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Volume 162, issue 1, 2015

Does remuneration affect the discipline and the selection of politicians? Evidence from pay harmonization in the European Parliament pp. 1-24 Downloads
Thomas Braendle
Is there a local knowledge advantage in federations? Evidence from a natural experiment pp. 25-42 Downloads
André Schultz and Alexander Libman
Signature requirements and citizen initiatives: Quasi-experimental evidence from Germany pp. 43-56 Downloads
Felix Arnold and Ronny Freier
Tax structure and corruption: cross-country evidence pp. 57-78 Downloads
Yongzheng Liu and Haibo Feng
Explaining party ideological stances pp. 79-96 Downloads
Luigi Curini
The occupations of regulators influence occupational regulation: evidence from the US private security industry pp. 97-117 Downloads
Brian Meehan and Bruce Benson
Voting and the economic cycle pp. 119-133 Downloads
John Maloney and Andrew Pickering
Voluntary public health insurance pp. 135-157 Downloads
Catarina Goulão
Ruling elites’ rotation and asset ownership: implications for property rights pp. 159-182 Downloads
Leonid Polishchuk and Georgiy Syunyaev
Mobilization, cost of voting and turnout: a natural randomized experiment with double elections pp. 183-199 Downloads
Christine Fauvelle-Aymar and Abel François
Denise Minger, Death by food pyramid: how shoddy science, sketchy politics and shady special interests have ruined our health pp. 201-203 Downloads
Adam Hoffer
Tim Groseclose, Cheating: an insider’s report on the use of race in admissions at UCLA pp. 205-209 Downloads
Roderick Kiewiet D.
Peter H. Schuck: Why government fails so often: and how it can do better pp. 211-213 Downloads
Matt Ryan
David Skarbek: The social order of the underworld: how prison gangs govern the American penal system pp. 215-217 Downloads
Graham Denyer Willis
Peter T. Leeson, Anarchy unbound: why self-governance works better than you think pp. 219-221 Downloads
Stergios Skaperdas

Volume 161, issue 3, 2014

It’s not me, it’s you: the functioning of Wall Street during the 2008 economic downturn pp. 269-288 Downloads
Edward Stringham
A hidden cost of war: the impact of mobilizing reserve troops on emergency response times pp. 289-303 Downloads
Christopher Coyne, Abigail Hall, Patrick McLaughlin and Ann Zerkle
Presidential priorities, congressional control, and the quality of regulatory analysis: an application to healthcare and homeland security pp. 305-320 Downloads
Jerry Ellig and Christopher Conover
Coups d’état and defense spending: a counterfactual analysis pp. 321-344 Downloads
Vincenzo Bove and Roberto Nisticò
On the efficiency of equilibria in a legislative bargaining model with particularistic and collective goods pp. 345-366 Downloads
Daniel Cardona and Antoni Rubí-Barceló
The causes of legal rents extraction: evidence from Spanish municipalities pp. 367-383 Downloads
Bernardino Benito, Francisco Bastida, Ana-María Ríos and Cristina Vicente
Impact of natural disaster on public sector corruption pp. 385-405 Downloads
Eiji Yamamura
Three-party competition in parliamentary democracy with proportional representation pp. 407-426 Downloads
Seok-ju Cho
Political competition, party polarization, and government performance pp. 427-450 Downloads
Rune Sørensen
Do jurisdictions compete on taxes? A meta-regression analysis pp. 451-470 Downloads
Joan Costa-Font, Filipe De-Albuquerque and Chris Doucouliagos
Explaining variation in the competitiveness of U.S. Senate elections, 1922–2004 pp. 471-497 Downloads
Stanley Winer, Lawrence Kenny and Bernard Grofman
Good news and bad news: evidence of media bias in unemployment reports pp. 499-515 Downloads
Marcel Garz
Assessing strategic voting in the 2008 US presidential primaries: the role of electoral context, institutional rules, and negative votes pp. 517-536 Downloads
Hillygus D. and Sarah Treul
Amy E. Lerman, The modern prison paradox: Politics, punishment, and social community pp. 537-539 Downloads
David Skarbek
Michael Reksulak, Laura Razzolini and William F. Shughart II (eds.), The Elgar companion to public choice, second edition pp. 541-546 Downloads
Edward Lopez
Filippo Sabetti and Paul Dragos Aligica (eds.), Choice, rules and collective action: the Ostroms on the study of institutions and governance pp. 547-549 Downloads
Liya Palagashvili

Volume 161, issue 1, 2014

Frequency of monotonicity failure under Instant Runoff Voting: estimates based on a spatial model of elections pp. 1-9 Downloads
Joseph Ornstein and Robert Norman
Distribution of transfers and soft budget spending behaviors: evidence from Italian regions pp. 11-29 Downloads
Fabio Padovano
Campaigns, political mobility, and communication pp. 31-49 Downloads
Hans Gersbach
Do barriers to candidacy reduce political competition? Evidence from a bachelor’s degree requirement for legislators in Pakistan pp. 51-72 Downloads
Madiha Afzal
All-pay-all aspects of political decision making pp. 73-90 Downloads
Thomas Giebe and Paul Schweinzer
Constitutional verbosity and social trust pp. 91-112 Downloads
Christian Bjørnskov and Stefan Voigt
Buchanan and Tullock ignore their own contributions to expressive voting pp. 113-118 Downloads
Dwight Lee and Clark J.
Global corruption and the shadow economy: spatial aspects pp. 119-139 Downloads
Rajeev Goel and James Saunoris
The effect of the election of prosecutors on criminal trials pp. 141-156 Downloads
Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay and Bryan McCannon
The impact of consumer advocates on regulatory policy in the electric utility sector pp. 157-181 Downloads
Adam Fremeth, Guy Holburn and Pablo Spiller
Do the personal characteristics of finance ministers affect changes in public debt? pp. 183-207 Downloads
Marc-Daniel Moessinger
The impact of within-party and between-party ideological dispersion on fiscal outcomes: evidence from Swiss cantonal parliaments pp. 209-232 Downloads
Tjaša Bjedov, Simon Lapointe and Thierry Madiès
Voter information and electoral outcomes: the Norwegian list of shame pp. 233-255 Downloads
Arnt Hopland
T. Randolph Beard, David L. Kaserman, and Rigmar Osterkamp, The global organ shortage: economic causes, human consequences, policy responses pp. 257-259 Downloads
Peter Zweifel
Ilya Somin, Democracy and political ignorance: why smaller government is smarter pp. 261-264 Downloads
Stephen Miller
Katherine C. Epstein, Torpedo: Inventing the military-industrial complex in the United States and Great Britain pp. 265-267 Downloads
Abigail Hall

Volume 160, issue 3, 2014

Packed primaries and empty caucuses: voter turnout in presidential nominations pp. 295-312 Downloads
Caitlin Jewitt
Weak Condorcet winner(s) revisited pp. 313-326 Downloads
Dan Felsenthal and Nicolaus Tideman
Identifying the bandwagon effect in two-round elections pp. 327-344 Downloads
Áron Kiss and Gábor Simonovits
Disentangling the direct and indirect effects of the initiative process pp. 345-366 Downloads
John Matsusaka
Do constitutions matter? Evidence from a natural experiment at the municipality level pp. 367-389 Downloads
Florian Ade
Immigration, redistribution, and universal suffrage pp. 391-409 Downloads
Raul Magni-Berton
Reciprocity and resistance to comprehensive reform pp. 411-428 Downloads
Urs Fischbacher and Simeon Schudy
Forecast dispersion, dissenting votes, and monetary policy preferences of FOMC members: the role of individual career characteristics and political aspects pp. 429-453 Downloads
Stefan Eichler and Tom Lähner
The use of eminent domain in land assembly: The case of the Tennessee Valley Authority pp. 455-466 Downloads
Carl Kitchens
The impact of closeness on electoral participation exploiting the Italian double ballot system pp. 467-479 Downloads
Maria De Paola and Vincenzo Scoppa
Kidnap insurance and its impact on kidnapping outcomes pp. 481-499 Downloads
Alexander Fink and Mark Pingle
Ministerial gatekeeping and parliamentary involvement in the implementation process of EU directives pp. 501-519 Downloads
Thomas König and Bernd Luig
Political interaction in the senate: estimating a political “spatial” weights matrix and an application to lobbying behavior pp. 521-538 Downloads
Chupp B.
Transaction costs can encourage Coasean bargaining pp. 539-549 Downloads
Alex Robson
Thomas Piketty: Capital in the twenty-first century pp. 551-557 Downloads
Randall Holcombe
Brett M. Frischmann, Infrastructure: the social value of shared resources pp. 559-562 Downloads
Alain Marciano
Wolfgang Kasper, Manfred E. Streit and Peter J. Boettke: Institutional economics: property, competition, and policies, 2nd ed pp. 563-565 Downloads
G Manish
Edmund Phelps: Mass flourishing: how grassroots innovation created jobs, challenge, and change pp. 567-569 Downloads
Rosolino Candela

Volume 160, issue 1, 2014

Tom Borcherding pp. 1-6 Downloads
Matt Lindsay, Robert Deacon and Darren Filson
Candidates’ policy strategies in primary elections: does strategic voting by the primary electorate matter? pp. 7-24 Downloads
James Adams and Samuel Merrill
An empirical analysis of alternative ways that terrorist groups end pp. 25-44 Downloads
Khusrav Gaibulloev and Todd Sandler
Doctors with borders: occupational licensing as an implicit barrier to high skill migration pp. 45-63 Downloads
Brenton Peterson, Sonal Pandya and David Leblang
Is newspaper coverage of economic events politically biased? pp. 65-108 Downloads
John Lott and Kevin Hassett
Voting Islamist or voting secular? An empirical analysis of voting outcomes in Egypt’s “Arab Spring” pp. 109-130 Downloads
May Elsayyad and Shima’a Hanafy
Politics, unemployment, and the enforcement of immigration law pp. 131-153 Downloads
Michael Makowsky and Thomas Stratmann
The Chicago Fire of 1871: a bottom-up approach to disaster relief pp. 155-180 Downloads
Emily Skarbek
State involvement in limiting textbook choice by school districts pp. 181-203 Downloads
Michelle Phillips
Why do parties use primaries?: Political selection versus candidate incentives pp. 205-225 Downloads
Fernando Aragon
Decentralization and access to social services in Colombia pp. 227-249 Downloads
Jean-Paul Faguet and Fabio Sanchez Torres
What’s a losing party to do? The calculus of contesting state legislative elections pp. 251-273 Downloads
Thomas Carsey and William Berry
Wilfred Dolfsma: Government failure: society, markets, and rules pp. 275-277 Downloads
Peter Calcagno
Joshua Page: The toughest beat: politics, punishment, and the prison officers union in California pp. 279-281 Downloads
Kaitlyn Harger
Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey, deliberating American monetary policy: a textual analysis pp. 283-286 Downloads
Alexander Salter
David Levi-Faur (ed.): The Oxford Handbook of Governance pp. 287-290 Downloads
Paul Aligica
Erratum to: Institutional interactions and economic growth: the joint effects of property rights, veto players and democratic capital pp. 291-291 Downloads
Mogens Justesen and Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard
Erratum to: Did southerners favor slavery? Inferences from an analysis of prices in New Orleans, 1805–1860 pp. 293-293 Downloads
Jeffrey Grynaviski and Michael Munger
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