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2006 - 2017

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Volume 231, issue 4, 2017

Editorial: Special Issue of ESREL 2015 pp. 337-338 Downloads
Luca Podofillini, Bruno Sudret, Božidar Stojadinović, Enrico Zio and Wolfgang Kröger
Joint maintenance and controller reconfiguration policy for a gradually deteriorating control system pp. 339-349 Downloads
Yves Langeron, Antoine Grall and Anne Barros
A locally adaptive ensemble approach for data-driven prognostics of heterogeneous fleets pp. 350-363 Downloads
Sameer Al-Dahidi, Francesco Di Maio, Piero Baraldi and Enrico Zio
Modelling weather dependence in online reliability assessment of power systems pp. 364-372 Downloads
Samuel Perkin, Arne Brufladt Svendsen, Trond Tollefsen, Ingrid Honve, Iris Baldursdottir, Hlynur Stefansson, Ragnar Kristjansson and Pall Jensson
Analytical formulas of PFD and PFH calculation for systems with nonconstant failure rates pp. 373-382 Downloads
Elena Rogova, Gabriel Lodewijks and Mary Ann Lundteigen
Hazard/threat identification: Using functional resonance analysis method in conjunction with the Anticipatory Failure Determination method pp. 383-389 Downloads
Anders Jensen and Terje Aven
Formulation of reliability-related objective functions for design of intelligent mechatronic systems pp. 390-399 Downloads
Thorben Kaul, Tobias Meyer and Walter Sextro
Missing focus on Human Factors – organizational and cognitive ergonomics – in the safety management for the petroleum industry pp. 400-410 Downloads
Stig O Johnsen, Stine Skaufel Kilskar and Knut Robert Fossum
Delayed maintenance modelling considering speed restriction for a railway section pp. 411-428 Downloads
Hui Shang, Christophe Bérenguer and John Andrews
Modelling and numerical assessment of a maintenance strategy with stock through piecewise deterministic Markov processes and quasi Monte Carlo methods pp. 429-445 Downloads
Jeanne Demgne, Sophie Mercier, William Lair and Jérôme Lonchampt
A risk model for autonomous marine systems and operation focusing on human–autonomy collaboration pp. 446-464 Downloads
Christoph Alexander Thieme and Ingrid Bouwer Utne

Volume 231, issue 3, 2017

Common cause failure model updating for risk monitoring in nuclear power plants based on alpha factor model pp. 209-220 Downloads
Min Zhang, Zhijian Zhang, Ali Mosleh and Sijuan Chen
Algorithm to prioritize the restoration of a multiple facility, multiple-hazard road network pp. 221-231 Downloads
Veeresh Varad Basavaraj, Venkateswaran Shekar, Lance Fiondella, Ashrafur Rahman and Nicholas Lownes
A study on a single-unit repairable system with working and repair time omission under an alternative renewal process pp. 232-241 Downloads
Quan Zhang, Lirong Cui and He Yi
Aggregation of importance measures for decision making in reliability engineering pp. 242-254 Downloads
Michele Compare, Michele Bellora and Enrico Zio
Dynamic performance evaluation of multi – state systems under non – homogeneous continuous time Markov process degradation using lifetimes in terms of order statistics pp. 255-264 Downloads
Funda Iscioglu
Surrogate-model-based reliability method for structural systems with dependent truncated random variables pp. 265-274 Downloads
Ning-Cong Xiao, Libin Duan and Zhangchun Tang
Maximizing safety margins in task-based design of redundant manipulators for cluttered environments pp. 275-285 Downloads
E. Singla, S. Singh and B. Dasgupta
How the definition of security risk can be made compatible with safety definitions pp. 286-294 Downloads
Øystein Amundrud, Terje Aven and Roger Flage
Improving the foundation and practice of reliability engineering pp. 295-305 Downloads
Terje Aven
A Petri net model for railway bridge maintenance pp. 306-323 Downloads
Bryant Le, John Andrews and Claudia Fecarotti
A simplified reliability analysis method for cloud computing systems considering common-cause failures pp. 324-333 Downloads
Ruiying Li, Qiong Li, Ning Huang and Rui Kang

Volume 231, issue 2, 2017

Statistical dependency analysis of multiple competing failure causes of fuel cell engines pp. 83-90 Downloads
Tie Chen, Songlin Zheng and Jinzhi Feng
On the meaning of accuracy and precision in a risk analysis context pp. 91-100 Downloads
Jon T Selvik and Eirik B Abrahamsen
Preventive maintenance for systems with repairable minor failures pp. 101-108 Downloads
Maxim Finkelstein and Mahmood Shafiee
An approximation method for evaluating the reliability of a dynamic k-out-of-n:F system subjected to cyclic alternating operation conditions pp. 109-120 Downloads
Cong Lin, Lirong Cui, David Coit and Min Lv
Wind turbine prognostics and maintenance management based on a hybrid approach of neural networks and a proportional hazards model pp. 121-129 Downloads
Peyman Mazidi, Lina Bertling Tjernberg and Miguel A Sanz Bobi
A new method for obtaining P-S-N curves under the condition of small sample pp. 130-137 Downloads
Jianxiong Gao, Zongwen An and Bo Liu
A cellular automaton model for offshore evacuation risk assessment pp. 138-145 Downloads
Michel Grand Blanc, Andrea Carpignano, Sandra Dulla and Stefano Marolo
Reliability and sensitivity analysis for a banking company transmission system pp. 146-154 Downloads
Yi-Kuei Lin, Hsien-Chang Chou and Ping-Chen Chang
Assessing the efficiency of maintenance operators: A case study of turning railway wheelsets on an under-floor wheel lathe pp. 155-163 Downloads
Antonio Ramos Andrade and Julian Stow
A novel analysis method for fault diagnosis of hydro-turbine governing system pp. 164-171 Downloads
Xin Xia, Wei Ni and Yingjun Sang
A new stress–strength model for systems subject to stochastic shocks pp. 172-179 Downloads
Gregory Levitin and Maxim Finkelstein
A robust reliability redundancy allocation problem under abnormal external failures guided by a new importance measure pp. 180-199 Downloads
Guozhen Xiong, Chi Zhang and Fei Zhou
Bearing fault diagnosis of a wind turbine based on variational mode decomposition and permutation entropy pp. 200-206 Downloads
Xueli An and Luoping Pan

Volume 231, issue 1, 2017

An approach for reliability-based sensitivity analysis based on saddlepoint approximation pp. 3-10 Downloads
Hao Lu, Gang Shen and Zhencai Zhu
A new model for reliability design and reliability sensitivity analysis of a hydraulic piston pump pp. 11-24 Downloads
Tianxiao Zhang and Yimin Zhang
Dynamic and experimental analysis on response of multi-cracked structures carrying transit mass pp. 25-35 Downloads
Dayal R Parhi and Shakti P Jena
A hierarchical decision-making framework for the assessment of the prediction capability of prognostic methods pp. 36-52 Downloads
Zhiguo Zeng, Francesco Di Maio, Enrico Zio and Rui Kang
A systems approach to risk analysis of maritime operations pp. 53-68 Downloads
Børge Rokseth, Ingrid Bouwer Utne and Jan Erik Vinnem
Residual useful life estimation for products with two performance characteristics based on a bivariate Wiener process pp. 69-80 Downloads
Tianyu Liu, Zhengqiang Pan, Quan Sun, Jing Feng and Yanzhen Tang

Volume 230, issue 6, 2016

Multi-state reliability assessment for hydraulic lifting system based on the theory of dynamic Bayesian networks pp. 533-544 Downloads
Chun Su, Ning Lin and Yequn Fu
Consecutive k-out-of-n lines with a change point pp. 545-550 Downloads
Serkan Eryilmaz
Data transmission reliability evaluation of a stochastic computer network through minimal paths with a retransmission mechanism pp. 551-560 Downloads
Yi-Kuei Lin and Chih-Li Pan
Reliability analysis of hybrid multi-carrier energy systems based on entropy-based Markov model pp. 561-569 Downloads
Xilin Zhao, Fei Liu, Bo Fu and Na Fang
Multidisciplinary reliability design optimization using an enhanced saddlepoint approximation in the framework of sequential optimization and reliability analysis pp. 570-578 Downloads
Rong Yuan, Debiao Meng and Haiqing Li
Change point–based software reliability model under imperfect debugging with revised concept of fault dependency pp. 579-597 Downloads
Subhashis Chatterjee and Ankur Shukla
Thermodynamics as a fundamental science of reliability pp. 598-608 Downloads
Anahita Imanian and Mohammad Modarres

Volume 230, issue 5, 2016

Editorial: Special Issue ESREL 2014 pp. 443-444 Downloads
Tomasz Nowakowski and Enrico Zio
Bayesian Evidence Synthesis and the quantification of uncertainty in a Monte Carlo simulation pp. 445-456 Downloads
Ullrika Sahlin and Yf Jiang
A testing-based approach to ensure the safety of shared resource concurrent systems pp. 457-472 Downloads
Lars-Åke Fredlund, Julio Mariño, Raúl NN Alborodo and à ngel Herranz
Multi-branch hidden Markov models for remaining useful life estimation of systems under multiple deterioration modes pp. 473-484 Downloads
Thanh Trung Le, Florent Chatelain and Christophe Bérenguer
A model-driven approach to survivability requirement assessment for critical systems pp. 485-501 Downloads
Simona Bernardi, Lacramioara Dranca and José Merseguer
Improving scheduled maintenance by missing data reconstruction: A double-loop Monte Carlo approach pp. 502-511 Downloads
Michele Compare, Francesco Di Maio, Enrico Zio, Fausto Carlevaro and Sara Mattafirri
Some perspectives on risk management: A security case study from the oil and gas industry pp. 512-520 Downloads
Torbjørn Bjerga and Terje Aven
A risk-oriented degradation model for maintenance of reinforced concrete structure subjected to cracking pp. 521-530 Downloads
Boutros El Hajj, Bruno Castanier, Franck Schoefs and Thomas Yeung

Volume 230, issue 4, 2016

Editorial: New Editor-in-Chief pp. 353-353 Downloads
Terje Aven
Higher moments and probability distribution of maintenance cost in the delay time model pp. 354-363 Downloads
Mahesh D Pandey, Tianjin Cheng and Jam Van der Weide
Performance measures for a deteriorating system subject to imperfect maintenance and delayed repairs pp. 364-377 Downloads
Inma T Castro and Sophie Mercier
Design of a fuzzy model that integrates hygiene, safety, and environment systems for the assessment of the overall risk of machines pp. 378-390 Downloads
Ahmed Bounit, Elhassan Irhirane, Nawal Bourquia and Rachid Benmoussa
Preventive maintenance for a single-machine system under variable operational conditions pp. 391-404 Downloads
Jiawen Hu, Zuhua Jiang and Hong Wang
Stochastic modelling and prediction of fatigue crack propagation using piecewise-deterministic Markov processes pp. 405-416 Downloads
Anis Ben Abdessalem, Romain Azaïs, Marie Touzet-Cortina, Anne Gégout-Petit and Monique Puiggali
How companies and governments react to disasters pp. 417-426 Downloads
Kjell Hausken and Jun Zhuang
System identification and multi-fault isolation for a hydraulic drive with pump loading pp. 427-440 Downloads
Sanjoy K Ghoshal, Sarnendu Paul, Subrata Samanta and Jay P Tripathi

Volume 230, issue 3, 2016

Comparisons of offshore wind turbine reliability pp. 251-264 Downloads
Tatiana M Delorm, Yizhou Lu, Aristos Christou and Patrick McCluskey
Global reliability sensitivity analysis of motion mechanisms pp. 265-277 Downloads
Pengfei Wei, Jingwen Song and Zhenzhou Lu
A failure rate interaction model for two-component systems based on copula function pp. 278-284 Downloads
Wei Peng, Xiaoling Zhang and Hong-Zhong Huang
The impact of redundancy on resilience engineering in a petrochemical plant by data envelopment analysis pp. 285-296 Downloads
Ali Azadeh, Mansoureh Hasannia Kolaee and Vahid Salehi
Reliability estimation considering usage rate profile and warranty claims pp. 297-308 Downloads
Shah Limon, Om Prakash Yadav, Ming J Zuo, Jason Muscha and Russell Honeyman
Reliability updating in linear opinion pooling for multiple decision makers pp. 309-322 Downloads
Donnacha Bolger and Brett Houlding
Safety assessment for inland waterway transportation with an extended fuzzy TOPSIS pp. 323-333 Downloads
Kezhong Liu, Jinfen Zhang, Xinping Yan, Yiliu Liu, Di Zhang and Weidong Hu
Some reliability indexes and sojourn time distributions for a repairable degradation model pp. 334-349 Downloads
Shijia Du, Lirong Cui and Cong Lin

Volume 230, issue 2, 2016

A copula-based reliability modeling for nonrepairable multi-state k-out-of-n systems with dependent components pp. 133-146 Downloads
Xiang-Yu Li, Yu Liu, Chu-Jie Chen and Tao Jiang
Analysis of minimal cut and path sets based on direct partial Boolean derivatives pp. 147-161 Downloads
Miroslav Kvassay, Vitaly Levashenko and Elena Zaitseva
Selective maintenance scheduling over a finite planning horizon pp. 162-177 Downloads
Mayank Pandey, Ming J Zuo and Ramin Moghaddass
Fault diagnosis for the complex manufacturing system pp. 178-194 Downloads
Dang Trinh Nguyen, Quoc Bao Duong, Eric Zamai and Muhammad Kashif Shahzad
Probability of collapse of a bridge system under seismic and scour hazards pp. 195-203 Downloads
Xuan Guo and Ya Guo
An adaptive support vector regression method for structural system reliability assessment and its application to a cable-stayed bridge pp. 204-219 Downloads
Yang Liu, Naiwei Lu, Xinfeng Yin and Mohammad Noori
On preventive maintenance of systems subject to shocks pp. 220-227 Downloads
Maxim Finkelstein and Ilya Gertsbakh
Planning, tracking and projecting method for testability growth based on in time correction pp. 228-236 Downloads
Chenxu Zhao, Jing Qiu, Guanjun Liu and Kehong Lv
Modeling flexible two-dimensional warranty contracts for used products considering reliability improvement actions pp. 237-247 Downloads
Chun Su and Xiaolin Wang

Volume 230, issue 1, 2016

Editorial pp. 3-3 Downloads
Tadashi Dohi, Suk Joo Bae and Richard Arnold
Failure distributions in multicomponent systems with imperfect repairs pp. 4-17 Downloads
Richard Arnold, Stefanka Chukova and Yu Hayakawa
Bayesian inference of multi-stage reliability for degradation systems with calibrations pp. 18-33 Downloads
Dejing Kong and Lirong Cui
Optimal control limit policy for age-dependent deteriorating systems under incomplete observations pp. 34-43 Downloads
Lu Jin, Undarmaa Bayarsaikhan and Kazuyuki Suzuki
Optimal planning for open source software updates pp. 44-53 Downloads
Chao Luo, Hiroyuki Okamura and Tadashi Dohi
Kernel-based nonparametric estimation methods for a periodic replacement problem with minimal repair pp. 54-66 Downloads
Yasuhiro Saito, Tadashi Dohi and Won Y Yun
A study of MTTF in two-unit standby redundant system with priority under limited information about failure and repair times pp. 67-74 Downloads
Y Takemoto and I Arizono
Optimal element loading for linear sliding window systems pp. 75-84 Downloads
Hui Xiao, Rui Peng, Wenbin Wang and Fei Zhao
Planning simple step-stress accelerated life tests using reference optimality criterion pp. 85-92 Downloads
Ancha Xu, Yincai Tang, Qiang Guan and Xinze Lian
A preventive replacement policy based on system critical condition pp. 93-100 Downloads
Won Young Yun and Alfonsus Julanto Endharta
Comparisons of standby and parallel systems in reliability, replacement, scheduling and application pp. 101-108 Downloads
Xufeng Zhao, Mingchih Chen and Toshio Nakagawa
Sensory information fusion–based fault diagnostics for complex electronic systems pp. 109-119 Downloads
Lei Xu and Jiuping Xu
Health-and-usage-based maintenance policies for a partially observable deteriorating system pp. 120-129 Downloads
Estelle Deloux, Mitra Fouladirad and Christophe Bérenguer
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