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Advances in Data Analysis and Classification

2008 - 2014

Current editor(s): H.-H. Bock, W. Gaul, A. Okada and M. Vichi

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Volume 8, issue 4, 2014

Clustering of financial time series in risky scenarios pp. 359-376 Downloads
Fabrizio Durante, Roberta Pappadà and Nicola Torelli
Feature selection for fault level diagnosis of planetary gearboxes pp. 377-401 Downloads
Zhiliang Liu, Xiaomin Zhao, Ming Zuo and Hongbing Xu
A comparison of five recursive partitioning methods to find person subgroups involved in meaningful treatment–subgroup interactions pp. 403-425 Downloads
Doove L., Dusseldorp E., Deun K. and Mechelen I.
A latent class analysis of the public attitude towards the euro adoption in Poland pp. 427-442 Downloads
Ewa Genge

Volume 8, issue 3, 2014

Functional data clustering: a survey pp. 231-255 Downloads
Julien Jacques and Cristian Preda
Spatial functional normal mixed effect approach for curve classification pp. 257-285 Downloads
Maria Ruiz-Medina, Rosa Espejo and Elvira Romano
Principal differential analysis of the Aneurisk65 data set pp. 287-302 Downloads
Matilde Dalla Rosa, Laura Sangalli and Simone Vantini
Hilbertian spatial periodically correlated first order autoregressive models pp. 303-319 Downloads
Haghbin H., Shishebor Z. and Soltani A.
Simplicial band depth for multivariate functional data pp. 321-338 Downloads
Sara López-Pintado, Ying Sun, Juan Lin and Marc Genton
New insights on permutation approach for hypothesis testing on functional data pp. 339-356 Downloads
Livio Corain, Viatcheslav Melas, Andrey Pepelyshev and Luigi Salmaso

Volume 8, issue 2, 2014

A comparison of some criteria for states selection in the latent Markov model for longitudinal data pp. 125-145 Downloads
Bacci S., Silvia Pandolfi and Pennoni F.
Graphical tools for model-based mixture discriminant analysis pp. 147-165 Downloads
Luca Scrucca
Variational Bayes approximations for clustering via mixtures of normal inverse Gaussian distributions pp. 167-193 Downloads
Sanjeena Subedi and Paul McNicholas
Threshold optimization for classification in imbalanced data in a problem of gamma-ray astronomy pp. 195-216 Downloads
Tobias Voigt, Roland Fried, Michael Backes and Wolfgang Rhode
Estimating common principal components in high dimensions pp. 217-226 Downloads
Ryan Browne and Paul McNicholas

Volume 8, issue 1, 2014

Robust clustering around regression lines with high density regions pp. 5-26 Downloads
Andrea Cerioli and Domenico Perrotta
A constrained robust proposal for mixture modeling avoiding spurious solutions pp. 27-43 Downloads
García-Escudero L., Gordaliza A. and Mayo-Iscar A.
A LASSO-penalized BIC for mixture model selection pp. 45-61 Downloads
Sakyajit Bhattacharya and Paul McNicholas
Classification of brain activation via spatial Bayesian variable selection in fMRI regression pp. 63-83 Downloads
Stefanie Kalus, Philipp Sämann and Ludwig Fahrmeir
Mixtures of biased sentiment analysers pp. 85-103 Downloads
Michael Salter-Townshend and Thomas Murphy
Latent class CUB models pp. 105-119 Downloads
Leonardo Grilli, Maria Iannario, Domenico Piccolo and Carla Rampichini

Volume 7, issue 4, 2013

Lagrangian relaxation and pegging test for the clique partitioning problem pp. 363-391 Downloads
Noriyoshi Sukegawa, Yoshitsugu Yamamoto and Liyuan Zhang
Multinomial logit models with implicit variable selection pp. 393-416 Downloads
Faisal Zahid and Gerhard Tutz
A class of semi-supervised support vector machines by DC programming pp. 417-433 Downloads
Liming Yang and Laisheng Wang
Energy-based function to evaluate data stream clustering pp. 435-464 Downloads
Marcelo Albertini and Rodrigo Mello
Infinite Dirichlet mixture models learning via expectation propagation pp. 465-489 Downloads
Wentao Fan and Nizar Bouguila

Volume 7, issue 3, 2013

On mixtures of skew normal and skew $$t$$ -distributions pp. 241-266 Downloads
Sharon Lee and Geoffrey McLachlan
A Monte Carlo evaluation of three methods to detect local dependence in binary data latent class models pp. 267-279 Downloads
Daniel Oberski, Geert Kollenburg and Jeroen Vermunt
Model-based clustering of high-dimensional data streams with online mixture of probabilistic PCA pp. 281-300 Downloads
Anastasios Bellas, Charles Bouveyron, Marie Cottrell and Jérôme Lacaille
Model-based clustering of probability density functions pp. 301-319 Downloads
Angela Montanari and Daniela Calò
Dimension reduction for model-based clustering via mixtures of multivariate $$t$$ t -distributions pp. 321-338 Downloads
Katherine Morris, Paul McNicholas and Luca Scrucca
Clustering student skill set profiles in a unit hypercube using mixtures of multivariate betas pp. 339-357 Downloads
Nema Dean and Rebecca Nugent

Volume 7, issue 2, 2013

Interpretable clustering using unsupervised binary trees pp. 125-145 Downloads
Ricardo Fraiman, Badih Ghattas and Marcela Svarc
Fuzzy spectral clustering by PCCA+: application to Markov state models and data classification pp. 147-179 Downloads
Susanna Röblitz and Marcus Weber
A clustering ensemble framework based on elite selection of weighted clusters pp. 181-208 Downloads
Hamid Parvin and Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli
An isotonic trivariate statistical regression method pp. 209-235 Downloads
Simone Fiori

Volume 7, issue 1, 2013

Clustering and classification via cluster-weighted factor analyzers pp. 5-40 Downloads
Sanjeena Subedi, Antonio Punzo, Salvatore Ingrassia and Paul McNicholas
Cohen’s weighted kappa with additive weights pp. 41-55 Downloads
Matthijs Warrens
Functional fuzzy clusterwise regression analysis pp. 57-82 Downloads
Tianyu Tan, Hye Suk, Heungsun Hwang and Jooseop Lim
Random walk distances in data clustering and applications pp. 83-108 Downloads
Sijia Liu, Anastasios Matzavinos and Sunder Sethuraman
Regularized logistic discrimination with basis expansions for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease based on three-dimensional MRI data pp. 109-119 Downloads
Yuko Araki, Atsushi Kawaguchi and Fumio Yamashita

Volume 6, issue 4, 2012

Special issue on data analysis and classification in marketing—preface by the guest editors pp. 249-251 Downloads
Daniel Baier and Reinhold Decker
Image data analysis and classification in marketing pp. 253-276 Downloads
Daniel Baier, Ines Daniel, Sarah Frost and Robert Naundorf
Non parametric statistical models for on-line text classification pp. 277-288 Downloads
Paola Cerchiello and Paolo Giudici
A note on consistency improvements of AHP paired comparison data pp. 289-302 Downloads
Wolfgang Gaul and Dominic Gastes
Sensory analysis in the food industry as a tool for marketing decisions pp. 303-321 Downloads
Maria Iannario, Marica Manisera, Domenico Piccolo and Paola Zuccolotto
Banking customer satisfaction evaluation: a three-way factor perspective pp. 323-336 Downloads
Caterina Liberati and Paolo Mariani
Predicting partial customer churn using Markov for discrimination for modeling first purchase sequences pp. 337-353 Downloads
Vera Miguéis, Dirk Van den Poel, Ana Camanho and João Falcão e Cunha
Analyzing consumers’ shopping behavior using RFID data and pattern mining pp. 355-365 Downloads
Takanobu Nakahara and Katsutoshi Yada

Volume 6, issue 3, 2012

Editorial pp. 161-162 Downloads
Hans-Hermann Bock, Wolfgang Gaul, Akinori Okada, Maurizio Vichi and Claus Weihs
Preliminary estimators for a mixture model of ordinal data pp. 163-184 Downloads
Maria Iannario
Time series classification by class-specific Mahalanobis distance measures pp. 185-200 Downloads
Zoltán Prekopcsák and Daniel Lemire
Wavelet-RKHS-based functional statistical classification pp. 201-217 Downloads
Rincón M. and Ruiz-Medina M.
Clustering of functional data in a low-dimensional subspace pp. 219-247 Downloads
Michio Yamamoto

Volume 6, issue 2, 2012

Editorial pp. 81-83 Downloads
Hans-Hermann Bock, Wolfgang Gaul, Akinori Okada, Maurizio Vichi and Claus Weihs
Dissimilarity and similarity measures for comparing dendrograms and their applications pp. 85-105 Downloads
Isabella Morlini and Sergio Zani
The influence function of the TCLUST robust clustering procedure pp. 107-130 Downloads
Ruwet C., García-Escudero L., Gordaliza A. and Mayo-Iscar A.
Orthogonal rotation in PCAMIX pp. 131-146 Downloads
Marie Chavent, Vanessa Kuentz-Simonet and Jérôme Saracco
Adaptation of interval PCA to symbolic histogram variables pp. 147-159 Downloads
Sun Makosso-Kallyth and Edwin Diday

Volume 6, issue 1, 2012

Editorial pp. 1-2 Downloads
Hans-Hermann Bock
Editorial pp. 3-4 Downloads
Maurizio Vichi
A latent variables approach for clustering mixed binary and continuous variables within a Gaussian mixture model pp. 5-28 Downloads
Isabella Morlini
Exploring incomplete data using visualization techniques pp. 29-47 Downloads
Matthias Templ, Andreas Alfons and Peter Filzmoser
Analyzing multiset data by the Power STATIS-ACT method pp. 49-65 Downloads
Jacques Bénasséni and Mohammed Bennani Dosse
Cohen’s linearly weighted kappa is a weighted average pp. 67-79 Downloads
Matthijs Warrens
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