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Volume XX, issue 1, 2017

Green Logistics in Russia: The Phenomenon of Progress, Economic and Environmental Security pp. 13-21 Downloads
A.U. Albekov, T.V. Parkhomenko and A.A. Polubotko1
Economic Cooperation of Russia and Greece during the Sanction Restrictions period and the Policies to Strengthen the Integration Process pp. 22-35 Downloads
N.G. Kuznetsov, I.I. Savvidy, N.D.Rodionova and E.S. Tsepilova
Electronic Currency: The Potential Risks to National Security and Methods to Minimize Them pp. 36-48 Downloads
Natalia G. Vovchenko, Evgeniy N. Tishchenko, Tatiana Epifanova and Mark B. Gontmacher
New Scenarios of Joint Crises Fighting in Socio-Economic Sphere of Russia and Greece pp. 49-55 Downloads
Elena G. Popkova, Elena Y. Zolochevskaya, Svetlana A. Litvinova and Yuliya S. Zima
Difficulties and Perspectives of Incorporating Russian Economy into the European Economy and Centripetal Tendencies in the EU pp. 56-63 Downloads
V.A. Bondarenko, E.A. Israilova, S.A. Albekova and A.A. Albekova
Research and Development Intensity in Business: Russia and EU pp. 64-76 Downloads
V.M. Dzhukha, A.N. Kokin, A.S. Li and T.Yu. Sinyuk
The Impact of European Law on the Development of Legal System of Russia pp. 77-86 Downloads
I.G. Napalkova, N.E. Orlova, P.S. Samygin and G.B. Vlasova
Comparative Legal Analysis of Mediation in Russia and the EU pp. 87-96 Downloads
N.V. Fedorenko, S.V. Denisenko, A.V. Sukhovenko and L.M. Dzyuba
Providing the Budget Transparency and State Projects Efficiency Monitoring in Russia pp. 97-104 Downloads
O.B. Ivanova, L.V. Bogoslavtseva, O.I. Karepina and E.D. Kostoglodova
Marketing and Logistic Instrumentarium of Activation of Inter-Country Cooperation of Russia and Solving the Issue of Import Substitution pp. 105-116 Downloads
V.A. Bondarenko, T.V. Parkhomenko, T.B. Erokhina and N.V. Guzenko
Features of Social and Economic Transformations in the Globalization Era pp. 117-128 Downloads
I.G. Paliy, T.V. Plotnikova, L.L. Shtofer and I.V. Tumaykin
New Approaches to Modernization of Spatial and Sectorial Development of Russian and Greek Regional Economy pp. 129-136 Downloads
Elena G. Popkova, Ekaterina A. Popova, Irina P. Denisova and Elena V. Porollo
Organizational and Financial Modeling of Transnational Industrial Clusters Sustainable Development: Experience, Risks, Management Innovation pp. 137-147 Downloads
O.V. Andreeva and E.V. Shevchik
The Role of Human Factors in the Bank Capital Evaluation Framework pp. 148-154 Downloads
E.A. Posnaya, I.G. Vorobyova, E.M. Sokolova and M.P. Leonova
Increasing of Cost Efficiency as a Trend of Public Law Entities’ Activity Intensification in a Public Administration Sector pp. 155-161 Downloads
T.F. Romanova, O.V. Andreeva, S.N. Meliksetyan and M.O. Otrishko
The Problem of Individualization of Legal Entities in Terms of Innovative Development of the Russian Federation and the European Union Economy pp. 162-171 Downloads
T.V. Shatkovskaya, N.G. Romanenko, Y.A. Naumenko and E.A. Parshina
Social and Economic Diagnostics of Foreign Economic Activity of the Rostov Region pp. 172-187 Downloads
M.A. Surzhikov, C.G. Abazieva, M.T. Belov and S.N. Goncharova
Marketing Mechanisms for the Development of Transport Infrastructure of Russia and the EU pp. 188-197 Downloads
E.S. Akopova, N.V. Przhedetskaya, P.V. Taranov and L.N. Roshchina
The Development of Cluster Relations within the State and Business Structures in Terms of Strategy of Non-Primary Sector Import-Substitution pp. 198-207 Downloads
S.G. Tyaglov, T.V. Kushnarenko, A.A. Khokhlov and M.A. Qeropyan
Economic Crime and Problem of Complicity Understanding pp. 208-214 Downloads
N.V. Petrasheva, S.I. Ulezko, A.V. Yakovlev and A.L. Klochkova
The Evolution of E-Money pp. 215-224 Downloads
Andrei V. Vlasov
The Basic Principles of the European State and Dynamics of the Political and Legal Development within the Russian Federation pp. 225-233 Downloads
Vasily I. Vlasov, Galina B. Vlasova, Svetlana V. Denisenko and Olga V. Litvinova
The Regional Cluster Initiatives pp. 234-245 Downloads
A.U. Albekov, E.U. Andreeva, V.V. Vanushkina and E.K. Pilivanova
Methodology of Building up the Accounting and Analytical Management Support for Organizations in Russia pp. 257-266 Downloads
E.V. Kuznetsova, I.N. Bogataya, N.N. Khakhonova and S.P. Katerinin
Marketing Aspects of Russia-The European Union Cooperation in the Field of Education pp. 267-275 Downloads
E.S. Akopova, N.V. Przhedetskaya, P.V. Taranov and E.A. Israilova
Contractual Forms of Agreement Between the Bodies of the Executive pp. 276-283 Downloads
O.V. Shmaliy and L.A. Dushakova
Financial Instruments of the Socially Responsible Economy pp. 284-293 Downloads
I.P. Denisova, S.N. Rukina, K.N. Samoylova and A.S. Takmazyan
Instruments of Marketing and Credit Support of the Large Industrial Enterprises Development: International Experience pp. 294-310 Downloads
A.A. Alukhanyan, A.V. Andreeva and L.Yu. Andreeva
Analysis of Moral-and-Ethic Business in Russia pp. 311-318 Downloads
Yu. G. Chernysheva and G.I. Shepelenko
Scientific Innovation and its Representation in Discourse pp. 319-336 Downloads
Tatyana V. Evsukova, Evgeniya V. Kotelnikova, Nadejda V. Evdokimova and Tatyana M. Germasheva
Instruments of Investment Attraction in Order to Fulfill the Structural Priorities of Sustainable Regional Development (Study Based on the Rostov Region) pp. 337-349 Downloads
R.V. Shekhovtsov, M.A. Ponomareva, S.G. Yaroshenko and L.R. Khaibullin
Ensuring Financial Stability of Companies on the Basis of International Experience in Construction of Risks Maps, Internal Control and Audit pp. 350-368 Downloads
N.G. Vovchenko, M.G. Holina, A.S. Orobinskiy and R.A. Sichev
The Influence of Financial and Industrial Policy on Harmonization of European and Asian Integration Processes pp. 369-389 Downloads
V.V. Aksenov, A.V. Andreeva and G.A. Buryakov
Experience of Greece on Recapitalization of Banks, Marketing Management and Personnel Retraining in Conditions of Economic Recession pp. 390-409 Downloads
L.Yu. Andreeva and O.Yu. Sviridov
Theoretical Basis for Composition of Economic Strategy for Industry Development Downloads
E.A. Ivanova, M.M. Mackay, T.K. Platonova and N.V. Elagina

Volume XIX, issue 4, 2016

Family Business in the Czech Republic pp. 3-16 Downloads
Pavla Breckova
Comparison of Different Methods of Credit Risk Management of the Commercial Bank to Accelerate Lending Activities for SME Segment pp. 17-26 Downloads
Eva Cipovova and Gabriela Dlaskova
Supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Preparing for the Euro Adoption in the Czech Republic pp. 27-41 Downloads
Mojmir Helisek
Position of Low-Cost Banks on the Financial Market in the Czech Republic pp. 42-52 Downloads
Ales Hes and Petra Jilkova
Intensity and Extensity of Firm Development and Dynamic Dupont Analysis pp. 53-63 Downloads
Jiri Mihola, Jana Kotesovcova and Petr Wawrosz
Comparability and Reliability of Financial Information in the Sector of Czech SMES (ten years of IFRS as a part of Czech accounting context) pp. 64-77 Downloads
Dana Kubickova and Irena Jindrichovska
Small and Medium-Sized Enterprizes – Opportunities and Challenges pp. 78-87 Downloads
David Mares and Gabriela Dlaskova
Specifics of the Development of Family Businesses in the Czech Republic pp. 88-108 Downloads
Nadezda Petru and Karel Havlicek
Impact of the Implementation of the SEPA Project on SMEs pp. 109-119 Downloads
Otakar Schlossberger
Phenomenon of “Born Globals” in the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic pp. 120-129 Downloads
Iveta Simberova and Eliska Rekova
Analysis Tools of Connecting Investment Opportunities and Investment Means in the Area of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises pp. 130-139 Downloads
Radim Valencik and Jan Cervenka
The Shariah Financial Accounting Standards: How they Prevent Fraud in Islamic Banking pp. 140-157 Downloads
Tulus Suryanto and Ridwansyah Ridwansyah
Top Managers Networking Influence on Competitive Intelligence Practices: the Case of Hi-Tech SMBs pp. 158-169 Downloads
Catherine De La Robertie
Effective State Ownership Administration in the Context of the Privatization Process in Russia pp. 170-187 Downloads
Nataliya Gennadyevna Filatova
Measuring the Correlation of Job Satisfaction with Accountants Performance: The Role of Islamic Work Ethics as a Moderator pp. 188-201 Downloads
Amilin Amilin

Volume XIX, issue 3B, 2016

Government Control of Agrarian field of Economics in the Conditions of Global Challenge pp. 39-55 Downloads
T.M. Polushkina, S.A. Kochetkova, Yu.A. Akimova and N.A. Polushkin
The Institutionalization of the Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility: Opportunities and Prospects pp. 56-76 Downloads
T.N. Savina
Methodical Aspects of Organization and Carrying out of Functional-Cost Analysis on the Basis of Process Approach for the Purpose of Expenses and Quality Optimization pp. 77-96 Downloads
T.P. Sharashkina
Protection of the Right to Respect for Private and Family Life in European Court of Human Rights pp. 97-110 Downloads
L.Yu. Fomina
Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy: Political and Legal Views and Protection of Religious Rights pp. 111-130 Downloads
Y.N. Sushkova
Legal Self-Defense: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow pp. 131-150 Downloads
N.I. Uzdimaeva
The Ability of Civil Society to Act against Corruption pp. 151-169 Downloads
O.N. Ageeva, S.V. Anoschenkova, S.V. Petrikova and S.N. Pomnina
Issues and Prospectives of the Educational Service Market Modernization pp. 227-238 Downloads
A.P. Gorina
The Quality of Education as a Primary Concern of the Sustainable Development pp. 239-257 Downloads
N.D. Guskova, S.M. Vdovin, I.N. Krakovskaya and Yu.Yu. Slushkina

Volume XIX, issue 3A, 2016

The Influence of the Ethnic Culture Specifics on the Organizational Culture of the Industrial Enterprise pp. 3-18 Downloads
A.V. Erastova
Assessment of the Balance Degree of Loan Companies Banking Policy pp. 19-31 Downloads
V.V. Mitrokhin, S.S. Artemyeva and I.K. Simaeva
Development of Energy Management Systems of Russian Companies in the Context of World Tendencies of Improving Energy Efficiency pp. 32-52 Downloads
L.A. Fedoskina
The Integration of the Accounting System for Implementing World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Principles pp. 53-69 Downloads
Averin O.i, N.F. Kolesnik and L.M. Makarova
Innovation and Investment Safety as the Condition for Neo-Industrial Development pp. 94-109 Downloads
E.D. Kormishkin, O.S. Sausheva, V.A. Gorin and E.S. Zemskova
Problems and Mechanisms of Sustainable Development of Rural Areas (at the example of the Republic of Mordovia) pp. 110-122 Downloads
E.G. Kovalenko, O.Y. Yakimova, E.V. Avtaykina and O.O. Zaytseva
Unused Potential of Quality Management Systems of the Russian Companies: an Empirical Study pp. 150-166 Downloads
T.A. Salimova and V.I. Makolov
Monitoring of Food Security in the Russian Federation: Methodology and Assessment pp. 185-202 Downloads
L.A. Kormishkina and N.N. Semenova
Program-Targeted Regulation of the Regional Consumer Market pp. 203-227 Downloads
E.A. Neretina, E.V. Soldatova, N.S. Komleva, N.O. Kolchina and E.G. Shcherbakova
Methods of Analysis of Equity Securities Risk and Return: Issues and Prospects pp. 228-249 Downloads
N.A. Gorbunova
Tax Incentives for Energy Efficient Investments in the Context of Neo-Industrial Paradigm in Russia pp. 250-272 Downloads
L.P. Koroleva

Volume XIX, issue 2, 2016

Competitive Potential of Trade Organization: Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Formation and Realization pp. 3-11 Downloads
Nadezhda A. Serebryakova, Sergey V. Semenenko, Natalya V. Grishchenko and Tamara Y. Ulchenko
Concessional Lending as a Perspective Tool of Development of Agribusiness pp. 12-20 Downloads
L.V. Popova, D.A. Korobeynikov, O.M. Korobeynikova, S.J. Shaldokhina and D.O. Zabaznova
Development of Methodological Approach to Enterprise’s Financial Strategy Based on Comprehensive Evaluation of Its Strategic Potential pp. 21-33 Downloads
N.N. Kosinova, M.S. Tolstel, S.P. Sazonov and K.D. Vaysbeyn
Environment Quality Management in Green Cities pp. 34-45 Downloads
Lyudmila N. Medvedeva, Konstantin Y. Kozenko and Olga P. Komarova
Formation of Concept of Provision of Economic Security of Organization: Personnel Aspect pp. 46-54 Downloads
Viktoria V. Grigoryeva, Ekaterina V. Gorkovenko, Irina V. Platonova, Elena P. Borshevskaya and Elena I. Makrinova
Formation of the System of Business Processes at Machine Building Enterprises pp. 55-63 Downloads
Ekaterina P. Garina, Viktor P. Kuznetsov, Anastasia O. Egorova, Aleksandr P. Garin and Sergey N. Yashin
Formation of the System of Management of Supporting University on the Basis of Strengthening of Communication Component pp. 64-70 Downloads
Besarion C. Meskhi, Mikhail A. Izotov, Yuliya S. Knyazeva and Tatyana V. Simonyan
Human Capital as a Key Factor of Economic Growth in Crisis pp. 71-78 Downloads
A.V. Sultanova and O.S. Chechina
Imperative of State in the Process of Establishment of Innovational Economy in the Globalizing World pp. 79-85 Downloads
E.S. Akopova and N.V. Przhedetskaya
Internal and External Factors of Food Security Policy in Russia pp. 86-99 Downloads
Nikolai G. Kuznetsov, Vladimir V. Kuznetsov and Irina Y. Soldatova
Methodological Aspects of Prioritization of Financial Tools for Stimulation of Innovative Activities pp. 100-112 Downloads
I.D. Anikina, A.V. Gukova, Ð .ð . Golodova and Ð .ð . Chekalkina
Methodological Provision of Active Management of Economic Risk in Agrarian Business pp. 113-124 Downloads
Marina V. Korshikova, Irina P. Belikova, Tatyana I. Sakhnyuk, Pavel A. Sakhnyuk and Inna G. Svistunova
Methodology of Formation and Realization of Competitive Strategy of Machine Building Enterprises pp. 125-134 Downloads
Anastasia O. Egorova, Natalia S. Andryashina and Viktor P. Kuznetsov
Model of Creation and Management of the Process of Technological Projects Development pp. 135-143 Downloads
Besarion C. Meskhi, Mikhail A. Izotov, Yulia S. Knyazeva and V. Simonyan
New Forms of Coal Industry Management pp. 144-150 Downloads
Olga A. Tkacheva, Anna F. Batashova, Irina B. Zhukova, Anna A. Smakhtina and Raisa I. Naumenko
Organizational and Methodological Approaches to Development of Accounting Policy for Formation of Integrated Accounting of Interrelated Agricultural Companies pp. 153-160 Downloads
N. N. Balashova, V. A. Melikhov, M.A. Ovchinnikov, E.M. Egorova and E.V. Tokareva
Peculiarities of Formation of Socially Oriented Strategy of Economic Growth of National Economy pp. 161-170 Downloads
Olesya A. Stroeva, Nadezhda V. Mironenko, Innara R. Lyapina and Elena V. Petrukhina
Perspectives of Development of Agriculture in Crisis by the Example of Present-Day Russia pp. 171-178 Downloads
Y. Kozenko, Z. Kozenko, A. Bobicheva, K. Kozenko and M. Filin
Institutional Tool of Financial Policy: Contractual Policy pp. 179-188 Downloads
Nadezhda N. Makarova, Ekaterina I. Zubko, Larisa I. Bestuzheva, Ivan A. Chusov and Viktoria V. Surkova
Russian Nanotechnology Industry Development: The Impact of External Political and Economic Sanctions pp. 189-204 Downloads
Oleg Inshakov and Elena Inshakova
Solving the Problem of Credit Defaults in Retail Sector pp. 205-217 Downloads
Viktor M. Zaernyuk, Zinaida M. Nazarova, Vadim A. Kosyanov, Nadezhda N. Filimonova and Olga V. Vershinina
Structural and Logical Model of Contemporary Global Economic System pp. 218-227 Downloads
Elena Popkova, Oksana Chechina and Aleksandra Sultanova
Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Provision of Well-Balanced Development of Forest Sector of Economy under the Conditions of Climatic Changes and Increase of Anthropogenic Stress pp. 228-238 Downloads
Artem V. Konstantinov, Oleg I. Vasilyev, Tatiana S. Koroleva and Elizaveta A. Shunkina
Zoning of Territory on the Basis of Modeling of Efficiency of Forest Resources Use in Russian Regions’ Economy pp. 239-250 Downloads
I.S. Zinovyeva, E.A. Kolesnichenko and A.V. Yakovlev
Advancing Success in Behavior and Activities as One of Conditions for Development of Self-Esteem with Children pp. 251-257 Downloads
Olga V. Dybina
Investment Attractiveness of Small Innovational Business under the Conditions of Globalization and Integration pp. 258-267 Downloads
Anna N. Ermakova, Svetlana S. Vaytsekhovskaya, Viktoria B. Malitskaya and Natalya Ð . Prodanova
Management of Small Innovational Enterprise under the Conditions of Global Competition: Possibilities and Threats pp. 268-275 Downloads
Svetlana V. Bogdanova, Irina V. Kozel, Lilia V. Ermolina and Tatiana N. Litvinova
State Stimulation of Development of Small Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries pp. 276-284 Downloads
Olga N. Kusakina, Natalia V. Bannikova, Svetlana S. Morkovina and Tatiana N. Litvinova
Business Administration as a Basis for Development of Global Entrepreneurship pp. 284-293 Downloads
N.Y. Ermakova, Olga V. Fokina, Ekaterina S. Tyufiakova, Irina S. Rogacheva and Yulia Tyurina
Role of Business Administration in the Process of Formation of Post-Industrial Economy pp. 294-301 Downloads
Natalia N. Telnova, Svyatoslav Serikov, Nelli A. Savelyeva, Tatiana Litvinova and Alexander Tenishchev
Systemic Approach to Business Administration of Innovation-Oriented Enterprise pp. 302-309 Downloads
Olga S. Mysova, Galina P. Dovlatyan, Irina P. Belikova, Tatiana N. Kostyuchenko and Maria Troyanskaya
Institutional Tool of Financial Policy: Contractual Policy pp. 310-319 Downloads
Nadezhda N. Makarova, Ekaterina I. Zubko, Larisa I. Bestuzheva, Ivan A. Chusov and Viktoria V. Surkova

Volume XIX, issue 1, 2016

Online Sports Betting in Greece: An Empirical Investigation pp. 3-17 Downloads
Ioannis Papanastasiou and Vasileios Fourlas
Audit Delay and Its Implication for Fraudulent Financial Reporting: A Study of Companies Listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange pp. 18-31 Downloads
Tulus Suryanto
An Evaluation of Policies for Fiscal and External Sustainability during the Recent Greek Economic Crisis pp. 32-43 Downloads
Panagiotis Chronis and George Zombanakis
Ocean Shipping: By Far the Best Growth Model for Greece pp. 44-58 Downloads
George Bitros
The Financial System of the EU and the Capital Markets Union pp. 59-70 Downloads
Florin Teodor Boldeanu and Ileana Tache
Analysis of the Impact of Taxation of Business Entities on the Innovative Development of the Country pp. 71-83 Downloads
Andrey Nechaev and Oksana Antipina
SMEs Export Activities in the Czech Republic and Export Risk Insuring* pp. 84-92 Downloads
Pavla Breckova
Structural Aspects of the European Union Economy pp. 93-128 Downloads
Liliana Duguleana and Constantin Duguleana
The Impact of the Eurozone Crisis on European Banks Stocks Contagion or Interdependence? pp. 129-148 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Allegret, Helene Raymond and Houda Rharrabti
Gauging the Impact of Country-Specific Values on the Acceptability of Global Management Accounting Principles pp. 149-164 Downloads
David R. Borker
The Foreign Exchange Exposure of Domestic Companies in Eurozone: Case of the Baltic States pp. 165-178 Downloads
Ramona Rupeika-Apoga and Roberts Nedovis
Innovational Mechanism of Implementation of Cluster Initiatives in Business pp. 179-188 Downloads
Evgeny V. Frank, Oksana V. Mashevskaya and Lilia V. Ermolina
Model of Innovation-Oriented State Economic Policy pp. 189-200 Downloads
Vera I. Menshchikova and Aleksey V. Sayapin
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