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2009 - 2017

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Volume 10, issue 3, 2017

Applying a hybrid transportation system to design an agile multi-product and multi-echelon dynamic supply chain pp. 261-285 Downloads
Mohammad Nikzamir
Multi server machine repair problem with unreliable server and two types of spares under asynchronous vacation policy pp. 286-315 Downloads
Anamika Jain and Madhu Jain
A multiproduct EOQ model with permissible delay in payments and shortage within warehouse space constraint: a genetic algorithm approach pp. 316-341 Downloads
Seyed Hamid Reza Pasandideh, Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki and Mohammad Hemmati Far
Some more average distance results pp. 342-369 Downloads
Trevor S. Hale, Heather S. Lutz and Faizul Huq
A new method for fuzzy numbers ranking on the basis of hypotenuse set pp. 370-398 Downloads
Nasser Shahsavari-Pour, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Hamed Mohammadi Andargoli, Mohammad Hossein Abolhasani-Ashkezari and Mojtaba Kazemi

Volume 10, issue 2, 2017

Random search in a bounded area pp. 137-149 Downloads
Abd El-Moneim AnwarMohamed Teamah, Hamdy Mohamed Abou Gabal and Mohamed Abd Allah El-Hadidy
Analysing a few trigonometric solutions for the Fermat-Weber facility location triangle problem with and without repulsion and generalising the solutions pp. 150-166 Downloads
A. Baskar
Ant colony optimisation for impatient customer queue under N-policy and Bernoulli schedule vacation interruption pp. 167-189 Downloads
P. Vijaya Laxmi and S. Indira
A retrial inventory system with an unreliable server pp. 190-210 Downloads
P.V. Ushakumari
A partially backlogged EPQ model with demand dependent production and non-instantaneous deterioration pp. 211-228 Downloads
Sanjay Singh, S.R. Singh and Seema Sharma
Multi-station manufacturing system analysis: theoretical and simulation study pp. 229-260 Downloads
Mohamed Boualem, Amina Angelika Bouchentouf, Mouloud Cherfaoui and Djamil Aïssani

Volume 10, issue 1, 2017

A Markov decision process model of allocating emergency medical resource among multi-priority injuries pp. 1-17 Downloads
Yan Ni, Ke Wang and Lindu Zhao
Limits to the scope of applicability of extended formulations theory for LP models of combinatorial optimisation problems pp. 18-33 Downloads
Moustapha Diaby and Mark H. Karwan
Branch-and-bound algorithm for solving blocking flowshop scheduling problems with makespan criterion pp. 34-48 Downloads
Saïd Toumi, Bassem Jarboui, Mansour Eddaly and Abdelwaheb Rebaï
Scheduling multi-skilled manpower with considering teams replacement and site-dependent vehicles routing pp. 49-68 Downloads
Morteza Kiani, Hany Seidgar and Iraj Mahdavi
Optimal combined dividend and reinsurance policies under interest rate in Lévy markets pp. 69-83 Downloads
Sivuyile W. Mgobhozi and Eriyoti Chikodza
Efficiency of commercial banks in Turkey and their comparison: application of DEA with Tobit analysis pp. 84-103 Downloads
Aziz Kutlar, Ali Kabasakal and Mehmet Sena Ekici
M-states search problem for a lost target with multiple sensors pp. 104-135 Downloads
Abd El-Moneim Anwar Teamah, Mohamed Abd El-Hady Kassem and Mohamed Abd Allah El-Hadidy

Volume 9, issue 4, 2016

Incomplete preference matrix on Alo-group and its application to ranking of alternatives pp. 412-422 Downloads
Jaroslav Ramík
Probabilities of fuzzy events and their use in decision matrices pp. 423-435 Downloads
Pavla Rotterová and OndÅ™ej PavlaÄ ka
Feature-wise differential evolution classifier with an OWA-based multi-distance aggregation pp. 436-451 Downloads
David Koloseni, Mario Fedrizzi, Pasi Luukka, Mikael Collan and Jouni Lampinen
EOQ model with linear time dependent demand and different holding cost functions pp. 452-466 Downloads
R.P. Tripathi and S.M. Mishra
Patent-related decision-making with fuzzy real option analysis pp. 467-486 Downloads
Xiaolu Wang and Christer Carlsson
Two-step method for multiple criteria investment decision making: mutual funds selection using FuzzME software pp. 487-501 Downloads
Tomáš Talášek, Eva Bohanesová and Jana Talašová
Human resources management at universities - a fuzzy classification approach pp. 502-519 Downloads
Pavel HoleÄ ek, Jan Stoklasa and Jana TalaÅ¡ová
Optimal consistent approximation of a preference matrix in decision making pp. 520-534 Downloads
Martin Gavalec and Hana Tomášková

Volume 9, issue 3, 2016

Searching for a d-dimensional Brownian target with multiple sensors pp. 279-301 Downloads
Mohamed Abd Allah El-Hadidy
An M/G/1 retrial queueing system with two phases of service, immediate Bernoulli feedbacks, single vacation and starting failures pp. 302-328 Downloads
M. Varalakshmi, P. Rajadurai, M.C. Saravanarajan and V.M. Chandrasekaran
Impacts of quality and transportation on environmental costs in multi-stage multi-product green supply chain pp. 329-348 Downloads
Parvaneh Loni and Alireza Arshadi Khamseh
Exploring the usage of econometric techniques in nonlinear machine learning and data mining pp. 349-362 Downloads
P. Lakshmi and S. Visalakshmi
Optimal flow control of multi server time sharing queueing network with priority pp. 363-374 Downloads
Pankaj Sharma
Steady state analysis of bulk arrival and bulk service queueing model with multiple working vacations pp. 375-394 Downloads
S. Jeyakumar and B. Senthilnathan
Symmetric duality in non-differentiable programming using G-invexity pp. 395-407 Downloads
Ramu Dubey and S.K. Gupta

Volume 9, issue 2, 2016

Multiple attribute group decision making method using a new similarity measure in interval type-2 fuzzy sets: a case study pp. 139-166 Downloads
Armaghan Heidarzade, Iraj Mahdavi and Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri
Queueing systems with vacation: an overview pp. 167-213 Downloads
Shweta Upadhyaya
A new multi-interval weights approach in fuzzy goal programming for a multi-criteria problem pp. 214-229 Downloads
Ibrahim Zeghaiton Chaloob, Razamin Ramli and Mohd Kamal Mohd Nawawi
A heuristical solution method to separable nonlinear programming problems pp. 230-242 Downloads
Kaj-Mikael Björk and József Mezei
Semilocal convergence of Stirling's method for fixed points in Banach spaces pp. 243-257 Downloads
D.K. Gupta, S.K. Parhi and Sukhjit Singh
Efficient local search algorithms for job-shop scheduling problems pp. 258-277 Downloads
Pisut Pongchairerks

Volume 9, issue 1, 2016

An inventory model with negative customers and service interruptions pp. 1-14 Downloads
P. Vijaya Laxmi, M.L. Soujanya and K. Jyothsna
Analysis of single server finite queueing model with reneging pp. 15-38 Downloads
Charan Jeet Singh, Madhu Jain and Binay Kumar
Stepwise explicit solution for the joint distribution of queue length of a MAP single-server service queueing system with splitting and varying batch size delayed-feedback pp. 39-64 Downloads
Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi and Dimitar P. Mishev
Existence and stability solutions of nonlinear stochastic functional partial integrodifferential equations with infinite delay pp. 65-78 Downloads
Chinnasamy Parthasarathy, M. Mallika Arjunan and A. Vinodkumar
Measurable order and simulation pp. 79-98 Downloads
Rodolfo Garza-Morales, Juan González-Hernández and César Emilio Villarreal-Rodríguez
A new multi-objective model for a capacitated hub covering problem solving by two multi-objective evolutionary algorithms pp. 99-124 Downloads
Yamin Alizadeh, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam and Sadoullah Ebrahimnejad
Hybrid bat algorithm for flow shop scheduling problems pp. 125-138 Downloads
Ömür Tosun and M.K. Marichelvam

Volume 8, issue 4, 2016

Concavity of maximum entropy through modified Burg's entropy subject to its prescribed mean pp. 393-405 Downloads
Amritansu Ray and Sanat Kumar Majumder
Coordinating a two-echelon supply chain with price and inventory level dependent demand, time dependent holding cost, and partial backlogging pp. 406-423 Downloads
B.C. Giri and S. Bardhan
A heuristic method to solve the location and machine selection problem in a two-dimensional continuous area pp. 424-448 Downloads
Kamran Azimi and Maghsud Solimanpur
Finite horizon EOQ model for non-instantaneous deteriorating items with probabilistic deterioration and partial backlogging under inflation pp. 449-476 Downloads
M. Palanivel and R. Uthayakumar
Inventory model with multivariate demands in different phases with customer returns and inflation pp. 477-489 Downloads
S.R. Singh, Seema Sharma and Sanjay Singh
Cost-benefit and performance analysis of a stochastic model on printed circuit boards manufacturing process pp. 490-508 Downloads
Rajeev Kumar and Shefali Batra
Solving multi-choice multi-objective transportation problem pp. 509-527 Downloads
S. Acharya and M.P. Biswal

Volume 8, issue 3, 2016

A new agile fuzzy multi-objective model for selecting/eliminating supplier pp. 259-278 Downloads
Masoud Mohammadzadeh and Alireza Arshadi Khamseh
Golden section search over hyper-rectangle: a direct search method pp. 279-292 Downloads
Suvra Kanti Chakraborty and Geetanjali Panda
Complete search procedure for replenishment and collection policies in a product life cycle for a retailer pp. 293-311 Downloads
Tzu-Chun Weng
Economic design of an inventory system involving probabilistic deterioration and variable setup cost through mathematical approach pp. 312-341 Downloads
S. Priyan and R. Uthayakumar
Integrated vendor-buyer model with defective items, inspection error and stochastic demand pp. 342-359 Downloads
Wakhid Ahmad Jauhari
New iterative methods for nonlinear equations in R pp. 360-372 Downloads
Sukhjit Singh and D.K. Gupta
An EPQ (economic production lot size) model for product life cycle (maturity stage) of deteriorating items with increasing demand rate and shortages pp. 373-392 Downloads
Nirmal Kumar Duari and Tripti Chakraborti

Volume 8, issue 2, 2016

An integrated production inventory model for perishable products with trade credit period and investment in preservation technology pp. 137-163 Downloads
Shilpy Tayal, S.R. Singh and Rajendra Sharma
Transient analysis of a fluid queue driven by a chain sequenced birth and death process with catastrophes pp. 164-184 Downloads
T. Vijayalakshmi and V. Thangaraj
Stockout aversion in retailing supply chain using newsvendor models pp. 185-202 Downloads
Arindum Mukhopadhyay and A. Goswami
Optimal shipment policy with ordering constraint for multi items in healthcare industries pp. 203-222 Downloads
C. Velmurugan and R. Uthayakumar
A new method for ranking of fuzzy numbers based on dual areas pp. 223-238 Downloads
Nasser Shahsavari-Pour, Mohammad Hossein Abolhasani-Ashkezari, Hamed Mohammadi-Andargoli and Mojtaba Kazemi
Busy period of a single-server Poisson queueing system with splitting and batch delayed-feedback pp. 239-257 Downloads
Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi and Dimitar P. Mishev

Volume 8, issue 1, 2016

Approximated closed-form minimum-cost solutions to the (S − 1, S) policy with complete backordering pp. 1-27 Downloads
Marcello Braglia, Davide Castellano and Marco Frosolini
A simulation- and genetic algorithm-based optimisation of closed-loop multi-echelon inventory system pp. 28-59 Downloads
Rohit Kapoor, Bhavin J. Shah and Nita H. Shah
Optimal replenishment policies of an EOQ model for non-instantaneous Weibull deteriorating items with ramp-type of demand under shortages pp. 60-86 Downloads
M. Valliathal and R. Uthayakumar
A proxy partially blind signature approach using elliptic curve cryptosystem pp. 87-95 Downloads
Nedal Tahat and Emad E. Abdallah
Multiobjective optimisation of stochastic problems using a mixed metaheuristic and regression technique pp. 96-113 Downloads
Seyed Hamid Reza Pasandideh and Mahsa Mesgaran
Studies on inventory model for deteriorating items with Weibull replenishment and generalised Pareto decay having time dependent demand pp. 114-136 Downloads
A. Lakshmana Rao and K. Srinivasa Rao
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