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Volume 17, issue 5, 2016

The Financial Crisis’ Impact on the Central and Eastern Europe Capital Markets pp. 420-431 Downloads
Daniel Stefan Armeanu, Adrian Enciu, Carmen Obreja and Sorin-Iulian Cioacã
Factors Strengthening the Involvement of Employees and Their Role in Knowledge Management in an Enterprise: An Empirical Evidence from Polish Companies pp. 432-445 Downloads
Rafa³ Drewniak and Robert Karaszewski
The Romanian Public Television– A New Beginning. Proposals and Strategies to Defeat the Crisis pp. 446-458 Downloads
Ion Stavre
Research on Change Management into Small Family Businesses pp. 459-465 Downloads
Eduard Ceptureanu
Promotional Mix and Integration of Communication into Management Policy - Case Study pp. 466-476 Downloads
Doina I. Popescu
Entrepreneurship, Management and Leadership. An Organizational Perspective pp. 477-486 Downloads
Vladimir-Codrin Ionescu and Ana-Maria Grigore
The Efficiency Model of an Alliance Creation Process pp. 487-498 Downloads
Diana Larisa Ionel Tampu and Ion Cochina

Volume 17, issue 4, 2016

A Comparative Approach of Cultural Intelligence Profile of Management and Non-Management Romanian Students pp. 308-319 Downloads
Laura Brancu, Valentin Munteanu and Ionut Golet
A Systematic Approach to Project Related Concepts of Scrum pp. 320-334 Downloads
Necmettin Ozkan and Civan Kucuk
Online Communication and E-Commerce Dynamics in the European Union. A Consumer-Based Approach pp. 335-349 Downloads
Elena-Alexandra Gorgos and Elena-Mãdãlina Vãtãmãnescu
An analysis of Knowledge Processing based Mobilisation and Distribution for Intelligent Enterprises pp. 350-372 Downloads
Vasile Mazilescu
Iceland, economic integration and the European Union pp. 373-391 Downloads
Hilmar Tór Hilmarsson
Crop Management. Case Study: Romanian Soybean Production pp. 392-402 Downloads
Silvius Stanciu
Liquidity Management and the Banking Lending Mechanism pp. 403-413 Downloads
Dan Costin Niþescu and Florin Alexandru Duna

Volume 17, issue 3, 2016

The Importance Awarded to Human Resources and Human Resources Department in Companies from West Region of Romania pp. 196-204 Downloads
Nicolae Bibu and Anca-Ioana Munteanu
Students Economic Literacy between Real and Ideal pp. 205-211 Downloads
Maria Liana Lãcãtus and Camelia Stãiculescu
Clarifying Leadership: High-impact Leaders in a Time of Leadership Crisis pp. 212-224 Downloads
Franco Gandolfi and Seth Stone
Glimpses into Private Dimension of the Health System: Entrepreneurial Solutions and Statistical Insights pp. 225-239 Downloads
Ana-Maria Grigore and Elena Druicã
A Separation between Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Governance pp. 240-249 Downloads
Emil Cri?an
Ethics and Sustainability – ‘The Silver Lining’ of Supply Chains pp. 250-271 Downloads
Alexandra Popescu (married Bîzoi)
Internet is Changing Cultures pp. 272-278 Downloads
Vladimir-Aurelian Enachescu and Donna Tarabay
The Use of Telematics Solutions in Achieving Excellency in Anti Criminal Activity in Romania pp. 279-294 Downloads
Emilian Cristian Irimescu, Cristian Banacu and Corina Ioanas
The Impact of a Managerial Model of Decision and Strategic Action Applied To the Companies from Mures County about Their Performance against the Competition pp. 295-301 Downloads
Alina Maria Fãrca?

Volume 17, issue 2, 2016

Cultural Adaptation of Websites: A Comparative Study of Portuguese and Dutch Websites pp. 94-107 Downloads
J. Freitas Santos and Bahareh Bidi
Premises of the Green Business Strategies pp. 108-113 Downloads
Carmen Valentina Rãdulescu, Ildiko Ioan and Marian Nãstase
Diagnostics vs. SWOT Analysis pp. 114-122 Downloads
Ion Verboncu and Andreea Condurache
Knowledge Management Tools in Romanian Companies pp. 123-129 Downloads
Sebastian-Ion Ceptureanu
Perspectives of Silver Economy in European Union pp. 130-135 Downloads
Florina Bran, Maria-Loredana Popescu and Pavel Stanciu
ISO 9001 Performance: A Holistic and Mixed-Method Analysis pp. 136-163 Downloads
Alcina A. de SENA PORTUGAL DIAS and Inaki Heras Saizarbitoria
Implications of Managerial Reengineering on Change Management pp. 164-172 Downloads
Eduard Ceptureanu
Financial Relations Influenced by Globalization pp. 173-179 Downloads
Mariana Iovitu, Petronela Evelina Bãlu and Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav
The Evolution of Romanian SMEs Performance – Multi-year Analysis between 2011 and 2015 pp. 180-189 Downloads
Stefan Corcodel

Volume 17, issue 1, 2016

Promoting the Entrepreneurial Competencies for School Leadership Development pp. 4-11 Downloads
Marian Nastase, Razvan Catalin Dobrea and Ileana VALIMAREANU (mircioi)
The Analysis of the Efficiency of Capital Investments in Trade of Serbia pp. 12-30 Downloads
Radojko Lukic
The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in the Public Decision Making Process pp. 31-46 Downloads
Mihaela Pãce?ilã
The Components of Purchased Goodwill in Businesses Combinations pp. 47-53 Downloads
Violeta Sacui
Approaches to Knowledge-Based Strategies pp. 54-60 Downloads
Cristian-Eugen Luchian, Margareta Stela Florescu and Iuliana Luchian
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Project Management pp. 61-69 Downloads
Vasile Zecheru and Bianca Georgiana Olaru
The Performance Audit – A Basic Attribute of the Romanian Court of Accounts and a Consolidation Solution for Sustainability in the Current Macroeconomic Environment pp. 70-75 Downloads
Florina-Maria BOBEª (tãvalã)
Generation Y – The Management Conversion Paradigm pp. 76-86 Downloads
Lucian Ciprian Crisan

Volume 16, issue 5, 2015

“Cultural Conflict”: Problem and Resolution Readdressed in Terms of Property Rights pp. 546-557 Downloads
Octavian-Dragomir Jora
Relationship Marketing By Energy Companies pp. 558-573 Downloads
Felicetta Iovino
Study of Romanian Pilgrimage Tourism Products – A Cultural Behavior Approach pp. 574-590 Downloads
Leti?ia Adina Negru?a, Valentin Toader and Liviu Vidican-Manci
Recent Changes of IMF Conditionality and Its Effects on Social Spending pp. 591-602 Downloads
Gurgen Ohanyan
The Manager and the Managerial Tools: Job Description pp. 603-614 Downloads
Ion Verboncu and Luise Zeininger
The Influence of Romania’s Banking Institutions in the Absorption of Structural and Cohesion Funds in the Period 2014-2020 pp. 615-622 Downloads
Dumitru Beldiman and Mihai Octavian Perpelea
Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in Romanian Universities pp. 623-634 Downloads
Gabriel I. Nastase, Dan C. Badea and Carmen Georgiana Badea
Project Portfolio – Competitive Advantage for Design&Construction Companies Marketing Their Activities pp. 635-653 Downloads
Ionela Claudia ALECSA (?tirbe?) and Florin Popescu

Volume 16, issue 4, 2015

Women’s role in leading organizations pp. 439-450 Downloads
Alecxandrina Deaconu and Lavinia Rascã
Supplier Relationship Strategies in the Automotive Industry: An International Comparative Analysis pp. 451-460 Downloads
Alexandra Ioana IONESCU Florea and Rãzvan-Andrei Corboª
Considerations of Managerial Change in Knowledge Based Organization pp. 461-470 Downloads
Sebastian Ion Ceptureanu, Eduard Ceptureanu and Alina Tudorache
A Review of the Globalization Process pp. 471-478 Downloads
Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav, Florina Bran and Mariana Iovi?u
Integrated Communication as Strategic Communication pp. 479-490 Downloads
Adriana Grigorescu and Maria-Magdalena Lupu
Returns on EU Funding for Human Capital Development in Rural Areas pp. 491-505 Downloads
Laura Elena Marinas
Students' Career Counseling - A Need in Contemporary Universities. Career Counseling Services Provided By Career Counseling Center of Bucharest University of Economic Studies pp. 506-513 Downloads
Camelia Stãiculescu, Maria Liana Lãcãtuª and Ramona Elena RICHIÞEANU Nãstase
Improvement of Managerial Communications in Sports Clubs pp. 514-520 Downloads
Gheorghe Jinga and Adrian Iacobini
Socio-Economic Events that Ignited Globalization pp. 521-527 Downloads
Ildiko Ioan, Carmen Valentina Rãdulescu and Ileana MIRCIOI (valimareanu)
Research on the Pharmaceutical Market in Europe and Romania pp. 528-539 Downloads
Cristina Raluca Mandache and Anamaria Boboia

Volume 16, issue 3, 2015

The Liberalization Process of the Railway Sector in Romania and European Union Countries pp. 305-313 Downloads
Cristian Busu and Mihail Busu
About Managers, Competence and Efficiency pp. 314-323 Downloads
Ion Verboncu and Andreea Condurache
Cooperation between European Governments and the IMF: Conditionality Impact on Employment within the EU pp. 324-334 Downloads
Armenia Androniceanu and Gurgen Ohanyan
The New Intelligence, the New Leader and the Organizational Stress pp. 335-342 Downloads
Mircea Aurel Nitã
The Romanian Internal Public Audit System – An X-Ray Analysis of Audit Compartment Activities pp. 343-353 Downloads
Adelina DUMITRESCU Peculea
Views on the Absorption Rate of the European Social Fund in Romania pp. 354-371 Downloads
Laura Marinas and Eugen Prioteasa
Linking Human Resources with Internal Marketing in Football Management pp. 372-384 Downloads
Vlad Rosca
Intangible Assets in Business Combinations pp. 385-397 Downloads
Violeta Sacui and Miclea Camelia Szatmary
The Management of the Cultural Field pp. 398-408 Downloads
Vasile Zecheru
Privatization in Romania – A Challenge both For the Government and For the Companies pp. 409-416 Downloads
Bogdan Sticlosu
Public Services Impact on Urban Migration Phenomenon in Romania pp. 417-430 Downloads
Beniamin Viorel Branzas

Volume 16, issue 2, 2015

Humanistic Education for Sustainable Development pp. 151-158 Downloads
Simona Busoi
Trust and E-Commerce in the Ukraine and Poland in the Eyes of Young Urban Professionals pp. 159-176 Downloads
Jacek WO Niak
Imbalances System Enterprise: Reflections from Italian Doctrine pp. 159-171 Downloads
Guido Migliaccio
Means of Action for the Sustainable Competitiveness of Human Resources in the Construction Sector in Romania pp. 177-184 Downloads
Cezar Simion-Melinte, Daniel Constantin Jiroveanu and Andi Iulian Lungu
A Global Perspective on the Non-Financial Consequences of Downsizing pp. 185-204 Downloads
Franco Gandolfi and Magnus Hansson
Restructuring Stakeholder Collaboration and how Controlling can Add Value by Managing Educational CSR Initiatives - An Analysis Based on Multi Stakeholder Projects pp. 205-221 Downloads
Valerian Laval
The Analysis of Efficiency of Managing Inventories in Trade in Serbia pp. 222-238 Downloads
Radojko Lukic
Local government financial distress: international comparison and latest developments in the light of the Italian spending review approach pp. 239-255 Downloads
Paolo Ricci and Renato Civitillo
Traditional Food. Case Study: Romanian Local Food pp. 256-268 Downloads
Flavia Teodoroiu
Teachers’ Perception of Inequity in the Remuneration System and Their Reactions pp. 269-281 Downloads
Anne Aidla
Distribution of Projects Financed Through the Regional Operational Programme in the Development Regions: South – Muntenia, Bucharest – Ilfov, South – Eastand North - East pp. 282-289 Downloads
Anamaria – Cãtãlina Radu, Andra - Ileana Dobrescu and Maria - Cristina MITRICÃ (pãdure)

Volume 16, issue 1, 2015

Knowledge Management in Romanian Young SMEs (Part 1) pp. 5-22 Downloads
Sebastian Ion Ceptureanu
Dimensions of Deviant Workplace Behavior in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises pp. 23-38 Downloads
Claudia-Elena Tuclea, Diana-Maria Vrânceanu and Alina Filip
The Impact of Decentralization on the Efficiency of Municipal Services. Case study pp. 39-55 Downloads
Cristina Elena Nicolescu and Crina Ramona Rãdulescu
Evaluating the Performances of Livestock Production Management. An Empirical Analysis of EU Countries pp. 56-66 Downloads
Stere Bazbanela
Organizational Structure of Romanian Universities. Differences and Similarities pp. 67-76 Downloads
Roxana Elena Teodoroiu
Reactions to Change in Romanian SMEs pp. 77-87 Downloads
Eduard Ceptureanu
Model of Change on ITC Romanian SMEs pp. 88-100 Downloads
Ortansa Andreea Mihaela Stirbu
Corporate Support for Sport and Organisational Performance. Case Study for Companies in Romania pp. 101-111 Downloads
Sebastian Mãdãlin Munteanu
Proposal for a Decision Support System to Predict Financial Distress pp. 112-118 Downloads
Madalina Popescu
Corporate Governance Codes in Romania and European Union Countries pp. 119-128 Downloads
Mihail Busu
Monitoring Romanian Medical System: International Perspectives pp. 129-136 Downloads
Ana-Madalina Potcovaru, Adriana Girneata and Adi Eleonor Trifu
Developing the Organizational Culture pp. 137-143 Downloads
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