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Volume 159, issue 3, 2014

The costs of collectivization, per se pp. 321-326 Downloads
James Buchanan and Yong Yoon
Albert Heckscher on collective decision-making pp. 327-339 Downloads
Eerik Lagerspetz
Did southerners favor slavery? Inferences from an analysis of prices in New Orleans, 1805–1860 pp. 341-361 Downloads
Jeffrey Grynaviski and Michael Munger
Loyalty for sale? Military spending and coups d’etat pp. 363-383 Downloads
Gabriel Leon
Religious decline in the 20th century West: testing alternative explanations pp. 385-414 Downloads
Raphaël Franck and Laurence Iannaccone
Parties and institutions: empirical evidence on veto players and the growth of government pp. 415-433 Downloads
Casper Hunnerup Dahl
Political institutions and income (re-)distribution: evidence from developed economies pp. 435-455 Downloads
Lars Feld and Jan Schnellenbach
Popularity, polarization, and political budget cycles pp. 457-467 Downloads
Marek Hanusch and Daniel Magleby
(De)Centralization and voter turnout: theory and evidence from German municipalities pp. 469-483 Downloads
Claus Michelsen, Peter Boenisch and Benny Geys
The limits of tax and expenditure limits: TEL implementation as a principal-agent problem pp. 485-501 Downloads
Ellen Seljan
Form vs. substance in selection through competition: elections, markets, and political economy pp. 503-514 Downloads
Richard Wagner and Deema Yazigi
Third-party threat and the dimensionality of major-party roll call voting pp. 515-531 Downloads
Daniel Lee
Electoral misgovernance cycles: evidence from wildfires and tax evasion in Greece pp. 533-559 Downloads
Spyros Skouras and Nicos Christodoulakis
Imperfect information and the Meltzer-Richard hypothesis pp. 561-576 Downloads
Christian Bredemeier
Lee Epstein, William M. Landes, Richard A. Posner: The Behavior of Federal Judges pp. 577-579 Downloads
Alison Newman
Gary Chartier, Anarchy and Legal Order: Law and politics for a stateless society pp. 581-583 Downloads
Edward Stringham
Francesco Parisi (ed.), Production of Legal Rules, volume 7: Encyclopedia of law and economics (2nd ed.) pp. 585-587 Downloads
J. Robert Subrick
Zoltan J. Acs: Why Philanthropy Matters: How the Wealthy Give, and What It Means for Our Economic Well-Being pp. 589-593 Downloads
Lenore Ealy
Dinissa Duvanova: Building business in post-communist Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia: collective goods, selective incentives, and predatory states pp. 595-597 Downloads
Dalibor Roháč

Volume 159, issue 1, 2014

Common pool size and project size: an empirical test on expenditures using Danish municipal mergers pp. 3-21 Downloads
Sune Welling Hansen
A correction to Potters and van Winden (1992) pp. 23-26 Downloads
Jason Weinreb and Joan Ricart-Huguet
On revolt and endogenous economic policy in autocratic regimes pp. 27-52 Downloads
Joel Guttman and Rafael Reuveny
Participation quorums in costly meetings pp. 53-62 Downloads
Sabine Flamand and Orestis Troumpounis
How a firm can induce legislators to adopt a bad policy pp. 63-82 Downloads
Matthias Dahm, Robert Dur and Amihai Glazer
Implementing the Borda outcome via truncated scoring rules: a computational study pp. 83-98 Downloads
Onur Doğan and Ayça Giritligil
Returns to effort in rent-seeking games pp. 99-104 Downloads
Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci and Francesco Parisi
The welfare state, migration, and voting rights pp. 105-120 Downloads
Christine Fauvelle-Aymar
On the political and fiscal determinants of income redistribution under federalism and democracy: evidence from Germany pp. 121-139 Downloads
Helmut Herwartz and Bernd Theilen
Exploring the nature of inter-country interactions in the process of ratifying international environmental agreements: the case of the Kyoto Protocol pp. 141-158 Downloads
Alexandre Sauquet
Voters, dictators, and peons: expressive voting and pivotality pp. 159-176 Downloads
Emir Kamenica and Louisa Egan Brad
Can democracy induce development? A constitutional perspective pp. 177-196 Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Lars H. R. Siemers
Location, location, location: the Davis-Hinich model of electoral competition pp. 197-218 Downloads
John Jackson
Competence and ambiguity in electoral competition pp. 219-234 Downloads
Sivan Frenkel
A preferential attachment model of campaign contributions in state legislative elections pp. 235-249 Downloads
Greg Vonnahme
Legislative budget cycles pp. 251-275 Downloads
Cameron Shelton
The law & economics of private prosecutions in industrial revolution England pp. 277-298 Downloads
Mark Koyama
Erratum to: Douglas W. Allen: The institutional revolution: measurement and the economic emergence of the modern world pp. 299-299 Downloads
Karen Clay
Richard E. Wagner: Deficits, debt, and democracy: wrestling with tragedy on the fiscal commons pp. 301-303 Downloads
Adam Martin
Jeff D. Makholm: The political economy of pipelines: a century of comparative institutional development pp. 305-307 Downloads
Robert Bradley
John Tomasi: Free market fairness pp. 309-311 Downloads
John Thrasher
Wayne A. Leighton and Edward J. López: Madmen, intellectuals, and academic scribblers: the economic engine of political change pp. 313-315 Downloads
Michael Thomas
Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson: Why nations fail: the origins of power, prosperity, and poverty pp. 317-320 Downloads
Atin Basuchoudhary

Volume 158, issue 3, 2014

Empirical social choice: an introduction pp. 297-310 Downloads
Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard
On the empirical relevance of Condorcet’s paradox pp. 311-330 Downloads
Adrian Deemen
Which voting rule is most likely to choose the “best” candidate? pp. 331-357 Downloads
T. Tideman and Florenz Plassmann
An experimental study of the efficiency of unanimity rule and majority rule pp. 359-382 Downloads
Keith Dougherty, Brian Pitts, Justin Moeller and Robi Ragan
Cycles and instability in politics. Evidence from the 2009 Danish municipal elections pp. 383-397 Downloads
Malthe Munkøe
The Alternative Vote and Coombs Rule versus First-Past-the-Post: a social choice analysis of simulated data based on English elections, 1992–2010 pp. 399-425 Downloads
Nicholas Miller
The variable choice set logit model applied to the 2004 Canadian election pp. 427-463 Downloads
Maria Gallego, Norman Schofield, Kevin McAlister and Jee Jeon
Modeling the effects of changing issue salience in two-party competition pp. 465-482 Downloads
Scott Feld, Samuel Merrill and Bernard Grofman
Picking a loser? A social choice perspective on the Danish government formation of 1975 pp. 483-497 Downloads
Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard
Insincere voting under the successive procedure pp. 499-511 Downloads
Bjørn Rasch
A Danish killer amendment—when judicial review was banned from the 1849 Constitution pp. 513-523 Downloads
Mogens Pedersen
Coalition formation on the U.S. Supreme Court: 1969–2009 pp. 525-539 Downloads
Steven Brams, Gustavo Camilo and Alexandra Franz
Sophisticated and myopic? Citizen preferences for Electoral College reform pp. 541-558 Downloads
John Aldrich, Jason Reifler and Michael Munger
Equilibrium institutions: the federal-proportional trade-off pp. 559-576 Downloads
Josep Colomer
Institutions, information, and faction: an experimental test of Riker’s federalism thesis for political parties pp. 577-588 Downloads
John Aldrich, Michael Munger and Jason Reifler
Erratum to: The Alternative Vote and Coombs Rule Versus First-Past-The-Post: A Social Choice Analysis of Simulated Data Based on English Elections, 1992–2010 pp. 589-589 Downloads
Nicholas Miller

Volume 158, issue 1, 2014

Betty Tillman pp. 1-2 Downloads
Donald Boudreaux
Betty Tillman: a remembrance pp. 3-4 Downloads
Dwight Lee
A tribute to Betty Tillman pp. 5-6 Downloads
Richard McKenzie
Remembering Betty Tillman pp. 7-8 Downloads
Karen Vaughn
Betty Tillman, a remembrance of times long ago pp. 9-10 Downloads
Richard Wagner
Property and markets in Elmer Kelton novels pp. 11-19 Downloads
Randy Simmons
The political economy of unfunded public pension liabilities pp. 21-38 Downloads
Dashle Kelley
Euvoluntariness and just market exchange: moral dilemmas from Locke’s Venditio pp. 39-49 Downloads
Ricardo Guzmán and Michael Munger
The determinants of election to the United Nations Security Council pp. 51-83 Downloads
Axel Dreher, Matthew Gould, Matthew D. Rablen and James Vreeland
Exchange, unanimity and consent: a defence of the public choice account of power pp. 85-100 Downloads
John Meadowcroft
Mixed equilibriums in a three-candidate spatial model with candidate valence pp. 101-120 Downloads
Dimitrios Xefteris
The devil is in the shadow. Do institutions affect income and productivity or only official income and official productivity? pp. 121-141 Downloads
Axel Dreher, Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Friedrich Schneider
The role of political partisanship during economic crises pp. 143-165 Downloads
Vincenzo Galasso
Do intergovernmental grants create ratchets in state and local taxes? pp. 167-187 Downloads
Russell Sobel and George Crowley
Can corruption foster regulatory compliance? pp. 189-207 Downloads
Fabio Méndez
Why do crises go to waste? Fiscal austerity and public service reform pp. 209-220 Downloads
David Hugh-Jones
Are elections in autocracies a curse for incumbents? Evidence from Chinese villages pp. 221-242 Downloads
Li Han
Taking dictatorship seriously: a reply to Quesada pp. 243-251 Downloads
Greg Fried
Taking alleged dictatorship more seriously: Rejoinder to Fried pp. 253-259 Downloads
Antonio Quesada
Law-and-economics: why Gordon Tullock prefers Napoleon Bonaparte over the Duke of Wellington; and why he may end up on St. Helena pp. 261-279 Downloads
Jennis Jean Taylor Biser
Douglas W. Allen: The institutional revolution: measurement and the economic emergency of the modern world pp. 281-283 Downloads
Karen Clay
Gunnar Trumbull: Strength in numbers: the political power of weak interests pp. 285-288 Downloads
George Crowley
Ronald Coase, Ning Wang: How China became capitalist pp. 289-291 Downloads
Nara Dillon and William Keech
Allan H. Meltzer: why capitalism? pp. 293-295 Downloads
Diana Thomas
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