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1988, volume 26, issue 12

Traditional thought and modern western surgery pp. 1175-1181 Downloads
Pearl Katz and Faris R. Kirkland
The role of commercial sources in the adoption of a new drug pp. 1183-1189 Downloads
Marilyn Y. Peay and Edmund R. Peay
Social science and medical education in Nigeria pp. 1191-1196 Downloads
Isidore S. Obot
Historical and cross-cultural perspectives on nerves pp. 1197-1197 Downloads
Dona Lee Davis
'Prisoners of their own feebleness': Women, nerves and western medicine--A historical overview pp. 1199-1208 Downloads
Susan E. Cayleff
Medical and popular traditions of nerves pp. 1209-1221 Downloads
Dona Lee Davis and Richard G. Whitten
The social meanings of nervios: A case study of a central American woman pp. 1223-1231 Downloads
Peter J. Guarnaccia and Pablo Farias
Conceptions of schizophrenia as a problem of nerves: A cross-cultural comparison of Mexican-Americans and Anglo-Americans pp. 1233-1243 Downloads
Janis H. Jenkins
'Nerves': Folk idiom for anxiety and depression? pp. 1245-1259 Downloads
Marilyn K. Nations, Linda A. Camino and Frederic B. Walker

1988, volume 26, issue 11

The taxonomy of social support: An ethnographic analysis among adolescent mothers pp. 1079-1085 Downloads
W.Thomas Boyce, Margarita Kay and Chris Uitti
The role of organizations in community participation--Prevention of accidental injuries in a rural Swedish municipality pp. 1087-1093 Downloads
Lothar Schelp
The doctor-patient relationship during medical internship: The evolution of dissatisfaction pp. 1095-1101 Downloads
Landy F. Sparr, Geoffrey H. Gordon, David H. Hickam and Donald E. Girard
Nurses autonomy and job satisfaction pp. 1103-1107 Downloads
Sara Carmel, Ilana Shoham Yakubovich, Lea Zwanger and Tsila Zaltcman
A game-theoretic approach to donor kidney sharing pp. 1109-1116 Downloads
O'Brien, Bernie J.
Child morbidity in the Kingston metropolitan area, Jamaica 1983 pp. 1117-1124 Downloads
Wilma Bailey
Warm bodies, cool milk: Conflicts in post partum food choice for Indochinese women in California pp. 1125-1132 Downloads
Claudia Fishman, Robin Evans and Eloise Jenks
Communities, self-causation and the natural lottery pp. 1133-1139 Downloads
Erich H. Loewy
Content of care by independent midwives: Assistance with pain in labor and birth pp. 1141-1158 Downloads
Carol Sakala
Mutumwa nchimi healers and wizardry beliefs in Zambia pp. 1159-1172 Downloads
Clive Dillon-Malone
Your neighbour's son: A film review with a commentary on psychosocial processes in the making of a torturer pp. 1173-1174 Downloads
F. Allodi

1988, volume 26, issue 10

The aids crisis: A United States health care perspective pp. 979-988 Downloads
Lawrence C. Shulman and Joanne E. Mantell
Ethnicity, gender, and utilization of mental health services in a medicaid population pp. 989-996 Downloads
Helena Temkin-Greener and Kathryn T. Clark
Health in the early contact period: A contemporary example from Papua New Guinea pp. 997-1006 Downloads
Carol L. Jenkins
Review of cancer among 4 religious sects: Evidence that life-styles are distinctive sets of risk factors pp. 1007-1017 Downloads
Henry Troyer
Sex differences in factors affecting the daily variation of blood pressure pp. 1019-1023 Downloads
Gary D. James, Lily S. Yee, Gregory A. Harshfield and Thomas G. Pickering
Youth unemployment and ill health: Results from a 2-year follow-up study pp. 1025-1033 Downloads
Anne Hammarström, Urban Janlert and Töres Theorell
Audiology training in Nigeria--I: A training model pp. 1035-1042 Downloads
John M.A. Oyiborhoro
Audiology training in Nigeria--II: A cost-effective approach to training programs pp. 1043-1047 Downloads
John M.A. Oyiborhoro
Foreign medical graduates in New Zealand 1973-1979: A test of the 'exacerbation hypothesis' pp. 1049-1060 Downloads
J.Ross Barnett
Naturopathy in Canada: Changing relationships to medicine, chiropractic and the state pp. 1061-1072 Downloads
Elaine H. Gort and David Coburn
Longhouse dwelling, social contact and the prevalence of leprosy and tuberculosis among native tribes of Sarawak pp. 1073-1077 Downloads
Paul C.Y. Chen

1988, volume 26, issue 9

Les interventions sanitaires sélectives: Un piège pour les politiques de santé du tiers monde pp. 879-889 Downloads
Daniel Grodos and Xavier de Béthune
The evolution of selective primary health care pp. 891-898 Downloads
Kenneth S. Warren
Selectivity within primary health care pp. 899-902 Downloads
Julia A. Walsh
Selective primary health care: the counter revolution pp. 903-906 Downloads
Kenneth W. Newell
Is there a middle way? Categorical programs for PHC pp. 907-908 Downloads
W. Henry Mosley
Building the infrastructure for primary health care: An overview of vertical and integrated approaches pp. 909-917 Downloads
Duane L. Smith and John H. Bryant
Priority setting and economic appraisal: Whose priorities--the community or the economist? pp. 919-929 Downloads
Andrew Green and Carol Barker
Primary health care: on measuring participation pp. 931-940 Downloads
Susan B. Rifkin, Frits Muller and Wolfgang Bichmann
Growth monitoring--inappropriate promotion of an appropriate technology pp. 941-948 Downloads
David Nabarro and Paul Chinnock
Comprehensive can be effective: The influence of coverage with a health centre network on the hospitalisation patterns in the rural area of Kasongo, Zaire pp. 949-955 Downloads
W. Van Lerberghe and K. Pangu
Government health services versus community: Conflict or harmony pp. 957-962 Downloads
H. T. J. Chabot and J. Bremmers
Gobi versus PHC? Some dangers of selective primary health care pp. 963-969 Downloads
Ben Wisner
The straw men of primary health care pp. 971-977 Downloads
Carl Taylor and Richard Jolly

1988, volume 26, issue 8

Holistic health and the critique of western medicine pp. 775-784 Downloads
Janet McKee
The place of chiropractors in health care delivery: A case study of north Carolina pp. 785-792 Downloads
Wilbert M. Gesler
Pluralistic etiological systems in their social context: A Brazilian case study: In memory of James S. Coleman pp. 793-802 Downloads
Ndolamb Ngokwey
Schistosomiasis in Ethiopia pp. 803-827 Downloads
Helmut Kloos, Chin Tsong Lo, Hailu Birrie, Teklemariam Ayele, Shibru Tedla and Fekade Tsegay
Psychological distress, perceived health status, and physician utilization in America and west Germany pp. 829-838 Downloads
William C. Cockerham, Gerhard Kunz and Guenther Lueschen
Childhood accidents, family size and birth order pp. 839-843 Downloads
Polly E. Bijur, Jean Golding and Matthew Kurzon
The distribution of health needs and services in south Africa pp. 845-851 Downloads
J.L. Botha, D. Bradshaw, R. Gonin and D. Yach
Holistic physicians and family practitioners: Similarities, differences and implications for health policy pp. 853-861 Downloads
Michael S. Goldstein, Carol Sutherland, Dennis T. Jaffe and Josie Wilson
Methodological issues in social support and social network research pp. 863-873 Downloads
O'Reilly, Patrick

1988, volume 26, issue 7

Health and the social power of women pp. 677-683 Downloads
Carol P. MacCormack
Choosing alternative medicine: A comparison of the beliefs of patients visiting a general practitioner and a homoeopath pp. 685-689 Downloads
Adrian Furnham and Chris Smith
Doctors dispensing medications: Contemporary India and 19th century England pp. 691-699 Downloads
Iris Kapil
Maternal and sociodemographic correlates of child morbidity in Bas Zaire: The effects of maternal reporting pp. 701-713 Downloads
Amy Ong Tsui, Julia DeClerque and Nlandu Mangani
Information for decision makers at hospital laboratory level: An example of a graphical method of representing costs and effects for a replacement automated technology in a haematology laboratory pp. 715-725 Downloads
A. K. Szczepura and J. A. Stilwell
Adolescent pregnancy in Africa: A programmatic focus pp. 727-735 Downloads
Howard E. Kulin
Structural characteristics of social networks and their relationship with social support in the elderly: Who provides support pp. 737-749 Downloads
Teresa E. Seeman and Lisa F. Berkman
Life-history correlates of environmental tobacco smoke: A study on nonsmoking Hong Kong Chinese wives with smoking versus nonsmoking husbands pp. 751-760 Downloads
Linda C. Koo, John H-C. Ho and Ragnar Rylander
Swedish physicians' perspectives on work and the medical care system--III: Private practitioners on the public system pp. 761-768 Downloads
Andrew C. Twaddle
Letter to the editor pp. 769-769 Downloads
Ted Greiner

1988, volume 26, issue 6

The political economy of health care: Colonial Namibia 1915-1961 pp. 557-582 Downloads
Keith Gottschalk
Offering patients a choice of surgery for early breast cancer: A reduction in anxiety and depression in patients and their husbands pp. 583-585 Downloads
Jenny Morris and G. T. Royle
Models of mystery: Physician and patient perceptions of sudden infant death syndrome pp. 587-595 Downloads
Anne L. Wright
A study of costs and behavioral outcomes of menstrual regulation services in Bangladesh pp. 597-604 Downloads
Bonnie J. Kay and Sandra M. Kabir
Maternal employment and child nutrition in Panama pp. 605-612 Downloads
Katherine Tucker and Diva Sanjur
Values and vocational choice: A study of value differences in medical, nursing and psychology students pp. 613-618 Downloads
Adrian Furnham
Women in search of stability pp. 619-623 Downloads
Wilma Bailey, Hugh Wynter and Amy Lee
Cognitive appraisals in cancer patients pp. 625-633 Downloads
Richard A. Jenkins and Kenneth I. Pargament
Breastfeeding and cognitive development in the first 2 years of life pp. 635-639 Downloads
Mary Morrow-Tlucak, Richard H. Haude and Claire B. Ernhart
Jakarta kampung morbidity variations: Some policy implications pp. 641-649 Downloads
Ralph Lenz
Ethno-ophthalmology in the Egyptian delta: An historical systems approach to ethnomedicine in the Middle East pp. 651-657 Downloads
Marcia Inhorn Millar and Sandra D. Lane
Are subarctic Indians undergoing the epidemiologic transition pp. 659-671 Downloads
T. Kue Young

1988, volume 26, issue 5

Worksite health promotion: The social context pp. 485-489 Downloads
Peter Conrad
Corporate characteristics and worksite health promotion programs: Survey findings from fortune 500 companies pp. 491-501 Downloads
Roberta B. Hollander and Joseph J. Lengermann
Formal intervention in employee health: Comparisons of the nature and structure of employee assistance programs and health promotion programs pp. 503-514 Downloads
Paul M. Roman and Terry C. Blum
Changing health practices: The experience from a worksite health promotion project pp. 515-523 Downloads
Jennie J. Kronenfeld, Kirby L. Jackson, Keith E. Davis and Steven N. Blair
Gender differences in worksite health promotion activities pp. 525-535 Downloads
M. A. Spilman
The effects of a worksite health promotion program on the wives of fire fighters pp. 537-543 Downloads
Rick S. Zimmerman, Terence A. Gerace, John C. Smith and Julio Benezra
Health and fitness at work: A participants' perspective pp. 545-550 Downloads
Peter Conrad
Workplace wellness participation and the becoming of self pp. 551-558 Downloads
Joseph A. Kotarba and Pamela Bentley
The ideological construction of risk: An analysis of corporate health promotion programs in the 1980s pp. 559-567 Downloads
Jacqui Alexander
Toward a sociology of worksite health promotion: A few reactions and reflections pp. 569-575 Downloads
Diana Chapman Walsh

1988, volume 26, issue 4

Physicians and chronic impairment: A study of ophthalmologists' interactions with visually impaired and blind patients pp. 393-399 Downloads
Susan L. Greenblatt
Religious values, practices and pregnancy outcomes: A comparison of the impact of sect and mainstream christian affiliation pp. 401-407 Downloads
J. M. Najman, G. M. Williams, J. D. Keeping, J. Morrison and M. J. Anderson
Pharmacies as alternative sources of medical care: The case of Cincinnati pp. 409-416 Downloads
Roger Mark Selya
The metaphorical nature of drugs and drug taking pp. 417-424 Downloads
Michael Montagne
Evaluating the impact of medical treatment on the quality of life: A 5-year update pp. 425-434 Downloads
James G. Hollandsworth
The economy of time in general practice: An assessment of the influence of list size pp. 435-441 Downloads
Michael Calnan and J. R. Butler
Self-evaluations of factors promoting and disturbing sleep: An epidemiological survey in Finland pp. 443-450 Downloads
Helka Urponen, Ilkka Vuori, Joel Hasan and Markku Partinen
Fluoride and flouridation pp. 451-462 Downloads
Geoffrey E. Smith
Do health beliefs predict health behaviour? A follow-up analysis of breast self-examination pp. 463-465 Downloads
Michael Calnan and D. R. Rutter
Work dynamics in family care of hemophilic children pp. 467-475 Downloads
Evelyn K. Oremland
Psychotropic drug use in a Swedish community-- The importance of demographic and socioeconomic factors pp. 477-483 Downloads
Dag Isacson and Bengt Haglund

1988, volume 26, issue 3

Stress research: Its present status and issues for future developments pp. 279-291 Downloads
A. J. J. M. Vingerhoets and F. H. G. Marcelissen
Stress, salt and hypertension pp. 293-302 Downloads
James P. Henry
Aerobic fitness and the physiological stress response: A critical evaluation pp. 303-307 Downloads
L. J. P. van Doornen, E. J. C. de Geus and J. F. Orlebeke
The relationship between coping and emotion: Implications for theory and research pp. 309-317 Downloads
Susan Folkman and Richard S. Lazarus
Life events, combat stress reaction and post-traumatic stress disorder pp. 319-325 Downloads
Zahava Solomon and Hanoch Flum
Disclosure of traumas and psychosomatic processes pp. 327-332 Downloads
James W. Pennebaker and Joan R. Susman
Chronic stress and sympathetic-adrenal medullary responsiveness pp. 333-341 Downloads
Richard McCarty, Karin Horwatt and Maria Konarska
Migraine and defense mechanisms: Psychophysiological relationships in young females pp. 343-350 Downloads
J. Passchier, P. Goudswaard, J. F. Orlebeke and F. Verhage
Stress-coping in migraine pp. 351-358 Downloads
Marjolijn Sorbi and Bert Tellegen
Changing health behaviour outcomes in asthmatic patients: A pilot intervention study pp. 359-364 Downloads
S. Maes and M. Schlösser
Social support and occupational stress: A causal analysis pp. 365-373 Downloads
Frans H. G. Marcelissen, Jacques A. M. Winnubst, Bram Buunk and Charles J. de Wolff
Investigating the frequency of nursing stressors: A comparison across wards pp. 375-380 Downloads
Philip J. Dewe
On the nature of social stress: Production of a modern mythology pp. 381-392 Downloads
Kristian Pollock

1988, volume 26, issue 2

Living arrangements and women's health pp. 201-208 Downloads
Ofra Anson
Intestinal helminthiases in relation to the socioeconomic environment of Panamanian children pp. 209-213 Downloads
Celia V. Holland, Douglas L. Taren, D. W. T. Crompton, M. C. Nesheim, Diva Sanjur, Irma Barbeau, Katharine Tucker, Jean Tiffany and Gloria Rivera
Transformations of maps to investigate clusters of disease pp. 215-221 Downloads
S. Selvin, D. Merrill, J. Schulman, S. Sacks, L. Bedell and L. Wong
National health interview surveys for health care policy pp. 223-233 Downloads
Cri Kars-Marshall, Yvonne W. Spronk-Boon and Marjan C. Pollemans
Physical disability and social liminality: A study in the rituals of adversity pp. 235-242 Downloads
Robert F. Murphy, Jessica Scheer, Yolanda Murphy and Richard Mack
Smoking and the female professions: Pre-occupational influences on the behaviour of recruits to nursing and teaching pp. 243-251 Downloads
Andrea Knopf Elkind
Mortality in children among the Aymara Indians of Southern Peru pp. 253-258 Downloads
Kees de Meer
Coffee drinking among Finnish youth pp. 259-264 Downloads
Elina Hemminki, Ossi Rahkonen, Arja Rimpelä and Matti Rimpelä
Immunization coverage of children in a semi-urban village panchayat in Nepal, 1985 pp. 265-268 Downloads
Indu B. Ahluwalia, Steven D. Helgerson and Frank J. Bia
Violent deaths among Mexican-, Puerto Rican- and Cuban-born migrants in the United States pp. 269-276 Downloads
Donna Shai and Ira Rosenwaike

1988, volume 26, issue 1

Foreword pp. 1-1 Downloads
Robert Earickson
Introduction pp. 3-4 Downloads
Michael Greenberg
Time-space clustering of Vibrio cholerae 01 in Matlab, Bangladesh, 1970-1982 pp. 5-13 Downloads
Marian Craig
Regional development and seasonality of communicable diseases in rural Andhra Pradesh, India pp. 15-24 Downloads
Surinder M. Bhardwaj and Madhusudana N. Rao
What does distance matter? Leprosy control in West Nepal pp. 25-36 Downloads
Maggie Pearson
Privatising residential care for elderly people: The geography of developments in Devon, England pp. 37-47 Downloads
D.R. Phillips and J. Vincent
Migration and morbidity: Implications for geographical studies of disease pp. 49-54 Downloads
Graham Bentham
Monitoring and predicting community mental health centre utilization in Auckland, New Zealand pp. 55-70 Downloads
G.Brent Hall
Obstetric care in the Netherlands: Regional differentiation in home delivery pp. 71-78 Downloads
L. Hingstman and H. Boon
The epidemiology of primary acute pancreatitis in greater Nottingham: 1969-1983 pp. 79-89 Downloads
J.A. Giggs, J.B. Bourke and B. Katschinski
The comparison of health care systems through regional analysis: The case of hospital admissions in Belgium and The Netherlands pp. 91-100 Downloads
Peter P. Groenewegen and Jouke Van Der Zee
Regional and welfare perspectives on the public-private hospital dichotomy in New Zealand pp. 101-110 Downloads
Alun E. Joseph and Helen Flynn
DRG calculation and utilization patterns: A review of method and policy pp. 111-117 Downloads
Joseph L. Scarpaci
A geographic regression model for medical statistics pp. 119-129 Downloads
Susan Kennedy
Carrier models for the simulation of Hodgkin's disease: A review with some extensions pp. 131-140 Downloads
R.W. Thomas
Display of small-area variation in health-related data: A methodology using resistant statistics pp. 141-151 Downloads
Mary B. Breckenridge, Alfred F. Tallia and Robert C. Like
An hierarchical location-allocation model for primary health care delivery in a developing area pp. 153-161 Downloads
M.J. Hodgson
A hybrid fleet model for emergency medical service system design pp. 163-171 Downloads
Geoffrey Bianchi and Richard L. Church
Health education and baseline data: Issues and strategies in nutrition campaigning pp. 173-178 Downloads
Graham Moon and Liz Twigg
Linking the geographical, the medical and the political in analysing health care delivery systems pp. 179-186 Downloads
M.W. Rosenberg
Private property and public health reform in England 1830-1870 pp. 187-199 Downloads
Gerry Kearns
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