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1992 - 2014

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Volume 47, issue C, 2013

Network design model with evacuation constraints pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yuval Hadas and Amir Laor
Dynamic formation mechanism of airport competitiveness: The case of China pp. 10-18 Downloads
Qiang Cui, Hai-bo Kuang, Chun-you Wu and Ye Li
The cost of general aviation accidents in the United States pp. 19-27 Downloads
Joseph B. Sobieralski
Governmental regulation impact on producers and consumers: A longitudinal analysis of the European automotive market pp. 28-41 Downloads
Peter Wells, Adarsh Varma, Dan Newman, Duncan Kay, Gena Gibson, Jamie Beevor and Ian Skinner
Measuring the impact of sub-urban transit-oriented developments on single-family home values pp. 42-55 Downloads
Shishir Mathur and Christopher Ferrell
Bicycle commuting market analysis using attitudinal market segmentation approach pp. 56-68 Downloads
Zhibin Li, Wei Wang, Chen Yang and David R. Ragland
Exploring carsharing usage motives: A hierarchical means-end chain analysis pp. 69-77 Downloads
Tobias Schaefers
Is the environmental policies procedures a barrier to development of inland navigation and port management? A case of study in Brazil pp. 78-86 Downloads
Ilza Machado Kaiser, Barbara Stolte Bezerra and Leslie Ivana Serino Castro
Perceived attributes of bus and car mediating satisfaction with the work commute pp. 87-96 Downloads
Lars Eriksson, Margareta Friman and Tommy Gärling
Network interconnectivity with competition and regulation pp. 97-110 Downloads
Jolian Peter McHardy, Michael Reynolds and Stephen Trotter
Preserving an aging transit fleet: An optimal resource allocation perspective based on service life and constrained budget pp. 111-123 Downloads
Sabyasachee Mishra, Sushant Sharma, Snehamay Khasnabis and Tom V. Mathew
A review of models and model usage scenarios for an airport complex system pp. 124-140 Downloads
Paul Pao-Yen Wu and Kerrie Mengersen
Internet disclosure and corporate performance: A case study of the international shipping industry pp. 141-152 Downloads
Andreas Andrikopoulos, Anna A. Merika, Anna Triantafyllou and Andreas G. Merikas
Comprehensive evaluation of energy conservation and emission reduction policies pp. 153-166 Downloads
Todd Litman
A comprehensive study of life course, cohort, and period effects on changes in travel mode use pp. 167-181 Downloads
Joachim Scheiner and Christian Holz-Rau

Volume 46, issue 10, 2012

Consistency and fungibility of monetary valuations in transport: An empirical analysis of framing and mental accounting effects pp. 1507-1516 Downloads
Stephane Hess, Shepley Orr and Rob Sheldon
Modeling isoexposure to transit users for market potential analysis pp. 1517-1527 Downloads
Antonio Páez, Martin Trépanier and Catherine Morency
Modeling travel time reliability of freeways using risk assessment techniques pp. 1528-1540 Downloads
Huizhao Tu, Hao Li, Hans van Lint and Henk van Zuylen
Allocation flexibility and price efficiency within Singapore’s Vehicle Quota System pp. 1541-1550 Downloads
Singfat Chu
Giving a direction to port regionalisation pp. 1551-1561 Downloads
Jason Monios and Gordon Wilmsmeier
Evaluating the efficiency of the Essential Air Service program in the United States pp. 1562-1573 Downloads
Tony H. Grubesic and Fangwu Wei
A meta-analysis of DEA and SFA studies of the technical efficiency of seaports: A comparison of fixed and random-effects regression models pp. 1574-1585 Downloads
James Odeck and Svein Bråthen
Assessing the long term benefit of banning the use of hand-held wireless devices while driving pp. 1586-1593 Downloads
Sheldon H. Jacobson, Douglas M. King, Kevin C. Ryan and Matthew J. Robbins
Attitudes, mode switching behavior, and the built environment: A longitudinal study in the Puget Sound Region pp. 1594-1607 Downloads
Tingting Wang and Cynthia Chen
Step-tolling with price-sensitive demand: Why more steps in the toll make the consumer better off pp. 1608-1622 Downloads
Vincent A.C. van den Berg
Comparative performance of alternative humanitarian logistic structures after the Port-au-Prince earthquake: ACEs, PIEs, and CANs pp. 1623-1640 Downloads
José Holguín-Veras, Miguel Jaller and Tricia Wachtendorf
An analysis of destination choice for opaque airline products using multidimensional binary logit models pp. 1641-1653 Downloads
Misuk Lee, Alexandre Khelifa, Laurie A. Garrow, Michel Bierlaire and David Post
Triangulation of two methods measuring the impacts of a free-floating carsharing system in Germany pp. 1654-1672 Downloads
Jörg Firnkorn
Revisiting reference point formation, gains–losses asymmetry and non-linear sensitivities with an emphasis on attribute specific treatment pp. 1673-1689 Downloads
Amanda Stathopoulos and Stephane Hess
Evaluating bicycle-transit users’ perceptions of intermodal inconvenience pp. 1690-1706 Downloads
Yung-Hsiang Cheng and Kuo-Chu Liu
A hedonic test of the effects of the Alternative Motor Fuels Act pp. 1707-1715 Downloads
Yimin Liu and Gloria E. Helfand
Relationship between service quality and demand for inter-urban buses pp. 1716-1729 Downloads
Marta Rojo, Hernán Gonzalo-Orden, dell’Olio, Luigi and Ángel Ibeas
Where do cyclists ride? A route choice model developed with revealed preference GPS data pp. 1730-1740 Downloads
Joseph Broach, Jennifer Dill and John Gliebe
Estimating traffic demand risk – A multiscale analysis pp. 1741-1751 Downloads
Niclas Alexander Krüger

Volume 46, issue 9, 2012

Combining technology development and behaviour change to meet CO2 cumulative emission budgets for road transport: Case studies for the USA and Europe pp. 1405-1423 Downloads
Stephen Skippon, Shoba Veeraraghavan, Hongrui Ma, Paul Gadd and Nigel Tait
The private and social cost efficiency of port hinterland container distribution through a regional logistics system pp. 1424-1448 Downloads
Fedele Iannone
Estimating the costs of political populism: Traffic violation pardons in Korea pp. 1449-1457 Downloads
Youngsun Kwon, Seung Hun Han and Changi Nam
Ex-post analysis of impacts of the car registration fee in the Czech Republic pp. 1458-1464 Downloads
Jarmila Zimmermannova
Valuing of attributes influencing the attractiveness of suburban train service in Mumbai city: A stated preference approach pp. 1465-1476 Downloads
Debasis Basu and John Douglas Hunt
Spatial multi-criteria assessment of potential lead markets for electrified vehicles in Europe pp. 1477-1489 Downloads
Alyona Zubaryeva, Christian Thiel, Nicola Zaccarelli, Enrico Barbone and Arnaud Mercier
Effects of different factors on drivers’ guidance compliance behaviors under road condition information shown on VMS pp. 1490-1505 Downloads
Shiquan Zhong, Lizhen Zhou, Shoufeng Ma and Ning Jia

Volume 46, issue 8, 2012

The design of interurban bus networks in city centers pp. 1153-1165 Downloads
Mireia Roca-Riu, Miquel Estrada and César Trapote
Effectiveness of safety-based incentives in Public Private Partnerships: Evidence from the case of Spain pp. 1166-1176 Downloads
Thais Rangel, José Manuel Vassallo and Blanca Arenas
Assessing air quality and health benefits of the Clean Truck Program in the Alameda corridor, CA pp. 1177-1193 Downloads
Gunwoo Lee, You, Soyoung (Iris), Stephen G. Ritchie, Jean-Daniel Saphores, R. Jayakrishnan and Oladele Ogunseitan
Redefining activity types: Who participates in which leisure activity? pp. 1194-1204 Downloads
Gulsah Akar, Kelly J. Clifton and Sean T. Doherty
Optimal distribution of financial incentives to foster off-hour deliveries in urban areas pp. 1205-1215 Downloads
Michael A. Silas, José Holguín-Veras and Sergio Jara-Díaz
Developing green fleet management strategies: Repair/retrofit/replacement decisions under environmental regulation pp. 1216-1226 Downloads
Timon H. Stasko and H. Oliver Gao
The value of travel time and reliability-evidence from a stated preference survey and actual usage pp. 1227-1240 Downloads
Prem Chand Devarasetty, Mark Burris and W. Douglass Shaw
The influence of individual’s risk perception and attitudes on travel behavior pp. 1241-1251 Downloads
Wafa Elias and Yoram Shiftan
Using structural equations modeling to unravel the influence of land use patterns on travel behavior of workers in Montreal pp. 1252-1264 Downloads
João de Abreu e Silva, Catherine Morency and Konstadinos G. Goulias
Real-time partway deadheading strategy based on transit service reliability assessment pp. 1265-1279 Downloads
Bin Yu, Zhongzhen Yang and Shan Li
From broken windows to a renovated research agenda: A review of the literature on vandalism and graffiti in the rail industry pp. 1280-1290 Downloads
Kirrilly Thompson, Naomi Offler, Lily Hirsch, Danielle Every, Matthew J. Thomas and Drew Dawson
A dynamic cordon pricing scheme combining the Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram and an agent-based traffic model pp. 1291-1303 Downloads
Nan Zheng, Rashid A. Waraich, Kay W. Axhausen and Nikolas Geroliminis
Welfare effects of road pricing and traffic information under alternative ownership regimes pp. 1304-1317 Downloads
Sergejs Gubins, Erik Teodoor Verhoef and Thomas de Graaff
Identifying the early adopters of alternative fuel vehicles: A case study of Birmingham, United Kingdom pp. 1318-1327 Downloads
Amy R. Campbell, Tim Ryley and Rob Thring
Financing congressional earmarks: Implications for transport policy and planning pp. 1328-1342 Downloads
Gian-Claudia Sciara
Examining the scaling effect and overlapping problem in logit-based stochastic user equilibrium models pp. 1343-1358 Downloads
Anthony Chen, Surachet Pravinvongvuth, Xiangdong Xu, Seungkyu Ryu and Piya Chootinan
To kill a real option – Incomplete contracts, real options and PPP pp. 1359-1371 Downloads
Niclas Alexander Krüger
Individual characteristics and stated preferences for alternative energy sources and propulsion technologies in vehicles: A discrete choice analysis for Germany pp. 1372-1385 Downloads
Andreas Ziegler
Activity planning processes in the Agent-based Dynamic Activity Planning and Travel Scheduling (ADAPTS) model pp. 1386-1403 Downloads
Joshua Auld and Mohammadian, Abolfazl(Kouros)

Volume 46, issue 7, 2012

Reforming the urban public transport bus system in Malta: Approach and acceptance pp. 981-992 Downloads
Maria Attard
The relationships between e-shopping and store shopping in the shopping process of search goods pp. 993-1002 Downloads
Cao, Xinyu (Jason)
Logsums for utility-maximizers and regret-minimizers, and their relation with desirability and satisfaction pp. 1003-1012 Downloads
Caspar Chorus
Sustainable commute in a car-dominant city: Factors affecting alternative mode choices among university students pp. 1013-1029 Downloads
Jiangping Zhou
Towards integrated land use and transportation: A dynamic disequilibrium based microsimulation framework for built space markets pp. 1030-1053 Downloads
Bilal Farooq and Eric J. Miller
Home-to-work commuting, urban form and potential energy savings: A local scale approach to regional statistics pp. 1054-1065 Downloads
S. Dujardin, F. Pirart, F. Brévers, A.-F. Marique and J. Teller
Performance indicators for public transit connectivity in multi-modal transportation networks pp. 1066-1085 Downloads
Sabyasachee Mishra, Timothy F. Welch and Manoj K. Jha
A dynamic modeling approach to highway sustainability: Strategies to reduce overall impact pp. 1086-1096 Downloads
Gokhan Egilmez and Omer Tatari
A behavioral housing search model: Two-stage hazard-based and multinomial logit approach to choice-set formation and location selection pp. 1097-1107 Downloads
Taha Hossein Rashidi, Joshua Auld and Mohammadian, Abolfazl (Kouros)
Dual influences on vehicle speed in special-use lanes and critique of US regulation pp. 1108-1123 Downloads
Kitae Jang and Michael J. Cassidy
On the perceived justice of urban road pricing: An empirical study in Lyon pp. 1124-1136 Downloads
Stéphanie Souche, Charles Raux and Yves Croissant
Sensitivity of prices to demand shocks: A natural experiment in the San Francisco Bay Area pp. 1137-1151 Downloads
Volodymyr Bilotkach, Yuriy Gorodnichenko and Oleksandr Talavera

Volume 46, issue 6, 2012

The effect of the price of gasoline on the urban economy: From route choice to general equilibrium pp. 855-873 Downloads
Alex Anas and Tomoru Hiramatsu
Energy policies for passenger motor vehicles pp. 874-889 Downloads
Kenneth A. Small
Integrating congestion pricing, transit subsidies and mode choice pp. 890-900 Downloads
Leonardo J. Basso and Sergio R. Jara-Díaz
Do parking requirements significantly increase the area dedicated to parking? A test of the effect of parking requirements values in Los Angeles County pp. 901-925 Downloads
W. Bowman Cutter and Sofia F. Franco
Voluntary internalization of speeding externalities with vehicle insurance pp. 926-937 Downloads
Lars Hultkrantz, Jan-Eric Nilsson and Sara Arvidsson
Price and frequency competition in freight transportation pp. 938-953 Downloads
Nilopa Shah and Jan K. Brueckner
Estimating the marginal cost of railway track renewals using corner solution models pp. 954-964 Downloads
Mats Andersson, Andrew Smith, Åsa Wikberg and Phill Wheat
Flight delays, capacity investment and social welfare under air transport supply-demand equilibrium pp. 965-980 Downloads
Bo Zou and Mark Hansen

Volume 46, issue 5, 2012

Road network vulnerability analysis of area-covering disruptions: A grid-based approach with case study pp. 746-760 Downloads
Erik Jenelius and Lars-Göran Mattsson
Remoteness and accessibility in the vulnerability analysis of regional road networks pp. 761-771 Downloads
Michael A.P. Taylor and Susilawati,
A method to assess demand growth vulnerability of travel times on road network links pp. 772-789 Downloads
David Watling and N.C. Balijepalli
Time-dependent Hyperstar algorithm for robust vehicle navigation pp. 790-800 Downloads
Michael G.H. Bell, Valentina Trozzi, Solmaz Haji Hosseinloo, Guido Gentile and Achille Fonzone
A bi-criteria indicator to assess supply chain network performance for critical needs under capacity and demand disruptions pp. 801-812 Downloads
Patrick Qiang and Anna Nagurney
Anti-seismic reinforcement strategy for an urban road network pp. 813-827 Downloads
Takeshi Nagae, Tomo Fujihara and Yasuo Asakura
A framework for robustness analysis of road networks for short term variations in supply pp. 828-842 Downloads
M. Snelder, H.J. van Zuylen and L.H. Immers
Link-level vulnerability indicators for real-world networks pp. 843-854 Downloads
Victor L. Knoop, Maaike Snelder, Henk J. van Zuylen and Serge P. Hoogendoorn

Volume 46, issue 4, 2012

Sharing costs in Swedish road ownership associations pp. 645-651 Downloads
Sofia Grahn-Voorneveld
A bi-objective cyclist route choice model pp. 652-663 Downloads
Matthias Ehrgott, Judith Y.T. Wang, Andrea Raith and Chris van Houtte
Mobile ICTs and physical mobility: Review and research agenda pp. 664-672 Downloads
Anne Aguiléra, Caroline Guillot and Alain Rallet
The value of time and external benefits in bicycle appraisal pp. 673-683 Downloads
Maria Börjesson and Jonas Eliasson
A justice-theoretic approach to the distribution of transportation benefits: Implications for transportation planning practice in the United States pp. 684-695 Downloads
Karel Martens, Aaron Golub and Glenn Robinson
The asymmetric income effect on household vehicle ownership in Taiwan: A threshold cointegration approach pp. 696-706 Downloads
Rong-Chang Jou, Wen-Hsiu Huang, Yuan-Chan Wu and Ming-Che Chao
Cost-benefit analysis according to Sen: An application in the evaluation of transport infrastructures in France pp. 707-719 Downloads
Alexandra Hyard
Value of travel time reliability: A review of current evidence pp. 720-741 Downloads
Carlos Carrion and David Matthew Levinson

Volume 46, issue 3, 2012

Synopsis of users’ behaviour of a carsharing program: A case study in Toronto pp. 421-434 Downloads
Cindy Costain, Carolyn Ardron and Khandker Nurul Habib
Induced road traffic in Spanish regions: A dynamic panel data model pp. 435-445 Downloads
Rosa Marina González and Gustavo A. Marrero
Demand and welfare effects in recreational travel models: Accounting for substitution between number of trips and days to stay pp. 446-456 Downloads
Jörgen Hellström and Jonas Nordström
Optimal starting location of an HOV lane for a linear monocentric urban area pp. 457-466 Downloads
Chih-Peng Chu, Jyh-Fa Tsai and Shou-Ren Hu
Generating synthetic baseline populations from register data pp. 467-479 Downloads
Jeppe Rich and Ismir Mulalic
Accounting for scale heterogeneity within and between pooled data sources pp. 480-486 Downloads
David A. Hensher
VMT, energy consumption, and GHG emissions forecasting for passenger transportation pp. 487-500 Downloads
Aikaterini Rentziou, Konstantina Gkritza and Reginald R. Souleyrette
Vulnerability analysis for large-scale and congested road networks with demand uncertainty pp. 501-516 Downloads
Bi Yu Chen, William H.K. Lam, Agachai Sumalee, Qingquan Li and Zhi-Chun Li
The effect of uncertainty on US transport-related GHG emissions and fuel consumption out to 2050 pp. 517-548 Downloads
Parisa Bastani, John B. Heywood and Chris Hope
Freeway drivers’ willingness-to-pay for a distance-based toll rate pp. 549-559 Downloads
Rong-Chang Jou, Yu-Chiun Chiou, Ke-Hong Chen and Hao- Tan
Examining transport futures with scenario analysis and MCA pp. 560-575 Downloads
Robin Hickman, Sharad Saxena, David Banister and Olu Ashiru
The determinants of long distance travel in Great Britain pp. 576-587 Downloads
Joyce M. Dargay and Stephen Clark
Assessing the energy and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation effectiveness of potential US modal freight policies pp. 588-601 Downloads
Rachael Nealer, H. Scott Matthews and Chris Hendrickson
Strategic sampling for large choice sets in estimation and application pp. 602-613 Downloads
Jason D. Lemp and Kara M. Kockelman
Understanding the impacts of a combination of service improvement strategies on bus running time and passenger’s perception pp. 614-625 Downloads
Ehab . Diab and Ahmed M. El-Geneidy
Not bored yet – Revisiting respondent fatigue in stated choice experiments pp. 626-644 Downloads
Stephane Hess, David A. Hensher and Andrew Daly

Volume 46, issue 2, 2012

Modelling users’ behaviour of a carsharing program: Application of a joint hazard and zero inflated dynamic ordered probability model pp. 241-254 Downloads
Khandker M. Nurul Habib, Catherine Morency, Mohammed Tazul Islam and Vincent Grasset
Assessment of product debundling trends in the US airline industry: Customer service and public policy implications pp. 255-268 Downloads
Laurie A. Garrow, Susan Hotle and Stacey Mumbower
Urban public transport in Europe: Technology diffusion and market organisation pp. 269-284 Downloads
Álvaro Costa and Ruben Fernandes
Should subsidies to urban passenger transport be increased? A spatial CGE analysis for a German metropolitan area pp. 285-309 Downloads
Stefan Tscharaktschiew and Georg Hirte
Labour market effects in assessing the costs and benefits of road pricing pp. 310-321 Downloads
D.P. McArthur, . Thorsen and Jan Ubøe
Jobs–housing imbalance, spatial correlation, and excess commuting pp. 322-336 Downloads
Tsutomu Suzuki and Sohee Lee
Speed limit laws in America: The role of geography, mobility and ideology pp. 337-347 Downloads
Daniel Albalate and Germà Bel
Virtual reality simulation game approach to investigate transport adaptive capacity for peak oil planning pp. 348-367 Downloads
Montira Watcharasukarn, Shannon Page and Susan Krumdieck
On the income elasticity of the value of travel time pp. 368-377 Downloads
Maria Börjesson, Mogens Fosgerau and Staffan Algers
Catching the tail: Empirical identification of the distribution of the value of travel time pp. 378-391 Downloads
Maria Börjesson, Mogens Fosgerau and Staffan Algers
Efficiency measurement in public transport: Are findings specification sensitive? pp. 392-402 Downloads
Matthew G. Karlaftis and Dimitrios Tsamboulas
Reliable route guidance: A case study from Chicago pp. 403-419 Downloads
Nie, Yu (Marco), Xing Wu, John F. Dillenburg and Peter C. Nelson
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