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Volume 40, issue 4, 2014

Gross Output: A New Revolutionary Way to Confuse Students about Measuring the Economy pp. 451-455 Downloads
David Colander
Introduction to the Symposium on Sports Economics pp. 456-458 Downloads
Victor Matheson and Peter von Allmen
Passing Up Uncertainty for Attendance: The NCAA Basketball Tournament Organizers Change Direction pp. 459-472 Downloads
Stephen G Bronars and Todd A McFall
A Violent Response to Changing the Rules of the Game: The Case of “The Split” in Scottish Premier League Soccer pp. 473-487 Downloads
Ryan Dansby and R Todd Jewell
Quantifying Market Inefficiencies in the Baseball Players’ Market pp. 488-498 Downloads
Ben Baumer and Andrew Zimbalist
Gender Differences in Competition: Running Performance in 1,500 Meter Tournaments pp. 499-517 Downloads
Jamie Emerson and Brian C. Hill
Understanding Price Movements in Point-Spread Betting Markets: Evidence from NCAA Basketball pp. 518-534 Downloads
Brad R Humphreys, Rodney Joseph Paul and Andrew Weinbach
Crime Rates and Police Efficiency pp. 535-559 Downloads
Gregory DeAngelo, Donald F. Vitaliano and Hannes Lang
Publishing Trends in Economics across Colleges and Universities, 1991–2007 pp. 560-582 Downloads
Anne E Winkler, Sharon G Levin, Paula E. Stephan and Wolfgang Gl&aauml;nzel
Does the Hot Hand Drive the Market? Evidence from College Football Betting Markets pp. 583-603 Downloads
Michael Sinkey and Trevon Logan
Euro Crash: Implications of Monetary Failure in Europe pp. 604-605 Downloads
Cathyann D Tully
The Art and Practice of Economics Research: Lessons from Leading Minds pp. 605-607 Downloads
Janet Spitz
The Global Economic Crisis: A Chronology pp. 607-608 Downloads
Anil Bolukoglu
Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend: Examining its Suitability as a Model pp. 608-611 Downloads
Evelyn L Forget
Jane Austen, Game Theorist pp. 611-612 Downloads
Aurelie Charles

Volume 40, issue 3, 2014

Economists Do a Lousy Job Teaching Students about Inflation pp. 285-288 Downloads
David Colander
The Effects of a Minimum Cigarette Purchase Age of 21 on Prenatal Smoking and Infant Health pp. 289-308 Downloads
Ji Yan
Merger Performance and Antitrust Review: A Retrospective Analysis pp. 309-325 Downloads
Ralph Sonenshine and Robert M. Feinberg
The Effect of New Jersey Lottery Promotions on Consumer Demand and State Profits pp. 326-348 Downloads
Kathryn L Combs, Jocelyn Elise Crowley and John A Spry
Centralized Wage Setting and Active Labor Market Policies in Frictional Labor Markets: The Nordic Case pp. 349-364 Downloads
Francesco Vona and Luca Zamparelli
Neoclassical Growth Theory and Heterodox Growth Theory: Opportunities For (and Obstacles To) Greater Engagement pp. 365-386 Downloads
Mark Setterfield
Testing the Effectiveness of Regulation and Competition on Cable Television Rates pp. 387-404 Downloads
Mary T Kelly and John S. Ying
The Linkage between Fertility and Labor Productivity: A European Perspective pp. 405-419 Downloads
Mathias Laich and Andrea Schneider
Fiscal Stimulus and Credibility in Emerging Countries pp. 420-439 Downloads
Magda ElSayed Kandil and Hanan Morsy
Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet pp. 440-442 Downloads
Emily Northrop
Who Shall Live?: Health, Economics and Social Choice pp. 442-443 Downloads
Lall Ramrattan and Michael Szenberg
The Price of Civilization pp. 444-446 Downloads
Mark L Wilson
Sharing the Prize: The Economics of the Civil Rights Revolution in the American South pp. 446-448 Downloads
Marie Christine Duggan
Maynard’s Revenge: The Collapse of Free Market Macroeconomics pp. 448-450 Downloads
Jesper Jespersen

Volume 40, issue 2, 2014

Some Government Skin in the Game: How to Encourage New Technology pp. 143-145 Downloads
David Colander
Social Capital and Health: A Concept whose Time has Come pp. 146-149 Downloads
Richard M Scheffler, Lorenzo Rocco and Susan L Averett
Does Associational Behavior Raise Social Capital? A Cross-Country Analysis of Trust pp. 150-165 Downloads
Paul Downward, Tim Pawlowski and Simona Rasciute
Older Migrants’ Social Capital in Host Countries: A Pan-European Comparison pp. 166-180 Downloads
Caroline Berchet and Nicolas Sirven
Friends with Health Benefits: Does Individual-level Social Capital Improve Health&quest pp. 181-201 Downloads
Susan L Averett, Laura M Argys and Jennifer C Kohn
Social Capital and Smoking Behavior pp. 202-225 Downloads
Lorenzo Rocco and d'Hombres, Béatrice
Effects of Maternal Depression on Social Interactions pp. 226-248 Downloads
Hope Corman, Kelly Noonan and Nancy E Reichman
Labor Mismatch and Skill Premia pp. 249-273 Downloads
Sherif Khalifa
An Investigation of Editorial Favoritism in the AER pp. 274-281 Downloads
Philip R. P. Coelho, James E. McClure and Peter J Reilly
Big Time Sports in American Universities pp. 282-283 Downloads
Victor Matheson

Volume 40, issue 1, 2013

Should Calculus Be a Requirement for Intermediate Macro&quest pp. 1-4 Downloads
David Colander
Subsidization and Privatization: In a Multinational Mixed Oligopoly pp. 5-25 Downloads
Ali Dadpay
Government Mandates and Atypical Work: An Investigation of Right-to-Work States pp. 26-55 Downloads
Christopher J. Surfield
Price Volatility and Contract Maturity: Evidence from an Online Futures Market for Sports Tickets pp. 56-70 Downloads
Jihui Chen and Xiaoyong Zheng
The Trade-off between Family Size and Child Health in Rural Bangladesh pp. 71-95 Downloads
Christina Peters, Daniel . Rees and Rey Hernández-Julián
Asymmetric Association between Exposure to Obesity and Weight Gain among Adolescents pp. 96-118 Downloads
Muzhe Yang and Rui Huang
The Effect of Health Insurance Benefit Mandates on Premiums pp. 119-127 Downloads
James Benjamin Bailey
Is America Coming Apart&quest pp. 128-137 Downloads
Frederic L Pryor
John Kenneth Galbraith pp. 138-141 Downloads
Richard P F Holt

Volume 39, issue 4, 2013

The Superficial Morality of Color Blindness: Why “Equal Opportunity” May Not Be Enough&quest pp. 425-438 Downloads
Glenn C Loury
The Fed’s Research Mission and Measure of Success pp. 439-443 Downloads
David Colander
Understanding Academic Journal Market Failure: The Case of Austrian Economics pp. 444-463 Downloads
Scott A. Beaulier and J Robert Subrick
Determinants of Illegal Mexican Immigration into the US Southern Border States pp. 464-492 Downloads
Andreas Buehn and Stefan Eichler
Employer-provided Health Insurance and Labor Supply of Married Women pp. 493-510 Downloads
Merve Cebi and Chunbei Wang
Invention, Innovation, and Wage Inequality in Developed Countries pp. 511-529 Downloads
Kevin J Bowman and Sarinda Taengnoi
The Evolution of Federal Reserve Transparency Under Greenspan and Bernanke pp. 530-546 Downloads
Roger W Spencer, John H Huston and Erika G Hsie
Could Different Retirement Benefits Result in More Effective Teachers&quest pp. 547-563 Downloads
Christian E. Weller
Public Investment, Growth and Fiscal Constraints: Challenges for the EU New Member States pp. 564-565 Downloads
Anil Duman
Editor's Note pp. 566-566 Downloads
Carl P Kaiser

Volume 39, issue 3, 2013

Increasing Returns, Institutions, and Capital Flows pp. 285-308 Downloads
Thomas Jack Snyder
Sentiment toward Trading Partners and International Trade pp. 309-327 Downloads
Edward M Feasel and Nobuyuki Kanazawa
National School Lunch Program Participation and Child Body Weight pp. 328-345 Downloads
Donka M. Mirtcheva and Lisa M Powell
A Competitive Model of (Super)Stars pp. 346-357 Downloads
Tim Perri
The Role of Industry and Occupation in Recent US Unemployment Differentials by Gender, Race, and Ethnicity pp. 358-386 Downloads
Marios Michaelides and Peter R. Mueser
Civil War, Ethnicity, and the Migration of Skilled Labor pp. 387-401 Downloads
James T. Bang and Aniruddha Mitra
International Competition and Small-Firm Exit in US Manufacturing pp. 402-414 Downloads
Robert M. Feinberg
Capital as Power: A Study of Order and Creorder, by Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler pp. 415-417 Downloads
Alan Freeman
Money and Macrodynamics: Alfred Eichner and Post-Keynesian Economics, by Marc Lavoie, Louis-Philippe Rochon and Mario Seccareccia pp. 418-421 Downloads
Michele I Naples
Guaranteed to Fail: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Debacle of Mortgage Finance, by Viral V. Acharya, Matthew Richardson, Stijn van Nieuwerburgh, and Lawrence J. White pp. 421-423 Downloads
Cynthia Bansak and Peter Carpenter
Single Mothers’ Time Preference, Smoking, and Enriching Childcare: Evidence from Time Diaries pp. 424-424 Downloads
Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia and Younghwan Song

Volume 39, issue 2, 2013

Does Money Matter in Pennsylvania? School District Spending and Student Proficiency Since No Child Left Behind pp. 145-171 Downloads
Sean Flaherty
Playing Well with Others: The Role of Social Capital in Traffic Accident Prevention pp. 172-200 Downloads
Matthew G. Nagler
Relative Wage Changes and Fertility in the US pp. 201-226 Downloads
Aliaksandr Amialchuk
Single Mothers’ Time Preference, Smoking, and Enriching Childcare: Evidence from Time Diaries pp. 227-255 Downloads
Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia and Younghwan Song
Local Economic Development in the 21st Century: Quality of Life and Sustainability, by Daphne T. Greenwood and Richard P.F. Holt pp. 256-258 Downloads
Natalia V Smirnova
Macroeconomic Theory and Macroeconomic Pedagogy, by Guiseppe Fontana and Mark Setterfield pp. 258-260 Downloads
Nevin Cavusoglu
Strategic Competition, Dynamics and the Role of the State: A New Perspective, by Jamee K. Moudud pp. 260-263 Downloads
Tazewell V Hurst
The Thief of Time: Philosophical Essays on Procrastination, by Chrisoula Andreou and Mark White pp. 263-265 Downloads
Jonathan B. Wight
Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People are More Successful, by Daniel Hamermesh pp. 265-267 Downloads
Jennifer Tennant
Game Theory: A Nontechnical Introduction to the Analysis of Strategy, by Roger A. McCain pp. 267-269 Downloads
Myong-Hun Chang
Economic Aspects of Obesity, by Michael Grossman and Naci Mocan pp. 269-271 Downloads
Irina B. Grafova
Path Dependency and Macroeconomics, by Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer pp. 271-273 Downloads
Matías Vernengo
Money, Investment and Consumption: Keynes's Macroeconomics Rethought, by Omar Hamouda pp. 273-275 Downloads
Pavlina R. Tcherneva
School Accountability, Autonomy, and Choice Around the World, by Ludger Woessmann, Elke Luedemann, Gariela Schuetz and Martin R. West pp. 275-277 Downloads
Lisa M. Dickson
Health Care for Us All: Getting More for Our Investment, by Earl L. Grinols and James W. Henderson pp. 277-278 Downloads
Frank W Musgrave
The Fall of the House of Credit: What Went Wrong in Banking and What Can be Done to Repair the Damage?, by Alistair Milne pp. 278-280 Downloads
William C Perkins
Housing Market Challenges in Europe and the United States, by Philip Arestis, Peter Mooslechner and Karin Wagner pp. 280-282 Downloads
Yongsheng Wang

Volume 39, issue 1, 2013

Cross-Sector Spillover Effects of Trade Liberalization pp. 1-17 Downloads
Aleksandr Vashchilko
Capital Intensity and US County Population Growth During the Late 19th Century pp. 18-27 Downloads
Burton Alan Abrams, Jing Li and James G Mulligan
Estimating Willingness to Pay for River Amenities and Safety Measures Associated with Shale Gas Extraction pp. 28-44 Downloads
Paula Bernstein, Thomas C Kinnaman and Mengqi Wu
Differences Do Not Matter: Exploring the Wage Gap for Same-Sex Behaving Men pp. 45-71 Downloads
Michael E Martell
Wealth, Human Capital and the Transition to Self-Employment pp. 72-92 Downloads
Berna Demiralp and Johanna L. Francis
Linkage Effects, Oligopolistic Competition, and Core-periphery pp. 93-110 Downloads
Haiwen Zhou
Using a Difference-in-Differences Approach to Estimate the Effects of Teacher Merit Pay on Student Performance pp. 111-120 Downloads
Mark Gius
Are Women More Generous than Men? Evidence from Alumni Donations pp. 121-131 Downloads
Tomas Dvorak and Shayna R Toubman
Handbook of Research on Complexity, by J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. and Edward Elgar pp. 132-133 Downloads
Troy Tassier
Keynes: The Return of the Master, by Robert Skidelsky pp. 134-137 Downloads
L. Randall Wray
Educating Economists: The Teagle Discussion on Re-evaluating the Undergraduate Economics Major, by David Colander and KimMarie McGoldrick pp. 137-140 Downloads
Deborah M Figart
Expectations, Employment and Prices, by Roger E.A. Farmer How the Economy Works: Confidence, Crashes and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, by Roger E.A. Farmer pp. 140-142 Downloads
William D. Craighead
Insufficient Funds: Savings, Assets, Credit, and Banking among Low-Income Households, by Rebecca M. Blank and Michael S. Barr pp. 143-144 Downloads
Robert Scott
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