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Volume 12, issue 1, 2015

Economists on the Welfare State and the Regulatory State: Why Don't Any Argue in Favor of One and Against the Other? A Symposium Prologue pp. 2-14 Downloads
Daniel Klein
Do Welfare State Liberals Also Love Regulation? pp. 15-21 Downloads
Dean Baker
Yes, There Are Hayekian Welfare States (At Least in Theory) pp. 22-27 Downloads
Andreas Bergh
The Strange Career of Regulation in the Welfare State pp. 28-35 Downloads
Marjorie Griffin Cohen
Two Ideological Ships Passing in the Night pp. 36-41 Downloads
Robert Higgs
Differences of Opinion Among Economists About Government and Market Efficacy pp. 42-48 Downloads
Arnold Kling
The Moral Narratives of Economists pp. 49-57 Downloads
Anthony Randazzo and Jonathan Haidt
Ideological Differences in Economics: Why Is the Left-Right Divide Widening? pp. 58-67 Downloads
Scott Sumner
Unhelpful Abstractions and the Standard View pp. 68-71 Downloads
Cass Sunstein
Unconventional Confidence Bands in the Literature on the Government Spending Multiplier pp. 72-83 Downloads
Ryan Murphy
It's Not a Minsky Moment, It's a Minsky Era, Or: Inevitable Instability pp. 84-105 Downloads
M. June Flanders
Skepticism About Minsky's Financial Instability Hypothesis: A Comment on Flanders pp. 106-113 Downloads
Lawrence White

Volume 11, issue 3, 2014

Replicability and Pitfalls in the Interpretation of Resampled Data: A Correction and a Randomization Test for Anwar and Fang pp. 250-276 Downloads
Dragan Ilić
Saying Too Little, Too Late: Public Finance Textbooks and the Excess Burdens of Taxation pp. 277-296 Downloads
Cecil Bohanon, John B. Horowitz and James McClure
Ragnar Frisch and the Postwar Norwegian Economy: A Critical Comment on Sæther and Eriksen pp. 297-312 Downloads
Olav Bjerkholt
A Reply to Olav Bjerkholt on the Postwar Norwegian Economy pp. 313-317 Downloads
Arild Sæther and Ib E. Eriksen
Does Occupational Licensing Deserve Our Approval? A Review of Work by Morris Kleiner pp. 318-325 Downloads
Uwe E. Reinhardt
Capitalism and the Rule of Love pp. 326-337 Downloads
Clarence Philbrook

Volume 11, issue 2, 2014

Does Economics Need an Infusion of Religious or Quasi-Religious Formulations? A Symposium Prologue pp. 97-105 Downloads
Daniel Klein
Where Do Economists of Faith Hang Out? Their Journals and Associations, plus Luminaries Among Them pp. 106-119 Downloads
Robin Klay
From an Individual to a Person: What Economics Can Learn from Theology About Human Beings pp. 120-126 Downloads
Pavel Chalupníček
Joyful Economics pp. 127-135 Downloads
Victor Claar
Where There Is No Vision, Economists Will Perish pp. 136-143 Downloads
Charles M. A. Clark
Economics Is Not All of Life pp. 144-152 Downloads
Ross Emmett
Philosophy, Not Theology, Is the Key for Economics: A Catholic Perspective pp. 153-159 Downloads
Daniel K. Finn
Moving from the Empirically Testable to the Merely Plausible: How Religion and Moral Philosophy Can Broaden Economics pp. 160-165 Downloads
David George
Notes of an Atheist on Economics and Religion pp. 166-169 Downloads
Jayati Ghosh
Entrepreneurship and Islam: An Overview pp. 170-178 Downloads
M. Kabir Hassan and William J. Hippler, III
On the Relationship Between Finite and Infinite Goods, Or: How to Avoid Flattening pp. 179-185 Downloads
Mary Hirschfeld
The Starry Heavens Above and the Moral Law Within: On the Flatness of Economics pp. 186-193 Downloads
Abbas Mirakhor
On the Usefulness of a Flat Economics to the World of Faith pp. 194-201 Downloads
Andrew P. Morriss
What Has Jerusalem to Do with Chicago (or Cambridge)? Why Economics Needs an Infusion of Religious Formulations pp. 202-209 Downloads
Edd Noell
Maximization Is Fine—But Based on What Assumptions? pp. 210-218 Downloads
Eric B. Rasmusen
Religion, Heuristics, and Intergenerational Risk Management pp. 219-226 Downloads
Rupert Read and Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Sympathy for Homo Religiosus pp. 227-232 Downloads
Russell Roberts
Can ‘Religion’ Enrich ‘Economics’? pp. 233-242 Downloads
A. M. C. Waterman
Sin, and the Economics of ‘Sin’ pp. 243-249 Downloads
Andrew M. Yuengert

Volume 11, issue 1, 2014

One Swallow Doesn't Make a Summer: A Comment on Zacharias Maniadis, Fabio Tufano, and John List pp. 4-10 Downloads
Mitesh Kataria
One Swallow Doesn't Make a Summer: Reply to Kataria pp. 11-16 Downloads
Zacharias Maniadis, Fabio Tufano and John List
Should the Modernization Hypothesis Survive Acemoglu, Johnson, Robinson, and Yared? Some More Evidence pp. 17-36 Downloads
Hugo J. Faria, Hugo M. Montesinos-Yufa and Daniel R. Morales
Ill-Conceived, Even If Competently Administered: Software Patents, Litigation, and Innovation—A Comment on Graham and Vishnubhakat pp. 37-45 Downloads
Shawn P. Miller and Alexander Tabarrok
Ragnar Frisch and the Postwar Norwegian Economy pp. 46-80 Downloads
Arild Sæther and Ib E. Eriksen
The Increasingly Libertarian Milton Friedman: An Ideological Profile pp. 81-96 Downloads
Lanny Ebenstein

Volume 10, issue 3, 2013

Economics Laureates’ Responses to Questionnaire on Ideological Migration pp. A1-A19 Downloads
Econ Journal Watch
The Ideological Migration of the Economics Laureates: Introduction and Overview pp. 218-239 Downloads
Daniel Klein
On the Ideological Migration of the Economics Laureates pp. 240-254 Downloads
David Colander

Volume 10, issue 2, 2013

Regression Costs Fall, Mining Ratios Rise, Publication Bias Looms, and Techniques Get Fancier: Reflections on Some Trends in Empirical Macroeconomics pp. 136-156 Downloads
Martin Paldam
Why Is There No Milton Friedman Today? A Symposium Prologue pp. 157-161 Downloads
Daniel Klein
Where Is the Next Rose Director? pp. 162-166 Downloads
John Blundell
Why Are There No Milton Friedmans Today? pp. 167-171 Downloads
David Colander
Why Is There No New Milton Friedman Today? pp. 172-174 Downloads
Tyler Cowen
Why There Is No Milton Friedman Today pp. 175-179 Downloads
Richard A. Epstein
Mistah Friedman? He Dead pp. 180-183 Downloads
James K. Galbraith
The Uniqueness of Milton Friedman pp. 184-188 Downloads
J. Daniel Hammond
Why Milton Friedman Was Rare pp. 189-194 Downloads
David R. Henderson
Why There Is No New Milton Friedman pp. 195-196 Downloads
Daniel Houser
On Why There Is No Milton Friedman Today: Sui Generis, Sui Temporis pp. 197-204 Downloads
Steven Medema
Why Is There No Milton Friedman Today? pp. 205-209 Downloads
Sam Peltzman
Why Is There No Milton Friedman Today? pp. 210-213 Downloads
Richard A. Posner
Why Is There No Milton Friedman Today? pp. 214-216 Downloads
Robert Solow

Volume 10, issue 1, 2013

The Max U Approach: Prudence Only, or Not Even Prudence? A Smithian Perspective pp. 2-14 Downloads
David Lipka
Model Distraction: A Comment on Daveri and Tabellini pp. 15-24 Downloads
Andrea Imperia
Did John Lott Provide Bad Data to the NRC? A Note on Aneja, Donohue, and Zhang pp. 25-31 Downloads
Carlisle E. Moody, John R. Lott, Jr. and Thomas B. Marvell
Substance vs. Sideshows in the More Guns, Less Crime Debate: A Comment on Moody, Lott, and Marvell pp. 32-39 Downloads
Abhay Aneja, John Donohue and Alexandria Zhang
Did Jose Canseco Really Improve the Performance of His Teammates by Spreading Steroids? A Critique of Gould and Kaplan pp. 40-69 Downloads
John Bradbury
The Peer Effect of Jose Canseco: A Reply to J. C. Bradbury pp. 70-86 Downloads
Eric Gould and Todd Kaplan
Reply to Deirdre McCloskey and Stephen Ziliak on Statistical Significance pp. 87-96 Downloads
Thomas Mayer
We Agree That Statistical Significance Proves Essentially Nothing: A Rejoinder to Thomas Mayer pp. 97-107 Downloads
Stephen Ziliak and Deirdre N. McCloskey
Paul Krugman Denies Having Concurred With an Administration Forecast: A Note pp. 108-115 Downloads
David Cushman
Economics Professors' Voting, Policy Views, Favorite Economists, and Frequent Lack of Consensus pp. 116-125 Downloads
Daniel Klein, William L. Davis and David Hedengren
Euro Politics: An Interview with Roland Vaubel pp. 126-134 Downloads
Roland Vaubel
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