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1985, volume 21, issue 12

Historical perspectives on the development of health systems modeling in medical anthropology pp. 1297-1307 Downloads
Susan S. Hunter
A longitudinal study of work loss related to dental diseases pp. 1309-1314 Downloads
Susan Reisine and Julia Miller
Residents' functioning and staff perceptions of 'ease of management' in two types of old peoples' homes pp. 1315-1318 Downloads
Linda Powell Proctor, Peter Brook, Nicola Blandford and Brian Billington
A rehabilitation of health outcome in quality assessment pp. 1319-1328 Downloads
D. P. Doessel and J. V. Marshall
The production and effects of uncertainty with special reference to diabetes mellitus pp. 1329-1334 Downloads
Christine Mason
The advance to biopsychosocial medicine pp. 1335-1335 Downloads
Stacey B. Day
The emergence of the biopsychosocial approach. A model for third world health care systems pp. 1337-1337 Downloads
Fernando Lolas
Essential teaching philosophy should be that of the biopsychosocial method pp. 1339-1339 Downloads
Amador R. Neghme
Health as situational adaption: A social psychological perspective pp. 1341-1344 Downloads
Angelo A. Alonzo
Traditional medicine and biopsychosocial fulfilment in African health pp. 1345-1347 Downloads
E. S. Ataudo
Teaming up for better health pp. 1349-1353 Downloads
Jibril Aminu
The psychosomatic approach and the problem of diagnosis pp. 1355-1361 Downloads
Fernando Lolas
The stress concept as a problem for a 'theoretical pathology' pp. 1363-1365 Downloads
Paul Christian and Fernando Lolas
State of health and stress factors in occupation: The mass media profession pp. 1367-1371 Downloads
Heinz-Dietrich Fischer
Biopsychosocial imperatives from the rural perspective pp. 1373-1379 Downloads
Sam M. Cordes
The Czechoslovak approach to biopsychosocial health pp. 1381-1382 Downloads
Zdenek Votava
Clinical biopsychosocial practice and primary health care in Eastern Nigeria pp. 1383-1389 Downloads
Stacey B. Day
The Hannover consultation liaison model: Some empirical findings pp. 1391-1404 Downloads
Hellmuth Freyberger, Hans-Werner Künsebeck, Wolfgang Lempa, Hans-Jurgen Avenarius, Reinhard Liedtke, Reinhard Plassman and Jutta Nordmeyer
Holistic medicine and technology: A modern dialectic pp. 1405-1409 Downloads
Paul J. Rosch and Helen M. Kearney

1985, volume 21, issue 11

Social networks and the spread of infectious diseases: The AIDS example pp. 1203-1216 Downloads
Alden S. Klovdahl
Research issues in child abuse pp. 1217-1228 Downloads
Philip Graham, Robert Dingwall and Stephen Wolkind
Mental health professionals' knowledge in the field of caring for chronic mental disorders pp. 1229-1233 Downloads
Gordon E. Barnes and John Toews
Medecins generalistes et troubles mentaux pp. 1235-1241 Downloads
Pierre Aiach and Dominique Cebe
Satisfaction with hospitalization: A comparative analysis of three types of services pp. 1243-1249 Downloads
Sara Carmel
Depressive symptomatology among Namibian adolescent refugees pp. 1251-1257 Downloads
Olive Shisana and David D. Celentano
Social support in pregnancy: The 'soft' way to increase birthweight? pp. 1259-1268 Downloads
Ann Oakley
Landholding, wealth and risk of blinding malnutrition in rural Bangladeshi households pp. 1269-1272 Downloads
N. Cohen, M. A. Jalil, H. Rahman, M. A. Matin, J. Sprague, J. Islam, J. Davison, E. Leemhuis de Regt and M. Mitra
Food safety and the behavioural sciences pp. 1273-1277 Downloads
George M. Foster and F. K. Käferstein
Permanence and change: Psychosocial factors in the outcome of adolescent pregnancy pp. 1279-1287 Downloads
W. Thomas Boyce, Catherine Schaefer and Chris Uitti
Alternative systems in Malaysian drug rehabilitation: Organization and control in comparative perspective pp. 1289-1296 Downloads
Raymond L. M. Lee

1985, volume 21, issue 10

Introduction pp. 1061-1062 Downloads
J. C. Sailly
The demand for prescription drugs as a function of cost-sharing pp. 1063-1069 Downloads
Arleen Leibowitz, Willard Manning and Joseph Newhouse
The effects of patient characteristics on ambulatory test ordering pp. 1071-1075 Downloads
Arnold M. Epstein and Barbara J. McNeil
The social drug lag: An examination of pharmaceutical approval delays in medicaid formularies pp. 1077-1082 Downloads
Stuart O. Schweitzer, Hossein Salehi and Nancy Boling
The determinants of biological prescription in French hospitals pp. 1083-1087 Downloads
Th. Lebrun, J. C. Sailly, Louis Eeckhoudt and J. Samaille
Subsidizing pharmaceutical prescriptions: The experience of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden pp. 1089-1096 Downloads
Björn Lindgren and Raymunda Silverberg
The cost of prescribing in general practice pp. 1097-1105 Downloads
Freda Fitton, Bogusia Temple and H. W. K. Acheson
The problems raised by the use of cost as an efficiency indicator in a biochemical laboratory pp. 1107-1112 Downloads
Pierre Mevellec
On the choice of an organization for a pathology laboratory pp. 1113-1118 Downloads
J. P. Auray, C. Collombel, G. Duru and L. Richard-Couturier
The diffusion of a vanguard technique: The case of nuclear medicine in Belgium pp. 1119-1124 Downloads
A. Bouckaert and X. Leroy
The impact of the laboratory's multiparametric analyzer on the medical technology and health expenditure in Japan pp. 1125-1129 Downloads
Shigenobu Kambayashi
The wide distribution of CT scanners in Japan pp. 1131-1137 Downloads
Ryu Niki
Technology in ambulatory medical care: Cost increasing or cost saving? pp. 1139-1151 Downloads
Peter Zweifel
Economic evaluation of new drug therapies in terms of improved life quality pp. 1153-1161 Downloads
Robert E. Leu
The medical and economic consequences of automation in bacteriology: A case study in a French University Hospital pp. 1163-1166 Downloads
J. C. Sailly, Th. Lebrun, P. Vincent, Louis Eeckhoudt, D. Izard, H. Leclerc, G. Arbon and A. Hassoun
Toward a global approach of biochemistry in hospitals pp. 1167-1176 Downloads
J. M. Boigne, J. C. Moisdon and D. Tonneau
Evaluation of the interest in ordering the leucocyte differential count pp. 1177-1179 Downloads
S. Chantereau and C. Sultan
The informative content of radiography and scintigraphy in the diagnosis of bone metastases after breast cancer pp. 1181-1185 Downloads
C. Sulman, J. C. Sailly, M. C. Demaille, Louis Eeckhoudt, P. Carpentier, P. Vennin and Th. Lebrun
Limited information, medical entitlements and distributive justice pp. 1187-1192 Downloads
Brian W. Semkow
Physicians and medical innovation pp. 1193-1198 Downloads
C. E. B. Frost
Ethics and economic appraisals in health care pp. 1199-1202 Downloads
Jean Sabatini

1985, volume 21, issue 9

Global perspective on health service financing pp. 957-963 Downloads
Brian Abel-Smith
Use of information resources by health professionals: A review of the literature pp. 965-973 Downloads
Stephen A. Osiobe
Preventive procedures and practices among working class women: New data and fresh insights pp. 975-983 Downloads
Roisin Pill and Nigel C.H. Stott
Time series analysis of the relationship between unemployment and mortality: A survey of econometric critiques and replications of Brenner's studies pp. 985-996 Downloads
Adam Wagstaff
Stamina in later life pp. 997-1006 Downloads
Elizabeth J. Colerick
Healing and morality: A Javanese example pp. 1007-1021 Downloads
Mark R. Woodward
Field testing along a disease gradient: Some geographical dimensions of tuberculosis in Puerto Rico pp. 1023-1042 Downloads
John M. Hunter and Sonia Arbona
Teaching medical students the effects of values and stereotyping on the doctor/patient relationship pp. 1043-1047 Downloads
Margot E. Kurtz, Shirley M. Johnson, Thomas Tomlinson and Nicholas J. Fiel
Standing tall against Nicaragua pp. 1049-1050 Downloads
Alfred Gellhorn
Letter to the editor pp. 1051-1051 Downloads
Donald Light

1985, volume 21, issue 8

A sociological conceptualization of trauma pp. 835-848 Downloads
Stjepan G. Mestrovic
Reforming health care in Hungary pp. 849-855 Downloads
Lajos Császi and Patricia Kullberg
Coping with a handicapped child: Differences between mothers and fathers pp. 857-863 Downloads
Robert F. Schilling, Steven Paul Schinke and Maura A. Kirkham
Time budget analysis as a tool for PHC planning (with examples from Ethiopia) pp. 865-872 Downloads
Solomon Ayalew
The health of clients referred to social workers in an intake team pp. 873-878 Downloads
Roslyn H. Corney
Studies on the traditional herbal anthelmintic chenopodium ambrosioides L.: Ethnopharmacological evaluation and clinical field trials pp. 879-886 Downloads
Michael M. Kliks
Social effects of diazepam use: A longitudinal field study pp. 887-898 Downloads
Robert D. Caplan, Frank M. Andrews, Terry L. Conway, Antonia Abbey, David J. Abramis and John R. P. French
Predictors of dentists' level of knowledge regarding the recommended prophylactic regimen for patients with rheumatic heart disease pp. 899-907 Downloads
Donald Sadowsky, Carol Kunzel and Martin Frankel
The impact of reading on physicians' nonadherence to recommended standards of medical care pp. 909-914 Downloads
Stuart J. Cohen, Morris Weinberger, Siu L. Hui, William M. Tierney and Clement J. McDonald
Improving the efficiency of patients' comprehension monitoring: A way of increasing patients' participation in general practice consultations pp. 915-919 Downloads
E. J. Robinson and M. J. Whitfield
Introduction pp. 921-921 Downloads
Charles Leslie
What caused India's massive community health workers scheme: A sociology of knowledge pp. 923-930 Downloads
Charles Leslie
China's impact on American medicine in the seventies: A limited and preliminary inquiry pp. 931-936 Downloads
David V. McQueen
From China to Africa: The same impossible synthesis between traditional and Western medicines pp. 937-943 Downloads
Gilles Bibeau
The impact of the Chinese medical model on Japan or, how the younger brother comes of age pp. 945-950 Downloads
Margaret Lock

1985, volume 21, issue 7

Whither the state in Yugoslav health care? pp. 719-728 Downloads
Donna E. Parmelee
Whither or wither the state in Yugoslav health care?: Some comparative reflections pp. 728-730 Downloads
Mark G. Field
The prescription for Yugoslav medicine pp. 730-732 Downloads
Vladimir Milanovic and Vuk Stambolovic
Time trends and key factors in the choice of one-step or two-step biopsy and surgery for breast cancer pp. 733-740 Downloads
Lincoln Polissar and Mary Lou Finley
The paperless medical record pp. 741-746 Downloads
Steven Shea and David Margulies
Mental health and satisfaction among tax officers pp. 747-751 Downloads
Cary L. Cooper and Jim Roden
The demand for dental care: An assessment pp. 753-760 Downloads
Brian Yule and David Parkin
Heavy users of an emergency department: Psycho-social and medical characteristics, other health care contacts and the effect of a hospital social worker intervention pp. 761-770 Downloads
Kjerstin Genell Andrén and Urban Rosenqvist
Reasons for the disagreements on the impact of smoking on medical care expenditures: A proposal for a uniform approach pp. 771-773 Downloads
M. E. Thompson and W. F. Forbes
Maternal sociomedical characteristics and birth weights of firstborns pp. 775-783 Downloads
Charles Hoff, Wladimir Wertelecki, Elena Reyes, Shelley Zansky, James Dutt, Alfred Stumpe, Derel Till and Rose Mary Butler
Children's perceptions of advertisements for cigarettes pp. 785-797 Downloads
P. P. Aitken, D. S. Leathar and O'Hagan, F. J.
Changes in mortality among the elderly Finnish population 1951-1979 pp. 799-805 Downloads
Sirkka-Liisa Kivelä
How to get well in tzintzuntzan pp. 807-818 Downloads
George M. Foster
Smoking among urban Malaysian school children pp. 819-823 Downloads
Vimala Thambypillai
More on the impact of smoking on medical care expenditures pp. 825-827 Downloads
Robert E. Leu and Thomas Schaub

1985, volume 21, issue 6

Health policy and the emerging tobacco reality pp. 603-613 Downloads
Nancy Milio
Patient rating of doctors using computers pp. 615-622 Downloads
P. J. Cruickshank
Some problems with pro-competition reforms pp. 623-630 Downloads
George J. Agich and Charles E. Begley
A longitudinal study of the reporting of emotional and somatic symptoms during and after pregnancy pp. 631-640 Downloads
Hilary M. Lips
Low country fevers: Cultural adaptations to malaria in antebellum South Carolina pp. 641-649 Downloads
Jill Dubisch
Preference of hospital employees for work-related outcomes pp. 651-653 Downloads
Jonathan Nnadozie and Reuben Eldar
Female labor force participation and female mortality in Wisconsin 1974-1978 pp. 655-665 Downloads
Marian R. Passannante and Constance A. Nathanson
Drink boiled water: A cultural analysis of a health education message pp. 667-669 Downloads
Mark Nichter
Menstruation as medicine pp. 671-683 Downloads
Chris Knight
Women heal women: Spirit possession and sexual segregation in a Muslim society pp. 685-692 Downloads
Pamela Constantinides
Polluting and healing among the Northern Yaka of Zaire pp. 693-700 Downloads
Renaat Devisch
The power to pollute and the power to preserve: Perceptions of female power in a Hindu village pp. 701-711 Downloads
Catherine Thompson
Vicarious menstruation pp. 713-714 Downloads
Videa S. Skultans

1985, volume 21, issue 5

Urbanization and health in the developing world pp. 483-483 Downloads
Yola Verhasselt
Primary medical care and coping with stress and disease: The inclination of primary care practitioners to demonstrate affective behavior pp. 485-498 Downloads
Zeev Ben-Sira
The social and cultural context of coping: Action, gender and symptoms in a southern black community pp. 499-506 Downloads
William W. Dressler
The treatment strategies of arthritis sufferers pp. 507-515 Downloads
Dennis Gray
Socio-economic conditions in childhood and mortality and morbidity caused by coronary heart disease in adulthood in rural Finland pp. 517-523 Downloads
V. Notkola, S. Punsar, M. J. Karvonen and J. Haapakoski
The relation of social support and working environment to medical variables associated with elevated blood pressure in young males: A structural model pp. 525-531 Downloads
Sarah S. Knox, Töres Theorell, Jan Ch. Svensson and Dick Waller
Sociocultural correlates of childhood sporting activities: Their implications for heart health pp. 533-539 Downloads
Nell H. Gottlieb and Meei-Shia Chen
The influence of the family on control of diabetes pp. 541-544 Downloads
Jacqueline Edelstein and Margarette W. Linn
Gender differences in life expectancy among Kibbutz members pp. 545-551 Downloads
Uri Leviatan and Jiska Cohen
Using social epidemiology to understand who stays blind and who gets operated for cataract in a rural setting pp. 553-558 Downloads
Girija E. Brilliant and Lawrence B. Brilliant
La deficience visuelle congenitale: Chances et difficultes d'amenagement pp. 559-570 Downloads
A. Harrison-Covello and G. C. Lairy
Pandemic and epidemic influenza, 1830-1848 pp. 571-580 Downloads
K. David Patterson
Circumcision: Its nature and practice among some ethnic groups in Southern Nigeria pp. 581-588 Downloads
Robert A. Myers, Francisca . Omorodion, Anthony E. Isenalumhe and Gregory . Akenzua
Content analysis of speech of schizophrenic and control adoptees and their relatives: preliminary results pp. 589-593 Downloads
Dennis K. Kinney, Bjorn Jacobsen, Birgitte Bechgaard, Lennart Jansson, Britta Faber, Eva Kasell and Regina L. Uliana

1985, volume 21, issue 4

The evaluation of health care pp. 367-375 Downloads
Roy A. Carr-Hill
Mental health in health planning agencies pp. 377-381 Downloads
Elayne S. Kornblatt
Chiropractic and the clinical art pp. 383-390 Downloads
John L. Coulehan
The social and psychological consequences of secrecy in artificial insemination by donor (AID) programmes pp. 391-396 Downloads
Robyn Rowland
Potency: A stress-buffering link in the coping-stress-disease relationship pp. 397-406 Downloads
Zeev Ben-Sira
The evaluations of drug information programs pp. 407-414 Downloads
John Lilja
Restructuring health care financing in Chile pp. 415-431 Downloads
Joseph L. Scarpaci
The monthly and weekly distribution of suicide pp. 433-441 Downloads
Walter Massing and Matthias C. Angermeyer
Anthropology and the study of chronic disease: Adolescent blood pressure in corpus Christi, Texas pp. 443-450 Downloads
Timothy Ready
Health services utilization and cost in Ismailia, Egypt pp. 451-461 Downloads
Hassan A. H. Abu-Zeid and William M. Dann
Curing and sociocultural separatism in south Thailand pp. 463-468 Downloads
Louis Golomb
Concepts of illness and the utilization of health-care services in a rural Malian village pp. 469-481 Downloads
Sibylle Hielscher and Johannes Sommerfeld

1985, volume 21, issue 3

The proprietary hospital industry: A financial analysis 1972-1982 pp. 235-242 Downloads
Allen Michel, Israel Shaked and John Daley
Unsung questions of medical ethics pp. 243-249 Downloads
David Barnard
Health services and the political culture of Saudi Arabia pp. 251-262 Downloads
Eugene B. Gallagher and C. Maureen Searle
Patient compliance behavior: The effects of time on patients' values of treatment regimens pp. 263-273 Downloads
Jay J.J. Christensen-Szalanski and Gregory B. Northcraft
The reinterpretation of Western pharmaceuticals among the Mende of Sierra Leone pp. 275-282 Downloads
Caroline H. Bledsoe and Monica F. Goubaud
Traditional infant feeding practices: Right or wrong? pp. 283-286 Downloads
Jane A. Kusin, Sri Kardjati and Wil van Steenbergen
Prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease amongst Mormons in Britain and Ireland pp. 287-290 Downloads
W.J. Penny, E. Penny, J.F. Mayberry and J. Rhodes
Decision to adopt new medical technology: A case study of thrombolytic therapy pp. 291-298 Downloads
Daniel M. Becker, Dan Sarel and Laurence B. Gardner
Preventive care attitudes of medical students pp. 299-305 Downloads
Craig S. Scott and William E. Neighbor
The relevance of the social sciences to health care delivery pp. 307-308 Downloads
Joan M. Anderson
Missionary doctors vs Chinese patients: Credibility of missionary health care in early twentieth century China pp. 309-317 Downloads
Yuet-Wah Cheung and Peter Kong-Ming New
Trust, talk and touch in Balkan folk healing pp. 319-325 Downloads
Barbara Kerewsky-Halpern
Support networks developed by immigrant women pp. 327-333 Downloads
M.Judith Lynam
Social support and learning in preventive health care pp. 335-339 Downloads
Carl A. Maida
Influences on the antenatal clinic attendance of central province women in Port Moresby, PNG pp. 341-350 Downloads
Leslie B. Marshall
The health belief model and preventive health behaviour in Singapore pp. 351-363 Downloads
Stella R. Quah

1985, volume 21, issue 2

Les disparites sociales de consommation medicale pp. 103-113 Downloads
Renée Serange-Fonterme
Building an effective doctor-patient relationship: From patient satisfaction to patient participation pp. 115-120 Downloads
Edward J. Speedling and David N. Rose
Social and environmental factors associated with diarrhoea and growth in young children: Child health in urban Africa pp. 121-127 Downloads
Helen Pickering
Maladie subie, maladie dominee, industrialisation et technologie medicale: Le cas de la tuberculose pp. 129-137 Downloads
Annie Thebaud and France Lert
Mortality rates for farmers and fishermen in Japan compared with England and Wales pp. 139-143 Downloads
Yuchi Naruse, Sadanobu Kagamimori, Masao Watanabe, Masumi Minowa and Yasuo Iibuchi
Social epidemiology of the experience of threat of war among finnish youth pp. 145-151 Downloads
Tytti Solantaus, Matti Rimpelä and Ossi Rahkonen
An analytic typology of disclaimers, excuses and justifications surrounding illness: A situational approach to health and illness pp. 153-162 Downloads
Angelo A. Alonzo
Culture-bound syndromes unbound pp. 165-171 Downloads
Robert A. Hahn
Pibloktoq (hysteria) and inuit nutrition: Possible implication of hypervitaminosis A pp. 173-185 Downloads
David Landy
Culturally interpreted symptoms or culture-bound syndromes: A cross-cultural review of nerves pp. 187-196 Downloads
Setha M. Low
The concept of culture-bound syndromes: Anorexia Nervosa and brain-fag pp. 197-203 Downloads
Raymond Prince
The metamorphosis of 'culture-bound' syndromes pp. 205-210 Downloads
Wolfgang G. Jilek and Louise Jilek-Aall
Sanctified madness: The God-intoxicated saints of Bengal pp. 211-220 Downloads
Alan Morinis
Deconstructing culture-bound syndromes pp. 221-228 Downloads
Ivan Karp

1985, volume 21, issue 1

Health and social science in Latin America pp. 1-3 Downloads
Antonio Ugalde
Health and traditional medicine cultures in Latin America and the Caribbean pp. 5-12 Downloads
Duncan Pedersen and Veronica Baruffati
Health care in Costa Rica: Boom and crisis pp. 13-21 Downloads
Carmelo Mesa-Lago
Assessment of Venezuelan health services from a social development perspective pp. 23-30 Downloads
Henry Gómez, George Kastner and Cristina V. De Pieretti
Studies of diarrhoea in Quindio (Columbia): Problems related to water treatment pp. 31-39 Downloads
David Bersh and Margarita M. Osorio
Ideological dimensions of community participation in Latin American health programs pp. 41-53 Downloads
Antonio Ugalde
Fifteen years of community organization for health in Panama: An assessment of current progress and problems pp. 55-65 Downloads
Gerard M. La Forgia
Difficulties involved in taking health services to the people: The example of a public health care center in a Caracas barrio pp. 67-75 Downloads
Cathy A. Rakowski and George Kastner
Coverage and patterns of ambulatory medical care use in Tlalpan, Mexico City pp. 77-86 Downloads
B. J. Selwyn and M. Ruiz de Chavez
Family medicine: A medical care alternative for Latin America pp. 87-92 Downloads
Amador Flores Arechiga, Hector Riquelme Heras and Idalia Quintanilla Cantu
Mexican immigrants and the utilization of U.S. health services: The case of San Diego pp. 93-102 Downloads
Leo R. Chavez, Wayne A. Cornelius and Oliver Williams Jones
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