possible psychosomatic illness pp. 61-67 Downloads
Adrian Furnham
Is religion therapeutically significant for hypertension? pp. 69-78 Downloads
Jeffrey S. Levin and Harold Y. Vanderpool
Hypertension and asthma: Psychological aspects pp. 79-84 Downloads
Frances M. Ford, M. Hunter, M. J. Hensley, A. Gillies, S. Carney, A. J. Smith, J. Bamford, M. Lenzer, G. Lister, S. Ravazdy and M. Steyn
The factor structure of the CES-D in the Hispanic health and nutrition examination survey: The influences of ethnicity, gender and language pp. 85-94 Downloads
Peter J. Guarnaccia, Ronald Angel and Jacqueline Lowe Worobey
The impact of road construction on hospital in-patient catchments in the Meru district of Kenya pp. 95-106 Downloads
Tony Airey
Sociology of hospitals and of patient-physician interaction in West Germany pp. 107-108 Downloads
Thomas Kohlmann and Johannes Siegrist
A French research programme: Santé-maladie-société (1984-1988) pp. 109-111 Downloads
Isabelle Baszanger, Geneviève Paicheler and Yves Souteyrand
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