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1992, volume 34, issue 12

Introduction pp. 1303-1303 Downloads
Bethel Ann Powers
Feeling old versus being old: Views of troubled aging pp. 1305-1315 Downloads
Mary Christine Cremin
"It's like you're down on a bed of affliction": Aging and diabetes among black Americans pp. 1317-1323 Downloads
Barbara V. Reid
Intimacy, domesticity and pet therapy with the elderly: Expectation and experience among nursing home volunteers pp. 1325-1334 Downloads
Joel S. Savishinsky
The roles staff play in the social networks of elderly institutionalized people pp. 1335-1343 Downloads
Bethel Ann Powers
Health and illness behavior and patient-practitioner relationships pp. 1345-1350 Downloads
David Mechanic
The experience of asthma pp. 1351-1361 Downloads
David Snadden and Judith Belle Brown
The routinization of hospice: Charisma and bureaucratization pp. 1363-1375 Downloads
Nicky James and David Field
Effects of occupational stress on the physical and psychological health of women in a microelectronics plant pp. 1377-1383 Downloads
Evelyn J. Bromet, Mary Amanda Dew, David K. Parkinson, Shelly Cohen and Joseph E. Schwartz
Health-seeking behavior and the meaning of medications in Balochistan, Pakistan pp. 1385-1397 Downloads
Pamela A. Hunte and Farhat Sultana
Compensation for harm: The implications for medical research pp. 1399-1404 Downloads
Ian Harvey and Ruth Chadwick
Pregnant dreaming: Search for a typology of a proposed dream genre pp. 1405-1411 Downloads
Susan Sered and Henry Abramovitch
The effect of the social organization of work on the voluntary turnover rate of hospital nurses in the United States pp. 1413-1424 Downloads
Joan R. Bloom, Jeffrey A. Alexander and Beverly A. Nichols

1992, volume 34, issue 11

Underreaction to AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1169-1182 Downloads
John C. Caldwell, I.O. Orubuloye and Pat Caldwell
Planning health care in South Africa--Is there a role for traditional healers? pp. 1183-1190 Downloads
M. Freeman and M. Motsei
Suicide and unemployment in Italy: Description, analysis and interpretation of recent trends pp. 1191-1201 Downloads
Stephen Platt, Rocco Micciolo and Michele Tansella
Methodological issues and research strategies in the study of coping with cancer pp. 1203-1216 Downloads
Mark Somerfield and Barbara Curbow
Patients' choices and perceptions after an invitation to participate in treatment decisions pp. 1217-1225 Downloads
Stephanie Legg England and Jeremy Evans
Perceived morbidity and health behaviour in a Dogon community pp. 1227-1235 Downloads
Copp[combining acute accent]o, P., L. Pisani and A. Keita
Access to ambulatory care among noninstitutionalized, activity-limited persons 65 and over pp. 1237-1247 Downloads
Robert H. Miller
The quality and quantity of social support: Stroke recovery as psycho-social transition pp. 1249-1261 Downloads
Thomas A. Glass and George L. Maddox
Genetic counselor attitudes towards fetal sex identification and selective abortion pp. 1263-1269 Downloads
B.Meredith Burke
Provision of food and fluids in terminal care: A sociological analysis pp. 1271-1276 Downloads
Fran McInerney
Mother's milk and pseudoscientific breastmilk testing in Pakistan pp. 1277-1290 Downloads
Dorothy S. Mull
Prevalence of smoking in secondary schools in the greater Accra region of Ghana pp. 1291-1293 Downloads
R. Amonoo-Lartson and Matilda E. Pappoe
Beri-beri: Age-gender bias in the Gambia pp. 1295-1297 Downloads
Hazel R. Barrett and Angela W. Browne

1992, volume 34, issue 10

The cultural logic of Indian medicine: Prognosis and etiology in Rajasthani popular therapeutics pp. 1069-1076 Downloads
Helen Lambert
What can information systems do for primary health care? An international perspective pp. 1077-1087 Downloads
Peter Sandiford, Hugh Annett and Richard Cibulskis
Community-based HIV/AIDS research--Whither community participation? Unsolved problems in a research programme in rural Uganda pp. 1089-1095 Downloads
Janet A. Seeley, Jane F. Kengeya-Kayondo and Daan W. Mulder
Quantitative and qualitative approaches to the evaluation of the medical dialogue pp. 1097-1103 Downloads
Debra Roter and Richard Frankel
Yolmo aesthetics of body, health and 'soul loss' pp. 1105-1117 Downloads
Robert R. Desjarlais
Sexual behaviour related to psycho-social factors in a population of Danish homosexual and bisexual men pp. 1119-1127 Downloads
Kirsten W. Schmidt, Jan R. Fouchard, Allan Krasnik, Henrik Zoffmann, Henrik L. Jacobsen and Svend Kreiner
Development and validation of the PCQ: A questionnaire to measure the psychological consequences of screening mammography pp. 1129-1134 Downloads
Jill Cockburn, Trudy De Luise, Susan Hurley and Kerrie Clover
The impact of road construction on the spatial characteristics of hospital utilization in the Meru district of Kenya pp. 1135-1146 Downloads
Tony Airey
Determinants of perceived health status of medical outpatients pp. 1147-1154 Downloads
Arthur J. Barsky, Paul D. Cleary and Gerald L. Klerman
Communicative styles and adaptations in physician-parent consultations pp. 1155-1163 Downloads
Richard L. Street

1992, volume 34, issue 9

Preface pp. 945-945 Downloads
Morris L. Barer, Anthony Culyer and Gavin Mooney
Econometric critique of the economic change model of mortality pp. 947-957 Downloads
Jes Søgaard
To prescribe or not to prescribe: On the regulation of pharmaceuticals in less developed countries pp. 959-964 Downloads
Jeffrey Hammer
The economic evaluation of malaria control technologies: The case of Nepal pp. 965-972 Downloads
Anne Mills
Assessing the costs and benefits of medical research: The diabetic retinopathy study pp. 973-981 Downloads
Michael F. Drummond, Linda M. Davies and Frederick L. Ferris
The impact of recombinant human erythropoietin on medical care costs for hemodialysis patients in Canada pp. 983-991 Downloads
Steven Sheingold, David Churchill, Norman Muirhead, Andreas Laupacis, Roberta Labelle and Ronald Goeree
A cost utility analysis of mammography screening in Australia pp. 993-1004 Downloads
Jane Hall, Karen Gerard, Glenn Salkeld and Jeff Richardson
Towards a new approach for estimating indirect costs of disease pp. 1005-1010 Downloads
Marc A. Koopmanschap and B. Martin van Ineveld
Quality competition in local hospital markets: Some econometric evidence from the period 1982-1988 pp. 1011-1021 Downloads
Thomas N. Chirikos
Consumer information and biased selection in the demand for coverage supplementing medicare pp. 1023-1034 Downloads
Bruce N. Davidson, Shoshanna Sofaer and Paul Gertler
Towards a capitation formula for competing health insurers. An empirical analysis pp. 1035-1048 Downloads
RenéC. J. A. van Vliet and Wynand P. M. M. van de Ven
The collectivisation of health insurance pp. 1049-1055 Downloads
W. J. F. I. Nuijens
International health spending forecasts: Concepts and evaluation pp. 1057-1068 Downloads
Thomas E. Getzen and Jean-Pierre Poullier

1992, volume 34, issue 8

Child developmental delay and socio-economic disadvantage in Australia: A longitudinal study pp. 829-835 Downloads
J. M. Najman, W. Bor, J. Morrison, M. Andersen and G. Williams
More resources better health? A cross-national perspective pp. 837-842 Downloads
Kwangkee Kim and Philip M. Moody
Behavioral risk factors for sexually transmitted disease in american households pp. 843-853 Downloads
Karen Paige Ericksen and Karen F. Trocki
Yellow fever epidemics and mortality in the United States, 1693-1905 pp. 855-865 Downloads
K. David Patterson
'Culture' in culture-bound syndromes: The case of anorexia nervosa pp. 867-884 Downloads
Caroline Giles Banks
Shades of blue: The negotiation of limited codes by medical residents pp. 885-898 Downloads
Jessica H. Muller
Maternal education in relation to early and late child health outcomes: Findings from a Brazilian cohort study pp. 899-905 Downloads
Cesar G. Victoria, Sharon R. A. Huttly, Fernando C. Barros, Cintia Lombardi and J. Patrick Vaughan
Gender, marital status and the social control of health behavior pp. 907-917 Downloads
Debra Umberson
A comparison of social support variables between women who intend to breast or bottle feed pp. 919-927 Downloads
J. Renee Matich and Laura S. Sims
Correlates of hysterectomy in Australia pp. 929-942 Downloads
Gigi Santow and Michael Bracher

1992, volume 34, issue 7

Militarism and world health pp. 719-724 Downloads
Christie W. Kiefer
Time prices and the demand for GP services pp. 725-733 Downloads
Richard Janssen
Therapeutic landscapes: Medical issues in light of the new cultural geography pp. 735-746 Downloads
Wilbert M. Gesler
Work-health relationships in middle-aged and elderly residents of a Jerusalem community pp. 747-755 Downloads
J. H. Abramsom, Michal Ritter, J. Gofin and J. D. Kark
Status incongruence and serum cholesterol in an english general practice pp. 757-762 Downloads
William W. Dressler, Philip Evans and Denis J. Pereira Gray
Life events and daily hassles and uplifts as predictors of hospitalization and outpatient visitation pp. 763-768 Downloads
Robert Williams, Stephen J. Zyzanski and Anne L. Wright
Distance and risk measures for the analysis of spatial data: A study of childhood cancers pp. 769-777 Downloads
S. Selvin, J. Schulman and D. W. Merrill
Social relationships and health: The relative roles of family functioning and social support pp. 779-788 Downloads
Peter Franks, Thomas L. Campbell and Cleveland G. Shields
Female labour participation in agricultural production and the implications for nutrition and health in rural Africa pp. 789-807 Downloads
Cleophas Lado
Judgements by health professionals of personal characteristics of people with a visible physical disability pp. 809-815 Downloads
Lindsay Gething
Household decisions among the Gogo people of Tanzania: Determining the roles of men, women and the community in implementing a trachoma prevention program pp. 817-824 Downloads
Ann P. McCauley, Sheila West and Matthew Lynch

1992, volume 34, issue 6

Risk perception, risk taking and risk management among intravenous drug users: Implications for AIDS prevention pp. 591-601 Downloads
Margaret M. Connors
Participatory research on workers' health pp. 603-613 Downloads
Asa Cristina Laurell, Mariano Noriega, Susana Martínez and Jorge Villegas
Public expenditures and health care in Africa pp. 615-624 Downloads
Osita Ogbu and Mark Gallagher
Sociomedical aspects of malaria control in Colombia pp. 625-637 Downloads
Renate Lipowsky, Axel Kroeger and María Luisa Vazquez
Impact of a community health promotion program on existing organizations: The Minnesota Heart Health Program pp. 639-648 Downloads
Rita R. Weisbrod, Phyllis L. Pirie and Neil F. Bracht
Gender, social class and illness among young people pp. 649-656 Downloads
Ossi Rahkonen and Eero Lahelma
Epilepsy and the quality of everyday life: Findings from a study of people with well-controlled epilepsy pp. 657-666 Downloads
Ann Jacoby
Is paying for health care culturally acceptable in sub-Sahara Africa? Money and tradition pp. 667-673 Downloads
Sjaak van der Geest
The limits of lifestyle: Re-assessing 'fatalism' in the popular culture of illness prevention pp. 675-685 Downloads
Charlie Davison, Stephen Frankel and George Davey Smith
Management and treatment of diarrhea in Honduran children: Factors associated with mothers' health care behaviors pp. 687-695 Downloads
Julia DeClerque, Patricia Bailey, Barbara Janowitz, Rosalie Dominik and Carlos Fiallos
HIV in the U.K.: Problems of prevalence, sociological response and health education pp. 697-707 Downloads
Sandra Winn and Robert Skelton
Palestinian martyr widowhood--Emotional needs in conflict with role expectations? pp. 709-717 Downloads
Hans Sande

1992, volume 34, issue 5

Allocating medical resources in rural America: Alternative perceptions of justice pp. 467-474 Downloads
Nancy S. Jecker and Alfred O. Berg
AIDS: Conceptual and methodological issues in researching sexual behaviour in sub-Saharan Africa pp. 475-483 Downloads
Hilary Standing
Cultural change and the reproductive cycle pp. 485-489 Downloads
Robert Dennis
Why do the O'Sheas consult so often? An exploration of complex family illness behaviour pp. 491-497 Downloads
Christopher Dowrick
Identity, ideology and medicine: Health attitudes and behavior among Hindu religious renunciates pp. 499-505 Downloads
L. Eugene Thomas
Patient non-compliance: Deviance or reasoned decision-making? pp. 507-513 Downloads
Jenny L. Donovan and David R. Blake
An appraisal of the current status of communication skills training in British medical schools pp. 515-522 Downloads
Lesley Frederikson and Peter Bull
Competing explanations for associations between marital status and health pp. 523-532 Downloads
Sally Wyke and Graeme Ford
Guatemalan Indian children and the sociocultural effects of government-sponsored terrorisms pp. 533-548 Downloads
Margarita B. Melville and M. Brinton Lykes
Does the current use of junior doctors in the United Kingdom affect the quality of medical care? pp. 549-558 Downloads
Martin McKee and Nick Black
Methods for quality adjustment of life years pp. 559-569 Downloads
Erik Nord
Going public as an AIDS family caregiver pp. 571-580 Downloads
Gail M. Powell-Cope and Marie Annette Brown
Constructing a canon? pp. 581-583 Downloads
Susan E. Bell and Irving Kenneth Zola
Letter to the editor pp. 589-590 Downloads
Nicholas A. Christakis

1992, volume 34, issue 4

Health effects of unemployment--I. Long-term unemployed men in a rural and an urban setting pp. 341-350 Downloads
R. L. I. Leeflang, D. J. Klein-Hesselink and I. P. Spruit
Health effects of unemployment--II. men and women pp. 351-363 Downloads
R. L. I. Leeflang, D. J. Klein-Hesselink and I. P. Spruit
Status inequality in the social worker-nurse collaboration in hospitals pp. 365-374 Downloads
Zeev Ben-Sira and Miriam Szyf
Community nurses and the care of the dying pp. 375-382 Downloads
Clive Seale
Ends of the line: Diversity among chronic pain centers pp. 383-393 Downloads
Thomas J. Csordas and Jack A. Clark
Disability and depression: Some etiological considerations pp. 395-403 Downloads
Judith Friedland and MaryAnn McColl
Loneliness and alcohol abuse: A review of evidences of an interplay pp. 405-414 Downloads
Ingemar Åkerlind and Jan Olof Hörnquist
Dental state and needs for episodic care of institutionalized elderly in an Asian community pp. 415-418 Downloads
G. Soh, Y. H. Chong and G. Ong
Giving birth across the border: The San Diego-Tijuana connection pp. 419-425 Downloads
Sylvia Guendelman and Monica Jasis
Coping strategies and individual meanings of illness pp. 427-432 Downloads
Gerhard Schüssler
Social network transactions of psychiatric patients pp. 433-445 Downloads
Geoffrey Nelson, G. Brent Hall, Denise Squire and Richard T. Walsh-Bowers
Minority women and sexual choice in the age of AIDS pp. 447-457 Downloads
Anna Kline, Emily Kline and Emily Oken
The attitude of employers to people with inflammatory bowel disease pp. 459-460 Downloads
G. A. Moody, C. S. J. Probert, V. Jayanthi and J. F. Mayberry
The management of illness by a Filipino psychic surgeon: A western physician's impression pp. 461-464 Downloads
Simon Dein

1992, volume 34, issue 3

Socio-economic health differences in the Netherlands: A review of recent empirical findings pp. 213-226 Downloads
J. P. Mackenbach
Social history of a research project: A study on early post-partum discharge pp. 227-235 Downloads
Patrizia Romito and Cristina Zalateo
The process of discourse: Usages of a Japanese medical term pp. 237-247 Downloads
Nancy R. Rosenberger
Women and aids in developing countries: The XIIth international conference on the social sciences and medicine pp. 249-262 Downloads
Maria de Bruyn
List size, composition of practice and general practitioners' workload in the Netherlands pp. 263-270 Downloads
Peter P. Groenewegen, Jack B. F. Hutten and Koos van der Velden
Some aspects of sexual behaviour and the potential demographic impact of aids in developing countries pp. 271-280 Downloads
Roy M. Anderson
The abuse of high dose estrogen/progestin combination drugs in delay of menstruation: The assumptions and practices of doctors, midwives and pharmacists in a peruvian city pp. 281-289 Downloads
Jorien Bonnema and Joanneke A. Dalebout
In search of factors responsible for noncompliance among tuberculosis patients in Wardha District, India pp. 291-306 Downloads
Florie Barnhoorn and Hans Adriaanse
Medicines and culture--A double perspective on drug utilization in a developing country pp. 307-315 Downloads
Lisbeth Sachs and Göran Tomson
Maternal mobility and infant mortality in Greece: A regional analysis pp. 317-323 Downloads
Manos Matsaganis
Children's physical activity: An exploratory study of psychological correlates pp. 325-331 Downloads
Stuart Biddle and Neil Armstrong
Sociological and economic theories of suicide: A comparison of the U.S.A. and Taiwan pp. 333-334 Downloads
Bijou Yang, David Lester and Chung-Hsin Yang
Letter to the editor pp. 339-339 Downloads
Kathleen M. Neill

1992, volume 34, issue 2

Forensic anthropology and the concept of race: If races don't exist, why are forensic anthropologists so good at identifying them? pp. 107-111 Downloads
Norman J. Sauer
Forensic archaeology as mortuary anthropology pp. 113-117 Downloads
William A. Lovis
Racial identification in the context of prehistoric-historic biological continua: Examples from South Asia pp. 119-123 Downloads
Kenneth A. R. Kennedy and John Chiment
Forensic diagnosis of race--General race vs specific populations pp. 125-128 Downloads
Alice M. Brues
Physicians and the state in the U.S.A. and Israel pp. 129-139 Downloads
Yael Yishai
Psychiatric diagnosis and racial bias: Empirical and interpretative approaches pp. 141-149 Downloads
Roland Littlewood
Ethnicity, morbidity and health service utilization in two labrador communities pp. 151-160 Downloads
Pat M. Neuwelt, Robin A. Kearns, Duncan J. W. Hunter and Jane Batten
Child health outcomes among central American refugees and immigrants in Belize pp. 161-167 Downloads
Nancy Moss, Michael C. Stone and Jason B. Smith
Pursuing health for all in Britain--An assessment pp. 169-182 Downloads
Tom Rathwell
Elasticity of demand for water in Khartoum, Sudan pp. 183-189 Downloads
Sandy Cairncross and Joanne Kinnear
Preventive health behavior among black and white women in urban and rural areas pp. 191-198 Downloads
Sonia I. Duelberg
Eosinophilic meningitis beyond the Pacific Basin: The global dispersal of a peridomestic zoonosis caused by angiostrongylus cantonensis, the nematode lungworm of rats pp. 199-212 Downloads
Michael M. Kliks and Nicholas E. Palumbo

1992, volume 34, issue 1

Financing health services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Options for decision makers during adjustment pp. 1-9 Downloads
R. Korte, Heide Richter, F. Merkle and H. Görgen
Effect of the Holocaust on coping with cancer pp. 11-15 Downloads
Lea Baider, Tamar Peretz and Atara Kaplan De-Nour
Time and energy costs of distance in rural life space of Zimbabwe: Case study in the Chiduku Communal Area pp. 17-24 Downloads
Assefa Mehretu and Chris Mutambirwa
Explanation of vigorous physical activity during two years using social learning variables pp. 25-32 Downloads
James F. Sallis, Melbourne F. Hovell, C.Richard Hofstetter and Elizabeth Barrington
Is magnitude of co-payment effect related to income? Using census data for health services research pp. 33-41 Downloads
Daniel C. Cherkin, Louis Grothaus and Edward H. Wagner
Alcohol problems and sense of coherence among older adults pp. 43-48 Downloads
Lorraine T. Midanik, Krikor Soghikian, Laura J. Ransom and Michael R. Polen
Prevalence of self-reported poor sleep in a healthy population aged 50-65 pp. 49-55 Downloads
Donald L. Bliwise, Abby C. King, Robin B. Harris and William L. Haskell
Medical specialists' choice of location: The role of geographical attachment in Norway pp. 57-62 Downloads
Ivar Sønbø Kristiansen and Olav Helge Førde
African women and AIDS: Negotiating behavioral change pp. 63-73 Downloads
Priscilla R. Ulin
Prostitutes and their clients: A Gambian survey pp. 75-88 Downloads
H. Pickering, J. Todd, D. Dunn, J. Pepin and A. Wilkins
Older widow mortality in rural Bangladesh pp. 89-96 Downloads
Omar Rahman, Andrew Foster and Jane Menken
Evaluation of a mobile branch surgery in a rural area pp. 97-102 Downloads
Graham Bentham and Robin Haynes
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